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BILLHEADS, V ! : :;;'. . "
: . . . LETTER HEADS,1' ' '
, . V -POSTERS,. . ' '
. And yob Work of all kinds done tviA
from fines and at lorn f rice: " .
Furnas, Etcza .3 Cin:z;z .
nAICT, ' ' lYear, '$e.O
e Moi., -! l aoo
Weekly, - ,1 Year, ' 1.50
VOL. I. NO. 126; T
.v MONDAY-ET ENING, SEPT. 7, 1885;,
i .... J iC(UlUU' .-Ml ;" i. v Vi V.Z- v . . v
Aslieville Business Directory.
, General Merchant Wholesale and EctaO.
a E. Graham & Co., S. R. Chedester & Son, J. D.
Brevard & Co.. J. O. Howell. 8. Hammersnlajr.
C. E. Lee, H. Redwood & Co., J. P. Sawyer, G. A"
Mears, A. H. Jones Si Bon , ttearaen, minxm x ix
w. tt. urown, u. m. KODens.
Garden and Field Seed.,
Powell Snider. H.H. Lyons. A. 3. Merrill. H.
Redwood & Co.. J. 0. Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear-
oen. K&niin Co., u. j. Aioncure.
: v :. Grain, May and Flour.'
J. R. Btanies, Powell Sc Snider, Alexander and
. Penland. - .
Hardwire, Agricultural Implement, ice.
Ponniman & Co., VanGIlder& Brown.
Stove. Mousefurnishtna and Thrware.
Ballard Bros., Brown &Bearden, Lindsey Bros.
. rhJhtnn flrnlif Furnishino. &C
Jumes P. Sawyer, M. Levy, Charles IT Lee, S
Boots. Shoe, and Mat.
W. T. Weaver, M. Levy. -Soot
and Shoe Manufacturer
, M. LevyW.T. Weaver, A. Freck.
Soot and Stationery.
' 3. L. Wilkie, 5. K, Morgan fi Co., S. T; Esta-
rook, u. li. Lyons.. . - .
Druggist and PharmacerUisti.
" H. H. Lyons, W. C. Canrrfehael, p. W. PeVault
. Co., C. H. Moncure, W. js.i-einam.
v: - ' " r Jewetertr . - -
C. Cowan, Steftner and Jaobertson." t ." .
s - -- FamHv Groceric. " . "
Powell and Snlder.-S. R. Kepler;- A. R. Cooley,
Ponley & Co..,T. F. Stames, G. w.Goodlake. A. J.
Merrill, J. K. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
' James Franks, J. J. Mackey & Co., Jesse R. Starnes,
O. L. McDonald, w. L. Morgan, jr. m. jonnson, it.
B Koiand & 8ons,T. w. sheiton, j. r. Tnui,G. h.
BtarnM.N.PenianQ.renianaAieMnaer. juts.
Etdchers, Meat Dealer, &e. ;
Zachery Bros., James Lnsk, T. K. Davis, Mc
Counell and Drake. -Bakeries.
J. J. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Baker.
J. J. Desmond, (lactory), J. M Heston.T Wells
Saddlery, Harness See. '
B. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland.
Furniture, C-c.
W. B. Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mo
Mullcn. Undertaker.
X. Brand, J. V. Brown, John Clayton
Goal Dealer.
8. F. V enable, D. S. Watron, Hill and Atkins
X. W. Girdwood fc Co.
Lumber Dealer
oublcday it Scott.
Contractor, Carpenter, and Builder.
I. Gorenflo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Buttrick, T. L.
Clayton, A. G. West.
D..W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Bwannanaa, Eagle, Grand Central. Western,
Carolina House, Slag le House, 'The Villa.
Private Boarding.
S. F. Venable, A. T. Snmmcy, Miss Bettle
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Neel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. II. Carter, G. M. Roberts, R. H. Grahl, G. L. Mc
Donald, M. J. FaggJ. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs: J C Sniathers, Mrs E
L. IJaird, W. W. McDowell, Jasaes W. Fatton, Mrs.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
Mrs. A. Sinclair P S McMullen, Forrest W West.
Livery. Sale and Feed Stables.
Reynolds fc Chambers, J. M. Ray, W. A. Wed
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Sta'nslll
Wm. Cox. E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan X., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, ace.
Asheville Female College
Asheviiie Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School for young ladies, Miss Sawyers Primary
School. Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three wnite rmoiic scnoois. two koou cuioreu
Sihools. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a state normal scnooi wm do neia every
Millinery, Ace.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon. S. Whitlock, Mrs. M.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs R R Porter.
Attorneys At Law.
' MaLoud fc Moore, J. H. Merrimon, E. H. Mer
Slmnn. M. K. Carter. A. L. Carter. Gudser A Car-
tpr J. M. nndcer. V. A. Sondlev. W. 8. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W.Vandiver,
Davidaon t Martin, T. A. Jones, S. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
llardwicke, Johnston Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
Nate Atkinson, A. T. Davidson,) W. H. Malone,
V. S. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman.
Physician and Surgeon.
D. J. Cain, W. L. t W. D. Hilliard, J.ohn Hey
Williams. J. A. Burroughs. J. A. Watson, M. l.
Nelson, Wardlaw McGill, H P. GatchelL
, Dentist.
G. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
B. Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank oi Asheviiie, Binder & Barnard
Merchant Tailor.
J. W. Schanie.
Dealer in Furs:
M. Elllck.
Real Estate Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Katt Atkinson,
Aston, B. M. Jones. -
Architects and Civil Engineers,
8 F Venable. J A Tennant, ,
Tobacco Warehouses.
The Asheviiie Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house. The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe Warehouse.
. Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking.
s w.WPst. McCartv & Hull. J. E. Ray, 1.
Hoimes Sc C., Sheiton Sc Perry, W. P. Williamson.
iiton y rerry
Coopers, See.
L. F. 8orreU, N. W. Girdwood, M'lUlam Weaver,
, -nan.
' . Wines, Liquor', See.
Longhran Bros., Hampton Sc Featherstone, W,
O. Muller, t Co., A. J. borreii. .
J, C." Brown & Co., Patton Avenue.
: Paper Mangers.
. rain -c-TTnnt. Moorot i. . . Fitzpatriek.
Daily and Weekly Citizen, Daily and Weekly
. . .. . . 1 .."11 . . T . V . . . .,1.1 1
Advance, me Asneviuc xrjuuiie (cc'j.(
Job Office. -The
Citizen Job Ofilce.Hunt Sc Robertson.
-. - Photographer,
Kat W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
Grist Mills, See.
Jordan & Hallyburton. U. W. Girdwood, Jas.E.
Buttrick. McLane.
Fertilizer, S:C.
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman Sc Co.,
Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
Pidmont." W. 1L Penland. "Owl Brand," Bear-
6e VvaiKer, -tanners r ntuu, i. ,
linrton W. W. Barnard. "Sea Fowl." N,
.. . . . . I . ,, fWl f. CawnAa
.Girdwood Sc Co., ,"Soluble Pacific"
' . J. Aston, Thos. W. Branch.
IK. V. Telegraph.
SG. Weldou, manager.
,--.'.-. Southern and Adam Express.
yj A; Stfkeleather, manager.
: CMX Officer of Buncombe County.
BkAKMT J. R. Rich: Deputy Daniel Reynolds;
Clerk E. -W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton;
Tax Collector T. w. ration.
' x ' In f friar Court.
f ustice G. A.
, Shuford: Clerk MontPatton; Solic!
or H. B. Carter. -
ntiuihi ftommistUmert.
- ' EL Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
. Childs, Thos. D. Bnttain. ..
r,i,vt of the Peace.
Al T.fiammey.N.A.Penland, T. W. Patton, C.
. Way. J. M. Lediord, J. M.Jarratt, J. JJ. cam.
niti fsmvrnment.
ir.n- v t katnn: Aldermen W. T. Reynolds,
t-t i tjoht, (nt. V. Scott. I. H. Gorenflo. N.
r ji..i,.nnH mnA J. L. Mnrray. Policemen F.
N Waddell. Chief; W. G. McDowell, J. H. Hamp-
' HoseN.l. : oreman H.C.Fagg; H. feL.No.l,
-Cant. F A.H - '
H banitary Department.
Dr. D T Millard, SaniUry Chiet .
reArral Officer
m r(.cinn.r a. T. Bnmmev. Deputy
djwLnr istamp oflice) A. D. Cooper. District
MtoTd lC. Derren. JDeputy Manthalls, R. O.
ft: A. C Piittersoiv f. id Davis, H. a Har-
UUI ri States Diia and Circuit Courts.
Judire R. P. Dick, Solicitor J. E. Boyd, Clerk X
K Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A. Jipipjings.
Tl rutin
a t. dnAri.T P. M.. .Clerks C. B. Moore, W. L.
Kerinan, C. U Cliff. -.
Sewima Machine Atmncie.
1. timi.t, t n. Itpnire. Chief Clerk
' Jnrtice. Sinccr, W. H. Morjnihan,
jMt nk W. Monteath. Domestic, S. R. U.ea
tester Sc Son , Chas E Lee.
l t B,,rm. jh Pams and B.G(Jndger. First
" jtnlir meeting fint Mci:!y in September;
Arrival and Departure of th Tralita.
Sausbtoy Mai train armea S:37 a. at. t
" " PepartB 6:47 P. H. n r
" . Day train arrives at 2;Hp- m. ?
" departs at 10 JS0 A. k.
Tennessee Arrives 67 p. m.
Departs 8:47 A. X. - ;
WATjrasviiia Arrives 8:50 p. n.; ' -: '
" . Departs 9:00 A. jc ' ;
The Wavnesville train reaches that point at
11:30 ; returning, leaves Waynesvilifl at 1.36.
W. T. Weaver. Sole Agenr for Heea'
Hand-Made Shoes fontnen. ; . . tf
Send yoxr Job : Work tf all, kindt to ihf
Citizen Office, if you want it done neatly,
cheaply and viiUt dispatch. . :'
Will, be published every iviening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
One Year, . . , . - . . $6 oO
Six Months, . .-L . -,' : . . . S 00
Three " . . . ' - 1 50
One " . - . . 50
One Week, . . . . .... . . 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev-
erv evening in every part of the city to
our BubSCribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office.
Weather Report Slept. 5.
Barometer at 9 a.m. 30.32.
Thermometer Minimum 58;
mum 80.
Sky Partly Cloudy.
Wind Variable.
Thb Daily Citizen
Gives the only telegraphic dispatches
Ginger Ale, the great Summer drink,
at Pelham's, by the bottle : and on
draught. tf.
Call at Stall No,
market house, for
good beef.
Senator Vance has been in the city the
past day or two.
Solicitor Ferguson and Kope Elias, of
the Western bar, passed through Satur
day, en route to Transylvania Court.
Dont forget Ae concert to-night.
Something elegant. Let the Hall be
We received a call this morning from
Mr. C. L. Smith, associate editor of the
Raleigh Biblical Recorder.
Dr. C. D. Smith of Macon is in the city,
looking well. His friends here, and they
are numerous, were glad to see him.
We were pleased to meet Mr. John W.
Gordon, general agent Hamburg Bremen
Fire Insurance Company, Richmond, in
our city to-day.
A large crowd of our fellow county-men
I ere J" ,-uujrra "'
i a neiu-aay lor tne citizen, a. namtwrvi
subscribers were added. inanKsaii.
Mr. J. H. Herring, the courteous and
popular general agent of tae Singer Sew
ing Machine Company hasjust returned
from an extensive tour, ne iooks veil
and happy.
We are pleased to lear frornTHe Raleigh
News Observer that Hon. R. F. Arrhfield,
of Statesville, contemplates making Ashe
viiie his future home. He will find a
warm welcome in the Queen City of the
Davidson & Martin, rope walkers, will
give a performance to-morrow afternoon
at 3 o'clock, on the corner of Patton Av
enue and Court Sauare. Their perform
ance this afternoon was witnessed by a
large crowd.
Thk County Commissioners
Met to-day, and besides the routinw
work, considered bids for public fences
in sections oi tne county
At Beaver Dam Baptist Church on
Sunday afternoon, the 6th inst., by Rev
John L. Carroll, Mr. Thomas Burns and
Miss Letitia Nowell, both of Asheviiie.
Some Mobe Tobacco. '
Mr. W. R. West, residing near Ashe
viiie, reports tobacco with leaves 20 inch
es broad bv 36 lone. ..His crop is a good
one. We "hope our friend may realize a
large price for his crop.
,'t' m 1
The Buncombe County Baptist Assocta
tion '
Met with Cane Creek Church last Fri
dav. A very large crowd attended. Rev.
Mr. Carroll was Moderator, and preached
the Introductory Sermon. Elder W. W.
Wells was elected Secretary. The next
meeting will be with Big Ivy Church.
Death -of Me. Hugh Posteil.
Our community was greatly shocked
Saturday evening, at the announcement
of the death or the above genueman,
which occurred at his home on Church
street that eveninz at 5 o'clock. He had
been rick ior some days, and Saturday
morning all thought him improving, but
in the eveninz a chanze for the worse oc
curred, and he sank rapidly. He was in
his 33rd year, leaves a wiie ana one
child, and other relatives who are greatly
shocked at the sad calamity. They have
the sympathy of the community," by
whom Hirer, .was greauy esteemou. i
The Following abb New: ; -
.Tfttmnpse Scroll 15 to 50 cents; Screen
fans $125 to $250; Small fans 2 to 30
cents; Fine? Feather fans in Sandalwood
or Ivory frames 2 to 4 00: French China
Festoon plates richly decorated 60 to
75 cents; Teas and Solilain sets 10 to
200; Polka Dot, Craquelle and Amberina
vjrl&SB in ail cuiun; juiiuwmcouu auiQ
Carved wood work- Law's,
, V : - Oppoeite JiAgie iJiotei.
Railroad Tickets Bought and Sold- -
I will buv. sell, or exchange Railroad
Tickets from or to any point. .Parties
interested Will" do welt to rail and see
roe. f ' ? J. M. jTotjng,
tse20 " At Farmers' w arehouse.
'BixlvB' "Buttons." ;"Brown's" and
?Bon Ton'r are the best brands" of shoe
nolish known to the trade, all of which
are sold by W. T. Weaver, at the One
Price Shoe gtore.
A oood slock of (J-othing. , Dry Gfiodf Jn-
or Hoods. Hats, oioes, uarveis pec., aijupea
and reasonable trices. :
eodtf , a jusvn pup & vp.
"a'rth -Carolina
' '- "
i.. October YXQlh
: ;,'i'U. KEDWOOD, ,Sn'Ti1 . ; ....
f 'V
"Ladies' ; I. xntifactur lome
Best jeans, yards,
$2 OO
I oo
I " white flannel, .J. .-: . .'
-- liuscjr, . . .
r rag carpet,y y r.r r .
s ' pair woolen hose, " ! :.
" pair woolen half bosc,
" -worsted embroidery, v
'' " silk 'embroidery, V'U
" display embroidery- -t.--
y tsoo
2 OO
2 bo
" cotton qni'J: patchwork,.
wui svcll - - , v -- v
" silk qnilt, crazy, v : i ' -, .
" quilt of any kind by a girlless
than 15 years old, '-. , . . .
" quilt of any kind by a girl less
than ten, . i ' .',
' Silk sofa or pillow case,crazy,
by a girl under 14,
" comfort . . " .
" fancy hat or bonnet, , ' .
" sun bonnet,
embroidered slippers,
" white counterpane, . .
"knit ' ''.
" crochet counterpane, ; .
. specimen crochet work, wefst
ed, . . .'..
" do do do cotton,
" toilet mat, .
" Feather flowers, . ; .
" zephyr work, . . .
" Afghan work," .
home made lace or edging, ' .
' pin cushion, . . .
44 pillow shams,' . . -"
specimen mica work.
" handsomest piano cover,' .. -,: ...
" infant's outfit embroidery .
" crochet sacque, . , .'
" Floral design, . ' ,
bouauet. . . .
3 P 1
a So
2 ooi
14 00
1. 00
2 00
1 2 00
1 00
2 00
2 00
. 2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
'.; 1 00
2 OO
. -2 OO
' . 1 I OO
' ' 2 OO
1 00
. 5 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
tl display flowers, .
collection photographs,
" notion painting,
oil painting ,
" water colors,
" fly brush,
' bead work, . - .
" wax work, .
" shell work
; , I OO
""2 OO
2 OO
Department F..
Farming Implements.
Best binder .
" mower, ' . . .
" reaper .-'.'
"-Grain drill .
" chum . "v
" corn sheller .
" 2 -horse wagon . .
" 1 -horse wagon' -----'
" 2-hoSe plow ,
" i-horse plow . -
" cultivator, 1 -horse,
" 2 -horse harrow
" 2-horse cultivator . ' .
" double shovel , .
" seed cleaner ' .
" straw cutter . .
"hay rake - . . . ..' -"
cane or sorghum mill
" bark mill . . .
" fruit evaporator .
" sewing machine .
' do
. ' do
. do
2d" do do .
Department G.
J. P. SAWYER, Sup't.
Furniture, Carriages, dec. .
Best parlor set
. , 3 00
3 OO
2 bo
- do
- do
" chamber set
" dining room set
" top buggy
" open buggy
" carriage - - -
" gate - - -"
wagon made in W. "N. C. -'
set single harness -"
set double harness,
" wagon harness
" fancy riding bridle . - , .. ,
" ladies' saddle v . ., - -.; r
" gentleman's saddle - - ''
" side sole leather -"
side upper leather - - .
sheep skin, dressed f ' r
" display dressed or tanned
skin - . ' "
Continued To-morbow.
5 oo
5 oo
3 oo
1 5 oo
S oo
5 oo
2 oo
, 2 oo
. i oo
Anotheh Good Citizen, Gone.
tWe deeply regret to be called upon to
announce the death ot our oiu ana es
teemed friend Mr, Isaac Webb, which
occurred at his home, some three miles
from town, yesterday evening about 6
o'clock. He had reached the good, old
age of four score years and .two,' and all
the while maintained a character for
strict integrity, and kindliest,' neighbor
ly conduct. .Everybody wno Knew nun
esteemed him. nia iunerai win pe
preached to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock
at Bethesda Methodist church, Rev. Dr.
Bays officiating. Peace to his ashes. .
Change of Schedule.
The schedule for the arrival and de
parture of mail trains at Asheviiie .has
, j mi. i
oxhtv-o . . t..., .
i a con . irk. u..k- m.a.
uury ai u:o p. iu. i.uc miupur uiio ichtcb
at 9:39 a. m. and arrives at 4:39.
Gone to Bingham's. 1"
Our young friend Clyde West left
Sunday to enter school at Bingham's.
Clyde has been for some years connected
with the Citizen, aud we of course feel a
lively interest in his welfare and success.
He has our best wishes.
Ladies' Tonsobial Artist;
Mr. L. Washington Kaminer of the
Palmetto Excelsiors offers his profession
al services to the ladies of this city resi
dent and visitors and guarantees full
satisfaction in work and prices. 'Hair
dressed ia any, and all Btyle. A regpter,
for orders, will be found at Dr. Pelham's
Drug Store and the Cirand uentrai notei.
Also envelopes, in which the address and
residence of the party wanting nis ser
vices can be placed and sealed 'Up. Mr.
K. is a thorough artist in his line, and
merits patronage. . .
sept 2 3td
When the band begins to play and the
vonth beantv and chivalry of the conn-
try go whirling through the "gaities of
the ball room, vou mav bet they have
bought their dancing pomps at W; ?.
Weaver & Co.'s une rttw istore. ii
I".r r "MKafBRANCK.
C :.r f ' :.-d iIr.'M.S.-Aleiti
. Turkey-Creek, bro.
le-r, who
t to our
, repre
, Green
, I'harr
r s in
.3, and
crop is
ay some splendid ap
t r varieties--Sweet I
oover, Pound,. Belle 1
i. .He has about f
fruit, aSwut sixty varieties of .
twelve of peaches. -The ap:
good. Trees all young.
Cutting Affair at Waysks-. lle. .
A dUIicalty occurred at tne c ed Bap
tist church in the suburbs ."of. esville
on Satsrday night, in which 'so rious
cutting was indulged in. v Wh: cr vices
were progressing in the churehj 3 - par-
tie on the outside got into m'd "ute over
some trivial matters and rwere aisturDmg
the -meeting."-Bill Brown,:, color ed) .went
out to stop it, when he was attacked vio-
ly by Joe Fatton, (coioreo) ana Daaiy
- Patton was -assisted," it? is reporttd
by Coot Allen and. John Hayr es, whites.
Brown may recover. No arrsU made up
to this morning. - . : ' - V ' j ; . .
Yesterday morning, as the train from the
east was coming in, about one mile this
side of Cooper's Btation, some one threw
a stone at it, which crashed through the
window of the sleeper.' fortunately it
did no. damaee to a passenger, we again
suggest the Penitentiary stands open for
all such "funny" enterprises, and toe rail
road will pay for the arrest and convic
tion, of the guilty.: " ;
Inoomab Miss Fibmin's Gbbatest Ceea,-
We are pleased to note that Mr. Jack
yielding to numerous requests will pres
ent to-morrow evening - the beautiful
legendary play from th German-, - of Ih-
gomar--with Miss Annie Firmin in her
great part of rartherua. JLvety lady
should visit this marvellous performance.
It had not the attention it deserved on
Friday nicht, but interest indicated by
the enthusiasm of those present will no
doubt nil the house at its lepetltion as
all unite in claiming the most beautiful
play ever presented to an Asheviiie
audience. Mr. Julian Greer the . new
member of the comoanv will appear in
'the cast. Secure your seats at Sawyer's.
Bishop- Lyman with tmkColobxd Peo
The Bishop of this Diocese visited the
colored Protestant Episcopal church last
night and confirmed a class of twenty
. -
persons. Mis text was rrom the fipistio
for the day : "Walk in the Spiritand ye
shall not fulfil the lusta of the flesh."
" The responses to the . Psalter, and the
.marked interest in the choral service.
show that if the church would take her
services to the colored people with a
plenty of symbolism and ritual, a great
deal more life would be enthused, and
very much more good accomplished.
The Kev. Massiah has taken upon him
self the responsibility of the repairs of
the church which has transformed the
old into new, and he will gladly receive
contribution from the friends and well
wishers of the church in Asheviiie, other
wise he must go East to raise funds. We
hope that Episcopalians and other
Christians will come to his aid.
We understand that the -Rev. Mr.
Berry the old pastor proposes to return
to New York. He will carry with him
the best wishes of many friends among
both the white and colored people.
For the Asheviiie CmziN.
Messr. 'Editors : On last, Thursday a
maeting was held at Rutherford ton by
the Rutherford Railway Company, which
was attended by Col. R. A. Johnson,
general manager of the Massachusetts
and Southern Railroad Construction
Company, and Mr. John F. Jones chief
engineer and superintendent of the same'.
Every thing was done and v agreed to
mutually and to the satisfaction of both
companies for the immediate commence -
ment of work on our grand projected
railway from Charleston to Cincinnati,
via old Rutherford. Work on that por-
tion of the road between Rutherfordton
and the Charlotte and Atlanta Air-Line
i is to oe ueguu insiae oi twenty nays, anu
I . 1 , . c . j 1 i
l completed py me nrst oi j une isao.
Let ns hear from the city of Asheviiie,
and the grand old progressive county of
Buncombe. -Ujiimnky kock.
Sept. 5th. ; - ;
Confirmation at Trinity Church. "
Divine services at Trinity church yes
terday forenoon were conducted by
Bishop Lyman assisted by the Rector
and by the Rev. Dr. Minhegerode of
Richmond, Va., the Rev. . Dr. Porter of
Charleston, S. C, and the -Rev. Mr.
Marks of Aberdeen. Miss. The occasion
was the annual visitation of the Bishop
to the parish. His sermon was from the
text I. John, Chap. 2, verse 16, 17. "For
all that is in the world, ' the? lust of the
flesh and the lust of the eyes, -and the
pride of life, is not of the Father, but is
of the world. And ' the world passeth
awav, and th lust thereof; but he that
doeth the will of God abideth for ever."
The sermon was eminently earnest and
spiritual. A class of nine persons were
confirmed. Among the adults of the
class we noticed Hon.Theo. F. Davidson
Mr. Robert Long.
The sacrament
rf h T-nrfVa Snnnr was adminiflterfld to
of communi-
. . ,
1 cants.
Just Received.
jianasomc scutes in. jurtxcrvw ouco ana
Cutaways 4he kind that everybody wants,
and which consequently are hard to qet later.
Wanted. ' - - ;v
Every business man in Asheviiie and
surrounding country to secure space in the
be out October 1 5th. At least 2,000 copies
will be distributed, perhaps more. A good
reading notice will be given each adver
tiser and will vary in length according to
the space paid for. "Rates f 1.00 per inch
or $15.00 per page of 18 inches, lhis is
so low that no one can possibly refuse to
insert. . . "TBenj. K. Davis.
IW :--';.! . .. ' ,- JS. W. WHITESIPE.
Nothing: New. -
Stall No. 4. Market House, to-morrow
morning; will be well stocked with both
beef and mutton of the best quality,
which will be sold advantageously to
purchasers. A call from the general
public tespectfully solicited ,
ti. a . ' . 1. jv. davis, rrop r.
Miss Firmin as Paithenia. in Ingom-
sr to-morrow right. ' . - . .
Wawtid. ' . - . ' . -
Return coupons of a railroad ticket
from Charleston to Ashe rule, good nntil
October 31. Apply at office of Swannanoa
Hotel. . !
Improving:. ' v ;
We are pleased to learn that our towns
man, S. H. Reed, Esq., who has been
quite sick of late, is -rapidly improving.
We hope to see him out again in a few
days. --...'
Painful Accipent. . ..
Mrs. Mollie Wilson, an old lady'residing
some two miles from the city, had the mis
fortune this morning to fall downthe steps
and break her left arm just above her hand.
As she is some 77 years old, it is feared
she may not recover. Dr. Burroughs was
called in, and rendered every assistance.
The Shakespeare Water Cube
Afforded immense entertainment to
the large audience gathered at the Opera
Hall on ' Saturday evening,- coming for
amusement, tmjjn !J&yMawp$
what was before them. There was soon
unfolded a - serjes of characterizations
utterly at war with all preconceived ideas
of the heros and heroines of the immor
tal Shakespeare. . There was a rollicking
delight in stripping from them the robed
of tragedy or the illusions of sentiment
and bringing them down to the level of
every day life, with all the enjoyment of
fun or with all the life, spirit or temper
that belongs to the common herd, and
there was an amusing and novel bold
ness in bringingjall the characters which
live in the histrionic world, the repres
entations of different ages and people
upon a contemporaneous stage. Macbeth
and Lady Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet,
Hamlet and Ophelia, Shylock and or
tia, all shook hands on easy familiarity,
and entered with very human zest into
the pleasures 'of the Water Cure resort.
The young people bore their parts with
admirable conception- of the characters
they presented, with a ready apprehen
sion of the travesty they made of the
ideal. Lady Macbeth was magnificent
in person, in costume and in carriage,
but she was the domineering, perhaps
shrewish wife, rather than the fiercely
ambitious woman; and Macbeth was the
henpecked husband shivering in mor
tal terror at the voice of his better half
rather than he was to be driven by her
superior will to attain a kingdom through
blood and murder. Juliet was the very
deal th character in grace and
beautv. but she had come down from the
of love to. show herself the
gpoilt young wife Mrs. Kentague full
01 feminine vanities,, and with a very
perceptible share of feminine spite.
Romeo was no longer the devoted lover,
but the spoilt handsome young husband
very conscious of his good looks and bis
power to make very jealous the heart of
his Juliet. Ophelia was in character in
costume and in the presentation of the
love lorn maid, but with enough of hu-
I man temper and practical good sense
I flashing out from under her mental
I enstrangementto make her a lively corn-
panion piece lor her sister tragedy
queens. Hamlet bore himself in his
tragic humors with true conception with
the traits of Hamlet, but with ready
facility to drop instantly into the broad
est burlesque. Portia was quiet, reserv
ed, dizniiied, but with a woman's readi
ness to yield to gold and yields to the
blandishments 01 bnylock, wno was cer
tainly more amiable as the antiquated
lover with his cracked voice sjcreeching
out amorous dittieis than as aiiakespeare
presents him. Othello, with the liberty
allowed to his supposed African nativity
comes out as a full blooded Ethiopean,
with all the broadness of face appropri
ate to the darkev. Deodemona was con
veniently disposed of in the kitchen,
and did not appear. ' '
The whole was irresistibly comical,
and if all the audience did not perceive
the broadness of the travesty all entered
into the spirit of the fun. The perform-
...... ..11 AnnMnnJ 4Sa J.n I. 1 1 xHrA.a
and the costumes were rich; and in good
taste giving an elegance that raised the
entertainment above the level of farce
1 The closing scene, the supper in honor
! nf tha mirriiro of Shvlock and Portia
I was ooncfiived and carried out in the
snirit of the ooera boufle. and would not
discredit Offenback.
w nronnnt. nnr individual acknowledi;-
r . . . .
ments for the pleasure enjoyed.
Ds. Whittier
The enterprising founder of the new
town of Whittier is in the city,-at the
Western Hotel. He is distributing lots
to good men of every vocation, free. Any
one in Asheviiie desiring to see him
relative thereto can call before 8 o'clock
to-morrow morning. The advertisement
of Dr. W. will appear to-morrow.
Bishop Lyman just did escape what
might have been a serious accident on Sat
urday while driving into the city, in his
buggy. Coming down the hill near Maj
McDowell's, nis buggy was accidently run
into by a wagon. - But" little damage was
done, as good luck would have it. The
tongue of the wagon was broken and the
holding-back facilities thereof were decid
edly demoralized, which caused the wagon
to run down beyond control, and nearly up
set if not scatters the "law and the gospel.'
The venerable Bishop, discovering that no
one was hurt, was glad to know that per'
haps his buggy, acting as a break to the
progress of the wagon, may have.saved the
lives Of others, several, mi
lives ot otners, several, inuutung women
d children being in the wagon. All ; is
I troll thafftidii well. - '-
TBI Cottaee known as the "Chitolm Cottase.'
I I nn WrtH ,1 ii fit nnntftlninff flirn Tvmma Is frir
i rent. Apply to a. H. neea, at nis resiaence, on
I wooann street, mi parocuut
Sept. 7th, it
XTonnie. if
IN I have full authority by an act of the
Legislature of North Carolina at the last session
to order registration ot -deeds, deeds of trust,
mortgages and chattel mortgages.
.. 6 . v - HOST. PATTON, -.'-
, . ; Clerk Inrener Court. -Sept.
T.-dlm&wlt. - - r -
JERSET BULL. - - . i :- . s. J , ,
The- aimers of this sec
tion who wish to'use my fine Jersey bull can get
free pasturage 011 my farm six miles east of Ashe-vUleT-
- - ------ - THOS. B. LONG,
aept5-d.ylw ' .' ; : ; Long, N. C. '
I - . From the
nner Warehouse last night A Sorrel MARK
JdULE. 9 years of age, in good condition, with
rails on nips. A liberal reward will be paid for
the return of mule to me or information leading
i to recovery. . JOHN W. WELLS,
sept IHllt - oanuy uu&a, x. J.
. Miss Mary sawyi
will enen for the fall session on Monde
era school
the Uth.
e notice.
Her friends and patrons will please ta,
ept &.Q1W ,
rOTEL-FOR RENT. , " '"
After October 1st the
WESTERN or BANK HOTEL is lor rent.
. sept 5-dtoctlst - ... .
Till: iLOXDOX . A111UC-
tiojt case.
Over the
London, SepL 7, '
Mr. Stead, editor of the Pall Hall Ga
zette, Mrs. Jarrett, Bramwell Booth, Mrs.
Coombe, Mr. Jacques and Mme. Maury,
defendants in Eliza Armstrong abduction
case, appeared at Bow street Police Court
to-day to answer to charges against them.
Mr. Stead conducted his own case, while
counsel represented others. Excitement
m'coirstroom'and.in the vicinity Has
Beldom, if ever, been equalled. Police
were powerless to control the mob which
had assembled to hear the proceedings.
Members of the Salvation Army were
arriving all morning in cabs, and were
hooted at and jostled by the crowd on
their way into the court room. In the
court room there was a compact masts ef
people, including a number of reporters,
many members of the Salvation Army
and qu:te a sprinkling of brothers and
housekeepers. Mrs. Jarratt sat in pris
oner's dock, while Mr. Stead and Dr. Am-
well Booth had Beats in frontpf dock. Po
land, ofTreasury, opened tne case lor the
Crown with a long speech in which he
gave a description of hdw the girl was ob
tained from her mother,, the outrages to
which she had been subjected after she
was installed in Madam Maury's estab
lishment, and the ill treatment she had
received from the time she left her mo
ther until she was recovered" and taken
home. Mrs. Jarrett, during Poland's
statement, sat with calm demeanor close
ly, resembling' Charles .Dickens' "Sally
Brass" infold Curiosity Shop. Mr. Stead
appeared unconcerned, smiling occasion
ally, and at all times denying Poland's
allegations. At the conclusion of his ad
dress to the Court Mr. Poland demanded
the commitment of all the defendants for
trial. The child Eliza Armstrong was
placed on the witness stand. Identified
Mrs. Jarrett as the woman wno bad . se
cured her from her mother on the plea
of needing her assistance in house work.
The girl then gave in detail all circum
stances connected with her abduction.
Ctota Back to W hlngt.,nJ U W-l
In Fine Health.
- Washington, D. C. Sept 7.
PresidentJCleveland, accompanied by
Col. Lamont, "arrived here at 8 o'clock
this morning. President's carriage was
in waiting at the depot, and the two gen
tlemen were immediaiely drawn to the
White. House, where, after breakfasting,
they settled down at once to work. The
President, who is well tanned by the
sun, and who appears much improved by
his trip, says that he has had an excel
lent time, and has enjoyed perfect health.
He has notboen ill a single day since he
left, and is at a loss to understand how
the report of his serious sickness origin-,
ated. Secretary Whitney is expected to
arrive here about the middle of the
week. "' . ' ;
the - German - Spanish
Paris, Sept 7th. -M.
de Freycinet, minister of For
eign Affairs, is hurriedly returning
to Paris in consequence cf the ex
citement occasioned by the Caroline
Islands : affair. Spanish residents
at Marseilles threaten to attack the
German Consulate in . that city,
Local authorities have taken steps
to prevent any repetition of the
Madrid . outrage. Newspapers of
Paris in commenting on the trouble
between uermany and Spam re
specting Yap insist that Prince Bis
marck is trying to embroil France
in the affair. " " .
Horrible Plague On the
Decrease in Spain."1
Madbid, Sept 7th
2,132 new cases of cholera, and 619
deaths yesterday throughout Spain. -;
London Money Markets. . , . :
. ... ... London, Sept. 7,
Consols, money 15-16, account 100.
. Baltimore 9farltta.-
,i 1 , : Baltimore, Sept 7 I
Flour steady and quiet Howard street
and western super 3 004 00, extra 3 50
4 10, family 4 505 00. City Mills
super 3 003 25, extra 3 503 7i. ! Rio
brands 4 50$4 62. Wheat- Southern
higher with light receipts, Western high
and closing quiet. Southern red 9091
amber 95(96, No, 1 Maryland 91i92,
No. 2 western winter red spot 862&86
Corn steady and dull. Southern white
4550. . , , ... .
.V New York Market.
' . . New Yobx, September 7
' The Stock Exchange oponed this a. m
11, with . prices generally i to 1 lower,
but Jersey Central was 1 and Louisville
and Nashville I per cent higher, in ear
ly trading. There were further declines
of small fractions except in Lake Shore,
which advanced f. . ;
The beat 5 cent Ciear in town at Ly
Vi ons ' w hue iwe., 1
, -
Bad Day for Good Work.
' 'Sandy Hook, N. .! geptC 7.
8 a. m.- Yachts of every iize and
shape dot the bay and each one is
crowded with people : who have
come to witness ;the. race .for the
American cup between the English
yacht Genesta and American ' yacht
tiruan. jwiythis morning the.
wind was light from the'easC-' It
after arda calmed ' doVn arid now
there is hardly enough wind to . fill
a sail. Prospects are, however, that
there will be wind ' enoogh for the
race: The 'sea 'is smooth'. 1 '.'''
. 11 a. m. Weather hazyi Several
yachts are beating out frorri. Horse
The sea is as smooth as glass; Yacht
Puritan in tow of the tug' Iktiher C.
Ward passed out at 10:30 a", m. ;
. 11:30 a. m. Yachts, steamers,
steamboats, tugs and Bailing craft
of every description are going out
towards Scotland Lighthouse, the
starting point for to-day's ' race.
Never before in' the memory of the '
oldest inhabitant was such a fleet
assembled in Sandy Hook. . Yacht
Gene8ta sailed out under her main
sail, foresail and top sail, ' jib
and jib topsail at 10:30. When out
sidejthe Hook she took a tug. Wind
5 miles an hour from .north.
Noon The prospects lor the race
are bad. There, is but little wind.
Contesting yachts are still around
Scotland light house. Such a fleet
as is now assembled at Scotland
light house has neverbeenthere be
fore. The two sloops are getting
ready: - -' '
Terrific Storm
in Jtlarytaud.
Crops Badly Damaged.
Poet Tobacco, Md Sept 7.
The most destructive! hail storm ever
known in this section - of Maryland , oc
curred Saturday evening. Entire fields
of corn and tobacco were . destroyed,' in
many not enough of tobacco having been
eft on stalk to cut, and ears of corn bro
ken from the stalks. Hail stones
as large as pullet eggs, and the destruc
tion, was general wh.ara.lha. stout VpwiTiti
ed. . Damage in Charles county la esti
mated at $100,000. . :
Germany Raises Her, JSan-
. iter on the Island.
' ' SPAIN.' "
Dispatches- just received regarding
German's occupation of Yap states (hat
the Spaniards on the Island had hoisted
the Spanish flag and had lowered it at
sunset for the night as is customary with
all nationalities; and that .immediately
afterwards a German gunboat ran in and
anded marines and sailors, foisted the
ierman colors and for the night occupied
the place despite the protestations of the
Spanish. ' Prince BlmarcK has offered
withdraw the German forces from
Yap. provided Spain will not occupy it
pending diplomatic solution of the ques
tion as to Spain's, claim over, the .island.
Germany will acknowledge. Spanish
occupation of Yap provided Spain proves
that the Spanish flag had been hoisted
on the island before the German gunboat
had arrived in the harbor. 'Excitement
in Madrid over, the affair has quieted.
down. -. E very thing quiet last night r
Jisheville Jtlale Jlcadetiiy,
i .--1" r ';f; nf :'
A Select Classical, perman .fVfncA, Math
ematical and Thorough English Sciool,
1 -
OPENS Kent. th, 1885. and continues 40
we.etts. Prof. FALK havlne been enaaced
to give 'rjHtruction in German and French, will
aiso iaKe piiDiis iu we r.ngiisn orancnes prepar
atoryAo thut of the Principal. Number of pu
pils lneacnaepartment umiiea to 30,
jmo extra cnarges ior Aioaern uingusges.. .
Alimited number of uunils will be taken as.
boarders by the family of th Principal,-. .1.". ,
r or terms, eic., aaaresa
: 1. . i -1 .8. . J? YKNABLE:
aul2-dawlm r Principal.
' ' ' " . - i
' ; C0UNTY,:N C
This institntion. conducted br the Sisters of
our Lady of Mercy, Is situated in the heallOy and
pictureaqne town of Hickory, ou the W. N. u. R.
Bq near the Depot. . It is a Catholio Institution
yet members of every, denomination are receiv
ed, and the greatest eare wUl be paid to scholars.
ror particulars appiy to Mower superior at
Hickory, N.C. aug2t
SESSION .begins October
'For Catalogue with ' particulars ad
dress, ' ' ' :
M. L. JAMES M.D'Dean.
Is the only 8obo4 for Bora la the Houtb. with
UaIlKht, tir-lass ttynaMiam, and:
Orst-claHS Hath-llai. -.
Special terms to yonug men of small means.
. Tne lH3rd Session beiriua August tsth.
For Catalogue, addrexs
Tl8-daw6w . Bingham School , N.C.

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