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. (PIZEN-JOB, office,
letter-heads; :-r
And Job Work ojf all hinds done with
-fromftnefs cCn'd at loin f rices.
Furnas, Stoas to Canexcv
' :.' t lYear,
' . 3.00
.'. 75
. - e Mo.,--
Weekly. - : X Year, ,
- , & Mob.,
VOL. I. NO, 447:
... V"
v . r . - v . : '.
. ' . e ' '
AsheTllIe;ilniness Directory.
General Merchants Wholesale and Retail
C. E. Graham & Co., S. R. Chedester & Son, J. D.
Brevard & Co., J. O. Howell, 8. Hammershlag.
C. K LeeKH. Redwood & Co., J. P. Sawyer, G. A.
Mears, A. H. Jones St Son, Bearden, Rankin & Co.,
W. II. Brown, G. M. Roberta. r .
Garden and Held Seeds. ' -Powell
& Snider, H. H. Lyons, A. J. Merrill, H.
Redwood fc Co.. J. O. Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear
den. Rankin & Co., C. H. Moncure. .
Grain, Say and Flour.
J. R. Starnes, Powell fc Snider, Alexander and
Hardware, Agricultural Implements, te.
Tenniman & Co., VanGIlder & Brown.
Stoves, Mousefurnishing, and Tinware.
allard Bros., Brown & Bearden, Lindsey Bros.
fVJh inrt tip.tis? J-'itrrrutliinn. Crc.
JtimcVP. Ravin. M. Lew. Charles E Lee, S
luuock. ., z -.
, Shoesrand Hats.
W. T. Weaverv. Levy.
Boot and Sh Manufacturer
. M. Levj', W. T. WeavensA. Freck.
Books and ,
J. L. Wilkie. J. N. Morgan co.. H. Ta Esta-
.rook, IS. H. Lyons. .
Druggists and PharmacefUistoi.,
1 H. H. Lyons, W. C. Carmichael, C. W.eVault
& Co., C H.. Moncure, W. E. Pelham.
Musica. Instruments, &-c.
De Vault Bros.
C. CewajjJHeflner and Robertson.
- ' FamOt-Groceries.
utrrat Co.. T. t . b urn"; i. u . uooaiaite. a. j.
Merrill , J. E. Ware. Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
Jiuncs Franks. J.J. ilackey & Co.. Jesse R. Starnes,
U. L. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
h Nolanrt &JBons.T. W.Shelton, J. R. Trull.G. H.
Starnes. N. f enland, Penland & Alexander. Mrs.
I. C. Sniitn.
Butchers, Meat Dealers, &c.
Zachery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davis, Mc-
uonneu una .urate.
. Bakeries.
J. J. Desmond, X". M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Bakers.
J. J. Desmond, (factory), J. 31 Heston,T Wells
Saddlery, Harness &c.
ti. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland.
Furniture, &c.
W. B. Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mc-
X. Brand, J. V. Brown, John Clayton
' - Coal Dealers.
S. F. V enable, D. S.Watron, Hill and Atkins
N. W. Girdwood & Co.
Lumber Dealers '
oubleday ,t Scott.
Contractors, Carpenters, and Builders.
I. Gorenflo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Bnttrick, T. L.
Clayton, A. G. West.
D. W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Bwanuansa, Eagle, Grand Central, Western
. Carolina House, Slale House, The Villa.
Private Boardim.
S. F. Venable, A. T. Summer, Miss Bettie
drown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
j. ii. uaner, u. M. KODerts, K. 1. urani, u. Jj.mc
Donald, M. J. Fagg, J. A. Fagg. J". E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Binder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs. J C Smathers, Mrs E
L. Bainl, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
Mrs. A. Sinclair r a MCMuiien, Forrest w West.
Livery. Sole and Feed Stables.
Reynolds & Chambers, J. M.Ray, W. A. Wed
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Stanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan fc Co., K. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, dec.
Asheville Female Colleee. Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
bcnoni lor vouiiet ladies, miss sawyer's frimarv
School, Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white public schools, two good colored
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a State normal school will be held every
. Millinery, tc.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, S. Whitlock, Mrs. M. E.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter.
Attorneys At Law.
MaLoud & Moore, J. H. Merrimon, E. H. Mer-
rlmon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter.Gudger & Car
ter. J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, W. 8. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W. Vandiver,
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Hardwicke, Johnston & Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
Natt Atkinson, A.T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
v. sj. i.usit, f. a. cumnungs, a. j. jyman.
Physicians and Surgeons. "
D. J. Cain, W. I. Sc W. D. Hilliard, John Hey
Williams, j. a. JJurrougns, J. A. Watson, M. L
Nelson, Ward law McGlU, H P. GatchelL
G. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
is. ware.
Banks, Bankers and 'Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Binder & BaniO d
Merchant Tailors. '
J. W. Schame.
Dealers in Furs.
M. FJlick.
Real Est&te Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
Aston, it. m. Jones. .
Architects and Civil Engineers,
S F Venable. J A Tennant,
Tobacco Warehouses.
The Asheville Warehouse. The Btaner Ware
house, The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Ware-
lobacco Manufacturer chewing
Chewing and Smoking.
8. B. West, McCarty & Hull, J. E.
E. L
uoimes sc c.
snelton t Perry, w. p. Williamson.
Coopers, ice.
L. F. 8orrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
- nan. . ,
, Wines, Liquors, ice.
Longhran Bros., Hampton & Featherstone, W.
O. Muller, fc Co., A. P. Sorrell.
, Thitor.
J, C. Brown &. Co , Pat ton Avenue.
. Papers Hangers.
Cain Hunt, Mooro & . Fitzpatrick.
Daily and Weeklt Citizen, Daily and Weekly
Job Offices. ' -The
Citizen Job Office, Hunt & Robertson.
Nat. W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
Grist Mills, &c
Jordan fc Hallyburton. N. W. Girdwood, Jas.E.
Buttrick. McLane.
Fertilisers, dec.
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman fcCo.,
Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
Piedmont," W. IL Penland, "Owl Brand," Bear
den, Kankir. t Co., '01er & Co.'s Special," Lyon
& Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C. Starnes, "Ar
lington." W. W. Barnard. "Sea Fowl," N. W.
Girdwood Sc Co., "Soluble Pacific"
. T.J. Aston, Thos. W. Branchy
W. V. Telegraph.
8. G. Weldon, manager.
Souther and Adams Express. - '
F. A. Stikeleather, manager.
Civil Officer of Buncombe County.
Sheriff J. R.Kich; Deputy Daniel Revnolds; 8.
.Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton:
Tax Collector T. W. Patton.
inferior Court
' fnetice G. A. Shuford: Clerk Mont Patton; Solic
t or H. B. CMter. .
County Commissioners. .'
J. E. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
Ch lids, Thos. D. Brittain.
Justices of the Peace. " '
A. T. Summey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C.
. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain.
City Government.
Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. T. Reynolds.
Alonzo Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, I. H. Gorenflo, N.
W. Girdwood and J. L. Murray. Policemen F.
N- Waddell, Chief; W. G. McDowell. J. H. Hamp
ton, HufchPostell and T F Hunter.
Fire Department.
Hose N. 1 ,' oreman H. C. Fagg; H. fc L. NO. 1,
Capt. F A. H
Sanitary Department, .
Dr. D T Millard, Sanitary Chief.
Federal Officers
V. 8. Commissioner, a. T. Summer. Deputy
Collector, (stamp office) A. D. Cooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Herrcn. Deputy Marshalls, R. O,
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, T. K. Davis, II. 8. Har
kins United States District and Circuit Courts. .
Judge R.P.Dick, Solicitor J.E. Boyd, Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A. Cunimiiigs. .
Post Office. ' ; ' ' '
H. L. Gudger P. lln Cleiks C. B.Mooie, W.t.
- Norman, C. L. Clifi; . ' - . .
- .. Sewing Machine Agencies. . . .
Whehler WilFon, J. H. llcnirg, rhlef Clerk
Miss Bessie Justice. Singer, M. H. MoTjnihan,
Chief Clerk W. Monleath. Dome ctlc, 8. R. Ched-
eEteifcSoir,Ch 88 EJ.ee. '
. j
County P.nnrd nf Eilnrrilinn.. ' r
A. T. Summy, JH Sam and It G Gudger. First
If Hilar meeting rnrt Monday in tcpleniber.
Arrival and Departure of the Train.
SAU8BUBT MaS train arrives 9:29 a. m.
" " Departs 5:32 P. M.
" " Day train arrives at 2;14 p k. '
" departs at 10:30 a. h.
Tennessee Arrives 67 P. k.
: Departs 9:47 A. M.
WAYKE8VJLXE Arrives 4:39 p. K.
" Departs 9:39 A. K.
The Waynesville train reaches that point at
11:30 ; returning, leaves Waynesville at 1.86.
." V. T. Weaver, Sole 'Agent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoep. for men. tf
Send your Job Work of all kinds to the
Citizen Office, if you want it done neatly,
cheaply and with dispatch.
Will be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
strictly cash:
One Year, . . f . $ f)
Six Montlis, . A j .- 800
One li I T ... 50
One Week, .... . 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Oflice.
Weather Keport Sept. 30.
Barometer at 9 a. m. 30.14.
Thermometer Minimum 55; maxi
mum 58.
. Sky Overcast.
Wind Easterly.
t Rainfall Sept. 30, .890 inches ; Oct. 1,
.245 inches. Rainfall for month of Sep
tember on 5 days, 2.32 inches.
Moon Last quarter 6.09 a. in.
There were only two heavy rains in
September, on the 21et and 30th. On
each occasion nearfy 1 inch.
The month of May is still ahead in
rainfall 3J inches.
Tiie Daily Citizen
Gives the only telegraphic dispatches
A fine line of Hats, Caps and Furnish
ing goods will soon be opened opposite
iagie Hotel. tf.
A lot of splendid clothing just received
at .Levy s.
Laborers wanted at Whittier's, Swain
county. See notice. -
See notice of fine stock for sale at the
Fair by Mr. DuBose.
Wet and muddy a contrast to the
past few months.
Macon Court next week Jwdge Gud
ger to preside.
Asheville is to have a telephone com
panv. bee notice oi incorporation eise
Nothing of any moment transpiring
in town to-day.
Parties wanting pri vilege at the Fair
Grounds will see notice of Secretary in
another column.
We understand the "ballet company,"
spoken of as cominc t" Asheville will
not Dutin an appearance at present.
The older gentry will have to bide their
Levy has iust recoived the best un-
launderied Shirts, linen bosom, New York
mill muslin, for 75 cents.
One comes of the rain. It will fill the
springs and start the streams. And the
town resorvoir will get a good head of
Aplenty of rain this time. We may
hope the dry season is over, and that
the farmers mav now go ahead'prepar
ing their lands for wheat, etc.
There will be no services in the Cath
olic church on next Sunday. Services
will take place in that church on the 2nd
Sunday in this month.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Carolina, Cumberland Gap and
Chicago Railway Company for the
election of Directors and other busi
ness, will be held at Aiken, S. C, on the
4th of November. See adveitisement.
The U. S. Court for Asheville con
venes on the 3d or .November, Judge
Dick presiding. We are infotrned that
the dockets will be heavy, as on the
principle of a new broom sweeping
clean, the deputies have done much
A new feature in journalism is "the
history of his Satanic Majesty," which
is being written for an Asheville paper.
We had been of the opinion that th
world gcnerallv had & sufficient ac-
ouaintance with this individual.
Col. Frank Coxe was before a special
meeting of the City Council last night to
lay before the Council his plans for the
erection of a hotel on Battery Porter,
and to express his wishes as to certain
things connected with ater and sewer
age. A committee from the Council was
appointed to look into the matter and
report to an adjourned meeting to be
held r nday night.
We presume it was the equinoctial.
At all events the wind has blown a gale
irom a little South of east for thirty-six
hours, and with almost continuous rain.
We think about 24 inches have fallen.
The rain was a blessing in some senses:
but we fear disastrous to cotton, and also
to tobacco. .
PBICe lil ST. ,
The following are bargains:
Rogers' Triple Plated Knives at $1.75 and
$2.00 per set;Rogeis' Table Spoons and
forks $6.io per set; Dessert Spoons and
Forks $2.90 per set; Tea Spoons $.65 ter
set. All the above are . guaranteed.
White Hnd'e Knives, good grade, $1.25
and $1.50 per set; Celluloid Hnd. Knives
$2.00 and $2.2o per set; fine Carvers 8oc
per pair. Always lowest prices at .Law's
Silver ana umna nan. .
Wood. Proposals Wanted.
The undersigned has about Two hun
dred Cords of good. Wood for sale, i The
wood is cat and corded on the Cemetery
Grounds.:. Proposals: are mvitsd up to
Saturday next, 3d October, for the wood j'
to be taken at the Cemetery. -
' 31. J. Bkaedkjst, v
. dtd. of Committee.
Don't buy Clothing till you have seen
the new stock soon to be opened in the
new building opposite Eagle Hotel, tf. -
Mr. D. M. Cox, the advance 'agent of
this company, is in Asheville posting
his company for next Tuesday night, at
which time it will make its first appear
ance in Asheville, in the ' play of Rip'.
Van Winkle. Miss Belle Gilbert was
here two years aeo as the leading lady
in the Madison Square Company. , - The
Huntley-Gilbert Company, we are as
sured, is first-class in every respect, and
a treat is is promised oar people.
Yaocby Court
:Is in progress this week. Judge Avery
is-pushing business with a good deal of
energy, and the dockets will, it is believd,
be cleared this week. No capital cases
are to be tried. Hon. Thos. D. Johnston
made a speech on Tuesday, -j. J , '
The crops generally are good in the
county. . The tobacco is said to be splen
did, though some of the farmers are hur
rying too much in the cutting, fearful of
frost. . "-v - -: "
The apple crop is splendid, as will be
shown by :i,he . Yncey exhibit at the
t air. The veQxi&-rrauccY ",U1- aenq
tne Fair at Asheville this month . m
large numbers. '. '
A gentleman of the county says he has
an apple weighing 33 ounces. "He will
bring it to the Fair. ' : :
Messrs J M Gudger. T D Johnston and
W H Malone are in attendance upon the
Court from Buncombe. .
Ffdkral Jckors.
The following named persons have
been chosen to serve as Jurors at the
ensuing Term of the United States Court,
to be held in this city on Tuesday, Nov.
3rd, 1885:
Jackson county R II Stevens, M M
Haywood Riley M Ferguson B. A
Owen, W R Davis, H L Kingsmore.
Madison Ezekiel Goforth, John B.
Nelson, A V Lawson, Stephen Wallen.
Mitchell Woodard Parnell, Waitsell
Hughes, Isaac Steward.
Graham Nathan Crisp, N F Cooper.
Henderson Jacob M Lyda, W . X
Brown, H P King.
Clay L H Mcure, Jas Shearer. . -
McDowell Wm McCall,R RGettv, M
M Teague.
RutJierford J B Walker, Andrew
Eaves, W J Alexander.
Yancey W WProffitN W Ray.
Macon Marion Deal, john Hall, Rufus
II Cunningham.
ClierokeeJ D Abbott, N R McClel
land. -
Swain Chaa Jenkins, T B Chambers.
Transylvania A E English, B C Lank
ford. Polk Israel Higgins, Lewis Coward.
Buncombe Jason McDowell, Butler
Burgin, Lewis Foreman, Jas II Woodard,
R B Justice, D M Gudger, L A Lanning,
D M Ducket, T O Lambert, Jas W Patton,
Alex Pinner.
. a m m
Faib Matters.
It is gratiiying to us to be able to state
to the public that the Fair authorities
are manfully at work perfecting each and
every detail, and arrangement by which
all can be assured of a complete success
at the coming exhibit. The public spirit
ed people of the different counties, and
especially the county committees have
an important work before them, how
ever, which must not be neglected, to-
wit : to bring out their products for ex
hibition, and induce as many as possible
to turn out and take a part in this work
which means so much for this section.
It is hoped and believed that many
thousand strangers will be here to see
what we will have to show, and we need
hardly suggest or say how much interest
we have, as a section in this occasion.
We would excite if possible .your , sec
tional pride the love vou have for vour
beautiful mountain country, your fertile
soil, your health-giving climate, pure
water and every inducement you have
in doing your utmost for an object and
enterprise which is Iraught with more
;nnnn..nn u .k..- ..v.i: I
'U11W,"UVC uJU,uc. i,uuut.iii,iw
for which you have been called to act.
Ihink not in taking some pains and ex
pense in aiding in this most worthy en
terprise that is time lost and expense for
nothing verily no. By putting your
shoulders to ' the wheels and helping
roll them up the mil you are sure to teel,
much gratification after the work is done
that some of the glory is yours, for we
are well assured that a grand success
awaits the efforts of those energetic offic
ials and friends of the cause who are
working so untireingly in this matter.
The premiums are very liberal indeed
especially on agricultural products and
there can be but little doubt that the ex
hibit in this line will be one worth all
your trouble to see. Let the countv
committees appeal to their iriends to get
up their products and articles to be ex
hibited, and see to it that, as many as
possible come and take a part in the
grand rally which we trust our mountain
people have determined upon.
Well Said.
We commend the following to the at
tention of our readers : Dr. M. Lytle's
Elixir we find recommended very kigbly
for bo well complaints, and we most earn
estly urge our people to provide them
selves with either it or some equally
good remedy for Diarrhoea and like com
plaints, for the peculiar weather of this
season is well calculated to produce such
troubles, and they should be attended
to at once, or they may become unman
ageable. Health Monitor.
Handsosb New
Goods-AWtrviNO al-
- ' .--a '
Redwood & Co ,
One Pbice Stoke.
A good , restaurant is a necessary es
tablishment for every city. Doc Hutch
is n supplies this need by the White
Man's Restaurant op:. ftTifn , Street,' be
tween the Bonanza and the bank. Dock
advertises oysters now daily, and offers
a tempting bill of fare. J ; . toc-20.
To the Pubtic Generally. '
I have leased Wm. Hill's Barber Shop,
and take charge of it this day. : I will keep
the very best workmen on ; hand at aM
times. ; H. HuGGrNS.
sept28dtf ' - " '
Proposals Wanted, '. '. I, '
Proposals will be received by me until
J Friday evening, 2nd inst for the erection
ei a anea on me r air urounus. urn iu
be done at once. For plans apply to me.
. Jordan Stone,
Sec. W. N. C. Fair Association.
Wait for - the new Merchant Tailor
Clothier and Hatter opposite the Eaglo
Hotel. - - - v tf..
. -.. - .... ..
The Alternative Mandamus. :'
t Great interest is felt in our. county over
the consideration of the injunction suit
on the No-Fence , question, '- which, was
heard. by Judge Gudger at .Webster this
weeki We published yesterday evening
a telegram from Webster stating that the
Judge failed te grant the injunction ask
ed agayist" the county commissioners of
Buncombe, restraining them from levy
ing the necessary taxes and building the
fence; but instead granted an Alternative
Mandamus allowingthe Board of Com
missioners and the chairman of the joint
board oi Magistrates to convene the
Magistrates and hear petitions from the
townships: or to appear before him at
Franklii.; Macon county, on the 10th
inBty and show cause) why they should
not be compenea to ao so.
The enect of this mandamus, as we
understand it, is to restrain the county
commissioners from my action in the
execution of the law. Until the question
in the mandamus shall have been decid
ed, in the meantime we learn it is the
purpose of the counsel for the commis
sioners to . appeal from- the granting of
iluernangamus, anatnat fcna conuaot xor
the piaintin-reserve the right to appeal
irom the refusal to giant the injunction
prayed tor.
u The order of the Judge granting the
mandamus was served upon the officials
to-day, t . .
Messrs. J. IL Merrimon. Joh nRtnnn
Jones and Gudger and Carter appear for
me county commissioners, and Messrs,
F. A. Sondley and M. E. Carter for the
anti-fence plaintiffs. ;;
Black Mountain Township is the only
township appearing in the immediate
suit, but it is understood that this is only
a test case for any or all of the seven
townships outside of the six townships
emDracea in the legislative enactment.
The plain English of the whole matter
is, we believe, that the failure to obtain
the injunction makes the law absolute
in the entire county, notwithstanding the
mandamus, unless the Magistrates shall
have been convened before the first of
November and shall allow Black Moun
tain or other townships to withdraw.
When the rail road from here to
Hendersonville shall, be completed
a valuable industry will be open
ed . in- building and nagging stone.
Mica shales and mica schists abound
there, and the laminated structure gives
them much of economic value. The
rocks of Buncombe attainable to us are
much contorted, and there is great dif
ficulty in procuring proper stone for side
walks. Henderson county has an advan
tage, and can supply the world.
Common labor wanted
at Whittier, Swain county-, N. C. See CapU Natt
Atkinson, in the Citizen building,
oct l-d3t
Carolina, Cumberland Gap
and Chicago Railway Co.
; Barnwell. C. IL. S. C , Sept. 29, 1885.
holders of the
Carolina, Cumberland Gap and
Cnicaff o Railway,
for the election of Directors and other business,
will be held in the office of the company, at
Aiken, S. C,t 11 P.M., on
Wednesday, 4th November next.
Acting Secretary.- octl-law4w
' If not sold privately, I will sell
by auction, sale day, Thursday, October 20th, on
the Fair Grounds, two thorough bred Jersey bull
calves, and one one native cow with half Jersey
calf, about one month old, by her side.
Oct. 1st, 18S5. JAS. R. DuBOSE.
oct l-dlawwtd
.Buncombe county.
Office of Clkkk Svperiob Cobbt.
Notice is.hereby given of the incorporation of
tne Asnevme Telephone
that the
names of the incorporators are C. 51. McLoud,
Richmond Pearson, N. W. Girdwood, F. Stike
leather and E. J. Aston, and such officers as they
may associate with them: that the principal Place
of bnsine8s shftll he ln" the citv of Asheville J
county and State aforesaid, and its general pur
pose ana Dusiness is to "esiaoiisn, erect ana
maintain in the counties of Buncombe, Haywood,
Henderson and Madison, in tne state or nana
Carolina, or in one or more of Bald counties, a
system of-teleohoneswith a'l necessary exchang
es, offices, poles, wires, instruments, machinery,
implements and all other things now used or
which may or can hereafter be used in connexion
with the instruments known as telephones, so as
to make and keep up a thorough system of tele
phone service in one or more oi said counnes; '
that the duration of the corporation shall be thirty
years; the capital stock is 910,000, divid ed into
one thousauU shares at the par value of 810.
Oct. 1st, 1885. , E. W. HERNDON,
oct 1-dlot Clerk Superior Court.
of the Bank of States vi lie against M. Patton,
et. al., I will sell at public auction for cash at the
Court House door in the city of -Asheville on
Monday the 2iid day of November. 1885, M. Pat
ton's interest in a tract of land 1 vine and beine In
the county of Buncombe on the head waters of
nig uanay musu creek, aajoining tanas oi nay
wood county, line of W. R. Randall and others,
containing 3,270 acres, more or less, being all the
lands lying in Buncombe county, described in a
deed made by J M. Lowery and H. F. Lowery to
E. Sluder, M. Patton t nd John Beeves, dated 15th
of November, 1867. The above described ands
are sola to satisfy the execution and cost as above
described. This mn sept. 1885.
sept S0-w4w . . s , .. J. fL HIGH, Sheriff.
Swain Co. Land"
Apply to A. F. RICE,
sept 29-di m ' ' Asheville, N. C.
Wabklaw McGiix, M. D.,;
S. W. BATTLE, M.D.,!U. S,
Offices over DeVault's Drug Store.
" Special attention to ' .
Eye aud Ear, Throat and Nose, Heart and
.t. ...... . Lungs. v-;,.'
t3.0mce hours 10 a. m. to yi m., and 2 to 4 p.
I have full authority byan actothe
Legislature of North Carolina at the last session
to order registration ot deeds, dees of trust,
mortgages and chattel mortgages.
, ; t, Clerk Inferier Court. J
- Sept. T.-dlmdtwlt. - '
, 'r; Arc You Hungry ?
gu to - -
i IIII,TAS Dining llooin,
And get something nice to eat.A
HILL ia-always on hand, and the V- f
finest the market affords to sn- rfJu
tain him. South Main sf.,
;-se-I5-dtf 2 doors above Eagle 1 1.
SitKSP Husbandry in North Carolina
Says, the Ealeigh NewS'Ohseryer of
Tuesday : ; ' " ' '.: . ''
Mr. Huttori, an English gentleman of
large experience in sheep husbandry in
Australia, passed through this city last
week. He has visited Texas and Califor
nia and thinks North. Carolina possesses
some advantages over those Stated. The
soil, climate and abundance of rainfall
will, he thinks, prove especially suited
to that line of business. He is- now in
the western counties, looking" for a suit
able location. It is. hoped he may be
pleased with this State and locate m it.
There is no doubt that sheep-raisins can
be successfully carried on in many. places
in Worth Carolina on a large scale.
Jtltrdered by it JTIayor. '
: Fort Sajith, Ark , September 29,
Alexander Aaron was shot and
killed on the streets of Van , Buren
last night by Charles Taylor, mayor
oi that town, lhey had a dimculty
about a prostitute and had threat"
ened each other's lives. Aaron fol
lowed Taylor and attacked him with
a razor, when the " latter drew his
pistol and fired.A'arbn died almost
instantly as the case seems to be
one of self-defence. . . '
Brutal Murder in Xorlh Caro
: lina. :
. Danville, Va., September 29.
A negro man named Bud Mciiane
feloniously assaulted Mrs Hugh
Walker near Milton, N. C, beat her
with a piece of fence rail, and after
wards shot and killed her in the
presence of her children. Her hus
band was at work in a tobacco barn.
The man went off immediately and
has not been captured.
First of the Season. - ' . .' ;
Messrs. Zachary Bros., at their popular
stalls on Main street and No. -i, Market
House, are now offering Fresh Pork, daily,
to their customers. Now fof superb pork
chops and head stews. - toc5
Fresh Oysters,
In air-tight cans, received every Tues
day and Saturday, at Capt Price's Fresh
Fish market, adjoining Weaver's Shoe
Store. The oysters are a luxury. .Fresh
ocean fish of the best varieties, received
every Wed'sday and Saturday morniiujB
Call promptly. tr.
Board at Reduced Rates
Can be secured at the very popular re
sort the Turnpike Hotel, fifteen miles
west of Asheville, immediately on the
W. N. C. R. R. Mails, telegraph and exf
press. Apply in person or by letter to
Mrs. J. C. omathers,
dtOctlo ' Turnpike, N. C.
The best 5!cent Cigar in town at Ly
ons' "White Rose."
Niagara Vines
' AT
Roseland . Vineyards,
MIKEJr, s. c.
30 cents per pound, wholesale, for the
fruit in New York the past season.
100,000 strong 2 year old vines now
growing and for sale at the . .
Southern Headquarters.
Being a propagator of this justly cele
brated grape, and the authorized agent
for its general introduction, am in a po
sition to offer special inducements in
Strong Acclimated Vines and
cheap freights.
bend orders direct to
Roseland Vineyards.
.' Aiken, S. C,
Or to my agents.
Reliable JTIcn Wanted, in Each
;. v- County -i - -
For certificate of agency, orde Vook,
&.c, address as above.
No vines are genuine unless a seal is
attached; and none of my agents are gen
uine whose certificate number is under
: - se29-dlaw-wlm:
Valuable City Property for
.' Sale.
L Avenue, adjoining C. Cowan's
Jv0lrv KtnrA -nl-ftTrtv nf TT Jntln.
ston. dee'd.. will be sold a. public III
auction on 1!
Tliursday of the W. N. C. Fair Association,
October 22d, 1S85, - '
At the premises on Patton Avenue. Sale to take
place st 1 8 o'clock m. ...
A strict compliance with the terms will be re
quired. -
Terms One half cash down; one half on twelve
months time.
K. B. JOHNSTON. J-ecuiors. .
se 22-dtw,tds. . . .
7. D. KYLE ti CO.,
Importers and Jobbers of
, No. 9 Grovernor Street, r ' ,
' ' ' ; RICHMOND, VA - : : ,
Have constantly on hand a iarere
stock, of goods, specially adapted to
the wants of the Western North Car-,
olina trade, and will be pleased' to
quote lowest prices on application.
Agents for King's Great Western
Powder Company, and the celebra
ted Bessamer Steel Horse and mule
Shoes, warranted to ; wear. - 50 per
cent, longer than any. shoe on the
market. - J. L. C. BIRD,
Traveling Representative.
Notice to Tax Payers.
to collect the City Tax. and hope all will come
and settle their taxes, and save trouble.as I have
to settle with tne city on .uecemoer 1st.
. KeBnectnuiy.
- . :. - T. C. STARNES,
septM-dlw i ? City Tax Collector.
t '
; "t cial Tp crrizEij.1 !
Watching Bulgaria; ''-l
- i i' ';;'; COXSTAKTISOPLB, Oct.' 1 "
, The Ambassadors met to-day to con
sder.the Boumelian questlonjat the resi
dence of Count Dorti, the: Italian' Am
bassador, . but adjourned without trans
acting any business of important nature,
several of the ambassadors having not
yetjeceived instructions' from their re
spective governments. -Porte has sent
circular to Powers protesting against the
recent ; action of. Prince Alexander' in
disarming Muzlemen . in -Parishes ' of
Roumelia' Porto as a precautionary
measure to prpvent the reduction pf sup
plies in event of a war witb Bulgaria,
has Issued an order prohibiting; exporta
tion of cereals. ' ' , :
A Fashionable Marriage. ' ;
, ' -. 7l Pabis, October 1. ;
Mmlle; Em a Nevada was . married . to
day to Dr. Eaymond Paiiner, of Birming
ham, England. The service' took' place
at the English Embassy, and the relig
ious ceremonies at the Church of the
Passionist Fathers. ." 'The bridesmaids
were Misses Morris, Johnston,' Everett,
and Sint of America. Signor Salvini It
ialias, tragedian, was "best man." The
attendance was largely American, the
English and Parisian fashionable society
being well represented. The occasion
was marked by much enthusiasm; and
display of flowers and elegant costumes
lent an air of gaity to the scene. i
Judge Itoundtree as a Pugilist
Santa Cruz; California, Oct IV i
While Judge Roundtree was making
out the commitment of John 'Kennedy,
yesterday, the prisoner attempted to
clean out the court room. He was seiz
ed by a constable, and a desperate strug
gle ensued. Kennedy was getting , the
better of the officer, when the Judge, hav
ing finished writing the commitment,
descended from the Bench, and remov
ing his coat, took a hand in the; : row.
Judge Roundtree is noted for his physic
al powers, and soon, succeeded in subdu
ing the prisoner, who at the end of the
fight, was in a condition of a knocked
out pugilist. The Judge then reascendr
d the Bench, and imposed an addition
al sentence of 30 days imprisonment on
Kenndy for contempt of Court :
Xew York Stock Market.
New Yoke, October 1;
New York Stock Market opened strong
this morning, first prices generally being
s to j percent, higher.. White Union
Pacific was j, and New York Central
higher; but Pacific Mail was unchanged.
In early dealing continued strength was
manifested and further advances of J to
i per cent, were made. After first fifteen
minutes, however, the market reacted)
and early gains were lost, but before 10;
30 it again became strong and continued
so untill 11 o'clock. Gains ranging from
to $ per cent., in which Western Un
ion, Pacific Mail and Union Pacific were
prominent. - Grangers and Yanderbilts,
however; were barely steady; at 11 o'clock
market is active and strong. Total Bales
for hour 10,000 shares. "
Baltimore Market. ; ;
Raltimoke, Oct. 1. :
Flour, steady, with regular demand
Wheat, Southern, steady, Western, quiet
firmer, Southern red,' 95a97, amber 1 1 00a-
r-01. No. 1 Maryland 97a97J. Corn,
Southern, steady for white, easier for
yellow. Western,-dull.; White South
ern 54a5G, yellow 51ao2. '
t '''
.. Foreign Honey Slarket. - :,
London, Oct. i, Noon.
Consols 99 13-16. - ' --:'""''- : J
London Oct" i'.
Bullion decrease 471,833 pounds.. .
" ' Paris, Oct 1.
Specia decrease 12,242,000 francs; gold
2,181,000 francs. . ;: ;
; Death, of an arl.
London, noon, pot. 30.
Earl of Shaftsbury died to-day.
"Bixlys," "Buttons," "Brown's" and
"j5on xon" are tne best brands or snpe
polish known to the trade; all of which
are sold by W. T. Weaver, at the One
Price Shoe Store. , t. . v
The Citizen Job Office
Is one of the most- com ete offices in
the State, and work of every kind will
be done with as much neatness and de
spatch, and as cheap, j it can be done
anywhere. v ' ' : , y
Fbxsh SophubWatkb - 1 '.
On draft daily, direct from the Springs,
at Dr. Moneure's Drug Store; with other
mineral and Soda waters. Call on mm.
A good ock of Clothing, Dry Goods J?an
cy Goods, Hats, Shoes, Carpets dec, at fixed
and reasonable Prices - r - t . -r.tn 'Vlts
,ndif ii , n RKTiWQOD V& CQ:t
FOE 8 VLB. ri " i ' '' '" ' ' .'
A bamin is offered In an excellent
rIANO at very i
. sept 80-Iw cf i
very low rates. Apply w
His. 8. M. CHUNN.
The White Man's Restaurant
, . . by Dock Hutcliio - , r
'; ' 'I lk
OC ved
Tda ived
1 at r . - . a b 1 e
prices.-- iuesm
servd ,.tt all
;. septl7-tf..
Afer October 1st tht
WES TEEN or BANK HOTEL Is Tor rent. '
Appl 7 to - JOHNSTON St SHt'F JRD.
- sept 5-dtoctlst . .
' ' IF 6t t&i Ash iiVii.i.i Citizkw.
WHY NOT?., :i . , ,
' : - Why- ri'rjt stop all the' tass' about the
fence 4a w ' business and' let' everybody
have things as he want's them t If the
PeJp!e..91': iWfttk . Mountaip, Avery's
f. JtfF ri??Pinyj .are.pppqsod
tcj the'r law, ( wyt Bhoujd AaherUle , and
other Qwnsjb'irjs force it pn. them ? In
iny' oplriiori would be est to, let those
townshijiso; and! ifthey Vant to,' keep
going, aajtha theji dorrticairj,: the bal
ance of xuiiWiHbi theini -This, would, .cer
tainly stop, much .bitter disousaion, and
in the end' would "establish the law on a
firmer -.basis than it now - had. u Let the
county commissioner? call, joint meet
ing of1 the ' magistrates of the county,
which carl be jdone in very1 short time,
and let this joint, meeting draw in the
fence "so as to exclude the townships
that don't want to go with us, and no
body, will be hurt. , Messrs . Com miss lon
ers anc Magistrates, come to the rescue,
and give us gentle, sweet! peace. You
can dp, it. . Yon are the- leaders of the
party, and as such,, y oil should avoid the
courBe that wilrBiost assuredly sivetaid
and, comfort to. the jenemy.,-; Would it
not be a thousand times better to draw
a line that will separate the elements of
strife,! and thus nip in the blid brighten
ing hopes of those broken down pol
iticians who expect to build themselves
up. upon the misfortunes' of our people ?
Gentlemen, pause and, consider ! , Let
our sister townships depart in peace.
Perhaps they will return to ris, in the
sweet bye and bye.- Deuocsat.
The Citizen -i-i'-.--- "
Will : have! a representative at all the
Courts in the West. It is earnestly hoped
that all. friends will meet Iiko; promptlv,
and make old,things new by closing up
all old accounts. We feel we can call on
all now with confidence of a ready and
willing response.-; i Those: whb;maynot
be called on bv him. are kindly reaucs-
ted to call on him; so that all matters can
be settled up. ,lt is necessary wc should
make this urgent appeal. ,to our friends.
11 tit w n
Entetpbising. :..V ';'
We were vesterday Bhown through the
wholesale druer house of Messrs. Sanford.
Chamberlain : & Albers, and were per
fectly surprised to see tlie amount of Dr.
Hart s ureat Kehef thev are sniDpinein
all directions. t eTpeople evidently ap
preciate 'this-valuable family medicine,
for we notice that of the numerous orders
received daily by that house, there is
scarcely one that does not call for sev
eral dozen of this: wonderful remedy. No
family should be without it at this sea
son of the year:1 :
. Governor Hill, of New York, has
been ' endorsed !by the Trades
and'Iiibor 'Assembly., representing
all the labor organizations of Syra
cuse as a "well tried puhlic servant,"
and his re. election is advocated in
the interest of the laboring men. .
, When the band begins to play and the
youth beauty and chivalry of the coun
try go whirling through the gaitics of
the ball room,, you. may bet they have
bought their dancing pomps at W. T.
Weaver & Cos One Price Store. - tf
1 Presh Pork Sa'ushge daily on . hand at
Zacha'rv Bbs.' Stills: on Main street and
No. I .Market JJxme. , toe 5.
Land Essrv Blanks,' ; 1 "i
The Citizen has on hand a' full supply
of blank warrants for land entries. Snd
us your orders. ' "' ' '
. 1 1
j Our.Stock.is' nbwcomplete and made
of the best materials, with all the latest
improvements. Single and double sets
in nickle and oriental rubber, either gilt
or pickle lined. : Allober trimmings, on
Short notice. :
it ! :-. "AVf .i t: .:'. 11 ' '
Saddles and Bridles
Of every e'rade and price, from cheapest
Morgan to the English" Shaptoe. : '
Of everyind, fiize grade and. price., f: : '
3ust reCdived ' a ' fresh stock," including
Track Suits; Sweat - Hoods, 'Jowl Hoode,
Coohng Blankets,' Ankle OQts of differ
enf patterns, Linen Sheets of all, prices.;
ijiFjia isr.s.
The finest stock in the. market. Call and
see them. . ; r ; , ... ,,. ... ,
TVtips Saddle , Cloths ; an tl
In every, variety.-,, 1 . i ; ., .
! "Remember 'weMiave 'no machinery,
all work done by hand and' giiaranteed.
Call on us and Bed what can be bought
m Asheville in our line. mi- m.; .0 -i - i
: ........ ... ..! . ,.i .u 'lit
Korth Main street opposite old.Cehtral
Hotel; AshevUle, N. C. ;, y , , . ,
Rail Road-Tickets
i Tioight and Sold, 7 1
.) .-' ;..;-- -! ' ! ,!
thi it . WTl iJv pdn'ch';
se S-dlin ? - -At' fltitti IIOTjEL.' 'r
I t'l 'Ll ' i'. " I' ' ' r " '" '1 1 '
Lots For
r 1
Monthly instalments,' witiiotit inten
rest.iU ' 'ri . : "
auJOrdfira U. DOBBLEDAY. '
. I -
Privileges .at Western ' .
North Carolina Fain1-
J H- priTilge for the saU of refreshment,.
Hide Shows. 4e., at the oominr rtlr of Weuru-.
North Carolina Kuir AxncluUon, to beheljiu.
Asheville, . C, ootnmenelnif ; - :."
;, : 0ber 2Mb, to eon Utttle 4 dnyu". :
nidi received to 15th October, One-thtrd cuih
will bo refjnired, talanre saiisfnptrily geeurad. .
-r ) J. Address- JOKDAN HTONE, Hecv.,
" W. N. Fair Aisoriiu'iim, .
I Ashevaio. N. c, Sept. ao, 18S5 toiatu
'J 1 1.

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