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Bible Socieis-
Ciiarlottb, May 23, 1S54. j
According o regular appointment, the ""Diver-
meeting 01 iu .
..i fhn Amortrmi Kihle Society.
r -1- - I L on in rn nlin V li lt:
Society, auxm-y ." . T7 . . L
Ci.m i his afternoon in the Methodist Church.
" . rt i t .k.,.l
i'u. i'roiilent
and ice ntaotn oeing n
on motion. Joseph II. W.lson was appointed pres.
, ' anj H, B. Williams wai requested to act M
ffcretary. By requont of the president the Rev.
Mr Derwelf, g-"1 fr ,ne American Bible So-
in iorui viiuuuu, vjcui.u .. 6 ......
The reports of the Executive Committee, nd
their Agent and Treasurer, were then aeverally
read and received.
The Executive Committee reported that during
the past vear their efforts had been directed to sup
plying the destitu'e of our own county with the
word o.r Cod ; and that to do so they had employed
Mr. Jas. H;od as iheir ag nt, w hose report would
show that he has discharged his duty wiih fidelity.
Their agent, Mr. Hood, reported that imme
diately after receiving his appointment hy the com
mittee, he set out in discharge of his duties, and
visited those portions of the county which had not
before received attention from Bible agents; that
he had been received with kindness by the citizens
wherever he went, and that the poor who were
unable to purchase copies of the Bible received the
donations of the Society with gratitude ; that the
proportion of the destituie in the families which
he visited was about 1 in 15. That he had met
with a number of slaves who could read and who
were eagf r to obtain the word of Truth, and that
their owners in every instance but one without
hesitation, paid for the Bibles desired by their
slaves, and iu thai instance he donated a copy in
the name ol the Society. He farther reports that
there yet remained a small section in the North
East part of the county unsupplied, which he de
signed visiting at an early duy, without farther
cost to the society.
B. Gates, Trms., in account xcillt Mecklenburg
Bible Society, from May 29. 1 853 to May 29, 1 654.
To amount ol Books on hand, $236 68
Cash, 300 36
So 37 24
The Cash was received from the following sources,
viz :
Coll'ted at Charl.tte,nt anniversary 1853,8126 4f
Paw Ciet-k, 10
m Sugar Creek, 10
Philadelphia, 12
Sards, 39
14 Iron other sources, 102
Amount of cash as above,
Amount brought forward,
By 5 Bible distributed to annual
subscriber, 81
M donation to parent soi-y 100
" p'd parent society (or Bibles 100
Bible on band 102
8300 36
$37 24
M am't. p'd J.is. HooJ for distri
buting 1 J mouths, 27 23
Bibles donated by J:-: Hood 10 50
expenses for freight, Ace. 1 1 49
' am't p'd for constituting the
Ri v. J. M. Walker, of Sardis,
a life member of the Society, 30 00
33 lo
P.at. in hands of the Treasurer, Slot 09
P. OATES. T-ra surer.
The Society lhll proceeded to the ehcttcn of
officers for the ensuing year; when the following
yt tenet were reported as hiving hern chosen,
vir : Dr. C. Johnston, Pr st'dViU, Dr. D. R.
Dunlap. Vice President, W. K. Ueid, Treasurer,
J. A. Yuiiag, Secretary, and Joseph 11. Wilson,
K. Nye Hutchison and L. II. Andrews as Execu
tive Cominitlre.
The following resolutions were then offered and
adopted, viz :
Resolved, That the Mcekh-r.burg Bible Society
will celebrate the 12th of November next, in a
1 coming manner, ns the Fiftieth Anniversary of
the Rntish and Fori ign Bible Society.
Resolved, That the lvx'Ctitive Committee are
hereby requested to take the matter into conside
ration, and make such arrangements as m y be
tecesfnry to carry out the ol j cl of the foregi ing
After prayer hy the Rev. Mr. Mood, the society
adjourned. .J. H. WILSON. P.es.jyro Uni.
II. B. Williams, Sccx.
Charlotte, Jur.e 7, 1854.
The Executive Committee and filers of the
Mecklenburg county Bible S ciety met in the of
fice of the County Court Clerk present Messrs.
Joseph H. Wilson, K. Nye Hutchison and K. II.
Andrews, Executive Committee, W. K. lieid,
Treasurer and Jno. A. Younf, Secretary.
The Rev. Mr. D- rwell being present, by request,
invoked the divine blessing upou the deliberations
uf the committee.
The committee was then organized by appoint
ing Mr. J. H, Wilson president pro tern.
The Treasurer reported the amount of funds and
hooks on hand to be as follows :
Cah in tho Treasury 8162 87
Books n the depository 86 80
8549 6;
By order of the committee the funds were
disposed of as fallows, viz :
The Treasurer was ordered to for
ward an order for Bibles, as per
bill already prepared, nm'iing to $68 00
Am't of Bibles on hand, as before
stated, 86 80
Balance to be paid over to the parent
Society 394 87
549 67
ft was ordered, that of the above amount the
turn of Tnirty Dollars, for ench, bo appropriated
to constitute the following ersons Life Members
of the society, viz ; the Rev. John A. Mood, in
conformity wiih the vote of the society ; Rev. J.
B. Watt, Dr. D, R. Dunlap, Mrs. Catharine An
drew, Mrs. Borah Young, Mrs. Ann C. Parks,
Mrs. Margaret Grier, Mr. M. D. Johnston, of
Charlotte, and Mr. N. B. Taylor, of Jacksonville,
Ordered, that the papers of our town be requested
to publish the proceedings of tho anniversary j
meeting of the society, together with the action of j
this enouBiUee ; and that a copy of a paper con- I
taioiwg ihosaport be forwarded to the parent soctetv
s a report ol our anniversary procet dings.
Oo motion, the committee adjourned.
J. BL WILSON, Pres. pro tern.
J. A. Yotng, Sfc'y.
Fexale Loveliness. Female loveliness never
ppenrs to so good advantage as when set off with
simplicity of dress. No artist ever decks his an
g4a with towering fenlhers nnd gaudy jewelry ;
and our dear humn angels, if they would make
good their title to that name, should carefully
aoid ornnnvmis. which properly belong to squnvvs
and Africnu princes. These tinselries m.iy serve
o give efiVcl on the stage or the ball room floor,
but in du'ly life there is no s-.ibsti'u o f.ir the charms
of simplicity. A vulgar taste is nut to be Jinguised I
Ly gold and diamonds.
Paris Fashions.
Summer fashions have assumed a definite form,
but although general rules exist, touch id left to
fancy and taste, in order to vary the monotony of
style and accessories. Formerly but :ew of our
most fashionable motiittn would care to introduce
strongly contrasting colors ; our eyes are now,
however, so accustomed to the mixture of green
and yellow, scarlet, black, she, that we are no
longer slurtled bv the appearance ol the most i
striking contrasts, but, on the contrary, seek them
as most desirable. Thus, if black is in great favor
as on accessory, red has numerous partisans
not the groseillc worn during the winter, but the
real poppy ; chesnut, brown, violet, cobalt blue,
are the other colors generally preferred. Bonnets
are still very small, and the crowns are so com
pressed and thrown back on the nei-k that they
aro almost hidden by the enormous bows with long
floating ends which ornament th m ; the bonnets
are allowed merely to rest on the back of the head,
and are ornamented either with flowers or feathers
mixed with lace and bows of ribbon. The insides
are trimmed with profusion of flowers and Monde.
Some ladies may be seen with immense moss roses
with their leaves, and even peonies in full bloom,
surrounding their luces. Straws especially a
tissue ol straw worked by a new process, which
is sold by the yard are much in vogue ; and it
must be admitted that it is much easier to work
this material into various forms than the original
lancy straw, which requires much skill and dex
terity to lold the many designs now to be seen in
these light and graceful bonnets. It was expected
that we should hear no more of I be pelisses this
summer ; and small manlulets echarjes and some
talmas for children and young ladies were the
only styles ventured upon; but, contrary to the
opinion decidedly given, Usejxfttte, though, it must
be acknowledged, in a lar prettier and more be
coming form, is now to be seen ; it is oolite loose,
and open in front, leaving the bust unconiined,
and consequently without the inconvenience pro
duced by the plaits, or which the former pelisse
was so much disliked. The greatest variety in
the shape of mantelets is now displayed.
Some are completely covered with narrow laces,
placed in cross lines, and a new kind of passemen
terie, of stamped plain velvet upon a taffetas
ground; others of black moire antique, bordered
with a passementerie of blue feathers, between
rows of bhick velvet, and terminated by a deep
lace. Another novel trimming is composed of a
new style of fiinge or passementerie, being a suc
cesion of handsome tassels. The usual number
of rows on mantellet in three. Some ladies adopt
the ruche a la vi'ilr, placed in bias linps half way
up the mnnielet from the other edge. Dresses are
worn with flounces of all description ; as many as
thirty-two narrow frills or flounces may be seen
upon some skirts, but by far the greater number
have been three or five flounces. Poplins iind
toff'itulints are mndo with plain skirts. The
n-jUnces are Irequen'ly ol a uihVrent nature or
texture to th-: rob'1 ; snd we of;en see flounces with
thick satin stripes, cdocd with a narrow fringe,
upon barege skirts. The scarf mantelet is fb?h
ionable this season, but in order that it may to
graceful, it must reach no lower than the waist,
and he qtii'e degnge on the shoulders. It is
trirrmed with one or several frills ol luce in flutes,
edged with fringe or plaited ribbon.
From, the Winnsboro Register.
The Rescue Gras?.
Mr. Editor: The extract bel.ivv is from a pri
vate letter of Col. B. V. Iverson of Columbus, Ga
in reen nee to his Rescue Grass. You will see,
according to his account, that it is the one thing
needlul in the Grass line. Two Agricultural
Journal, The Soil of the South and The Cotton
Planter, both speaks well of it. As an earnest of
Col. Iverson's faith in it, he proposes to refund the
price paid, in every instance, where cultivated as
he direct, if it shall fall short of his recommenda
tion. I hope Col. I. will excuse the liberty I have
taken in publishing this portion of a private letter
to myself.
l nm happy to say that m Rescue turned out
well. It is without mistake, the greatest grass
ever found, and I trust it may do as well wiih you
as here and in Alabama, Louisiana nnd Texas,
l where I have had it trnd. 1 sh ill lie able to fill
all orders. It makes on very rich ground one
hundred and fifty bushels of seed per acre. What
think you of that ? And so heavy, growing 4 ftet
high. We can beat the Yankees to death in the
Hay business, if we wish, nnd give them 2 or 3
tons to start on. We can beat the world with this
grass in fine cattle, mutton, pork, &c. We can
beat gonno with this gras nnd our pen in enriching
our fields. These we have without price, and
these will be out in our fields, not to be made in
barn and stuble yards thence to be hauled out and
The botanical name of ihia grass is Ceratochloa
Breyiaristata, Horn or Rescue Gross. It is said
lo be n native of the Pacific coast of South America.
Dr. Bichman, whose authority upon all such mat
ters is unquestionable, says of it : "I have not seen
this grass cultivated. It is a native of a soil and
chmite somewhat similar to our own, and merits
our attention from the high encomiums bestowed
upon it."
The italics in the above extract are my own.
If any of our friends are disposed to give it a
trial, the seed can be obtained next month from
Mr. Edward Hope, merchant, of Columbia, who
is agent for Mr. Iverson. The price is five dollars
a peck, or twenty dollars the bushel.
II any of our readers have tried this "Rescue
Grass," they would oblige us, and perhaps "do
the Suite some service," by publishing their ex
perience. m
Withdrawal of the African Sqitadhon
The Washington correspondent of the New York
Times writes :
Senator Slidell, in Executive Session to-dav,
reported from the Committee on Foreign Relations
a proposition giving notice of a termination of our
treaty stipulations, binding us to keep a naval force
on the coast of Africa, to assist in preventing the
Slave-Trade. The ostensible reason for this ac
tion is, that the present force occasions great ex
pense of property and life, and an increased rigor
in the Slave-Trade, wit boat beneficial results.
The reul object is to concentrate a naval force
around Cuba, to overawe Spain ond the Allies,
ntiu pertiap
eventually to re-establish the Slave-
Japanese "Progress." The J.ij nncsc seem to
have tiiken to the ways of their enterprising Van
kee visiters with great good nature. At an enter
tainment given by Capt. Buchanan the Governor
ol Uraga at once fell in with foreign observances
in toasting and speechifying. Cant. Buchanan
proposed the health of tho Emprror ot Japan,
which was drank standing, "with all the honors,"
and was acknowledged by the Governor, who in
return similarly proposed the health of the Presi
dent of tho United States. The Japanese, says
the narrator, took their liquor freely, especially
champagne and liquors, greatly admiring the
glassware that contained them, nnd expressed a
hopf that the time was nt hand when iln-y would
be ot liberty to visit foreign countries in steamers
ai-d ships of throe masts. We trust that thir as
pirations in 'he la'.'er reaprcl will m gund tine be
as fullv realised ns litcir florfa til riviluwd post
J prnrdi;-! rperations hasj already been successful.
The Fillibttsters.
Our readers may have noticed some days since
the republication of a communication from the'
Washington Union, utterly denying that General j
t I 1 1 i I 1 1 n n knil - ' . - -1 - a I !:,:..
vt" iidu auyillilig iu UO Willi lilts Eipwuvs
which it was alleged was fitting out to invade Cuba.
We had hoped this was correct, but, hi ! juts fad
the following despatch from tho gallant general
himself. It evidently is significant ol the truth of
the first numor, or if not, it is merely an admoni
tion for people to mind their own business :
Washington June 17. The Union of this mor
ning publishes the following despatch received by
Hon. H. Harris from General Quitman, in relation
to the statements connecting him with rise filibus
ters :
New Orleans, June 14. Tell the editor of
the Union that no man is authorized to speak for
me but myself. Publish this.
(Signed) J. A. QUITMAN."
Life in Boston. In the Police court of Boston
on the 14th inst., Catherine Walsh was sentenced
to five months in the House of Industry as a com
mon drunkard. Her two boys were sent to House
ol Correction as vagrants. Her husband has
been in the House of Correction for a year and a
The great bestobative. Fever and Ague
Cured by Dr. M Lane's Liver Pills.
(ttr Mr. Jonathan Houghman, of West Union,
Park County Illinois, writes to the proprietors that
he had suffered greatly Irom a severe and protrac
ted attack of Fever and Ague, and was complete
ly restored to health by the use of Liver Pills alone.
These Pills unquestionably possess great tonic
properties, and cn be taken with decided advan
tage for many diseases requiring invio rating reme
dies ; but the Liver Pills stand pre-eminent as a
means of restoring a disorganized Liver to healthy
action ; hence the great celebrity they have at
tained. The numerous formidable diseases aris
ing from a diseased Liver, which so long baffled
the skill of the most eminent physician of the
United States, are now rendered easy of cure,
thanks to the study and perseverance of the dis
tinguished physician whose name this great medi
cine bears a name which w ,11 descend to posteri
ty as one deserving of gratituiie. This invaluable
medicine should always be kept within reach ; and
on the appearance of the earliest symptoms of dis
eased Liver, it can be safely and usefully admin
istered. 07" Purchasers will please be careful to ask for
Dr. Mc Lanes Celebrated Liver Pills, and take
none else. There are other Pills, purporting to be
Liver Pills, now before the public. Dr. McLane's
Liver Pills, nlso, his Celebrated Vermifuge, can
now be had at all respectable Drug Stores in the
United States and Canada.
June 23J, 1854. 43 2w.
Consulting Chemist & Mining (Jeologist ;
Author Assayer's Guide and Analytical Chemist's
n KGS to inform srentlemefl interested Ln mines that
1) he has opened an office in Charlotte, N. C, above
Heiulrix's Store, nearly opposite the Bank of Charlotte,
where he proposes to engage in assays and analyses or
to undertake mining surveys in this or the adjoining
States at the shortest notice. Having devoted himself
to the study of chemistry, geology, mineralogy, metal
lurgy ard mining during a several years visit to the fa.
mous universities of Berlin and Gotting n, and to the
celebrated mining academy of Freiberg in Saxony, he
feels confident that he will be able to attend to nil his
profe ssional duties to the entire satisfaction of all con
cerned. June 16, 1861. 47 3mo
Catawba Springs
For the reception of Visi'ois and Travellers.
THE Proprietor would announce to the
public generally, that he is now prepared to
accommodate an increased number of visi
tors. Every attention will bo paid to their
His table will always be bountifully supplied
with the best the season can afford. An increase of
patronage is solicited.
june 16, 1854 47-3m Proprietor.
To Builders and Contractors.
MThe BANK OF THE STATE of N. Carolina
wishes to contract for the erection of a Banking
HOUSE in this town. The house to be 42 feet in
front by 55 feet in depth, two stories high, to be built
of Brick, with foundation of Stone work.
Proposals will be received until Wednesday, the 28th
inst., at the Branch Bank, where Plans and Specifica
tions may be seen. Building to be completed by the
25th December, 1854.
THOS. W. DEWEY, Cashier.
Charlotte, june 1G, 1854 56-2w
N OTICE is hereby given that the firm ot UOB1SON &
KEA is dissolved, and that all the firm notes and ac
counts are in the hands of A. F. Brevard for collection.
June 15th, 1854. 47 tf.
The Bank of Charlotte, N C, )
14th June, 1854.
THE Directors of this Bank have declared a Dividend
of 6 per cent, on the Capital Slock of the Bank.
The same will be paid tb the Stockholders or their
proper representatives on and after the 3d day of July
47 3w W. A. LUCAS. Cashier.
The Bank of Charlotte, N. CL,
14th Ji'NE, 1854.
THK first Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this
Jbank will take place on the first Monday in July
next, at their banking rooms. It is important that the
Stock ot the Bank should be fullv represented.
47 3w VV. A. LUCAS, Cashiei .
Last Notice.
MY Notes and Accounts are in the hands of J. P.
SMITH, for collection, with instructions to pive
them all over to an officer if not paid by July Court.
June 1G. 47tc JOHN WELLS.
Tax Notice.
TOT1CE is hereby given that the Tax list for the
town of Charlotte is now in mv hands for eollee
tion, and money must and will be hau. 1 will not call
butor.ee. S. A. H A KIMS,
june 16. 47tf Tax Collector.
05" Whig copy.
THE SUBSCRIBERS inform the public generally, that
they bare opened a
in CharWAtr, N. C, where they are prepared, with com
petent workmen from the North, to execute all orders in
their line of business, such as
They will keep constantly on hand the bct description
of llulian and American Marble, and their article will
be afforded on i accommodating terms as they can be
obtained cither Nortii or South.
C7 All ORDEKS, ior ai.y Rrlile, ndlrcsrd to Ihe
subscribers, will meet with prompt BA tendon, ; nd wlli
M picKeu aim lorwaroiu Willi tiie utmost care kiid det
Office American BjIcL
June 1C. 47-if V. V. PEG R All.
Charlotte Retail Price Current
LUicon, sides ...
11 Hog round
Bagging, Cotton,
Butler - - -Beeswax
Brandy, Apple - -
Peach -
Candles. Adamantine
. lb.
. lb.
. lb.
. yd
. lb.
. lb.
- gl
- lb.
. lb.
. lb.
. lb.
. each
100 lb.
. lb.
a 22
a 80
a 50
a 87
a H
a 15
a 30
a 20
a 72
Tallow - -
Chickens -
Feathers -Lard
Mutton . . - -Mackrel
. lb.
- lb.
- bbl.
- gal
bushel . lb.
a 1C
a 40
a 75
a 40
a 6
a 45
a $4
a 12
a 9
a 12
a 82 i
a $1
a 12
a $1
a 35
a 45
Molasses - - -
Meal - - -
Nails -
. lb.
- lb.
- lb.
- gl-
. sack
. lb.
Potatoes, Irish
Sweet -
Sugar, Loaf -
" Brown
Stone-Ware - -
Wheat. . . . -Whiskey,
- gal-
North Carolina gal
Effects of the Storm !
XTTE would most sincerely ask those of our friends
W and patrons, who are in arkkaks w ith us, to
think for a moment, that we are obliged to have money
to pay our Debts, and unless they help us, in this way
our interest and credit must seriously suffer. We are
indeed, thankful foi the generous patronage we have
shared at their hands hope they will continue it, and
be admonished by this notice, to " fork over immedi
ately, if not sooner." Such is the character of busi
ness that we are compelled to announce, that from and
after the 1st July, wk shall be obliged to sell for
june 9, 1804 No. 3, Granite R-vv.
Wines, Wines.
1)URE0U1 PORT and Madeira WINES, especially
tor medicinal uses, for sale by
Disinfecting Agent.
t'HLORlDE SODA, (concentrated,) for destroying
J contagion; decomposing pestilential effluvia; pre.
serving Provisions against decay, and neutralizing
strong and offensive odors. For sale by the box, at the
Grainte Drug Store.
Tuscan Flask Salted Oil.
TKESH and Delicious, for sale by
june 9, 1854 46tf
Brown's Ess. Jamaica Ginger.
JUST received a Jarg-J and fresh supply admirably
adapted to meet and control the prevailing intes
tinal Disorders at the Granite Drug Store,
Quinine, Quinine.
TTRESH and Superior,
Jj at the Granite Drug Store,
Just to Hand.
A LARGE and fresh supply of pure Linseed Oil,
(N. Carolina manafacture,) where it may always
be bad in any quantity.
Spices, &.c.
VT UTMEGS, Mace, Spice, Cloves, Peppers, Ginger
J best articles for sale at
Indigo, Pearl Starch,
CORN STARCH, together with a large and varied
stock of everything that is superior in our line
For sale low for cash.
Whig will copy the above advertisements.
TH E subscriber has on hand for sale a good lot of
CEiLING BOARDS. Also, 33, 3X4 and 4X6
Scantling, Plank 1 in.X from 8 to 12 in. wide, and
various descriptions of Lumber, for sale at his Mill.
He wLl saw at short notice bills of any description of
Lumber. Also, a large lot of Roughedge Plank at 40
cents per hundred, loded on the cars.
Level P.O., S. C, june 9 5t WM. B. ELK1N.
Piedmont Sulphur and Chalybeate
Of Burke County, N. C, Sixteen milts North
of Morganton.
THE Proprietor of the above celebrated Sprinc" res.
pcctfully informs the public generally, timt be ha
enlarged his spacious accommodations by considerable
additions, and is now prepared to receive a large com
pany. He will spare no pains to contribute to tbo bene,
fit and gratification of those who favor him with their
This delightful Sum mcr Retreat cannot be surpassed
by any of the fashionable Watering Places within the
Slate of North Carolina. Here Invitids as well as th so
seeking pleasure, may find a Summer residence, calcu
lated lo rewtore the lost energies of the Physical consti
tution, and gratify tbe most fastidious.
By calling on Dr. H ippoldt, proprietor of the " Moun
tain Hotel," in Morganton, every necessary information
pertaining to the medical qualities ot these Waters can
be obtained.
JAMES C. ESTES, Profirictor.
June 9, 1854. 45-3in
A Painter Wanted.
A GOOD HOUSE PAINTER, who is a single man,
and can come recommended as as fine finisher, can
obtain immediate and permanent employment by in.
quiring of the subscriber at Charlotte, N. C.
june 6, 1854. 16tf J. W. RAINEY
Brick Yard Hands Wanted.
VTE will give the highest prices for the hire of 8
VV or 10 hands to woik in tbe Brick Yard, Apply
immediately 10
June 9, 1S54.
Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!
THE subscriber about making a changein hi busi
ness takes pleasure in informing the public, that
he will sell his entire Stock of
June 2, 1854 4 5tf At tl e sign of Big Boot.
P. S. Mr. J. P. SMITH is authorised to settle up
my business. j
jyorrtstoirn, Venn.
THE subscribers manufacture Mining Machinery, a
follows, viz: Tux Coaxisn Pcat-iao Exuikk, high
and low pressure Pumping, Stamping asd Hoisting
Steam Enkihes; Conisii Prrs, Stanfs, Ci sheks,
Wischss, Iron Blocks, Pcli.eys of all sizs, and every
variety of Machinery tor Mining purposes.
june 2, 18-34 4 5-ly
State of North Carolina,
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, April Term, 1854.
Hannah Garrison J
vs. I Petition for Dower.
B. H. Garrison and others.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that L.
A. Garrison, Hannah C. Garrison, James N. Garri
son, Mary A.G.rrison, and Martha G. Garrison, infant
children of Manson A. Garrison, flec'd are n t resi
dents of this State, bat reside beyond the limits of the
same : It is therefore ordered by the Court, that pub
lication be made tor six weeks in the Western Demo
crat for the said L. A. Garrison, Hannah C. Garrison,
.lames N. Garrison, Mary A. Garrison, and Martha G
Garrison to appear at the next term of this Court, to
be held tor the county of Mecklenburg, at the Court
house in Charlotte, on the 4th Monday in July next,
then and there to plead, answer or demur to plaintiff's
petition, otherwise judgment pro confesso, will be
rendered against said defendants.
Witness, W. K. Reid, Clerk of our said Court, at
office, tbe 4th Monday in April, A.D. 1854, and in the
77th year of American Independence,
june 2, 45-6t (P.f.$5.C2t) SV. K. RElD.cc.c.
State of North-Carolina.
Court of Pleas fc Quarter Sessions, April Term, 1 8.'4.
Huh M. Houston vs. William Fuhvood.
IT appearing to the satisfactioa of the Court, that
William Fulwood is not a ret-tdewt mt this Stute, or so
conceal himself thit the ordinary process of Law can
not be served 0;i hi in : It is, therefore, ordered by the
the Court, that publication he made for six weeks,, in the
Western fXmioerat, fVr the said William Fulwooa to ap
pear at the next term of this Court, to be held in the
Town of Monroe on the first Monday in July next, and
plead, answer or demur, or judgment pro confesso, will
be taken against him.
Witiiu, James M. Stewart, Clerk of our said Court
at Office, in Monroe, the first Monday of April, A. D.
1854. J M. STEWART, c o. u. c.
May 18th, 1854. Pr's. $5 50. 44-tit
Office Charlotte ind Soi th Carolina Railroad,
Columbia, May 20, 1854.
1 PROPOSALS, addressed to the undesigned at Colum
bia, are invited until 1st July, for the delivery, by
the 1st October, of One Hundred Cords of PINE or
OAK WOOD, at each of the following named stations,
to wit: Killian's Mill, Campbell's Mill, Cross Roads,
Hidgeway, Simpson's, Robertson's Winnsboro, Olbian,
WhiteOak, Yonguesville, Rla kstock, Cornwell's.Ches
tervilie, Lewis' T. O , Smith's T. ()., Ebenezer, Ca
tawba, Fort Mill and Morrow'a.
Generul Superintendent.
May 26, '51. 44-4w
$10 Reward.
RAN AWAY from the subscriber or. the 7th of April
last, a Bright Mulatto Girl, named SARAH. The
Baid girl is of medium size, trim, genteel figure,
straight black hair, and has bad teeth laughs and
looks confused when spoken to. 1 purchased her in
the fall of 1852 of Col. John M. Potts, of Steele Creek,
in which neighborhood she is probably lurking, or she
may be about Providence er Pipevjlle as she is well
acqnanted there.
1 will give the above reward if she is taken in this
county, and $15 if in any other county, and delivered
to me in Charlotte.
June 2, 1654. R. P. WARING.
Lincoln Machine Shop.
' PIIE undersigned beg leave to inform the public that
i they have recently rented the Shop and Tools form
crly occupied by Mr. W. Jenks near the Lincoln factory,
where they are prepared to turn and finish Mill Irons,
repair Cotton Machinery, horse powers, and chiefly all
kinds of Machinery used in this section of country on
the shortest notice, and on terms as reasonable as any
other establishment in this scc'.ion of country. All
persons wishing to have any of tli e above-mentioned
work well executed will do well to ca Hand see us before
engaging at any other establishment.
J. HYDE dj CO.,
Lincolnton Fuctorv, near Lincolnton.
May 26, 1854. 44-5w
STRAYED from the Subscriber, on the 8th instant,
two Woik STEERS, light brindle, one of them has
but one Eye, and one horn knocked off. They were
seen on the Statesville Road, about 6 miles from town,
but suppose that they crossed over to the Beatiesford
Road, and may now be about the River. Any informa
tion thankfully received and compensation paid for
trouble. BENJ. MORROW.
May 19, 1854 43-2w
late: WILLIAM MILLIKEN, deceased, will be
continued by tin subscriber for the benefit of the estate.
The prompt and uniform attention to business which
characterized the late establishment will be strictly ad
hered to in every department, and the continued patron
age of the friends of the deceased is most respectully
solicited by. BAZILE LANNEAU,
Charleston, May 13 43. 3w. Executor.
0 BKER, at Our House, for sale at wholesale and re
tail. Also, LEMON SY RUP nt wholesale and retarl, by
H. SbVERS &. CO.,
May 19 43!f Opposite the Court-house.
ALL persons indebted to the subscriber for old claims
who prefer settling by law, can have an opportuni.
ty of doing so after the 13th of May. i intend to leave
North Carolina and I expect to leave in a storm of de
nunciations and handsome epithets for demanding my
just dues, which have long been withheld from me, but
1 shall have the luxurious gratification of know in- that
it whistled itself."
April 21, 1854. 41-3t S.B.WATSON.
THE undersigned having been appointed at Apiil
1 Term of Mecklenburg County Court Guardian of
tli H. Dcarmond, (insane,) hereby gives notice to all
persons that I will not be liable for any contracts made
by said Eli li. Dcarmond.
npril 28, '54 40 3t II. K. DEARMOND.
Cleaver's Celebrated Honey Soap.
WARRANTED with the original scent, for rendering
II the kin soft and white. Also, Low's Honey Soap
j L.vv b y mux ivinusor m canes, Kigg's Mitlitary Soap,
uucriaut h Aitiurosiai oiiiivuig uake, all of which have
but recently betn opened. For sale at the Chemical
ALL Accounts and Notes in favor of M. W. Robinson
have been placed in my hands for collection, and
must be settled by the 1st of April next or their Notes
and Accounts w ill be placed in Officers hands for col
lection without reserve.
Charlotte, March 17, '51. 3j.ff
Office Charlotte &. Sot th Caromxa Railroad, I
Columbia, May 21, 1851,
Charlotte and Sonth Carolina Railroad will take
effect on and after the 1st June next. ( opies of tbe
newst liwill be de.ivereu to all the Agents along the
line of the road for distribution.
44-51 General Superintendent.
" Mining Machinery."
ORNISH PIJ.MPs, Lifting and Forcing, Cornish
J Crashers, Stamps, Steam Engines, and general
Mining work, made by tbe subscribers at short notice
Hudion Machine Works,
Jas. J. Hodge, Esq., New-York.
june 2, 1854 43y
Snuff! Snuff! Snuff!
1 RECEIVED a choiee lot of LorilLrd's, Amer
ican Gentlemen, Hi3b Toast, Scotch, Rappee aud
Msecaboy N 0 F F S, for sale low for casht
Granite Drug Store.
Town Ordinanco.
Charlotte. April 29, 1864.
At a meeting of tbe Board ol Coinnaisiiie,rs ; pr scttt
John Rigler, William R. Myers, Robert Shaw, R. M K.
Jamison, and W. W. Elms ; On motion, W. R. Uf
was appointed ch-irman, pro tern.
It is Ordered, That a Tax for the year 1 854. he
ed at the following Rates, upon each diffvreut obj. ct ol
Taxation, aa follows, to-wit :
On each $100 value of Real Entile, $J 50
h 100 value of Stock In TraoV, 30
- White Poll, between the age of 21 4.r V 00
- Black Poll, - " M 1 50 I 00
Free BUck Poll, 2 00
" Grocer and Retailer of spirits, $50 00
" Company of Circna Riders, and all
others, subject lo pay a State Tax, 20 00
Concert, per week, 10 00
" M Daguerreian,
m m Itinerant merchant or Pedler, or hawker ot
Goods, wares and merchandize, not the growth or min i.
facturc of North Carolina, except Books, a tax of $23 00
On each $100 of Interest,
" Ph vsici.m, Dentist, Lawyer, tc., 6 vHI
M " Carriacc ol th value of $75 1 00
$200 S 00
" 300 3 00
m v- " $400 or upward, 4 00
- Gold Watch, I 00
Silver Watch,
" Piano, JJ
m $t00 value t Gold and Silver Plate, 5tt
On each and every Dog, 1 JJ
Public Dray, 10 00
" Public four-horse Omnibus, 10 00
t Two-horse Omnibus 00
On each Livery Stable, 10
may 5 40tf J. B. KERR, clerk.
REGS leave resnectfullv to announce to the
of fharlotte and the miblic, that she hr.s
just returned from the Northern cities, and is now open
ing a fashionable and choice selection of
Bonnet Trimmings, Fancy Articlea,
Caps, Artificials, Head-Dresses,
together wich a variety of French MILLINERY, fcc.
Having secured tbe services of an experienced Dress
maker and Milliner, from Phitadelphia, she feels confi
dent that she can give general satisfaction im bosffc
branches of the business. No pains will be spared to
please. Orders from a distance thankfully received
and carefullv packed and forwarded.
npril 1 1, 1854 38-tf
Matrcsses ! Matresses ! !
KENNERLY &. QCINN, take pleasure in annonajr
ing to the public that they are manufacturing Mai
tresses at their Rooms in the Biscmci.t of the Brick
Building, occupied by Byan At Thompson, where they
invite all who may desire springy anil will made Mat
tresses to e:ill and examine for themselves. Orders from
a dit-mc: solicited, and promptly attended to.
The highest price p..id in Cash for good dry
shucks. K. Q.
April 14, 16J4. 3P-tf.
AWALDAUER h..s resumed the Bookbinding Bu
, siness, and is ready to receive work, which will
be done in the best workmanship and as cheap as can
be done in an) other establishment of the kind. Re
ferences to that fact, by Rev. C. Johnston, V. C. Bar
ringer, Esq., Charlotte ; Miller He James, J. J. Bruner,
Dr. Summerel, L. Blackrner, Esq., N. Boyden, Esq.,
and a great many other gentlemen at Salisbury. He
may always be found at the stand where G. Batgmau
&. Co. formerly kept Store, next door to Finis's Gro
cery. A. WALDAUER.
Charlotte, Feb. 94, i854. 3l-3rn
rl"HF. impression is abroad, that the undersigned is
winding up his business for the purpose of disrosv
firming his trade. He takes this method of stating
distinctly that such is not his intention. He expects
in a short time to commeuce and carry on the business
on his own responsibility, and hopes to merit a eontin
uance of the patronage of big old friends and customers
by giving them good ftfs, in fashionable styles, and on
short notice. D. L. REA.
April 28, 1851. 40 5w
TWO BOYS, from 12 to 14 yrars of age, to learn tho
I Tailoring business. Applv to
april 14 2S-2m D. L. REA.
, Corn Starch.
THIS incomparably pure and beautiful article is ex
ceedingly healthy, delicious, and economical, and
when desired may be used as a substitute for and in the
same manner as Arrowroot. The universal estimation
in which it is held, nnd the incrensing demand for it
has induced others to fl.md the country with an inferior
article of the same name. Corn Stareh refined, und
prepared expressly for food, can be had only at tho
Drug and Chemical Store of
MBS- WHEALAN would respectfully return
'Tfw her thanks to the Ladies of Charlotte and vicini
ty, for the liberal patronage bestowed on her during
the past season, and having engaged an experienced
MILLINER, she is now prepared to carry on the
Millinery 6t Dress Making Business,
in all its various branches. DUBONNETS made and
trimmed in the neatest and most fashionable manner.
Lr Residence 3 doors South of Sadler's Hotel.
April 7, 1854. ' 37-tt
Gentlemen, Come and See us,
ND we cin fit yon out, from the " crown of your
l head to the sole of your foot." We can put Ihe
prettiest Boots and Gaiters on your feet. Ihe finest Kid
Gloves on your hands, furnish you with the prettiest
Shirts, the finest Cloths and Cassimerec, and the b st
Linen and Marseilles, of any one in this w hole cou: .rv.
'THE largest lot of fclLKS ever b.-ougl.t to this mar
I ket, embracing every variety of Plaid, Check fctstl
all the different Shades of plain Silks, will be found at
Straw Bonnets.
S TRAW Bonnets and Flats, both for grown persons
and infants. Call soon before they are picked over.
J E keep a large stock of Domestic, Plaids, and
W Manchester Ginghams, for servants' wear.
T HE finest stock of ROBES, both Barege and Muslin,
Priu ted and Embroidered, at
A Tremendous Stock
F Printed Jackonetts, Swiss and Organdies, Beauti
ful Calicos, and a verv larsre stock ol u2tw .
April 14, '54. 38tl SPRATT, DANIEL & Co.
Hurrah, for Spratt, Daniel eV Co.!
rj HEY have the largest stock of Bebee HATS ever
1 brought to this town, and they are pretty this sea
son, too. 38 apri U.
MILES k SON'S Gaiters, Shoes and Slirpers for
, sale by
1MBRELLARS and Parasols of evry
'I HE Ribbons! The lUbfaetsTtJ Oh! tb Olevest
J. tbe Gloves ! ! and cheap, to be had at
I MBROI DKKS of every variety, style and uality
j Swiss, Jaeowett, Dimetry, band and fjounci iR, ii
spratt. Daniel a cq.
OAK Tanned SOLE LEATHER first malitrSl
cents per pound for sale by
Eor sale at this ofllce.

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