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The Fall of the Leaf.
The verses below, to appropriate lo the present
k asoa of fuding nature, are taken from in old eoun.
try school book. They will be recognized aa old
acquaintances by many t graduate' or our log cab
ing hie throat two or three time a be poke.
" Are you ur ihe it deKrvirg, Mr. Lyeol'
The roio'a manner hid become exctedingly
' None more to," lla prtmipt answer.
" She ii iu poor liejth, end ha three chit
d-en to support itb the pikduol of ber needle.
If any one ncede assist-iure it it Mrs. Arnold. "
"Oii! ab! The window nf Jacob Arnold?'
I'tie si.i:." lejlied Andiew Lyon.
Jli.w'ai's Lea Jul not brighten with feel
! inj2 '' lif.rt-wrui b r .evidence. But, he turn-
"Why yai, I aupeuse 1 mutt dj aomethiog
10 a cam like ibi," said Tuntkic, " with the
lone and air of a nun who waa careered.
" Bat, tbere ere to many call fur charily,
that are naturally enough ltd la hold en
pretty tightly to our puree airings. Poor wo
man! I feel torry for her. How much do
you ant?'"
"1 aui trying to g l ten peraon, including
myself, to give a duller each
v r. fiction and their pensive beauty of continent,
i'.rj are doubly endeared te ua on account of their
association with the pleesant memories of childhood.
Crreasoerosf i Patriot.
See Ihe leaves around as falling.
Dry and withered to the ground i
Tbue lo Iheughtleea mortals calling,
Ia a sad and solemn soand :
"Sons of Adam, (once in Eden,
When, like u, he blighted fell.)
Hear Hie lecture we are reading ;
'Tie, alaa ! tbe truth we tell.
" Virgins, much, too much presuming
On your boasted while and red ;
View ua late in beauty blooming,
JSumbsr'd now among the dead.
" Youtba, though yet no losses grisvs you ;
Gay in healtb and many a grace ;
Lot not eloudleea akiee deceive you ;
, Summer girea to autumn place.
" Yearly in our couree reluraing,
Messengers ef shortest stsy :
- i'hua we preach tins truth concerning,
llaav'o and earth ahall paaa away.
On tho.tree of lire eternal,
' Man, lut all thy hopes be staid ;
Wsiich alone, forever vernal,
Bears a leaf that ahall net fade." Da. horse.
to be wondered at, whether consider it at j
iwpUkted ia eur natute, er v btiher it be ibe i
result of remm aod eiperience. If it be in-'
ua'!, it ie inertly kept down for white by
the rngrotiing pursuit of wealth, Ihe eellt
ef aKibitiOD or alrife of glory. But, tbete
being atisGd oi disappointed, the mind let
free, return te its native drsirss, and applies
iia remaining energieeto their peaceful grati
fication. CjI reason and experience may well
tf-i . i 1..1 e . . i.
t J l ilia ipreuuio ouaji ia nijroi lor 10 a;! otlirrs tl-i
v, i i.incr prouutco ny 11 is in(munioiie ; it Cut
echoel houses. Admirable for their melody of e( ,iowv asey.and opening bit money-draw
er, trry slotcly toyrd with hie finger amid ita
content. At length he took there-froia a
doHsr hi.!, and (aid, aa he presented it to Ly
on sighing, involuntarily, aa he did ao
" I suppose I must da my part. But, we
ere called upon to often."
The ardor of Aedrew Lynn' benevolent
i etiiige euddenly cooled ai thia unexpected re
ception. He Had e.iieted upi n nit work un
der the gtew of a pure enthuaiatm ; tticipatini;
t bearty reaponae the iipeweni bia erraad was
Made known.
" I thank yen in the widow' aanie," eaid
he, a be look the dollar. When he turned
from Mr. Malcolm' atorr.it wa with a pree
euro en hi feeling, a if ha kad aaked tbe
coldly given favor for himself
It wai not without an effort that Lyon com
pelled himself to call upon Mr. Green, ceneid
ered lha "next btit man" on hie tilt. Bui
he enteied hie place of business eitb far let
confidence (ban he had felt when calling upon
Malcolm. Ilia atory told, Green, without a
word or unite, drew two btiif dollar from hi
! pocket, and preaented tbent.
" Thank you," aid Lyon,
i " H elcone," returned Gre"H.
Opprroed with a leehng of embarraMMirnt,
1 Lvon aiood for few moment. Then bow
" Well, here' my dollar." Ai d Tempkin , ba allowed their )are in bringing a large a
forced a amile to bi fce aa he hibdtd over j porln n uf mankind utliuiatoly to the cul:iva
hi contributioa, but ll.o mile did out cou-1 lion of the eanh. Who, that value hi ns-
!ceal ao exp;eainn which aail very plainly . tive dignity and independence, would not pie
" I hope you will not trauble m agaiu in fer lo be lord of a few acre of land, wnb no
this wy." body' huinoi to coueult but hi own, and no-
You may be ur I will no'," o.uMtrd budy la p'tiee but hi Mker,lo the cringing,
Lyon, a he went away. He fully undtrateod j the faonng, and lying that are apt to enter
ar iiiive w f
Ho. S I'wf oral .irwwnrni
rol-LDc.ll the .ttchliou .fa diecermng rub-1 " - ' mwiicni ,(..
W I..To. th.rollowinl..lbte MCi-al tic , i I""1 - hc.U cuU,ti0.U
.s..r..,v,i...ed...dr.o!dbvic:''",uos,",,o'euu"t-y- .
'. ...I...;, ii I Ik niton 'nr
me um Lonipanv, .i ihkii j,
No Yoik to il t
SM, wliulcaalv unu trlail, Ly the
i nnaa Conr4Kt.
I fjul at well m tritamtj.lal. 11 give a brillis, i
. i.r.liKh In rn'lhiK. LiuiiMf A' it aril .a.j!u f.
FromaC.liru,ni.pU..tof,.,,u,cJ,..lv.rt0e.. r. n of ; ; ft(M UJ ,
liclv admiilrd by Dr. Tn.n.U and eil.err, to be I J 1 L.v,
i.r h-ii il,n Sin.iiarilla." A teriam rHr l..r i . ... . .. y ' " i
the aieamuj! of iae ipreion.
Only eu mora application did the kind
hearted mil a make. It waa tjcceiaful ; but,
o largely io'o political, pruf teionil, roerran
tile, end rrechan.cl life? If any man on earth
can ay, " mi no fnttrt," it ie the fanner.
tbore waa (amething in the manner ef the in-! k'ful and hcnrt labor i a'l that tho earth
dividual who gave thi doltir, that Lycn fult j requite, r.d it y edt a duo return no Uvur
it a a rebuke. ' dearly boeght i:h tV.e turrender of mdepr-n
" And 10 puur Mr. Arnold did nt get the ' deuce, ef houor, of trti'h, and of all nuble eud
From Arthur's Jltme (i.n-Jtt.
The Tlianklf ss Oliice.
" Aa ubject of real chanty,'' ud Audrew j ing, he laid
Lysn to his wife, as a peer . i hdre ' Goid moramg."
frfc:n the rctm in which thfy " t 'died. j Good ajiornih," coidly end formilly
" Iferer there was a wer'hy olject, ih it I responded,
one," re'.urcied Mr. Lvon " A widow, with j And thu the aln.rker end a!rn-givr
health ta tcsb'.rs t'tal evu ordinary exertion
i loo rcjch for her; ye: cbiigcd to tupporl,
wi'h the labor of her own hand, not cn!y hr.
self but three young children. 1 ;- nut wan-
er thai the is behind Ri b (. r !' :.''
" Sui I," sa:d Mr. L; c:t, ia i vo ?e cl in
v ii by. " Haw much d.d w m due t ;
hsr landlord?" j
" Ton dollar." j
"She will nut be abie to pay it."
" J fear not. How can hc ? I give her
" P"i!er bo b'. its h-p, atiriiding to bia
nuik," muttfrcJ Green lo iiiH;elf, is bia vie
iter re'.irrd. " W .a 'n'i ery apt te get eloog
!u tsi! in ihe o: i ho tnend their lin e in
beegmg fcr every otrcf of charily that hap
pen to turn up. Aod there are p asty of tuch,
dear know. lie' got . dollar eut of me;
may it do him, or th poor . idow he talked
ao glibly abaut, much gocd."
Cold wa'er had been poured upon the feel
alt tay extra eing, and have obtained work 0f Andrew Lyon. Ho bad railed two
for bet from aeveiat ladiea, but, with ber beet ; dollar for the poor .idow, but, at what a
effort ihe can barely cbtain food aod decent i aCrifice for one io teniitive a himtelf. lo
clothing far herelt and bahee." i itend of keeping on in hi work of benevoleoce,
" Uoee it not em hard," remarked Mr. ; he went lo bi (hop, and entered upon the
Lyon, "that one like Mr. Arnold, who iJday's employment. How dieappomied he
o earneit in ber effort tn tke care of beneli f, ,Mia xit dieappointment wa aingled
end faoiily,hould aot rece-va a helping hand j .;,, B certain nnm of humiliation, a if he
from ome on af the many who cuid help i,d(j been atk.ng aim for himeelf.
her without reeling the efLr!. I. I u.rin'i fii.d Catch we M th wark again !'' ha aaid,
it ao bard te make both eode tnee, I tu;k i,,;: e'oud, his ihcugh dwelt upon what
pay off ber arreare of rent for her, and ft If,, ? recently occurred. But thi i not
happy in is doicg." j ght," he added, quu-kiy. " It ii a weaknei
" Ahl" exclaimed the kind hearted wife, j,n W9 t0 feel o. Poor M. Arnold miiat W
" how much I wieh lhat we .ere tble lodothi. '
f'ui, we are not."
"I'll tell you whit we can do," ta d Mr.
Lyon, in a cheerful voice "or, rather what
I can do. It will ha a very lihi matter for
whale ef bar artear of rent pud off," y
em one who had fell aa intereit in ber fa
Ohee ihe did. Mr. Lyon brged five
dollare, and addud five more from hi own
lender purse. Rut, be cannot te induced
again ta undfrtak the thanklea ofT.ce of ech-
ng relief from Ibe benevolent fur a fellow
creature ia nerd. He ha learned t'uat a great
many wha refute aim an the plet lhat the
abject prevented i uot werthy, art but little
mora inclined te charitable deidt, a ben on
thi point there it no question.
How many who read thi ca ry-mpathic
wi:b Aadrew Lyon. Few men have heart
to feel for other but have been irrpellcd, at
some time in their live, to eaek lid for a fel
low creaiure in need. That their office wai
a thankless one, they hire loo loou become
wire. Even thoee who responded to their
call most liberal, in too many initiacei gave
in a way that left aa unpleasant impression
behind. How q iickly kaa Ihe first glow of
generous fee! np, that oujht to extend itself
ta others, (hit they might eharo the p'eaiur
ef humanity, been chilled; and, lotteed of find
ing the Iftek an easy ene, it has prced to bs
hard, and, too oflen humiliating ! All, that
(hi should be I Thai men thould shut their
heart so instinctively at the voice of charily.
VT have not written thi to discovraj. ae
tivw effarii in the benevolent ; but is hold up
a mirror in which mother elaa may ie thrm
salves. At best, the office of him nbe seek
ef his fellow men id for the sulTsriag and in
digent i an unpleasant one. It is all aacrifiee
on hi part, and th least lhat can be dnne is
to bonar hi dmntiteated regard for e'.her in 1
distress, nd Ire.i him uh delicacy and eon
manly fe!in, no tuck'iiv fr ofltce, no
fawning for ponuLnly, no lying fer giin.
No man can say t faiunnij, " 1 have rricd
a failh'es msitrrl 1 have sacrificed h nnr,
and conscirnci, ai d independcuce of miud;
and what have Ignined?" Amoug farmers
there are no deierled Wolieyv, and no Belt,
sinus live a reproach to igriculiurai purdiiis
The choristers of tho field n-ver nog to de
ceive, the fliwera of Ihe oifal never bloom
to hid a dt'furtnily, and nn'y never imi'tt
to betray. Btrkihire American.
. If I -T - . 1 . '
rtrrr mnd Ague, 1 uugut, eie, r,
(rsnfAifn, Hitufalo, Haul, AVirMialim. grille. yii,
iwytiprs, Lumlhigo, I'umlyti; I'Uuiity, Jwndirr,
Vostietnrst, 1'ile: Ltenterti. Ihauiy, tir.r Cei-
plaint. ArreaiiS AJT'Clion$, Cttautau )iurrfrr,
ana all itucasps originanng in cvngiipvi turn t.i inv
bowols or impurity of lbs biood. Anion; tlioutamlj
of :erlifiratee of others wha have bien cured by this
inrcilvablt medicine, read lha fulluwii.g cjiicijiite
testimony t
Si: Yvu sre a. are that, is the originator of
ihe t!r fenberg Company, I mu-t hive lu) niv at
1 1-11 it. 111 called 10 the UJinrroii" medicines prrnuittd
to the public pitronaga. 1 have watched, Willi much
iutt-rant, the introduction of ths Ctuthutagu 111:0
this country, by yonicolf, and am free to say thai ao
invrlicine Hands o deservedly high yo::r rsi.-icl
of that valuable p'ant. 1 11 mj 11 fm :'j 1 l.avc
ten il extraordnikrv rllicacjr, in ' 1' e ture vi a 0 n
firuiid cava of bioiith.lin. I'or all c w:-; Uinta rhi:h
rtijuire liie prompt and thnroigh puritiralion of ll.e
alo-.i', I dicin ynur Cnach!dgy far, very I.r i;.
iKir to anf m il e Surnpotiihi ut the day.tud .lib
lliCiH all 1 aiu veil acquainted.
J. T. MaiiSi Li-
Kor the cure of I'yivvti, Gmrrul VihtUly IU-
hi'uul Culirtfhest, J).. and ail tlirave arising flora
iinperre;t dijeition ur dcr.ngcd stomach. 'Ibis
medicine has crrliti:d by the lulloaing femlrmrn,
anionf others, who are living . Uni ces ol lt
, nr.d retail by tiie Curiae CoMraar
CnLCIUAiH) lil'ALTll I'lLLS.
The grv:t philanthropM aril emir.ent phyii,j,n
Vr. Uenjamin lim'i. invciiti d a uuivrr-ial ri mt ,y '.
ditcasc, and dnniniinaieri I i ir.faHillt Health j,",'
His irnim nse juaKt-e er.d ivmutcrltil curii j,,ruj
and certified it, lb nt pint uUta nf spcciB'.p. Hij
ha done nothing c'so for Ihe bemfit cf iiiankihi!, ,
to cammrmuiam Ins nurne as a public Wiicfiu
Ibis woulu hate b'en mfiVient. "'
i'ur all bilious coir plain t , and as s pmifn r tf ii,
blnnd, the surld ia challergrtt to produee lt t;i:.
Tho on'y gre.-rine Iluuk fitts, eoinioundad lrw
tbe uriginal recti;,!, U tulu by the
I wnm Conrt.
llt'RI'.KA t OK.N .'-I.AVK!
Ti.i Inva'nabl p-epariiun is !!ird to Ibe y...
lie ilh in emirs t.i :',a.i e m 11 tipertaive n
relirrtce J It bnvmj list, l:iy te-irci by In-irg n Ci
in private prretier, ly an e r.mfnt S'irc-r, in :.
cuy, fur years. I; vti'.i iikhI ill', c'u.i v cur.f.
liuuyons, (hilb:aiir, l-'ui., lit ui ,4(, SIU,i-,wcI
sale and rstuil, by H e
A ne snd imfwrtar.l otticfe, :,lir)y ff. ,,r.
from sny thing of i- h::..i rv.r US., eft" red a
ramri-iui, dfi riniva c- 1 m m,iiy, 1. .,, ,0
rior ellicarv.to wit : L. S. Arnold, formerl; Cuei- ) mn'r.cra t Ihe nth''.' ef INr e.n ure ( vrxnany,
nor of Khooc I -land ; W. Wuoubrirgc, V. S. Hi na j K iltun strut, or n v be t.- tri m the Irroggui
lor from Michigan ; . T. .Mooiebuute, C, S. Sen.- i in" )r lh a ,!.; . 1. ,r.aitd.
G.irclen Manures nppliril in
r.ill and Winter.
Frrq'irnt coteplainta are made by hee
ho are limited in ibetr gardening operations, market by tho Company in New York, snd bids fur
that whatever manures Ihsy do apply lo their
tnr frnm Kentucky; J. V. Sinimuns, lioin Kliude
Inland : Samuel S. rheliv, end Wiliium I'phasi,
frum Veruwnl ; H. IV loi.t, Irem Cvw eclicul II.
Knot, M- C. frnm lenr:?yivaiiia ; Y. S. Martin, irum
Wi.roimn; lien. lMige, from lorn a; Ii. r. Sme,
Cieik in limit of k ps. i (' C. Tro.bi.ds. L
Detroit, Michigan; SauinrlH. IIuu-c, , AI dJie
loa. Conn.; (icor.e W. J n s, Su veur Central,
Dnbuq ie'; 1. iluxie, Wall-tlrtet, N. Y.a
Tliia medicinal preparation l:a j jat been put into
gitdtus burn up thnr crop .ken the heat ol
summer comes on. Ho have felt lb. incon
venience lo, and in looking around to find a
remedy, have come lo the conclusion that
benever a garden rr quire active stimulating
manures, ihy should be tpplied in the fall or
to caal all olhei-r into the shade lor holding in an
taneous control over all nervous at,Vcliuna, iheimia
tim, influenza, tnolh and car ache, &c. 'fins i'ois
Kitlrr ie adapted lo either in'rnal or eilerail urt.
and waa eiirnnvcly ud in New York iu the sum
aar of IH'J, during the cholera.
Is ths surest and uwel aiiTes-ful er'n-'e ever
known for curing dca'r,ess. Tbe ear is live nicV
delicate structure of t lie b,dy, ei'-ept llic eie, and
is llier. fore ollencr injured then bcneh'.ied by syrsu-
win'er ; in thi y rank (table manure tny i gcs. It ia a certain remedy whrre birnirg sound-
nous ol water, itching or pain ctlccts ttie sar.
ay ten peraon, to give a dollar a-piece, in
order lo relieve Mr. Arnold from berpreeant
trouble. Tbere are plenty who would cheer
fully contribute for thi good purpose ; all ibal
i wanted i lome one to take upon himself
tbe butine of miking the culleciion. That
task ahall be mine."
- "How glid, James, lo hear you say o,"
miliogly replied Mr. Lyon. " Oh ! what a
relief it will be to poor Mr. Arnold. It will
mike ber heart a light a a fvather. That
rent hai troubled her eadly. Old Link, her
landlord, baa been worrying her about it a
good deal, and, only -a week ago, lareitenrd
te put ber thing io lha itreet if she d.du't
P7 up."
" I abould have thought of Ihie before," re
surked Andrew Lyon. " There are hundreds
ef people wha are willing enough ta give if
1 bey were enly certain ia regard to tbe object.
Hera ia ane worthy enough in every way
Be it ay busine lo prateot ber claim to
Let ia see
reheved; and ilia my duty la tee that abe
e'a relief. I had no (bought ef a reception
like this. People can talk of benevolence;
but cutting the hsnd in the pocket i anoth
er affair altogether. I never dreamed Ibal
such men a Malcolm Green ceuld be intea
ible 10 an appeal like the one I made."
" I've gat two dollar toward payiag Mra.
Arnold' rent," be sid ta himself, in a more
cheerful tone, metiine afieiwardi; "and it
will go bard if I don't raise the whole amount
for her. Ali are not like Green aod Malcolm.
June is a kind-hearted man, and will instant
ly respond la the call of humanity. I'll go
and see kirn."
So off Andrew Lyon started te eee thia ia
I've come begging, Mr. Jjnes," and he,
on mealing him. And he apuke in a frank,
pleaaanl manner.
" Then you've corns to the wrong hp ;
that' all 1 have to say," wa Ih blunt an
swer. "Don't eay that, Mr. Joae. Hear ay
tery firt."
" I do say it, and I'm in earnest," returned
Jonea. " 1 feel as poor a Job' turkey ta
ef GltlC UL, T VMt.lE.
be applied, and spaded or pluoed under imme
diately. It il! hive become by ij r.ng th
proper fond of plan', and ai all manure leach
upvirds, Ihe suifoce soil will b ia fine cundi
tion for ihe groih of vegetablei; .herns if
ihe manures is applied at planting time, ri
peciatly ibe crude manures generally applied
here just as vegetable! are most required, they
rate fired by the action of the sun on the ma
nure, and tbe gaidener hai the mortification
lo Mod bis Isbor and money thrown away.
Whatever manure are applied in th pring,
should be .ell rotted or of a coulm nature.
Tbere are many farnilie lhat annually waste
A new snd important diarovery by which dry
clu:h are made perfectly cloan, .iihvut any rub
bing ur boiling or injury, but ad-ia very much lo the
wear of thu cloth.
Some kill th thilirtn, aa well as tho wnrmv, and
the only safa article that kills the asermi and
not ihe dnlJrm it mid-.- and ao'd by the said Com
pany. It rriuiret a lc proporinmed dour, anJ is at
the same tune mure a in."Httai in dintroyti f Miiimn
vrnhout inj.iry to UiC euualituiion thau any oiher
IHY'S LINIMENT. (Foa ruts.)
The Empire Company are llic p:oirieUira and
j mannfaclnrers of tl.ia j is'ly crh;hratid liniment
j Nravs aiD Bonis I.i.vaskut, for Rlunm-
'li-in. Pain or ( oiitteiA. fur ths hair. Srnoai's
Sick HtaoAiiia liixetr, Pkthcsi WTf, Ac,
a barrel or two of leached ashs, when hid,1"- ltalohss the cncy of th rtearixs. Hat.
. 1 j. .1 1 1 1 ,, ai, the ;arr lions l!riroT fir fils, cramps, con-
11 been ipplied tl ihe garden patch, they would , ,ul,(f,r,i Ae. h b. , Jmii..trf j WUnVr,a.
have had "early joiks" IS ell II (heir j i b ng cuccm, and is a near a apeciiic anythii g
. , ,r, 1 f . . cn be. It form a era in the prai:in e of pl .
neighbor. Tne soipsud. from (he wa.h lue ,., maHy of boin u lh UJtaM , Li,
- - ... L- I U:.L - f . 1 rj.r,..l ,
The cultivation of the earth 1 congenial to , r .r ..
. . r l j j . nd with pmfit in the spring, and yet hiw few I l. L kI HEAl.TiI HLLS.
the nature of mankind ; and a very lare pro r 1 The genuine Hurd Pill are harm't snd ttric
,. r a ... .k.. nf ik.i.i ' mfi iu i-Bntii mi riiui ion, and ino ut pint irra er aiwcin.'. II
r , a - - j
live, either do, or have a desire to become 1
Every Man a rarmcr.
icv cro
around their kitchens, aud mak luath.ome 1 ''" 'd as 1 un
Jil l t n 1
, D . , l 1 j inuo no'es, wnen periumea niwers, tuscions
firmeri. Besides loose ho, in civilized coun r '
..... , , ., , ,' fruits, ind mtmriioth veetab'es, mitht have
tries, are brad 10 ihe culture of the soil, and, ' ,,
.... , ... l 1 r .l 1 eaen mane uy mem. " e ou not yet proper
make it their sole pursuit through life, there ; ' r 1
veral remedy tor d.eaie.
l l.NK bYRt I'
Is manufactured perfectly pine br Ihe mud Comna
nv. fnr rouel.a. rn'iia. mini in thi ,jrf- Inn., A
... f ..K... r.nm iW. 1 '7 r'l"-'-'" v, - s,.ur iinsasorep'eveniei.veor i.oiirump'ioii. aut not
t -I'l.. I....;., ik.i c. .. - ,1.. L. . 1 certain cure altr-r Ihe ii'm ia on re thiri?li'v
kiislla aad aamtiei af triae, Ike vexations of, , . (seated. The genuine is only to be bad of the Com-
. lino lis sun or 1 lion:; it pinn.y perceptiDi ; pany.
whenever we find a well condoned garden MAGNETIC HAIR RESTORER AND INVIG
1. l . . . it, I OKATOS.
now mgoiy nip.i.am inonirui .esnou oun n ,!., u of this sni-K Raid bead. J ner.on.
nne luiurisnt
'gnelic Iftir littler
nnms ef Ilia and middl. ttava naaaeil le-I ' " 1 " "a jnngoraior is crriineo ny me loiiowins per
' 1 ; l . f 1 . . .-.... ..1 , , . . . i :...i 1 1 .
-vii" iuii g vkttKtwj iiai'iij. inrtr iioir re-iorio Dy
it hen evtrythtng elu had failed, tu i' : flicl.anl
H. While. 95 Flowr ry. Jot n .Mukie, 10 King mre'l
largaret I ,iornaa, Jri iiroome. A C ling. dr. I!
r.ry arid Ifmnirion. Daniel FHizmld, "d Chnrtie
Wm. Rrunncll, 7(i Chryaiic; and J. J. Anderson
.Ho. Jil l cntrc sireel.
Tie llraling Watrri nf Bt:knJa perfect cure
July 31.
a piofeisiensl, or ike lurmoi' ef a public life-
ta rural quiet and the undisturbed cultivation
af an acre af laid. The merchant, vtbos
... . , . , , , I derstand the proper food of plan'. He wou'd , can have the head covered irh a
yeulbbs been ipealbehmd the counter, whose: . ,. I growth of glossy hair. This Mtgntii,
rir j j 11 1 11 certainly be a mad phyaicnn . ho vtould give 1 ,i iri',,,m .c.j ,k.
prime af life and middle age have paased be- . ' ' ' K " "" '"tigorator is crmfied by the
Iweaa Ibe ledger and the atretig-bnx, between
the hope ef gaia and fear of loss, hiving it
hn feverrd patirnn itin.u'ints to raise the fe
ver higher and higher, until vitality wis con-
, . , , , . , . ,1 suined. So with the gardener ; plants are
length realised a plum, retires frern lae crowd-1 '
ed city and tbe aniietiee of trade la the pure
air af (he country and the peaceful cu'tivalion
I f'cquenfly itiinulntrd 10 dexh, for the wsal
of proper conlmg loud. Our gardon soil cm
a mere tempting cnose the pursuit el ari
scarcely b: too rich, but it must be a richneas ,
me ciis 11 tn a'aoio munur wa spp'uu in
of a faraa. Tbe leever. bsvinv neuuired wealth :
.nd.rafM.i0.l fa... akenH.n. k. e fr 'V'tU'"' f "ol. " d.rea.r. of th. .bin, .ucl, a, p.mplr. and
kloiches on tl.e fare, tetters, tan, aon.burna, irntt
Inn of the akin, cu'a. bruiics and contusion'. I
,. . . , r t 1 ! '"e spring, be a richness which burned every. 1 ann u.ing it after ahaving will nut autl'r frern the
culture er mingjee wi'h bx prefessiannl la-1 , ; ... rii ...... .i .1 1 r 1 .
. ,. ... , , , . . I thing in contact with it. lb, Ih.n, for your r '"' ,! n r p,b V"
hor Ih exercise of the spade and the plough. " , .nhnut a parallel in (lie history nf Pharmacy. He
, , j. , aagon and your wheelbarrow, load them ! Lady's ur lieutlcman'a Toilet almuld be wiilinut a.
1 1 .... r ... T .
UCUOVUIIUI VOHBIHCI WklVB. Ui wmw arac. a J Qcty -
whom ahall 1 go? There are Jones, and .. 0(,. mtnt , clollem r lo help a poor wid-
Green, and Tompkins. I can get a dollar I, w p,y ber rent," said Lyoo.
from each of thorn. That will be three dul
lar, and on fioin tnyaelf, will make four.
Wbo elaa ii tbere? Oh! Malcolm! I'm
cure of dollar from him ; and, alio, from
Smith, Todd, and Perry."
CobfiJeol in Ike aucce af hie benevolent
scheme, Mr. Lyon started forth, early 00 the
next day, for the purpose of obtaining, by
aubacriptioo, the poor widow' rent. The first
persen be called on waa Malcelin.
"Ah, friend Lyon," sod Malcolm, amtliag
blandly. " Good morning! What can 1 do
for yau to-day."
" Nothing for we, but aotnitbing for a poor
widow, vrbe ia behind with ber rent," replied
Andrew Lyan. "I want jut one dollar from
you, and a much mora from eoine eight ar
nine a benevolent na youreelf."
At tba ward poor widow, tbe eouoteniaee
of Malcolm fell, and when bia r miter conned,
ho replied is t ckanged and bulky voice, clear-
" Oh, hang alt tt poor widow ! If that'
your game, you'll gel nothing here. I've got
my band full to pay my own rent. A aice
time I'd bava io banding out a dollar to every
poor widow io town to help pay her rent!
No, ne, my friend, you can't Ket anything
" Jul a you feci a1)"! it," (aid Aadrew
Lyon. "There' no cumpuliion ia lb mat
I tar.
No, I presume not, wa rather coldly
Lyea returned to bi ahop, (till mora di
heartened than before. He bad undertaken a
think leu office.
In like manner, the phyncian and ike divine,
the curer af physical and moral diseases, eon
ult their own hedih and qnst, sad find a
balai for aidy and mod, by matching a few
hour from the call of profsssionsl duty, to
apply them to the grateful pursuit of tilling
lb earib. VVhy theu'd we mention ihe stale,
man aad ibe warrior t They, too, are inclin
d to become farmer: the nne leaving the
field of ambition, tba other bi harvest of lau
rels, both seek a soil more congenial ta iho
beat feeling of man, and end Ihe career of
life, like Cincinnslus, at the plough. Even
ihe mariner, Iho advenluraua eon of Nrpiune,
whose home hi been for many years, profes
sionally and practically, on the deep who ba
ailed lo all laud and visited every sea, bring
ing with him the rarities of every country and
the product of every clime purcbasss a home
on the land, transplanta hie exotics into bi
native sail, and prefer that bi last rest should
be in the rural churchyard with his kindred,
lo finding a bed in the bosom of Ihe deep.
The mechanic, toe, i mitten with ihe love
of firming, and exchengee tbe dust of ihe shop
Nearly two hour bad elapsed before hi j for lb furrow of lha fie'd, the confined air of
resolution to persevere in tba good work ha crowded room for Ihe free atmospliure f the
hsd begun came back with ufficieat force lol heaven, and iho noise ef machinery for the
prompt la ooether effort. Then be dropped , music of bird
ia upon bia neighbor Temkio, In whom be
had made kuewa hia errand.
up, end cover ynur garden quickly; plow
them up, lurn the manure under, snd when
ihe early eoed time comes, ynu need not fear
but a harvest will follow. Columbia En
quirtr. Jewelry ! Jewelry ! !
TMIHE Subacriber has returned from the North,
JL and is now receiving and opening a
lie has e!e?tcd hiaatm k with great care, and has
purchsacd a MORE EXTEXelVE ONE. than
has ever before been opened in ti ia place. A
mong his variety will be found
GtntUmtn tnd Jtdin (laid and o
Sdttr Isttr and L'rint
ca -1 co Hi ia 3, eluaia
Hold Chain and Krys,
Fine Breaot Pins,
Ear Rings.
" Finger Rings,
M Bracelets,
" Hair Pins,
Ladies Kctaanrs,
Coral Necklace,
" Thi miles,
Nor i tbie prevailing love of agriculture,
which aooocr r later in life discover itself, I
Walking (lanes
Tes Trays,
Tes Spoon,
Hotter Knives,
Perfumery ;
All of which hi will dinpoee of on iceommoda
ling terms.
tTGwIdl pnrcliiiaeil.
CierJstrs.Osi.Mlsa. 49lf
The EMriis 1'onrasr has the sols aen y fur Ha
l.; UALSM.
11 roroa aunoai iniariianemii;y, lmrn. cn'a
bruises, ewnlli n joints, r orii", bnnyon., and ton h
ache. WheneviT Us nrlnrs bnoine know 11, il :a re
garded as in iiuiinpcrisable iruclr, Huld as a'.Kvc.
.Vmns Balm and luilian llrmrdy The Empire
Company having oblsinrd st mink tlei.-r, ihe
(real Indian Umteilv. a AVreinc lialiam, whii h ia
becoming so celebrated lor ill nervoiiH sfl'cctionv,
especially epilepiic and other fiis, convulsions A.e.,
would repciiuiiy call ins stlention ol phyairians
ana me aniicica 10 it am inrrning a new anhdnte 111
the treatment of these dreadful dineaaca hcreto.'ore
thought te be wholly incur. ihie.
Any person affected by li s or nervous sffociiona.
who hall pnrchate the Nervino lialnam and pene
vere in its mo, snd is not radically cured, or mot
cseiilially benefitted, shall hats their money re-turnrd.
This invsluablo medicine can be procured in this
cuy oniy 01 ine r.rnpire Uompsny.
Having suciessfiills nesotiaird with Vr. F.
lhueh, (wn snd successor of tin late Ur. Jacqj
Ilorcit of Haltimnre, now deceased,) lo manufacture
his celebrated I'anattt, exclusively for the Empirt
Company, ws tske great pleaaurs in ottering it lo ths
public snd ths ofjliclnl, as f.r.s of Ihe most invalua
kls snd remsrkable Vtgrtabtt CompoundioC tin ege,
for lbs curs of ilmoel every ill that "flesh is heir
In." It has stood the teat, in competition with sll
oilier medicines, for tmenlten vrart, snd performed
cures unpsralleled in Ihe snnsls of history.
uy procuring a pampmei irom liie f.mpirs Com
pany, or their sgsnt, ths wonderful cures performed
by Ihe Panaris) can bi seen.
Th public srs cautioned against purcbaaing
"tlouclt'i i'snara," unless tbe label is signed by Dr.
f. Ileiick, sccompanicd br the ssal of lha tmnii.
Cempsny.ss all ethers srs spnrissa. ,
t . HI S, O TTI'y .1 . Co
, HE strive etsbli-hmret, altuaitd in ,Ma
JL Kurd, third let North ef ths Puhlic Sfjutrr,
in ths tnwn of f 'brl"He, has been csurtsntly krfl
o. en by the prrnrnt Ptupnttof, frem i: l,t ef
Jtnuaty, IHO to the pre.cut ti.ne, for Ih sccsm.
niodatr. of Ihe Pub ic, and .ill camiitiua la be
ken! op-n for II s ssrr s porpnae.
Ths Ealabli.hment ha tec snlargrj and irs.
proved Ie a Vtry co- ,derb!s esteni within the
la.t to yesraibeeotire buildirg 1 in camplue
repair sr.d is m cocatrurtsd ibal all ih rstn-a
have a'aundaiil ligiit aud cau bs vtnU.alsd at pita,
The Stables srs not in'erior to any beli,f,fi-.f
10 any enni'sr Ea'sblohmant ia VWstsrn Norn
Carolina; and cara viil be taken llial they ahall
aU sys bs siig plied iih abundance tf govai gram
snd prvi 1 dif and aUer dv-d by faiihiui and sp
rienctd l'5!l rs.
The Snb'cnW-r i" uaetveiy svsrtien lu fita
saliafaciiuo lo all she may palronns his IJut,
and hesitate not t y that, from ten yesra'tt
perienre hs will be able te keep op the seeommo.
t'aiion at ihe Carolina Inn, in a a'yir notaurfa'S
ed by any Pub ic ll jnte io ths isrnsr count -j
end betakes thia epourlumiy la rslurn bs cor
dial renpecla lo a generous Public fer psal fars
end reJolliil'y !t.ii amU.,nnM tnrn
patir.na!.e snd confidence.
Ilto r.lt t can, at all times, be supplird nh
conveniirnt and Srril er.ciocsd lots, free ef chirp,
snd fiirmalicd wilb grain al h, prires.
iiyThe Charlotte and t'inisen Sugea arriti
aid depart tri-eeskly.
On. I?, INI. Ai,f
Abyssinia Mixture,
For Cslarrha, Infliirrn, roativrneas, Pilea. Ura
vi I, l.enonl m. t.'eet, Kluer Albui.. er ihe
Whites, Ucsaixx, ( u.u ucliona, A.
(at o llil uN-C, Ate ,164.
Dr. J Kuhl IVsr Mir :
'ju will p'esae fnrward to o a tsn sa ennr
tenwnt.afrrrli sopplv nl the Ksi.lf.rer er ths l!il
snd ihe Ahysainia Mature, srs have mild eut hr
sonis time The Rraimer snd ths llrpurs'i"
Powder, I, srs pruved to U very efirsrwn' fri
f'llnejf of ths ehet, Kbr'iniatim. S-r I-g. In
flai.iniatirnf lie Eyrt, Dtb:!:l, ai d othrr rh-o
nic di,ra-r. Ws aira,i;d th At)uil 1 ."die
tnre tn cvsry pa'icnl, and ne ons hs a.kr d !e g'l
Ine iiioury rti irnrd. but on Ihs cor.irary, eirry
one Ina prand lis gnat snat vs poerrs.
Ws rtiuain youia, rcsectlully,
a. a i. w. iioNE Yen r.
I'ws, N. C, Jci v 23, lesS.
Dr. Kuhl Dear .-ir :
W s have smd uul ellnf vour Aoja.mia Mitn,
11 has given ntr aarirfin tu sll tboas Ho
hvs usid it. W shave .arranied the Abyssim
Muture in sll 1 a-rs to our own account ; snd s
can s .y, it ha u.er f.i'ed. W , ,):, Ctl
for rnuie ol liie Alsima .Mil line, and Jcu will
pirs.e sand us sa soii aa poibls auth I supply
m 1.1th v ill anoer the grr at df rnand.
Very rtipsctlulir voura,
1'HIH.R A. YORK!..
Lttlrr fom .W.jsr DugaU Mtl)rjttd, (to;
tt'tk I'm Offict.
M onn k Count r. N. C-, Drc. 9j, 14.
Dr. J. Kuhl Dear Sir :
A Ed in ihii county, sfilic'ed with a nersoui
eomphiinl, Prulapnui I leri, Fiuor A!bu, and a
asine.bst deranged mind, caused by ohjtrui licrr,
as fir aUiut tweive irntli atlrridtd I y fnor a!
our eiiiiiitril p!iyiriD, aiij,i,iii anv rf.ert, sed
every 1 ne -in is.s.vi- y .lerrrrrd btr i arable, l''d
tlial rim had lu ui-, .,e ihrn procun d In sl
iliaof ynur .M.. - -1 ; is ,lia u t,mn nie, .hn1
cured btr u lirely. She ha since insrrisd, snd
is in p rierl g.r tl luanh mid happy. Thi Abr
ainia Al.nurt ha likcwi provsd very efficscu,"'
in many cl tier diFraae, but particularly in frm I
di:a-ca, in wliu h it sliould have ths preference
of all others. Yours nheriirnlly,
DL'UAl.I) McDl'U.AM'.
Pries for tin Abyminia Mixture per bottle 7i
cent, si U' & r'i.Sn.
LikcKi-e on h;ir:d and lor sale, Dr. Kohl's Ks
storcr, L'liivuraal Plsater, (;n!d Mins Dal. am, Ac.
T J. IK'LToN. Agent,
Charlotte, N. C
ATTACIIMEX'iSfor tale here.
TWO DOLLARS per annum in advanc! TWO
b dclayod three months; and THREE DOl
LARS if not paid until the closa of tin yr'
ITAdvcrliaemcnts inserted at One Dollar pr
rn,nare,J6 lines er less, (Ins sized type) fuM1
first insertion, and 8.1 cents for each eonti
nee. Court advertisements and Sheriff's Sales
charged 25 per cent, higher; ind a deducl'n
ef 3.11 per cent, will be made from the regular
prices, for advertisers by ths year. Adv'""'
ments inserled monthly er quarterly II P"
equsre for each time, " Remi-monthly 75 cri1'
per aquare fur each time.
HTPostniistsrs ire authorised to irt ss sgi-nls-

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