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TCSirnaiii- Ctcna - & Carneyon,
. -T) I i .-'7:m i - , i M i 11-lV" J -V . ' I I- . It ' ." "' 1 " '. f -i r. I I ' I ! : . I 1 , I ."" . I . . - V III. II-I 1 ft 1 :"- 4 I I I I
1 Year,
' O IVIos.,
X Year,
6 JMos.,
; 3.00
vol: i.no 165
Asheville Business Directory.! JJLV EDITICXN '
tlGetiertd Merchants Wholesale and Retail.
t , C, E. Graham A Co. , 8. E.Chedester&Son, J.D,
' - ' Brevard & Co., J. O. Howelli 8. Hammenihlag.
C.E. Lee. H. Red ood & Co.. J. P. Sawyer. G. A.
Mean, A. H. Jones 4c Son, Bearden, Ken kin St Co.,
: v. M. Brown, u. KODerts .y , ,
t Garden and Held Seed.
Powell t Snider. H. H. Lyons, A. J. Merrill, H.
ledwooA fc Co.. J. 0. Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bearr
rieayHakikln dc Co., C. H. Honour.
Grain, May and Flow.
, . j I . B. Starnes, Powell & Snider, Alexander and
reniana. ; ...
; Narduiare, Agricultural Implement!, d-e.
Pen niman &, Co.; VanGllder& Brown. -Stove,
JloniefumUhing, and Tinware.
Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, Lindsey Bros.
'..,, r Clothino.- QcnU twrnUhina. Ac.
' '-' ' Jvmes V. Sawyer, M. Levy, Charles E Lee, S
n niuociE,
" is r " V Soots, Shoes, and Hat.
, T.'"Weaver, JLLevy. "
vi !i i Boot and Shoe Manufacturer
M. Levy, AV. T. Weaver, A. Freek.
Books and Stationery.
J. L. Wilkie, S. N. Morgan & Co.. H. T. st-
rook, H. K. Lyons.
' , Drugoitts and PharmacetUUUs.
. . H. H. Lyons, Vf. C. Carmlchael, C. JV. De Vault
. art.ia.. c. x. ftiomjure, w. jc. reinam.
DeVault Bros.
. Jewelers.
.. C. Cowan, Steflner and Robertson.
FamUu Groceries. -
Pow etl nd gplder, 6. K. Kepler, A. H. Cooley, I
Penley & Co.. T. F. Kterncs, G. W. Goodlake. A. J.
IvrilL J. KnJare, Wareand Howell, A. C. Davis,
aiunesc ranas, Ji s. aiactey &-U.. Jesse jx. scarnes,
Arrival and Cepartare of the Trains.
Salisbubt Mail train arrives 9:29 i, x. .
.. ' " . Departs 6:82 p. k.
" Day train arrives at 2:14 p M.
" " departs at 10:30 a- m.
.Tennessee Arrives 6:37 r. k.
Departs 9:47 a. m.
Waysksville AiTivos 49 P. M.
- Departs 9:39 a.m.
' The Waynesville train reaches that point at
li:su ; retnrning.i eaves waynesville at 1.36.
) i Smith.
" Butciters, Meal Dealers, Ac
ZBrtiery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davis, Me-
i.oniieii una urake.
. Bakeries "
J. J. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Olivei,
Confectioners and Bakers.
J. J. Desmond, (factory), JMHeston,! Wells.
Saddlery, Harness c.
. A. M Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland.
'm ''' ' ' Furniture, te.
W. B, Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mc-
. ........ Undertakers .
j j"X,' Brand, J. V. Brown, John Clayton
' " . Coal Dealers.
, .8. f. Venable, D. S. Wab on, Hill and Atkins
. uirawooa w.
:. '" " '' Lumber Dealers . . . ,
onbleday Scott. .
CtoiUaHors, Carpenters, and Builders.
I. (iorenHo, John Hart, J. A. Waener. T C.
Wstall, K. J. Armstrong, J. E. Bnttrick, T. L.
; A-iayioii, a,. u..west.: --
; Blacksmiths
, D. W. Cauble, J. H, Woody. . , . .
Will be published every Morning j ex
cept Monday) at tlie following rates
strictly cash:
One Year, . . .. . $6' o0
eix Months, . . . . , 3 00
Three " . . . . 1 50
One " . .. . 50
One Week, . .... - " 15
. Our Gamers will deliver the paper ev
ery Morning in every part of the city to
our euusenbers, ana parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office.
W. T. Weaver. Sole Aeent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoes for men. tf
Send your Job Work of all tend to the
Citizen Office, if you uunt it done neatly,
clieaply and uitfi dispatch.
Weather Report Oet. 21.
Barometer at 9 a. m. ."0...2 .
Thermometer Minimum o8;
mum 4!).
8k v Paitlj' cloudv.
Rainfall on Oct 200.5 inches.
Wind Strong north. '
Moon Full on 23.
; ;Jnf'a. E?le, n Central, Western, Shoes, Bubbers, dc
- t-'arplma House, Slaj le House, The Villa. I ..... . . r
The Daily Citizen
Gives the only telegraphic dispatches
A fine line of Hats, Caps and Furnish
ing eoods will soon be opened opposite
Eagle Hotel. - tf.
Go See WiriTLOCK's New Goods.
" Warranted Shoes from the follouring well-
.' markets: Aiegler JSros, J A Hamster
Packard and Grover, Thomas Sloklev and
Merriam and Tyler.. Low priced Boots and
One Price Store.
Private Boardina.
b. F. Venable. A. T. Sommev. Miss Bettie
drown. Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer-
sonv miss emtio, x. w. eei, Mrs. A. a. cnunn,
j. m. umnvr, u. si. awoerxs, ti. ti. urani, u. l,. aio
. T. Keyoolds, Mrs. T. E. Kevnolds. E. Sluder. Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Brolles, Mrs. J C Sm at here, MrE
L. Baird. W. W. McDowaII. Jaram W. Pnttn Ttfii
, Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
. jiiv jsiwmux i b juujuuiien, r orrefix w vv est.
i, ' .-. ' liire-ry. Sale and Feed Slablea.
, . Reynolds & Chambers, J. M. Bay. A. Wed
oiu... james seyier, c. y. Alien, x. H. stanslll
vtm. (jox, w. nernaon, B.,ti. xtaraara, U. W.
morgan a- co., ts. x. ciemmons, Jesse it. Starnes.
; Colleges, Schools, fcc.
Ashevillfr Female. Colleee. Aabevitle Mule
Aeademv. Newton Academy. MissGoodloe's Hicb
School tor young ladies, Miss Sawyer's Primary
acnooi, airs. J. tr. Gammon's Primary School, I v; v.n: xv, o -i
three white public schools, two Bood colored 1113 Versatility to the InbVLW.
-ncnooiH. A rraam scMoinas Deen Autnonxed by ! - -
taw, and a- State normal school will be ld every I Hflrrlwinkft anrl WaIIko' inhanon
MUiinent,&c flue attachment attracts a exeat Iea
Mann, J.; P. Sawyer, Mrs RB Porter. " 1 1,1 utn 1 111 " alr
jlttoriKjs X Law. I T)r- J. Onppn n nnmilnp urnmr,
M3Loud Moore. J. H. Merrtmon. E. H. Mer- . . ' J
rimon. M. K. Carter. A. L. Carter. Gudeer & Car- I dentist of . Wfl vnesvillp rave no a
ter.J.M.Gndger,F.A.Sondley,:W. H. Cushman, U1tl,T,t o1i JT.Jh '
tuenmona reunion, r.. v. carter, w. w. vancuver, I .fwo"" j uo; .
T)avir)imn - Mnrtin T V lnnoa S W nwH W It I
Gwyn, Locke Craig, w. k. whitson, Jones and I L he streets were verv generally
Rev. Peyton" H. Hoge of : Ri6h-
mond, has accepted the . call to . be
come pastor f theFirst Pre-lj
iwiau vuuivu, r llUJUlg IUU. :-:v, (
The Teachers and.; the ladles :.ot
the College made a pretty show;;fat
the Fair yesterday: '.V.''
- In addition to the members of
the press in attendance upon the
Fair, we have the pleasure of add
ing Mr. Hoskins) of tne " Greensboro
North State, Mr. .W. H. Osborne, of
the fonelby Aurora, Mr. SamSjOf the
Waynesville . News, and - Mr. Eaves.
of .the MarioA: Bugle J i We, vvere
E leased to h aye so'manyof our
retiiren over among us. ' -
. The Hugh Johnston store on Pat-
ton Avenue, was sold -yesterday j- by
the .Administrators, " according to
advertisement, - and was purchased.
bVMr. C. A. M vers, of Oil -:Gity,:
Penn., for $3,905.00. We are " very
much pleased -: to know Mr. Myers
will become a resident of oui citv,
and we congratulate him upoji "get
ting so good a property! at so rea
sonable a price.. ;
Thk Last Day. s -
' This is the last day of the Fair.
Evry man, woman and child ought
to go down, arid thus make the clo
sing lay a grand holiday : lor .all.
Besides the usual programme ' for
to-day, the grand tobacco sale . will
take place. ;
O. . I. C. " v ,
Every body will so exclaim upon
seeing Sawyer's advertisement. He
presents 'an entire change of pro
gramme' detailing something new,
and excellent, .and attractive and
useful in every department. Special
attertion" is called to his advertise
ment, and to the very large stock it
refers to.-V ' ir :
. Joslynj the new - Merchant Tailor, j
ia showing: some very j fine gentle
At the residence of Mrs. J, P. Gammon,
Atneyiue, J. u, September '22, 1885, jLe-
nien s clothing and furnishing goods iia r: Langhorne,- youngest' daughter of
His prices are as low as the goods the Hew M. J. Ianghorne, of Smith ville,
can be sold foi.
Fair Notes j
Call and examine.
' Large and. v
lions were ir
partment,jjk '
the display' ext
Also, large addi ;
the Agricultural ;
ments. All will I
to-day. Be sure t
A gentleman wli ; - :S
and New Orleans ; i
the agricultural proun-
stock on exhibition at our Fair" ex
Va.. fell sweetly asleeD in the arms of
her Savior. r Lelia wasa young lady ) of
e lent aadi- j teem . d affection of -11 wk0 kn,. htrl
to the L;idies' de- Bat we do not come to SDeak of her ont-
a v v whiii madp I war attractions, but to tell of what made
j.i . - . 1 AVi VAAVX J buau, A14 bUCOC, 1 TUI
,i i igL) at w acuve, we- implicit trust and unswerving faith
,v J,uail(-IH H WRR A trrPHT. ' f1i nprpr lltlr. Oil " Wrflft
on ex. bitibn "Menaeo ner cantsoiy - to ner patience
oil rln- 'i I : naguuou , ui juer : ueaveniy
d tL
i i. iii7i a nui.. iruio. v uci ! CAurcafilollIf
ate will show how fully she realized Christ's
an ;a presence, ana now willing she was to
,i I ao or to euller Ins nolv will.. In taikina
al-WtT.' vUe tn nna aha InvaA anil rUr. rrraa nnlndinm
1 1 1 i 1 ... ur
v tier teu Blue, sne saiq: l coma never
celled an vthing -Sr? ever sals Jit eith-i have borne this aniictioij if it had Jiot
ur piuc& in quaniy, . xi is grana. -. ; kcc" ij my -uer oavior, out - ne nas
rhprp. were two rap.pa r.nlv vpatr. "ee" ngui Aviin me .aiL ine urae, ana lie
..... .. r I ir rtrorMnna fr -mp ,r -' WKarf nal.
v, uw . .UCU . 1 1
When every body is out of town
it makes it migbtv hard work for ve
Mr. J. H. Merrimon spent yester
da3'at Marshal, on important law
Penniman & Co. make an attrac
tive display of agricultural goods at
nie r air. . - ;
Mr. Vandiver is adding much o:
Lr i i,vA I . - -
Nati Atkinson, a. t. Davidson, w. h. Maione, I deserted yesterdav, everybod v near-
Ha.rilwicke, Johnston & Shufocd.W. M
V. S. Lust, f-.A. Cummirigs, A. J. Lyman.
" ; 1v9iriai and Surgeons.
n, J. Cain. Xi- i2 C-V:, . ffillard, John Hey
' m itiiams, j. a. Durrougns, J. A. v aison, sa. Xj.
. nelson, Wardlaw McGin. H P.Gatchea
t r;r Dentists: fTj' , t: .'
G. Wj. V0iiiV, ft ft. PonjlftgrR. H. Reeves, A.
. ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
oi A&heville, Binder & Barnard,
I JtiL &. ' Herchamt latter. r
J. W. Schanie.
Dealers in- Furs.
OttsM Agencies.
ly taking in the Fair and the Big
ijaroecue. .
Dr. G. D. S. Allen of Haywood
attended the Fair to-day, and was
6" "'- Jtif utujgiiicu.
1 "t A ' i?11.1 11 .1
xjits . Btrceis are .niiea wiia; me
people of the counties. All hail to
the Fair.
Friend Young ot Cane Creek said
WrTio,n"2rI'yman, Katt "ktoso". he had a mule that could beat any
thing he saw running: m the race
yesterday. Had on the mule,
The Firman Jack Combination
has pleased the people of Nashville
Tenn. so much that he has consented
to remain -and fill another week,s
engagement. They are clever actors,
and deserve success.
Job Offices.
The CmutN Job Office, Hunt & Robertson.
. Photographers.
Nat. W. JViryiari Xf. T. Kobertson, T. T. H1U.
" ' 'SOrist Mills, d-C
Jordan & Hailyriurton, N. W. Girdwood, Jas.E.
Buttriok. i McLane.
?, Fertilizers, dee.
. ( Architects and Civil. Engineers,
8 F Venable. 3 A Terinant, '
- - Tobacco Warehouses.
. . The Asheville Warehouse.- The Burner Ware-
house, The 'Farmer's Warehouse; Kay's Ware-
noiise, ine uuncomDe warenouse.
Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking.
rr -8. B. West, McCarty & HuU, J, E. Ray, E. I.
Holme Jc C.,r Shelton d Perry, W. P. Williamson.
Coopers, die
L. F. SorreUi N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
. Win. Umur. Afi. .
,LpnchrM) Bro Hampton t Featherstone, w. I Several communications are upon
tMlef.t Cd.. A.P.SorjeU. ,. . ,v. I -t'- !...,- 11 f..
3lor iuui iaiHc, liiiviug icauueu. us tuis
j, c. Brown t Co.. PattonA.venne-. . week. - Owing to extra work in con-
Papers Manofrs..,.. u . . - , nectlOIl With the Fflir. wfi liavA not
- t-. ; ' y been able to use them. We will do
riAir.v ni wtiti.T rftimritv rt.ian wutrw I so as soon as Tjossible
Advance, TherAsheville Tribune (weekly.) Mr. J. R. Commons of HavWOOd
county has brought us a sample of
mineral water,- which will in the
future have a reputation. The ' de
posit from tlje spring indicates
chalybeate, ; as the leading, idea.
Beyond that we cannot speaki
The grandest white frost of the
season lay on the ground Thursday
morning. ? lwas a white, snowy
fall that ! lay on the grorrhxl, and
there was, ice . enough formed to
show that 'winter had blown the
horn of his coming approach.
Prof. Davison who delighted so
tnaiiyMn Asheville' by. his perfor
mances on a rope stretched - across
Pattoiv Avenhe, fell whhe perform
ing in Spartanburg a tew days ago,
but was not seriously injured.
, I herewith beg to call your attention to
myi well assorted 6tock of Fancy China
and Bohemian Glassware in all colors.
Earthen and Stoneware, Japanese and
Chinese wares in great variety. Silver
ware, Table Cutlery and Trays. o
i am onenng extra inducements in price
i si, in oruer 10 reauce stocK.
J. H. Law, :
-' Onnosite Easle Hotel.
FUESH" OtsTEBS, ' i.:-r?fVy;.--7';.- "i
In air-tight cans, received everv Tuea-'
day and Saturday, at Cap t. Price's Fresh
Fisli market, adioinine Weaver's Shoe
Store, v The ovsters are a laxurv. Fresh
ocean fiBh of the best varieties, received
every Wed'sday and Saturday mornings
Call promptly. ; ' tt.-
' Scarfs, Ties, .' Undcrv:ear, Collars and
Cvffs, Hosiery, Dress Trimmings, ; Kid
Gloves, Jersey Gloves, &e. "
25 ; . IL REDWOOD & CO.
F. N. WaddeU,JStaf Brand," Penniman & Co.,
Anchor Brand, Ok- M. Roberts, Alex. Porter.
Piedmont,' W.H. Fenland, "Owl Brand," Bear
den, Rankir. fc Co ?'Ober fc Co.'s Special," Lyon
de Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C. Starnes, Ar
lington." - w. jrnari, "eea. jfowi,"- a w,
(iirdwood Co "BoJable Pacific." j. .-. .
: " ': '-' insurance. '. ' ' ' "'
. J. AstOHThoe. W. Branch. - - -
.. Wii -THcgravK. v "
8. G. Weldon, manner, . - - r "
"' ffonihem imd jLaams Express.
F. A, Stikeleather, manager. - .
, Fagg; H.4L No. 1,
Treasurer v Hb-eortrtneyrSutreyor U". T. Patton;
Tax collector x. vt . ration.
. InfM; Court1'1 -UJ '''
, Justice G, A. Shufordi Clerk Mont Patton; Splic:
i ft Fnmte Coilmiss toners.
J.E. Rankin, J. A. Reian, G. W. Whitson, L.
Cbilds, Thos. D. Brittain.y- - -
Justices of thePeacti t .
A. T. Snmmey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C.
. J Way, K Mi Ledford, J M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain.;
-. i . City Government. '...- . i '
-P -Mayor R J. Aston; Aldermen W. T. Reynolds.
Alonzo Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, I. H. Gorenfio, N.
W. Girdwood and J. .L. Murray. Policemen F.
i? N- Waddell, Chief; W. G. McDowell, J, H.Hamp
ton, Zgb Balijrt .and TP F Hunter. s : ;1 a:i -
. . .- l VUrm V Tfannrtmtml.
- Hose N. 1, ore man H. C.
Sanitary Department. : v'
. S14 j ?-i Federal Officer ''
TJiS. tomailssioiier, -Ai -TSummoy. Deputy
Collector, (stamp office) A. I), .'ooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Hen-en, Beputy Marshal Is, R. O.
Patters A. 'C, Pattersou,Ijr. Davis, Jl. 8. Har
Ins V-teO:- m--w '
IAad Stole District and Circuit Courts.
JudfsR.P. Dick.folleltar J.E.Boyd. Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P." A. Cummlngs.
. --ryf Foit-OffieiJ'
H.ttidrt'Ps M,Clrls -Of BTKMiiV, W. L.
. Nerinpn, C L. Cliff. . . . " ,
1 j;L-ti'ii';J -!')Stjr ''Machine Agencit. 1 f ,l .''''
1 -, - Whehter WJ1J. H.iHerring, .Merrierk
ViK EeFHie JuHtice. .Singer, M- H Morynihau,
; Siief aerk WiMontnath. Domestic's. R. Ched
ester dc Son, Chas E Lee. -r- f
Cfawty Board of JSfliHvlfrm ' "
A. T. Bmumey, J H Fams and 11 C, tinder. f irst
. legnlai mi in s I tit 1 i iy in ieilr. .
Mr. Julian S. Carr and a party of
Durham's) prominent tobacconists,
will reah the city this morning, to
attend the Big Sale of Tobacco un
the Fair grounds to-day.
NoW is the' time "for people want
ing good .homes to come to Western
Carolina Everything- is invitinar,
And good. ; lands are cheaper now
than they will' be after a while.
Come and grow upwjth the country.
The Big Race To-Dav.1 V . ! :
The mile heat, two best in three;
for a purse $150.00, (postponed from
Wednesday) will take place to-day
at 3:30 p. m. Several fine horses
have been enterred and it: will be
the last race of the week."
Remember this is the last 'day of
the Fair. Let every body. go. Spec
ially let every citizen of Asheville
go. liy this - means can you how
you appreciate the efforts to establish
this important institution here, and
also - appreciate the interest' taken
therein by our friends from this and
other cdunties.;. Our people,' busi
ness people specially, cannot show
too much appreciation of such efforts
And Asheville is to have a beau
tiful park, at last!. Battery . Porter
is to be made' all that the most
eesthetic could' ask,' and the earnest
wish of so many of our citizens and
visitors is to be carried into effect
Not by .public. effort, ;it is true, but
Dy private euergy and public SDint,
x o tjoi. frame tjoxe wiu an De in
debted fof this magnificent addition
to the attractions .nd comforts : of
Asheville. . : . :.
,ln,.. fl-ol iv,;i Ar, ia precious l
Z?iW-?-!Z?r T"Vr.V-,?- ' l'",c she desired to recover; 6he 1 said: ?l
waaj.-. ojrrocw, xx. v miains, ist. perfectly indifferent as to; that: the very
uuc jjuut, xx. avaiu, u,pecona, miny mat ueepiy concernd! ine now. is,
mree-tonrtn mile dasnr purse 1UU, &i raay Dear mis Bore amiction in
2 vears old. Sirroco " Williams, 1st. ?cer?ance witii the will oFChtist. When
Joe Jtally,. JiVans, :. y U, troubled-for fear; I. will Ar . aX
At LZ m. - the . grand jcattle and somethinni? that will not
nt.i. .Lj -J- m it: i-.i. ! x , , .
a lijur. Biiow imiiiiiti .rfL.it? niitr-. umK i iiiit ui iiiv n (fawn Mvinr." '
place." "This slow attracted not only Twice during her painful illness,' she
tne attention DulVt h e admiration n,fo I?c?rVie uuain'i'nl
of- the; imiueasov tliroagi present. 1U
Nearly, two htmdrehead of cattle , , " , nT fy BOQ1- 1 i '.1
dnrl l,rt wvV,TOii oil V,T Il cuuBar .ucipre rref j uratn, ; a
. . vwwmc mend bitting by ner sido said,-"Miss he-
and nothing like it was ever-, before ia, the rest oX Heaven, , wjll be sweet to
i .1 Lll.l. . J - ' 1 I .111. ' ..' 1 ' V. .
eeeii m x,ne otaie anu every animal you aner so -niucn -suuenng." sne Te
was. a splendid one. , ; This depart- Pnf d: "0h. ?e.8 bw I long to be there,
ment has been a surprise even to our
own people.
- At 2 p. m. the announcement was
made that the grand Barbecue was
ready, and every body invited. And
every body accepted the cordial
invitation. The energy of Messrs.
and repeated it twice with great earnest
"O heaven, sweet heaven,
Dear land of rest, '
How I long to be there- ' i! !
And its glories to share.' ' " " ,'
And, to lean on my Savior's breast."
y 'y'- -T:-'r' - - - "BLANKS, A
Andy 06 Work of all kinds don v.-ilk
'- fromflness an 4 at lov rices'
'if. i -V.'
E xplosttrn of a Mine in Tlr.
,' .,: inia. ."; ;- ' .. ;7:' ' '
; , . -j i'ltichmond, Va. Oct'2?.',
An Explosion occurred this morning
at the Raccoon J'itta mine Chesterfield
County Va. One hundred men i were fn
the mine at. the time but only one was
killed,- an. three wounded. The' mine
was and inclined shaft and badly' dam
aged. :. - : ".
The bitter Uail Road War.
' . i-' ChatUnooga, Tenn. Oct. 22. -;
' The lata war between the .East. Tenn.
Va. anil Georgia aad Western and'Atlan-
ue Koads.ijpore fester to-day than ever,
tickets to Atlanta being, sold at : one
dollar and less by both lines. .
I Programme for To-Day,
The Following Magnifi
cent Programme Will
be Observed To-bay.
-fi -til:.
-. , i
The sale of stock will take place at
nan past ten o'clock
. . : sharp, :. : ..;r
. -.!;? niS r; ih.d stiirf
t w - - uui ck n . ' t mi iirrM ix i ruin iti
The President to ilay appointed. Ro- At 3 pJia, lturiLing 'half mile dash
norses ownea and raised in 1 Western
North Caroling DonvKxi :!;;t.:. $25.
At 30, Ma HsATS.two best in three.
PTAr n '- -.rrt.WSO.
At SAo, Consolation purse for horse-a
that have entered arid not 'won' at this
meeting; i miledash; pnrse1 ''' $50.
At 4. p. ra- Running pair mules. 1- mile
London, Oct. 22th. daBb, ourfe, ... $15.
The Privy Council, has dismissed the The Psogrammk for tosla'v is the Wat
appeal of Louis Riel,, leader of the half 01 5ne .week. .. Lt. every body read it
bieed insurrection in Canada acainst the ' ? viis ,;r u-rifnu:
sentence of death passed upon him by
Canadian courts,
bert P. Waring assayer and melter in the
assay office, Charlotte, N. C, and George
S. Stvaga, Collector of Customs for the
District of Cherrystone, Va.. 1. , ;
Reil tin be Hung. ; ;
Tlie Roumclian Difficulty.
; The. Porto iuel a circular inviting
the powers to the onferenaat Con
stantinople for the exclusive object of set-
Speaking to her sister, she said. "Don't
M J. Fnra nnH Ktr. Atlrinnn nA weep for met tell all Bar friends ton.
their committep and the Uhpral If" w.uen lm aeaci,ior .A.snau be tree mg tne itoutnelian difficulty
ZZZZul?;r ? .tuatJesusfa .coming for Appointments oi Postmasters
itinvuui icuviucu mo ucuiwui nic 1 ujc w-uay. yju, x want 10 Dralse linn 1 .. , t. . . ,
t . :: nil tho tima rA .r.nt i . i . V , s r;.i; asiungion, uct
and immensely enioyed. And ev' ?ut 1 haven't tbe voicBV ats1?K at my LPth class postmasters. North Caroh, the exhibit ring,; nj.
ro Kr on,w"Mwl, ' - Tf I ,un!fa1 iiiese nymns: it is well witn my I ua yien Ayre, jacoo ai. Ayre. South
, j T t omr ana runns oek ---tne'wnen" Bhad-
. The stock; and, tobacco : sales to-day
will be most exciting, -c -.,'... ; ;- ,
The Sale of the ground display of To
bacco will begin at 12 o'clock sharp. A
verv large number.of '..buyers ' are here
and will be most attractive', and 'creates
great interest. ,,; riuut Tf.'l
(The Warehousemen are'nbtllied that
the tobacco', to compete for this priniump
must have the tobacco on h grbnnd by
9 o'clock a. m. this morning.) ri!:
After the racing," there will. , be a good
Parade ofall the stock exhibited around
lv i : l. i ... -
was a hazzarduous undertaking to owsda xnenuneia wm. k. uregg
attempt to prepare K barbecuefor Xll sooler tneS W W. ' Pierce
thousands of people, but the eentle- my darling mother so sopn," After this ocuuuer.
The President to-day appointed Wm.
HiU of Illinois Consul general United
New York Stock Market.
Nkw York, Oct. 22.
Stock Market opened generally weak
S Alpha War elipuse,
big crkek;;tenn;
Next Sale Tuesday. Oct. 27th.
: . ,. .; ' '.! lit; ! .
men managing it proved entirely ?h,,ilisered and suffered, several days,
,..1 but never a murmur. Often she would
c4uai wi uie occasion. : call on thoa hnrainr hf to nr. t,l-. If "w w Mmww vwn8UI
The promptness and excellent it was the Lord's will she mhrht di nri States Port at Sarnia.
in? ivm ont . Vtf tK. nnm 1 Aw.4.n I '.aa r.. U . 1.1 J I "
juugujvun jl biic; oupciiiibcuucum I ncu iivui iicr iruuuiea aiiu suuering. I
trom a distance, and thfi easv man- rrom tne time she united vritb th Prea-
ner with which they performed their byter Church at Ashevilh; -th con
j j , . J:r . secrated her time and talents lo her
arduous duties was as gratitying as Master's service!" Her 's was a steadv
encouras n. Ha n ;n . i ; .. . u i .
, As all. the reports of Judges wereJ edge of "Mhe, Lord , Jesus ..Christ;- The tnis "norningthe decline being caused in
not in last night, we are Unable to Church was the place she most longed Party announcement of hitch in thel DD TOI-TT - TOFfcAfY'O
w uc,uu net- iiukj w wb . zaiuB- wi negouauons- ouitveen trunk lines fori , .T-r'rr-'
nerine. iruiyitwas"a lamp unto her fnrmHnn f nn.-f tj,:
, ... i - -" w
mini nail as macn ot tne Uhio being marked show that she earnestly movement without it was aesured: en- ' 1 . -
election as he does of the big pump-1 to 0,low-Curist- In her dying trance into New York. First price of Lakel . Crops excellent. Th trade cordially in
king dowa at the Fair., , rrjLtorJtrrT of wooaccommpuanon .torDuyt.
j :u
: -The Citizen is a Fair paper to
day is it not?
The new street to the Fair ground,
down town branch, was generally
used this week. It is a much shorter
to the depot and grounds than any
other, and Mr. fCorpening did the
work ot grading not only auicklv
put well. :
gloom, and robbed it of its stiftg, v,: j
FOr 15 Days Only
J to per cent
except Reading which was up while
the north western Pacific and Orecron
trancoun were funchanced. there' Was
further decline. in early dealing of to
per cent, but it was soon checked and
i during remainder of hour market, was
strong Reading and Union pacific ad
vancing 1 and Lake shore 2 from' the
lowest figures of morning .Couiderable
feverish ness has accompanied dealings in
some of the low priced securities. At 11
o'clock market U active ar.d strong. ;
Scottish 'CiroIfnlTiaba Hi lailCcapay,
if Limitiin '.l t 'l
H '; LlmittOt
For further particulars addnesa the Com
pany, at '.1' ":
L. You can buyj Dry' Goods,5 Notions j
Hats, Boots, Shoes;- Dress G6ods
and ,maix.othei'ithingst Gut ;
Nearly ; 4000 people visited the
Fair yesterday, and the ''universal
acclaim was, splendid,"fiNeyerJ
beaten m the Stale - before " "Had
noidea of such an exhibition." "It is
worth dQuble the price.of admission
as showing to our own people, and
the world what th is; section " can dd
and is doing..' This countrp can beat
the world when she tries, . Now let
usall try. - i
till Nov.
A large and carefully selected stock of
Clothing, Drg Good's. Fancy Goods' Hats.
Boots and Siof, Carjiets, d:c., at fixed and
reasonable prices. .
r.'o . RED WOOD & CO.
Our friend Pr, Vandiver, the pop
ular .seedsman at,:, Weaverville, ha?
a rule, and when, he has a" rule he
sticks to it;; Hiarule is not to.co ine
to the city, but ohce'f Xn seyeii years.
This year doesnot happen to be th e
one upon which he can come, and
knowing what a ?nlerJdid i Fair was
going on here: this week, exhibiting
the very things he so much delights
see and examine , he has been
sitting cross-l egged at- home . chew
ing the cud ot bitter discontent. We
can - well imagine how. S much he
would have .enjoyed r masticating
some of that, splendid, barbecue at
the grounds on yesterday7- vye will
conclude - our.com miseration by re
ferring oiir esteemed friend to, that
clause of scripture" which saye "A.
wise, man seeth iheetrori of his way
and departs therefrom, but,", bo on.
He will please'hunt' up the section
and read it all. - ' - : '!
Spot Cash Stoic .
.'Vi-.lji-sl ir-
nominally steady: Southern white 52
Mr. C.. A. Myew and family, of
Oil City, Pa., reached the city some
few days ago with a view of becom
ing residents if they liked. They
have spent their time looking
i around . this city" and other sec :.j
tions, Mr. M. having gone as far outLu
.'nu; . ,d..: it ine
as vyimnesavn, m owain. xie was
taking his time about if,, so as to
make a good and satislactory de
cision." ? Wednesday and yesterday
he went to the Fair, and "after see
ing, what 1 thil country! could grow
and show, and seeing tlineople he
came' right up town :. id bought the
Hugh Johnstpir' store building oh
Patton Avenpe. Wtp are ' sure the
gentleman has decide I well. -1? ;
. . . - .
First of thb Season, f -r.J
MessrsV Zachary Bros., at their populai
stalls on; Main street and jNo.- i. Mart ef
House, are now offering Fresh Pork, dailj,
to their customers. Now for superb pork
chons and head stews. V trx-c
, r , , ; ' - " , y y : Silks, Satins, Velvets, French Dress Goods
1 1'i' '-:' . , r in Tllaiu. nlaiiLHtnired. and utrirwet Vim
I our old bhoes can bemade as good as I winnmeia
. . . mxr m , . . I Vftr lf7TC40, XVI. lfU0.
newoniyat. , w.,i. i GingJumu, percaittLlAridseys, Ar.' " Oasw Consisting of Prince Alberts,' Nor
uats: at81a , ; Ik Jackets, Chesterfield, CutT
ewest shapes and best f a kes, at ! Blankets. Cmntortabies- Ac. way ana oacK OUIIS, lor
' Xcut;; this;' 61 .;-J:j'i'4,(;
' ' Baltimore Jtlarket. '
; , ;; ;;;;; Baltimobk, October 22 WITTK0WSKY ,f!&;; HAtlUCp S,
Flour -quiet, sUady. : Wheat Southern ' . ." Vni' a atni i . - v. . i ' 1 1"
quiet and easy, western quiet an4 fairly 1 , '.' ' . u af v.; ' W -
steady. . Southern red 939tf, amber . v,ur BW,re IS X?U5U. wun eaSef , ur'
100102. No. 1 Maryland 9ft9tii. No. b;tW; 1D1rtn'V PfW P'
2 western winter .red. spot 909oJ bid. UZMly, .r 6 TV .ithe, Bargains
Corn-Southen, quiet and firm, western rtTTlrJ"r
za -.11 rnx t : .
,, v .ujj. naa gone;, ;lo 5050i. ,
New Yof kj'sirid musf have, roprp,.
Jxoi1 Ramsey, and Witit, Pattk
son. are. behind to wait or you'." -
tors and are the talk of this '.,h.ole
ftimmnniftf - Wa nnro it'tn mio'Vnt
mixea spot ftf irnwn 'Putrnna;tVVBtw.iiro onioK
gains for them- and have' therefore
.... I ? .-t'.-
V-:-' , : '. X ' . 600 yards of Black r.t grl'iSilk,
rare value, worth S0c per yard, now
621c. ' -: - 'I.! .ivii'.v.
900 yards of Black . gr.'gr. i SHk.
Has 'just received the largest and choice goods, worth ' $1.20 p r 'ynrd,
7tVUV , L-' ; 1 i. : tJi 1 ' ' ' '
. 2200 yards of BlacTc gr.; rilk.
''sublime," .worth $2.23 -per yard,
best selected stock of
, lien x nil .iijiiiiicij' junv icucncuiu, 1
! -- si - W'ttx.ocb: s.:
. , j" -
: i -S l.C" , -
'- London Mujtey
f :
London, ( )
Consols -100i, 4 p. m. K
Handsome Dress r Suito, Cluvtpt Business
Suits, Castimere Stdts in bltt.,- gray ' aftd
browt, YoiUlis' Boys' and Children' Suits,
Overcoats in all sizes from small childrens'
Uy large men's. The greateY part of our
targe stock is in good qualities, ranging in
men's sizes) from $12 to $25 a suit.
. H. REDWOOD & Cd.
r2.3 -- One Price Store.
, Cashmeres in all grades and all colors
and black, at . : - ; WarrLOCK's. . ,
The handsomest line ' of Gents Scarfs
and Ties, the puritan and Genesta the
leaders, at . Whitlock's
Ladies' Cloaks, Russian Circulars, New
markets, Visiles,- Plush Sacques, Walking
Jackets Shatnls,i Boulevards, &c. '- ; , .
A choice, lot 'of Stylish Ilatti, at prices be
low those usually charged for the same grades,
125 H. REDWOOD & CO.
amine. -
now $1.37- j v 1., -i.;:u
4Q pieces jof colored alb Wool
French Cashmeres, 38 inches - wide,
in cardinal, navy blue. seal-; brown,
Mr'EDWOOD & ca Men Youths and Rnvs my"en, garneV Worth 76c per
a fall line of Gentlemen's - v.. 4 - ...vi T i w... KnV; JL V ra iuLiAw
Heavy Dress Flannels in every rifn-
Whitlock has
Underweaf ijvU tialities...cll- rtl x
vr' brought to this market. His
Sh3 WmT lock's Nbw.3oods;
TToa 8AI.K"" 1 :-' ? '. ::,.' l..', ;
r 'Oh' i5fcoant of departure," or
915, nsoal price t37ur, a new Mathnoheck Piano
(only lour lnoatlis irom laewry). Apply to
Oct22-3t .' li-i . '' :: Grove street;
It !
ent. HSt f
T have two new bouves for rent.
X eight rooms each, with closets and
i xirch within two minutes' walk of
the Court House.' t ltxcellentspring water. Terms
reasonable. For information apply to me.
oct9KBw ' - -if f . F.P.LOVE.'.
Are You Hungry ?
K) TO . :' ;f f
"711IIIi9fil Dining lioomi j
And get something nice to eat. f-. '
HILL is always on hand, and the rX
finest the pmrket affords to bus- i'i
tain him. , South Main st.,
se 15-dtf 2 doors above Eagle i t.
f hillside " ';." r'.: ;
A most desiribl. reaidenee:v also, .for sale; sev
er I building lot U ed Hay od street, Sorth
end of Battery Porter. Inquire on the premises.
pet ixw. , t r , VT - i
Pullim itCq'q AflQOQy.
None But First Class Cbmptnlies
. liRepfesehted. v -ri -'fpffice.
iflBan.ktAslj? villa, i f , -!Js
.oct6dlmo-1-sff; Jtr.Si' 'ti f-
: -.. ... - -i ' :.'.vii.M.'-'-vJ.iv"
WABDtAW UCCHIX. M. D,, i-s-f .
' ;; v -' ' BArixi, r, h.r. ir, s. -k,
' : i Pffices over PeVault's Drug Store: . ' f
. ;, , ! ,,. Special attention to ' i '' V"-.
Eye and Eari Hiroateind No, Heari'arid
-.. ' ; .- 1 Lungs. "", !,;: -
C,Offifehouisl0a. m. to 1 m., and 4 to 4 p.
m. - ho W-tf
agineable street shade, worth $1.10
per yard, now 75c. ..Ji:'.!-''i bn
, . 60, doz. Bleached Damask ToWels,
the best yet for .25c each: end) for
some, if thev don't suit retumthem.
, :12ic, 15c 20c and ". 25 Sfilf bily
some of the lovelieeJ iLadfesltATlq
kerchiefs you ever sawy seadi foi'orie
or more. ; ' 'M; .! k-umi: n :--,wh
Kit tho tn 1aa1i .ill . I .
5Vi ",s r1 "V" r1Ll f1" worth GUc per yard for 45c.; :"i;
irr.f Vces as low.as thejowest.' i , 5 doz. Embroidered C-4 Wobl Ta'.
Sugar Salt and Soznestio
in any quantity you want. .
, : Coffee,' Bacon and Xahd
ot:je a (COATS
is larger and cheaper than everf be-
tore.;':. ; : . ' ;
from jCki a yard upv ; ;;' .r;.-.: -;
lower than ever before
.': . i
bie Covers onlv 81.40 each.1!:''
These goods at .thess prices until
they are exhausted.. :i i
: All ord ere, "small ( or large,"
promptly1 attended 'to' " ' ' f '
wittivowsky:&' Sarci;
";; : ",! ,':Charlo'ae, N,;.a(:;,;j
A good restaurant is a" neceeeary' es
tablishment for every citv.r Docllntcht
Kerosene and White Oil by the car 18 n supplies inia neea Dy.ihe, wmt
,-,,s.;hi. -i load.
is v .he : place' : to buy, ' "And Don't
. . . .. pu orget it.". .
Public Square, Asheville, No. Ca.
Carpels, Btanktts and.
A full "assortment "all wool and a
,lC;:--f::y',rdiwide.:' . .--:;: 1 -
t jlltsale and Retail,
Man's Kestaurant on ' fllain Street,' be-
tween tho Bonanza and the bank. 1 Dock
advertises oysters now daily, and ofTcrs
a tempting bill of fare. ' toc-l.'O
' IIandsojk New Goods iAEr.iviNo ' al
II. Redwood & Ca,
eodtf O xe Trice Stork.
- V

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