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The Charlotte journal. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1835-1851, February 22, 1850, Image 4

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Minstrel, sin; Ibat Sons sai.
Minstrel, eing lhal "! agiin.
I'hintive in in olemn flow j
Memory own hi magic irin,
Loriii nd cheiiehsd long i( i
La ! lb pel, In myelin put,
Kis through th vista dim
Just twilight' ihade er el.
At the day's departing byrna !
Minstrel, Hwss an sve like this.
bjars war spangling all the sky :
Every xaphrr spoks of bliaa.
Float ng In its frag ranco by ;
Then, within our snoon-lit bowar,
On, with voice lias inoaie's own.
Sweetly charm'd tha lingering hour,
To tha. soft lutd'a ailvary tous.
Aa th witching eadenc fell
Wild within our buwar of lov.
Angul bands might prove tha apell,
Bending from the eeurl above I
Minatrel, ehant one mors tho air.
Soil aa spring' departing breath :
Kit who aang it number liters
Slumber a th bride) of .Death !
Minatrel, chide thou nl my tears
Thoo haet waked s mournful thoie;
Memory rove th lumlring yr,
Like asm dear forgotten drsam ;
Day will eoro with joy end gladooa-
Cart once mora will fling their blight ;
Chi.le not then, my spirit's aadneea
Minatrel, lt m wsep to oighl!
in. li'e H very well for h'K bul efter.
ward, it's the plague like owning aa upset
omnibus." . :
A little folly oow sod the".
Is relished by th wisest mn."
bar of th. church, th mint miller ery m-joff, and leave ibe mm to pick up the pieces,
dil save hie content. ' But then I enu.l lake a wife and Changed lo
Yea, you may lake ber,' said he, in bt
tough way, 'and you will find her heavy
burden enough.' 1 '
On the wedding day, aa ere may suppose,
holiest Hull dressed hitntelf in plain color
ed coal, all Ihe buttons of which eere made
of pine Iree shillings. The buttons of hi
waistcoat were made of threepences. Thus
attiied, he sal with g.eal dignity in hie grand-
father's chair : and being a polity old jjeotle
man, he completely filled it from elbow lo el
bow. On ibe epposite lids of (he room, be
tweeo Ihe bridesmaids, sat Miss Beisry. She
was blushing with all her might, and leoktd
like a full blown peony, e greal red apple, or
any other round and ecatlei ol.joct.
There, loo, wai the bridegroom, dressed
in fine purple coat, and gold lare waistcoat
t youog burrycane. Mies Naocy got one
glimpse of her foretora lover, and before she
could gel her eproc 10 her eye, ehe fainted
at the ewrul eight, (!) hile his fast rccedin
voice, cryio " Hornets 1 stop him ! hornets !"
still rung ia her ears.
Go It, Hob-Tail.
A epecimnn of the genus 'Hoosier was
r..,u.d h Cantain , of the steamer ,
- 1
in the enaine room of his boat, while lying el
Litiiesille, one fine morning in Juoe. The I
The Pine Tree Sliillinff.
Captain John Hull wai the mint msiler of
Maesicbuietts, end coioed all the money ibai
was made klhere. He wae in a new line of
business, for, in the esrly days of the colooy,
the current coinage consisted of ihe gold and
silver mooey of England, Portugal and Spain.
These eoina being ecarce, the people were of
ten forced 10 barter their cotnrnoditiee instead
of eelling them.
For iostance, if man wanted lo buy a coat,
he perhaps eichanged e bear skin for it. If
he wished a barrel of molasses, he might pur
cbsse it with a pile of pine boards. Muskei
bullet were used instead of failhtnge. Th
Indians had a sorl of money called wampum,
which was made of clam-shells, and this straojje
tort of specie was likewise taken in payment
of debts by the English sellers. Bink bills
hsd oevor been heard of. There waa not e
nough nf any kmd, in mny suti of the coun
try, to nay their niiniste.a-10 ihet they had
sometimes lo luke quintal of fi.h, busltele of
corn, or coida of wood, instsad of silver and
Aa Ibe people grew more numerous, and
their trade with one another increased, the
want of current money was still more sensi
bly fell. To supply Ihe demand, the general
ccul passed law for establishing a coinage
of ahi'.lings, itiponces and threepences. Cap
am John Hull e appointed lo manufscluie
the money, and wai lo have one shilling out
if every twenty, lo pay him for his lrouo
if making ihem.
. llorcupon, atl the old silver in the colony
wai handed over lo Captain J hn H ill. The
battered silver cans nd latikirJ, I suppose,
and silver tuck'.es, and broken spoons, silver
buttons of worn-out coaN, nod silver hilts if
sword that hsd figured at court all 11cb cu
rious old articles were doubtless thrown into
ibe pot together. BjI by far the greatest
pari of the silver consisted of bullion from ihe
mines of South America, which ihe English
buccaneers (who were little belter than pi
rates,) bad taken from the Spaniard and
brought lo Massachusetts.
All this old and now silver boing melted
down and coined, the result was an immense
r mount of splendid shilling, sixpences and
threepences. Eich had the dale of 1032 on
one side, end Ihe figure of a pine Wee on tho
other side. Hence tliey were called the pine
Iree shilling. And for every twenty shillings
that he coined, you will remember, Csptsin
Hull was entitled to put one into bis on
The magistrates ionn began lo suspect thst
the mint master would have the best of the
bargain. They offered him a large sum of
money, if he would give up that 20, h shilling,
which he was continually dropping into his
own pocket ; Capt. Hull declared he was per
fectly istWfied with ihe ahiUing. And well
ho might be; for so diligently did he labor,
thai in a few years his pockets, his money
bags and his strong boi, were ove. fljwing
with pine-tree shillings. This was probably
ihe case when he came into possession of his
grandfather's chair to reel himself oe.
When the mint master had grown very rich,
a youog meo, Samuel Sewel by nname, came
a courting bis only daughter ; his daughter
(whose name I do not know, but we will call
Betty) was a fine, hearty damsel, by no means
slender as some young ladiet of our own da) a.
On ihe contrary, having always fed hearti
ly 00 pumpkin pies, doughnut, Indian pud
dings, and other puritan dainties, she was
leund snd plump aa pudding. With this
round, rosy Miss Betsy didSamul Sewel fall
in love. As be wae youog man of good
chancier, induitriout in buiioeis, tnd t mem-
.The I'liclari lloi -fecnian.
Widowers should look out for breakers. , 0. ,..., innuired lo know what he was doing
Abaulom Nepers was a widower, and one of lli;,
Ihe particulates! men poihaps, tbal ever lived, , jIve yo(J iern Captain Perry ?' the
though some people said, that -when his wife in,erfogl,rjfe response.
was alive lie used to dress as a common field 1 , pJ(,it j,(OW ,im and can't tell what thai
hand, and d.dn'l use 10 lake any pains with I h lo j0 . j B ynuf be,ng in my engioe room,'
himself at all. Every body knows how he yi!d lhe fjap'ain angrily.
went le church regular ivery Sjntley ; bul a H!d 00 1 ihat'ajml what I was getting
idrv had no confidence in his religion, sad . v, ... '.,.: pnrr. .nd I walked
withasmucho.berfine.yaslliePuritanl.es Ltt(1 ,.,,,, wy ito church lo al.o ! ,. elkr. Cantain Perry asked
his new suit of mourning end tootle the gal. 1 w o jrl0,i inj ,,! d,d; (knew thai I
Vv ith sucb a character among the wim inn, WSUt(j l0 drink, or i wouldn't have been so
il ainl lo be suppnerd thai he stood any chance ?efr j, g0i Captain Perry and I went lo
of getting another Mia Nippers near home, (h9 ball CatHain Perry wa puMing in otn
and bather he was as bad lo bis first ; twtrM on or toe. I aung ool Go it, Captaio
a Ihey said he wae. or no', rne thmj wa perry( ,f you i,ut your biler.' With that a
certain, be had lo look abroad for some one j tf up u m tf inJ Myt
to fill her place. , gee nerBi gtrnngor, you must leave.
Mr. Nippera was very lucky in finding a j , Wht, (fiui, eM, fur et
gal just ts hi wind, whal lived about ten uiiles j g , yuU(- m.ioj too much ooie.'
from bis plantation. Nuncey Paikt r w s , I've been in bigger crowds than
rich, and though she wefu'l very young nor roore t)d , iMl ,
very handsome.sho belonged lo Mr. Nipper.' nu,jJer ,
church, and fi led his e)e euctly i so he sol j w.)fc u) me by ,ht ,, 0( in
incouiliu'her eith all his might. Ten units , ,ne seal of lhe breeehee and I left,
was a g'K'd long ride, and aa ha as an eco , . tl,0ven' down the street, I onrt a
nomicsl man, he used to ride oer to old "!,jd nem t,t nt , Udy by a reiusik
ehe maile. Saye she,
Yuuog tnau.l reckon you'll go home with
nl piuinmi would allow bun to put on. M s
hair was crept close lo his head, because Gov.
Endicotl had forbidden any one lo wear il be
lowbiaeari; but he waa a very personable
young man and so thought the brideutaid and
M es Betsey horscif.
The mint matr was pleated with his new
ion in-law especially ai he had said nothing
st all about ber portion. So a hen th marriage
ceremony wae over Cpi. Hull whispered a
word or two le hi men eervant. who imme
diately wenl out and ejon returned tugging a
pair of acalea. They were uch a pair a
wholesale merchants use for weighing ; a bul
ky commodity was now lo be weighed in ihem.
Daughter Betsy,' said the mint maater,
go into one aid nf the scales.'
Pm it around.
The following laconic epi'atle was sent to a
busy body-one of ihe School for Scandal
Oh ! pray refleet. consider. Mr. P.,
Before uch fooli.h l yoo I've le l" ,
For. don't you know, or wont you e
Thai a-cb wlck.dnee, and eonne and
deleatabt. action, coupled with a deal of u will
terry you alraighl lo Belsbub T
or roarioKCouNTitr.
There are denominate fiequeiitly mt in report
r n,.,kt. bnt their Eneliab valu not alwaya ra-
dily recollected. The following table wiU be found,
we believe, cornet:
Alim in Rotterdam "?,r,, i
Al.nude in Portugal eonlaiu l
AlmudeinM.deir do6?
Aloiiier.in Madeira over IJ ptcka to ntsily 3
Alquierein Hahia
Alquii rein Marsnhm
Alquier in Rio Janiero and fernafn
Ann office in Ceylon
Arruba in Portugal
Arroba in Spain (large)
Arroba in S,ain (mell)
Arroba in Malaga of V.10
Arebeen in Kuaai
Bahar in Batavia
H.I. of Cinnamon in Ccvlon.nat
R.,ili N.nlrs equals boul gals It
r.i.r Lreanl. contain H ok lb 1 1 8
f'antjr in Leghorn of oil
buh 1
do il
do 1 mil
lb iiCO 3 S
lbs 33
gals 4 346
do 3 :i37
about do 4
iuchee ?8
pec u It 3 to 4
lbs 13
do 17JJ
Ibi I0G 10 196,
do 175 to I'Ji?4
ia equal lo about bush 50
ia about lb 1)
lbs 3581
Dearly bush G
bush I 599
lbs 3 31
bmh Hi
Mis uetsy, or mrs. " Pilfc.... ..,...,; ,r.rl Sundav moruina 10
.. 1 j , -u- u:j i.l- . J..t.f..l I '
csti ner, o.u a. .... ... o.u, .... -0 t0 cb,ch wiib the family, uke dinner wiih
child, without any ej-ieeimn. or why or where-, jn ( e eoo, of ho
fore 5 bul what her father could mean, unless w,h
10 make her husbsnd pay tor her by tne pounu. o(
his happmeeson this earth nd lhe world to
in which caae she would have been a dear
bargain, ehe had not the least idte. j
'Aod noe,' aaid honest John II jII lo hi
servant, bring that big bin hi'.her.'
Tbta boi, lo which lhe mini master point
rd, wsi a huge, squire, iron-bound, oaken
chest j it waa tig em-uh, my children, for
all four of you to ploy hido ai d seek in.
eome at the same lime, without li.img ary ol
h i wei k dvy lime.
A ride oer e dusty road is apt lo eul a
gentleman's dry got d, and make h tn and hie
horse ery tired. IIiaeer, Mr. Nipper
didn't mind ihe fstigue e much a hi l.oie j
tut in a mailer nf uch a he had in bsnd it
- a I . . I '
The servant, lu.'ged .tin n.-gru anu ''". , wal ,efy i(,ipn,Unl lh b, ,,old rm.k as
tut could not l.fl iht enormous receptacle, j jn(ireM.01 p(lWeis0 he .dupii-d
and were finally obi.gtd lo d.g .1 across ibe -m M9 ,0 pK,col bliu
fl',0, !Ief before the ol ject of l,ianoctious tuoidor,
Capt. Hull then look a key oul of h.s g.r tt cea1)i trd h Woo:II.
die, unlocked the chest, and lifted . ponder- ,., r,eth ,0! Beii aetflhey bad j. it
ou. lid. B-hold ! It -ai full 10 the bnm ol . Tb1 wsi , fc,ppy
b.ight piee-t.ee .h.llings.fiehffnrT.,the mm.., (Jtn(i Jy ,,,,,,,, r lo,e,
ana aimuei oBwt. ueg.u - . , .,w coit and .fiimwd w- i
ther-in-law hd got pos.e.si. n of all the .no j (( (u iUmK
neyin lhe Msi.achu.ett.' Treasury. Eut " ...iKerthiif, and af.er riding wuhin a qnr
aa only lhe mini maste.' honest ahire i',tro) ( ml!a fcf MfI. p',ttinii, he
the coinage. ! mnu,d ,grl, ,.(f ,n o a tl. cket of t-hmkapm bub-
Then lhe eertant. a. Cept. Hull', cm,, i ,,,,, Bllt. hl. IuliU..il.t.
mand, heaped d .ublelh.ml.Jul ol .tunings 1010 , . mow. Mr. N ppen
one ide of the ck. ht!e Ciy reuiaine.Ji
in Ihe other. Jingle, j'tig'e, wmt Ihe shil-
fairly weighed the young lady from
hid irri
ved at ihis drem' gronrj. It wo
m 7
PJ.leneii woildn'i lot me refuse aod so 1
I'd b n in the houso but e minute, when I
heard considerable of u knocking at the door.
I knew lhe cbp wan'ed lo gel in, whoever he
or ha wou'du'l have k-pt up such a tre
mendous racket. By and by, says a voice
F.f you don'i opto, I'll bust in lhe door.'
And ao he did!
I put on a b old face and aeyi I,
Stranger, doe thia woman bolong to youT'
S)l he he due.'
Then,' eiye I, .he's a ludy, I think, from
all thai I have seen of her !'
W ith that be came at me, witb a pietnl in
r ne hard and a bowis knile id ibe other, end
hem' a ketle p.e.sed for room. I jumped
I through the witidy, least , il.e bigger portion
o! uy cost ibii. n w wcin ,.
town, with lhe frngmen'a flitlering lo the
tmeti?. I mat e friend. I knew he was e
friend by a remark he made. Sys be,
' Vta it, Cb tail ! he's a gainiu' oe you I'
And thst' the way I happened in your en
(ins room. I'm a good swimmer, Captain,
; hut Aa sii-usi me. if ton nlease. from laktn'
n i.nnarlant occiS n. r.very llnngwasprv t ., ,.. .. ,
.ings. a. handout aft., bandu. wee ibroan to. ; op h;, miod l0 ;
till, plump and ponderous as she was. they , . k d,-. There was no dubbi i A SWEET DISCOVKKV
lie llOir. , ... ,, 1.1 ..,.., k. nn n. Tt, CaWs r.iamrl av thai " the bodv
in nis mine mai no wuu.u "- 1 -
Thfire, son Seael!' cr el the honrit mint , tr.j,uj fc,r i him j of a smxll negro child was found in a m.-las-
master, ieutn.n' .... -re. .... f - . tel.,, iu() 0f s,IM .,,nc)' plantation nn.1 ; sea hogahcaa in that plaee a lew days since
chair. 'take these shillings tor my uaugntsr : . , ,(t Loi , fler ,iie mamnM w ,U drawn ..ff. N
a f 11 I . L - I. I. .
oort.on. Use ner K.nu.y, anu i llk n. hi, sccu,.0,ntJ c.ne of dres.
fur her. r. is not csory wile inai is worm
her weight in silver.'
lie had drop;ed the reins on his horss'
ma.kanf violence were found upon him.
W can vouch for lhe truth of ilr." The
Center io Malta
C'intar in Neplr
I'antsr in Sicily
Carro in Naples
(Via of tee in China
t'ayangin Batavia
C'betwert in Russia
Kanera in 8(ain
Ilenioliir in Frinc
Killogramme in Kran e or Netherlands
I.ast in A.nS'erdarn of graio
l.tst in Bremen ol f raiu
l.ael in Cad it of at
l.ut in Dentzic of grain
I.eet in Flushing of grain
Last in Hamburg of train
Mat in libre of grain
East in Portugal of salt
I jet in R'lt'erdam ol grain
Ist in Sweden
Last in L'trccht of grain
I.ispound in Hamburgh
I.ispound in Holland
Mark in Holland
Maud in Calcutta
Mina io Uenoa of grain
Moy in l.ia'xm
Moy in Oporto
Moyo of Portugal
Ok in Smyrna
Oma in Tricte of wine
Orna of oil
Palmo in Naitles
Peeul in Balaria and Madras
Pecul iuChiusand Japan
over d feUJ
do.75 4 5
nearly do 'J3
do 9'.'J
dob9 6
do Vi
do 70
d.fS 136
d 75
over do 59
lbs If. 5 11
do IS 4 c
Ibn 73 tr4
bush 3 43
do 84
eontiins over bush 33
lbs 3 fi3
gals 14 94
do 17
is a little eve r incurs 1 0
lbs 134
do 133,
Fil in S.Kiin of win
Pxd in KuMia
Q iintal in Portugal
Quintal m eVnyrna
q nntsl in Spain
Q iintal In Turkey
Koltoti in Portugal
Kotlolo in Genoa
Ki'liolo in leghorn
Bslina in Sicily
neck hit was brousiu' abnu', making up hi s.ime phenomena have been i.lten extitUited
The ch.-d.en l.oghe.i hfe.i.iy a. n.e : te-. , lwnM , ,, in (u,,nr hogahe.de, freshly emptied in iki.
g.nd, and would hardly be convinced tut th. , fl citybu, lhe lltlo negroes wore alive, lick-
I ing. Aloany Altai.
"I'll fit the busine, this tim," r Mr-
-..-jr.ika. tinJ ill tl Ollt of hi OWO hPSll.
. L r. .. f...... 1... 1. 'e s feed n' on him in re.u n.
lie assureo meai ismi uny, u"".", . " 1
V3T A gentlrinan of Pans, when he had
ha( r,,i,n4 il in the nn"8sof a rra litstonan. 1
and had merolv tried to tell tl in a somi.hat ''PP8" 10 l"'n,elf- " ,,,, bnn ,,"ni:, 10 ir.in.iderahle crnpmy lo dme, would not let
funnier manner.
Well, grandfather,' rema-ked Clsra, 'if
p nt this time," see he, an I he untied hi hand- In em, ahmit en year of ge, it at the ta
korchuf i:h hucletn clothes, and ho sprei.l ' h! with him. .)mg, " Tne b y' hejrd is
, ,, , to . h(.tt." Thii bv tor.k a seat at a aide
wedding portions now-a days were paid , mem on nu juu. u . I table where a large cat tried lo Like awa hi
M,ss Fut.y'a eas, young lad.e would not " u '. " he-" ,'e J " So! lo "y j fool, whereupon he exclaimed. " Uo and et
nri.U ih.m.rl.c. unon so airv fi.-ure, a. ma ! s'1 " c hs 10 h" ,,0"e' j ,n.v ra,,,iri ",,r '" rd ,on nnugh."
1 - 1
ny of ihem do.' . )
was renrii.' almut. u ! m ctsied olU
l'o0 t tnd the bu.iticss is sctulcd j st like
fallin of a Ing."
He was dia tm' his shirt over his head,
Cotirlv-litp nml U a i ria sr.
Some Unhappy lietiedict, who evidently
ft liter himself that hie eipenrnce q'ia!ift.'S when Hall gave a sudden spring hnt l.ke to
him to ' spesk from the bo. k " in the mnltor, ! nitd, m 0,B hi, balanre. " Wo," s he
thus philosophiics on Ihe d fT-).eiice belween ! but befo.e he ccu'd get his arms out uf lhe
courtship and marriage. e disl.ke lo pub , tef.Vci p.l was hceltti' an l kirk' n' like rath
hah any thing which nny present lhe lying 1 a, ,0irieihuig that aeerntd to trouble him be
of hymeneal knots at Ibis season, yet, as ihe;hmdi D iwn went the clean clothes, shirt and
current of opinion ia almost wholly in fasor : ,1 on tn8 ground. " Hlnal your infernal pic
of Ihe practice, there will be little barm in iurw0 0)w 1" ses Mr. Nipprrs, g'abbm'.
casting this pob'jlo against the stream. U 'd, ,j lna ,e,t. Hut befoie bo could git huld of
youngatets, and remember JIi'.p's frogs, that j 'o,,, lX was tfT Ike a streak of hghiiiiii',
asked them.'-lvee whether they wou'd wish lo w a whole iwarin uf yellow jukoti round
gel out sgain, before they leaped into the well ! n,
thai is, had they net better let will alone."
" Whal mjda you get mimed, if you did
not like it?''
" Why.jl was doluded into it fairly delu
ded; I bad nothing lo do evening, eo I went
courting. Courting is fun onough I haven'i
a word against il. It' about a good a way
of killing an evening aa I kn-iw of. Wash
your face, put on a clean dickey, and talk as
weel ae sugar and mo'asses candy, for an
hour or two, to say nothing about a few kisses
behind lhe door, a your sweetheart got to
the etep with you.
' When I was s single man, the world wag
ged well enough. I was just like an 0111111
bm, I wsi a paiscnger, and paid my levy, and
hadn't any thing more 10 do with il, but sit
down, and didn't care a button for any body.
'3potiu' the omnibui got upset, well, I willu
m:v FIIOI,
Messrs, Alsobrook k Robinson
I l A VIM; astiHU.rd
JsV kl themselves in III
Tun of ("hatlntte, pro
pose carrying on the
in all the bran lies and
Varkt.ee of ita calling.
Flattering tl.e.nsclvee in
lhe einc.iei.ee that the
ever ausiaineil, while so.
narauly enrsecd in the rl and mtery el' their
nmli jfiim, the do not hesitate in toying lo the
Mr. Nipper, grabbed hold of ihe mane and i"'W'. V'l !h- r'.p't'u" cd, 7
loiiluctmg tin-it 4-ktabliklliiK'lit hi a stylo
tried to atop tho horse, but it was no use. ; ,d mannrr, infi-rior lo nunc in the Southern
Away went the infuriated Hall, and laklt.' lhe j 'mlry. and if Hose applioalion, faithful work,
J 1. ml an inrl ifintaili d-l ft mlnsllnn to nlraan. nan
rotj ht wniU-rd to traf elitV, atioliier tno:mnl iu-uro ncrrM, ihiy rannol bul hfipe to ncure
hrung him .0 the hnueo. Th. gat. wa. open, i XZTn
.nd in dsshed the horsn with Ihe almost na- lt end i:irgnner, shall not bo euruasi.rd by
1 i m . u... :. 1 , i.: ..w 1.. n...,.' none, Ihi-y have no dtlicarv in amounting Ihem.
kd Nippera hangii. lo hi neck holleritt , A, , fnm u,.B.,M!i.
" 8 op hiuii hoitiet.l" a loud a. he could j rtllsn of the most plain, to .he fanciraol the most
fasiidiaus. 15oii-cl fully soliciting a continuance
screjm. ))(. he faOTn nf )lB lM tntj inviting the
O.l came the dog, an.) ador the horse they ' public, in general ti give them a call. (. or the
. . 1 .u.. 1,. ..,,.,... 1 i. 1 other f ihem, will ai all limes be found at the old
went round tho house, ac.l eon the ducks ajtj 0f j jj. tbintin,oiie door south
and chickens and terrify in' lhe little niggers : of Kerr' llotrl, ready and animus to wait upon
out of their eentee. The noi.a b.un the U i-t- 'iVoilVMik.
wimtnen In the door.
" Djii'i look, Miss Nancy I horneta! Wo!
ketch hi in!" shouted the unclad Nippers, aa,
with spent breath, he went dasliin' out of the
gale agin, with tho dog still after him, and
hit horn's tail iwitchin' m every direction tike
gale 160 to Ibt
equal 136 lb 3 tl newly
lbs h!).l5
do 129 4H
ri 96
do IC7 3 t l
do 81
lbs 3
from buih7 P5 to 9 77
8, hflVI in German variee from 1 1 to nearly buh 3
Ship-pound io Hamburg and Denmark l 331
hh'p pound in Holland lbs 361 4 1 1
8i.ro in Triesta bu"'' 2
Ta in China i
Vara in Itio Janeiro U yds nearly
Varin8paiii 100 are equal toy J. 920
Werel Hi Kos.ia feet 3500
Main C per oent; forfeit of lhe claim.
New Hampshire 6 per eenl ; for'eit of hric th
(mount unlawfully Ukco.
Vermont 6 per cent: recovery in action and costs.
Mjstachusttta 6 per ecu! ; forfeit v( thric th u
ury. Khode Inland 6 per cent ; forfeit of Ihe ueury and
interest on the debt
Connecticut 6 per cent ; forfeit of the whole debt.
New York 7 per cent ; usurioue contracts euid.
New Jew) 7 per rent; forfeit of the whoe dtbl.
Pennsylvania 6 per cent; forfeit uf the ohule A bt.
Delaware 6 per cent; fnrfci. of the whole debt.
Maryland 6 per cent; on tobacco contracla t), usu
rion esin'rac'e void.
Virginia 6 per eenl; forfeit double the uury.
Nnr'l. Cirolina 6 per cent ; conuact fur usury
void i f. rli lt d 'ub1 in usury.
South Carolina 7 per cent; forfeit of intereat and
premium taktn, with co.is.
lieortia 8 per cent i forfeit thric Ihe usury.
Alabama B per cent; forfeit interest anJ usury.
Mississippi 8 per cent; by contrail 10; usury re
coverable in action of deb'.
l.ouiana 5jjcr ert.t; bank interest 6; contract
8; b-yoiid con.ract, in.erest vuid.
7nnessee 6 per rent ; usurious contract void.
Kentucky 6 per cent; usury recoverable with
Ohio 6 per cent ; usurious contracts sroid.
Indiana 6 per cent ; a fine uf double lhe esr.ess.
Illinois i pur cent; by contract I i, beyond torleit
Ihrico Ihe interest.
Missouri 6 per cent; by contract 10. if beyond,
forfeit of interest and ury.
Mii higaii 7 par c.-nt ; tmfrit of usurr ) of drbt.
Aikensas 6 per cent; by agreement IU; usury re
coverable, but contract void.
Putrid Columbia 6 per cent; usurious contracts
Florida 8 per cent forfeit interest and excess.
Wisconsin 7 per cent; by contract Hi forfeit
thrice the exesas.
Inwa 7 per cent; by agreement 13; forfeit thrice
the rxecss.
On debts or judgments in favnr of lhe L'-.itcd Slate
interest is computed at 6 per rent per annum.
ly .S"f I f .H a.
srwN addition lo the late improvement to this
etblihmcnt, ten mor new room hev keen
added by tl e present Proprietor, for lbs belter ac
commodation of hia Iticnd. It will compare la.
orbly with ny imilar establishment, either in
point of .rchitectural beauty or it ccommoda
lions, in Ihe Southrrn country. The 'American
is conveniently situated in respect lo lit Red
ttnad and Steamboat landing, being equi disiaol
from both. Thr Proprietor pledges himself ta use
every eiertion to give alilaction ,OKE
Oct. 13.1649. 5ltf
Charlotte, Sept. til, 184'J.
A T the Char'otle Hotel, Bjtter, Eggs, Pool
fm. try, and all kinda of provisions.
J. I). BOYD.
Churlotto, Ocl. 19, 1613. 61lf
n ATI.8 OP COLi).
l.'nitcd Slates Ksjle, old eu.i-sion $10 f6
new do 10 01)
Kngland, Guinea A 07
Sovereign 4 M
11 Seven Shilling piece 1 tiil
F-nee, Double Louis, before I7?6 9 69
- I.uis to 4 e.4
Doubts Louis, since 17f6 9 1 5
" l.ouis do 4 .17
Double Napoleon, or 4) francs 7 70
" NaKleon, or 20 ir incs 3 8.
' same as new l.oui-CJuinei 4 C5
Frankfort 00 the Main ucet 3 37
Hamburg do '1 87
Malta Double Louie 9 87
l,ouie 4 5
" Demi Louis "i 33
Mexican Doubtnnn 15 53
Holland, Double Rix Dollar 14 80
K11 Dollar 6 04
Ducat 3 87
" Trnliuililer piece 4 00
Portugal, D'lkraun 32 70
IV .bra 17 10
11 Johannes 17 06
Spain, Doubloon, 1772 16 Oi
" ainoe 177i 15 1i
Pi.lole 3 H8
Colombia Doubloon 15 Si
8ici Dollar of Norway and Sweden I 1)6
8pecie Dollar of Denmark I 05
Thaler of Prussia and Northern State of Germ'y !)ti
Florin of Southern Stale of Germany 40
Florin of Austrian Kmpireandol City uf Augsb'g 44
Lira of Lumbar do Venitian Kingdom .V. Tuacany 16
Franc of France and of Iklgium, and Livre of
Sardrnia 1'
Ducat ef Naplee 80
Ounce of Sicily 3 40
Pound of the British Provincca of Nnva Scotia,
New Drunswick, Ncwfouudland 4, Canada 4 00
Charlotte A SouthmVarolinn
ISAlIli, 8wa
riKIF. undersigned Commissionersfor thai pnr.
i pose, appointed by tha Board of Director!
of the Charlulte and South Carolina Bail Road
Company, base opened Booka for further aubscrip.
lions lo the Capital Slock of id Company, at
lhe Store of Davidson & Spratt io Ibe Iowa ef
C. J. FOX.
S'nf.20, 1847. 5'tf
Printers & Binders
Jilt 29. and 31. Gold itrrtt ; Slanufatimy, Ctr
Oiaomt and Skttig tlrttlt, Acts Yoik.
fUME subscriber offer for sale, of their own
JL mannfaciure, their improscd patenl single
and double Cylinder Printing Preaeee, for News
paper and Book Work ; Card Printing Machines.
Proof Presses, II) draulic Preee, w.ih seroiigil
rien I'vl nJe', (Peered and o'herS'andine Press.
es. aUo l.rhograpl.10 V Copperplate rresser,
Binder' .Ma erial, cic.ic. . Chases, Caae, Gal
ley. Furniture. Stsnds, Imposinpaloi.ee, die. tc.
ccnslantly on hand, and every article necessary
for a complete Printing OIBce, including Type
end Ink, lurnished on lhe most (avnrable tern s.
Printers. pubVhers, and others wishing toestaU
lish a Newepar, Book or Job Office, w ill be fur.
nished wi'h an estimate for lhe eame in detail, il
desired. Machinery mads to order or drawings.
Iran end ffriif Catling! lo eroVr. They also
nisnufactur aupenor casl -steel mill, pit. and
ermw.ri.1. circular and other Sasaw a auppljr of
which t'ley keep conaunlly on band. .
R IIOE dr. CO.
March 22, 1849. 46 3t.
Abyssinia Mixture,
For Catan lis, lnflurrts, Coslivcnesa, Piles, Gra
vel, (JrnortlsB, Gleet, Fluor Albu, or th
White, Weakness, Obatiuctions, Ate.
Colo Hill,N.C, Acq 1.1N9.
Dr. J. Kulil Dear Sir:
You will please f. rward to as as soon aa conr
venier.l, a fresh supplv of the Restorer of Ihe Blood
and ihe Abyssinia Mixture, we have sold out fur
some lime The Restorer end the Depuralnre
Podi-r, have proved to be very efficacious fnj
fullness of lhe chest. Rheumatism, Sore Lrgs, In
flammationsol be F.yee, Debility, and other chro
nic diseases. W warranttd th Abyssinia Mix
ture lo every patient, and no on has asked te grt
lb money returned, but on the contrary, every
one has praised ita grrat sanat v power.
We remain yours, respectfully,
A. & l. W. UONEYCl'TT.
Concosb, N. C, Jclv 22, 1643.
Dr. Kill. Dear Sir!
We hare sold out allof your Abyssinia Mixture,
it haa given rn'ire tatitfaclivn to all those fio
have u. d il. Wc hive warranted the Abyssiuit
M muie in all cav.a 00 our own account ; and e
ran a ir, it ha i.cyer taitrd. We have daily calls
for more of the Atnex.ua Mixture, and you will
please send us as soon aa pmuinte such a supply,
which will answet Ihe grrat demand.
Very respectfully vours,
Lilltr fiom .V-.jer Dugald McDugali, Creir
L ruk Vntl OJict.
Mooaa Coontv, N. C, Dec. 25. 1649.
Dr.J. Kuhl DeurSirt
A Lady in this cnu.i.y.afHxted with a nervous
cnmphiini, t'rulapsua I'leii, Fluor Albus, arid s
o.uewliat deranged mind, caused by ohotruetions,
wae for about twelve months attended ty four ol
our eminent physician, without any effect, and
every one successively declared her incurable, and
that she had to die. She then procured two bot
tles of your Abyssinia Mixiure from me, hicli
cured her entirely. She haa since married, aiid
ia in perfect good health and happy. The A Ins
sin. a Mixture haa likewise proved very efficeciori
in many other disease., but parliculaily in femsla
disca.es, in which it should have the prefcrencs
of all olhca.
Youra ohcdienllv,
Price forth Ahyaainia Mixture per bottle "i
cents, 1 35 & $2.50.
Likewise on hand and for sale, Dr. Kuhl'a Re
alorer, Universal Plaster, Gold Mine Bsbain, Ve.
T J. HOI. H IN, Agen.,
Charlotte. N. C
Delivrry Iiondt far tale ktrt.
TWO DOLLARS per annum in advance; TWO
DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS if payment
be delav-ed three months; and THREE I'1
LARS if not paid until the close of the year-
Flallering offtri to Clubt.
6 copies one year lo one direction, II II
g, . 1. t m 4
j u h si a u 8
14 si u 11 . 11 . 11 20
JTAdvertisement inserted at One Dollar r'
square, lines or I. as, th sited type) fur Iks
first inarriinn, and 85 eenl. for each continu
ance. Court advertisements and SherilT'eSlt'
charged 25 per eenl. higher) and a dedurtic
of 33 J per cent, will be made from Ihe rrrulsr
prices, fur adverliests by ths year. Advrriin
niente inserted monthly or quarterly l r
square for esoh time. Seroi-iuonlhly 75cc.u
per square lor eacn time.
i irrosLiiaseri ar authorW-d to acl as sgonl

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