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. R. M.FUEMAN, ") '-U H. v -'
J D, CAMERON,: I J .1 A CI dd -
THURSDAY. EYEN'Cr, Aug. 20, '85.
ri 1 .i r - . 1" U? , 5 X"U
fullest, strictest 'sendf he woL
urganizaxions. camng ineuiseivejs,
such', and! 'disregarding th.V dwfcjjg
line of command, and thq duties n
cident to a strict -obedience to - au-
thority, bec6ln'eanythrngil,else)ut
soldiers. " This in general. Our at
tention has "been called:, to. an edit-
itorial in the Vinstm -Sentinel, ed
ited by the 'AdfAlanV 6f1th1e'l'b.ird
Regiment, whif hsurpriseuS; vV We
make the following extract, to snow
how far the young man goes in ar
raigning two distinguished gentle
men, one no less than the honorable
Chief Magistrate o the tf'
both the superior officers of the wri
ter. .Says Adjutant ; Oldham:
"Fivedftvs and more have elapsed
and ' thp conimissions of .Captains
Young, ' IJobbiti ''. and ' 'ItOwensteiri
nave not been revosea, ana com
panies A, E'and R, ' have not been'
disbanded.' " :. It" -behooves the Adju
tanfr General to come : forwar'Tio w
and explam.why this ; has tt-ot been
done, after what he-was in so great
a hurry-to- Kty' in1 uenerai urcrers
No. 7, which "will stand forever as a
disgrace to the North Carolina State
Guard, and a dishonor "to their.ru
thor and tojhe, Gove: 6r, if indeed
1. .. .ma nA A4-i sin rtyl n - -T 1 T Til !' Vl
"by order of 'the ' Coiisnn lder-ia-Chief."
The -Third - Regiuent and
its citizens who live among its co.3q
panies and' sustain its 'orgaiiizapn
are thoroughly indignant, and con
tinue to demand e-f Gov. Scales 5r
his Adjutant General. -an explana-
uon as lo.wny uiis unuaiieti joiraH
suit, was given uyr.iveguiieiii-.;,j, ;
The only Excuse f5r " such lan
guage, under, the . circumstances, is
the evident ivanfc of judgment jt the
writer! .::
I 7
We venture to suggest thai 'ti'&tti-
er the: Governor nor ; Adjutant .foea
eral desire to i dislioior,.theVGil'ard.
Having been bbnorabie' soldiers :itu
der all the requirements !of waT.dis-
ciphne, they are jealous or the hpn-
or which not only - attaches to the
soldiery of th e State, but to the Cit',
izens of the State in any capacity.
Gen. Orders Not , 7, : fras; no;'; 'disgrade
to the Guard. J-It did nothing more
than demand . ,'ari. explanation :'bf
conduct that,.; . unexplained y . wQUia
have placed the companies and the
Guardj in a most unenviable light,
not to . call it worse.' The sudden
departurepf the .companies, before
review by the Governor, was a sub
ject of public remark, and provoked
comments which jvere anything but
creditable to the Guard. Ifthede-
parture of the companies was right
founded on. godl reason, whether
by permission or , otherwise . which
was not known by .the. public a
statement to that effect from those
responsible? could, only, have the ef
fect of strengthening -the Guard in
public confidence. -ThaV tbey left
in the faceof peremptory : orders
from the Commander-in-chief, made
it more incumb'eiit that V an Explan
ation be not only - demanded,' .but
given: ' The".'.!'
may have been given for maividiial
members of the companyto leave,
by no means implied that the "com
mand, as such, Qoujd do. so; and just
here, we fear, arose the difficulty. ;;;l
The Sentinel intimates ..the Order
was not sanctioned by the Governor.
If it be any consolation to 'him, 'we
inform him that , thVC)rder .was
d raven by General Jones undercthe
express direction- of Gov'r ' 'Scales,
and is, and 'was. endorsed by1; him.
The "Third Regimeat" was not em
braced in the order, a the regiment
did not abandon camp-." "only three
companies, less i than .halt the.- regi
ment committed.: the offense 'Com-'
plained of.r-Tffd i "eotn'jjares"' .Jrom"
Durham and.ReldsyiUemd not &i
tend the ;(!eneampinentA au.d ihe
Asheville and Waynds villi com'pan-"
ies, with the; regimental. (Band,:, .the
Lieutenant Colonel and tw or three
staff officers, CapL Bobbitt and some
of his men,- Andperiaps aW3igai
of the companies' 1 TlM' Ven"tTOffle
remained at their ' posts, to their
credit and the xrratificatiJnK of, Gov
Scales, '"who complimented fthem
highh' and thanked.themin nublicJ
V.i i.!.l.t."..i.. I
When Gen. Jones wrote Adjutant
Oldham . relative . to hisr OWnam,
leaving on the '25th, telling him. to
apply to &Mstin.vw&&
gested the modeby- which f!i'tihei!peTF,;
mission; , could. beobtained'lnshis
explained'hl "sections 86- and -109,
him forwarded to .hecohimndihg
officer of the camp;'for ftppfaMtiZife.
fore such can be of force. Had the
ossnreto 1 lYrtrtii tn flvJ lwa:n.iiiseiiioreaBW. fttthe
etl DV InP lmmenialfl rvml. n6u,i, xu.. uumeus interest
J r rrv "M"ieuiaie .com- i tract of land lvme on-th nnpt fr.Th nr
andtr ofh iegimenl,-W by rri-S
ever have "soldier-
As to the sta" emef t that t fiRora
panies ieav4flg-1naaHjerii.....-n irenvf
Adjutant General Jon p ? , we are in
formQSia. iaSoOr u e , i;cr dfcXBe
counfersigrr tne passes ; f 1 1 i o men
viio lelt on Tuesday evening.
' the'i JlJ lAfc$eYtivittf gU
out of impatience on the part of
some of the
Qjljcerg. We canho
cahnofTBelieve 1 that
any ottiSrfoMtMtk er mfeQ deiired'ti
actjin a manner "nnbecommg sol
ffferVN or'iiairpect' 6frdutibiof
soldiers, or, of superior . authprity
The event caused much- regret, and
without explanation ivwould have
broiht'tHe Gtiard ihtp disrepute.
We trust all rnay pass 6vet; and that
the 'circumstance' ' may'''strfe'ngthe,
instep, pf.'weakeji tfysj . verj;.. jalua
blej .and. excellent ja.rra;o.f the public
,;;;Col.IGlenn,sletter':'to,the -Govern
or will appearihur,iherfcl:iJ:i0:i: .Ji
The Bjxecutiye Committee: is busy;
preparing foe theanext exhibition f
the State Fair i which is to- come off
aftEe'us'iJal time Jn:-Oct6be"i 'Vg
the; Eiposition of last year," .so pril
lianjand t successful ..had impaired
the yltaMiy-of this min6rinstitutioti.
But the !State'Prtir?'is!'notya' minor
conderatidrii" It muitf be regar'ded
thb iocus". of J(aV e'etj. jniexest,, go.
long, , as i that j iexistsr therej.twill i be
giypix ihe.8pun 1 to- agricultural tma
lation and mechanical ambition'
nd the- arema' upon I;which-can7 bb
studiedbV- !strarirers 'the'niain'and
ot eacti ji and eyery . county in . the
.Sj'atei.Jt p.txiy iipore.. eloquent and
rnofe: fruitful in its: results han in
the m ore ' bsleritatious but less par
present tlSe State "as a; whole;, ,, the
6jer.",Hin., 'ptipq.-andj iminute.,de:
tailsi.o.):-.. rU-il:Y. j ,uolii.-:io?. f-ai'v
: While the Committee'-- seems
Inelin'ed to ive attentidn to stock,
we fear there' is 'too much disposition
to 'give prominence to fast horses."
Indenendept, pf - the 4 fact, that the
condition of the roads-in the State
gives no -cnbbtf f ageherftJ 1 tb"1 A&t
trotters, the. general -c temper of the
people is adverse to whatever savors
of gambling. -' Bettirig on h6rse3 :is
regarded as very close ktin to
fcGive -an ; prominence . to good
horses L-with i practically useful
points.' But-: we do not see the
gopd : results1 ' of making the: Fair
Grounds merely a race'eourse." . Qri
the contrary much detriment comes
toi; the Institution, and the occa-
i -
The papers had as. well ' put - a
stop to the story of the wholesale
eseape of convicts atjihe stockade at
ATdenj,on,the Spartanburg, & Ashe-,
ville rail-road. ' There is not a word
pf truth in 1 ifc ''Arden': is only 10
miles from Asheville, and : the es
cape is hot. Shown 15 ere' or to tjie of
ficers. , ... vo 'i..i,!..-.v..- -t.
. There, were 43inieiments at Mon
treal last week of. persons t:whpdiedJ
oi smaij-ppx u j . .(4.t
The: aggregate assesment in i New
York.thisr year, ias .-l,37lal7IJ03.
.he rataof Jtaxation. is fixed. at 2.40
per-CefJtnnu as . against i2.25. f per
centum last year. ,v i .v
The warm -weather ia drivinsr manv
of onrtgqQd people, to' We shades and
breezes' bl 1 the mountains'- rhere they
cauienioythe benefit of' mineral water,
pure atmosphere, and rich inilk arid'bnt
te'r.. But there are many, who cannot af
ford; such luxuries, yet they can stay at
home and enjoy the benefits of theSev-
en Springs Mass," which: is worth more
to their health than all the charm .of the
modern summer resorts., , For one bottle
of the Mass; which only' costs $l.tX), you
get the benefit of fourteen gallons of th
beet mineral water in the-world.' We
adyise-those, jwJio attend other .Springe,
iWie. certain . and. supply , themselves
with Bbme tif the "Seven Springs Mass."
iiuu.l.--i,:i: -;.. . ..:..ijit .aw.
Thei nest cent Cigar: in tom . t Lv-
ons' "White J.lose..!; K:lv,: , c.
, Your old bhoea can be made as ceod as
new only at W. Tt Weaver's.
combe County ,Take fjirplice,''
ON next Fridayand Saturday, the 7th arid 8tti
inst.'. and onFridav and 8atiirdftV:'tba 8th-
and 29th inst. i I will attend at the Courthouse in
Asheville for the purpose of exomining' all wor
thy applicants-fojc teaehers! certiicatesu. Uemen:
bar that these days are two weeks apart, to-wit :
wh and 8th.and asthand 29tht -. '--
There can., be; no private -examinations;, all
musteome at the public days. Everybody re
aoeiBbeT that the first Mondav inSfintmhr intho
efelar time, for electing School Committees by
your best neighbors to fill the important pffioe of
selecting teachers to mould the minds arid desti
nies of jr oar children. iCommitaeemen will pleasei
makeithe census of their districts and forward
them to me at onee-. ; If you :have not a blank,
call and get it,,.., By order of the Board: ......
,r'il" . ' ' JOHN W. STAEn5e8,
JN I ' '' 1 By Vtftae ef two esrecutloritf In
uij hands, issued by the Clerk of the Superior
Conrt of Buncombe county, one in favor of J. H.
tt the said M. X... Burnett, containinir . ion trtea
more or less. The above described lamls to be
sola io Bairary 130 aDove named executions.
. This July 17th; 1886. - ; ... i
r- J. U. .-licn, tiHi errff, - "
ij 18-w4w Per 1. L. Reynolds, D. S.
ticulat; 'and special' " displays '.than
have''eeh.'1 made'Vabroadj''Th'ese
oiiwcr ogtuiroi, in. u. nnnroi anu otners, ana
one in favor of. B.Fortnueagainst Jv II, Wal-
CJrlilc )tkf.cU of tho esolaUon
. VrodiieeU kn Spain ly tl Choi-
- .he Londok COTrespohdent of the
New York Times says : - '
TUow true the saying is "that iu-
en.dBaKthevftpren.eei W ihownJ
kv -ill a f at-fiV i- t h A-t? An t h.fgntu,
bishop of Seville, "WfiiTe4 Succoring
the 8uffeng;jn,a tile,..lyiiU.age, ;:has
receiyed only a linaf dispatch 5 jhere
and no comment, while last year the
action of San !Felice at V.Naples " was
ot 57iyJt'JobaWtheitruttt:Brouid
make the total seven or eight'tfiou
sand more:"1 'At'thc present- rate;6f
virulence1 : and ""spread ' 'it jgiifat.
Unlikely, that thetptal, .for; thg y ear,
wDliexceed : .liundred. rth'ausaad.
These figures recall thefrnosf Hideoa
aterles of mediaival plagUes-.'-'tipng
ago tThe climax; pif misery, andfnic
anj suffering seemed' to ' have been
r.eachedyfltt the daily reports .now
reveal new dephs of horror. v:Gratta
d iviilageir aret filletJ. with;hnbtiried
cprpsespbCare,!! theddcA'
tors ; ,h;ordejpfu.iaraiik,ellt 'cattipare
rbamitig abPut,thei:fieids bellowing:
seriduslyvin; 't))' ' ';city..pjf .Xadd
wheredjejBpaifing refiocts Jiay'e kept
Jhe1 disease) Lais-bay. o,'.longj;iDnly
eighfpTOvinces 'are unaffected:ho'w;
Pyreneani);,,.?couofrv Eubao -and
oamanaer win De me nexi victims
fh -thfr north; arid;Malaga and Seville
in th e south,1 where77 thousands-will
be swept away ' the ''coimng ' month
The 'i' outbrpak Tat .Qibraltf J, .ha
revived here- tne, rte&r wJtuoii ihas
slumbered since the .-Britsol' .'cdse
failed to spread the disease. The
chief comfort of England lies in-the
ifact that eretofoje cholera has only
come ; . - through) j Uermany i which
induces the hope that -we 'are' safe
from v.-';1 later1 -infection. "The'lilar-
seflles Officiars axfe still Veditine.' th
dispatchesl I.s' , - diScu!,. .to' ,gi
news. It is,. -estimated ibjat! i there
have beeriI550ideaths 4here todate;
Be'snite' an amazinE- ' cofisfarac For
known that there is cholera at Aries
Aix, . Salon,) Avignon and iManosque,
and it tfs Busoected to be near ?Ferr
pignah bbt it will ibe" impOssibie'to
keenthie''r'e'c6xd: as the -news" is i;tfn-
cealejr . Jf.;'everi "bJpialSj deserved;
lynching those of Marseilles do,
IasUweeb;with:' scores: oi ideaths
daily,' 'the' canals sewe.rnd': streets
in an'fatnons Condition'; thQ : ho
pijal's; unprepared Uind Vthe ; t s) ubjs.
peeking ;. witbi . filth, . theyi?dev6ted.
their '-energies o? iong and heroe
debates about taking tfehgious eni
Dl4m$;ont.of,the , chlldretf
ana aenying . tnac ; cnoiera , existed
Paris is very gloomy over' taft pros'
pect of a -visitation.- I'nu-ni ,
. .'J .iil-lil'l l:.
. TT-r:, ? . j
V ' Instead of grieving . over .his lost
voice. Mr. Uladstoneishomd imitate
Mr. - Tilden, whose liighesti whifepef
is n'eard throngh an extent of conn-
try compared to which ' all ilngland
. 1 . 11 - 1 ' ' f Til 7 7.1
is uui a. caoDage pa.iuu. rnuaaei-
phia Inquirer. , ..
Ul tnp nmeteen , ixovernors . p:
Northern States,- when the war be
gun, only tnree' are. now living.
These are ex-Governors Kirkwood,
of Iowa, Sprague, of iRhbde! Island,
and Uurtm, ot rennsylvania. I
A Lieutenant 'and seven-men
of the Twenty-third United . States
infantry guard the tomb of - tfar
field. " .. - - ; " :-
The State Department is informed
that cholera isrspteadiog' rapidly in
iJarcelona,. i ; x-i-.i.r x.i.n-rAu
,., i . t- ,,
1 .
kt -.V AT AO
: KJi
.i. sil. iii t.uJ.
Timothy - and Clo
ver Seed.
s;ii .,i:t ;a ;i- v .
!!:' At
) :
nt'.rn.).-' '..-;-.nt s.-i m,i,
An4liiii625 rgulkr ' 5q' pt
Corsettsj; but X' am . tellmghfem at
25 ptSiM'i '.--:;.:.-I.i!'!ot:i; -,ti:
o pieces lillow Uasmg at the low
10 $ie!$fuit3)
mesne, v . .Hitn!t v
O " ,
. - 1
10 Cent?. :V1 . A. VimuL .iulv'-'il -yv SjO-kv'
f -20, dozen of, ttiesunke
Shirta,; ;Lot .GausesiShirts, &c. &o.
neveryhaveibtjen: ,lut tvheu we jsay
.. , . i -, i. -f . . ........ . . :
,-'' : ;.-!'. J.,: i . 71 ,?.-.'..'."... ill..
Cbtusje.ir'.k' '(Jloves! fScpfl Jtp,
r .-t-. .;!!. v j-Vi'i f-ilK;a iri-!
r -j; o: nowELL,
I - '. '"' c5pot Cash Stohe, ,
omciais are comma w,iug.aiciae,
this awfuPehaat -ast'Isecrinnih
' '500 lbs!" of potton Batlihs. . I
Hotels ti'-iA Suxa'mer- Resorts
Altitude. ia.Tt Ahave the, Sea.i
i I i i Ji .A U d i Uii
Thk recent additions ind improvements to
me - dwahnanojl jsk it.nuiP8. ua mosi
attractive anJ comfortable Hotel in the Boutn.
Ita Tower and 450t feet of . gaUeries, fnrniah
views of the Svnnanoa r,iyer and tne Trench
Broad River vJ-- v:i. Also views of the Bine
Bidge, Pisg&h, LkUuun, New Found and Elk
ranges of mountains, peaks of which are over
-thuuu ieet tugn. convenient to i-oai, uxpreaBi
Telegraph and Railroad Ticket Offices, and
Asheville J3ank,' ABhevUl Libsary and Ashe
ville .Club Booms. . , Purest mountain : water
conduct to and through tfre Hot eL -
i"; tAtt;MemConvenjen:es.' , , "
f' The 'Bafl Boom is BihtlSO feet: ' A' npe Or-'
ebeatra from Philadelphia is engaged for-the
Summer. ; i . v ii i - -n.l
Soecial Rates to Parties bv the Month.
1 Thei-JPronrietors takft-eeM. ld .i.-tbe
TidinesB of their House, :and the suoeessful
; ! . ' ; '. nawui jJBvrmsia,' '
,V'iun-3 v . ' . Proprietors. '
T OCATED upon the summit of Cjesar's Head
Mountain, a Doia spur 01 tne isiue juage in
upper aouin caronna, 4suu teei aoove line water;
having. anJ:average temperature of from 65 to 70
: jStoate nnparalleled.i dews.- Kofroetn.
Sccnerv varied. Errand and beautiful beyond
description. ; - -'
.Mineral waters abundant. .;
if"ote0peri'for tlut Reception of -Guestt.
Dally stages and mail from HendersonviUe. N.
Q-; distance 24 miles good roads. -
TKRM8 i.00 per day; $10,00 per week; $35,00 for
lour weeEjs. unuaren nnaereignt years, ana col
ored servants, half price.
.J0; ; . --, . F. A. JilLES,M. D..- '
-' Fifteeri,.MiTes. West of. Asheville." ! ;
as one of the most charming summer retreats
in the mountains, is now ofen tor the reception
' 'iV new,, building, containing twenty rooms,
omfortably and ..handsomely furniuhed. has
oeeji eompieica ana aaaca 10
capacity .01 the establishment.
been completed and added to the already large
capacity .01 me esiaoiianmeni. ,:- ..,
' Tne Hotel is situated immediately on the line
6f the Mninbv Division of the Western North
uruuuu juuiFnttu,nii,eeu miles wesi 01 Asneviue.
raius-'irom tne east reach 'Jjtrnpite at 10.15 a.
m., and returning east, leave at 2.48 p.m.
' Fo8t ! Office and' Tvlegraph Office: on tne
In addition to Dure and cold SDrinz water.
tn ere is a one unaiyDeato spring on tne.premises.
I Bath Booms will be Completed bv the ISth of I
rljUlil , . ..; llCfcM!S: . . . ..
rexday; ; - ' ;...-v. - :.tLo
rfr. nut:.,
Permontii, ; ; ;i ;. . . - .. V30.oo
,lrlars,appto-- : ;r,
r-Ti ' '""."1
" ' Turnpike, Buncombe CO., K. C.
.: -riii-.f
his HotTSE, Located niMEDlATELY
-1 West of the FrenchBroad bridge at Asheville.
mertravel. With trood rooma. either in the main I
building or in the cottages, weU fitted up, and
with a table supplied with allthe market affbrds,
l can comiortabiv entertain either lamiiies or I
single lhdiyiduais during the summer months. )
With flne
Both Iron and Chaiybeate), " i!"
On the place, and within 10 minutes' ride of the
centre or Asnevnie, i can oner greater aavan
information, write to, or call on
taeea man an;
-. .For fairtbjer
: ' u
. Asheville, N. C.
a stop
S ' .T'v i'n ' ' -i t tT ; , ,j
Grant! Central Hotel
If vouukegoclare, fine rooms, good attend-
1 -..-I-; :;..: . .. ..
ance, etc.
14,150 Arrivals in 2 Years,
OroPver.18 per day, shows the high esteem in
which it 1s held,
held, ' . I
-EWnnrl nnnV 'vwtlU-k ' uratrnM fWaah nrofAP rWrni
Beaucatcher Mouataiu, cold and hot baths, elec
tric bells in each 100m,
Boar $10, $ and $i50 per day; S8 to $10 per
wok : Ktu to mper month, sausiacuon naran-1
teed. I
S'iI& Chedester Sim,
:ii fc-J.Ji-'i:
, Owners and Proprietors.
A. UWrtJEX, ot Virginia, Clerk.
U.Q. NfeviXXE,. late of Raleigh and of Pnrcell
. aouse.jsortoiK. caterer- . -
je iSdaw3m . : . ,.
Battle House.
WaynesTille, -Ji. C.
THOROUGHLY HEBTJTLT, renovated and re
painted. ' In tne centre of the town, near the
lamous White Sulphur Springs. Accommoda
tions gooa. juties moueraie.
f : jy i-OM- ' '- l- W. KUlWJttliKT, WOPT.
X . ' ' ' ' ' ii. '
the ricMrJYJy house
KBJS HOCSR house is now onen for the recen-
X Uou of guests. -
ffeit Building, containing tweuiy rooms, comforta
..i ! ,.bl and neatly furnihed.
For articuiare. address'
:,:ir,,l.'JJ V'fi;'l - K; McMlKM, '
Jvri.dtsel'u-'"! 1:1 - " - Brevard. S.'CV '
once 2 jmles from
fLourt House, on 1
Beaver Dam mail.
A place of rare beantv; TTOoni. ftirnwh-
ed Splendid garden , and : : out. :hrtt8P
gyhc.. Tprms low, ,; For .furtUTvjiii;
ormaiion appiy,io j... ( Attiu.,,
V'W?X?41".',l!,! :.: -, f.i :!;.;,
JVioiv. vi' irour Titiic to Buy V
. , ., W,
fij ITTJATED Jakt outside the Corporate Limits,
CTi M miles east of Asheville. NC. .
The Farm contains ISO acres, part of which
Is well adapted for Tobacco, and the balanee for
Vegetables, Grain. etc Uood Hew Dwelling,
new. Tobacco Bams, one Tenant Honse. Crib,
Barn. etc.uTwentr cres In cultivation; soia
VSvaaa. CO acres eood timber land whtah la valu-
Abteron 'acconnt of location- Good Orchards,
(arui eaoiosea with, new plank and rail fence
and, is situated IK miles from Depot on W N C
R U and same distance from Depot on Spartan
bar A Asheville Railroad.
. i Also 8 houses and Jots, and I building lots tn
the city o f Asheville on Valiej Street, near Fe
male college, a few minutes walk from Court
Hesse, all for sale at low prices.1 Call on '
1!" ! , t:!,A. JJ. COOflkK,
Asheville, N. C.
ANTEDj; . ji f:
, i Three or ibnr GOOD MILCH
COWS wanted such' as will give four gallons
strained milk s day. For particulars anply to -aagM-ctf
K. . VER.
f ! ; f-f
f . , . ..? .., .. T
i t . . ujol
, 4Afef,ii44i o. a virs
corner PATtt Atr4Ak3iViiJ t.
,' i a-un
. J8 PpjLPAMIl?,.T0.jQAtL ,- -,i
We : ff ill Wot Be;tf p jergorkej
v : ) to
j)6 you want ' , '
programme. Circulars,
j bill-heaps,' posters,
- envelopes, Note-
heads, pamphlet
printing, tags,. ;
., land deeds,. , . . ;. . .
. Mortgage Peps,
" , .,. .)n!! -vJj
;"' 1 "'Proprietors;;1'
UUf htOCK JS HOW COrjQDletc and rhaiff!
of the beat materiala,' with' all the latest
imnrovpmAnt.Q RinOlrt nl IM0 aara
; r . . . : . : .f
iq mcKie ana oriental robber, either gut
or Dickie lined.
AH Mtucf LllUllUlIlgB UI1
short notice.
Saddles and Bridles
every gradeand price from cheapest
Morgan to the English Shaptoe.
Of every kind, size, grade and price. : !'
Just received a fresh : stock, inciudinfir
J Track Suits, Sweat Hoods, Jowl Hoods,
ouiuj, owew noous, jowi nooas
Cooling Blankets, Ankle 3jots ofd
The 'f6 & n marked Gall and
see then). . : ;:;;.:: , . . ,,.. .
Whips, Saddle1 Cloths and
: fly JYIets,
every varieiy. . , , ., ..
nwvn im m -n m--mm,- n a -v v
xcuyns je sMciai;.'
, d,u. ' i t.:
' ucuicuiuct wo uave ; uu uisvuuicir,
all work done by band and jroaranteed,
Call on us and see what can be bought
in Asheville rn our. line, . . .. .
. Ma.u . vy., f
Wftrtv Min rtvAAtl Wnnai'tA n1l Hontral
' , . . . --r-.--.- . . . ; . . . ' 1 1 ! 1 1 , . , . 4- i
- ' ---Ji rpiXCO, 111.: - , .
v n f ii 1 i ' i 1 ii'1 7r 1 ii ' i 1 "
"' v'" -v:''''-" jl f s . .. .. ;- '-'''-
'if 1 rroat. Lung
1 1
Tor the reUef and
Plate. Addr-i.
.:' jLATrKE-ucu's avtifiir stable ik: w.TfifrWfy. P9 :i ' ' ..':...
; .t CLV!.t!!ITTEIVIilBLB Dealer in '
- . . i . -. .
This van will be puf in thorough -condition, and -all coal will be onder ahelter, indi .
kept dry and clean:-'.Each: lot1 weighed and delivered free., Nut, Stone and Egg "
Anthracite always 6r lhahri afld id any. quantity desired. ' 1 ; r - '
i -Aden 'ftffi'Mafo- blli$
-li., I Jj ,-rav r -c... ..'i!'. ' ;
th very BEST SOFT COAL in use:
1 i. i ...hi":,.' - 'TweThiiWrtre .... . :--f-ft
Tine. Merit . WVj ' WherexPractical.
1. 1- i
Said About JELUCO
rn- -1?
' ' The engineer of the '
hour '8 testol th lellii
'Hi- .Vr Ahniif VK..Tffi.AfJ7v7 A I 1It: Ci A .T. i.l
eo MountaM Coal.k The test is as follow -; " - -
l 'Wa.ter pumped, 2787,20b gallons; Coal; consumed,' 12,900 pounds; water" pumped to'
too pounds of coaJ, 31,606 gallons; water preasure maintained through ,test. 46 pounds; '
head, in' feet, 323 to which the water was pumped; total' number of poundH raised .
323 feet, 25225,737,6; millions pounds raised on,e foot with 100 pounds coal, 75,079.122,
which is more than the builders guaranteed' the engines to do with the best coal. 'Ilr. '
lerry reports only 700 pounds ashes taken out, andjno
not cleaned during the whole 24 hours. : Front the result of
nounce the I. M. an excellent steam r.oal. I .' Pp.
tf." B.-8ince the' above tost: another has been
raided to 00 pounda of eoal, instead of 21,606 in
vuw gauoiiB over any.ofber coair a fact of itself
..:.-.) V..; . , : i'.ii -;): ' '
We reerard TOUT Coal as the beat we ever used.: lit
even oenw in neaung; lumnce over me next Dest
daywltb it; with the other we have to clean twice,
ever used. .... v.
' , ."!.. .;
- - . .... ........ .. 1, , . u . v. iitttt. j o,n un 1 tt .1 (..u niQ hjc unm
iatisfactory character They spo sk well of tho&coal in every respect. They all-say that it Is the
bes t coal they have ever used coming from-the line 01 your roap., . FRANK HUOER. .
:. .M.i i:r-c :: . r .'? ;!,:: "' ' '." Superintendent,' . : '
We burned the Jellico Mountain' Coal on the
preieraoie to other coal
We are well satisfied wkh the Jnlllna Mnntifutn
consider it the pheapeit coal we buy owing to t$e
. There is less dust and ashes from Jellico Mountain
,,.... .... .,
n!2 fintncte is less waste in the Jellico Coal than
little ashes , i ti, ,.-,t. .
We Sna thft there is less dust and 'ashes in our
than when usins; other coaL
We are very well satisfied with Jellico Mountain
If you want this excellent Coal order
North Carolina for Maia jellico
: PxftADiSE '
K Beautiful Umm 'Hoi?; tljftLf, lbe;;:SI::;
TT ,T T :'TV T T - V
30 Jfltles ' ifasYof:seteT
On the Murphy. Branch of
Altitude,i!y, .-':- ::--;;-'' :: '-'.'; : rV.U'.'oojFeet.
Temperature pf the Water, .ViiV 53v Degrees."
The' most ' beautiful place'lrij North CarbliniVCome: and .
see for yourself. . J.
Jy 7.d2m, , -. -- H :v
e r y
The public are now cordially invited
- I have been somewhat cfelayed in
have a good and substantilj3tock ;'
I intend to sell good cheap and,
sistaof . -..!;..., .., ,...;.,.Ar...i-l:t-;Zii'x -:Xn:"",;; :? 'rr
bedsteads, all qualities; Eureaus, Washstands, Tables',' Chairs; -Mattreses1
,.',:' Springs, Wardrobes, Desks, ;Towel, Kacks,:; Parf6r.,' Suits, ...
r: . , uaroets. winaow onaaes ana uu uiotns.
I will also have in a short time a
WALL P A P E 11.
Hoping you will calland examine my stock beforejbuying
I am respectfully.
:itir(i:t .iHI
an to the apMlal treatment of Catarrh
Disass. to"'
1 rroat. Luna Dieassw founowor tu in. uirif" "
(Lxctulf tiitwonderfulrKi!ly,ul by lulilaUon,o -IJrlr known M tii,
euro of ontiirjpmr,al'''l,
$j Fever. Catarrh. Nervous, froir"iiv.. "- --W"ManiVl.
an IntcrMumc book PW. Four CpiOrad.
rR. PEIRO. Chicago ?i,r """"T'ui.in. iuL . . .
. .i l i ........ i ' If 1 1
MountaiwCobt Company: --
-.;...;.u:.i .iWotvU . ..--xil t:i-i.
. .-, .,..r,Av,rfli. st.w ,i;.av. -
. ,1,1V v.-
"A.! ;l - f.,.'.l
Men are Judges. .; Read What ts
MQUN1 AJA ' COAL; ' .r
clinker andUh Hie tirvts ware.
th abov test Lmust pro- .. ,
ft' RICIfARDS Sunt-'Wkler Vorks.'-.: .
' vVatk 'Works." Atlanta, Gaw SeDtember acth. iSavr ..i ;
WateFWor8 repbrtg this morning that he has completed a i
mtdfl In iwbfcbi 28,7735 gallona jfaier.wero ," .
the fini toat. ..Xkifl gbowi an increue of over
an increuc
"V. O. It,
worthy of note,
TT ''i
. ' " CHiTriKOOoi, Tajrk.'Jone 9, iP84. :
niir teatwa uvnl twohmira time tn Vnntiiiir
ooal we une. only nave to Clean grate once a
and otten three times. It in the nureM onat we
Offlco Superintendent Western D'vlsion. '
mnr Watar Lllv rinrtnar lxst winter nnd think It
It burns up without leaving so many clinker as .ptlier coiil. , .
rn.i nfi&r thnmmiii .t .,.'.nin w
fact t'hat.tfiere la. Ua.wate. M . , : "
Coal than any we have heretofore nsed.
any I have used. It burns Jree aad leaves but
. -v ' - 'j u BEAK.
bouses wTien'we 'burn Jenico" JJountain Coal, ' ''
. i . .. . ... . . . .r , v m:.,,,iUVV- . 1 '
r !? osuokne:
Cousider it the best on the -ar.rkett
. : . i. ,i .... ..... t .ti
immediately of ., . ;VV . i
'MQuxjtain Qgf.';. v- . . .
it M dirt tin
: haywood7;:::!'.;-
, .ii .1,
i .in J
thd' Western N; :-'Kail ;R'6ad'.-'
.!.!!.: rl. - :.'uiiWii
.'.I -L
. ' 1 Manager,
to call and examine , my stock o! "'
.-.r "... 1
getting ready' for business, bnt" now'
f ; ::v ' " . !V,'"' ' '
for cash in hand. 1 My stock con
l'l lllll! (I'
. ... I ll..,
nice line ot
i I I4U V.-.
H- :
- i

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