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v-? . -l ? 1 .V-1' -h-O - ' .f-'-;-'.-' i
,V Fttrma,; Stead & 'Camcxsa, J
jiuiilimutl ).( -.) r
A id Hi . te;-:
i i-A
:-! 3.00
11: .?X59T?99iriHT
. . froMptnest and at lo-wjrices.
... e Mos.,
Mi) rSftfa xa tbs low:, :
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w i ! m 1 : i jiwi i.w -".-
:AsbeTille. Businesa. Directory.
General MercfiaitWhaieMUe and KeiaO. y
u 6. E. Graham & Co.. 6. K. Chederter & Son, J. D.
Brevard & Co., J. O. Howell, p. Hammerahlag,
C. E. Lee, II. Kedwood & Co., J.. Sawyer, Gi A.
Mears, A. H. Jones & Son, Bearden, Rankin & Co.,
W. II. Brown, O. JL Roberts. . :
Garden and Field Srf8."
" Powell t Snider, H. H. I.yoiM A. J. Merrill, H.
Redwood & Co., J. O. Howell, J. P. Bawyer, Bear
den. Rankin r Co., C. H. Moncur. v
.." .Grain, Xfay and Flour.
J. R. Starnes, Powell t Snider,' Alexander and
Pculnnd. '
Hardware, Agricultural Implement, &e. ;
Penniman & Co., VanGIIder & Brown.
Stores, ; Iloustfumishing,. and Tinware.
Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, LindseyBros.
Clothing, Gens Furnishing, te.
Jumes P. Sawyer, M. Levy, Charles E Lee, S
rt hitlock. . ' . ' -
Jloots, Sltoes, and Salt.
.. W, T. Weaver, M. Levy. , . ..
Bool and. Sim Manufacturer! - .
M. Levy, W. T. Weaver, A.Freck. "
. . , Mooks and Stationery.
J. L. Wilkie, S. X. Morgan & Co., H. T. Esta-
rook, II. H. Lyons.- '. ;' .
Druggists and PharmaceiUistix. '
H. II- Lvons, W. C. Cannichael, C. VT, t)e Vault
& Co., C. il. Moncure, W. E. Pelhara." -
Musicu. Instruments, dc. . '
. JJeVault Bros,. v .
: Stfyi .
Cowan, SteSuer and liobertson.
' Family-Groceries.
Powell and Suider, S. R. Kepler, A. K. Cooley,
Poiley & Co.. T. F. Sturnea, G. W. Goodlake. A. J.
Merrill, J. E. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C.Davis,
James KraukB, J.J. Mackey &Co.. Jesse R.Starnes,
U. U. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
.' Nolaiid & Sons,T. W. SUelton, J. R. Trnll,G. H.
Klnnie.-!, N. I'enlaud, Peuland & Alexander. Mrs.
I. feuuth. -
Stitchers, Meat Dealers, tc.
Ztichery Bros., Jcmcs Xusk, T. K. Davis, Mc
ComieH and Drake. ' ' ' v :
J.' J. Depmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Bakers.
, J. J. Dtsniond,, (factory), J. M nestonjl Wells r
Saddlery, Harness ic.
S. M. Gillicrt & Co., Alexander and Peuland. -
Furniture, &e.
W. B. WilliamKon, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mc
. Mullen. : ...-:,(
X. Brand. J. V. Brown,-John. Clayton ,
" .Coul Dealers.
S. K. enable, ,D. S.Wati on. Hill and Atkins
N. W. (Jin I wood t Co. , .-. ;
. Lumber Dealers
. oubU'day X-Scott.
' fun! 1 actors, Carpenters, and Builders.
V. (iorenllo, John Hart, J- A. Wagner, T C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Butlrit'k. T. L.
(;iayton, -.G. West. ' :
1). W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
' Hotels. ' '
8wann.in3a,' Eagle, Grand Central. Western,
'.Virolina House, Slale House, The Villa.
Private Boardinq. . ;. '"
S. F. Venable, A. T. Sammey, Miss Bettie
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chnnn,
J. H. Carter, G: M. Roberts, R. H. Grahl, G. L.Mc
l'onalil, M. J. Fags. J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, K. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs. J C Smatbers, Mrs E
I.. Buird, W. W. McDowell, James W.Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, II. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
Mrs. A. Sinclair P S McMullen, Forrest W West.
Livery. Sale and Feed Stables.
KevnoMs A- Chambers, J. M. Ray, W. A. Wed
diu. 'James Sevier, C. O. Alien, T. H. StansuT
Wm. :ox, E. AV. Herndon, S. H. Baraard, . W.
Morgan .1- Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, &c.
Ashevillo Female College, Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School for younir iadies, Miss Sawyer's Primary
School, Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white public schools, two eood colored
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
law, aud a State normal school will be held every
Millinery, &c.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, S. Whitlock, Mrs. 3X.
11 an n, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs R R Porter. m
Attorneys At Law. -:
MoLdud A Moore, J. H. Merrlmon, E. H. Mer
riinon, M. E. Cuner, A. L. Carter, GudgerA- Car
ter, J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, W. 8. Cushman,
Riehmond Peursou, E. D. Carter, W. W. Vandiver,
Davidson 0 Martin, T. A. Jones, S. H. Reed, W. B.
J wyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Hardwicke-, Johnston Shnford, W. M. Cocke,
Natk Atkinson, A. T.. Davidson, W. H. Maleae,
V. S. Lnsk, P. A. Cuiamings, A. J. Lyman.
J'l'yxicians and Surgeons.
D. J. Coin. W. Jt. A- W. D. Hilliard, John Hey
Williams, J.' A. .Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Kelson, Wardlaw McGi!l, H P.GatchelL ;
,;;: " Dentists.
G. W. Whitson, E.-II. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
n. Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers. -..
Hank o( Asheville, Sluder & Barnard. 1 ...
Merchant Tailors. "
J. W. Schanie. -
Dealers in Furs. .' .
SL Ellick. -
Beat Estate Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn. A. J. Lyman, Katt Atkinson,
Aston, B. M. Jones.
Architect's and Civil Engineers,
S F Venable. J A Tennant,
Tobacco Warehouses.
The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe Warehouse.
Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking.'
S. B. West, McCarty t Hull, i. E. Ray, E. I.
Holmes Jt Co., Shelton & Perry, W. P. Williamson.
Coopers, de. ,
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
. - - Hart. . , r
. ; . . Wines Liquors, &e. .:
Louehrah Bros., Hampton & Fe.itherstone, W.
O. Muller.A Co., A. P. Sorrell.
J, C. Brown & Co., Patton Avenue.
Papers nanqers.
. Cain Jc Hunt, ilooro & . . Fitzpatrick.
Daily and Weekly Citizen, Daily and Weekly
Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.)
Job Offices. , ;
The Citizen Job Oillce, Hunt & Robertson.
. .... - Fhotograplicrs.
-. Kat. W.Taylor, W; Tr Robertson, T.T.Hill.
. . Grist Mills, &c. - - . -
Jordan it Ilallybnrtnn. N. W. Girdwood, Jas.E.
Buttrick. -McLanc.
r' Fertilizers, &e.
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman Co.,
Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
Piedmont," W. II. I'en'.and, "Owl Biacd," Bcar
den, lioukir. 4 Co., "OIkt & Co.'s Special," Lyon
& Walker, "Farmer's Friend,'! T. C. Starnes, "Ar--Hngtou."
W. W. Barnard. "Sea Fowl," K. W.
Girdwood fe Co., "Soluble Pacific.'.' , -. ; ;
. Insurance. '
E. J. Aston.Thos. W. Branch.
- W. V. Tdegraplt.
. : S. G. Weldon. manager.
'.' Soiitheni aud Adams Express. '
, F. A. Stikeleather, manager.
Civil Officers of Buncombe County.
Sheriff J. R. Rich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
iClerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer-J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton:
Tax Collector T. W. Patton.
- Inferior Court. ? " - -Instice
G. A . Shulord: Clei k JJbnt Patton; Solic
I or It. B. (mrter. -.. ., ;i, .
County Commissioners. ,
J. E. Rankim J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
Childs, Thos. D. Brittain, , , ; , v.-v
Justices of the Pent.
A. T. Summcy, N. A Feniand,- T. W. Patton, O.
i . Way, J. M.Ledford, J. M.. Jarrnlt, J. B. Cain. ;
City Government
Mavor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. T. Reynolds,
Aloniio Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, I. H. Gorenflo, N.
W. JirdwKd and J. L. Murray. Policemen F.
N Waddell, Chief; W. G. McDowell, J. H. Hamp
ton, Hufcbrxwteu ana t jt .Hunter. .
Fare Deoarlment. : " ' -
noseN. 1, oreman HC-l'Bgg; H. St L. No. 1,
Capt. A. ii .
Sanitary Department. . . -.
' Dr.DTMillard, Simitary Chief. ' , -; ',
- . .- Federal OiTrcers ; J
U.S. Commissioner; A. ,Tj Suromey.; DeputH
Collector, Manip onice) a. v. looper. . mstnet
Deputy 8. C. Herren. Deputy MarKhalls, R. O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, T..K, Davi, H.S. Har
king ;. v
United States District and Circuit Courts. ' , -Judge
R. P. Dick, Solicitor J. E Foyd, Clerk j,
E. l:ced Deputy Clerk P. A. Cummir.gs. - v --
Post Office.- "
: H. L. Cudper P. M, Cleiks C. B. Mooie, W?.L.
; Gorman, c. L. cnii. . .'....!
: 1: -.. . SfWivg-iMaehme Aptnciet, .
Whchler A- WiHrjv, J. II.. Ilcnirp, f 'Mef Clerk
Miss BofiC .iiiFlice. S.nger. 41. H.. Afortnihan
Chief Clerk W. Mcnleath. Drn t-Hic, S. R. Chd
cater Foil, Cha h Lee.- !.-.:,
1 Ccvntv Board of F.dvrtttiM.
A. T. Summey, J H Sams and B G Gudger. First
' regular meeting tint Mrr.cpy 5n tcTen.ler.
Arrival add Departure of the Trains.
Sausbcbt Mai train arrives srffiJPAj. li.
r .. '. .". i Derjarta 6:38 P. M. ,
- - :- a 4 pay train arnveB at 2;14 p vu-h
. - , ' ' departs at W-.SO'aTj
. Tenneesee -Arrives 6:37 p. m. :, ;.- ,: '' , i
. .: Departs 0:47 a. it,
" "Waynesviixk Arrive 4:39 P. M. ' :' :
.. " ' Departs 9:39 A. k.
The- Wayrtesville train reaches that point at
11:30 ; returning, leaves Waynesville at 1.86;
W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoes for men. .: - - .;tf. ..
Send you Job Work of all hinds to
Citizen 'Office if you imrd it done -neatly,
cheaply and vAUi ditpatch'.' j - - -
Will be pulilisbed every evening (ex
cept' Snnday) it the following rates
sixtctly cash , ' " . ' . ; s , ' : T-
One eaWr-fcSWI
Six Montha, . . ... . . w
Threo " r . . ... . ,; 1 50
One " . -,. ,. 50
One Week, . . ' . . . ( To
Our Camera will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in Etery part 01 tne city .10
our subscribers, and parties Wanting, it
will plise cah at the Citizen Ollire.
Woatlier ; Keport-Scpt.
Barometer at 9 a. m. S0.R4.
Thermometer Minimum 37; riiaxi
Dium 73. , ... : ;
bkv Clear. '
Wind Northwest. ;
Moon full on 24th 2.35 A. JI.
TnE Daily Citizkn
Gives theonlv telegraphic tlinpatehes
received. : .' -: . '' .1
A. fine line of ilats, Caps and Furnish
ing goods will soon be opened opposite
Eagle Hotel. . : tf."
To-day a number of gentlemen inter
ested in the No-Fence question went
over to Waynesville to hear the case
argued before Judge Gudger on the mo
tion to grant an injunction on the pfc-yer
of Black Mountain township.
We are informed of a mistake we made
in reference to the purchase 01 tne
Pigeon Riverllotel. It was Mr. William
Hallyburton of Durham, not Mr. Robert
Hallyburton. : Tlie former maniod gentle
man will come'' up next week to make
preparations for opening the house, i
The crowd in town yesterday was a
veryt large onev several thousands. .And
the order was generally 'excelientL A few
arrests were made of men who. did not
bow down to Father Matthew. Other
wise all was pleasant.
The Sheriff of Madison last night ac
cidentally dropped ' his hat under the
high seat he occupied in the circus. tent.
Some prowler promptly possessed i liim-
self of it, and the Sheriff was left bare-
head. Thc; proprietor" of the circus,
hearing of the incident, immediately
sent money to jneet the purchase of a
new hat.
The circus train went safely across the
Ui6uiitains on its way to Marion, thia dis
pelling tne error that such, with its load
of elephants, camels, &;., could not pass
through the tunnels, bucli belief kept
Sell's circus away last year or was made
a. protest. The. train which left at an
early hour this paorning, eemed to have
moved slowly, as it delayed the mail
train coming west. ;
Dr. Wardlaw McGill and Dr. S. Wes-
fray Battle have associated themselv'eff
inthe practice of medicine in this placed
as will be seen Iy their card in this
issue. Both of these gentlemen have ey
ery qualification to command respect.
Dr. McGill was for- some time assistant
to Dr. J. J. Chisholm; of Baltimore, and
one Of the Surgeons of the Presbyterian
Eye and Ea Iijftrmary of that city. Dr.
Battle has trie iU vantage of having beei
in that most practical of all schools the
U. S. Navy, and outside of that has taken
a special course in diseases of the throat
and chest' under the celebrated Dr.
Cohen. . ;
The KnoxvUle Journal ot the 23rd lias
the following to say ef a Madison county
man :
Mr. Jas. Nichols, of Marshall. NC.
who is in the city to take in the trade
display and other attractions of the week,
called at the Journal office yesterday,
where he is always a welcome visitor.
He showed us some beautiful specimens
of the gold leaf tobacco, for which: that
section of North Carolina has become bo
famous. It is of the Orinoco variety, of
a beautiful golden color, excellent body
and faultlessly cured. This tobacco, so
well adapted for wrappers, always com-.
mauds the highest market ; price; Mr! '
Nichols in lor nis us that the tobacco cror
of his section is a remarkably eood one
this year, the quantity .being larger and
the quality nner than usual; Ule has
given this crop a great deal of attention,
ana we are glad .to Know tnat ne nas
made "money out of it. .He knqws how
to produce, how to cure it and how and
where to sell it. He is one of. Western
North Carolina's wide-awake and pro
gressive men.
s "' -. 1
Wanted. ; ' - ' ; .' i
A cook single woman to'do cooking
and light work for a small family. ;
Apply to "C. at Citizen othce. 1
' t . : , 1 mm, - ' 'jj- ' j t
rEiceJ,iT: ; ?; .-'r;! ;V
The. following are bargains? c-f i
Rogers' Triple Plated Knives atilTo and
$2.00 per set; Eogeis Table Spoons and
1 r 'a TV i i .
forKS i-a.vo per set; uesser cpooiis ana
Forks2.tK per set; Tea Spoons $.65 per
set. All ,the above are guaranteed..
White Ifnd'o.; Knives, good grade, $1.25
and $1.50 per set; Celluloid Hnd. Knives
$2.00 ahd-$2.23er set.Fihe Carvers 85c
per pair; Always lowest prices at Law's
Silver and China Hall. . " '. .
FBKSH OTCTERgj'v'-'--, - : - v,.; .
In air-tight cans, received every -Tues-dav
and Saturday, rat Capt. Bjice's Fresh
Fish market, adjoining .Weaver's Shoe
Store. ? The oysters are a luxury. Fresh
ocean fish of the best varieties", received-
u ' A .1 J,. .1 J 1 . : -
.every it eu wiaj uuu cukuiuay ujuruisgs
Call protnptiy ; " ;f i - i
,''-: ' ? '' j " iV1! ' i
A first-class Tailor s and Clothier will'
soon occupy thenew building opposite
the Fagle Hotel.- ' : - tf.
The Citizen has 011 hand a full supply
of blank warrants for land'entries-. Send
j 11s your orders. . " "" 1
Tn piRcus... r ,:: :;
: "Well, we were all there; the children
had to see thb 'show' fend none of thjeBa
.were sick. Tie old folks looked through'
phildren'8'eyes,- lbf j51 of them cb)t
I 1. At f rtr r 1 - i. . i ,
merit.-ai the' omiEd ofth j circus. a4the,
exhiTriraflofi at the 8pan?dUTtV
ox-- vie-; eiejaanv nor jenrget ..tae eager
awaatingiitt t asiidof the
curtain, nd the firanticTdelight at ; the
grand entree vheie tta horses' bonnded
intothe arena theiif riders'all spangled
and brilliant l-in-'all - the- clories - of
the circus rider, and when the clow.
with, his. spotted ,fa4)e and-faijKpafty
bred raiment scattered aftiid hfe jibes
and his jokes aa hewkwardry cjgng to
his high mettled steed. And then came
up recollections. of, Eaymond, and Jfforth
and - Levi,, and . .impay, JBtobmson, Sand
lvinkaid, and the' knights of the ting,
who dazzled youthful imagination with'J
their reek less nding, and their-- daring
feats, and their graceful acting. And the
finds nothing naif so good as the oicl eir
cus" Where .'riding wis the' feature, land
where the clown $in the "'cozy little .riTitr
wnere ne-.was Drougnt lace to tace ynu
the spectators, cracked his jokes and
made butts of some unfortunate wight
who might . fall under his eye: I Now.ini
these huge canvasses everything seems
far - away, and the: iclawn's voice" coimes
up sharp and strained Xrom.the dislarfcev
and 'the wit seems forced 'and the ; fun
seems iartificialj und 'MasWt Merryman
cracks ' bis whip Without his old. tune,
'Anct the riding. is few.and; far between,
and equestrian, skill is. at a discount, land
the acrobat, and , tbo';vmnast fake off
Take it all in -'all,' Cole's circtfs" w-af a
very good ' one- yet ii .! disappointed) bie
causethe pijoguammei wP Joo large 'and
everything was hurrtp'd toet tnrdugh
with;i ' Tlie'animals1 Were in fine.on;
dkiori, bub ttle tlmeas given to study
them; i : :::).'.: 'A'j:'''.j-i '
.Perfect order.wan mainjtaiaed, and the
utmost propriety 'of manner in and out
of doors.. . , , x . . , -s i aiiV
The.. Xwies .Display; ) Jtaeeg, at Kaox
ville were strong features in an exciting
wsek. Orf Tuesdaithe first public exercises-
in connetionSrith ;the"races,
topk'pfae. The Kn6xyiAey7ia?Eivea
us information from wnicJv.we .are.glad
to- see mat Asnevine iook me louowing
parts :.Z3W i M JJA JO !
In the first exercises trotting, open , ifco
horses that have never beaten three
iruMe"33fit3,i'i3ri"fQr a purse of
boO, there were three entries. , J:
""Ware,1' bay filly, by J. A. Williams,
Asheville, N. C, came second.
The second race, running, all ages, mile
dash, best two in three, for a purse of
$75, was sandwiched.
In this race there were three entries,
taking position as follow: ' '
"Sirocco," chestnut filly, by J. A. Wil
liams, of Asheville, N. C. ;
'Bettie C," bay filly, by W. M. Beli,
of Knoxville.
"Palmetto," brown mare, by S. R.Tay
lor, Asheville, N. C.
""After several efforts an excellent start
was gotten, and a beautiful and exciting
dash was had,- The dash was won by
"Palmetto," time, 1:56 "Bettie C." came
in second, one length behind, witli, "Si
rocco" third. "' ' , ;
.The second heat of the trotting contest
next came on, and on the second efiort a
fair start was had.
This heat was also won by "Ware,"
time 2:57, "Columbia Boy," second, about
three lengths behind, "Walter" dis
tanced. ;
Next came the first heat of the pacing
raceenJojOJ, best reeiaJiye-for a
xk-f tbistfe-4lyel two
starters, -onei wnicrr waerrtiopeiui.
grey gelding, by S. E. Taylor, Asheville,
VQA seil Jslarl w)&fl, AiSutbpth
a. cv
pacers broke badly all around. The heat
was won by "Hopeful;" time 2:59.
The final race on.the programme, run-
. nnai race ou.tuc prugiamc, u-
three-fourths mile heats, two beBt j
in three, for a purse of $50, was sand
wiched in this heat. .There weie thrta
entries and starters, placed in the 'ffflU
lowing order:ni! :! tt hi I'.tlj
"Palmetto," brown mare, by S. R.Tay
lor, Asheville, N. C. VHl .wik, j
"Kena B.," bay filly, by E. Q. Sylves
ter. Loudon..' '-if -i'i-': !
"Blue Jay," dun grtding, by, .J.; S.
Evans, AshevilleN.C; ' - --5 ' l ' '
This was a beautiful race, and created
more excitement 'than any Of the exer
cise. "Blue Jay" won by about a head;
time, 1 :23. Palmetto, second, "eaft B."
third. '"' - :
J. ne JJftrliam 1 ooaeco riant says : : ' 1 ,
We regret to learn of the oontinued ill
ness of our countryman, Duncan Camer
on, borne time since ne went to Kicn-
mond and had an operation performed
Which, was koped would entirelyrelieve
him. but unfortunately :it did .not.. I He
is now with his father in Hillsborb.
ThesauW paper says ;J 1 I
. The gospel tent has; arrived and' bas
been put up on the vacant lot adjoining
Trinity churchy Jt's seating rapacity is
2,500 and we haVe no doubt will be filled
al every service. Rev. Henry McDonald,,
an eminent Baptist Divine of Atlanta?
Ga , will have charge of the meetings,
The first service will be held in the tent
to-night and every body is invited: to
attend. ' -
Don't buy Clothing till you have seen
the hew stock soon to be opened in the
new Building opposite Jiagie aroiei. s ir,
': i tiitn-tA 5'.iil-.. 1 ; : - .-;'.'
Vriii nan Tint Yruif. vnn r ol-illlrfln' tjCi
'tUrrve'wHeH they are belngdesfroyed by
worms.. Give them a vfewi?u3Ses( of
Shrirler's Indian VelWfffgerandnhey
will be restored to, health
haaHJi ; - -. -K'
Wait for the Jxfew.Wschant iTailor,
Gtotbier. ftnd (.Hattei-j pppostf ,tbe Eagle
"Bixlys," ?'Bulth8i 4Brdwri's"lcand
"Bon Ton'tjare the bfistbrands of shoe
poli8lh)Wd t$ the trae Ml of whml
are 'sold tyntl T. WeTeVrat the One
PriceShoeStore.it ' ' ' . !. -1'
- When thebancLbeginstojJay And the
VoallJ b'eair'dna hiTa'lf.y 6lllh coun
try go whirling through the games -01.
the ball room, you may bet they have
W eaver & Co.'s one Jf nee btore. u
r ' -t m i - 1 -
Can be secured at the very popular, re
sort the Turnpike ' Hotel, fifteen miles
west of Asheville immediately en the
-Wi N G Rv R Mail; telegraph and ex
press. Apply in person or by letter to
.'.1 : i; in si1lMB8 J.U eifATHBMj v
. dtOctl" , Turnpike.N;C.
A: ISailroad 'Aetlde -:&n But
One Seriously JintU I
iA telegraph report' says that the pas-
sejQetrainlnd,: j left
Asheyille this tnorniHg. wasi wrecke
'jo jniiless of Vatrn ; prings tq-dayj
rSetapassetrs-'wero-hut 4 but none jsef
busl!' Miin-cm . -- - ... , .,-Jv..-
r-ixa itf!jlf. r-t-L-ir" !.wwi-.i-Ji.-:i ; a l r u
JPi'STheAceident w?.? occasioned by
the : breaking' of 'a1 rail' 'iSe veri or eigh t
persons were hort,;but none, seriously.
-1d;trtii'giteee;rit ass( Itefe. about
6 o'clock jhis. evening: . i s ' r-r ! i J :
Mrs. M. Langelback Louisville, side
urfe .fid kaee btuise;7MisB;Ejport,
ichmond, Wt-'on "lrose 'and lip;- J.. R;
JipbihsQn, Mirea,ville, N: C, wrist sprain
ed; Al'ecj f, iftirsjbiJlj iiand.and fdre
head cut; Mr. Chilson, tuail agent, bact
hurt; Mi69BroyIes of AdVeville, bruised
about legs and bodyiPCThse are all that
were injured by . 'accident, but none
severely. . , ; -.":, "e-r,-"''::-:
r ...
jkj'fc.-.- s-.
Th-erft was. a )igh tfrojBt t ere ti'is mo'rh-
ingv not heavy enough to influence veg-
letaUor4'4 tnspme.places it was.rthick
enough'to write -yAnraiaove on.''-; This
frosts'Iriepes'ti'ng . frqmvthe lack .tjiaif
Was' a, iverifieatiott of. the-prediction of
'GenVHZerl; -'of' the Signal officeester-
day. , Under previous arrangement witn
these gentlejnen he. telegraphed;Penni-
inauc c.o. tuat irpst:was to. be expectea
on the morning of the 24thV; :'Thi$ is
done in, tjie interest of tobadco planters,
.fearful, ot pold, .and .premature, in their
naste.,piui..-:iyva aq.:noi imnJSL an-y
harm ,' ,wa8,dono last nighty . and it will
probably? .be.. some time before there is
another frost. :: ,:- i
Escape- -
' The calaboose fares no better than the
jaildJd'Laist night it'was"' filled with
prisoners;1, five.', we 'ate ' informed, ar
rested daring the day and night for
disorderly conduct. This : morning it
was empty. The cage had been tom ioi
jukes,th windows thrown - opn, and
strips of blanket hanging to the ground
show;ed how the t)ird8 had flown. The
dty treasury l&es something in. the way
of J fines, and is put to .some cost in re
pairs; and that is about the extent of the
escapade. ' ; ', '
Nft-Nf IToicco ,S ales. ; ;V. , ." .
The new crop is corning in apace; At
trie Bunjcomba Warehouse the following
sales were made Wednesday : - - - -1 :"
MessrS.'SlwJer'ind-'Xindsay 3 lots, at
$11.75,$12, $23 per hundred. ' '
C. F. Gilbert 3, Jots, 8.75, 11, 25.
Wells and Gilbert 3 lots, 8, 9, 15.
One lot of old 7 to 20. r .
- Tblse Bw!tobatco9 wery m6stly.lrop
leaves from curing with a few greentips
added.; ; .Considering the character . of
the tobacco the prices were conceded to
be. very good and satisfactory to the
farmer. --- - - - '-
The Spartanburo and A8heville Rail
tiliOADr-THS First, to 00 ojjt oij it.
N. C.R. R. car number 13,209 is the
first' to run out from Spartanburg J unc
tion on the A. & S. Road- . Jt was laden
with' .crossties and went out as for as
Walton Station, the present terminus of
the road. Work ' is progressing finely
now, the big fill two miles out from the
junction is, at last completed. To-day
awmi'&r loiW At niW stfcel rails ana
four hundered kegs of spikes arrived and
trabk laying has commenced in earnest,
away with all doubting Thomases. -
Last Night of the FlRMix-JA'ck; Com
' ihY Company. ' ' 'u :
The New Magdalen will be the play.
Miss Firmin's great effort. Give the
Company a bumper at parting. The
play will be the great feature of the sea-
- . Knoxville and elsewhere. :
Well Said.
p1".VndTthowiDtb- the a't-teTftion'ofifttrr-
feadlrs": -Dr.- M. Lytle's
Elixir we find recemmended very kighly
for bowell complaints, and we most earn
estly urge our people to provide them
selves with either it" or some equally
good renjejdy .for .Diarrhoea and like com
plaints; for the peculiar weather of this
season is well calculated to produce sucn
troubles, ,and they, should be attended
to at once, fcurthey may become unmah:
ageable. Health Monitor.
" S. W. Battlb, m. d.. u. s; j.
Offices over De Vault's Drug Store. l ; ;
,:! ?:: -. - Special attention to 'i -" J '' .i:t
Eye aud Ear, Throat and Nose, Heart and
B,Office hours 10 a.
m. ...... . . :.
m. to 12 m.
, aud 2 to 4
.. eeS4-tf
X Lost yesterday, a yoll 6w
JJlipitorkm Pocket Book. . "-.
Tpifti tlie return of the Baine.'wltti eontenls, to
inisomce, a rewara 01 iwcniy uouurs win mj
paid, ii ::-.i!...vif ,:; '; 8eS4-2t-
f 1
lruyitestllU, jr. c?;, d i-
T7R0M now till 3 Vclocfc Sept. 29th,
1S35, J.. .R. Boone , wjll ..receive pro
posals from persons' desiring to rent said
Warehoow Tor the 'sale1 of leaf tobacco.
Packing nd prize rooms will be letwith
!the house. . All for .the term of p'iie year
There will be' open two warehouses; in
Waynesville this seawn for the sale of
j(etohftCCft At itbtea o'clock,' Sept.-29,
I080, the Company win meet and award
the , renting. ;to thou'raost, satisfactory
bidder.' ;iv!it'i-. .ii lv,n.--"." ,?m; y
.UVfaynesraie, N. C.
Sept. 23. 1885. " . wlt-d.5t
I have fiitl authority hy an actof Uie
Iclslatnre of North Caroliua at the last session
alrxHri RtstratwiB ioKJceda,aeed& or trust,
mortgages and cnatrei monffages. . .
- Sept. W1mAwt
, .... - 1 t
pi O TO '-; -:"
IIILL'S Dining: Rooiu,
And get. something niee to eat
HILL is always an hand, and the WpX
finest tho market affords to sus
utlli mill. ouuiu niatii Di.,
r se5-dtf-H .'jloors alxjve, Eitgle st
- ; Bbevard.-N. C. Sept. 22, 1885.
- Tf
2Teairi i Editors : We hi& not had
even a chower to dfetnrb the usual quiet
bf "our eounty since eourt-w'e'et; until the
Equinoctial neVTt' broBght 'a gentle
rairi that ; lasted; for ? two days.1- It: was
just suclra'raiQ as"'.'wd. needed tb'jcjftuse
the rye sqwn'to cm- p'arrd-teke'root
well before the Bevef 6 fre'ezes of winter
coine.' ' The rye cropTis aii important, jo&el
in this county, furnishing ' fine winter
pasturage if sowniearly? It leaves a heavy
stubble on the : landt whicbV4wh.en pro
perly turned lender and limed . improves
the soil. The lime we get quiet conven
iently, ' . Mr. T. L.; Gash and ;.Dr.';,G: W.
Young are n6w delivering . at the homes
of farmers, who live within, 8 or 10 miles
of their kilns at 10 cents per bnsbeL We
may be able yet. to send lime ta yOilrtity,
by steamer, . Capt. .Walker of j -Florida,
has." been OVer examining the. French
Broad '.River with' a view : to pTacing a,
boat oii it tOf -ply between thisj&lace and
the Denot (to-be) vnear; Dr.r Fleteber'd.
Capt. Walker a practical river boat
manTTTSVtiig" iyuiffthii'gttervortiQixjat
his lifoin that business on the different
navigable streams of Florida. His plan
is to constrnct a boat entirely different
from' the ."Mountain' Lilly 5" one of less
dimensions, but with more powerful
machinery, so that :'Scan. be utilized in
drawing barges and dur jng tho .. summer
season, give summer tourist rapid transit
to and from the railroads -Tbe difficulty
with the Lilly was her size and tho dis
tance (6 milesfrbjn - the railroad. ' The
completion 01 the Spartanburg fend
Asheville Rail Road places a depot with
in 1 niile pf- the river,, rand webelieven
that money invested in a small substan
tial craft would pay a .handsome divid
end. Your friend, Mr..W; K.Osborne,
is. full qf .the enterprise and that is a sure
sign that there is money in it. ' For he
always takes a business view1 of dvery
question presented, and never "listens to
the whispers of fancy,, -nr pursues with
eagerness the plantoms .of hope4" a The
former enterprise demonstrated the prac
ticability . of the navigation of the upper
French jroad, -and we hope soon to see
some gocid f esult from the new interest
awakened in the matter.
Your correspondent unwittingly, .gave
some offence in a recent communication.
In--speaking qr; tho masonie -festival at
thra-place I-stated' that the -assembled
guesta repaired to the Episcopal church ;
ana tnero spread tne contents 01 tneir
baskets on tables tempronozed from car
penters benches. I suppose the head
and front of my offence was only
intiwf 'ing ahd not stating categorically,
that the church was incomplete and un
furnished.'" I thought that the reference
to the carpenters benches and the well
known,- and commendable care with
which this church , guards her property
and the sanctity , with which she sur
rounds it would prevent every one from
imagining that any ' thing was done; that
would injure; deface or desecrate the
building. MessrsV Editors, as I have no
angelic visions, infernal plantoms; amaz
ing prodegies or alchnnin delusions to
write about, :I will close, : hoping that
Gov. J. L. Rcbinson will favor us : with
more of life and log-rolling in the far
West. I believe though he is now a little-
ahead ot faenator V ance on tho log-roil
ing business. ' ' :
' London Money 9farkt.
London, Sept. 24.
Consols 991;.
IO Count , theni IO ::;
i n aext issue of this par
Spring and Saininei-------'-Goods
; 1- WAKEHOUSE, '. v
"'-''' FOR THK ' .'v.'i'i- '"
it .
; AH Of 'rry';$j5rinJ and Summer. Goods
wiil.be sold for.. the . next' -3Q days " .
A: T c,o ST:!
Clothing, Dress Goods--.
White Goods, Ginghams,
Prints, Percales, :
- -v-l'l" Hosiery; SilTcs,
Men's and Xadies jTats, : ; ;
'f 'Boots, -Slides,' c.
se 17-diwawit--. .. . . . . . : -" i "
Valuable City Property for
J. A'venue. adjoining C. Cowan's
Jewelry Store, proj erty of V,. John fz
Eton, dee d., wiu; ce soia tw puou 1b
auaion on " '-: .' "Mil
TJairsday of th Wt- & Fair Association,
At tho prenilBes on Pattoa Avenue. Sale to take
place vt IS o'clock m. -- - j "".
i ji. strict compliant witfi. the tdrm will t tt
quired. - . ...
; Terms-ODe half cash down; one half on twelve
se 22-diw.td.
TheLShow is Coming;
gBT INhe'excitcmeiit don't orgetto calj on
Comer Main street and Patton Avenue, for jour
Groceries, Provisions,' c.
! --''.--;! -! l-i' l : :. ' i . .
; selT-dlwawlt - : -. ;
Rail Road Tickets
IS ought ami Sold, !
"W. J. Branch, "
.'lt ,'!-, : tij i
Got. Ililinlie
... It is,veryt generallyeUeved that; Mh
Hill 'will receive' the nOminatiori Ibt
GoVefrnor.' On the first ballot; the cotuv
.tyi dembcracy -had 4t 1 concentrated
fqreea; upon any candidates ?JThe: morn
ing opens with everything apparently
tending in Hill's favor , During. most of
W.a hii1.i : itft. '-triitti. t'Wm' "-vt. -riiA
Moonay together with Ed Hill and other
Tmman leaders,, wereictively; wrjitrlg-j
among- tJueir iollowers, in.-HUIs, tor
The poyernor's Keaquxte's' 'irfptia ' of
the, Grand io Iotel coUagefl ppa
en, trrrorgea aTXta mOriMtigiaUr the
Jacksoniftj-ghib ; of fAlbany ; iuid other
organizatiiBf have been- parading j the
streets In fWht of the hotels carrying the
Hill banners,-and with - bands playing.
The Tammany men: claim: that the?' is
no longeiany 1 doubt-thai Hill will be
nominated on : ih& first ballot,- and. tie
county democracy though they, do! not
admit thisi-cbhfess that Hill's position, is
much stronger to-day .than it appeared
to- be last evening; the; State : is under
stood so far as yet marked out to be jjill
for : Governor arid' Sen'atif Jacbos ""of
BrOoklyri for tieht-GOvenibri. The feigiit
of -the "Hill ; picture-worn conBDicfouslv'
along side Tammany," ribbons which was
not common last night, are almost a re
gular thing this morning, .Lp'. fact. jit
loots as ir lliU has caDtured the town.
Copper's i chances ..'seem. ! to ;be ." rapidly
lessening the 'county. .The f democracy'
at their meeting this morning, iailed to
agreo upon any candidate and this would
seem another point JrUavor of Hill; The
Hon. Nichols Miljer, who: is.hre . as a.1
looker on,; but as usual keepfe jw.ell-post-j
ed, says that the; indications point :yery
strongly to HiH'omination, on the 1st
ballot? This is'generally conceded; and
on another hand, it does hot appear that
any combination of circumstances1 i-is
likely to prevent. Abram S. Hewitt does
Tot appear to- be passing as 'a candidate
this morning; and ; it is hot- likely. that
his name will b'e presented. V 'A ' : : j
'There were fully as many ladies and
prominent, personages present In. the
Casino at half past.eleveh this" mofning
toAVitness the proceedings of th e' Demo
cratic State Conve'ntibn as attended the
opening of the Eepublicaa Convention
two days ago.1 At exactly ;12:30 o'clock
the Convention was called to ,6rder by
Chairman. O'Brien, 'of , the . State Qom
mittee.. . George .. Raines. ,": of ; ; .-Monroe
county, was . then elected temporary
chairman. . . ..
'li -"'THE, LATEST.; Vf-ii i' t - j '
; Raines, on taking the chair, a'ddrersed
the convention at. some length;-' All
referencesto President Cleveland Were
greeted with cheers. Representatives of
Anti-Monoply League, . State, Trades j as
sembly then addressed. the contention
briefly. Burke , Cochran ; then; - oered j
strong resolutions against Civil Service r
Laws which were greeted with tremend
Otis' applause.. These resolutions are
similar' to those adopted by' Tammany
some weeks ago: ,,J - - - '
- ' '''
Iloman Catholic Ceremonies,
, Baxtixobe,-September 24. ; ,
The. Rev... EtWaiVMcColgan, Vicar'
General of the arch dioceso of, Baltimore,
and Pastor of St. Peter's Church,, was to-day
invested with the purple Rochet
and Mantilla ,'of ; a Monsignor, , in tb:
Catholic Church. rArcli Bishop Gibboas
blessed the vestments and made an ad
dress appropriate to' the- Occasion.' ' The
Pontifical mass was celebrated hy ' BiBt'
op Becker of Wllmington'.Del,,' B'BU0Pr
O'Sullivan, ol Mobile, and .Northrop,' of
North CarolinaV Monsiguor-JQuihn,' ol
New.York, and a large number of clergy
participated. The ceremony was -at St.
Peters "Church. - " '
Manifesto' by'S'Jerdnte JtTapb-.
; : rxv:!;;'.-, : v-V.m..' 'c ;v ! '..J; i vi;
Pabis, September. 24.
Prince JeromeTfapoleon has issued a
manifesto to the people in which he says
that he neither desires the restoratioji of.
monarchy, nor the adoption iof the .Uto
pian plans Of "refOTin.". He accuses the
Imperialists of pandering to the ..wishes
yi -KuuiutijiB, an 14 oi, luuiBnung revolt.;
and;concludes; by: saying . that h&, and
all members of bis family will withdraw
from participation in elections until
France "summehsa constnutehf aissembly)
or assigns to the people t he task of ndm
ination of a head for the Government. '
. : , '.-. ... 'i . . ..,. i !'
Baltiniore. Market i .
i. -; ' BAtTTMOSK, Sept. hi.
r. Flour active, higher, strong... Howard,
tra 3 0U4 25: family 450500; city
mills superfine :83 50; extra" l754 23;
Rio brands 4 755'00. : ' Wheat,' 'feoqthr
em, -firm; western lower; :cWing didl
Southern red 0596; amber 981 00; No,
Western, jrregqlar; closing dpll; Southern
wfiitti 5556ryellow 52'53.'-' -! '
V-Xew York Stock Market j j,"
.0 V-.NKVflfomS September 2f"'.v
:Phere has been' noticed a tone to tra3
ing at the stock exchanto this morning;
Wh ich, s.Ticir a moderately active open ing,
subsided - into : fullness. First' prices
were so'u.ewhal .irregular- as compared
last evening closing quotation but - de
clines in xio case exceeded i, excoj Jfor
Erie common whitdi The advances wp're
equally limited. ; ; '...' f::
t : : t Mil 1
'tt&foioBi jfrtofa groan,t,sri,ithat
no leaves retdiairrbfl'txio' 'stviyand
laycarefunjfTJB,tIio ,groun4. keep
,its tbl'e1 j6kvefl,etriight,K When-wilted
jti6tIedu'gtr'itor' haridie 'without
buetsking, jiut foue rows f plauta in
a row of pileSpuiqL Uoxiy 90V( to 30
plants la a piL" ifhe stlckinsr horse
is riaada;t)f a-piece tW.byfotar seven
C? WngcWWQ egs at,, fine, end
of feneing. r Make. a rxortis0 at, up
b'eir end bf.twb' b'fptir .'three' inches
deeijlnsef fe6'fendf 6f Wthf. A
spud; sinth iron pciifctiis . slipped on
othjec jejaid.riEitii,; and, ytm .aconow
ready for sticking In large 'tobac
co putfi.te4E,BSbs plaotefftvrtly dis
tribute4o,ch; jiti.j,In Einal to
bacco puton .'mpre. but "do, not
fctovf .d. ' T6 haul to the1 she'd 'lse a
ra'ck'ftfted' ttne'.wa-srjc'ereigh-teen
feet' long;' and 'three'; feet o and
eight inchjes wid v tho ifcppy, and
fur h?S toQKlwerice. hiding
at oo-ridjuid press. the lath close
together 'till the f?ckilBv,Mf ,r A
man standing on thft rack! fiailj'pas3
thfi tbbaccoo ttre man hancine as
the fouthtfer'bf stbiy ffx'ftro shed.
Hang the latti aboatf - sewent-anches
aparU'i. Small tobacco, qanp.ibung
closerr.aad;yery large rj,Qtso,,..elose.
When cutting, if tlie day he hot and
clear, no tobacco should he" 'left in
the field during th- ' middle1 of; the
d&yf as it woud sun buriii i-ta
At such titaent in the morning,
after the dew is offonly'! what can
be takenttoftbo. shed before dinner.
In the, afternoon it may not dp to
commence cutting- b'efprp three or
even1 four VdlockJ'1 li''t)aH.1bf this
thay' be left bvtfr night m pires' to bo
got in the next morninpf, it there is
no danget of raid:TobaiCCO in snug
pilesfjs not damaged, f , roupb, by a
sugni snower, , ieyer icuve ioouc-
co long in piles n it wnfr piled -when
hotras it tfffl heat, or coddle, as it
is called:' ' lu '"-
An i '.it .i irjii li ''IW Oil I'.Yflg
(Maj: Jr. J? mHh Jviff bpflm apRoin-
ted Iost JJast .at ajetvUeiXvice
R, M, .Orrells.usMndd.j.jb.is is as
it should bp. JJr,rrfiU has narpnbt
jbeen ti .-good,, postmaster,, , fa, , niay
not bare: been; an offensiyg partfzan.
IJe; wjw,: a.party , .man, for,, li.hat,
and was in, the. position jtq akQ the
9onsequences,tiI pj, man ca.jiold
the positian of postmaster,-,, a
large town-witbjout lending himself
to his party; it may bTisobriscious
lyj;' but'inoBtt certainly -efficieatly.
They all ought -W gOi -and 'they
ought to; goi oQt :cheerfully'. ' They
deserve pothing lse,'and "they'can
expect nbthihg ielse.- v'?nor: - :i
r-i' iii'.' "ii!" :".! ?';; -
Thb Tob acop'Pkospkcts. ..... j
:1The' I)uib&m Tobacco 'Plant oCthe 23d
60methlrrg',tliaf ' 'ma !ihtere6r ' rWefltern
pladtors, The judgment m? ;the Jset is
passed. .The final response ris with the
WeBt ' ''' " J.lJt-lr-ilji ;!.
"Mi. G. A. Reams, than iwhoihi tthere
is not a better..iudceof tobacco, has just
returned from a, two weeks trip, among
tobacco' farmers.' -He went specially to
ascertain t the crop i otttlopkV and : dioring
the time he. examined 'tivn hundred
barns of tlie weed; and out bf that num
ber he sound only forty, barns of .fine to
bveco, : He says four-fifths;ofjthe'rop
that he' sav-,"he would hoi" give over $8
average. . .1 bas been munng ia torrents
for two, days, which of. necessity, serious
ly damaees trie crop.' 'AIT hopes ofa fine
crop of tobacco are now blasted, and the
fortunes, pf dealers who hav,e a stock of
nne wrappers on nana are. rnaue. ,r
The. Whit ! aijsja:llcfttaiijr;n t,
hy Dock,. JlitcnJaon, :;.
k,'"aAie Suffolk
Oysters areaelved
.daily, f$( nerved
at r e a so nab l'e
prieeavn--) Meals
served ( at all
hdurs. . " V
t rfr
Homes Without Capital
CLARKE WHITTIER, oC. California, If dlvl
dhigtKJ.tXX) acres rtf land, in 8wln co., N. C ,
lu the "tky land region,'" toviiivUitractaivr ac
tual et(lerS only. 9 - ' .rNT T
, They will be cold for efwru. M pa'fel -trodit of
from one to ten years. If deireLI the principal
may lay tot five year at 8 per eat. lnieref;pay
able annuaily,'and one-fifth of the principal to
be paid ach year, threator. f( i,
1 The climate is healthy ; mild in winter, and aa
cool la sumaier a?-li mounta reglohk T tho
Northern States. - ' , . . .
-The foil iariMi, ana produce Unrtt crtf Of all
the fruits, grains and vegetables, frrown in the
North, iwhiio Its tobacco brio the. hlKheat jn-ice
in the market, av&iagipg a net profit ot from ST5
to $i0 per acraj and grtua take natumlrt-U the
soil-As far as cleared, it presentafipe timber.
-' The UuiUe aredlvkiod iuto ianna of.Mwn.20 to
000 acres to suit.pnrchasers. . .
Tie tabor required opening AtKese'tands
has made the Town of WHITTIER a neocsslty,
whloa is nMT a. station on the Wnta Norta Car
olina Railroad, 6 miles eas eft Charleston., Tho
rounder of Whittier .will spnr no paimt 6r ex
pense to mai.H the vamt attmctive aitrl drslra
ble resident an txrMneas town in Wiwtem N. C.
MUls, stores, residences and a ne hotel are
ifow beinr ereeted, and other m arm factories will
follow Water well -nupnUtd, to. the. town by .
'pipes.' ' IiOts donated to tlinrches, schools,
public buildings and work h. : t ; , liT i . , t r o
-'-TheimprovdmentsSf the larida itndtheVwn
require all iindaof macbanieii Had laborets.and
all barchasers of lands or lota Can get Immediate
ana constant employment. ,:' ( it r s-u
i - Purchasers will be furnished lurirb'er for Im
provemeuUiAtWQSl? lguQ foet, and wrk to -pay
fof It. " . .
; To totmcoo ItWf I will advance tnmi one
third to one-half the valoe on their growing
crops and wait until soldi ajti Vf- .,''.
Comfortable quurtcrs and rations will be pro
vided for puroliasera and ' their famine,, at the
mere cost of rations, until, they can erect their
ownkoase .;(iI-;',mi-.;1 ncwi 'in -mil
Thus yon can bny lands, lots, and build houses,
on long creolts and work to pay for them.ijO
Such indvckmknts have never been oOoredbe
.t)re, as ate now oilered at Whittles --i
. Come at once and ereet your honses, Tlsnty"
;wor at a prices, i Tobaoco lunds to icr and
1 get ready for spring crops. . Fences, roads and
houses to build, nnrserkaad fruit trees to plant,
tc. Plenty of work rlv now, .,, .
'.' 0; .WHrrfiEU,1-'
...;, I ..Whiiticr, Charleston P.O.,
feopt.l8-tf. ' -- . HwalnCo.,K.C.

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