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X-V -
.--."-e.c:: .
. 8 Mos., I: . ; ,. S.OO,
- 1 Year '.- X.SO
6 Mos.. i , . -. 5"S
Abeyillc JIusiness Sirctory.
( . - . - ..
JBcnemX MerehaiUt TV liOlesdU Vxnd RdaU.
C. E. Graham & Co., S. R. Chedester & Son, J. D.
Brevard & Co., J. O. Howell, 8. U&mmershlag,
C. E. Lect H. Redwood 5c Co., J. P. Sawyer, G. A
Wears, A. H. Jonea & Son, Bearden, Ri.nkln & Co.,
; W. H. Brown, G. M. Roberts. " " -: v
. . .... Garden and J7dd Seeds , , .'
Powell t SiflBer, H. H. Lyons, A. . Kerrlll, Hi
Redwood it Co., J. 0.fowell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear
deu. lUnkin t CO., C. II. Moncure. y .
-! ..i., . i , drain, Hay and Flour.'- ' :. : '? r-; '
J. R. Starnes, Powell & Snider, Alexander, and
Fculand. . . . ..v.:'. . v.
Hardware, Agricultural Implements, I-c, J: "
; Pennin.an & Co. VanGllder & Brown. ' "'
&love, HotuefurnUhing, and Tinware.'.
" Ballard EroL. Brown & Beard en, IJndsej Bros.
Clothmg, Genii Jtmishing, &e
Jvmee P. nvyer, M. Levy, Charles E Lee, S
. W hillock.
. . t. Boots, Shoes; vm& Hats. ' . v .
Mv.'t. Weavur.'M. Levy. . ; ' .
Boot -and Shoe Manufacturer . '
M. Levy, Vf. T. Weaver, A. Freck. ,
' jiookt and Stationery. '
I. L. Wlllde, KV Morgan & Co., H. T. rsla
. rook, H. H. Lyons. . ' ' . s;
: ' Drugaists and PharmaceiUMis.'.: ' "
H. II. "Lvojis. W. C. Carmlchael, C. W. DeVau:?
- Musica. instruments, ice.: .'
DcVaolt Bros'. .
. Jewelers. ' '
v- C Cowan, Btefiner and Robertson. , .....
-- "-JVimai Groceries. r ' '
Powell and Snider, S. R.Kepler, A. R. Cooley,
renley& Co.. t. F. Btarnes,. vv.uooaiane.-A, j.
Merrill, J. E. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C.Davis,
davics Franks, J.iMackey 4 Co Jesse R.Stames,
U. ilcuonaia, w. ti. Morgan, jfjA. jonnson, it.
B fioland & 8ons,T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull,G. H.
Ktames, N. Penland, Penland Sc Alexander. Mrs.
LC. Smith. . . .
, Butchers, . Meat Beaters, &c.
Zachery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davis, Mc-
Connell and Drake. 1 '
- . Baheriesi - " '
J. J. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
- ; Confectioners and Bakers. .
J. .J. Desmond, (factory), JM Heston.T Wells
' Saddlery, iftimj' tc.;
K. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Tenland. .
Furniture, &c
. B. WHUamson, Moore & Falk, P. 8. Mo-
Huuen. . . . .. .
X. Brand, J.'V. Brown, John Clayton ' '
. Coal Dealers. v
S. F. enable, D. S. Watt on,. Hill and Atkins
X w. Ulrdwooa(tco. .
Lumber Dealers' ' . .
. .
publeday tt Scott.
, . Contractors, Carpenters; and Builders. ; -I.
Gorenflo, John Hart, J, A. Wagner, T. C
Westell, . J. Armstrong J. E. Bnttrick, T. L.
Clayton, A. G. West. ' ' '
D. W. Oaublc, J. H, Woody. . : I
.. s , Hotels.
BwcminnDa, Earfe, -Grand Central, Western,
Carolina House, Slat le House, The Villa.
Private Boarding. : ' .
" S. F. Venable, A."T." Snmmey, Miss Bettie
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs, A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T W. Noel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
. H. Carter, U. M. Roberts, R. H. Grahl, G, L. Mc
Donald, M. J. Fagg, J. A. Fagg. J. E. Rankin, W.
T." Reynolds, Mrs. T. E, Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs. J C Smathers, Mrs E
L. liird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C France,
Mrs. A. Sinclair P S McMullen, Forrest W West.
Livery, Sale and Feed Stables. . . x
Reynolds A-Chambers, J. M.Ray, W. A.Wed
din.' Junies Sevier, C. O. Allen. T. H. StanslU
Wm, Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan A CO., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, &c , .-
Asheville Female College,"' Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
Sc-hiKL for young ladies, Miss Sawyer's Primary
School;' Mrs - J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white public schools, two good colored
eehoote. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a State normal school will beheld every
, MiMMry, ite, ,
1 ' Mrs. H. M. Herndon, S. Whitlock, Mrs. M. E.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter. . ;.
Attorneys At Law.
McLond & Moore, J. H. Merrimon, E. HMer
riiuoa, M. E. Carter, . A. L. Carter, GHdger i Car
ter. J. Ji. Gudger, F. A. Sondley,- W. 8. Cushman,
: Richmond l'earson, E. D. Carter, W. W.Vandiver,
Davidson & Martin, T. A. Jones, 8. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Hardwicke, Johnston Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
Kati, Atkinson, A.T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V. S. Lusk, P. A. Cum mill gs, A. J. Lyman. .:
Physicians and Surgeons.
D. J. Cain, W. L. & W.'D. Hilliard, John Hey
Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Nelson, Wardlaw McGill, H P. GatchelL .
Dentists. -
O. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, B. H. Reeves, A.
B; Ware. - '
. Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Sluder & Barnard.
. Merchant Tbilors. r ; i
. J.W, $chanie. '. r . ? '"'
J -' Dealers (n Furt. -
M Hiicv,. "J jr
, 'Seal ZSiate Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn, A.; Ji Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
E.J. Aston, B. M. Jones.
Architcctsand Civil Engineers,
S V Venable. J A Tennant, .- ' . - ';- '.' '' J
' .... Tubaeco" Warehouses, t
The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe Warehouse. -
'. Tobacco Manvfacturers Chewing and Smoking.
8. B.West, McCarty & Hull, J.: E. Ray, E. X
Holmes & C., Shelton & Perry, W. P. Williamson.
' ' ' Cooperi, '&e; ' ' '
L. F. SorreU, N. W. Girdwood, WiUiaia Weaver,
Hart. t
Winei, Liquors, See.
Loughran Bros., Hampton t Featherst one, W.
O. Muller, fe Co., A. P. SorrelL .
.Tailors,- .r.r :.y-'-J,
C. Brown & Co., Patton Avenue. i '
' ' Papers Hanqers. r
Cain t Hunt, Moore ;''-fv-v!i Fitzpatrick.
Daily and Weekly Otizks, Daily and Weekly
Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.)
: -if- .- : job Offices. - - -- - - -
The Citizen Job Office, Dunt & Robertson,
Nat. W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
Crist Mitts, &c ,
Jordan Uallyburton. N. W. Girdwood, Jas. E.
Buttrick. McLane, .. ;
Fertiliser, 4ce. '
T.V. Waddell, "Star Brand." Pennimap Co.,
Anehor Brand," G. M. RobiVts, Alex. Porter,
Piedmont," W. II. Penland, "Owl Brand," Bear
den, Rankir. & Co., "OJer & Co.'s SpociaL' Lyon
& Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C. Starnes, Ar
lington." W. W. Barnard, "Sea Fowl," ft, W.
' Girdwood 4c Co., 'Soluble Pacific,"
" "'.. Insurance. '. ' '-''-'
E. J. Aston, Thos. W. Branch.
W. V. Telegraph, .i
S. G. Weldon, manager ,"-;'....:.
Southern and Adams Express.
F. A. Stikeleather, manager. " , ' J , --'
CivU Officers of Buncombe County.
Sheriff J. R. Rich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds-, S.
.Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton;
Tax Collector. W. Patton. . v ;,-
Inferior Court. -' - r
instice G. A. Shuford: Clerk Mont Patton; Solic
tor H. B. -Carter. '-"".";.:.. ...-..,.-,.
- - County Commissioners. '
J. E. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
',, Childs, Thos. D. Brittain. . ...-:
- - ' Justices Of the Peace. W '
" A. T. Snmmey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Tatton, C
. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain.
City Government. " ' '
Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W, T. Reynolds.
Alnnzn Rankin. Geo. F. Scott. I. H. Gorenflo, N.
w nirdwood and 'J. L. Murray. Policemen F.
N Waddol Chief; W. G. McDowell, J. H. Hamp
ton, HusnPostell and T if Hunter, . -' .- -
IIoseN. 1. oremanjtl. C. Fagg; H. AIaKo.I,
Capt. F A. II - ; ' '
' Sanitary Department. "".
Dr. DT Millard, Sanitary Chief. . , --
Federal Officers ... ; '
n. S. CommisKtoner. A. T. Summer. Deputy
Collector.- (stamp office) A. D. cooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Iierren.: Deputy MarOialls, B. O.
Patterson, A. C. Patteison, T. K. Davis, H. 8. Har
kins '
Vnited States District nnd Circuit Courts.
Judge B. T. Dick, Solicitor J. E. Tiyd, Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy ciem r, a. tummings.
Post one. " " ;
II. L. Gudger P. M Ckiks C. B. Moore; W. L,
. Kernian, C, L. Clin.
- : Sewing Machine Agencies. !
' Wlioblert-Wilfon, J. H. Hcnirg,-Chief Clcik
Mif Bfip Jufrtice. Singer, it. a. jworyninan
Chief Cleric W. Monteath. Domestic, 8. R. Ched'
eetcr 4-Son, Cba E Lee. - ..-- - -r
A. T. Snmmey, J H Sams and II G Gudger. First
regnlnr meeting r.ni Mf.r.ciay in n'pii'mcre
VOL.I-NO. n6.
, : qn the; fourth PAGE. ;
Arrival and Departure of the Trainit.
SAXJSBtmv Mail train arrives 8 :37 a. m,
. ' . . ' :.' ' Departs 5:47 p. m.
Day train arrives at 2:14 p-m.
" ' ; . ' t- - " departs at lu:St) a. m.
- Tenneasee--ArriveB 6:87 p. k. .'".
' - i Departs 8:47 A. M. ' --
WatnestilLe Arrives 8:50 p." m. ' ,
iVi'T f V ; Departs 9:00 a. h.
' The Waycsville train' reaches that point at
11:30 jrettuiiing.'leaves'Warnesville at 1.36. -'
W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent fof Hess'
Iland-SLade Shoes for men. - ' tf
. , r ltl.-- mfc. -ir ii' f i" x - '.:
; "d your Job Work of all kinds to the
C n Of're, f' you want it done neatly,
:: ply and villi Hpatch." ""-. .ir.'-
the iaiIiY-..citi.::::; ".
cept Sunday) &t .the Jpllowing rates-
strictly cash; , ' ' V" . ;'' ;
One Tear,
?6 00
3 . 00
il 50
" 50
Six Months,
Three." ; .
One " .
One Week, ;
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office. .,,
The Daily Citizen - "
Gives the onlv teleeranhic disnatches
received. r . ' ::.:iz:i-y
- Ginger Ale, the great Summer drink,
at Pelham's, by -the bottle and on
draught. ', tf.
To-morrow night Old Money Bags and
Nan, the good for nothing, at Opera Hall.
Tickets for Willoughby Reade's read
ings for sale at Carmichael's.
Keep' your turkeys and chickens in
your tobacco fields. You will find .then)
excellent labor-saving machines.
A number of Knights Templar, en
route for the Oommandery, are detained
on the west bound train to-day. :
Mr. Geo. Simpson, a prominent drug
gist of Raleigh, is in the city: He will
attend the Commande.'y of the Knights
Templar which mees here this evening.
Kales of new tobacco are noted at
many of the markets,. . Cutting goes on
rapidly, and the results are more than
even the most hopeful imagined. The
iacilities for curing are about twice as
great as last year.
The appeal we made some time ago for
beef and butter has as yet had no res
ponse, perhaps, for want of time. But
the subject loses nothing of its interest
or importance in view of the inferiority
of the one and the scarcityof the other.
This state of affairs is a grave? reflection
upon the industry and intelligence of the
people. Industry might find a field in
which it would always be rewarded; and
intelligence would look far beyond home
for a return for its exercise. . Beef and
butter are' what all want, andaHneedtfor
which-ood prices will always cneeriully
be paid. : Kow we pay very reluctantly
very high prices for .very bad beef; and
we pay no prices at all for butter, because
it is scarcely to be had at any price."
And this is a reflection upon a moun
tain and a pastoral country..
The indications of the.: reyival of busi
ness grows stronger and clearer every
day.- Everybody believes that business
is going to be better; and what every
body believes is .sure to- come to pass,
Nothing has made the business depres
sion so lasting as distrust and despond
ency." Faint heart never won anything;
and it was faint heart which took .in
trust the belief that general ruin , had
come upon the country,' and submitted
accordingly. But the exhibition of bus
iness cowardice and financia1 inefficiency
became a humiliation too intolerable to
be borne; and the people of the United
States with consciousness of power and
of inherent sources, of wealth, refuse to
bow the neck any longer to the yoke of
national poverty. The reaction is com
ing, and the rebound will be great. .,
Kvights Templar, . ,',-Ty. -.::..v
On account of the accident on the W
N. C. Road this morning, delaying the
passenger train, the regular meeting of
the Commandery. Knights Templar, ap
pointed for 4ip. m. to day, will be held
to-nightat 8:30 o'clock. All Knights will
please take notice.-, , " ::
A Good Lightning Jod. - -.---.'T-. -'-;
Yesterday evening lightning struck
the . residence of Mr. Pleas. Israel, but
the lightning rod was there and did its
work" gracefully and . effectively, the
fluid merely grazing one of the bricks of
the chimney. . Mr. Israel was standing
in his yard" a few feet fiom the bouse.
and was shaken. up, .but not hurVA We
congratulate all of our friends on their
escape. - - . ' -'; ' . ' , -
WlLLOCGHBT ReADK.. ,. ;",; 5
;.This old favorite of the public appears
before the public to-mprrow evening in
the rooms of the Asheville Warehouse.
Those Vho appreciate humor ; and 'can
enjoy a hearty laugh In the refinements
of fun will b, pleasantly -rewarded by
giving Willoughby Reade a hearing. His
selections are entirely new to a western
audience., ;.- - ','
For Auld Lang Synei and for the real
attraction and fineness of his elocution,
we commend the entertainment of Wil
loughby Reade to our readers. ,; ; - -.
y . ' I " "'-'.
Public Debate."- - . r- V.-' -: ''
There will be a public debate, at the
School House of Mr. . IL'L. King; on
Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The sub
ject for discussion is, "Is tbe co-education
of the sexes judicious ?"" Messrs. David
Kinlberly and Charles Osborne take the
affirmative, Messrs. A. M. Polk -and
Hamilton Slagle the negative. ; -.' -:
We Dresume the public, as usual, will
.be welcome. -Mvr.i - :
The Following abb New: r .. A
Japanese Scrolb 15 to 50 cents; Screen
fans $125 to $250; Small fans 2 to 30
cents; Fine Feather fans in Sandalwood
or Ivory frames 2 to 400; French China
Festoon plates richly decorated 60 to
75 cents; Teas and Solilain sets 0 to
200; Polka Dot, Craquelle and Amberina
Glass in all colorf; Curiosities and Native
Carved wood work. ' "TAW S,
r Opposite Eagle Hotel.
'( M ;
;ASIII-i C;!,YEDESDAY EVENING, AUG. .26,' .885. !
inree young men,
ton.-Mdntire aud Ro
" IUIybnr
:is,kit ABheville
yesterday -- afternoon for .
School, and the following 3e
ve this af-
ternoorj ': Messrs. IJ F, Van G ilder,
R. VanGilder, J. W; Sluder, U F. T
and Robert-Johnston.
: Reached the" cf ;
and will give one of
cell'ent entertatnmr
. Ha""
rat. We
.3 to the
"Warehouse," beFow'
tei, to-morrow T
need not cop1"1'
community oi
here befor trtd
his Splendid perf
we will say if V
real fun, gato t
to-morrow nigv
- Hobses Coming. . :
A telegram has jusi been;eceved-(by
the ; Secretary; cjf tlrel jshevIJcij&fiy
Club, from Mr. . WiHiam .Garth, a noted
turfman - of .Virginia, announcing i the
shipment of a number of fine? horses for
the races this week. 1 "Shamrock," "MTss
Grace," and "Modoc" , are among the
number. This will, be a? Jvef j valuable
addition to the fine stock which-is al
ready here, and to come..; A 'A i)OH(l
Oub Post Oftioe. ' , ' V
We print in another column a commu
nication from our postmaster in de
fense of himself and. clerks against.com-
plaints which have been , made of care
lessness in the office. The statement. is
a reasonable :6he, ah4- the .'suggestion, if
observed.'wiU obviate mu'cn.'trouble.i In
addition ; to. what. is?. stated in the com
munication, a '.most 4eri0us; dlfllcuUy lies
in the fa'ct tbat the ; seryice 'allowed this
oflice,' is' by no means adequate tq theTe
quireinents of the' place, to which the
CiTizENrhaa before called attention-.. The
present incumbents arenas. obUgiflg-as
they can be, and We, belieyei ",are earnest
lyxlesirous of doing their duty to the
public; but it is impossible for them,or
aeimiiarnumDer oimen tO-De exact at
all times; with... the amount tof w6rk"f e
quired' , of them'.' -; AsKeville,' the year
ij i.iiiiai..ii'i -P Li
iuuuU.um aituy . Bbnuigort' llilu 86 Cer
tain seasons, ajrery large -aqnber, who
have to be served at this office, in addi
tion to a resident populatien Of over five
thousand; -while the forcnWed is
barely suflScient for a smaller and more
fixed resident population. And these
strangers are constantly changing this
city as weir as other address, which in
volves additional labor and care upon
the employees at the office, and conse
quently tends to mistakes even , in the
prompt delivery of the matter of -regular
patrons of the office. - - i-: .
The Citizen desires to be just even to
"offensive partisans;", and while we are
demanding exactitude of the: postal de
partment, let us also demand that; llhe
General Government do its duty by sup
plying the necessary, force to enable the
department to be: prompt and exaotu .We
ask Congressman Johnston's attention to
this deficiency in service. It is the effi
ciency Of the ; service which rr:iaore
interest to the public tharih6"sTialIl)e
postmaster. . , : .
rvyt'i 1
These can be eure.d:wioat.tr9nble or
inconvenience and without fail.. Dissolve
a small piece '-Jf 'Sat "Aiufciiiiac? W:Toe
obtained in- any dnigvstpre.4B .mall
vial of water a piece twice the size of a
garden pea in, an ounce yjatof water will
be enough fpr a hundred .warts.; - iJ-ApDlyl
the liquid to the wart three or our times
a day, using a feather er any convenient
Instrument. Let the fluid dry upon the
point touch.ed.Wef0 is" nipaln, no in
convenience, and in, three oj. four days
the- wart will disappear: ! Th?s', weTjelievd.1
is an infallible cure. ''
Opeba? 'House TjauBSDAY
. Doublb Bell,
Vti: Hi
To-morrow evening the' cFrrmin-Jack;
Comedy Company.wilappear i&Hb.etir.
two popular successes -Old, tforwiBftg$-
uiiu iau, mo kovu Aor pouimg. rriaav
evening has been " designated for the
complimentary benefit , to iMiss Annie
Firmia,when ) Shaspeare's-.Ronieo -and
Juliet wiH be perfqrmed.; f;ttn m m Vn-:
" r :;V'., i-.i Aii-jJaA s
A Change in Tebms ot SAL.f -
' . We call attention to the change made
'in the terms of sale of theBtore htese jin
Patton Avenue on the"-.l5theptaAej
next by Gndgerand Johilstoii, Executors.
The terms are modified so thit if the
purchaser desires he may takiai twelve
months' time in which to pay itn"e-half
of. the purchase money. , .
- On the rear of the store house is a
vacancy of sufficient extent for the erec
tion of a commodious dwelling- or an
other business bouse to-.fxQnf on. Pulliam
street."' : " .
The property is centrally located and
very desirable as a business stand. ; .
- Any one desiring to establish "a mer
cantile business in Asheville will find
this a rare opportunity of securing a good
stand. t-f f . - ;;:
A decade, may roll around before an
other suchoppop. . res ents Itself, i
f-r ' .J '
The Joyce (MtfeDEBv(3ASE. U
i Yesterday the Gfand Juryl'pf Bun
combe county-returhexTstrue bilLs.in'two
cases against W. H,
andltis son
Frank Jones, charged Wath the -'murder
of the four' individuals composing the
Joyce family On the 3rd Of April last.
The investigation began Onl Wednesday
last, ana was conaupteq wiia great aeu
beration and thoroughness. The case is
luus put Deiore ine couns on iia luenw.
lhe3isonero were arraigned : yester
day afternoon, nd entered ithe leQal
plea of not guUtyaFor satisfactory rea-
sofls tbe case was continued until the
next terra ottlie Court. . : ;.'.'-
I' C. . H. ,Miller arid 'Adolphus Smith,
salesmen for - assignees, are offering a
large and welj assorted stock of goods at
first cost prices m'Rooin Jo. 3 of old Cen
tral Hotel. Asheville. 'N, C . These gen
tlemenare instructed by Messrs. Wea
ver & Shuford. assignees, to sell the aboye
goods strictly at cost, to show billsto any
doubting Thomas. : They will take great
pleasure m waiting upon tne. puDiic.
Call and examine the goods whether you
buy or not. .-' t -: - , .
You will save money by going to J. L.
VVlIkie & Uo' lioolc tetorei iagie ouna
ing. .. . ; ; . augltf
t u -
i -i V c c
1 . i For theAshevuie CmaiiK.v
Tim pos
-n.f Ir:
Hi-j, fclil-il,. ,lTi: ,
... .As, niimpess r 'coriurmnicatidns jbve
been written t the papers -of the State
c"f"f Guard,' niCEt: ofthei&TefetruiKrpaiv
1 y .j .to Jie-oinpeUtrVd Urill and.
'g.JJ claims some :of thasK-rst
I M3om& of the B0coTid; tb'tne
;;ere awarded, rta- Col,, CfoL.
p. ieh t;'and as. nothing lias
iii'; anyjpT'tbe flicejrst,;qf
iment in" regards the
o termlt 'the undersigned to
1 n v 1 on'esubject
it I1 ;there Jaa never, heen
' lish ?l by., an. officer of the
-' -: oflecting in any way
- - ndSfi.ti th'tom-
pt.Lii.iv e uxiUZ ATcomujunication in the
Wilmington r,slgnefl "Staff .Officer"
hais'ne'yer , beaifajthere byauy .'ei anld
the prOrietprsof thy papr 'f s"t6 - that
they do not .know the author) Jn the
Second , Regiment, with... his subordinate
officers have, endvorect si'iuev therfrill
to ' suppress ' "att ' utterances contrary to
the' finding hi the judges;- j
timTes.expresseid ' their' ',pfffec' "twillihg-
ness to abide quietly by tieir decision.
It ieft?;thaf they found At difficult in
some cases to prevent individuals .from
ex Ariri'oifnioris' courary , jto' j the
judges' idecision.k..This ' tas -the 'more
difficult for .the reason
a very-gen-
eral opinion and' judi
military circles in Asl
nu irr an non-
ille before, the
report' of ,tlie. judges "(,
d.this'has: not
Deer aispuiea.. l tm
.by iany ne)
of the . Second
seemed to - be in fav
Rgimeht f ; Of course
umbers made tip
t . .wa, vox popidi
tbeir minda. that w
must be vor-: judmtemt but m' -this -thev
were; mistaken'rThiB opinion was not
confined to; non-military jircles,:;but
numbers .in' the other Regiments' . were
of the same opinion.' il donotTstatethis
as finding fault withi the judges' decision,
but merely to show what ground there
was for membersOf the Second .Regiment
to fee!, that they; werf ;entil4e.d to the
brizes,K,Feeling, this any pn&pan, recog
nize the difficulty . the officers of the
Second would have to prevent an ex
pression of this opinion, and tbev .are
free to confess, with regret, that they , did
them nave exhibited a, dissatisfied spirit
and until there" is moie ' foundation for
the strictureR that have beelTma.de, that
hSfecofi Regtrhat l)ulde consid
eredaa'abmibs by the decision tendered!
The Second Regiment entered the com
petitive drill with the full consciousness
tb&f thajfiwatdeciftion waMo 'be rende-ed-by'the
jTidgeB-' selectedJVi: they have
no desi-e to appeal from KfJAt decision.
The treatment of the Regiment by the
people of Asheville-was moigreioaB,
and h we did not iertor abus. the king
spirit of the ! citizens of that town '' we
would pe inclined to say jthat they, treat-;
k&. 0x4-Seiid.'-Biidineirilb: too Hiuch
partiality; for-we ourselves do not fail tor
be sensible of the distinction sbowii us..
In conclusion I would state that I think
I. voice .the sentiment of e,very .member
of tha Second Hegiment when I say that
if it came,t9 ,ia question .of receiving the
prize or receiving the splendid treatment
tciiuecuur utaiui to lua prizes, ' an w
word of our ' Commanding officer1 to the
different companies of his Regiment on
their ' return- home I repeat, "The en
campment just jpassed-madothe reputa
tion of the Se(rAlReglrhie6t most envi
abfe; in the next let it be peerless," and
we intend it snail, be.
- - M. S. WlLLABKif
r Wilmington, 1. C." f -. r
redrLnVirticie U
the Raleigh News-Observer intimating
that the AeOdnd Eeg&jenb'.raig"hfc learn
the first principles of soldierly conduct
from the First Regiaoent.' from tbe?:act
'that the latter had adopted the regulation
uniform while the Second Regiment had
tonly -"obeyed such orders or parts of
ordertaat nappeuWlt to feait their per
jsonal interests or inclinations," I .would
resrieetfully1 mrorm; the wtrteof;that
article that the Second, Regiment has
eSpres? and .written peiTOissipri..to wear,
its present "uniform ;uniil it is able ; to
provide the Pne,prescribed,The military
discipline:ot the Second Regiment, how
ever, needs not one word of defence.
(Any impeachment or, darnaguig com
pariso'ofiirwilllWtegafded by- every
one ,w.0,. has, .had, any- opportunity of
judging as a laughable waste of words. . .
s Wilminnti A nt 9r,A ISSri :': .': i . ;
- -.- . - ,;; ,.fi.t:- -
The SseeND' RbgiSieni'.
i.ff? i-'i0l
I .We call special attention ta -the "com-
naunicatioh frbrniftHKificer of th Second
fcegiment! Apart from the grabficatSBSl
w&fefel at the pxpssionipi" the kindly
etttinierita' ' entertained.' Lfor ; Asheville,
ji-K.' .!? ..- vii.j--i.--i;---
WP canoop, wihjhoiu put 1w.1u11raj.1u11. ,iof
the manliness of ' the letter ahd the
?eady, submission i.to the obligations, of
military rule. "In this letter there are no
reservation, no jealousies, no complaints
df injusticQbr4 that graceful submission
10 a aecision jwnicn migui, aisappoinfc
but did imtJaPrJifyJiTiiere is.that coiv-
sciousness of worth whichrgoes-tostreng-J
then the admiration so generally accord-1
ed to the BecondKegiment; n not fth;
rst in tactical perfectionl'not secqiifj-lh,'
manhood and soldierly qualities. "- ' -
j - vt.H- !' L ". '' ' " ' '- ' '
tThe uhc'iJrsigned is prepared' to ac
commodate a limited trurarber tof Boarders
at her home in Waynesville, Convenient
to the White Sul phttr ' Springs. AxcOin-
modations guaranteed.- -lerms moderate
1 tf . ; , .,;rj; Ms.,,1 , Xi- p., M.cinto8H,,:-
! ' '"" " ; .' '" -""' : lu'-i'.iinit
GjujiD Ball AxIHATrnQ BaiiVroik'"'''
i Wednesday evening! ,;August theJJGth.
General "Admission 15.cents. . . . : .
V i- ,;Youno,-; Perkins & Coo-
; Some bargains in Wool Dress Goods. I
o 'siij .-jj r ?-h; Redwood .Cp. I
i .- ; -mm. : ..
Okdeb YOtfE CoaI while Pijicts abb down;
: Claud H. Miller will .receive orders Jr r
City Coal Yabd, Tor September delivery,
at his Store, in old Central Hotel, . :
Augl7dlw,. :. . ... - - "w--j;-
The Citizen Job Office ' - J
Is one of the most. com; ete officeain
the State.and work of every : kind will
be. done with. as inuch neatness and de
spatch, and as cheap, as it can be done
any where, ji,.-.: : ..v.-.-f V,i-i--.'L-- '
i Your old fchoes can be niado a3 good as
new only at y. T. Weaver's.
i i i ' i. I i" J
; i .
: - ... - - - ' -ww '" I ij-iiimh' m
h 1." I
The .( Jockhy CLTB-tTHi, ' :Races . This
. TheJracest this week promise to be most
attractive. "A number jf noted horses
are entered: and the vo' days will prove
'very1nteJsrng7'tfJ:ru::':: :
i'lThe-'Clubiis eomposed of gentlemen;of
;4hgville.wh.Qi'l?aT:o entered iiipon;this
enj,erjpr8e as a sourcp pf amusement and
attraction for. shev-ille. -.Not .one; of
tbem are gamblers, nor; do they partici
pate in'any!igamt)lingv "Everybody 'en'-
joj "ijee1ng,( ai fine horse, and witnessing
a test? of speed and the Asheville Jock--yi.Clpb;iiav8:iDrganizedifor:th.piirr
pfBecuring this species, ;of amusement.
In opening .these races, the Club has in?
curred hcivy" "expenses.; ' We ' trust our
cotrxmnnityi:wiIl Jtnrn out and show an
appreciationi of -all .efforts to attract and
piease our, yitorsAi icx- ..care
those .who go to the trouble and assume
expense .for. such- aurpos6. iJi There
is no ,:rule of the Club ; whiclt sre-
quires, or allows by , the Club, , bet
ting.l If such should b6 indulged in. it is
tsuureiy aa.-vuujiuoni&iter, , wito; wmen
tbey, can have nothing to do. Some men
will ' bet oh ' anvthinff'; We ' recentl v
heard of a bet on which of two ininisteni
could ' preach ,- the best sermon. The
Christian religion',' bo wever, could not be
held respbnaible-'vfbi Buch'sickedness:
The club : offers premiums ! fpr trials of
speed." A3 we say t this is attractive to
all persons; and Tdoes noinjnrv to horseET.
Races are. arrangedfifpr, ths week.and we
hope the club will feel encouraged to
continue their eilorte for the amusement
of citizens and visitors.. ' : . ir-
" In addition to the races on Friday, a
fine glass-ball'shooting matcl has been
arranged betweerx.Mesgrs. . JT F; Jordan
and D. C Waddell, two gentlemen wbo
havo-i already 'won ' 'distinction' in the
shooting' world; l -Let a large crowd be in
Let the- Posthastes akd his Clesks. he
:;HBABp.,:(J;ar.c: ,;."' .-, .,:
The following from, the post office , iex;
plains itself : . . " .
Post Omen, Asheville, N C,
. Aug. 26, 1835.
Messrs. Editors : Both the Citizen and
Advance have recently referred, editor-
1 4 it it 1
uuijr, wuaii iiiey tan carelessness in
the delivery of letters at the Asheville
post office. This is an unjust criticism,
especially as all know it is the intention
of each post official in this office to pro
perly perform his duty. It is conceded
on all sides that the Asheville post office
is the most difficult in the State to man
age, owing to the great number of stran
gers that come here. In summer we
have Southern visitors and in winter
Northern. It is possible that letters oc
casionally are not delivered upon first
application, owing to the great rush just
after the distribution of the morning
mail, and yet but few such complaints
reaca...ns direct. XI an evil ortbe-Jund
does'exist, we offer ' a suggestion,which
if properly adhered to by all "concerned,
will be a sure remedy ; That tho com
plaint make the complaint to the; P. M
pdWa of Ms assistants, and. if possible.
in person. A book, called "book of com
plaints" is kept, and in order that the
investigation may-be-thorough, a note
will be taken and called to the attention
of each clerk. Again, it is claimed letters
ai-eiputin the:-Aibhg box: -"That niay be
true; it occurs more or less at all offices
of any size and frequently at small offic'
es.. .Here the mails are . heavy and we
work -in - great haste-in ' order that" the
office rnayr be closed but it- short time..
People waiting'on the outride think it a
long time any way. let us do the best we
pan; but they have but little ' idea as1 to
what is to be dpn,ef As already paidwe
-tidtk -' hurriedly,' and in the great taste,
often miss the right box, , Any one who
has ever had any experience in V post
office will say it is an easy matter to hit
me wrong dqx , i requentiy two letters,
or a letter and a card, or two cards will
stick together and thus go iuto the wrong
boxJ The- Government best expects in
handling mail often miss the object of
their mark and put letters in the wrong
box. Such mistakes will occur and they
will occur at the . hands of either domo
crat or republican. Many . reasons can
be given, and good ones too, why letters
go in the wrong box. AVe have, too, a
great many people of the same name; for
instance, we have three boxes labelled
"J. C. Brown," and eonfusion could exist
just there, and unless the Tetter bears the
number 01 box, now are we todistinguisn
one J. C. Brown from another ? Many
visitors - come to the - post office
and. request - that their mail- be put
in bcw&wth partyj wititj whorn.Jhfey jire
fetoppihg. In this respect we have to rely
mostly upon our memory,' and with per
haps a. huridred.. .different, i equests. of this
kmd" in 'sr single 'day? iorhe will naturally
be forgotten, .yet the, visiting friends; will
expect the 'request' to ' be compiled with,
With as much.regujarity as tljojugh wc had
always' known thefn.' This grat careless-
te'rm can be c'tified toa greateent
VJt ctHnpiyiHg wiHi'ioe aoovc -Buggcsuon,
and we hope, Messrsv Editors, you will be
kind enbUgbc tkos call; thtf rnarter to the
attention of the jiubljc , and greatly oblige
the Asheville PoBtmiister and'lirs' Clerks.
Accident qn the W.: IT; C. ;Road. "
I This morningv,apc$ioa, gf an eastern
bundfreight train'1 telestoped 'ail other
section, ; causing aeriouawreck which
has delayed the western bound passen
ger train Sail Wy5 ?vThe first section n'ad
stalled, and the second ran- into' it. En
gineer Low, of the second,- was so badly
injured in the ankle as to require ampu
titiorrofonetf his feet,' which was done
this morningr-No other' personal injury
reported at this writing. ; -
i . : 1, - 1 - L".-;.vni
DFiret-class Shoes of stylish Bhapes eiid
best quality made . to prefer py . vv . x.
VVeaver & Co. 'X tf
i Sale of Talnable Lnnd.
" py vlrtne of a decree of tiie Superior Court ot
uuncomoe county, x win -proceea 10 sen at me
and State aforesaid, on Saturday, ' 19t"r"day of
September next, the farm, property, of the late
J0s. Nancy K. Stevens, situated on the Asheville
and Spartanburg Railroad, three and a half miles
South of AsheTiile. containiny onehundfedni.il
twentf i)ve acres, more or less. A good frame
d1eelliri house, good out buildings, tine water.
goou young orccara, nity sixty acres spienma
wood land, ten, or twelve acres line- meadow.
Sold for divMon. . Terms, Twontyporcent, cash,
balance In one and two, years, with approved
note and security. . ....... E, J. AST ON, .
- B.i.ig26-tdi- :. 1 '--'--i'- Cpmminsioner.
JO 171m :
200 A:GRES VAtU-
:. : ABLE LAND ' ;
with lairg-e Orchard and rrarao dwelling, immedi
ately on Hue of railroad, jiud clos to Asheville,
for sale cheap and on eapv terms. -., '
Apply Immediately to WAll'iill 3. GWYN,
aug 15-d A w ten LandAgen .
iJ.t f. ;'.! rl'.in: V;U
! f ft 1
oial to err izen. . -;,;;
Inn J.-'., fi.ff, : : - ;:;;..;;. fiOia.V -
Great Destruction 'of - Glass
Jffysteri to -be Unravelled!
. ? , rt'-:-,- ',1 ! - : -'"r -ji- r.rr - "; .
, Aiwut.i o ciock mis morning an. explosion-Occurred
in. the show window pf
Jamea B. - RodgersJ saloon at the north
east corner of flth and Gallowhill streets,
which, wrecked all thP .windows, in, 'a
dozen - eio'rs in:- tft ,v?f?ni.ty,JiAn??x.
piJoive package, sra i;lac;d;,on theneut
sida of the window silli the. mart of the
burned fuse being -visible. The contents
of the window were wrecked,' and panes
of glass broken. ' ' No other damage Was
doh to-, the i Rodgers i premises'.' iThe
window panes of the houses adjbihing to
east ward were broken froni No. .1,830 to
1,845 Caliowhill streeti.:; 'On' the opposite
street the bulk window-fthe'-salOoii of
E.'s: Early; N"oV 1,842 ; Caliowhill street,
was' shattered "by the- forco of the' ex
plosion,' "and 'panes of glass In front of
ms nouBO,were oroKen, and..wiere are
ho . panes Of glass lefi' in the front' win:
dbws of J. K ''Scblader , Td. t44Q; Cafepwi
hill street,. On V't" South, side"f':the
street the, window panes are "broken 'in
buildings, numbered from 1HJ4 to loib
Glass inthe east front, of the building at
Northwest; corner of 19th and Caliowhill
6treeis,.,was also broken. , beverai; men
who wereplayirig;carda in the neighbpri
hood of tho saloon .rere thrown ' out of
theit chairs byrthe shock, but nobody is
reported injured. -Mri liodgera is unable
to ; account" for tho act or mode. ! He is
not aware that he has: any enemies,J and
theaflair tO-him is a gro found mystery.'
Policemen Rothermel and Sprall, and
officer1 Stratton who: witnessed 'the 'ex
plosion, and Beveral other persons who
were in the neigb;lforhood at the time are
of the opinio that the; explosive used
was dynamite, as 'the detonation was
very; loud, and the destruction of glass
sixty or seventy feet away was .quite ex-
tensive. Gun powder would .bave.tq. be
used. in a very large quantity to cause
such !shbck so far away from' the1 spot
where the cartridge was placed.1 - lc
Arrlvul oftbe Remains of -Admiral
-i.'---: " ?ourbet.-)'t?'- Unnn.t
iv'i'--rj "- ';jt:;;... -.r-.P'j" Atrt
;rThe. .'remains,, of Admiral - Courbet,
which . were brought , home,; frpra the
East' on" the iron cfad Bayard, .were
landed " at Uyeres to-day. The . mass
previously been celebrated on board the
Bayard f The "casket was "covered "with
wreaths; land ; jpalvos of artilllery" iweia
fired during ;te disembarkation ,pt; the.
body, . The weather was, , bright,, and
the scene very iippre66ive.. , r f ,(...v;.,Jr.
Penn'sytvmiid DemoeraticCon-
'oils i ixfyehtUnu-pit irn
' - - 1 ,-- ' r i." fi-'
Monopolies Denouiicea. ,
Gov. Patterson Endorsed , '
.i - - - - ' , ' '
Willi, v :: IlAHBISBlfBG- PaV A.Ug.'K i
The Democratic.Stata. Convention' was
called to. prder this morning at half past;
tea o'clock, the Qpera Housa. being pack--ed,
and over.our huodre delegates pre.-sent.-
R'-P Airenf of Ly nchburg, was,
elected '?tempora.fy' Chairman, ; bv ac-'
ciama'tion; s f:ii -l-'-':i- r-K::-
X)in takingr thiei.cKp;he BpOke of the
partyr being iilpoBsesaion' of national adv
ministration, .and; soidithat'theyiuhada
perfect jight to. prjesent' r public; utter
ancespi importance, tit tjuipgizeu xres
ideht 'Cie.veland, a'n4 said -that' the peo
plO" werfei now havhig7. ab'righte'r'betteV
and ptirer admfhistratibh ' than has been
kriownf for many : y ears.' . The;- fact i thet
public affair was; rbei" Parried.-.-outin.
State issues, he stated tUat time was ripe
for the presentation" of living . issues to
the people'. 'Referring to the new qon-
suxuuon, neBaia one oi tne great ques
tions was :the Tegtilatibh of laws gbveWi-
ing greAt corporations. " It wastheir duty
to keep them within the ! bounds of the
law. He charged Republicans :withj:al-'
lo wing the. laws to remain as dead letters
when they had the, opportunity "to en
force1 them;'' " '(jovernbr. Patterson" was
highly cbmplimenfed for his' mpve oh
th a ' South ; PenfisylYania Tallroad,5 and
the .speaker, requested that the "GoVernt
be fully endorsed ; and suBtainedii',his
course. .-Various committees - were then
appointed; after , whiclt the Convention
took a recess, until ,1. o'clock. -if-' :. -i- .
Germany triliinc to Diacnss the
.'; ilaestloii or tlie Caroline Islea.. "
j ....-;-' '"'''v ''."-;'; ' Mad Bib, 1 Aug. 2GC'
- Count De. Eendhiar,' tlie Spanish .Am-
bass'ador to Berlin, telegraphs to-day that
Germany states that she declared the
protectorate over the Caroline Islands
believing they were unoccupied; .and
that before doing sOy she informed Spain
that Germany was willing to discuss the
question of possession with "Spain; or, il
necesBary, to submit it to arbitration." '-.'
r i '-::f " - - """'"' '
' . . London Honey SXarket. .
'. j ' " Losdos, Aug. 26, 4.pT m. f
. ;Consols 100 5-16. :
Decrease of Cholera in Toulon,
: '. -,, -.. . Toclojt, August 26. V.
: - Only ten.pcrsona died hero yesterday
of cnolera. s '' ,; ' ' ' ''. v V :
The Pesiilence IZqid? f:s Oicn,
' '' " Madrid',-Aug. 20.
Four thousand, nine " hundred and
sixty-nine new cases : of ' cholera and
1,547 deaths reported in all of Spain yes
'. A .'1
" " - BLANKS, &
'AkdyoirtoTan kinXsdo will
' - from finest and at low prices.
c uli'f-i Baltimore Markeisi
Ji aio-ii '; v i 1 1 1 : Raltimokb, , A ug. ,G, ;
Plour e&ste ,nd quiet ,: Howard atreet
and western euper' 3 OOQii 00,. extra 3 2
410,' family 4 254' 50..' ' City. Mills .
super 3'00i 23, extr 3 603 75.';Ri6 : ,
Brands '4 606 25 ; ' Wheat-OHtliern,
firm under light Bupply, (westem -easier
for spot and. dull, Southern red 85S8, .
amber939SvNo., l; Maryland 90J bid,
Nq.3 western winter red spot 85i(2?8ojf.
Corn Southern, steady ; and quiet, wes-
ternleasy! aild.closing; dull. Southern
V Froni -the! : 'BlwEidge '-Baptist 6f th e
25thuwe 'take the following items :J i iii'i 'vK-
-:!.yeaMt'is true ; As tnQch aaw'ebave ',
doubted it, there is a Baptist church by
the name of Uantpnq 'A';'il.et JKldera
JA!:Burrowsif r '", Va" r ndC lL-'-.
Tucker, of ti.e Chi .--.un Llcx.tU.X ay so,
Por we -have seen ' a member of the
church.' It is in Cherokee county, N. C,
five miles north of Murphy.r , It has 44
members, runs four Sunday-schools and
utilizes the services of a pastor and an
assistant pastor., ..Let euphemisms go for
the present ;' I say, success to such a "
Hanging! Dog-' as that.'-' i-
t; The limiting of speeches to 15 minutes,
in the recent Yancey county Sunday
Bchool Convention; wbrked well, alt but
one. time.. jOne speaker was rapped down
just as he began to tell the girls how to
get a good Christian husband. Notwith
standing this calamity to -the girls, wa,
believe in limiting speeches for the bene-i
fit of the long-winded brethren:' "l
- We were, admiring the beauties oftbe
Tennessee River Valley, in which Franks
lin, the pretty shire town of, Macon, is
located. And we were thinking of how
the people, in and around that town,
were advancing"' In the midst .of this
rpverie oar thoughts were dashed, fot wo
saw , and ;heard a hog, with a 1 bell on,
rooting and ringing. " :"r -",
:That- was a very enjoyable ' pic-nie'
meeting of the llills River Chapel Sun-1
day-school.. Those. good people in that -favored
locality; know well how tPget up
feasts, botb'physical, ,and intlectualr as r
witnessed on this occasion. Addresses,
were made- by ' Revi Mr. 4 Johnson, of
Mississippi, Prof, MorroWy of. Polk coun
ty, and Rev. G. Sf Jones, of pur. town,, .,,
c. Woardins-IIouse 3Totice.' 1
"Summer tourists!' 'fto' ihe'mountalriB;.,i
eafi 'find comlortable ; rooms and ! good
board at Antler Hall (Tennent's View) 4
miles 'frbm Aiheville. For particulars,
address PJOi: Box 116; Aahevillei N.- OV 1 n
JN .. B.-rGood boating . on finest piece 01
water afiy where near Asheville. ., r
vjuiy-'M mo ' i "-''i!-- '-.i y.i ).'-. ji j i
Bo ABDKBS 'Vf ANTED." " J . " ' :
rGbod room with; 'excelleht table" board
caq, be bad pn good . terms by . the week
or montn at Mrs. Sondlev's house, cornet
of Flint and Cherry streets. ' - 1 '
: or particulars apply, to : ; ' ;
1 t -f -' -MMrAi 8. liASAKBK :"','''
' guly 21-d lmo ' on the premises."
f-i--si ;: r. i1-;-) ,.n 1: -.
Pbivate Boaedixq in Waynesville. ; .
' The iinderslgned is prepared to accom
modate a limited number of boarders at
her home in Waynesville, , Convenient
to the White Sulphur Springs. Accom-'
modatiohs guaranteed.1 Terms moderate
: .Mas,. J. B,'S. MclNjpsn. .
rden Park! Hotel Rates:-t0.00;iTjer
month: $12.00 Dec . week: 2.00 ner wiav..
Dinnet'75 cents;'Su'pper 75 cents. " " .
R ADaaADijTibirB BoteHT? ' aI Sold ' . 1 '
I will bo V. sell r or j exchange Railroad
Tickets from or ;tq any points ,.jParties
interested will do well to call and see'
me, i(S i-i j)f:i.;J;.iM.'"irotmGiii:i
teegO, FareTa WarehpuBe.. ;
S i!'i"';7
i otlica of Hetristter- of -Poeda for Bunimh
county till Beptember . 7th,, 1886, too building
County Fences and Gates, at localftieV tinned be-:
qw. Bids wi'l be receded tor, either wire on iV
feoeeA1' Wlreto !h8ive"nve sstrand of Barbed'
Wirei lastened. Us Locust orr Chestnut pqst. or r
forest trees posts to be placed -not more "than
twelve feet apart. JKaii fences to Be Uf o-leetiltDJ .
Of good sound rails. Gates to be ten by lire feet,
pfhree,:Vjcfe,oai ateites bolted wth,jcarrU-a
bolts, ntiiig- wlthI4 lhch hook hibgers, to ten inch
rrom uenaersou Ko&a to unrnAT'a mnuntin
XT'-.-. A "
' From Burney's mountain to Bear Wallnw Oan
liiBilelence,;,gates, ,!'V "!' I :iA 1 T - .0
! -FronlBear Wallow Gat) to'HIckonr Nut Gar..
45-100 miles fence, fates. ; ,..,.,'1' r ':..
Plftom Hickory Nul Gap to "toi tltfld Plskili,'
14-100 mile fence,.: r, if . mr,-, ,. y,u
EKMm top Little-'pisgfai t8 Cane Creel Gap, '
4fi-I00mlleafencfii8gate. ;, ' .-, ' 'i,, .i- i-iai
; From CeCTeek Gap toLakey'sGanllffaie.
From Lakey's Gap to Swaimanoa Gepv, 1 gaie.v , J .
Prom Bwannanoa Gap to Moody's Gap, 2 gates;
From Moadr'a Gan to Pleasant Gin: 9 uuUMl i
miles fence, 1 gate. " '"'"' '
j! rom Jt-ieasaut uap to n orz;pt ivy, 1 3-wo mllos i
fence, 1 gate. . -
From Fork- of Iyt to UArnhall: Towntililiu nil 1
Sugar Camp road, Agates. - i
JP rom iTuagers Mm to or tsanrty Hohb, bgatefc.' J
From Crab Tree GaD to Beaver Dam Gin 2 -
100 mill fence, 1 gate. , . ; ( t -
: From Beaver bam Gap t Turkey Creek Gin,.,
I 98-100 miles fenee. : : r- 1 " : ..,.- ,. . i ; 'l
, Jrom Turkey Creek Gap to Turnpike, 2 gates, r
; From Turnolke to Henrv Davii dimJ Mouth '1
Homtny, 8 73-100 miles fence, gales.- .. : .-;
Tom seuow itiage at JBea West's line to" .
ennsylvania road, 1 85-100 miles fence, 1 gate. . ,
From PennSvlvaiila road to Brevanl mad . ftil Oil ' .
miles lenee, 1 gats. . '....,. , . f .
From French Broad river to Tfcndersofr 'road: x-
1 95-100 miles fence, 2 gates, i . ,-. . ;),..,.;
uy oraer oi me noara ot uommwsloners.
, aug gQ-td7sept J. E. BAN KIN, ChrhH, . -,
Isheyille s llale Mcademyr,
A Select ClamcaZJ German. French. IfatKi 1
6iuka wu xiwi iuyf uuyii&ik tOCMXH9
rVtXii Rept.Pth, I8S3, and. continues 40
wwe.ew. - rroi.- h aul havlna-beea anramd ,:
to give 'rjstruction in German and French, will.
aia uikq piiviui in we xmikhsii ontnonea prepar -
atoryjto thut of the Principal. Number of pu-
xt- -.. i , . . . -.i. i x
Alimited 'number of budIIs will b tulrpii aa-'-f
l... n l....U... (I.. I.J , .
uwiucii uy hud muiii; vj, xruicipal,
iorterms, etc-aaartsa- i!';:- i , j
t ' . . ' - - S. F.. VENABLE
i au 12-dawlKl -:.:;r
if Select Hoys' School.".''
irAVINCr : engaged to teach German nud 7
fl Frenth at the Male Academy wiih Prof, 1 1
S. F.'Venable. 1 will alw teach a clans of hnvs in"
the English branches, preparatory to the big be t
classes taught by Prof. S. F. Venable.
i or rurtheriuiormation apply to - ,;, . ,
f i-tl'."- ' Prof. C. TALK. -
At the.Furniture Store of Moore. &Falki, ,!.
an ll-dlw
Chartered as Greenveille College by the .
Legislature of North -Carolina before Itinu-snoe- I
becume a, State. New buildinjrs; tborooU and
practical ..Instruction. Oist, lowest possible; it
cheaper than any other institution oolite grade
in tlie South. Both sexi-s a-luiUted to Coilcife
cluii.-c3. Send for Catalogue to
-' T ". ' 8. A. COILB, f?ec'y FacuTty,-'- :"'
Inoculum, Tenn.
Jy2vw3ta .. i! .-; .. ' .-: '.
Is the only olun4 lor boys In the rtouih wim'"
fa ti f--i t lava i t .
1 tt-rnia to youiis? mnn of srnnll means.- t
ird t-f'SKiou iH-ciua AuiniAt
i'or Catalogue, acWrens
. , , atal. R. IUXGTIAM,
Cyls-dawOw liinguom bchuoi .N.C-

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