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MMMMiiiiii5iiiiiiiiI MaaatiMM wa amii,! ..mm .1. ..i.uif
r inaae, atcaa cs waaexss,
; -P ATXi-gV : ' ' 1 Year,v gs.oo
" . 6 Mot., . .. aoo
Wlcly. ; - -1 Year, -.t 1.50
'. Altl'RRTTSrtfG It A TBS '.LOW. '
" ?
V' f
The general tonejof the Grocery
' Trade is good, and from . present in
dictions the coming season promi
ses well.
" Our Stock is the largest' ever of
fered in. ., Western North . Carolina.
Quality guaranteed, and prices very
low. ' ."
We carry a full line of the finess
Teas that can be bought in New
York, 40c. to $1.00 per lb.
Our Stock is large, and embraces
Green and RoaSted Mocha, Man
deling, Ptdany and genuine-0. G.
Java, Costa Rica, Maracaibo, La
guayra. Santos and Rio.
- ... SUGAR- ; ' '
Granulated, Extra Cand Yellow, at
cut-rate prices.
, "New Orleans, P. R Mayagues,
Golden and Silver Drip, in bbls.
or kegs all prices and grades. ; -
- Always a largo stock of Carolina
Rice on hand, 5 to 81c.
. s SPICES. . U .
Our stock id specially large and
vn-ll selected.
We have some special selections
and bargains, as Raisins, Prunes,
Figs, Nut'?, Candies, Cranberries
Currents, Citron, Oranges, Lemons,
Olives, Mince Meat, Jellies, Jams,
Olive Oilr Pickles, Sardines, Pre
served Gingrr, Catsup, Gelatine
; Chocolate, Broma, Cocoa, Macaroni,
Vermicelli, Extracts, Herbs, Crack-
ers, Soap, Cheese, and in fact, a
.stock of .
. Fancy Groceries
that cannot fail to suit the
fastidious in prices and quality. "K
r Our Flour? Grain and
' . Teeil Department
Is complete. We buy direct from
producers, and always - keep on
hand car lots each of Flour, Corn,
Oals, Hay, Bran and Shorts," which
we can furnish at'. V.
JjBicctt Jtlarket Prices,
To cash Wholesale buyers in our
line we will say price our. goods be
fore buying.' . - V
. To retail buyers we will say that
our g'ock is ; always fresh, full and
complete bought for cash on the
; best markets, and: Fold at fair and
reasonable prices. .- . . ,
Powell & Snidei1, "
Cor. riain'pt and Paifon Av'e.
Arrival aba Departure of ttae V rains.
Saxjsbctbt Mai train arrives 9:29 a. x.
' " . " Departs 5:88 r. m.
- - .. - - DaT train unra a 9-14 v w.
" " deparU at 10:30 A. K.
l eanossee Am res 6:37 p. m. .
. Departs 9:47 A. x. . . ; '. -WAYXEsnixx
Arrives 4:39 v. itL A;- .
" ,Detarta :8Aif. ft-:
- The Waynesvillo train reaches tiat point at
uav ; rctnnung, eaves wavoesvuie at 1.36-
AVill Jbo published every Mornijig (ex
cept Monday) at' the' following .rate
strtctly cash ;
One Year,
Three ; ,
One " a
One Week,
. - . . , . 60
"- Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery Morning in every part of tne city to
our subscribers, and . parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office. r
W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoes for men. tf
Send your Job Work of all Ifads to the
Citizen Office, ff you ujjit it done neatly
cheaply ana mii dispatch.
Billiard and doII -tables witn inonarck
cushions, upBtairs, at Haropton& Feath
erstone's. .,. : "
No kind of wine made Dut what can be
found at Hampton & Featherstone'B. -
CoL Hoyt, of Turnpike advertises
some tine new thoroughbred Berk
shire gentlemen pigs for sale.
The first day of the' new rear
o pened bright and very frosty, but
closed cloudy and threatening.
Mr. John H.; Everett of Charles
ton, was in the city yesterday. : ; Ex-
Sheriff Franks, of Swain was here
The decision of the Supreme Court
in the Buncombe stock-law case was
filed yesterday. We will set the
opinion this morning. ; "
, We acknowledge the compliments
of the season from Mr. W. B.' Wil-
liamson whoee liberal check on1 the
Bank of Time we hope will be duly
honored. - -
We have well pawed the thresh
old of a new year. Can any tell
what its signs of promise are? Heav
en grant it may be peace, and plen-
ty-and prcepcrity, tc-at5i-hcr-pcc.pKj
ot tlie earth.
Don't you forget the tobacco
breaks which open at all the ware
houses next Monday. Full houses
are expected, and times will bright
en up very considerably.
The new year opened brilliantly,
and closed somewhat gloomy, a gen
uine picture of the fortunes of the
year, chequered and changeable,
with , its justp roportion of good and
bad. - ' ,
,Lord Salisbury lias his eldest son,
his son-in-law his brother-in-law,
and two nephews in the House of
Commons." - This is . all right, as
they are elected by the people, and
not appointed by the noble Lord
himself. A different, system pre
vaiffr on this side of the Atlantic.
A Maine paper boasts that that
State has '"one oouniy larger, than
all Massachusetts and. equally 'fer
tile;" and ii "bigger than Ireland or
Scotland and nearly as big as ; Eng
land;" but it has a ' citizen . , whose
name is Blaine who was thought to
be as big as" these United State3, but
he fell somewhat short .when the
test earned, ' f' :'.:'':f'Jr.
'Mr, C. B. Mqore'a '.new-year's greet
ing was unique and; pleasing.' It
was, in appearance.- a fac-simile of
the U. S. postal card, but bearing
the sentiments Vof the season rather
than Uncle Sam's official imprint.
It was very neat, and appropriate to
our clever chiefl clerk 4m the post
Office.' T :
' The ypung ladies Aid Society will
attempt to amure the public, with
an entirely new 'entertainmenta
"Bonbon Soiree" n the" evening of
the 5th in st, Tuesday, at the Caroli
na House, north mam street. px
are" urged to come. Doors open at
7. SO p. m. Admission 30 cents.
The fir2bcll tingled and jingled
at times all day yesterday, but thereJ
was nothing alarming about it y It
was being arranged so that hereafter,
when an effort is made to sound the
alarf um ;the good bell will give
forth no' ua certain sound that is,
not be so funereal as It has been, at
times, df late, while something very
lively was wanted and needed. Capt.
H.C. Fagg superintended the ar-
The regular monthly meeting of
the Asheville Tobacco - Association
will be held at the-Farmers' Ware
house Monday afternoon Tat 4
o'clockJanuary 4th.
- E. I. Holmes, Sec'y.
Go to Law's fob Pkesekts. ... . ; I
" A larger and finer line 6f goods offer
ed this year than ever before, and prices
lower . than ever. A grand stock of
Silverware, crystal, cut, - engraved and
colored- - Dohemian Glass; j A lot of real
Faience pitchers in three sizes, at 50, 65
and 75-; cents each, (about half price.)
Hammered Brass ' Trays. ' New style
clocks in brass and Faience. For Christ
mas or bridal presents po to - La w's,
-..-'.. opposite lagle llott'l.
, .-; , .-
Huass Clocks." - - -
New lot jnpt in at LawV.
AlaK Signals., ' -i tj'rfiz-'.
The arrangements were completed
yesterday 'by which the fine 'alarm bell
may. .be , madeta, giyepnt -its proper
sounds. One thing is wanted, however;
that is the signals to direct ta the loca
tion of the nre-v This town covers large
area; and it is cohfosiag' both to the' fire
department and the citizens to depend
upon a; general alarm.' 'Much valuable
time is lostfrom nncertainty m the loca
tion of a fire, which may be confined' to
the interior of a building, giving no out
ward signs of its whereabouts.- ' "
, w We may suggest plan. s In the? atj
senco of apolitical division into wards
let 'the tit? b "divided .into four fire
wards. South and North Main . streets,
including Merrimon street; Patton Av
enue and t College .gtreets i&rming ithe ,
bapes of,tha -ward divisions., Let the!
quarter eetioii between Sirth Main
street and College' street, emoraelng an
the area lying between to the corporation
boundary be Known as the North' East
Ward, or Number 1; that' between Col
Ieee street, and SontL Main street, aj
the Southeast Ward, or No. that be
tween South Main street and Patton Av
enue as Southwest Ward, or No. 2;.. and
that between Patton Avenue and Merri-
mon street and North Main street as
Northwest .Ward or No; 4-' No in case
of a firo alarm let the bell be struck
rapidly- at first - Jhen, if the alarm is in
Ward No. 1, strike one several times at
measured intervals - Then repeat the
rapid ringing for a minute, then repeat
the single strokes, v So for .each ward,
according to the occasion. This plan will
mate tne use oi tne bell intelligent. " ,
Govl" Robinsox
Passed through the cityS a few
days ago, enrpute-thqmefor a few
days, when he will return to Wash
ington, and again start for the north
west ,tQ continue;his duties; iGov. R.
was looking very well, and - has
much to say of a most pleasant na
ture of Wisconsin and
he has been in during the past few
.months, bays it is a wonderful
country, and a wonderful people in
habit it He 'received' hnW kind
ness from all, and made some most
aereeable acauaintances. Just be
fore starting for heme he experienc
ed some z4-below-zero weather, but
says it is by no means -go disagree
able as one never Tiaving experi
enced fit would imagine. With
proper precaution you can keep
comfortable in or out nf doora, and
is the most delightful air for breath
ing he ever experienced. Altogether
uoy. Kvis much pleased with j his
experience; but said when, he got in
sight ofLhis. ownjoalive laountains.
me . iiuioe roms people aim T ms
friends a ihappinefes welled. Airi in
his heart, which no other lana or
people could induce.
Our citv enters upon the new year
with brighter . prospects than ever
before."' With j; a' largely increased
population, and -rlecal and general
trade,, with enlarged industry, and
with a large .number of contracts
for new.buildings the coming Spring
and bummer, with another railroad
giving direct connection "with the
South just completed our people
nave every cause to enter upon an
other year most hopefully;; ' Our
people can not, safely depend upon
outside agencies or inni;
build up their city.
ihese agen
cies, at best, are only tributaries o
the uses our own people see . ht to
apply 'thereto, 'and, of themselves
will prove comparatively. orthless
unless our people should - bestir
themselves," and constantly, - to get
tne most tney can attora. L&x our
people be united and energetic,' and
use well' the many adyantage8 i;we
now . have, to l push your city more
rapidly . upon the grand road of
progress and prosperity. Let them
specially be' more energetic in be
half of local . interests, ; than
individual benefit' and another new
year will find us far in advance of
this one upon which we have iu3t
enteied. i
The" Blue Ridge Baptist. : " :
We regret we failexf lo merition in
the notice concerning the.openihg of
a business office- of the aboye paper
in Asheville by;" its able editor,' Rev.
Mrrv Carter, ' that the paper would
not be : removed to .this place' for
some weeks yet, On ' the 7th Mr.
Carter will open a business office in
the Burnett building., north ccmrt
square, where he " will be found a
few days of each week, whichVillbe
announced hereafter ; in the Citizen.
The post office address of the editor
is Henderson vilie, until further no
ticed ' -,?td. ;:-.'-J ij :
. yisitipg friend ' from, the north
remarked yesterday., lia - wc have,
enjoyed here' eighteen? '. Consecutive
daysof most delightful, cool bright,.
pure, bracing weather, ;justf such as
one would want and need for ont
door exercise and pleasure. He and
his aris greatly pleased iviUi our cli;
mate and say itis the finest, they
have eyer experienced. I Th?re are a
large number .of visitors in the city
now, for the winter. .7; ., '
,;Mrs,;Col. Hoyt of Turnpike left
a few days ago for her father s home
in New York, ' called hence by -the
severe illness -of her; father. The
8ymphathies of her many friends go
with her. ' - 7 -
See Pelham's cheap counter, the quality
and the cheapness thereof is amazing.
If yoa want some fine old . Pure X. C.
Corn Whiskey, go to
- '. O. Mulleb A Co. .
Importetl French brandies and wines
nt Hampton & FfiUher-
Dowk os the Coast .l: V
;;;The Wihnington Review Jvk xes
fers to one of our townsmen.- ;
''Mr.'jQTEvans' Brow n, foi m er ly of
North, Carolina, but Tor more than
thirty, years a 'resident of New 2ea
land,ia at the Purcell House on avisit
combihjM 'pleasure and recreation.'
liiS; tamuy are wiin nim,. aiinougn
a son is now absent in the Eastern
Eortion of.the"State, but is. eipected
ere in a lew. days. They : will re
main in this vicinity about two weeks
longer, when they vvui go .Jurther
South.'? ' : - '
The Telephone Exchange
Opened regularly for tusineis yes
terday, in.drning, ard the object
of rA gojod deal of ratbnalr.curiosi ty.
Many visitors called,, in during the
rience has yet to .be overcome, send-
ejSnIrfeiyetlbotK jaeing new to
tne ousiness. . yve propose in- a aay
or two' to give some definite idea of
the' apparatus; and lts'lVorkings
We aDpend the general JCules-ndop
tedf -lflfiwI4'. '.,.
To Gall: Rmsvour . belU and
with the" earphone- to youreaTfask
tlie central "Officer to connect fou
with ; thett listen until- talks
pr central tells you "the reason for
not answering your call. -. ....
- Numbers, not names, are used in
designating the'in dividual "offices
iri connection ' l
To Answer: Ring your bell; and
with your earphone to your-ear,
ask "what will you have? V When
through talking, tell each other
"good bye;" and always ring your
bell when y ou nav,h nifchen.
, Itt': qrfewil ays, eachsubscjfiber
will beiuruisbed with printed rules,
and a list of oflices in connection
with" the signal numbers of the same.
" Mr.CIiff 13 in charge of the ofhee.
assisted at present by the large ex
perience of Mr. Girdwood. 1 t; '
A' large ttoch of Clothing, Dry Goods,
Fancy Good, -Boot and Shoes, JIats. Car
pets, &c, at fixed and reasonable prices.
'vtlstfeb " "-' ' ': ;
Hampton & Featherstone enjoy a great
repouuiun lor eeuiug . uure euuiu -w
popular prices. 7 - ;
. i. . - j l.. -.W rsi. .
I have three tboronrh-bred - Berkshire boar
pigs, eight weeks old, for sale. Apply to
an2-dlwk ; t. . .. Turnpike, N.C
3 BOF03ALS WANTED. ...f..- -i i,.
Sealed bids will be received bv the Secretarr
of the Asheville Cemetery Company for building
two ornamental gates ana ineir pons, ana
panels of fence accordina; to deUU drawings and
spedfleatlonrwhich can be see.i oa Application
at Searden & Rankin's store. ' J 4
All bids will be considered which are handed
l- between this date, and 9 A. M. of Monday the
The company reserves the riirht to relect any
anaaa Dias. . t. w. rAiiva,
jan 2-d3t a Secretary Asheville Cemetery Co,
A. VIIXE. . . . -
,Ashbvii4.X, K. C, January 1st, 1836,
Tie retmlar annual meetlntr of stockholders
for the election of Directors will be held at the
flanking honse on Tuesday the 12th day ef Jan-
roiu open from 10 a. m. to s P. ts.
? . as. W, K.BRBESE. President.- ' v
w. Hi PEN LAND, Assist. Cashier.
jan 2J,4th,51h and 12th. v ...
j ... uaiiey street. . -
Miss Hatch and Itisa Rilev beff tiv announce
school duties will be resumed Mondaj Jan; 4, '86.
Classes for instruction in French both elemen
tary aud advanced , are being formed. Those
desirous of Joining " are requested to send in
their names to, and further particulars will then
a . 4 - tf. f
The nice mrmln thnn Tin-re fiwriirf h 'Mrs.
8. C. Shelton." It is one and a half miles 'firm
Asheville. Oood barn, farm house and fertile
bottom.. Apply to , - - - r .
i- ? - - w4 W. BARNARD, Beaker,' f
jaa lst-5tw2wr v- - Asheville, H..C.
We offer , the public our t entire
damaged by. the recent s-V- ;
at their own figures..
Call md Becnra f t -.T ,ivtj jf
nGJiMjy, J,;5f . 4
Two doors helow the old stand.
Havlns- nurchased the stock of Dr. A. B. Ware.
t shall continue the same business iu the build
ing lately occupied bv him. in the old Central
Hotel, and offer a full supply of
. 1. 1 FAMILY CKOCmiES ; . r
of the ' highest grades', Flour,' Canned "'Goods,
Fraits, Vegetables, &c, 4c ' ""- "-"
utve me eau. r . ; J. v. Mcuajv.uuLS3.r
dec31-tf . .. f.yK'! ... .
Notice. - .. , : - ' - ,
, i -i All parties owing us. where the
aecount has been stan&ng over thirty days, mill
save trouble and cost by settling immediately .
c N.c, . .Y :
;r S9,iaoS.r) t
s ' December
The Interest etiwie City Bonds maturing Jan-
nary 1st, li6, will be paid on the 2nd prox. at
the Bank of Asheville on presentation of the
coupons. - i - t .
uy order or tne uoara or a mermen. r
; T. O. H. DUKid, Secty 4 Treas'r,
dec 30 St . . . , ' -
fpO OCR CUSTOMERS ! ., . ... - . .
rertna 1st Jn i awry, l , f ow
rent, ttiat may be coui;w icu wita us. v
r'e.M.'iued for payment on tae I-.t eacli r.i
i te
'i 1 pi ii'i t,i itmjJs of c rt .-e-M, tl
r 1'W T
? 1 T (
IS fl'
I f
1 1
, mala t.. :
i -w arii
i .tit '
; .' US Cld
1 a f r
tiiac e
r p 1 J s C
V u 1 1 1 1
4 I 1 f
1 i V a
..nuance i f v-r
( i i k
Ui i 1 l
i tl
hnve a cu
t t;
English SpAreows J!'fv ;
Wo clip! ; the following"' from the
.Wilmington Star, : The' same nuis
ance is here.'" 'A year agti last March
a jewi i sparrows across; the- moun
tains; They found "lbdgment nn
der the " eavea of the Court House,
where they have multiplied largely,
They will continue' 'tftihcreaie un-
tilV.bev nt IPT.atTi rt'fl WAiMinWii
- " ??r.v
ney y naye aone eyery,wftere else,
They will do this "where they- have
driven aWflVftllflio ROnerhirTla r. ivp
attatketUthe farme'irain crc-a,
and when they weary thje caHBjrih
iilhetEddismalxrQ2kiE6-chirn-ff .Thev
have not eaeermngMrait- They
are noisy anamtny ana impudent
ly Offensive.' "'; : '
r We called .anUon tathemrhen
they: first appeared that steps might
be taken to nin ; the-nnisance In th
. . - "
? We quote from the Star :
'English' sparrows, that were iiw ? grel1 of h premises indicate strong-v
have innrfiR laro-pl-BTnlt flta
nftW. 3il
nnsirf.fr' nf iha ritv In nV,ar-nUin,
and towns " wbprp tVv nrf mnro nn
aJ? Df W ? r? lhey ar e 9?ejiu:
uiciuua. 1 ill" v i.rn iuhim fiMritn i r rf a r
uuisauuc, iuiu.iue oiru i is generally
. J ll 1 ' 1 li
unaer uie ;Dan it anves away na
tive birds, destroys fruit and. grain,
nrl i. lioam-oooKla . i
Tbey ought to be exterminated, and
- 1. 1 r v . . . ."
ii is not -too soon to oegin worfc - at
: V .1 H .AvuMimiiitr I II 1. 1 1 nnninn f 1 1 1 1
uo mcf itmu umnojogisw A rumor prevail at Chattanooga that
union has collected evidence from Mr John JI. lnman,the millionaire rail
all parts of the "country'Tvhere the road magnate of New Yorkjarsly inte-
iingiisn sparrow occurs, and " has
"published a report based upon their
investigations. aney nave . urged
thatiarvs be passed against ii, look
ing ; ta P its, eutire extermination.
4-cting,upon this advice, .and upon
experience .with, the past, several
States have repealed their protect
ive- laws for its protection - The un
ion -in its report says; x?s .:
i"In regard-td a means of destrue
tion levied.-evervState offer asmall
Dounty tor birds and ecrirsv and the
small bdys will do the work." Birds
are very quick at seeing whether or
not tney are " wanted. - If i thev are
persecuted, they instinctively draw
away from manVasin thVtcase of
the crowy- Wsmay hot -bcAble'.to
entirely. rid ourselves 5 of the pest,
but we can at Jeast, succeed in dnv
mg them away? from thecitiesr and
once- get them into , the country,
where they carr be .taught to fear
the shot-gunVand we shall have
them at. least" under ' our "control.
They, can be.'driven away from the
cities 11 their -nesta are demolished
as soon as madei and - if all the bird
nouses are removed. ,; A carelul use
of poison, might also work with ad
vantage, and m the large.;' parks the
shot gun in the hands' of competent
men, couia, pe orougni into use ,t
: -, . 1 " 1 1 : -4-. ...
j:.' Ut.
H-EKDERsoNVitLr. Janil, 1S85.
EpiTOES 'CltV:u-: -. '-.
I write yoa the morning of the first day
of the New Year; hoping yoa long 'Jife,
usefulness and happiness, . At this sea
son nearly: everyone t'intenda to "turn
over a new leaf" and. we trust that those
who propose to. do better this year than
ever before-will be enabled to carry out
theii good intentions, as there is much
need of improvement in ma'miera anJ
inorals.. - We had the jhoat Sqiiiet ChrLetj.
mas- we Uavo ever seen. rue, 4he
young folks had a merry time and there
were tne usual turkey, mut cake and
'chicken fixens" of the time of year, but
the boisterous features were banished.
Therej .were -a-friendly knock-down r
two and a lew wnose locomotion was
eomgwhak Jrapaired.bta'fc all jwa8."merry
as a marriage., pell and no calls for the
Coroner. i ""i : i' j - ?
We can't inform vou tfie exact time the
cars will commence running through but
weeara if Anibe'aoen-7 ji j f
A. prominent' K. ll. man informed us
tliat the road from PaintlRock to Knox-
Would- be commenced at an. early dayv
Tlie weatner for tne last week has
teen so fine that . vegetation and birds
have put m a spring, appearance and
"hose r having Hotels . and boarding
bouses have opened again for Summer
boarders, j Gay equipages are seen On our
streets and we will soon have a goodly
number of visitors, t People are finding
t the attractive features of our city
ud are availing themselves of our mod
erate terms of board. 1 : ' :..: ; tp'X ;
The euests of the v irsriQia Ilouse on
Wednesday nisht were treated to a d-
lightful serenade by our city string band
which" is composed of some of our most
clever young men. 11 "music is the food
of love," all we have to say is in the lan
guage of McDuff play on. -. "
A6Vome enquiriescome to usin regard
to Gray & Thackson's whereahouts, 'wo
will inform tall that Mr. - Gray is in
Florida looking after the interests of his
ouse.and Mr, inacksonis in (Joncord,
N. C we presume, looking after his own
interests f-M 'x-''tj' l.i i ii;
Business is nuito dull here now, with
the exception of the Hotels, and they
are full, sndfjepjopjicto1 .getting fat
and saucy." " .-" -.-"'. .
ibe nxrhunter? here, are havmz a
good time, and foxes are being tLir.n.ed
out rapidly.- Plenty, of squirrels and
irdeupon the market. "
Ycurs truly ''-"":
' am ' m ' 08 oiBgT' ' '
Eev.J. W. Davis, a missionary to China
now in this country will preach on Sab
bath morninsin the Presbyterian church
and lecture at night on China. Jlr.
Davii ha3 a lara map of China and hh
l.tt ire wi 1 be try iititatir-r lliv I
lecture on fc:i
'n u. moon to 1 H'c
c r
n ft
r & ! i " - - ( r t ;
i t
: , poMESTia:;
1 1'
l A. S . l i T w .
Washmeton. which will reniwuint th
views of President Cleveland Jand Mr,
xwanuaii. . .
The IJinraiafAi' Nafinnal Rank
ton, Mass., closed its doors yesterday af-
a 1.1 m .
wr we casuier naa iw noot. .'...j
.Capt; Davis, with: a company of U.S.
troops,sent oat three , weeks ago to look
after Apache Indians in Arizona, has
110 b fromnnce. ;A.HearehlnK
- - -
edatWellstpn,l)hio,'with f 150,000 capi
. itf-T;'-t.?-'Ki,'':'-i ' ; : i .
KThe 'Poles ui Detroit still threaten
1 ie troops, are onauty.
A Mr. Hammond, near-Tlomer. Lall
named LeverSck. waylaid the latter while
a en T6 to F'K H ho bim,
" mnrra 1 1 xr u-ruinn nr i m 1 : 1
' Eating raw, Idiseased pork,' killed a
family, .or Germans et
S .. .i.J. . ;
Mr. J.-Wi Wallace, of tBe Knorville
Tribune has been appointed special ex-
i . m
I .
A new postoffioe in New Jersey has
been named after Gen'l McClelland. -
ine wurt or AlaDama Uiaims termi
u:u iuj existence)
on the Slat bv limi-
All cases before it were adiudi-
reste l& tne l. syndicate, is about
to buy the East Tennessee, Virginia and
Georgia railroad. .-.y
- Mexican ontlaws composed mostly of
disappointed and defeated candidates in
recent Mexican elections, are raisins a
disturbance on nnr onnthern fmni.iar
and threaten'an invasion of our neizhbo.
rinf? republic. TJ. 8. troops are hastening
k? tne iron i. r - - i -
The Enellsh Kovernmenthaslnforma-1
tion that another battle between I British L
day or two in Egypt, and Genl Steven
son is pushing his late viotory.
The Lynchburg Advanc4 says: .
Breaks at the warehouses are very
light, the quality generally very bad,
and prices corresponds -low''---
Mrs. Bessie ; Johnson and Misd
Carrie Rumbough of Warm Springs
assisted Mrs.-il. B. Carhart, of Knox
yille, irf receiving last night ' ",
Adjutant General Drum of the
armyays Gen'l Crook will soon sub
due or exterminate the Apache In
dian murderers. .'.'.'. i!
What kind ; of dresses should far
mers' wives wear? Gros-grain. Where
did '-Noah keep his . bes? .In the
Arc-hives. s s What country seat aJ-s
wavs rents? J A barbed ; wire fence
What town n Massachusetts need
not fear. small pox or measles? It's
Haddam. "' How can you make an
overcoat last?,'. By making the un
der coat first " Why was Adam the
first in the market business? He had
the first spare rib. Why was Eve
like Monday? . She was the first of
the weak. Chicago' Tribune. . ;
A '. large slock of : Clothing Dry Goods.
Fancy' Goods, Boots and Shoes, Hats. Cur-
pets, tr.r at fixed and reasonable prices.
Engraving. " -a ii': ''-'
Mr. Burt Dension. ' of Bay Citv. llich..
with J. D. Robertson, will do all kinds of
engraving, in initials, names and mono
grams. Bring in your work. - -
... . . Kespectlnlly, .mv-j -. v . ,
'r. -,. .... ' 'i J.D. Robkktson.
Gravuley' and other fine brands of
cue wine tobacco at Hampton M foather-
Stone's. ,.:-' . ., i
Blue Grass Club. Kentucky Belle and
Rockingham Rye whiskies at Hampton
& Featherstone's.
Whitlock has a fall line of Gentlemen's
Underwear in all qualities, call and, -ex-.
amine. , .-- r-. v-;wv,;t
A good restaurant , is a necessary es
tablishment for every city. Doc Hutch
ison supplies this need by the Whilo
Alan s Kestaurant on slain btreet, be
tween tho Bonanza and the bank. Dock
advertises oysters now daily, and offers
a tempting bill of Cure,. ;." " tou-20
Call to-day or night at Farmer's Board
ing House u you want Iresh Norfolk
Oysters served in any style. .. . ..f l
. nov la-tjanl x f , 1 5 , aicCav rv & Go.
Ladies must -by all means examine
Whitlock 'a wraps before purchasing else
where (1 .. .. , i.i. v:.- ' ' tf
Handaori.e cups and vaucerd, work
boxes, photograph- frames, . boxes of
er, whisk broom holders. at
Whitlock is ehowin? some very hand
some styles and would advise all to call
on him who desires anything in the mil--linery
line. . .. --. , , . - '4-
Gcnts' attention is callrd to "W hillock's
handsome scarfs at 50 cents." " tf
" Ladies look at Whitlock's 111 cents pure
linen fast colors Hunstctchcr handker
chiefs.- ,,t -tf '
t Gibson's celebrated XX, XXX,
XXXX whitiky kept at IJ&mpton i
Featherstone's. . -:
Cashmeres in all prades s l all colors
and black, at
Ai iiitlock's.
Your old the;
new only at. ?
3 cr.n be
. J
I fll
i c
1 .v.'J '
Great Nlarfii Am"
Down Karrli!
For the next CO dava WhiiWi wini:
goods resardlees of cost. When he says
cost, he means nothing else. Any one
who is desirous of purchasing any article
in his line will be much beneiittfxl hv
calling to Bee the following goods and at
prices cheaper than have ever . Wn
offered before :
Androscotpn 3G-inch bleached Domes
tic, former price 10c. now going at 8Jc
Fruit of the Loom 30-inch bleached
Domestic, former price 11c now 9Jc.
Peppereal 9i bleached Sheeting worth
30c now selling for 22J. . 4. , v H
A good 1-yard-wide unbleached Do
mestic, worth rally 8J0 now at 6c.
Good fast colors Apron Ginaham worth
9c now going at 71c
Best Calicoes are now selling "for CJ.
old at a great sacrifice. '
- . r' " '!' I.'";!
Those beautiful SS-inch Satin Berbers
worth fully 65c now selling at 37Je per
54-inch all wool dress Flannel that has
been selling at $1 00 now croin? taf7Xc..r-
KAUiitifnl H.iahiul I? . 1 . I
Z atilc aathpra
as low prices and too many to enumerate.
niasiocK oi ou lions and dress trim
mings are all sold at prime cost.
1 1
Ladies all-wool Hose worth C5c
ow sellinw for S7f. -: '
.. Ladies full regular made Cotton Host)
worth 60c going now for 40c.
Children's all-wool Hose in all sizes at
SOc per pair worth 50c. - , . ,
Children's lull . regular' made Cotton
Hose at 25c worth 40a '
Ladies 3 Button Kids worth 11 00 nnv
for 65.
.1- V.'fvjf .
A ll-
s-'-i vrr-.. 7
Velvets !
An extra heavy black "silk 20 inches.
wide worth f l 40 going tor 90c. ' A Verj
heavy black silk 20 inches; wide- worth
si j noing now lor y.c.
A very handsome black Satin 19
wide worth $1 25 now selling for S.
still handsomer quality black satin woi k
flfiOnowsold forfl 1G. I
Silk velvets sold for f 1 DO per yan
worth n 5a ... ,
. All colors In ZEPHYR are sold for i
per ounce . 5;..-
T7 ::
' Beautiful Ll.itk diagonal No
trimined in Afitraclum v.hi;li
f !0 ( 0 now pfjiT at
and otiic
only fiv
.' i-i.lM .1 !
r : t e
yea s
' .y a' luw. 1 1
:.!ic.; ro c;:i
5 ! ..
i i j i . ..
';! -.' .

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