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'Perpetual tegilance is tl)t flrirt of fibtrtji," for "JlotDcr is alaors Stealing from tlje illann to t!;t Jew.'
1' U 1! LI S I ! I : I) V K E K L Y,
syj,VQX&F3i.Z&'l'ZlZX3Z2- Biliimore, n,ld be,r8 mB(J '" A""
. i. jije,,, d,;t eit.bli.hment it one which it
Manufacture 111 Uio fsotiiii. ti(ll,,y .r(l,,d,. Variety Wnrk-iawing
From De Southern lliview for Otto- lumber, plaining, making tubt, paita, bed-
or1"' 'ead, window blind, lashea, Ate., all by
We ak the attentive consideration of the machinery adapiei) lo these purpose. Thia
tsdsr to the following extract from an able ia doubtless one of Ihe m-iat profitable estab-
in the lat Dry C..ds Rep.-ner: li,hn" '" Columbus,
editor lal m the J 1 The.e several establishments are .iiuated
.. At the pr.-Mnt moment, am mg the pro- nn of lhf
,,,. of cloth .n .hoe.ecu..!M,r.,.Hi,ne m , fro, a, Cu.
Northern and Middle Slate, whtch have hith. .hlc,h hee cul,ilIUC,ed ( l0
,,,,, been regarded., the chief ao.li r.r man, receje inj tl,e water of ll,e Chatta-
uf.ct.iring iudu.try. there appear, to be, and korh,e (ivpr , Mmcielll rtytlmn ,0 ,(.
dubtte. M,a .mth:i)! l.of Hut pr...rri. f(lH ,h(! neceM1rv power. The head of..-
,y which, upon an average throughout 1 lie rf rur,lrd fl0m 10 t U feet
whole country, te unusually msikerl. Thi. conduit ci'culaled lor aupplying the
value of raw material ha. men J'PP-r- f)lf m,1)y olht!r nufactonea.
tionately to P' ,v" , There are two Iran fnundrre in Culunv
other coun'.riei. By an enlightened yte.n , North-Carolina Legislature.
of internal improvement, inakirg all part - -
of our Stale acce.sible, and by judicious Q V33i3303V8 oSSSS-LUj
distribution of our labor, South Carolina may j
wore than double her productive labor, and To the Central Aurmbly
not et.ffVr from too denie a population of the Stale of Xorth Carolina.
Cottos Factobv ix Mississippi. CAer- I The constitutional assemble of the Rep
re if, (Mitt.) June ith, 100. Our mill ta resentatives of Freemen, to enact lew, tu pre
located ten milet aouth of Greensboro', in a vide for their i que! and just administration,
poor, healthy neighborhood ; fine water, good ' and to prom it. the g neral wellre i f a pro-
iciety,cliurchea, achoula, We have hut ' pie, ia in iol i,f hih aovereignty; preeoii
one (rc(j ahop within aevr.n iniln nf u and , an occaaion of the drecat tntereat loallclan
that will probably not laat long. Oor build- ' ea of the Pe pie, auil gur to every )e
ing ia made of wood, 109 fret lony, 4"i wide, ' pertinent ef the Goeiniient ihe to! rum dui
and three S'onea hiuh. e err. now ruiininjj of ieurnine cur tinreie IriHiika (u the One!
abut 6C0 tpindlea, 10 carda and 12 loomt, Guieiimr ol the t'li vtrte for con' mum to
and all the accumpinying neceaary uiHclnne- u, ae a S'af, tlinpe bturi'iful iftf if 11 ia
ry for apiunmg and weaving. Uirg to the Providence, health and prace and p!tmy.
high price of cotton we have a'opped our S.iiCjNw Im mewii g of ihe General - Ae-
,he demand for Hie Utter i. gnod, the aupply , bu, m (ufi ou( ,rge tm(jull ct,lu,st
i, m.it th tu eq' " i lnll .,M "'""' and machinerj for mill., aie.mboatt, &c
.Uhttard.ng th.l i mau ri.li. vrry high Th Imi,oy ean, eiipine.
.ml manul.cturera co.rpiatn of mad. q i.ie j ,.T,ie C)-y Miu j( he U(j)(.r pif, ,f C(1.
price.. thy neeertheh-.a buy and oik up a uin,lui j, , Ufft wnoj ttttlrtarf.t cupird
that we utmt'rstbi.tt,
lltntiu nil" " -I - -
Since your la' uq rntnenl, too, our cotiti-
liir evr-iitlu! srrne,
li.nriia. Wh Iibva hutiflrpH KilhIll ferill li r rj.r rntmftl- Ima i.asif( T Vi r mi i-h h fl
fie card. more, not fini.hird ; we .hull pruba. rv oideal nf e..- (l.ctmL' pa.aiona end a. ciion.l ion- lne ""!"'"' !
blv net llein in operation (or the n t crrp. mieieula, rrtulitnr from the acnu .ition nl
We carry cn n.achine ahop in which e ' vaal region of di.tant Territory, cauairj; jnt
make every variety of machinery for catd.ng ! alarm to the friend!) of the Union end n' Itee ;
niru Fjllllll.1'. WUI IVVnil IIV UUIII U !( SBI B. g(M Cf IllliriJI lJIUUj;OUUI IOC li1IUI ' . , , , .
I.t.i a lailltv oi raw raiimn i.". Lv r,...r ..I. nf mill.. tnnp.lwn fur fl..ur and H,.,,.,. k'.,.,m f:,...nnn ..f P.i.,.n il... ; MJ.;,..lf ..L Wlinritrn i.o-or, jr,
fr. m the face of enhanced importation "f,,M fr fornid i-ceuiivn fl.uiing work. N. J. They are heavy and aubtantiat, and end amiri.t the'agitatinn of the people ofaomc
nl production.. Tin it an anoma y w hip j M(lBI F ('01ToS Kaitorv The extern are built for mi k ng heavy tmaey and etna-iol" the Slate, ttound u, Noiih L'urolma ls
puzz e nmny ; hu- if e led xt upon ", ,e huildcng., f..r the future operation r.f burgi, lurh a are moil Uffid in ihe S .u'h. I renia ni d a rt'eni, but not an umiioved nor
t.iurt- which are in . piration to t mu.ete , ihjj Com),ahy( re iced four and aba!fjihu,k tl.al companiet in lh? State intrnding hetlr-ee .pectetor.
cimpmiion, w.mi 7 v nnle tfum the citv. mi li-iyou l'urand to emb.ik in the manufacturing busmesa i Ardcnilv d-voied lo the nernctuitv ol our
would do e
chieery before buiiig elehere
ant j 'ct io your culm, d.vpaMionate nnd t'.i'ri vions i !e of the peoplr, !h.t tl is t'ci t d '.. r
one consideration, wi'li iho f vpiea.tun ul my Rl crip ii.e f'r.tini ,oii"ii i. the tii n tri! ol ;i
drlihetate t p nmi, that iur liihijt iiv- ret n,,j ,,, y , t' t!,e tSrn. r f Cioitf, t
and Hue t'u' , n quite "f v n witling tud icrrta ty for an act loiikc th eer-: -f tl.
ha'ty euppoti ol urljumrnt, as il in, in pmple will lie sn ert'';!' i! ; uml it i L lined
all itt purl ; vieldmg lor the ei.ki- of the I you nught lo act d icciK nr ii hi .t,r i ri il.:
ii.n and of the Cor.atttutiur, !U''h tlj ctiot.t ns quraMon, lut ucrt r.hng fn the C r::!;!i.'icn.
we may have to particular measure, while The Cotiatitu'ion ha. i-iu'l.t d ; m v.t ii p..
e ititiat upon the fiiihful eaeculinn of tich ei in reepi.ud tu a known (!n: ut.u if t!," r.
a. mBy be mol accepiab'e and nitetaiy lo pic for cona'.itutiMihl ifloitu, titl.r r 1 5 ciiM n.;
ua, from thete purls of tne Union which may B Convention i .(' the pi-rp'o m i r rp, t 1 1:
icnnceivo them lo be oljecnonut'e. '1 hu will acting specific tui.tndn.Hite, et.d n In 11:1:;
North Carolina set a noble example worthy tl em, fi.a', to the review er.d .'i-ci-.i ..) ji-t r
'oilier spirit of patriotic moderation ; cn ex iur. t (Jute lucci'ssni in I ."'J, i.tiii i.hci ilv,
I ample of that true principle of mutual de'er. 10 the v.iters of the S:a:e, at ti c poli. ii; Is 03.
I enre of ihe various parts of the Umoo, towards There an; itn ml n lf . t bl n' qt:etT4
!the interests, wishes and viea of the othorr, ahich will prenni ilieintelvi to vi ur c-rsul.
tn which our National Government originated, ' eratton, ui on thi View of tlit ml '.'!, I iall
tml he niBiolHii.ed tit r.-Vr t.i thm l-.io fl.-T.ci.t y ln.(i -;-.
mke of the I 11
en.l while we de
at we utidt
nnd mean to fu'fil, that duty ouiwlvi
and bv which it in
Let us then support, for ihe cake of the I'm forestall the j if'gitutu nf other, nor fr (ho
. ,,lulion. we may r. 11 -ci mai l'"""--' commonly called D.g River-nine miles
cuiMin l.'iropen..B"-.'"i" ", "" fro( ua entrance into Mobile Uiy. Steam
Inji the ttoiiiehiiitot of the nutions of ihe Old
Our Prcaidt'Ul lias D:l!
Without tumult or pu!.lic comiio'n r, a fuc-
cessor Ukea Ins plure ;
mere purpose ol (uitirg tmnmd. tn aSvut.re
i.f 5 cur er: urn tt y nrei it-tr.tit-.ti of tne I .n
a -1 tut itt-; put I;-1' us- 5'. or iirttcjir w ill proba
bly form u pi ec. rl.-nt 1:1 ihu l'i!tu:ec:j'.irj f i'
tiie State; rmJ t!.e c.rta. q'li lid a of a ir.tsti.ko
wight hu v t; i j ; 1 1 r, u r. to the Il-p"!)V.
'I hettfu.e, I "'lid (1 e:re to hsvu noih;n
d..: wiil.i.iit enre'ul u,v,!i--.'!if:, C!:d cu!.ii
rielilicn.l.i tl. 'I Ii " 1 all I im m.
Thit Coii'titu'.oti of lslio we litio-,wss
clothe. Ii itife'f with tiEt. id and ;.(..,.... u 1. ; ute-p.i s ..! rotripro
a 1 7 - T - 1 . r. i.n i' u :,. ,iri i',i. ii 't, m 1 u' t:n n 1 n ni't
U . ' IT..;. foiialiliilinti II raw it a n A fi I ' I 1. A r, ft n ( . t. V I I K X P (' lit U e t. U 1 U ( I W i ti ! 1 1 f ' ' - J - )( I
a ban nu jaii)tiic uui hib' , v hiuh. itj ilia vijii?i 11 u ' inn ti t i gnu 1 1 1 - --' j . , I 1
lV-U,--.;.i 1 . 1 1 i riii 1 rut 111 I .m Artr.v Hid lie avv, .uu .
iinvv ' uie aintj inrj Kiiun nii' auu uaiin tu main inc vwm.i"- - j - .
cheap in Lmca.hire, and by e d -t-.g to pro. b CM ,tn)J fraif,h, ,nd ,,ceiv j, w,,hin 'ju.t completed the finesl flour mill in this State, laio and deH-nd her right., granted or guar- I the till mifehner engme of j-e.!ntc:tl power, ; rng poii. tc
mate larg eip.irl lo trti inf m me a nan- fir tarda of the factor v. Thi location was .. eou.l to anv in the South. Wa will .hnw ian-ipd ,v i Hi. National CoiiiBri. nu Sta'ere. Executive palruniLC i while no volte, among ,
moment when mree inrcn tea 10 ..j , : .k- r:IV hen. loina 1 il... ...k . I ..,. t... ...M ..u . . ....ti,i .i ;r,; , ,t,.,rr. ...iltir.r.s r.f fie. turn, b: oat lies r von t tie ','."
lie, at
ufactunng rivalry have act'd in tho j j() ,h pine wood,, all danger from epidem J North or Sjuth. We u'e a large fine Sem-, auueable tetilenient of ihis dis'racitng contro ! w htfper . f dt-a.. tu ! Altliou.l, ih j s i ce-o
South anj We.t. Th.e ste, first, abundance . ((j whjch (h(J cj jg i(lln,.iie, luhiect, pleenoine, tnado by M"ssr. Thurston, Gicrn veiy. Tl late adjustment, by Conj-res, of I had beni dtsitialed amtdi-l lietre e.r.d i rij. i.
nf rantal: secend, the It n lence nl me im- i . ,,i,.J ,(, ,,hlii,(f il.a rnmnanv lo 1 A, f. P,n..J.nn. I. .J.:..J i. .11 ii,u ,l,ir...li ... Ji.; nk .,r nMuiiuuni. i t a rimnin'v at Uie b.J.i.'t b..x
visiter for it gieat capacity and simplicity, rtmitin end compromise over
Ii is run by a negro engim er, w ho alto terves the. tpiiit of disunion ; end exhibit
us fireman, who had nn afqns ntance with en- woild the toaieesien, by our
: irmrs until he took hold ol this. We have a ' noble nub lie virtue and devotion to our coun Many sulj
! For general health, no more favorable loca- ; double cj lender wool card, thai cards the try, the tme tett of the inestimah'e value the) j the State, will claim jour uttitiinti uu
li.un-aii be found any where. Alter all the! woot twice as well as moat of the country place upon the Union, and ihe ue harbinger j ibo resent sessu 11
improvement contemplated are completed, cerds thai have only one, and will turn off of the stability ol our Government
tiii;, until
cti by tin!
t-cnrtl.ti I
tii t! rut ll.c
' r p. n i.ii , c is c'a li .il ill 1 1 a-.: led uur
.1 3 ' 111 I V ".ite ; -Mid g'lld I'ji 'i
Lot IV II I. ittirt- t.i '.!'. ti:e u-eali-
i-1 . i . t l.ve l.i in ir-pctiVi or tl e.-.
p. ve'i't.n i"i hority of the I: bie,
a i mi.-.e :n our iiii.ti d. d
pruvtnient in ateam power eon m. "'J continue their but ne. through th yeat j
einsncipa'.ing factory labor fro n water pow. (( kUq emnei th enjiged in thefae
er ,walrie; and las'ly. p ditical im.tiv.-.. j fy f,m cj,v ,fl.nre., which are not al
'The Sooth ha aUmdance of capital, j , . j j and indu.trv.
, . .. . . .1... (. . J.. i -. - a . i
vmrtl in the tart tnn mo ciop niui nr
htered. say 2 0m,0(l(l h4le., ha. real 'd
$104 OOU.OOO, ag iin.l f-0,Ol)0,tiOU for 2..
b.'O.OOt) bale la.t ear; that t lo s.y, a
quantity diminiti' d bv one fourth, let.cn-
rat.aiicitu and had to decieed it; and ihe upremt.cy of that j'os.i.u . .-. .t..f,!,
ihibned to the i.-b ttamenl is ecknuwledid B'.ri t.cqtite.ccd j " "
people, of that i ,n li ail eetion. and by all parties. AsK""b -V' iU? " "" y-
ion tu our coun ! Many .ulj-ct. of paramount in r r'nnce toe..mng, to c.i, a enventten ol ih, peop.c , a
s'tylit esan iij:i ii il the 1st section ol the
1 Ii Article nl t lie Amendments mil ba suffi-
' , i i
inir tothe nin eteot the eipeuseoi ireigni. ,
psckng. Ate, while r.tes of excharge are
Fulton," the name adopted, will prove one
nf tr.e p'essatite.l village in the State.
The factory building i. built in the moat
..il.,tif.nl manner, nf hard burnt briik. and
hijjli, drawn egvnal hig'i values and have en- I p,ifi t con,,ii,e io the (Uaign everything
tbied Ihe utn. a. w inm.-, " I iii'eea.iry fur a complete col on lacloiy.
a its 630.11110,(1(10 more m-mey frm ihijTh. -, Uu.id.ng i. 12 feel long by 51
crou than liom the last. V Hh iheie me.ina.; wlril,j0 feri ,hlBe sluries, and 71 only
fie orte lwv o mu'.itp'ied lh.it not short of j wn There are 105 window and
i;5 HOO j.uidle. are now in npernliun in tne . .3f) , . jn h(j hnuse .p,ie roof ig wr
r..n.,n State., reo nriniT 1 Oil .000 bilr of cot
lnper annum, and every mail bung, advice
cf some new one g ing up. This rivalry sf
feci th old establiahed f.ictni io 'ho iti'-re
tint the new fictorie. are all armej wrh Ihe
two hundred pound of rolls a day, for which This arlj utinetit, at d the acts by which it
e charge eit ht cents a pound. ha-bucn ctutumtna'ed, are now, howeter, met
Cotton Factuhies in Alabama. W with violent denunciation end opposition, a
.ehloiu lake up a paper published m the South nmng sour of our brelhrr n Nor ill tu d South,
ernand Western Sates of the Union, that; h,e Irie North dieorBU z-rs and fa-
doc not contain lome new development ol n(1,iri ,,e ro, f, denting together to nullify
their manufacturing i idustry. In a brief no a,ld 0b,t,uct the esecut.on of the law of the
lice ol the progress of Alabama in that dirtx- adi ceriem Southern politician are
tlon, ma i u.caioo.a uotertrr remark. ;
The dutice of the Executive ofN-rlh C.r. !cieni (a rai.e this q it-aiiui. : Can the Ge-neral
ulina have, by cumulative net. of the General j Ae.Ub!y tmpoae anv l.miia or reatrictiona
i. ...,K!v Wn. . m.ili.f. r icus and hetero- ;upon a Cotiveni.Mi call, d by them, under this
geneouathat any reference to tl.err., must, of ; Artie!. U He power tu call a Lonvcul.on
necrsaity. be turcacl and d. luUory. In ilie(.enerul A.e.iib.y, cut.fincd to the am-
tug, through vou, to .he people of the State, ' gle oUi;e of clitn;; it, or, can tne Hnm L'
7 r'.i t-i-h ihev hi.ve . ti'la'ure l.in.l end cot line tho power of lltti
an account of the manner in w hi. h ihty n.ve - r
been diachargrd, t shall, at ihe sane ,me, ; tunv enton m ihe Act for calling .1 ? As ihem
, take a rapid leview of the tei.eral contliimn , re i'j "!""' TJ"'
zealous- r r .y . M,.,,i, . 13 nrobablelhcv will exist
i ol nui otatu atlJirs ; ana enau, w rn uimoai tow - ; - -- . .'i
ly entted in concocting plans and a.toc.a- !l" ,,ul "u 7 , "
, . . .!, im.. .,, wi.oH u.n ,o dm a,u UcoH..R .eci, make such suggea-
v bib .nown ia. wrrn auiiio .aioi.i. Itf.n. h rh l,n A.wr ri....nM lrf t, -. " w - r - . 1 .1 . . . . . I . . r - I: . i :. .1
-.i. i-.j L..iL. . ii . . . . . ----. .. ;..., ;..i......, .Um'l I.A iinrihv i ip 'ti ractuus. ii.e rini i. caii.ua a umiteu
covereo wun sia'e, inio nn ocaioio, iuns. i ot coiionanes, ginitnams, uru, .a. vznm- a disnnibennent of the Lni n. Ktireine 1 llu,,a " "' J '"n"" . ,v '
iiewe.t unproved machinery.
d grooved, and iighi a. n or. n i t,or. col ired and olain. made a the Isctory r. .i,,,,,,.!. , a ,..lD,..
fronttr) by ar-qme tower four stories high, ; ( i(,0. Djitnegan cV Co., Hunlsville, hich 0wnselfsh ei.da, emitter ufl ,ence epou the i ,"t'"' "( cur Guicinine.it
17 ty IS fret, and 70 feet to the top of the j fur qU,l,ty and durability wou'd compare with public innd, have always en.sted in our Guv j A Hirudin cut oMli
belfrv. Ihe brick conu-ned amounted to
t:0 000. Coal of factory. 27,000. The
I lie CoMalitulion.
I do mt iliii.li that this article titcesss
udtf ii.e ri'ht of culling a limited
; r r r 'calm cooaider.t.0.. of the Legislative Drpar, X. iim n. nr. by 'be concurrence o Iwo-timds
I lor IllCir ; n.i i ... t,,.,,, r,, A,n .-i, h v. r.rnvo .iff ll.u oel f.ir
;cil!ing the CoiiVt niton ctiiiains a limilniion
similar gmd made in Ihe manulaclunng erniiient, and will o continue, w hile popular j li is not in be dewed that a large, resptcla iMr.4,u; fa rat,ficd b" the I'ccple by a vo'u
towns of Ihe north. The colored goods are form nf governinr nl evsls among us. Their j be and iiitelliKtMH portion of the Sate arei n ,htir"deleca'le8 sha'l ho
e.cefent, and. were we not a.-u-.d of the ' n,ttdlinall()l.. ,ia0 therio yielded I- ihe strongly inclit.ed lo al er .1 e Constitution. !cb umJer sanctiaua of a law cnictcd
eontriry, we should have pronounced Ihetn furCe of icason aLd en ighlened paltiol.su. I When this topic was turtrd a short win n j )r .,,.,,. case, u seems lo me
Etslern goods. The ssint of disunion, heiet. fore confined I ai?o. Ihe desire of a cliane in the Government , .' " .! . , '
-p. . , . ti , . i ' , , . , r . inn mi: iiiii'i ..I?, iimij uv iiiL- ni;i wluiu ic
I he Uclory at Horrnce, owned by Mar- l0 ,oniB r( icular section of the country, is ; went no Inrthe. than a amgle alteration nl ino H , jn he ,;3 , a! Assptub'v but I v
tie ( (.tint ii in tofni -v.- '-.!, aulbnrity of tho
r. - , I ah i . ' . an H " " .""" " " , , .. H e eniint u m k.i t y. v, . . i, aultiority ol tho
i, W loom turntns 1 600 iIrcntih thai liemaod the cuutiterucdon nf the right of auil-a-e, su as tu alio ail white liee s,iip oiiL.Mli., ,, ,,, t, doubted Cut
j'n spindlea and produce 80 000 yard of cloth; ,ol), of f.,dun and friends of the Union , men of the S.4te to vote foi Seua:oia, with ' ,'(;,',,,,..,,,,, cfaiitd t,v ,,eGereral Asemhlv
1 need not inlurm ou how oiuch and ho
lanidlv this demand lor reform hsis enlargi d.
i j
dues at pr.ibab'y 20 per cent. Uviier anvan- . hroe i1)rv building will be occupied, lhf first
ta. The cnuip ii iou ff"in ,n' q""cr ,g j ,y 170 looms ; the second by 40 carding ma
riery way calculated In diminish tho old Ij cjllllP, . i,a third by 5,010 spindles, with
nurrjin between the e.t of raw material and j .. . ., fi,jnri" t, lrnv bo necessary ;
that .r fabric; theretore ,nn,. woik, iVc. to be lr...porteu Horn onej,, Weekly & Co., is doing a Ih.tfty bum- now h,)BU,eri tt.q..i.in at. expansion and i Consliiuimn. to wit. to euli.i-e the .e,s.,i.
i : l. I . .1 . f li miflltTillin mat t! I tl Itl l .L. ...I... I.u r...kinnsn 1 larm! I. I., ii) i . ati . . . ' I ...
WIllCIl liali rn.ivii - -w fOiJ 3 HIW W II I Uf Ilia i T
which ihey could wmk, nnit hul up ""P 1 .nr-r lank i built in ihe third atory w
snd eve p'ace io more competent operators, j hufe (J c wlter to all parts of the build
Gb boi v The A'bmy (Ga.) 1'atriot of ; Wg. The water is forced into the tank by
.... . . 1. r..tl.. ii. u rli'.i-rio. i MH.....M TIim Ian alrirv Ililitdir.rT ia IO
in i im .ri.iam gi r ,,,u - j o -i
imn uf ihe facturi. in iheCi y of Columbus, I pmpriited for the engine, room and machine
.. c.i 1 anon, on the fi'st 11 inr. and the second for a
in mil . i - t -
The (Viwcta Falls manufacturing Corn sizing mem. The machinery or the null,
ainv's establi.hmer.l ntcupies a large brick . which is jua! being opened and put in place,
building, ciiUin 2,51 -piiidies, wh.eh mk 1 lo. ks to be of ihu must approved kind, and
(rorn l.i'10 lo l.'HIO p.iiin.l l trire .0 per j w s" got up o) nu .u mrwan oio(ioj
rlsv : 44 loom., making I, -00 y.id.ol neavy very oe.t a.y le
..'..i n.r Hav: J I cotton card., three j null will ien lire
w ,ol c.H. and ti'ttii w.io.1 jiek. They aUo , furths femulea-and will manufaclure, when
m..,lfactureaC..n.o!eraMeq..antityo'liriaes,li(i full operation, 6,000 yard of yard wide
winch aie more proli'able man iMnauurK. anceiing per u
stid yams. They employ Iron. IM to lu
b"s snd eiils, from twelve jears oli'
wir.L. Average wages: Silf
it msnufacures alau 6 000 dozen of threads thrcugliuut the land. In this parricidal str.l'e, ' without fireho'd
per weea. i no weemy consumpnon oi coi- )el u, ke neier u, nof parl. u hold
ion i about in thoussnd pound, averaging ral, ,i,e um0D 0f ,u. States. The I, at to
eeven huudrtd and fifty bjle of cotton per co,e ,r.t0the holy alliance of the oil thirtun. It alieady emb-aces a chaise in the basis o(
j ear. ' let us be the lat-t to leave it. The foolpriut j representation in the General Asemb:y ; a
' Al an instance of the pmspeiily of facto 0f Waahttgtcn and his matchless compeers, i chance in the mode of electing the StHte (
rie in this region, a new one is about being niay befoluwed without doub;fu'ncss or wa. cere ; and en entire revolution ol our Judicin
estab isbcd on ihe same etrrem, on Ihe oppo Venng. It is union which gives u all we are j ry tjstetn, and ol the pi iticiplcs upon which
sirs Hue. wrucn, n is caicuiaico, w m commme or hope lo te. It ia the key. arch of cur lib
.(two lb riis concurring) wculd ho clothed wilii
vnhmited dncrit'nn oer ihe Cons!i;u;ior.
i The (ienerul Assembly has power to call a
j Convention into bein, hul no power of them
I sdtet to prescribe a limit to i: authority. I
I..- z if d littlu in siyii.g thai the peoplo cf
North Carolina havo not hitherto exliibiled a
When ready for work, ihe 1 40 ua 0f cotton per weik
SOU operativea Ihreo- .. The factorv in this cttv is about increas
ing in number of loomt. Al ihis lima it
worki only forty, which ire chiefly employ
erly and national crealuess ; and 1 claim the
privilege of my c fl'.oial station, solemnly to in
voke the people ol North Carolina, and their
Representative, to b-ware how they hold
Btrnnrr deairft for liurh i:n ernsriment na this
it has slood from 'he beginning ol lice gov- I iheif (JilernI. , . and; ,ierefore it be.
etnrneiil 111 North Carolina. 1 hoove, their R"t.re5entatives lo lock well
Whether a nn orily ol the peop e are dis- , , , . , .. intrnf!l,-;, trnrm.
... j --- o
into the Cot.slilutiuti.
of looms will be increased to 72. The cloths
msde al this factory are in h gh repute and
I'he mo ive power consists of two engines.
up ol ii linrse power eacn, low prc.aurc iwcn.j
Sniierii.lendeiil 1 inch r lender, lour leet atn ke, torty revo-
. . . . . l 1 .1. ' . . - ..
Il 000 per anum; overseers H0 to Xiti per unions per m.miie , u.ur uoi.er., ''v-'" ; .tei with rei-dy sales."
tn .nih; weavers 410; carders .pinner ; feel long, w hicli are Inca'ed in an enjoin ng
t' Oil' Power: one of Rich', renne vent ' room lu thai which contains the engine.
whsel.', five fact diame-ier, csp.ihle of earryiTho s.nnke stack is eighty-two feel high,
Ik it - .... ! ia fl aiiinre ml lliaS lia aft anil M V A hi til X III
t"g as much in .r macninery. 1 roin. u . r.. .... - - - ---
.1 .... . .1 I i..J .k,.l.i l..al rxntva IriU ml
rittf tiivike i tdkrii from li e bmlrri to the
r I- r- I
ed in minutactur.ng the lour quainiee ot mnwM ,,,1, cabal or Convet lion to lap
good. In a few weeks the present number BI)Ij i,v,.,ilirnw it.
inve. ni-ul 10 lo l." per cent.
' ,..r il.ia Data III i. h uient ia Carter's FaC
t Cut let us not he nitscnderaliiud. Let it
nol be tofposid that our deep and abiilitij; de
i votion to the Union, is such as to render us
.; insensib'e lo the just appreciation of our rights,
i or calhuia to the stain of dishonor. As a
t-.rv a lar.re brick building. tx atones , chimney under groii.ui. .I'lerr'i-er.
high i eoai $10 200; pi.v,lel!e,:i 0110; cal. 1 Sai.i uv Fa. tokv, S. C-Nehadthe
tulaied 200 Inum aiel U 000 ap.i.dlea ; e. j grnlilicai.on recently nf visiting this laclory,
t,m....i .,.1..- -t.nn r,.i.,.,letel 00.000 1 1 .nulled on the Saluda river, near Columbia,
l'l ernnlov from ft.KI lo 1 .0'I0 hand.
"N..I far from thi. t.u.lding U the II '
srd Manuractuiinc (.imnani' es'ahiiahmenl
and of inspecting ill npera'tons. II t on
the .lave labor, or anti-free soil system ; no
operators ii: the establishment but blacks.
I ia buildmg is of brick. 00 by 120 feel, site 1 no snpenntendetil ana overseers are wnne,
lories. U contain. 0,000 spindle-. 103 ( a id ol great experience in matiuiaciunng.
lonma, 10 more tube added. Entire c't j They nre principally from ihe manufacturing
lull UUU. 1 liev ii-iniif ncluro 1 "u varus . uitnitu ui - . , . i l i
1... .",!s ............ I nreiudiced on their ft.st arrival al the e.t.b- gmat a rich widow lady, whose husband s
f-r week, and 400 to 500 pounds thread ; hslunenl eg .inst African labor, riom ober.
rnialoy 100 hands, from twelve years old up. vatmn and more experience they all testify
warde. nn third of whom are males; wsges' to their equal efficiency and great superior..
ftotn 12 lo 70 cents per day lor common ly in many reapects. m as inn in ..
hm.lt; sn.i.tan.s $1 lo 20; overseer'. , cipita'ely, tho etpertme.it of African labor
wa Ural lemcu in ino Fp.i.Miujj ,
since which Ihe oldest ipinnen have been
transferred to Ihe weaving loom. Ihey
The written direction of Joho McDonogh aouihern portion of ihe Union, we have rights
te hi executor forms, we undeistand, a veiy , "ch 8,e "rf bV ,,,e Conititution ; ours by
mtere.iing rrcordoflhe iinprtssions and ex ! compromise, and by the supreme lawiwhxh
pertcncei of a very lingular but acute and ob- g"ern us. 'Ihefeicill nicer be turrenJcrrd.
.i.mir man. This document abounds in ob. : take our ttund in the ranks of southern
servationa upon the vices and follies 0r his 'destiny Wo have been assured by patriotic
fellow. mm, and inculcates Ihe necessity of sta'esuen ol ihe North, that, in the free
Mates, tne musses ut tne people are souna up
on the question of negro slavery, Bt;d ere op-
cultivating a higher feeling of justice and phi
lanthrnpy among men. He censures strorg
ly the hostility and prejudice of the pour a
gainst the rich, and gnes several instances in
which thia feeling was netted against him in
suits tried before jurici. Mo tefer particu
larly to one case, in which he brought suit a
llnm I lii S-J -111 ; .ir.nMiileliili.iit '100 HOI
'r. Consumption 1,200 hales cotton.
nolei he (MeDonogh) had cathtd in his life
time to assist thit husbind nut of some em
pnrd toihatu bing the institution as il exists
That the spirit of abnlitionmn is confined to a
body of fanatic Contemptible for number or
respectability. A ihey value the union of
these States, let Ihetn see to it. Let these
patriotic inaetes now rise up in their strength
and put dowo the treatno and rebellion hu h
are expanding and rioting in their midst. We
cen'ented with the Coraii ulion as it is, and
. . . . . .
tt ereiore really cieMre tn niter ,t ,u any or ,f j shoulJ be (he lt.agure of hj9 Asjcm
of Hi.se .mportat.1 respects, I cannot ur.rier- by ,iiavmd the iusti umcntality of a Conven
ed to say ; though thai is the quo.lion whtcfi, tj(;n a.0c,heri you CM of yourscvcs, inj.
n my judgment, ought lo be sir'tled and es- ;tiae Bl nUernlK)I1 f ,he Constitution, in vir
cerlained antecedent to any Le&s.at.te en- ue of hQ gc,c(i()p of 4,h ar(ic,e of fl.
ocmer. for altering the organic law ol the metldineilts ,0 tlie Constitution of 1335. To
State. A certain mode ol detci mining the , fl..c a rcfofm by lhis mode of proceeding,
po.ut would be to pas a law at mice for taking ; jt wi be uil8 ,)al lhe alteration prono
the sense of the voter, upon the question ofj Mn(.tjoneil hy a majoritv of
change or no change. ou will then kno.,, fi(-lha ofal lnenibers of your body :
what public opinion it; but until something ,(ml sam0 sha ba sanctioned by two
of that kind shall have been done, any actien (,ir ,g of (h nienibers of ,)e Assembly of
tnat is intend. u io ue uiaeu upon ...c pv,....- ; jgjo. and afterwards confirmed by a major
ill must rest upon coni"ciur. nia a..i mo
.' itv ,f the neonle votinrr al the Polls. Con-
be passed by a majority of the Assembly. II (t.'ssejv cur Constitution has thus been
ihe remit of ihe popular vo.e siiou.d sio et- j hedged jn agai,ist bflsty or frequent changes,
her itidifTerence or bos ility to the change ' d l)prp wi fee nQ ,iUb dlfficuity n procu.
none tujil to be utteinpted by lhe f ;s Bn al!L.rB,ion of it. Ought not this con-
Assembly. Il", on the oilier l.utjd, tt shoulJ su)traUon ,0 operni8 powerfully upon tho
exhibit a very decided popular feeling in favor ; , f . ,incerev j...-., .. f.-0
I1 . .1 r , . 1 I . .1 a. a
'i proiin, turner enmo a ii:i.iu. in" - -
"t'l Irtiin $.11 H. 100 per day ; estimated 1 commenced in lhal department on the 1st ol
t . ' . .If ... l ...., i.iV.,.nM miiiv vnrn. In
""ate profits yi) per cent, on investment. , Juiy, mm .i e "'"v j,,
"re is an extensive machine shop connec
with tins manufactory. We examined
tree bales of cloth made by this establish
JJJ'H.and found il of a very mperior quality.
h haads, male and fomalo, had a general
Ppearance of cleanliness, health, and con-
'WmeBt. The proprietor! of the minutiae
the loom ai was pet funned under the older
system. A weaver from Lowell hai charge
of this department, and ihe report! thai,
while there ii full ai much work done by the
blacks, they are much more attentive tothe
condition of their loom. They all appear
plciisi'd will, tho manipulations on wnicn iney
h.ve made arrangement, fur pieach-1 are employed, and are (hue aflhrd.ng to Ihe
I. Sumlav aehnnla anrl rlnilv free. SC houla. South the lies evidence that, when median-
f"' the operative, and their families. j licit of agricullure are choked, the mannlac
."Wa next vi.iled Winler' lVi.ce Mills, luring of our own production, will open new
Th'ti a large brick edifice, of i.x itorir. I channel, of profitable employment Tor our
Mupiad by a machine .hop. fur run of! slave. The re.ource. of lhe South are
Ml stnu,,wo rlir heat and two for corn great, and it should be gratifying to all who
-"'ill all lhe necessary flouring apparatus, view these fac'. with the eye of a iiatcsman
"P'h'e Uf lurning mil from 80 tr 100 barrel. ! and philanlhropiai.ihat the .nurce or profit.
"f 1 ur per day. The entire cost wn ataled ' able employment -ml support lo our P,oly
some 50,500. Ten lhn.isa.id bushel ' increasing African labor are illimitable, and
wheat had recot.tly been purchaied in ' niosl remove all mulivet fur tm'graiion to
h. m.m. Th widn. refused in nav .ho "frr no menace s hul let the staid and tuber
notei, and McDunegh brought .tiit. 1 he e of our people and the calmress which
case came be'o e a jury, and tho lawyer of 7 hi,ve er maintained amulet eborlive
Ihe defendant, who hud no legal defence a-; eUoii at agitation, be lo patriot every where
gainst the note, appealed to the prejudices of su,t" wrning, trumpet tongued, when
the jury, and invoked them to protect the , Nunh Carolina due summon to lhe lescue,
poor widow and her orphan children against j th?t lhe Union is in danger ! W hat a spec
the exael.oniof the evaricioui m.ll.onat.e, j 'acle ! A laced alliance, nay, more than
John McDonoh. The appeal wa but too, that, a Consttiu:ional Untm of a noble people
auecenful. The urv returned a yerdtct for pe"i oi oeing oisse.ereu anu u.uKen up uy
about len per cent, on the fsee of Ihe note ;
"and thus," exclaimi Mr. I) mogh, " wai I
deprived of my just duel because by perse
verence and industry I hsd accumulated
..l. k " il n.,l ' hp artrla. ulhilali inrnia. in
thus permitting me to be robbed, l.llle knew basil of ihii adjustment by Congress, at its na m.y bo thrown into thai , e. .......
.hat Ihev were robbing the.nselve. and their 1 1" !!. to vind.cate them from objec.ton. I where,., the desire ol chinge preierde h the
gans of runaway negioes, end their crazy
allies!! How humiliating the contempla
tion ! ! !
I forbear to enter into any particular dis.
russion of Ihe various measures adopted as the
children." And so it hi proved, and the old
man hae had hi .cvenge. A'. O. Delta.
A fel'ow taken up u a vagrant, declarrd
that ho wa not "a men without any vi;b!e
mean of subsistence, as he had juat opened a
l ore." Il wai found on inquiry, lhat he had
opened it with a crow bar in lhe night ; and un.
fortunately ibe nore belonged to another man.
taken in dilTore.it itcnensof Ihe country lo
one or more of them. This were by no
means a d flicult task ; but wou'd seem scarce
ly appropriate lo lhe pur; Ores ard character
of an Executive State Message; and would
swell thrs cothmuiiicatit n la an inconvenient
size. 1 refer to iho subject at all, only, be
cause a high sense of duly seems, in the ex
idling slate of aflairs, lo require it at my hands ;
and having ibu briefly done it, I submit the
siiilVi ae, ' tu prevent, if they can, ils asso
ciation wi h o her propof iiiotis for amend-ti-.rnls?
W'.iuld il lie either wise oi proper
to unite into otto bill several and distinct
proposition ? If more than ono, how many
sepa.ate q i sliotis cf lhe kind will you com
bine ? Ti e precedent to be set now, will
prob.iLli determine the future practice, and
may it n,.t bo asked, whether it will bo fair
deahr;' lo combine two or more nrcnosilions
an alteration of their Coiiitiiution, without mU) 01B act) EIld so compt ,10 pe(,p!e to
some convincing proof of their desire for it. , V(lte ag,jn!., w,at ,lry Ciaute, or else lo vote
Every intelligent nurd must perceive lint ' (,r w tlal they do not approve ? 1 1 is, there
u the inteteat of ihe State and a duly ot pat. i fore conemt.d t,, Vour serious considera-
iiotisoi lo have the question sett,e.l and rl to jof heiher each alteration of thq ConslitU-
li 'ii, when pioi'.'st'i), might not to bo present
ed bv it-elf uncoupled with an associate lo
dii t: I anu, or an ally lo help it through.
It !.8 (""' ii iiitiui 'ted by enlightened titer, of
imr State, that according to ilia t rue spirit
and meaning of lhe Constitution, the power
of the General Asscmhli lo a.lnir a men fit!
reformaticn," instead nf that sale condition, a rm-ndm,.,, t , Xi confined to thp cane of a sin
whcrein " reformattt n er.ly dtaweth cti a 1 je amendment, and that it would be a viola-
change.' Mionofthc 2nd section of llie 4ih article, for
It mav be, however, mat a consilium...... , Afson bly In pas an act embracing in it
mej'irtty ot ihree-ntms ei tne ai-uiui),tuiu
of ihe alterations, or i.ny el them, I lie moral
effect of this poj u.'ar vole might suffice to
procure fr.ii.i our L--i-i'uie the requiste
ron.oiulional san: ti.,-,. to d. airalde riloim.
You aie hetter uh'e un.ti I am lo fototee whe
ther the large majorities of thten.fi llis of this
Assembly, and iwn-tlinds of another are like
ly lo concur in proposiiiotis cf lite kind with
out a pteviuus vote ol the people. No one, I
presume, is aiixiom (o force upon the people
rest one way or the oil er. I nul i' ana.; t e
done, ihcro will bo political agitation and ec
lional discoid. These will bring lo.th a tntil
tiplicalion of new p npo-itir tis for a'lPtn j ihe
Conslilulion, and the peopl. t! N. : :'i t'aroli-
in ai vou do directly from amcng your con.
tttuents, know already lhe will of a majorily
of the people upon this subject. If public o
pinion be decidedly favorable to immediate ac
tion, and you loci convinced, without any pre-
more than one alteration of lhe Conslilulion.
If (this be so, the duty of acting upon each
proposed alteration separately, and of ena
bling your successors, aud, afterwards, the
peop'o, to do the same, is imperative.
Cantinuei en ilh regt.

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