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Urt U do anything, even to ecwaiJ.r lh.
Hill Irom the Sen.te, or in. meg-, ur
tritical condition of th. country ..cooiiected
with TelM. The proportion u( Mr. Ing.
was to reject Ibe B.ll with..ul .ny eff.rt .1
amendmeut, with .ut any vol. 10 imp
details, or even lo Imen " A U BiM arc
permitted to pan on to i'i'd reading, un
Ism there is something wicked or roonslrou.
in them, .s there im to bav. b en in thi,
.rcording tn the 34 iifrnVisj fr, Mr.
Cljfkf, cf New York, expreed hi-nwlfec-cordn.g
to the telegraphic report, be minted
10 kiil tiie thing it the atari ; tn have a lick
it il at toon at it showed ita bead, in hich
ho and the Alabama nullitier t roughly con
curred. The claim which M.Mr. Polk,
Mircy, end Buchanan recignieV'.1 jwr and
over .gain, as high officer if uts G"ern.
ment ; the Jjint Resolutions of annex Hino.,
which .poke of Texaa north of 36' 30'. fid
guaranteed ' free .oil ' liierein, and f-tli
m, liter orders ai Col. Munroe'e, under Gsu.
MRI CA, ' '
into c.nsid.r.iion auch measure. .. eompnrl Senator left. The keeper of gambling hou
with the eitr.ordin.ry poatur. of our rel.- ", por.mg men gene ral.y tided i iib
.ion. t.our co-Su-e., and to decide upon .he real ea.a.e owner., or e..zen. p oper.-
h.t atep. .r. nece.,.r, and proper tob. A tremendous Tore. ... fa.t .ccumulsl.ng.
k,o compub!. i.b oJ honor .nd const..- The w.r continued to rag. .. Ibe Sen.ior
. ..ii . iiu ltft. The dischaige of fir. rmi wa beard
-r ..... -i ... ' in ercrv oarl of the city. Mrlial law baa
.o .rre.l all aggression., by rm. action of been proclaimed, and the exc.tement ,.
the Union, upon the free enjoyment of the len-e throughout Sacr.mento.
Con.tnutiona, right, of ,h. o.Lr, and lastly "TV
. : I ... i .in ..fik. ii.,n liUV. ML li'UL'BI. caii.o uwia
of the Union. ..guarantied under the Consti evening, and ... to return immediately with
! . iL i i.. : L I i i rnni arid arm.
tution: I nereiorr, ik -., ma i r- .
George W. Town., Governor of the Slate ul i Courier, nave neen siar.eu ... -..
Georgi.. by the authori.v and mandate of and ll.e Governor will probably lepair a"
i he law do issue (hi my Proclamation, or mice to the acene of riot,
deiin and deeding that Ibe q-ohfird inters Our .i.il.i.ry ciliz-n.cr.nipan.e. ml be Slate
WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 2, 1850, forth, most numerous branch of the On.; ill probably be required to rrmro unoer
' enl Assembly, do meet at the aeverdhiluces arms uiSicr.mento.
. -r-.-. - - ( ppP,in.. i fixed hv law. in I he I We shall have later oews by tbe Gold
our a. . . f g . ... lhe Hunter this evening
fice,.t..ing th.1 eipr hd J f"d.
btineing lb. ini.llig.oc. thai Sacramento
city bad been reduced lo .ah... and th. squat
ters wer. receiving reiuforcmenn of mn
from the minefc . . , m
Thi. informaiion w.. d.ned rmm r.
Norcross. one of th. editor, of th. Pacific
News, .ho was passenger by the Crohn..
Mm loaav what reliance
ii iro m i ' . ,. LoU arauuilion
i. lo be placed upon M corr.c.nr.. u. ..... t fcr ,f,ui,ilio., . ,t m.jnrilJ VT
intelligence, Nl Mr. Noicroea doubt leu
now vols lo admit California aa . Stale (sty katt
confidence in ita accuracy, or be would not, tU MUuiiml tight fd.
have communicated it. Uy th. ritraci irom Mr . raw in...-.-......., .,ick
.u": f uT Snrni. Si.e. .bo .. it will b th.t - UU. bl I HM t. lWt
noticed that later .d.ice. wer. eipected .t
S.n Francisco by ibe Gold Hunter, on ibe
dav of the departure of ihe steamer for Pa
nama, and that new. may have arrived m
season for tiansmission through that eource.
tbsir slakta daws for rwisUna. an jnct (,
. :it : 1 . t. A. i ... .
lata inJ wmrw w - .wwi. wmwwm. Wm
Ihe Ussnral UovsronM toeemaa kvMil lo
iu saliwi. if lhal day mt nhs, lk ta
rwist Ibwe was wksra he put his tuka A,u
Ihe adiniaaien of California, ha waa eppoarj (( j,
inat as ha had bean opposed la tb scquiaitioa af th,
country. Ha did not waal t f otrn Califu,,!,
and ha did not wanl California la f oraro him.
ha would ba willinf now to ToU Iwan.v
of dollara te Maiieo to taks il back, or tu (tl nd of
uui a mi-jvriif 01 CKirM4
fonl in Baltimore, aqthorixrd lo obtain advertiao.
uwnta and aohacriptiona, and to (rani nceipia.
houra fixed fur voting, on Monday the twen-
. : iv.l.rik vIkw nf Vfiaernhpr nut! I anH ihn and
CTE. W. CARR. Esq., ianorafnl in fbiladel. - . . .... iv., . w
Taylor, were not even worth conaiden. g, ph;a. an)
W. UAKIV. esq., la nor aen, in i uimuci. - i i . l
horded to obtain adv.,tn..nls and pro. . 'here by ballot, elect two Delegate, in each
u V.k - i- K- llrk.ri at " and ' kill. " sobacriptiona. "I me couniie. mm enuuru 10 one ivp.o-
but they were to be licked .t. and nil- . 1 ni.tiv. in Ibe General Assembly, and four
Caldwell and Delegitea in auch counties a. are now enti
eJ," as soon as, in consideration of the re com
aiendatioosof President Fillmore, I hey show
a, rl C - .. I ..
niessra. icorrrj, ciauij, vaiuwo.i " .,.- .... n
edtheirheadl Mr.C.rkaand Mr. Sackelt, t0hef mtmbt o( Congress will please ac i The mBniger,0f .aid election .re tenured
both of whom have rn.de spoeche. .gainst , numerous documents. ! to certify .nd forward lo this Department the
the Message, even declined to "member P re.urn.of said elect.-.n of Kepre.m.t.nves in
that, pending the 'V'"3 ! & W, have no, been able to give much ' the General Assembly ; .nd it i, forth" or
eting Tel.., w. morally, equitably, and le
gally annexed her ten million debt with her.
3J. Anoth-r reference it, that as these
gentlemen refuse to do anything rd raisl
everything at the start, they have i lhing to
propoa., and are desircus of precipitalirg
Mr. Fillinoro into a hiht with
The Squiitirrs wer. assembling at tbe cor
ner of J and Ninth streets, in deliberation,
and il waa feared an attempt would be made
lo deatroy the ci'y by fire.
Sl erifT M Kinney was shot through the
The two other accoun'e received do nol
concur in annoui.cing the death of Mayor
l!ijelow. In both, however, il is slated ibat
he was wuundi d, aid it was feared mortally.
We hone thai lliis may nol prove lo be cor-
rrct. rnm bis conriucl in tins aii.ur, ami
A late arrival from
Union i,onraa.- m p"i " asie, H
clear, snd broad. Tbs sdmiaaio. of a tuia iU
ma.ur of diaeratioa for Confraaa. As a ttm,
ha should essreise his diacrolioo by voting ij110K
it. But if s majority, in I ha exorehw of a lika du.
crstion, ahould vols for il, Ibay have a rijhi t,
ao. and her admiuion will bo ao violation of Ih.
cooatilulion, and raaiatsnes lo such a rusaaura ou'l
ba wronf snd unjuatiliabla in his opin.on. If,
. Canvanlion ahould ba eilM in Ihla Bute upon il,.i
Europe Slate, lhal ,ni, ha hoad aauffiuient amoanl of wiadom, pf.
. - 1 juaU 1 afauaxal ia. la a.
acne, etna pairimiejiM, www w w im un
compelled lo make arrangement, lo attend . led by a m.j -rity of the Icsal voter r.f their the energy he cvmced al th. lime ol Ihe.m
" - w . . , ..i....: i ....j.a;..n ..I SarMiiifnin I .ill' Iih iana eviuont
Coutt at S'atesnlle this week.
Texas Law.
We have given to-day the Texas boundary
Texas, and law, including that pari giving a Territorial
malm h t ill and .he country lake the resnon-, Oovernment to rnew Mexico.
Nothing is clearer than th.it ww w;1 irive the
Next week
... . . - Cl I, I . I
we will sive i tie ruguive oiaio uih, anu inn
other laws passed
slave question.
connexion oi'.b Ihe
sibiiilv of It. Nnthini!
ihin-? cmnut remain us they are. Santa Fe
is lo be defended by the United S.v.oa army
at ail hazirdt. Mr. F:!linore it no: r.ne of
tho braggirl ' 54 40 or phi "It " m.n, but
what he sjjs, he means. M-ssrs. Sackett
and Clarke'sslisfy tbeir concience, we see,
l .. ...... . ,1 T , r. Im nnlu til il . t r in T tl
.iH "bark out." O he. fl..i Imn.m, Quiie ! f Georgia, intended to issue his proclams
Proclaiuationii of Gov. Towns.
We intimated in our last, that Gov. Town,
respective cuunties, do convene at the Capi
tol of said State, on Tuesday, tlio 10th day
of December next.
Given under my band and the sral nf the
Executive Department, at the Capitol, in
Milledgeville, this the twentj. third day of
September, in the year of our Lnrd, eigh
teen hundred and fit'tv.
B i he Governor : G F.O. W . TO N 3.
J. M. Patton, Scc'y Ex. D pt.
In connection, we give the folloning ex
.... ...j k denes, an. painmiam. wuuiu m
Cotton at Liverpool nan u.cunou ono-.B h 8UU f(B itlKg eammi,U4 tm r.at,
ofaoennv. This article in Charleston waa ntk an It would bowronj. and u
P . . . , o . I il A. f'. "'0 ,hl ' ,h ",idl ,f OUr diulliea
selling ou ihe 27lh ult. at Ul lsf- Btrtr forgi u praslies the virtus rfkeapinf i ib,
lumbia on lh.2o.li al 111 Hi ' Camden njht. ... wl, ....
..jlf.S.thsa allnoVdt.lha prohabl.oolluio. W.
on the 27th al 111 a 13 al Cberaw on tne tmtKU Ttx tai lh. VmUi i( b,uiui
24 at 12 a 13 1 16. j waa not aetlled. Ilia opinions mi Ilia tuhjact aan
i known. Hf laanfAt i ar ! darjf t'snfrrn
... . . ,i. D,,.;-i KreiMler. Ism Ii yattlwa. Ho wanted Ioom no oU,m
Itlrgnpktd for Ik Hh tgk htgwtr. f fofcc rf
BOSTON, Sept. 27ih 1 350. ! (janaralUovarnmaut. If. uowavrr, ConftaM littti
The Uuslnniana have i utdone ibe Golh ! nl mltlt it. and tba prnanianl, witbo-il auiboru,
.k . nikii.i.ain m h.ir Jix.tr of law. ahould allampi lo hold lbs eountiv bj Cav,
am.te. in their .nth... asm to I hear JNV gjt)nrt Xassa, H would bo liiod-.vih. m,.,
Ll l. 1 h. firal :u kel lo her firal Concert ( mJ u TrtM Thi h lrw
1 . I 1.1 A..awta.ai fril AlT Allli. la" t. A I.- f
IT IhH wily uni mnu n n u. s- me gig n.M ir ein wr. in wrri n m
drtd and ff'9 dull trt r
m& Itul lal iho fcaoonaibilitv rrat uiioa i.
! baads ml Ihoae ho lawlt.al befiu il."
undaiinn of Sarrsmeiito City, he was evident
ly a moot valuable magistrate and ciln-'n.
The fiilliiwing extract from the narrative
in the Pacific News furnishes an inaighl of
the queaMi'ns at isuo between Ihe contend
ing parties, os well ai some adililinnul par
ticulais of the roi llict :
Lar-e Iracts T uroiind covering the city
anil virinitv nf Sacramento, ore held by sranls ,
! from Cai.t. Sutter, who claims under hi. ' ' , Jcb, tuur Clored neop'e, owing tu the paange by (J..
'New I!,le.ia Spanish grant. The J"Z. '
' hold that Cai.t. Sutler s crant dors not cover ., r .ha ih I litaly drlirared st Walterbo- er U give, to ine auvn owner 1 1 emer tin
Th. Charleston Mercury of Friday pub
liahee the following not. from Ih. nolorioos
Mr. Rhe'll
Ttlegrnpktd for the It illimtrt Sun.
Pirrsiit au, S p. 24.
There it some excitement here amony tH
tract from the Columbus Euquirrr, one 'f : this territory : that it belunzs lo the Govern-' rougli, wlneli it ia proper I aboald eorreel, only, ba- f,ee Stutes .lid lake pnsaesaion of bit run
! .... 3 . . i j : .lk ll.a BoaillOII I look in . I...... . k ...!. u.
;ru cuw Hifcvii.i.. . - way pri.w.ij wmnr..-. him. ii. ..finr
.. r j -L.. 1 !.. . .lt:A . r,.-.n.i..iii,n rtt I ha Pnnta nf
well lOlormea os inrv nr, anu suiuir i .cu. nun, iu"g - ... a(jimSa,n
such men as Clay, w ebte', lir rien, liiw- Oeorgja. As the G iveroor lias issued his for n diasnlution of Ihe Union, and will the
o, Crittenden. s riou'y -p)rehe:id a col- pPnc;am ..;,, for thai purp .gp e lay it be. happening of such an event authorize a Con
lisiun. Menu. Sackelt snd Oerk sunpos, 1 ; vciitinn of the Sia'e lo unltKisa Hie bund
niHiimn thuttlia Sunreme t0.n; wi'l ' VUI r
... ,.. , - --r ,
aeltle all j but they give us no gm. an;ee tt-.st nay
f liaa I o-iaaaat axnrl uMcal ninar in in tullin fin mriK. IIll'V UTD llll'CU "II till, v i v . w -
Mm aubL o a Co Jen i n I buiMin.s ; a.i,t for forcible entry and de- j "- V c" rf .. are prepanng to le.v. f.ir CanaJ.
lhM.uhj.tlol a Convention . , jn ,.y ,j in a w , B.(i ic.- crJB, to fscH. from thoae that (hey Mpvtl
" 1 his brings us to the question, win tne ine plaint, IN lavor ; a writ ol rrsiituiinn is- wiut I an id: Utfim wtU if JI. eouiu taiunoa ,n Mon lie in purauu i uiein. m oior-
of California bu .uniornt cause ;,UPj. ,0 rtiieer attempts to execut.it; it will jo with her. at. 'day, a large number ol ihem Irli ihe eitv,
' I w. l I. ..I ..lainl 1 '.aa.a.a a
is met by a body of armed squaier, who ro- j iwiw..-.."- R B RIIETT. "nd eome ol In. tlrs. imiets aie ie;i bar 0f
is.1 hi.ii. Tin occuired Saturday, lOihj, . . ", Mirvanls by Ihis sudden movement. M.ty
prior t, this date ai. a,., nl to the' County The trrntum inuchea the gnt of Ih. whole ha fiim (M.Wf ftclri ul u.
he Supreme
JuJies will not settle, at bit, a ilisnntabh'
issue against in. ixorin, ana mat mus ne
Mexico will pot all be " doomed lo s'avery ;"
a doom they will not pay one farthing lo Tex
ai to pievent ! We d smiss such a posiliun
for what il it worth.
Looking lo the commercial, msnufac'ur.
ing, a id agricultural interests nf this great
Stale, and to the overwlie.irnnj demanda up
on her to preaerve the Union, not by force,
but by the ties of aff-ction, we cirinol help
remarking that we d n it believe that six
We shall nut ay a word by way of
which bind us lo our sister Statii! D.e j (;oii,i had bien mule by the attorn for matter. Georgia ia lo leaonn, ano ing fug,(,,t. un'il the pnesage of Ihis bill, sn4
no', iho qurnlion startle every mal friend ol j ,(, nlers, Jnt 'e Willi presiding, and ihe , I srolina to n.iiow. uui mnn) others are reparing lo j .m in the ga.
' -1 tJ . i "J a I - . ; . . altaa.aal ill I II 1 Hrillllin Willi a ll.'V au a
Il is before our reader. e (,e Sutt Are we indeed so near the end j M,, f
apjieol denied.
express the hope however, that the People: of that great race of freedom which has sol Exoneration, of curse, was therflect up! snd there will be the end ul ii, gem emen
of Geor.i. will ex.min.lbe fearful con4,. signally niaiked the glorious career of our ' lhe party le, king red.e. in the hiSher h. Rheil : genu. 'V"-. :!;m"
.IcountrvT Is lhe hour so near l hand wlcn ; -...,. Meetircs were held and resolutions wuiio on uinr uc.ug ... . ....
fluanraa lhal ma v rfsnii irom ine aei on or - . . R ...
n - ; I tho woik ol nur ancest.jrs is In u torn down, ! WPre to resist the law. S
Convention ahould ni I rtty be favorable lo .A . hrnlon frairmpnt aralt(.re(l ahrnail i 1. . . n I... In l
lolutlona wuiio on uirir ucnig w .... .....
Nothing! A little home capital for personal advance
i Satur-i ment is at Ihe bittorn of a greal deal of lhe
secession, and prevent it by keeping out of il over ihe wide earth, lo make mir h for the ,iBy jtstcrday, (Tuesday.) when aome disunion movement. I n. f. "" B1
.11 wen wbo favor such a course. I have prophesird u. dentruclioi. ? or eight persons were .rre.:ed for rebel. f " ' " " Antf ,h"
cr and Ihe procesa -..--.. - . ,
,.nd two, in default; how Ih. S-.ulh would h.v. been ..red,
.e .rl'..n briK. O .e ! 6Vorf- kad not dtpiltd ' Such
To Ike electors of Gi or jia Greeting :
t II i an issua which our coteinpnrari. say i ,n or nc ihe cfTicc
mual Imi n.tw me'. It ia lhe I. uur. ihev as ' ,.r i.. ,i .... s.ii.iit
.. . v .i . : r . .... .1 . . - J I "" -
Having ore., .mrm i, imormra, inai ".c gerti vThm Georgia must lake the luaJ, ami ' ( b lrc,Cerated in lhe prlaon brig
u.mgress m me i.ni.ea oia e. na. aumineo ,ir(lgh )er con. en-ion, tear from under the i of ,,rm j, McClatchv, carnei of the S.cra
Cahti. Bi. in'o the tniun i f lhe Slates of lhe i m:0i... r.hrie un timnn ni!!r iUi m.i.M,. , -r.
, " . - , .. . j,-, ,,- . . . ----'-'- p,r i iih-iii w a i oiiov 1 1 'i.
voles irom . l "k couu ever oe iouoo . iunledrac.. , upon eq.iai terms wun tne on-, and iUpprlI j,. We as.ert again, if the coo- I To-Jav a body of settlers repiired lo lhe
united with six vole, a here, from South : gia guiea, a duty devolve upon me, in the ,en,i0 caed for lhe purpnae indicated bv ! hri , ,',.sr ,r,r ,wo comp.n.ons, where j
Carolina, lo refuse even lo consider a Bill of : peiformance of which, 1 shall trespass upon our ..eihliors, lhal we are piepared to meei ; ,h met S'lenff Mi Kinney Mayor Btgelow i
Peace and Concord, unless New i rk was j the public but britfiy. iu Tne people have in some in.iams been i , p,,,,,., wUo drove ll.e'.,. f.om the ground, 1
desiring what Sx.uth Ca-olirn is no $eWe- An unfeigned deference for public opinion, ied UiV by ,he Cfy of Southern rights, but ! but no forre was u d until lhe seillers had
ment of tke sluroru q-i-(iun, but an eternal end the profound regard 1 entertain for lhe (,hey illlla 0ie8mcd that all (hi paiade wasl ,.i,t B, f B,i (rom -bo .er, up J
agitation, at s.ery n k. in oraer lo s;:t;.i- wisdom, firmnes and patiiotism of my fellow , illlencu 1o prepare .he iioiiJj for disn.luiion i ,,. 0, , rom-r of Fourth, near the
dus polit ciaos wnopensn dui as mej uu to cit zens ol ueorgia, win noi usiny me in a ; 0f ,i,e Union. Tin usands on lhouand have i (:,v,cetit Cny Hotel when they
eral atainpede.
will be lhe Uniiuaja of l lie leaiflanre men in
'six months from Ihis lime. Huh. Timt$.
raise alarery s'nrm.
The Son III and I'roicct; .."
If lhe following, which v- t i t from lhe
Charleston Mercury of lhe fcUi ul'., is nol
the true, unadulterated, and real American
prmeeuve a, airm. . d , wi, recei-ll,.ir w3f(I1 ,u(,p(jr,
it ia a inuii vcuit-jti .-- u - - .- i
Naw Urlcam, Sept. 'ii.
W. hav. received late advice here from
Trxa. ll appear thai ihe (iuverkor if
Ibal Hima baa lnl lh. kill requiring him
in (ubnut to the popular vote lh prnpooittou
from Ihe General Government regaid ng
purchase of leniiory. The Governor' vein
ha been susiamed br th. II m., and the
KT Die Natcbe Free Tr-der of lhe 7 h
mat. a)s: " Laal evening a telegraphic di.
pa'cb waa received from a gentleman n
Vickslmrg, by L. M. Diy Esq , our city
repiesenlalive, Haling ibal hia Excellent j,
Guv. Quiiman, was in lb. act of wrilirg kit
proclamation lo convert, th. Stale LeguU
lure by Ihe 20ih of Ojiubar next."
i- i ... ,r j... ... k. . .....i..
contain, in a nuishe I, the whole doctrine in . .
, ,V j vi? k . . ! lions are in teopirdv your fee1, nt : anion-
favor of home indostrv. We ahall anon tx-;. i i . i i
11 ' .i , ly outre 7d, j our siclal orgarrzition ixmli'd,
pEct to see auuiu x..r.,, , , , wounded nod the Federal
...I .1 . I-. . . , ... f. ..r nrnli. hurl. ' '
O.-feun Bulleii.
(JiTsceiii l.nv tin il l when Ihev we'e over-
piper ol mis cnararier, in repeating my je,ired that oui troubles should be settled, if ik. n and turned at bay with pisl. Is and
known and unchanged npininn as lo the du-: ,i.ev c.,u!j UB. i,v adoniuiff the Minuri line 1 ...
ly of the South in reiitllinz freesoil encrotrh- . 1 i,.. rllli;l',rn,i.iii ho am itierminp(l " v cr... .i ........ bill is consroienlly loi
, . ' . -(1 .--.---.-j-.- i mil ill uiT .""O -rit ii'iu i-i.i... .j . -
ment. and arreslme, by all proper mean. ... ,, ri,it,ten,icm in iha ulierior nm.u..,: a . .i... .a ..( lhe Legislature ul lexas
usurpation by Congren. j-et of the madmen of the duv. Such men Mayor B win wm shot from his bore,
Whntever t incompitible with the honor .,. nuw ,0 whal pi, (asller. are .ending, trough the body, arm, and in the face ; not
ana ooiigaiions t-i mo peopie oi ini oa-o .o if Cjlifoima is admillrd without a division, ' exnecud to live. The leader of the net'lers.
a convent on is to be called and lhal c .liven- j Jinhluney, was aUo hol d"d. The hour
lion is to separate Georgia and her nohie I ()f hoth Ipadcrs were pierced with balls. As
x ns from Ihe balui ce of lhe Union. Now ! fP!Jr Woodlai.d, an auelioiieer, wa also
the question i, will )nu a'and suh conduct ? l;, d v. hilo supporting iheillicei. Mr.
U ni ji.ti eud men 10 uch a conveuiion, ; Udr)er, Assistant P. M.waashoiin ihe left
who, with heart liurnina for a teparauon nf i.ali ., ,i,i. ,,ou!der. ai.d oihera of the
the country, its law, and it institutions, I
having got
through wi'h lhe huuie before it, ha ad
j .urued until lhe ibtrd Monday iu November
constitution violaiedby a serii-s of aggressive ,
measure, all tendirg lo the consummation :
the Slate, will deliberately involve our peo
nle in ihe absotu'e cunt- nmi and posnli e ruin
have!0'" one 0,j'cl.,ne bolinon of slavery wfen ,18t 1I1U f0ow ;n ,le iram f grce,.i7
jour rquai iigm ... uunf, ni.uiij .jr i our pi nle ha been appealed to. l)nr ap- t wou,.ded
common lerritory nf all, has been denied you, ; ,,a j, , v,lr comumn sense, your pru lence. ' n .,
From California.
D i not send ahruoii for h"lp .'. uu
woik to do, when it esri he dor:s in your own
E.ieoora v,i,r own hone', .odu-rious. '? ,he " ' "" Pre,enc" : our patnotism, and our public virtue."
" TV. " -. , ii l i lb. most anauow, ii wen uecomc you in a j
In. hful mechanic. Hey need all tha woi k , ... n.J ,. i
they can get. By ic.i . -r. yu keep ; fr m ,,, ,aelv.
m .ney at home. a.n.t ihe ..rthv. nd have , ,Via,ev,r cour,e lhe irdinary ever,
just as a-oik p-, ,r; eri. . 'he on y . whxh we f(f el.,impiiWl,t df.)lin(J
way to mit.i a town nros . r I . wippo U I J tif miwl t,f , ih, u,j bp 0 ,e
your eehow'. and cVrches. .V her. ih.fJ . i .n ai,d ,,,. of eo
a di.p.t, n to ae..d a hur Ired mile, f ,. ar- F . (- lhem dBfowi ((le
ixle. .hat, to say the lea,;, c.u.u h .. .. jl
factured as we I st your own do ir, in. rj ,ii : . ' r iri.
, , , ' . . . . I vir!ii other safeguard, for future security,
always be a little or no ou-i.s dnnsi i.i the .. . , .. .. . . .
B' . . . . Neither l ie one nor lhe other ol which how-
place tne cnurcnea win uc uiiuijf ancnucu,
and all kinds of labor extre
Wherever mechanic are lhe bet
prosperity is seen tb. aocial vrtues pre
comioa.e, ir..e,..pB ... , mong ,he peop ( ,he S uth.
ur. reur. hi o.sgu.., anu - , ,(i ew ,hererore of llie a;rociouJ fr(.cglJl!
ly feeling ..experienced, whirr,,, the .uurce!eni.mtiii , , o lhe llon.
Of unap.k.ble hppine. . avehold.r g Stales, but of the Government
" Whatev.'' you hue to b done, lor k a- ! r . . i . , L .i
iiiiii, jii ,l A 'i i lh imminent peril to which llie instnu-
"u uu " J',u' '" " ,; of aiaveiv i. reduced hv the act of Con
aaine sitleste wounded.
Another man nf the seillers was killed
shut through the b. o v. A linle ijirl was
while paasii'jr
i i nil iliri'dio'
al.niii J street
s around the corner
A dipitch fiom Wi.hington, y :
" The Spanish m niaier, ai lh. requeal if
Mr. Wel!er, returned laal mghl from New
Ymk, and had a long conference with bun.
The huemess relates lu Cuba, and we under
stand that annlher attempt ia Iu b. made on
("ub. The rle.crnl I firi to be md utmii
the ll.vti, for the overthrow of Faustin Soulou
The Hunnrable Mr. Kheii, of S.ulh Care.
, line, lecently said in . public speech, " You
nf J, and Fourth, and the blnud of the woun
' ded streamed upon the nle walks as they
' were carried along. O.in man leading a
I- .1 . L . . ,. ,1,. I. .1,.
Several steamer, have la-cly arrived from . UM di."u.trd , ,nay hang up . aim, in Hell, .nd a 1 Wee
California, brining about 3,000, 0(J0 in gold, i .,roi)"h the neck. ' "'" P!""ge in after it !''
The last steamer bring ihe following accoui t ! 'l-he Pacific Courier says : i We do not believe lhat Mr. R hell ever e
;S.... r.i. ! . ....... . i'ima't. 1'mt'l'iU r.f money in (hi cl.a.
" ,v " " ! K ' " rc laneuane, but w. ihmk llm rrbuk. co,r,
RIOTS AND BLOODSHED AT SACRA. 1 'leraloud '.toil anaieii.pt would t,. mane lo
MEN TO, S release lie prisoners. The Mayor, Wood-
Of Missisiippi, ha appointed . Stale Cr.
Iral Cominiliee, cor.aintii.g of twelve men,i
elect such .nicle .. may be submitted hi
Ih. citizen, of th.t State as mi.it uiib fit
eil.ibilum at ih gr.al liidu.trial Coiiteu'io
tab. held at London in May, ItfOI.
A ailver pitcher, valued at 8100, hav been
presented lo Chap'io, ihe negro :a rr, br
ih " moral and religious " feinalps nf wm.
rn New York, ll' 'hey gave him l i uri
when caught and caged for hi Ih.emn;,
hal wmild have l.eon hi. i.ward if he bad
'ai iped T H i. Cum.
.i.'iivu, wn iissj qn fj " nv. i u vjw
aiagham, Mr. tiEOUUK C. Elt did XinCJii
N r.l.l TUUD All of Ime eoa..iy.
tiny ,'enoeaj f i e.fr rfn.-clual!y accomplished, by ihia arrival is the account of a dreadful paired lo the hi-g, in older lo re-ist any such : mer,.fy ,,
:ne y dim. patriotic rfTirt., perfect harmony riot in Sacrameiito city. Our laal advice a'tempt. The quaiieia made their appear - j (uw ( ,
-' i and concord of feeling are restored, and con i had ii. f irmed us that there waa a veiy bad ance, were di ien ll, and then retreated up ; (hi ,,f
fidence and concert of action pioduced a- stale of feeling between the class of n,ia'..i
lants claim n real estate under regular ti lea
and Ihe " squatter " resident thereon, and
.me tr. fling collision had previously taken
place. The outbreak ai:uounced commenced
nn Wednesday, August 11, when an armed
body of about sixty of the tq ialter were
Died. D.Ti't.na ( ellrj, on lla liih !lt?f
bcr, JOHN H. MI.I.Ulsl..on of th. K.ii
inorl l illiaui.on, I) D. Thie lovely yolk
null but tew hour' naming, ra.nof.il Iroai nw
and frun all hia ejiil.tr hopaa, by quinary ; f aiKi
h had Ih firal jrinploin an lH)ay Hiwiinf. let
aolliinf to eao alarm onlil labhalb al Vi Ml
and in 13 hour mure, by infl.inmat.ea at.J ti'
in( of II e lliro.t reepireiMn wa alnpped lit
in lh perfrel f ii-roi-e of hie reason j and twi
nf hie appnie.in( dialh, r.-j leeled Hi prions'
bie fnrnda j .el tefor he d.'prled.
II we 18 vara eld tbe !W;h of litt Mireii
member of the Junior Claee in Collrie, awl I.; N
fenermie dipoiion, manly virtue and liifNea
of .floral recliladr, had aocured Ih love an turn
of a ler eirele of friend.
Ae e .on and a brother ha w dutiful lie1 k'"
nosh-at and rctoinf in lue manner, but irnr 4
Neither . Vr.rr, .a Iritkm in, a i,,d'rJ '"" ff.ti..n. Ho peeeeewd I ae
I k;..... . V..,,... ,k. it. : "", -r" - enmn .no...
J atreel, the crowd increaeinir, and the My. 1 , j V ' ' ; elk no ovil and rej..ieeUi not in iniquity rail
9 ' 1 rni.lrl anna, irrafr lueei ul ninnee thai, thi. T 1. . l ..... M . - .11 m..
1. . - ... - . . ..... w j w.i. in ,ne u,n t iia eoviiaT "e
1 cwr. tim'M. nwui.i ri aru .ue eufiionmon e. .ne linwrc.."..
... . .- . . . ...1,
I . . ,v rtaoy a 1.0. lor ai eucn an Hour aa jv i "".
The mosl impnr'ant intelligence hroughl ; land, and other early yeie day morning re-
- 'C laneuaee,
: with an at I ciuce from Hubert Ilurnvtll Smitk,
of Smith Carolina, h , oine few er eine
changed hia name from Smilk lo taen
ia enable him to inherit . I.r.e for.
or ami the cit'Z'ni on the pirnuil.
.rpiatier proceeded m far a ihe corner nf
4ili and J atreel, when they made a stand,
and thn battle coiumeiiced l ll fire arm. 011
th bou ol .Van corneth Cmmmnmiffi-
If you h.v. a hi.ue I" build or .hot to Up, p,M ajmiltirig lho Sle f CM.fornia into proceeding lo the prison abip .0 release Iwo place, ai 3 0VI0,
aharnee!.. rre mn, "fapay ' ba lior d, jni(ini iih Con,niuii..n contaminu lhe of .heir parly who were cot.fiied on boird. i gathered at the
t( j principle of lhe Wilniol Proviso, in defiance ( They were confronted by Mayor l!iglow j
('. 1 of our warning and earnest remonstrance arid members of the Corpora i..n. An hlfray j
''()J- in view nf the deplorable ficl that aome di-' soon commenced, an sec unt of which we j
, I vermty of opinion exista in some of lhe South-1 copy from thn Alia California, nf Anoint 1 "
I Danarlad lliia l.f nn ll.a Qftih ullime. at P'r
lioih fide. l null atrong nan in lh. leaolutinns aon Collef. MKHX JiEeill.K Dnn
At the time or our irif.irninnl' leaving lhe of a Southern K'hta ineeiins 111 arien
"1 . . " . .
ock, P. M , the squatter had county, lieorgia, and in a ipeech made .1
e .... 1 .1 ... 1 aa . 1 . 1 in ine ei
liany wno were cot.n ieu on noarn. k"''" " " ""; "rl o i.n ihkii .... - .. -j r.. ... ...rpK,,., , , , , ... . , ,
i principle of Ihe Wilniol Proviso, in defiance ! They were confronted by Mayor liiglow j "me i i m bundled lining, with arm, and ( member of Congie from ibnl Sial. O.i. God, ih.t the dy f mm aie aa ii.ii-",i"w
whih determined upon reactance Iu lhe , n "ie reaniutlon iilopieo 1 111 llieae word : Hie moat -,) n .er dial blowne ie a(-o"j
1 .i ' ......... . . . . ..a .,.... n . ....ail"
am. KrnUrd. I hat ween the nenale of ane or the " - -w.7. aIUw - - - u
. oack ul bu ne came to u int i .r a
well to h. due. iui lo'.i amor. t jr ne h.
bor. beforn vou undertake In a id l'ltmi
mnA if ai.K.'a nitne. arfiiifnl vm. rin.hli.
. . ,. ,i,,; v. . 1- u .1 . 1 veraity of opinion exist
where. It i a wi idea to aopooeej n"h- i., , ., ,.i ,jiii
.... ,. ing the wrong and averting the dangers which lor reached her lauding al 1
! , u . - 1. . : all must aee and feel, lei me, fellow cil'Z ma, nmrnin'r. I he new which lie bruii; fr"i
know of many insta'ice whe.-e r .en have re- ... , r Ji .1
, , T . , . . , earnestly entreat u to culiivain fir each Sacramento is exci'ing in lhe extreme. K
lusea in purcna? win nmuw " r . ir.".- , , , , , f .
' J . , ,i..,: other a deep and abiding nenlinenl of Ira-! nt
, ' ', , . . ' . . f . I lernal reijaid and confi leui-e aod apuroat-h ; p-cled collision between lhe land holflei and
cle ihev needed, and pari a Itird more for!, , .,.. ' r .. 1 1.... 1 ; . .
In Ih "ill year of her af a, .l.a younjeat itu
nr. iMia ana Mrt Uinkin.
In th end.lcn eVeth ol Ih.e eerp. child, p""
L.eu'. Governor Mi ll .iisl had declared i Territory ofth. llniiod Stale form eo..el,iut.on j 1bo B"t1",'i' ,,,,,ro Win h,ib
a r .... . ...... . mmm al .-!.im.I nn u. ul,,,..!,. ..i.t.nai
-The Sena
.'click this
iiinrtial law, and orde.-i d u cannon lo be p a-
ced at Ihe I. ml nf J
erruoriee 01 ine uniioo iiaie lorm I eoiialilution . . . J a - .,
. .! . --j 1- .. ,. waa al actum on Vadnaa.la. ralurned liona ie
iu, a ,;i,RTiiiui., anu eppij iu v ongrea lor 1 . lur4.r
adiniMion into llio Union a Mal. ll 1 e mailer ' "
and death lute the hour ! The lo;i ex
1 thi. la.L Irr.m H.kil 1 1. , u .... a ..f. ...,.i..,. Iin, .1 I , i.Li.i, .,l...a Tku I..,
.1 1 I L. Ill .1 l.-J k.. r.,,.. , B'.lini.tl, I ll IMI'
mem, w rien, tet un1 i ni. 1101. uccu mjuu- , , , . , - , K, , . .
. , J . ,, , ... I deciding upon your duty lo Genrgia and the tin hai begun. Nu uun know where and
neighbora of whu.r lk y fi'iied lo purahase. j
Lal il be lb in . - i of all I will enrour. j
ege my own ue'g ib oa. I i turn you will I"
eucourged a!o. A rn itual fee'i. nl good .
will and kindness wi.l sprinj; up 'i vour mid !
aud prosppn'y will b bera'i!a u. rmy (
atreel aud in every d-l!ing."
atreel ao as to sweep it,r ,,,..,:- r, r... ,n .a.,', .. j Wh.n tb heart, of pare.,', .re ui.d W bl'"
with irane aliot tl.at all linn cimihaUn'.': i,r.,.lF.l ih,.r .n r ).. I'n,i.a ..i,.. !ry nor, lh wonia of Jeue u.iiint"r In
li.a lhe ili.lincl and clear power to adanl new !lU ;'"". " iuu onnn.a,. -
I Ia Iha 1 ' "' M '"'iuu mem BiA lor Ol eu ..
duin of Cod." fe.-i"'
country, with a hrrn step, but nol without ; when U will eno.
calm, deliberate and pa lent inveaiigatioi,, j Capt. Van Pelt, of the Senator, Ins fur-con-ul'iiiE
nei:t.?r fear or danger on theiniahed in with the following information,
one hand, nor permitting tuuraelve, fromj An armed body of equat'ers proceeded
exineri ed feeling of wrung on the other, I through J street about half.p.al 1 o'clock
l.i be rashly uryed to evreme meaaurea, ! yeaterday, and were interrup'ed by lhe nu
which ha not received the full aanction of thoiities, and opposed by poiin.ns ofciliX'iii
your judgment. Then I hall not despair of! An affray toon commenced, and lhe city was
IIKaVY KAIL-UK. veemg the wnote state as one man, proposing aroused to arms. Mayor liigelow. wa allot
The Alia Caliiurma of fie 14'h of Aug.i-i : iioihir.g beyond what the emergency may de-j in three place, and died in fifteen ininu'e
lay: l ne iopge el nirlon Li-e, tor ine
heavy U'n of one million oue bundled llinu
aand dollar, in Sactinent city, lias produ
ced no little excitement both in that city
and our own. Mr. Lre bad been carrying
on boiri"i on a mml extenvive riale. He
Ha aigned over nil his ,roprty n Mer
E. F. Gille.pi. E. J. C. Ewen. sn l Dr.
Mtckenzle. Tho gemlenien d) not ex
pr.a. tb. slighted fear but that be will be a
b!e lo meal all bit liabiliiiea."
maud, or failing lo perform whatever patri-1 after. J. W. Woodland, city aapr,r, wa
nt tain, honor and right, may require at your : ehrit dead, and several citizen, killed and
The General Assembly nf this State, by
an act approved Hih February, 1900, having
i ... i :
(ur correspondent inforjii u that Dr
Robinson, then leader of lhe rquatter, was shot
tin uld lint appear in lhe alreet, and thai all
ritiz'ns e.hn-jld immediately repair to lhe City
Hotel, and tegUier Iheir names fur iminedi
ale du'y.
The Lieu'. Governor tame down in lhe
steamer to I' nicia for the purpose of procu
ring ntnm and soldiers lo q.iell the mob
The Gold II inter wa hailed on her passage
up, in Suisoon Day, and came bark lo Iliu
cia, for ll.e purpn.. .f conveying mldiei nud
munition of ar to Sacramento. The hiokI
of lhe eoldiera are al Nappa Valley, aud
could not be ready for ai art ing tin morn
ing. A letter a received here, which we
into lhe I'ninn And, wlnl we are siiuoaad to Ih
ailimaaion of ('aliform Ktal, fur many rra.
anna, arliii.li need nol be enumerated here, jml trt
lit net b'littt Iknt krr deiiraion miuld bt rial,
lie tf Ih cen.lilaliea "
The view here taken waa enforced by Mr.
Stephen, i . speech which is highly coin
mended iu Ihe clficiel iepori of th. proceed
ing. Speukmg of the California, Ihe Utah,
the lexaa, and ihe INew Mexico bill, which
had then jmi pained lhe Senile, Mr
phen laid ;
"1 ha qnralion then arnee whether, if tt.ie aarina
of meaturee ahould naae ae (hf now Hand. Iha
Charlotte, Oct I, 1859.
I 11 , .. ... r "
naffo eeeu, rnq'iesiing .nr. llowara ol tne oulli ought to n-iat 7 lit thought mat. IU thoulj
Guarda, lo rend up fire arm by lhe return j 'Pn pltmly to thrm. II had UMy apokan plain.
bout, and at 2 o'clock thi morning, Mem. V . ,a,",.,nc"r 10 ' fn"
F.il.rd ..A lt.. -,..l ol liem th.t ho ehmild b for n
required me, upon the happening of certain through Ihe bead. Ilia hoi se wa fint kill-
event, one of which i Ihe admiion of Cali- j ed under him. Several of the ro'inir r were
forn a aa a Slate into the Union, lo icue a killed and wounded. Their rank, were
proclamation, ordering an election to beheld
in each and .very couot y for Delegate to .
I Convention ofth. People of thi. Slate, to lake
awollen, from Ihe lixty firal engaged in the
affray, lo a body of armed men, numbering
between seven and eight hundred before Ibe
F.I lean) and Iieers etaried on an express lo
the Coventor al San Jose.
Thus Ur we have a narrative nf events in
the San Franciaco paper. In a supplement
of Ihe Panama Star however, we find lho fol
lowing ominous paragraph :
Juat a tho (learner Carolina wa gelling
under way, (about 4 P. M.) a despatch wa
received on board from the Pacific New. of-
llouea he
reclaim an
act uf Ilia (ieneral Government which ceeumrd a
hnetil nr ((roeeiv attitude toward Hi property
or inel tutiona of th Couth h would repeat th
am to the people of (itoreia. II put lb queatiun
of reaieianc upon principle ha did not Hunk il a
auffioient enen lor revolution that th Uovrnmnl
ahould nol met out lo ue all ll.e juelic ere may b
ntilled lo. Rut whan til Gnvernniaiit thow it
eel I to be our tneiny, then it ahould k ovsrttirown.
Th people ought lo examin three principle and
keep thiniaclve on torreel gronnda and never put
The V. anU 4. V. ICall ICoa"-
2TI.HE North C.rolin Siorkhalden of la c
Jk bill, and Hauih Carolina Rail Kod
era herah nnnfi.il Hut iha 10th in.lalmenl 1 .
Hi., i l"llfa on Ih ahire, will be rtejuircd . he F' ,
in n oi November, i n lltn m ja
mcnla of Tan Dollar on Ih hir on th I t
nary, and Ih ISih Ina'almrut of Fi
th ebare, on .he let of Marrh nett.
October 8. I rttO. M .,
.l. I or
rUMW North Carolina B'ockholiteri -
JL tone and Rnuib Carolina Rail Rasa t'roi.
who ar. in ariaar for lnialments, srs sr
nquealrd loenm. forward and eotll a? 'W
llutehiana beii.r t ourl, a it. naa i j"
I put all oleiine dun Ih. Company in sail-
October Q, IfJiO. ' ' ' . V'

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