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;rr- LETTER HEADS, - "
-4u yoi Wort of all kinds do tuit(,
fromftness and at low fricc.
Funis;,. SUd ts Cancxon,
T A TT iT,
"'9Mos.,V -3.00
Weelcly. - X Year, .. " l.SO
:',' . '. -.. ' - Mol., ;; -J . ' TO
A: n it
" Ash erUle Business Directory;
emenU UervkanU-WltoUsalc and Retail.
C. E. Graham & Co., S. It. Chedester & Bon, J. D.
Brevard & Co., J-O. Howell, 8. Hammershlag,
C. E. Lee, H. Redwood Si Co., J. P. Sawyer, G. A"
Mean, A. H. Jones & Son,Bearden,K&akba b Co.,
W. II. Brown, O.K. Jtohertt. ...v. -r ,
Garden and Held Seeds.
Pnv. nil A Fnidor.B. H. Lyons. ' A. J. Merrill. II.
Redwood r CoW.lX Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear-
. . ' - Grain, Hay and Flour. .'
J. R. Statue, Powell t Snider, Alexander and
. Penland.
Hardware, Agricultural Implements, &e.
fcnnlman St Co., YsriGilder & Brown. v
Stoves, Houscfumishing, and Tinware.
Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, Llndsey Bros.
Clothing, Gents' furnishing, Act
fumes P. Sawyer, JI. Levy, Charles 1? Lee', 8
ft unlock.
Boots, Shoes, and Mats. ...
W.T. Weaver, M.Levy. n,
. . Boot and Shoe 'Manufacturers ;
M. Levy, W. T. Weaver, A. Freck. ?
, oafc and Stationery.
J. L. Wilkie, . N. Morgan & Co., H. T. Esta
rook, II. H. Lyons.
Druggists and Pharmacektidis. '
n. H. Lyons, Vf . C. Carmichael, C. W. He Vault
& Co., C. H. Moncure, W. E. Pelham.
i: , JTttWqSv. 'Mumcito, die.
DeYault Bros'. - -
' i Jewelers.
G. Cowan, Steflner and Robertson.
Family Groceries.
Powell and Snider. S. R. Kepler, A. R. Cooler,
Feuley & Co.. T. F. Starnes, G. W. Goodlake. A. J.
Merrill, J. K Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C.Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mockey & Co.. Jesse R. Starnes,
G. L. McUonald.W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
B Noland & Sons, T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull.G. H.
.Starnes. N. Penland. Penland & Alexander. Mrs.
I.e. Smith.
Butchers, Meat Dealers, tc.
Zachery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davis, Mc
Conuell and Drake.
: Bakeries.
J. J. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Bakers.
J. J. Desmond, (factory), J. M Heston.T Wells
Saddlery, Harness Cc
H. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland.
Furniture, tc.
W. B.. Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. 8. Mo
X. Brand, J. V. Brown, John Clayton
Coal Dealers.
S. F. Venable, D. S. Watt on, Hill and Atkins
X. W. Ginlwrood & Co.
Lumber Dealers
dibit-day .t Scott.
Contractors, Carpenters, and Builders.
I. CoreuQo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, K. J. Armstrong, J. E. Butlrick, T. L.
Clayton, A. G. West.
D. W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Swannanra, Eagle, Grand Central. Western,
Carolina House, Sla&lc House. The Villa.
Private Boardim.
S. F. Venable, A. T. Snmmey, Miss Bettie
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Neel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. H. Carter, G. M. Roberts, R. H. Grahl, G. L.Mc
liouald, M. J. Fagg. J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs-T, E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiies, Mrs. J C Smathers, Mrs E
1 Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
Mrs. A. Siuclair P S McMullen, Forrest W West.
Livery. Sale and Feed Stables.
Reynolds A Chambers, J. M.Ray, Vf. A.Wed
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Stanstll
Win. Cox. E. W. Herndon, 6. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan i Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, dVe. ,
Asheville Female College, Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School lor young ladies, Miss Sawyer's Primary
School, Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white public schools, two good colored
sclioolx. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a State jiormal school will be held every
saiumcr: -'--..; ,.-- ,."1
Millinery, Sec.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, S. Whitlock, Mrs. M. E.
Maun, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter.
' Attorneys M Law.
" McLoud Moore, J. H. Merrtmon, E. H. Mer
rlmon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger & Car
ter. J. M. Gudger, F. A, Sondley, W. S. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E D. Carter, W. W.Vandiver,
Davidson fc Martin, T. A. Jones, S. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Uardwicke, Johnston & Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
NaU Atkinson, A.T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V. S. Lusk, P. A. Cumniings, A. J. Lyman.
Physicians and Surgeons.
D. J. Cain. W. L. & W. D. Billiard, John Hey
Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Kelson, Ward law McGill, II P.Gatchell.
Dentists. -G.
W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
B. Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank ol Asheville, Slnder & Barnard.
Merchant Tailors. ,
J. W. Schartic.
Dealers in Furs.
M. EUIck. ' - - ' ' -
Heal Esltyte Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Naif Atkinson,
E. J. Aston, B. M. Jones.
Architects and Civil Engineers,
S F Venable. J A Tennani, - -
Tobacco Warehouses.
The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Fanner's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe Warehouse.
Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking.
S. B. West, Mccarty & Hull, J. E. Ray. E. I.
Holmes fcC., Shelton & Perry, W. P. Williamson.
. Comers. &e.
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
Wines, Liquors, &c
Loughran Bros., Hampton & Featherstone, W,
O. Muller, 4 Co., A. P. Sorrell.
J, C. Brown & Co., Patton Avenue.
Papers Mangers.
Cain it Hunt, Moore t ' " . Fitzpatrick.
Daily and Weekly citizen, Daily and Weekly
Advance, ine Ascevuie inoune twee".;
Job Offices.
The Citizen Job Onlce, Hunt t Robertson.
Nat. W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. HilL
Grist Mills, See.
Jordan & Hallyburton, N. W. Girdwood, Jas.E.
Buttrick. McLane. .
:. Fertilizers, &e.
' T.V. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman t Co.,
Anchor, Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
Piedmont," W. II. fenland, -Owl Brand," Bear
den, Hankir. & Co., -Olwr Co.'s Special," Lyon
walker, "Farmer s Tiena," x. v. eiarnes, -Ar-."
Hngton." W. W. Barnard, "8ea Fowl," N. W.
Girdwood & CoM "Soluble Pacific." .
E. J. Aston, Thos. W. Branch.
W. U. Telegraph.
S. G. Weldou, manager.
i Southern-and Adams Express.
F. A. Stikeleather, manager.
Civil Officers of Buncombe County.
KhprifTJ. R. Rich: Deputy Daniel Reynolds: B.
.Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Pattersor.;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton:
Tax Collector l. v . ration,
Inferior Court. -
Tnrtice G. A. Sbiilord: Clerk Mont Patton; Solic
tor H. ii. Carter.
flnttntv Commixsianer.
; J. E. Rankin, J. A . Reagan, 6. W. Whitson, L.
vnuas, x nos. u. uruuuu.
' Justices of the Peace.
A.T. finmmey, N. A Penland, T. W. Patton, C,
. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarratt, J..B. Cain.
CUv Government. -
Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. T. Reynolds.
Alonzo Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, I. H. Gorenflo, N.
W. Girdwood and J. L. Murray. Policemen V.
N Waddell. Chief, W. G. McDowell, J. II. Hairav
ton. HufchPosteU and T F Hunter. . . -
Mrs Deoartment.
' nose N. 1, .oreman H.C. Fagg; H. drL.No. 1,
. Sanitary Department.
- Dr.DT Millard, Sanitary Chiefc , - - V
i Federal Officer i - ' -
. U.S. Commissioner, A. T; Snmmey. Deputy
Collector, (stamp office) A. D. CootK-r. District
Deputy S. C. Herren. Deputy laihallii, R. O.
Patterson, AV-C. Patteison, T. K. lavis, IL 8. Har-
-United States Ditrict ' und' ttrevit Courts.
Mudpe R. P. Dick, Solicitor J. E. Boyd, Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy uierx r. a. mmmirigs.
Post CiTiee.
n. h. Cndger P. M, Cleiks C. B. Moore, "W.L.
Ketman, C. L. Clin. . - : - .
. Sewing Machine Agencies. . - , ,
Whehler WilFon, 3. H. Hcnirg, rfcief Clerk
Mixs BefHte Jurtice. finger, m. . murjuiiun
Cbiei Clerk W. Monlrath. Eon.ertic, 8. R. Ched
. r- i r : - .. '
eticr oc con, u Ji iav-. -
Tinnrt nf VItimtion.
-A.T. Summey, J H Sams and B G Gndgcf. First
regular rCCUl)i n.i jununy hi rii-itujvr.
Arrival and Departure of the Train.
' Bausbttby Mail train arrives 8:37 a. v.
T, i $ " -vDeparts 5:47 T. h.
" Day train arrives at2;14p-n
" ' departs at 10:30 A. X.
Tennessee Arrives 67 v. h.
. Departs 8:47 A. ii.
Wayne8VILLE Arrives 3:60 p. if. - . -
, Departs 9:00 a. m.
The Wavnesville train reaches that roint at
11:30 ; returning, leaves Waynesville at 16.
V. T. Weaver, Sole-Agent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoen for men. tf
Sendyoxr Job Work of all linds lo the
Citizen Office, if you yard il done neatly,
clieaply and villi ditpalch. "
Will be puUisiictL every evening (ex
cept Sunday) "at- tJrc fciUo- lr raiee
slrtclly cash : - v -One
Year, . ' . ' . . f 00
Six Months, .' " . . . 3 00
Three " . . .- . . 1 50
One " . . . . . - 50
One Week, .- . . . . 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the. nty to
our subscribers, and partieB wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Unire.
The Daily Citizen
Gives the onlt telegraphic dispatches
It nave to hnv Medicines at Fel ham's.
Everything marked down. If.
Tho total valuation of real and pergonal
property .in Mitchell county is $539,435.
Annie Firmin as Nan, the Goo'd-for-
Nothing to-night at the Opera Hall.
We are clad to learn that Mrs. R H.
Reeves, who has "been ill with pleurisy,
is recovering. '
Hon. John W. Barr, of Cincinnati, of
the U. S. District Court, is in the city,
and is a guest of the Swannanoa.
The Grand CentralTHotel spread a new
register this morning. There have been
3,387 names registered at that hotel since
the day Cleveland was inaugurated.
There will be a big excursion to arrive
in Asheville next Thursday from Wins
ton and Greensboro. The manager in
formed us this morning that there would
be between seven and eight hundred in
the party.
We learn that a German will be given
at the Swannanoa Hotel to-night, com
plimentary to the guests of the house.
Tk V-.11.n r i.ltH.n ..-ill J II 1 V ti tm
qui vive. '
Raiq, wanted here and in this section.
But there has been no drought, and crops
are not injured. For the first time in
our memory, farmers are not complain
ine. , - .
WcTregreTta learh "that tEelnfant cElM
of Mr. C. E. Graham, is seriously ill. It
is an only child; and the anxiety of the
parents is such as all will appreciate.
The Rev. Dr. Landrum, of New Or
leans, occupied the pulpit of the Baptist
Church yesterday morning and at night,
and the Rev. Dr. Jno E. Edwards, of the
Virginia Conference, preached to a large
congregation at the Methodist Cliurcu
Sunday night, 'lhese eminent Divines
are spending a brief , holiday in our
mountains, Dr. Landrum having left this
morning for the Warm Springs.
Mr. James Jordan, who has been some
months in Greensboro in connection
with tobacco business, returned this
morning, and will spend some time in
Asheville. He informs ns that the
drought has injuriously affected the to
bacco crop, especially in the neighbor
hood of Danville.
Everv day we are in receipt of letters!
from all parts of the country asking fcr
information of Asheville and Western
North Carolina. Our correspondents ex
pect to find what they want in the Cit
izens We have given a great deal of
information in our columns, but we do
not stereotype our matter, and we can-
not keep in a supply 01 Dack numDers.
We again renew our proposition that
an intelligent and comprehensive pam
phlet be prepared as soon as possible, and
a very large number be printed. It will
be a very good investment. We renew
the proposition made more than once.
It may be like pouring water on a duck's
back, lint we appeal again.
The Lahies Bazaae
Will open at the Asheville War house
(below the Swannanoa Hotel) on Wed
nesday 2Cth inst. at 12 o'clock, and will
continue the afternoon and evening. The
public are cordially invited to attend.
There are to be many novel attractions,
j i i
The Races This Week. - .
The Asheville Jockey Club desires it
to be thoroughly understood in Bun
combe and the neighboring counties,
that any person having a fast horse that
is not a trained racer, can enter him free
of charse in the great half-mile dash for
untrained horses next Thursdav, August
27th. - ' ..; -. -
The winning horse gets thirty dollars,
second twenty and third .horse ten.
Brine in your fast stock, boys.; -
ii ' i
City Ordinances. . ': - '.. - :
A citizen suecested this morning that
it would be well if our city .autnoriues
ould have certain of the ordinances
nlninlv.und oosted consDicuonslv.
60 that strangers and citizens can famil-
iarize themselves wun nim, specially
sueh as the street crossing, horse tying,
and other kindred ordinances. It is a
good suggestion- The , ordinances are
good enough, Dunne puunc enuueu w
full opportunity lor Knowing wuai iney
are. This they can avoid violations
which may occur from ignorance. .;.
The .Following ake New: , j'i'
Japanese Scrolls 15 to 50 cents; Screen
fotia 1 95 tii $2if): Small fans 2 to 20
cents; Fine Feather fans in Sandalwood
or Ivory frames z io vkk irencn tuma
Festoon plates richly decorated GO to
75 cents; Teas and Solilain sets f.0 to
200; Polka Dot, taquelle and Amberina
Glass in all colorf; Curiosities and Native
Carved wood work. Law's,
-- - Opposite Eagle Hotel.
, Ginger Ale, the great Summer drink;
at Pelham's, by the bottle . and on
draught.- ; .;
Gov. Scales' CoHdrvclu,it of the Same
' Statk of North. Carolina,!
ExecctivkuDep'Tt Raleigh, Ang 22. f
General Orders No. 8.
- I. General Orders "No; 7, published on
July 29th, contained this paragraph :
It having been reported to the Commander-in-Chief
that Companies A,' E
and K, of the 'Third Regiment, struck
camp-and returned home on yesterday,
without leave from competent authority,
it is now ordered that Capt. E. F. Young,
of Company A, Captain W. A. Bobbitt, of
Company E, and Captain Max Lowen
stein, of Company K, make immediate
report to the Adjutant-General stating by
what authority their companies left
camp. Should they fail to make this
report within, five davs from the receipt
of this ordenTpr should thej same be un
satisfactory, the- commissions -of the of?
Ccers will be revoked" ano thtompaniea
disbanded. '- ' 1
IL The following report from the Ad
jutant General contains the responses of
the omcers involved and such additional
facts and circumstances bearing upon the
case as are necessary to be known : .
Office of the Adjutant General,!
. ' Asheville, Aug. 19th, 1885. f
Special Report No. 2.
lo His Excellency Gov. A. M. Scales:
Sib : I have the honor to submit here
with the several responses to General
Order No. 7, made by Captains Bobbitt,
Young and Lowenstein, and also a letter
from Col. Glenn upon the same subject,
and the application for leave of absence
for companies A. E and K, made to me
by Col. Glenn on the 28th day of July,
said papers "being marked respectively
exhibits A, B, C, D and E. '
Tho application for leave for these
companies was filed by Col. Glenn at my
headquarters at Camp .Scales about noon
on Tuesday the 28th day of July. I re
ceived and read the application about 1
o'clock that day, being absent from camp
on duty at the hour it was filed. I im
mediately reported the matter to your
Excellency in company with Col. Glenn
and Maj. Smith. You declined to grant
the application for leave, except as to
Col. Glenn and Maj. Smith; whom you
permitted to go home on the afternoon
of that day. -
At the time this application for leave
was filed, companies A E and K had al
ready commenced breaking camp, were
packing np, and moving off. In reply
to the explanation offered by Capt. Bob
bitt, I beg leave to say that the instruc.
tions to which he refers were special,
written directions to the several regi
mental commanders, giving them in
structions with respect to the care and
preservation and return of public and
hired property in their possession, to
wit: the tents, stoves, cooking utensils,
&c, and also with respect to striking the
tents and marching to the depot. All
this, of course, had reference to the de
parture of the troops at the close of the
encampment. It was simply preparatory
and I am at a lone ndnrstand how
anyTme-conld have Refcn'Oaisiea iiy saurrf
instructions, or could have construed
them into permission for any company
or legiment to leave camp. Plainer lan
guage could not have been used.
Capt. Youngs assertion tnat oetore
going to Camp 1 was , advised that nis
company could not remain in camp dur
ing the ten days, is not strictly true. I
was only advised that some ot his men
would be obliged to return before the
ten days were out. : Capt. Young wrote
me on .July llith as follows: '.would
like to know something about my men
leaving camp before the ten days are out.
Some of them cannot remain the whole
ten days, and I have promised to let
ihem return."
In regard to the explanations offered
by Col. Glenn. It is true I told him that
I wiuld grant leaves of absence to men
of his regiment whom he should sav
were compelled to go back home before
the encampment closed; but this referred
to individuals only, and I expected, of
course, that the applications would be
made in the usual way according to the
Regulations with which I presumed all
officers were acquainted; and that no
man would leave camp until his appli
cation -was acted upon by the officer
commanding the camp. Previous to the
28th of July I had granted leaves of ab
sence to a detachment ef men belonging
to Company A, and several members of
Company K, upon Col. Glenn's written
application. -
That Col. Glenn should have construed
my instructions to regimental command
ers about breaking camp into permission
for his regiment to leave camp before
July 30, passes my comprehension. The
instructions were written, and were
couched in language certainly x plain
enough to be understood by any one.
No word or act of mine authorized Col.
Glenn to grant permission to companies
A, E and K to go home before his appli
cation for leave of absence for them was
acted upon, but it is clear that the of
ficers and men of these several compa
nies departed from ramp under the be
lie! that leave from pioper authority had
been obtained, and tliev must be ac
vuitted of any charge of insubordination
or intentional disobedience ..of orders.
The responsibility for their unauthor
ized departure rests' solely; with the
commanding- officer; of the Regiment,
who exDlains his conduct in a letter to
me dated August 4th hereto appended
marked Exhibit D. . :
I have the honor to be your obedient
servant, - . Johnstone Jones,
Adj't General North Carolina.
Exhibit A. ;
, Asheville. N. C,' July 30, 1885.
Gen. Johnstone Jones, Asheville, N. C. .'-K
Sir : In explanation for myself and
Company E.. 3rd Regiment, allow me to
say that the reasons lor my company's
leaving camp : . ' ; -
1st. That we wem assured by col.
Glenn on the 25th inst. that we could
leave at the time we did, and that an or
der-was received on Tuesday morning
instructing-us how to strike tents, what
to do with camp equipage, &c., and that
I understood that was permission for my
company to leave. T - V r '
t- 2nd. mat 1 was riniormea Dy l-oi.
Glenn on Tuesday the day my company
left) that he had seen Got. Scales and
that he refused permission for the com
panies to leave, and.requestinjme to see
the Governor iin person which I did.
Th Rovernor said to me that he refused
permission for me .to leave, but that if
Hnv nf mv men were compelled to leave,
to let them go. Whereupon I went to
th Denot according to his instructions
nA ordered back all the men that could
stay. - I would Bay farther that Sergeants
J. F. Rogers and S. M. Bobbitt and priv
ate E. T. Jones came back, and that they
nr!th mvnfclf did not leave nntu excused
hwonrselt I would say further that
j j -
we were here under order jknd subject
to orders.' I would sav further that I
complied strictly with the orders, which
I nersonallv received from Gov.. RmW
I have violated no orders that I know of
and have complied strictly- with . orders.
Thc-eircumstanees under which ? my
company was placed has been fully ex
plained to you by me personally. ;
In iustice to myslf and company I
wish to say, we have- never knowingly
violated any rules or regulations. . That
we are always ready for any duty or to
obey any commands. That I wish it to
be understood that myself,, and all the
men wno could possibly stay, were here
until excused. That in allowing any
men to depart that I was instructed by
the Governor to allow those to go, whose
business called them: home. Hoping
this will be satisfactory, f I am.' :
, - . . v . Yours respectfully; I .
' " V . AV BOBBITT, -
Capt. Com, Co, E, 3rd Regiment. -
: . ; Exhibit B- . . '.;
, ? f Armoky Fo'bstth Riflemen, :'V :
Co. A.3rd Rogiment;N:C."S. G., .
" ? Winston, N..C.iajr 3rcL,1885v I
Adjutant-General Johnslohe Joiut. i. " ; .
;. ' Asheville, N. C:
Dear Sir.--ln. reply ; to General Order
No. 7V I beg to submit the following as
my explanation for leaving camp with
my command before the provided period:
I. I, as commander of Company A, 3rd
Regiment, deny that I left camp'without
proper authority. .
II. Before going into eauip you wre
advised that owing to tM busy season at
this place that my -comriiand could not
remain in camp during the 10 days, and
in your favor of the 17th' July to me on
this subject you say "About your men
leaving camp I refer -you, to your com
manding officer Col. Glenn. I suppose
for good cause he would let some of his
men off." .
IIL I applied in person to you for en
dorsement of transportation fur some of
my men (after my Colonel had endorsed
same) which you did endorse. Was that
not competent authority ? -
IV. J his 'etc me wr.h only handful of
my command. I made application for
transportation, for .-emainder of my
company to my Colonel and also to the
commander-in-chief which was granted.
Was not that also competent authority ?
I have the honor to remain,
1 ours very respectfully,
E. F. Yocnq,
Capt. Co. A, 3rd Regiment, N. C. S. G.
Exhibit CL ' "
Headquarters Co. K. 3rd Reg. N C S G.,
Statesvillk, Aug. 3, 1885.
Gen. Johnstone Jones :
Dear Sir : In replv to General Order
No. 7, received to-day will state that I
greatly regret the necessity of my leav
ing the encampment before inspection
as well as the issuing of order.
Our departure was made with no in
tent to set aside the regular military dis
cipline you wish to instill in the Guard
or with any idea of 'showing any disres
pect to my superior office b. - As you are
a ware many members of my company
are working men, mechanics at various
trades, and laborers in the tobacco ware
houses and it was with considerable loss
to themselves that they, went to the en-
CatP P"i fm t a II inri: t W&&-. rnally fi.
hardship to expect thenVCST" remain the
full time and risk the danger of losing
their places, etc. .
.Before leavng .camp I understood that
the 3rd Regiment would be dismissed
and that Col. Glenn gave permission to
companies that desired to leave to do so.
I had no written or positive orders from
Col. Glenn to leave, hut acted on that
impression (which I da not think will
be disputed) that the 3rd Regiment could
leave and that he had so reported to you.
I hope that you will be satisfied that my
act in bringing my company home was
not done in a spirit, to encourage a
breach of discipline or in disrespect to
you or Gov. Scales and that the matter
will appear in proper light to vour entire
satisfaction. Should you consider (which
I trust not) that my act should be
punished in the interest of keeping dis
cipline in the state Guard, then i hope
you will let the blame and punishment
fall on me and not on the members of
my company. With great respect.
Your obedient servant,
Max Lowenstein.
Capt. Com. Co. K, 3id Reg. NCS G.
Exhibit D. - -Cuarlottb,
N..C, Aug. 4, 1885.
Gen. Johnstone Jones,
Dear Sir : I enclose you a communi
cation received from Capt. Young this
morning as I was about starting here. In
regard to this matter. I know it was the
wish of the men to remain. bu business
compelled them to leave. You told me
and told a great many in my command
you would grant any leave from my reg
ment if I said it was necessary.. The
men knowing this, applied to me. Those
who had to leave at once I applied and
got leave for ; the others I persuaded to
stay as long as possible. They said they
could not stay longer than Tuesday, and
1 promised to get them leave., I applied
to you lor leave, and told the men I was
sure it would be granted, and they
thought when they left they had leave.
It was impossiqle for the men to 6tay
longer, and acting on what you told me,
I promised them if they would remain
nntil Tuesday evening I would get them
leave, and they supposed of course it was
granted. 'Yours respectfully,
Jab. D. Glenn, -.-
Col. 3d Reg"t N. C. S. G.
V; . ' -" ' Exhibit E. ' 7 7 . . ''- ;
, , Asheville, N. CL, July 28, 1885 .
GenfJohnstone Jones, Adj't Genl, .
Dear Sir : Please grant leave of ab
sence and furnish transportation . for
Companies A, and K of 3d Regiment,
and also for the Colonel, Major and staff
of 3d Keg t- 1 regret very much to have
to ask this before the review, but my
men are tobacconists, and their ..employ
ers have writtten for them, as a great deal
of tobacco is on the market, and it is im
possible for them to stay longer.-
, very respectiuuy, ; :
Jas. D. Glenn, '
Col. 3d Reg't N. C. S. G.
III. The powers of the Comniander-in
Chief in all cases of this kind are clearly
defined. The Code section 3,268 says. :
'The Commander-in-Chief shall have full
power and authority to revoke any com
mission or to disband any company, or
companies, 'whenever In his judgment it
shall be necessary or expedient for - the
public good or for the good of the service.'
Acting under this law. General Order No.
1 was written by my direction, ' and I as
sume all the responsibility growing out
of it. .-. ' - . ' - :'V '
. IV, . After such consideration of this
case as its importance to all concerned
demands, t find the facta to be as follows:
x. That Companies; AVE & K of the 3d
Reeriment left their camp in Asheville.
where they had been ordered by the Com-
mander-m-VJhiet, witnoui competent au
thority. . ;. ."T'.-r;-."-3.
That said Companies had no authori
ty from any source for their action on that
day, except jrom tneir voionei
" .3. That Colonel Glenn applied in writing
through thelregular channel to the oflicet
in command of the camp for leave of ab
sence for a portion of Company. A on a
day previous to the 28th day of July, and
the same ,was duly granted and the men
left under such permission; that he applied
in writing on the iSth for leave of absence
for Companies E and K and the remainder
of Company A, and that' this leave wa
not only positively declined by the Commander-in-Chief,
but Col. Glenn and Maj.
Smith were informed that while, each case
upon application would be considered
upon its merits no leave would be granted
for companies as a whole, and that the
companies must be notified at once, and
that such as had left camp would not re
ceive transportation and must return and
re-erect their tents.
- 4. That' Colonel" Glenn authorized his
men to strike tents and leave .camp before
action was taken on his application for
leave of absence. , ,
V. The statement' made by the Adju
tant General to Colonel Glenn, that leaves
of absence wau Id be erranted to such men
of the 3d Regiment as Col. Glenn shou!d
Say were obliged to go home, nadxelerence
to - individuals who should applv-in the
regular way for leave of absence, 'and : the"
action of Colonel . Glenn in allowing part
of his regiment to leave upon such verbal
statement was without authority. While
in my judgment his action cannot be-justified,
yet it appears to me from his cxpla
nation and all the facts ot the case that he
acted under misapprehension;and not from
any Jspirit of insubordination, disobedience
of orders or disrespect of superior officers.
VI. Under all the circumstances of the
case it appears to my satisfaction that the
members of Companies A, E & K broke
camp and went home under the belief that
leave of absence had been obtained for
them from proper authority. In view of
this fact the officers and men of these
several companies are acquitted of Wame
in the premises. It is proper in this con
nection to state that Captain Bobbitt and
Sergeants Rogers and Bobbitt and
private E. T. Jones, of Company E, re
turned and remained in camp until given
leave in regular way by the officers com
manding the camp ; and also that the de
tachment of Company K that left before
the 28th went under proper Authority.
..VII. This was the first, and I trust may
be the last, occurrence of the kind in the
State Guard. Cheerful obedience to or
ders has always characterized the organi
zation, and to this fact is largely due the
high estimation in which it is .held by the
public. Discipline is essential in all mili
tary bodies. . Without it, the State Guard
would be worse . than useless.- By means
of it, the Guard has become an institution
of recognized value to the State, and only
by means of it can it retain the confidence
and gopd will of the people which it has
hitherto won for itself.
- - Gov'r and Commander-in-Chief.
A 'Snake' in a Boot. .
To be suddenly aroused from sleep by
the fire alarm is enough to unsettle the
nerves of a more social man than our ex
cellent chief of the Hook and Ladder
Company; and it is but natural under the
excitement, for one to run into his pants
hind parts frontwards and encounter
tnHr'i jillm:' ii.ii.. --ffi.-rlt -r.- lrfc V
addition to this to jump out of bed. and
jumping into his boot to find a snake in
one of them, as one of our said cl-ief did
the other night, is more than any com
munity ought to expect any man to have
to submit to. Tho valiant Captain find
ing an obstacle to his prompt ingress in
to his bot, ran his hand in, pulled the
thing out, and, while . standing to his
duty by trying to pull on his boot with
one hand, he violently shook the little
thing extracted from the boot with the
other to see what was in it. It was empty,
too dead to hurt, but -was solid enough
to hinder just a while. How the thing
got into the boot is thaabsorbing query;
hut having' gotten in was doubly
aggravating, for the occasion, in being so
innocent of helpfulness.
A Gorgeous Bokquet.
We thank Mr. M.S. Alexander f Tur
key Creek, for a glowing manifestation
of his appreciation in the Bhape of a
mammoth bouquet, glowing with the
most brilliant colors, and arranged in
fine taste. Mr. Alexander couid not
have thrown greater consideration in
his work than if some fair lady were to
have been the subject of his honor. e
appreciate and acknowledge his par
tiality. ' -
i ,
In thiscitv tmthemoriiingoitho 22nd
inst., Lillie, infant daughter of Mr. J. P.
Richardson. , of New Orleans, a$ed 7
months. The remains were taken to
New Orleans for interment.
Stall No 1, A&hkville Market,
- Zacharv Bros. Proprietors, E. C. Lin-
wood Manager. The best fresh meats
the country, afibrdson hand daily. Ojien
from 4 a. m to 10 p. m. daily, except
Sunday. - . .
Delivery' wagon in connection wun
their stall, and ll meats promptly deliv
ered. - (jive them a call or send vour or
ders- ; : r" ' . tau20
1 o -
Ttiiv Perfumer at Pelham's. Cheaper
and better than elsewhere. -- tt--
Ladies' "Common Sense' "arid "Opera
Toe'! French Kid. . ; at Levy's.
Visitors in Asheville
W. North Carolina!
Round Knob Hotel;,
SIT U ATED orr the Western North Car
olina Railroad, 22 miles from - Ashe
ville. is the most delightful place - in the
mountains for those seeking
Health, Rest and Pleasure !
Thermometer has not registered 81 this
summer. Tnnderstand that visitors con
,ri9tinr trivMor-Round Knob have
been dissuaded by certain parties in Ashe
ville misrepresenting my place, claiming
the Fountain (which is the highest in the
world) caused . a dampness . in the hoteL
This is false in every sense, ana an x as.
is to try mv place, -and J will guarantee
satisfactions W. B. TROY, :;.
an 11-dtf - - proprietor.
:, . , (Establiflhedinl855.)
v Watchmaker, '
. v s and'dkaleb in -r ''f-.";-:- . -v" .
Watches, (Socks, Jewelery, Spectacles,
' Patton Avenne, Asheville, N. C. '.
- Leroy W, Fairchild'ffGold Pen, Good
stock always on hand. .
("associated press telegrams SPJ3-
1 J- :M: CIAL TO CITIZEN. - - ;
AT fclJiustly Act of Imitative
' Butchery. -.;
-' Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 24.
A special to the Advertiser from Talla
dega says in that county J. J.McGowan
killed and dressed a pig for a barbecue
last Friday. Threo children aged 12, 9
and four, saw the proceji of butchering
him. Next day McGowah left home,
and the children agreed to repeat .the
process of the day before. Having no
pig tho two oldest children proceeded to
butcher the youngest They cut its
throat and hanged it up by the heels as
the iig had hunar,- and vereproceedlng
to disembowel it when their mother dis
covered the horrible tragedy. "
a.'-"" "
Increase in Cases and Heaths.
Madkid, Aug. 24.
The number of new cases of cholera
in Spain yesterday was 5,919 and deaths
. The Cholera in Marseilles.
The Disease Gaining: Headway
;Makseilles, August 24.
One hundred and sixty deaths from
cholera here during the past two days.
Marseilles, noon, August 24.
The cholera is perceptibly increasing
here every hour, and the situation is al
ready alarming. Within tho past forty
eight hours 200 new cases have been sent
to the.Pharo Hospital, and during same
period 200 deaths from the disease have
been reported within the city limits, be
sides 50 in the suburbf.
Increasing- Mortality.
Toulon, Aug. 24.
Fifty persons have died here during
the past 4S hours from cholera.
Lo.vdox noon, Auguit 24.
Consols iooj.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, Aug. 24.
Flour steady. Howard St and- Wes
tern "super 3 0040, extra 3 504 25; Rio
hranila 4 r075W-ht-SordIiej;niQ3fcer:
Western lower, closing dull. Southern
red S891;. Amber 935; No 1 Md 89
bid; No 2 Western winter red spot So bid.
Corn Southern steady, quiet; Western
lowei.dull. Southern white 524; yel
low f3.4. - -
Sew York Market.
New Youk, Aug. 24.
The Block exchange did not open until
11 o'clock .this' morning. The market
opened quiet with Union Pacific, Wes
tern Union and St. Paul J per cent high
er; while Lackawanna lower and Min
nepolis and St. Louis preferred is up J,
and Reading J, and Lake Shore, Louis
ville and Naahville are unchanged.
There were declines of small fractions in
the first few trarsactions.'
C. Ii. Miller and Adolphus Smith,
salesmen for assignees, ate offering a
large and well assorted stock of goods at
first cost prices in Room No. 3 of old Cen
tral Hotel, Asheville, X.' C These gen
tlemen are instructed by Messrs. Wea
ver & Shuford, assignee.-!, to sell the above
goods strictly at cost, to show bills to any
doubting Thomas. They will take great
pleasure in waiting tijon the public.
( all and examine the goods whether you
buy or not.
Firmix-Jack Comedy Company Nan,
-To-night a glorious comedy bill will be
given, calculated to please all. Annie
Firmin, as Nan, will add to the favor that
greets her every appearance, and Mr
Jack will be seen in a new character.
The performance-will also include the
very laughable interludes of the lawyer
and tlie 'acoj-y Girl. All the artists of
Company will appear.
The Captdbe or Fkank Lowest Alias
Cn aei.k y Deas . j.
At Flag Pond"," Teiii!'., announced" In
Friday afternoon's issue of the Citizen
to have been made by the Asheville
Pinion Detective Agency, we are since
informed, was made on Saturday morn
ing by A. A. Featherston and A. R.
Ogburn, without the knowledge of said
agency or its chief. . '
Said Lowery or Deas was arrested for
the murder of a man in Orange Co., Fla.,
committed eigteen months ago.
A Hundred Lies Nailed.
Persons interested in keeping visitors
away from Haywood .White Sulphur
Springs are trying by all manner of false
hood to make tbem believe there are no
accommodations here, when the truth is,
I. scan accommodate comfortably, one
hundred guests.;
- J. C. S. TlMBEBLAKX. ,
Aug. 20tb, 1885. .V -
Railkoad Tickets Bought and Sold
I will buy. sell or exchange Railroad
Tickets from or- to any point. Parties
interested will do wen to can and see
me. " J. M. iotrNQ,
tse20 . At Farmers' Warehouse. ,
Obdks'Yocb Coal while Puices abs dow.
Claud H. Miller will receive orders for
City Coal Yaed, for September delivery,
at his Store in old Central Hotel.
. Augl7dlir. -
TN xshevtlle, who desire pleasant
1 Booms, and good Board, at reasonable rates,
win ao weu hj sppij 10 J -
: vi - . DR. E. A. GATCHEI.L,
. . Haywood Street,
Sdoug?0-tf '- ' - t - -
Died, in Baltimore oathe 13th inst.,
James V. Loughran. He was the
youngest broihei of the Messrs. Lough
ran of this city, and was born in Balti
more on the 21st of julv, 18G3, and con
sequently was 22 years of age. He had
but recently gbno to Baltimore to spend
a few days, preparatory to assuming the
management of the extensive furniture
establishment of his brother John B.
Loughran, ia Norfolk, Va., but soon af
ter arrival was taken down with typhoid
fever, which resulted so sadly on the
date stated above. He was a young man
of excellent character, splendiu rh vsioue.
and fine habits, was genial and -warmhearted
as the sons of tne Emerald Isle
always are, and made many friends in
this city ' during his -short stay this
spring. , v -
Messrs'. Loughran of this city hastened
to Baltimore on receipt of telegrams stat
ing the immediate danger of their broth
er. Unfortunately they arrived too late ;
to see him alive, and only had the mel
ancholly satisfaction of being present at .
th.q. last rites of onefb whom tliuy were
x uinerai 1001c
place on Saturday the loth inst. at 2:30
!. in, a very large concourse of people
attending, all of whom-united with the
family in sincere but not demonstrative
grief. Mr. Loughran was a member of
bt. incents Lyceum of Baltimore, and
wag buried from St. Vincent' Church.
There were eight pall bearer?, 'members
of the same society, and Father Dido
delivered a most impressive sermon, and
closed the last sad chapter in this most
estimable young man's life. Mr. Lough
ran was engaged to be married to a
charming young lady of Baltimore, and
another most touching circumstance of
the event was the fact that it called to
gether the entire family who had not
been together for nearly twenty-two
years. It is needless to try to comfort
those left behind. We can only sym-
fiatliize for the void in their hearts, and
et them know how deeply their friends
sympathize with them in their dark
ISoarlingHou8e Notices.
Summer tourists, (to the mountains.)
can find comfortable rooms and good
board at Antler Hall (Tennent's View) 4
miles from Asheville. For particulars,
address P. O. Box 116, Asheville, N. C.
N. B. Good boating on finest piece of
water any where near Asheville.
july G-l mo
Boaudebs Wanted.
Good room with excellent table board
can be had on good terms by the week
or month at Mrs. Sondlev's house, cornet
of Flint and Cherry streets.
For particulars apply to
Mrs. A. S. Labarbk,
july 21 d 1 mo on the premises.
Private Boarding in Wavnesville.
The undersigned is prepared to accom
modate a limited number of boarders at
her home in Wavnesville. Convenient
to the White Sulphur Springs. Accom
modations guaranteed. Uerms moderate,
tf . Mrs. J. B. S. McIntobh.
Arden Park Hotel Rates: $40.00 per
month; $12.00 per week; $ 2.00 per day.
Dinner 75 cent; Supper 75 cents.
Thos. A. Morris, Prop'r.
Inly 28. v. tf.
Asheville JtIale Jlcademy,
A Select Classical, German, JVwcR, Math
ematical and Tliorough English School,
OPENS Kent. 9tb, 1SR3, and continues 40
wc.ek. Prof. FALK having been engaged
to give 'ustruetioii in German and French, wul
also tut.v tniDils in the EoelUh branches nrcoar-
atoryjto that of the Principal. N timber of pu-
fjii in ui 11 uepairiiueiji iiuuiru luov
No extra charges for Modern Languages.
Alimited number of pupils will be takea. as.
boarders by the family of the Principal.
for lerin, etc., anaress
(ui 1-I-tlawlm Principal
- Select Mloy& School.
HAVING eijf;ged to teach German find
t-'riir! at the Malo Academy with Prof.
S. V. Venable. I will also teach a class of boys in
the Etig.ittu hrauclicM. preparatory to the blither
classes 'aught by Prof. S. K. Venable.
hor iurtuer liiiorinuuou apply to
At the Furniture Store of IToore 61 Falk.
au 11-dlw
Chartered as Grccnveille College by the
Legislature of North Carolina before Tennessee
became a State. New building; thorough and
practical instruction. Cost, loweet possible;
c-heiper than any other inxtitutiou o'like grade
in the South. Both sexes a-liuUted to College
classes. Send for Catalogue to
8. A. COILE, Soc'y Faculty,
Tu&culuin, Tenn.
Is the ouly School fur boys In the South wltn
UnH-Eilght, a first-class (JytiinnHlusn, and a
nrst-ciass Batli-Jiouac
Special terms to young men of small means.
Tne 183rd Session beams August SSLh.
For Catalogue, address
trlS-daw6w liinghain School .N.C.
- ' mciiMONC. - - -
SESSION begins October 5. .
For Catalogue' with .particulars ad
dress, "
M. L. JAMF.S M. D., Dcan t
jy25dawlni -
This institution, conducted by the Sisters of
our Lady of Mercy, In situated In the healthy and
picturesque town of Hickory, on the W. N. C. K.
It., near the Depot. It is a Cat hollo institution
yet member of every denomination are receiv
ed, and the greatest care will be paid to scholar.
r or particulars apply to Mother Superior at
Hickory, N.C. aug20
NOTICE. " - . ' - ..
As the health of our partner Capt.
J. M. Jones, makes it necewary to do buglncfw in
one plaee instead ot two, we will, on Monday, tlio
17th day of August, remove the entire stock of
good to our store , . .
At the Corner of Depot Street and Patton
'' ' Avenue " v . ,
under the Arlington House, and will be glad to -have
our fi lends continue to deal with us there..-
The Store has been, recently enlarged.
We will keep a delivery wason and will fill -orders
promptly and carefully.
augH-dlw. WOKQAN A JONE3. ,

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