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WM. J. YATES, Editor and Proprietor.
Friday, March 5, 1880.
Superior Court.
This is the second week of Mecklenburg Superior
Court. Last week was occupied with the Civil
J ' t,and this week mostly with the State Docket.
-..lh McKoy has pushed business along as fast as
he could, considering the decisions of the Supreme
Court that lawyers must not be stopped in con
suming time in the discussion of "law points" and
the examination of witnesses. Considering the
crowded Docket of Mecklenburg Superior Court,
it would be much better for suitors to compromise
their cases or not go to law at all.
On Monday last the nero boy, Charley Walker,
was tried for setting fire to Wadsworth's stables
and other buildings, and convicted.
The trial of Gas McKnight, charged with killing
Wind Crump, was continued by the defence to next
On Tuesday, Z.ke Marshal, colored, was tried
for killing PtbT Ilea, colored. It appearing that
Marshal acted in self-defence, he was acquitted.
Wed in s lay was consumed by the trial of Henry
Horn, colored, for breaking into the dwelling
house of Mr I). II. Byeily in thi3 city. Horn is
the fellow who was captured by Col. 11. M. Oates
while trying to break into his house on the same
night he broke into Bycrly's Solicitor Mont
gomery prosecuted, and John E. Brown and W.
W. Flemming defended the prisoner. The case
was given to the Jury on Friday afternoon about 5
o'clock, and soon af ter a verdict of guilty was ren
dered. The prisoner Horn will, according to the
Uw, be sentenced to be hanged, as he ought to be;
hut of course an appeal to the Supreme Court will
he made to postpone execution.
The trial of Gu3 Galloway, colored, charged with
killing a new-born child, was begun Thursday
Next week is set apart for the trial of Civil C.ises.
County Matters.
The Board of Commissioners tor Mecklenburg
county held meetings on Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday last, and transacted a good deal of
business, the most important of which is noted be
low :
Capt. S. B. Alexander, State Senator, and the
author of the present Mecklenburg lload Law, ap
peared before the Board and submitted for their
consideration some suggestions for the amendment
of the Law, with a view to proposing them at the
extra session of the Legislature. The following
are the proposed amendments:
"(live the appointment of supervisors to Town
ship Trustees ; limit the pay of supervisors to 25 ;
relieve the Chairman of the Board of County Com
missioners by requiring Township Trustees to fur
nish the Chairman of the Board of County Com
missioners with tax lists of taxable property in
road districts and let the delinquent taxpayer be
required to work out road tax; that a penalty be
fixed on supervisors for failure to discharge their
Capt. Alexander also asked the opinion of the
Board as to whether any legislation was m-c.ssaiy
on the subject of the county convict labor.
The Board considered the above matters on Wed
nesday, and decided that they are of the opinion
that the suggestions, as amendments, would not
fully meet the objections generally made to the
Jl .ad law, and therefore cannot recommend the
amendments as the proper remedy. And the
Board also declared that it had no suggestions to
make as regards the working of convicts on the
public roads.
Jail fees for February, amounting to $333 23,
were allowed. Also. John A. Young was allowed
s-JTi being half costs due him as Clerk of the
inferior Court in insolvent State cases.
$70.70 was allowed for Post Mortem Examina
tions and Coroner's Inquests as follows : Dr. Kell
10 for the examination of the body of Peter Ilea,
and Dr. Wilder 30 for the examination of three
other dead bodits, during the past month 40;
and Coroner Alexander 30.70 for holding inquests
total 70.70.
1). M. Fesperman, a school committeeman in
Morning Star Township, resigned, and A. J. Hood
was appointed in his place.
An acre of ground was bought for the site of a
school house in district No. 53, which district is in
Paw Creek Township.
The resignations of J. C. Dowd, supervisor of
road district No. 3, and M.M. Wolfe of road dis
t iet No. 4, were received and accepted. William
Severs was appointed in Mr Dovvd's place, and It.
B. Caldwell in Mr Wolfe's.
K. D. Brown, supervisor of road district, was paid
at the rate of 2 a day, and several other accounts
W( re audited.
. ia
MixKi.ENia-KU Pir.r.ic Schools. We pres-ume
that asg-'od Public Schools have been kept up in
this County, during the past six months, as in any
county in the State, and yet there is 3,928.37 still
in the County Treasurer unexpended. That is the
show ing by the Treasurer of the School Fund up
to the first day of March, 1SS0.
The total receipts for the School Fund by the
Treasurer for the six months ending 1st d;.y of
March, amounted to U,i)32.4l, including 3,983.11
o hand at the beginning of the said six months.
. mm mm
The e.iior Class of the N. C. University
has selected Kcv. II. II. Tucker, D. D., of Atlanta.
Ga.. a Baptist Minister, to deliver the Baccalaureate
Sermon at Commencement in June next.
IIkki ski). In the proceedings of the U. S. Sen
ate on the 3d hist., we find this statement:
"Mr Carpenter, from the Judiciary Committee,
reported adversely on House bill to provide for the
appointment of an additional Clerk in the Western
Jii'iieial District of North Carolina."
The proposition was to have a Clerk authorized
for the l S. Court at Charlotte, instead of keeping
it under the control of the Clerk of the Court held
at Statesville. The Greensboro, Statesville and
Asheville Courts each have a separate Clerk, and
w hy should not Charlotte have one.
New Advertisements.
Fine Mill Property for Sale II K. Stewart.
Valuable Land for Sale E M Crowell.
Flow t-rs for Sale Henry Lanyon, Danville, Va.
Medical Notice Robert Gibbon, M. D.
Leading Luxuries at Perry's.
N. C. Home Insurance Company Thos II Haugh-
ton, General Agent.
Diess Goods, &c Wittkowsky & Baruch.
Spring Goods Alexander fc Harris.
Notice against harboring a runaway boy A II
Fine Tob icco and Cigars at Perry's.
Ileport of the First National Bank of Charlotte
M P Pegram, Cashier.
report of the Commercial National liauk of Char
lotteA G Brenizer, Cashier.
Democratic State Convention.
The State Democratic Executive Committee met
in Raleigh on Wednesday last, and appointed the
17th of J une as the time for holding the State Con
vention and Raleigh as the place.
As the National Convention meets the 22J of
June, it seems to be necessary to also hold the Con
gressional District Conventions previous to that
time, so as to appoint delegates.
The Legislature, Railroad Sales, &c.
A Raleigh correspondent of the Gold3boro Mes
senger, referring to the proposed sale of the West
ern Road and the meeting of the Legislature, says :
"But some new points appear to be evolved, or in
process thereof. This agitation presents a new
place altogether in our State politics. Likewise, as
the doctors say, it is critical. Out of it, with suc
cess crowning his banner, the Governor will come
strengthened for the struggle at the approaching
Convention, but if the proposition is rejected, by
any possibility, he is materially damaged if not
hopelessly so, say the friends of rival aspirants.
And with him, the party itself is badly hurt, both
by the resuTt and strain of opposing feelings, and
by the objection to called sessions, reaching back
to the very days of the war.
Something, it is said, depends upon the attitude
of the Republicans. True, it would be a funny
sight to see them insist upon giving an appropria
tion to a hostile section of the State, and for the
benefit of people who positively say they don't
want it; but prefer a corporation to build their
Roads but then it is shrewdly surmised that Re
publicans are men after all, and with the passions
of the old Adam within them will be gratified to
defeat the proposition, and see two antagonistic
wings of the Democratic party left to struggle un
der domestic difficulty throughout the year's cam
paign. What a great sight it will be to see Everett
of Forsyth, adjust his golden spectacles at an angle
of forty-five degrees, and rise to bring his mighty
mind to bear, as Neptune above Algean waves !
Another matter is talked of, and that is the ques
tion whether Messrs. Dortch, Scales, Henderson,
Richardson and Davidson will take their seats in
the Legislature. It will be remembered that the
Directors holding seats, resigned as such before,
and were reappointed upon the adjournment of the
Legislature. But a resignation now would effect
nothing, it is said, as they have accepted their last
appointments since their election to that body.
Outside of any legal bearing of the question, it is
contended that as a matter of taste these gentlemen
should not represent bth the Road and the people.
A member of the Legislature, we are aware, has
been decided nit to be an officer. What force there
may be in the objection I do not know, but only
refer to it as a faithful chronicler of the times.
Bertie county, it is supposed, vill not be repre
sented, as Mr Etheridire went to Alabama some
time ago, with the intent, it is said, to make that
State his domicile. The Governor has ordered n
election to fill the vacancy caused by Mr Blaisdell's
resignation. It is not unlikely if the contest should
be at all close, that the status of many members
will be sharply scrutinized.
Col. Walter Clark is back from Florida, and is
being congratulated by many as the father of the
agitation to abolish taxation for the Western Rail
road. Will he reap the benefit ? That remains to
be seen. It will be a new phenomenon in politics
if he does."
Teleeraph Lines, &c.
The conflict between the "Western Union Tele
graph Company" and the new Company known as
the "American Union Telegraph Company," has
already begun in some of the Western States the
old, extortionate company getting out aa injunc
tion in Colorado against the new company running
its wires in certain directions.
And we are pleased to see that there is a prospect
of having the "American Union" linos run through
this State. The AVilmington business men have
already taken action to have the new company ex
tend its operations to that cit', and the "Review"
says that the new company will erect its wires
through the Streets of that city in a short period.
An. Important Line.
That new Railroad from Spartanburg, S. C, to
Hendersonville, N. C, called the "Spartanburg &
Asheville Railroad," and which connects at Spar
tanburg with a Road to Columbia and thence to
Charleston, S. C, is the one which now commands
the "situation," and we wish it could be brought
under the control, entire1', of North Carolina and
her Railroad interests. Therefore we hope the
Charlotte & Atlanta Air-Line Railroad Company
may buy it and control it in the interests of Roads
centreing at Charlotte and Salisbury and Wilming
ton. If the Air-Line does not control the Spartan
burg & Asheville Road, it will soon be owned and
managed by those interested in the Port of Charles
ton. We are in favor of running Railroads anywhere
and cver3rwhere that private capital chooses to
build them and we make no complaint about the
dancer to North Carolina cities and ports by allow
ing the Spartanburg & Asheville Railroad to fall
into the hands of the friends of Charleston but
we do wish the Air-Line, or the Carolina Central,
or theN. C. Railroad, could control that Road. It
should be made a feeder to the North Carolina and
Carolina Central Roads.
In regard to the above mentioned line, the fol
lowing paragraph from the Philadelphia Trade
Journal of the 7th ult., is important if true:
A Guaxd Railiioad Scheme. The last pro
posed grand combination is that for the comple
tion of an independent and intermediate line of
Railroad from the West to the South Atlantic, a
line that shall belong to no combination, be free to
Cincinnati, St. Louis and Louisville alike, and have
at its terminus the finest and most spacious com
mercial port on the South Atlantic. This line
comprises the Knoxville, Columbia and Charleston
line, and the port is Charleston. For some time
there had been an inquiry for the lower classes of
South Carolina railroad securities, which previously
were almost unmarketable. It has just leaked out
that a syndicate at New York already owned 40,
000 shares of the capital stock of the South Caro
lina Company. The whole number of shares is
53.320, so that the sj'ndicate have far more than a
majority. The plan of the syndicate is said to be
to put on a fine line of steamships to Charleston,
and to make connection with the Cincinnati South
ern Railroad by way of Columbia and Asheville,
constructing the necessary connecting lines. From
Charleston to Cincinnati, by way of Asheville,
Knoxville, Caryville and Danville, the distance is
six hundred and ninety-four miles, which is more
than a hundred miles less than the short line from
Cincinnati to Savannah.
Railkoai. Now that the Western N. C.
llaihoad will be sold, there will be no use
of the convict force that is now at work on
that lioad, and we see no reason why the
State would not grade the balance of the
Carolina Central Railway through Ruther
ford county and connect with the Western
N. C. Railroad at Clarion, or with the Spar
tanburg and Asheville Railroad via Reedy
Patch Gap, with a portion of the convicts.
We understand that the Carolina Central
Railway Company say that they will do
every thing else if the Road can be graded,
that they are not able to do both. The
Road could be built by BiggerstafFs store,
(where the people of Rutherford are talk
ing of moving their county site,) to Marion,
and not have to cross Second Broad River,
while on theold survey, the Road is graded
ik a;' j u laitherfordton. The people of
Rutherford county ought to have their
Road completed, and we hope they will
soon. Asheville Journal.
Badly Fooled.
The notorious "Mrs. Victoria Claflin Woodhull"
is now in Europe, and decent English people are
fooled into the belief that she is a lady of great re
spectability in the United States, where she has,
for a number of years, been advocating "free-love"
doctrines and the violation of marriage vows.
Some one in London has sent us a copy of a paper
called the "Christian Union," in which we find the
following notice of the celebrated Woodhull, show
ing that the English are as easily humbugged by a
Yankee woman as many Southern people are by
Yankee men who sell medicines to cure all ills:
"We have with much satisfaction the prospect of
the proximate reappearance among us of one of
the most remarkably gifted women of the age.
Mrs. Victoria Claflin VVoodhull, after a period of
over two years absolute rest enjoined on her by her
Physicians, owing to the fearful strain she had gone
through in advocating her principles n the United
States, where she sacrificed health and a consider
able fortune to th moral improvement of her fel
low creatures, is about to resume her most arduous
public duties so far as her partially recovered
strength will permit. During this term of enforced
repose she has been sought out by the noblest and
highest minded men and women of this country,
and nothing but their kind and generous sympathy
could have enabled her to recover so far from the
effects of the fiery persecution and misrepresenta
tion heaped upon her by her enemies. Far removed
from the arena of that excitement they have been
able t form a just and unbiased estimate of the
real qualities of this extraordinary woman, and
they find in her nothing but the most pure minded,
self-denying philanthropy, her sole ambition being
the amelioration of the sufferings of her fellow
creatures. Before returning to her native land she
purposes to put forth to the world some of her
writings, and feels that the English people have
justly a prior claim to her first publications."
You are very welcome to her "first publications"
and all her publications if you will keep her and
them "over there."
Seeing Objects at Long Distances. In re
gard to the late publication in the papers about a
wonderful invention or discovery of a Mr McTighe
of Pittsburg, Pa., as to seeing objects at long dis
tances, we can state that Dr. J. F. G. Mittag of
Lancaster, S. C, published in the Charlotte Demo
crat of March, 1878, a communication claiming the
practicability of persons seeing each other at a
great distance. The fact seems to be, that Dr.
Mittag first announced what could be done, and
McTurhe has done it.
jdp The Oxford Free Lance is decidedly in favor
of abolishing the office of Coroner. As to some of
the expense entailed on the County Treasuries the
Free Lance says : "Some months since a dead child
was found in a well at Henderson. A Coroner's
inquest was called, meJical examinations held, and
a Jury sworn. Nothing was found out and a bill
of $90 was presented to the county for payment."
jgT In consequence of the persecution of the
ChiiKSe in California by Dennis Kearney and his
crowd, they are coming East in large quantities.
About a thousand went to New York and Philadel
phia this week. The Chinese difficulty is going to
be troublesome in this country. They work cheaper
and can live on lois than either a black man or
white, and lay up money besides.
dlP Mr J. L. Southern, ex-Sheriff of Greenville
county, S. C, killed himself with a pistol shot on
Saturday last. He lived near the town of Green
ville. Financial embarrassments is reported as
the cause of suicide. Suicides are becoming awful
ly frequent.
wra am
Vessels can now go up to Wilmington, N.
C, which draw 17 feet 2 inches. That shows that
good work has been done on the Bar, and it shows
(we are pleased to know) good prospects for Wil
mington. Fou the Charlotte Democrat.
Mr Editor: "Tax-payer" in your last issue ad
vocates the repeal of the Mecklenburg Road Law,
and, as a substitute, seems to favor Macadamising
the Roads. He sa3s it will cost "$2.50 per square
yard if the rock is convenient, and hopes some one
will make the calculation." One mile (10 feet wide)
will cost fourteen thousand six bundled and sixty
six dollars and sixt3r-six cents. There are about
400 miles of public roads in this count", so it will
cost something over five millions of dollars if the
rock is convenient, but as the rock is not convenient,
it will take upwards of a big sight to foot the bill.
I am afraid many of the best men in the county
would refuse "to vote for Gen. Washington for a
third term, if he, or any of his friends, advocated
it ;" provided, that "Tax-payer" has no New York
syndicate hitched out in the woods, who are anxious
and willing to take the public roads off our hands.
If he has, "here is my htart and hand." No one
will rejoice more than I will, tor it will benefit us
in more ways than one. It will give us good roads
at somebody else's expense insure the election of
Gen. Washington for a third term, and poor Grant
will settle down in Mexico, and engage in sheep
husbandry. Poll-tax-r a yer.
The above correspondent is mistaken in sup
posing that our correspondent of last week favored
Macadamising the Roads he intimated that the
expense would be too great. Bat would it not be
better to Macadamise a little each year, and have
some portion of the Roads good, than to pile up
mud every year and make no permanent improve
ment VJ
Repl'iilicas" State Convention fou
18S0. Mr C. W. Grar.dy, Chairman, and
Mr F. M. Sorrell, Secretary, have issued the
following: "The next Republican Stale
Convention of North Carolina, for the nomi
nation of Governor and other State officers,
and Presidential electors at large, will be
held at the city tf R ihigh, on Wednesday,
July 7, 1S80, at 12 o'clock noon ; and will
consist of delegates from each county equal
to twice the number of its Representatives
in the House branch of the General As
sembly." Nearly a year ago we won a meas
ure ot dislike in certain quarters by com
plaining of Railway Directorships filled by
members of the Legislature Xo one pre
tends to say, or even intimate, any possi
bility of improper or biased action by the
members. Rut if the seven Directors of the
Western North Carolina Railroad, who are
members of the Legislature, were Radical
in politics, we should very likely hear
numerous complaints as to their sitting in a
body called to legislate on a matter affect
ing their railway offices. Raleigh Farmer
t& Jlechanic.
mm- mm
Destructive Fire. Last Monday week
ao the dwelling and all the out-houses on
the premises of Mr Lindsay Ferguson, who
lives on Yadkin Valley, in Wilkes county,
were destroyed by fire. The smoke house
first caught from the fire used in smoking
meat, and the wind being high the flames
were soon communicated to the dwelling
and other out-houses all of which, with
their contents, were burned to the ground.
The dwelling was new, and was a large and
comfortable house. Mr Ferguson was from
home at the Ums. We have not been able
to learn the quantity of meat and other
provisions destroyed, but the loss was a
heavy one no insurance. Lenoir Topic.
Local Matters.
tW The Rev. A. W. Miller, Pastor of the First
Presbyterian Church of this city, has been in feeble
health for two or three weeks past, so much so
that he has not filled his pulpit for the two past
Sundays. All our citizens sincerely hope that he
may soon be restored to perfect health.
Judge Schenck is now in the City, on his
way to open Courts in the Mountain Circuit, be
ginning at Asheville.
IW A National Bank Examiner was along this
week. Wonder if such Government men know
much about banking? Sometimes they d and
sometimes they don't.
IW The Rudisill Gold Mine, in the suburbs of
this city, has been sold to a Northern Company.
It has been worked, for two or three years past, by
our own home capitalists It is an old Mint of 40
or 50 years working, but is said to be one of the
best in the country. The Gold Mines in this vi
cinity and section are attracting large attention
from Northern capitalists
tST There has been a much larger number of
horses and mules brought to this market this year,
and driven through here, than ever before known.
And the tame inaj' be said of beef cattle. ' Stock"
has been abundant, but prices stiff.
tip" The new coat of paint on the Merchants &
Farmers' Bank building improves its appearance
very much, and so does the improvements on Mr
James II. Henderson's store house.
J3 There has been a large number of m rckants
and others from neighboring Towns and Counties
in the City this week, besides a large attendance
upon the Superior Court. The Hotels and Board
ing Houses have no doubt done well, and also all
other business. This is a "&'re" community gen
erally. tW They have not worked on the Pump in
front of the Court House for several day- past.
Ain't that news?
A Home Artist. We are pleased to see that
Mr Arthur L. Butt, of this city, has met .with great
success in the Cities and Towns of this State wher
ever he has exhibited his "Revelation" paintings.
The generous Editors in Wilmington, Raleigh,
Goldsboro and Newberu, (where he has been,) have
helped him muchly. He sustains a first-rate char
acter here, and no one need be afraid to recommend
him to public favor.
The Board of Aldermen have repealed their
late Ordinance in regard to Sanitary regulations
and authorizing a city scavenger, and re-adopted
the old law and plan of getting premises cleaned
up. Mr Thos. A. Kendrick was appointed Sani
tary Policeman, who made a good officer last
Bradshaw & Co's Sewing Machine Office
has been removed to the Room over W. E. Shaw
& Co's Saddle and Harness Shop.
3f Perry has been selling Strawberries this
week, brought from the South. If there is not
colder weather soon, strawberries about here will
ripen. On Wednesday Mr Perry sold 32 quarts in
two hours at 50 cents per quart.
ZW Mr D. F. Welborn is now delivering a Book
(the "Footprints of Time") to subscribers in this
county, and will finish his work about the 20th
inst. Those who fail to get the Book can call at
Hale & Farrior's Jewelry Store.
Gaston County. The following are the
Jurors drawn for the Spring Term of Su
perior Court: E P Cloninger, J L Stowe,
W D Dameron, J W Kendrick, C C Mc
Ginnas, II P McArver, J Reid Gaston, J A
F Aderholt, James PBrison, John Craw
ford, John B Pursely, Thos C Johnston,
Jacob Jenkins, J W Gamble, John G Lewis,
Frederick Carpenter, Jr, A Roseman, S M
Wilson, Craig Mcintosh, J D Underwood,
J A Torrence, Mc Bradly, R M Carpenter,
Jas M Craig, J P Neagle, Henry Setzer, J
W Reid, D A Harrison, E S Costner, T G
Falls, C Q Petty, William Falls, Sr., Aaron
Jenkins, W M Robinson, C L Gattis, J L
mm mmm
tT The negro, Harrison Crow, who
was tried last week at Lancaster, S. C, for
burning Mr D. C. Wolfe's barn, was con
victed and sentenced to the Penitentiary
for life. Lancaster Ledger.
Expense of the W. N. C. Railroad.
In the discussion of the proposed sale of the
Western N. C. Railroad, these facts should
be kept constantly before the people, viz :
That under the laws at present in force the
State is required to furnish annually, for
interest on the mortgage bonds under the
Act of 1875, the sum of $59,500; for the
purchase of iron and material for the con
struction of the Road the sum of $70,000 ;
and for the maintenance of the convicts em
ployed upon the work, about $45,000.
These sums, aggregating $174,500 each
year, are raised by taxation of course, and
there is at present a deficit in the Treasury
of the State of over $200,000. It is aston
ishing that very few persons, even among
men ordinarily well-informed, were aware
of these facts until the discussion of this
matter brought them prominently into no
tice ; and even now it is difficult for some
to realize that they have been and are bear
ing an annual burden by way of taxation
of twelve cents upon every hundred dollars
worth of property in aid of the construc
tion of this Railroad. Raleigh News.
CHARLOTTE MARKET, March 4, 1880.
Cotton market steady. Good Middling 12,
Middling 12, Low Middling Vt. Not much
Corn and Meal in demand at 73 to 75. Small
lots from wagons would probably bring a few cents
more. Peas 75 ; Oats 55 to 57.
Flour, per sack, $3.50 to $4 from wagons. No
Wheat offering.
Irish Potatoes, for planting, $2.50 per barrel.
Fresh Pork, by the hog, 6 ; Beef, from wagons
4 to 6 by the quarter. Beeswax 20 to 22, in de
mand. Fresh Butter 20; Eggs 10 to 11; Chickens 15
to 20.
Corn Whiskey, by the barrel, from wagons $1.25;
Apple Brandy $1.40 to $1.50.
Other Markets.
NEW YORK, March 4, 1880.
Cotton firm Middling 13U, Low Middling
LIVERPOOL, March 4, 1880.
Market steady and firm at 7.5-16 pence for
j Middling Uplands.
State Chemist. There was a called
meeting of the Board of Agriculture at th
Governor's office last Tuesday for the pur
pose of electing a State Chemist to fill the
vacancy occasioned by the resignation of
ur. j. n. leaouz. ur. unester A. Uoess
man of Amherst College, Mass., was chosen
unanimously. Dr. Goessman is about 40
5 ears of age, and is now Professor of
Chemistry in the Massachusetts Agricul
tural College and State Inspector of Fer
tilizers. Raleigh Nevss.
In the Field. Maj. W. A. Graham of
Lincoln county, was in town this week, and
we learu that his name will go before the
coming Congressional nominating Conven
tion of this the sixth district. Ntxcton En
terprise. mm t-mmm
Ocean freight rates have hardly ever
been so low as for the past two months.
Large quantities of grain have been taken
from New York to Liverpool at a rate about
equaling twelve cents per hundred pounds,
while the Railroads receive forty cents per
hundred pounds from Chicago toNew York.
Ten Steamers failed from New York on
last Saturday for Europe, all heavily loaded.
There were 360 tons ot fresh meat and 149
head of cattle shipped to Liverpool; 50
bullocks and 2,200 quarters of fresh meat
and 600 carcasses of sheep to Glasgow ; 100
head of cattle to Cardiff; 70 head to Hull,
and 90 mules and 100 head of cattle to
'mm in
Mr Spaugh and his wife, from Salem,
N. C, moved to Missouri in 1876, and, after
spending four years there, concluded to .re
turn to North Carolina, and started on foot
and walked the whole distance, which is
about 5,000 miles. Winston Leader.
Probably a Blackmailing Suit. Wash
ington, March 2. Suit was entered in the
District Supreme Court to-day against
Senator Hill of Georgia. He is charged
with seduction in 1877 at Atlanta, Ga.
Damages were laid at $10,000. The com
plainant is Jessie Raymond.
In this county, Mallard Creek Township, by B.
H. Garrison, Esq., on the 19th ult .Mr J. L. Deaton
and Miss Ida Auten, daughter of Mr I. W. Auten.
In Cabarrus county, on the 19th ult., at the resi
dence of Mr Ezekiel Riley, by Rev. J. E. Pressly,
Mr Daniel Fisher and Miss Margaret A. Goodnight.
Near Pittsboro, on the 26th ult , Mr U. J. Shaw
of Raleigh, and Miss Addie Poe, formerly of Fay
etteville. In Salem, on the 19th ult., Mr Geo. H. Rights,
local editor of the Winston Sentinel, and Miss
Emma Jones.
In Wilson, at the residence of the bride's father,
H. G. Williams, Esq., on the 18th ult., Mr J. R.
Allen and Miss Mamie B. Williams.
In Lincoln county, suddenly, on the 24th ult.,
Mrs Rosana E., wife of Mr J. H. Rhodes, aged
about 41 years.
In Water Valley, Miss., on the 10th ult., of appo
plexy, Mr William A. Cook, a former resident of
Charlotte, aged 58 years.
In Newbern, on the 26th ult., Mrs. Susan S., wife
of Dr. J. A. Guian, aged. 57 years a good woman.
Leading Luxuries of Charlotte.
PERRY'S Boquet Cigars, (the best 5
cent Cigar in America, the Rich man's Luxury
the Poor man's Solace the Traveler's Favorite.
Rex Bananas, Triple Size, five cents each.
Ordinary Bananas, 3 for 10 cents.
PERRY'S Caramels, the greatest luxury
ia the Candy line.
"Walnut Cream Chocolate, something
new very nice.
Finest Fruits, choicest Candies, cheapest
Toys, best Cigars and Tobacco, can always be found
SPECIAL Try my 10 cents TOBACCO.
March 5, 1880.
Just Received
Lace Striped Buntine:, Ruchines, Jet Fringes,
And another large assortment of Ladies' and
Straw Hats, Bonnets, Feathers,
Tips in all the Spring and Summer shades.
March 5, 1880.
Our Mr. ALEXANDER has gone North and
will purchase for us a handsome stock of
Spring and Summer Goods.
We want everybody to call and see us this 8pring.
March 5, 1880.
Flowers ! Flo W6rs ! !
One dozen of the following named Flowering
Plants will be sent for one dollar, with Plants ad
ded to cover freight charges :
Abutilons, Achiranthus, Asclepias, Begonias,
Canna InJica, Cobeus, Citronalis, Cestrum, Cissus
Lucitaneca, Chorozema, Chrysanthemums, Crassula
Cordata, Cuphea (Cigar Plant), Dusty Miller. Eupa
torium, Ecbeverias, Fuchsias, Feverfus, Geraniums
(Zoneale) all colors, double and single ; Geraniums
(scented). Heliotrope, Hibiscus, Jessamine (Catalo
nian), Klenia, Lantanas, Madeira Vines, Nierum
bergia, Pelargoniums, Pansies, Peri3trophe, Petu
nias (double and single), Pinks, Pilea, Scarlet Sage,
Stevia, Tuberose, Verbenas, Violets (double). Wax
Plant, Roses.
March 5, 1830. 3m Danville, Va.
Insure your Dwelling, Furniture, Barn, Stable,
Live Stock, Store, Merchandise, Mill, or other pro
perty, in the old reliable and prompt paying
N. C. Home Insurance Company.
Losses promptly adjusted and paid.
Be wise and protect yourself in time against loss
by fire.
General Agent,
Office opposite the Post Office, on Trycn Street,
March 5, 1880. Charlotte, N. C.
From A. H. Grifflm, JAMES BIRD, abound boy,
17 years old. This is to warn all persons from
hiring or harborine him, as the penalties of the
law will be strictly enforced against them.
March 5, 1877. 2w
t3T I make a specialty of Guns and supplies for
sportsmen, Pistols, &c WALTER BREM,
Feb. 20, 1880. Agent
Valuable Mill Property for Sale.
I wish to sell my Mill property known as
"Stewart's Mills," Similes South of Charlotte, in
8haron Township. The Mills consist of Flour,
Corn and Saw, together with a good Cotton Gin
all run by never failing water-power. Sufficient
Land will be sold with the Mills if desired.
For further particulars address me at Charlotte
or call at the Store of K. M. White.
March 5, 1SS0. tf
Valuable Land for Sale.
I will sell my FARM, containing 147 Acres
some 85 Acreg of which is fine River . and Creek
bottom, and 45 Acres of good upland with large
frame Dwelling and all necessary out-buildings m
good repair, situated on the Eastern bank of the
Catawba River, 11 miles West of Charlotte, within
5 miles of the Air-Line Railroad, in the Steel Creek
neighborhood, convenient to Churches, School
Houses, Mills, &c Call on the premises or address .
Mch 5, 18S0 6wpd. Charlotte, N. C, Box 20.
Office corner 5th and Tryn Streets,)
Tenders his professional services to the public, as a
practical Surgeon. Will advise, treat or operate in
all the different departments of Surgery. Patients
from a distance, -when necessary, will be furnished
comfortable quarters, and experienced nurses, at
reasonable rates. Address Lock Box No. 83.
March 5, 1880. y
Report of the Condition of the
Commercial National Bank at Charlotte
in the State of North Carolina, at the close
of business, February 2 Is, 1880;
Loans and discounts, $181,684 80
Overdrafts 13,086 57
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation, 175,000 00
Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages, 16,158 50
Due from approved reserved agents, 88,573 76
Due from other National Banks, - 23,284 03
Due from State Banks and Bankers, 2,721 63
Real estate, furniture and fixtures, 82,935 39
Current expenses and taxes paid, , . 1,731 81
Premiums paid, 9,500 00
Checks and other cosh items. 11 92
Bills of other Banks, ... 17,316 00
Fractional currency (including nickels) 56 94
Specie, 9,641 00
Redemption Fund with U. S. Treasurer,
5 per cent of circulation, 7,875 00
$529,577 45
$175,000 00
17,000 00
8,508 93
157,500 00
104 00
123,517 00
3,813 30
36,112 53
461 39
7,560 24
$529,577 45
Capital Stock paid in,
Surplus Fund, - - -Undivided
profits, ...
National Bank Notes outstanding,
Dividends unpaid, ...
Individual deposits subject to check,
Demand certificates of deposit,
Time certificates of deposit,
Cashier's checks outstanding.
Due to other National Banks,
State of North Carolina, County of Mecklenburg.
I, A. G. Brenizer, Cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
A. G. BRENIZER, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2d day
of March, 1880.
JNO. M. SHELLY, Notary Public.
Correct Attest J. S. Spencer,
Jos. McLaughlin,
ilin, VDi
March 5, 1880. R. M. Miller,
Report of the Condition of The
First National Bank of Charlotte, at
Charlotte, in the State of North Carolina,
at the close of business February 21, 1880 :
Loans and Discounts, ... $576,134 Dd
Overdrafts, 9,148 10
U. S. Bonds to secure Circulation, 350,000 00 '
Other Stocks, Bonds and Mortgages. 198,947 75
Due from approved reserve agents, 48.962 44
Due from other National Banks, 12.578 26
Due from State Banks and Bankers, 7,407 97
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures, 37,067 97
Current expenses and taxes paid, 4,310 49
Premiums paid, .... 18,125 00
Bills of other National Banks, 3,334 00
Fractional Currency (including nickels), 130 31
Specie, - 38,770 00
Legal Tender Notes, - - . 25,000 00
Redemption Fund with U. S. Treasurer,
5 per cent of circulation, - 15,748 00
$1,345,605 23
$400,000 00
76,000 00
7,721 93
315.000 00
Capital Stock paid in, - -
Surplus Fund,
Undivided Profits,
National Bank Notes outstanding,
Dividends unpaid. - - - -Individual
Deposits subject to check,
Time Certificates of Deposit,
Cashier's Checks outstanding,
Due to other National Banks,
Due to State Banks and Bankers,
344 00
253,543 96
287,814 27
. 290 90
3,071 69
2,373 51
$1,343,665 25
State of North Carolina, County of Mecklenburg.
I, M. P. Pegram, Cashier of the above-named
Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
M. P. PEGRAM, Cashier
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 2d
of March, 1880. JOHN F. ORIi.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest R. Y. McAden, 1
W. R. Myers, Directors.
3Ich. 5, 1880.
J. L. Brown, )
Humphrey's Homeopathic
Medicines, and all of the most popular Patent Med'
icines, to be found at
Just Received,
A large lot of Chickens, Docks and Geese, and the
finest pure blood BRONZE TURKEYS in the"
Feb. 27, 1880.
Pay Up ! Fay TJp ! !
We respectfully and earnestly request those who
are owing us by Note or Account to come in and
Feb. 6, 1880.
Clover and Grass SeecL
100 Bushels Clover Seed.
50 Bushels Orchard Grass Seed.
In good order and warranted fresh. Just re-
ceived by
Eureka Fertilizer.
I am Agent for the celebrated Eureka Soluble
Fertilizer. It has given the best satisfaction of any
Fertilizer in the market. Price has been reduced.
I refer you to R D. Whitley, R. L McDowell, W.
B. Harry, J. A. Wilson and to every one who Las
used it aa to its qualities.
Feb. 20, 1880.
and Retail
Trade Street, Ciiaelotts, K. &
August 16, 1878.

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