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nwn, or to regulste the msnner in which
:hv sha'l be carried no so to mitiga'e iht
"ui-"rr. Ttey shall have power la cans
I ponds or sunken Iota in which water atanda
an I .i:r in aaid town, to b drained and
8 led up, and to recover from ih owner or
..,Tj.i-f of ihn said tola or landa aforesaid
th npni of auch drainage or 6lling up,
winch expense shall be a lien on ihe lul nr
,'i id .i Hriii ed or rsised. Provided, always
lhai the owner or occupier of aaid lots or
btid ahall hate had three months notice, in
in mg (if '111 intvution of aaid Commission
rr, and sha! have, during that lime, org
ia li d or refused lo dram or fill up, aaid ponda
or mi, ken loia. They shall further have
iwer tn cause all nuisances, whether arising
i-I'm stagnant pools or ponds of water, or
from any other cause, without the limits of
said Town, but sufficiently near to effect the
halth of the inhabilan'a of said Town, to bs
ie moved or abated, and to pay for the remov
ing nr abating any auch nuisance above de
scribed, nut of any money a in the Treasury
of sat. I Town.
Srcni 23. That said Board of Commis
sioners shall hive power to rejru'aie the man
ner in which prnvtsinna mav be sold in the
streets and maikets of esid Town, and to re
gulate Ihn manner in which the public mar-k-i
and a reets in aaid Town may be used,
"d in affix the penaltiea for the breach of
their ordinances which shall be recovered in
the name of the Commissioners of the Town
of Charlotte, before anv Courl having com
petent jurisdiction. They alto shall have
p..--r to erect a market hause and such eth
er buildu-g ss the interest and convenience of
the cittzns may require.
Seiti in 29. That said Board of Commis
sio'ivrs shall have power to make rulea and
regulations for enforcing the orderly conduct
WEDNESDAY, March 26, 1851.
I rent ia Baltimore, aulhor'.ied to obtain edvarlise-
manta and subscriptions, and to grant raceipte.
KTE. W.CARR. Esq , is our agent in rhiladel.
phia, authorized to obtain sdverliscinsois and pro
cure subscriptions.
CTV. B. PALMER ear authorised ijent to re
ceive sdv.rtisements and subscriptions at his offices
in Boston, New I ork and t hilsdolphia.
ately on the qi vice, asked the barkeeper to
point him out. It waa done ; and he forth
with aceoated Mr. Hale; when '.he following
dialogue enaued :
"Good morning, air) Fine weather."
"The same lo you, air I The weather it,
indeed, fine.
Allow ma lo ask, sir, if your name ia
" It is air, at Tour service."
"John P. Hale, sir?"
" Yes, sir, precisely."
" Are you of New Hampshire, air?"
" Yes, sir, that ia my Slate."
"Are you Senator Hale uf New Hampahire,
" 1 am, sir, jusl thai individual."
" Well, sir: did it not occur Jo you that
this was no safe pNce for youl"
Why. really, air, 11 did not. I aaw lhal
it waa safe for your Senators, Maeon and
Hunter, who have been voting with me all the
session on the Compromise bill ; as did, in
deed, in the other House, all Ihe rest of your
Democratic delegation, except one. If vou
don't mob tham, trAy thovld yon mob mtf"
The anecdote conveys an important tiuth
Health of Charlotte.
The "prevailing disease " having entirely.
disappeared, the " Board of Health" have
discontinued their reports. We are rejoiced
in being ab'e to state that we believe our Vil
lage is now ei joy it g a freedom from any dis
ease of a serious character, and the bum of
business ia heard in every quarter. Persons
from the country and wagons are conin g in
daily, as their interest nr convenience dic
tate. We hope Ihe atil.ction with which we
roa thi cmaLOTTE journal.
Davidum College, March 20, 1651.
Sir: I am authorised to announce lo the
public through your paper, that the Hon. Phi
lip S. White will deliver an Address nr Lec
ture on the cause ol Temperance at a public
meeting, lo be be Id by Davidson Duision, No.
66, on the 14ih Airi! next. A general and
cordial invitation is hereby given lo all the
members of the surrounding Divisions in
Out Spring Courte, which wili shortly coin
mince, will elToid opportunities for consult
ing and ascertaining something definite in re
sard to who shall be the candidate.
Col. Andrew Mntz of the firm of Mo z,
Birrett 6i Co., manufacturers, whose estab
lishment i near the mwn, It ft the neighbor
hood of the Factory on Friday ir.ghl. Ihe 7lh
nut. about 8 o'clock ; he expressed an un
willingness lo venture nut in such weather,
I... I . . noil I Via llllfs.)P his fnntilv miutil
reach nf us ; also an especial invitation is g iv- (e(in for fQ doj,1(l . wn, and
en to all persona who are not Sons of Tern-j sj,)C0 thai time has nui been heard nf. lie
perance. We hope, loo, to have Ihe pleasure j had to cross a bridge on his way home, which
nf aeeini? all the Ladies in attendance. In
short, we wish every body who can lo come.
Yours in L- P. & S.
having no side-railing, it was at orce i
"'CI).GRES'IXlT0tI7k session!" '
Tcbsbay, March U.
In obedience In a resolution nf the Sena's
the chsir laid before lliem a Cor respondent
relative lo the release cf Kossutb and his
Mr. Webster, on ihe 22d inst., address,
a note lo Mr. lirown, the Dragoman in the
American Legation, miking inquiry as u th
exact condition in which the Hungarian ei.
ilea are, add what the intention of the Turk,
ish Governinent are supposed to be in tt'..
lion to l lie in.
Mr. Brown responds on the ensuing day
speaks uf the humanity and geneiosity 0f thsj
Sultan, and says lhal, although the Emperor
of Austria and Russia demanded that Kos.
suth and others named by them should la de.
tamed tor life, and subst quently that thev
ed lhl he had either fell, or was pushed iff, should be detained for twenty, fifteen, ten,
into the slteain which was then running ve. and then five years, Ihe Sultan remained firm
w i- , . L : fc. t ....... I. t.m iitnnii.tt I ha. Km tt.,,lt ftnl.iii it.. t
rV S III, IH'O tar Bliove lUgn water iiioix. , iii '. ..,.....,. ..... n. . iiirin ,,r
It.. hi msa rminii in the creek below the
dam, the tassels nf his cloak near the mouth
of Ihe creek, and.his c loak about half a mile
I he mill
ri.iiik IJo.ul .lleetins.
At a meet in ir uf citizens of Mcck'enbure ' down Ihe river from the creek
rouniy and of this villsge, on Saluiday, the p.uid haa been let r.fT. and the creek reduced
2JJ inslaiil. lo luke into consideration Hie so low, that no prooanuity e,.. ... - -
Thai those Southern members, who voted in . . ' ,,. , , j n,., i n being found there. The O ld Fellows, OH Mr. W
Construction uf the two proposed 1 lank Koails R . . . .
company with the Abolition members from . .. , ' rh, a . T ' "r,,fr ,,e W"''' h" '7'
17 , , Ihe one extending from thai lotte to lay- b)Bt c,lruclfd( ,nd are al.U at work (12 Brown's
the North, agaiost the Co.i promise "cls, d fc . f Cll,r,a ,u , , fc gurl j He.ichltl, ;he river, wuh i Amenca.
should be held amenable lo the same odium
for endeavoring lo prolong the Slavery agita
tion, sa Ihe latter. The tendency and effect of
the course of both classes of ultras were the
Newton, on motion nf Gen. John A. Young,
B. O.tles, E-q- was called to the Chair and
S. N. Hu'cliion was sppmnted Secretary,
when the following resolutions were introdu-
t'ff without bringing us all to feel where our
strength lies. Would it be amiss for our cor
porate authorities lo recommend to our ci ' i
zens to set apart some early day as an occa
sion for public thanksgiving lo Almighty God
for his great goodness in withholding the de
stroyer, and to Dray for his continued bless
ings upon our town.
rf slaves and free negroes wiihin the said . , , . - .
.r , . - . , r . . . . i nave oeen visi'ea mav nor oe sunereo m pass
I own, and to impose punishmen. for breach i r
I hereof.
Sutiox 30. That the Courl of Pleas adn
Q tarter Sessions fur Mecklenburg County
i 1 1 1 giant a license lo retail spirituous liquors
h ihe small measure within said Town, to
in prr4on who shaM not have first obtained
frnm ihe Town Clerk a certificate of the as
sent of sud Board of Commissioners to his
obiatmrg said licenae; which certificate ahall
b' pr-.mu f licit evidence of good moral char
acter in tbe app'icant, so as to supersede the
oecesity of proof by two wilcestea as now
Skctiox 31. That all the taxes, forfeitures
and penalties which are imposed by this act,
or, which shall or may be imposed by the or
cinances of said B ard of Commissioners, and
which are not hereby, or shall not be by said
ordinancea directed to be recovered in any
other manner or lo any other use, ahall be
j.'i-d for and recovered in the name of the
C 'lrnissioners of the Town of Charlotte ;
and a'.l f iifeitures so recovered shall be paid
to the Tuan Treasurer, f-ir the use of said
To a.
Section 32. That all laws and clauses of
laas inconstatsnl with this act, be and ibsy
are hereby repealed.
Secti x 33. That William K. Reid, Wil
liarn J ihnxton. R. M. Robertson, R. M. Jam
ieon, and R. H. Brawley, Cominissumers ss
aforesaid, ahall have power, and are hereby
au honzd, lo elect one of their number In
tendsnt of Police, who shall, when elected, be
clothed with all the powers and prinlegea
hteihfore prescribed ,(or the Intendaot of
P. .lice to be elected by the people.
Secti x 34. That this A.-t shall be in force
from and after i's ratifiraimn.
J. C. DOBBIN. S. H. C.
Read three timea and ratifii-d in Genera'
A-embIy, liiis 25;b aay of January, A. D.
A tree er py.
W"M. HILL, Secretary of State.
We regret lo have to state, that on Thurs
day last, the Female Academy in this place,
was destroyed by fire and nothing now re
mains of the building but the smouldering
walls. The building took fiie about 10 o'
clock and was caused by a spark from the
basement chimney (where a fire had been
kindled to burn up some rubbish) and the
roof being very dry and Ihe wind high, the
fire spread with great rapidity. Capt. Wm.
Davidson, who was nccupyiag the building
as a residence, fearing that some accident
might be caused by the chimney taking fire,
had exjinined '.hat part of the roof, but
same, whatever the motives that prompted d bv j. W. 0sborne, E-q., and
either. Raleigh Register,
the lookout
This is a most painful event, and the mosl
serious that has ever occurred in our com
munity. Col. Motz hss un interesting fami
ly, and a laiae circle of reUlivee and friends,
who were devotedly afached lo bun. Death
is, at any lime, a theme for contemplation
hut mi.tldrn ilmih to be cut i IT in the prime
Iai.iIiii,. fr..ni CMturliitlA 111 Tut tuts, lltn ami' r . e . e : I - rt -
I Whi., mtkm rlpriPil nn S.li.nlsv ImiI to be a " " , O lite, nl llseliUliesa, ol npeneu Biit i..o
(Whiwa, elected on Saturday last to be a (ha mi)eT (rom Charlotte to New.on-a. of ; how hu , h, , 1 he kind heart
Senator of the United biales for the term of ,he highest imporiHiice lo the welfare of this ! lhM,ilh.H for nther.1 woes has ceased lo
six yeara from ihe 4ih of this month, was as community and to the people of Wtaie'" j ,eali Bl,d his friends are denied even lo look
ly adopted :
Rewired, Thai we regard the Construction
The final vote by which Bei.iin.inF. W.de of ,he proposed P.a, k Roadthe nne ex
1 i a..J f M... .l..i, ... ,ll mm
only nne yesr, which time Mr. Brown buodo.
sea rxpired last September. And be iug.
g'sls lhal this Government renew ihe (ff r
made by the late Piesident, In convev tli
exiles lo this rounirv in one of our national
vessels the Mississippi steamer.
Mr. Webster, on Ihe28ihday of Februa
, acting on the contents nf Mr.
letter, addreased Mr. Marsh, tha
y)eatching '.he river, wuli i American minister resident in luikey.with
a Derseverance tliHt deserves success. I he , a view tu Ihe release of Mr. Kossuth and hie
operatives of the Factories below ate also on , companions, and expresses Ihe opinion lhal
follows :'
For B F. Wsda
For H B Psyne, (Dem )
Blank volts
North Carolina
Reruhed, That we w ill do w hatever lies in
upon the last sad memorial of man's mortal-
i v. Wa hi. no bv nor next issue lo eive ful!
our power to secure ihe accomp'ishment of 1 pnr,icuar, . ur f,n ,pfues its i ffice this
me Pr. poa.uo.iicri..is-.nuu .rco.niiir.iu .urn. wer,ieVrn did tune allow us lo proceed.
It is stated that Judge Wade, Ihe Senator, "he lavor and patronage ol our fellowcit- j '. w infun tV'rier.
elect, was one of Ihe earliest supporters of
Gen. Taylor for the Presidency in tba Wes
tern Reserve.
John Wood (also Whig) was re-elected,
on the fifth ballotting. Auditor of the State.
Albavy, March 19
The Legislature to-day elected Hamilton
Fish, E-q., U. Slates Senator for the Stale
of New York for six years from the 4;h of
March, IS51. Thus the great aenatorial
struggle for the Slate of New Yoik haa end
ed. The Legislature was in session until two,
o'clock this morning before effecting tha flec
tion. '
Hat been appealad to by the venerable Mr.
seeing no sign of fire be presumed all was Cheves to lead the secession movement- She
Two Fugiuve slaies, one belonging to Mr.
S:ump, acid lbs ctb?r lo Mr. Coll, both of
Pcnd en on county, Va., were arrested at
I'montown, Pa., and underwent an examin
ation last week. A despatch from that place,
Sa) :
Daring the trial a telegraphic despatch
was received from Brownsville announcing
that an armed body of men wou'd proceed
from that place In ihe rescue of the fugitives,
wbereopoo Sheriff Allen ordered out a com
pany of volunteers lo prevent any riotous de
monstration. A large number of our citi
zens shouldered muskets sod entered the
company, which marched through ihe streets
of the town, hesded by Major .Murphy, wuh
a snlenriid band of mirtiat music, ihe effect
of which was to establish confidence in every
heart that the law would be executed faith
fu'lv and fearless'y.
The stars and stripes were displayed from
the 2nd atory of Dawson's Liw Buildings,
which inspired the loftiest pa'riolism in ihe
law-abiding citizn, and struck terror out of
wery bresst that contemplated any resistance.
Th parlies met, we are bsnpy to siate lhal
nothing serious occurred. Tne further hear
ing of the caae is postponed. Ii ia tinder
s'0)d that the freedom of the alleged fugi
tives his been purchased for 3Q'J dollars.
safe and went into the house. He had not
been there long before he was informed that
the roof in front was nn fire. He immedi
ately went with a bucket of water to the gar
ret. He found the fire had commenced ex
tending he threw the water on and went for
more thia be done several times, but havii g
no assistance at hand, the building in a man
ner being isolated, and the fire spieading ra
pidly. all his efforts were unavailing. When
il became apparent that there waa no hope of
saving the building every eteitinn was used to
save the furniture, and we believe nearly ev
ery article was removed. Mr. Davidson is
very thankful for the assistsnce rendered him
on the occasion.
We hope this accident will show lo our
citizens the importance of having a well or
ganized Fire Company, and also Ihe necessi
ty of having a more abundant supply of ws-
ter. The Engine appears also to be out of
order. Our citizens had belter take warning
from this occurrence and prepare efficiently
to resist this destructive element, lest a more
terrible accident befal us.
ill be ready to do so whenever shw thinks
there is just cause for abandoning the Union.
At present she does not feel hertelf aggriev.
ed by the sction of Congress, and her bear
ing givea South Carolina no warrant fur her
appatent expectation that the can be draggrd
into an act of folly which she utterly con
drmns and eschews- Richmond Tttan.
z-ns. ,, . . e .-r. T
l m, , ., 1 L P IO "UT SIB.l IIUIIIISIIUI1 null! wn.VM.il-
Rtfohed, Thai we heartily approve the I
Conveniens to bo held respectively at Sisles ! 'on he loly of Col. Motz had not been dis
ville, on Tuesday, ihe Isi day -f April neat, covi red ; Ins friends, however, do not intend
and at Lmcolnion on the J3;h day ..f April Q ftUt ,hef ,(,, tnJ a, t grater in-
next, preparatory to the opening of Bjoks of ; , .. . i .
'r ' r ' id a ducement toothers lo persevere, they have
sueeription 1'ir said Koans. '
Retohed, That the chairman of this meet-! fffered a reward of 100 for ihe discovery of
irg be authorized lo appoint twenty Delegatea J the body. Charlotte Journal.
to represent this county and village iu said : .
On moiion.it was ordered that ihe pro-j fhe R.ltimore American is indebted in
ceedings of the meeting b published in the! MP,,rt. Winter ii Luimer, nf San Francis
papera of this and th neighboring il'agea. ! ca f,,r ie t,i.exed authentic atalem-ni of Ihe
amount of gold shipped from California, from
it first discovery, in 1S19, tu tho present
time :
B. OA'I ES, t'Auirmu
S. N. Hfrciusojl Secretary.
Drlega'e' lo the Cont?n'ion at Stit'rnille.
A. Spring-., J. R. Alexander. R. D. .Je.
ander, J. M. Alexander, D. A. Caldwel , M.
R. MrC.y, Col. B. W. Aleiander, J. John
s'nn E-q., M. D J..hnstou, Rev. R. F. Rock
we I, D. L. Toirence, Dr. Alx. Toirence, J.
W. Oshori.e, Wm. Jolintnn, Gen. Juo. A.
Young, Leroy Sp.mg, N. B. Tavlor.
Detrga'et to inr(frun.
R. F. R'-zzeil, J. A. Caldwell, Wm. W.
Elms, J. W'. O-hoine. Wm. J.hnstoo, Gen
Jno. A. Young, A. B. Davidson, Dr. El. lull,
Thus. J,,hn-I"ii, E-q , Sdmuel Lawing.
Go'd dust shipped hf stetmrs frnm 1.1
April 1-l'J, to3l.l Decent. l!5 ) 3 1 570 235
F.stuntted to havs been Iskea by patscn.
Shipped lo for'ifn Pacific pnrtasnd Fn.
lo coined, tnanuf ariured tnloj-vtsl
ry it I'sliferma, and forwsrdrd pr
sailmff vatasls. as osr curom bouts
reports 4 J7G,('4i
I Csrned criilund aed castwis hy mi.
j aars from Max. cu Chili.sndOr. gia,
I a'tipped by merchants withO'it inni.
. si rnirj, aria ainu.jr:. at ,r.--i, n.
fioa.amoQ of miners, marehanta. o. 119.000 000
Graham's Magazine.
We have received the January, February
March and Apiil Numbers of this popular
periodical, and we can aay with truth thai il
is rqjil, if not auerior, lo any periodical of
the day. Tu the Lidiee Graham affirds a
fine mon hly Ireat in i s handsomely colored
Fashion P. ate, besides other rich engravings.
Price S3. Addre-s G. R. Graham, Phil's.
When the stormed lowered darkly in tbe
la'e crisis, (ssys the Nashville Banner,) the
following wordsof President Fillmore brought
gladness to the' heartsof the American people,
as the voice of the lempesi-tosoed mariner
when from the top of the mast he cries "Land!"
" Bv thai adj ustment we have been rescued
from the wide and bound as agitation lhal
surrounded u, and have a firm, distinct, and
legal ground to reat upon. And the occasion, I
Iruat, will justify me in exhorting my country
men to rally upon and mutntain that ground
s tbe best, if not ihe only mean, of resto
ring pesee and quiet to the country, and
maintaining inviolate tbe integrity of Ihe
Resolutions rescinding the W'llmot provi
so instructions, itc. bave passed both houses
of (he Illinois Legislature by large majori
(m, 4a ib House by a vote of 49 te II, end
Ss( by 52 lo 5.
ISTWe will ihink the Postmaster here
not to permit-nur papers or documents to be
loaned out lo anyone. Graham's Magazine
has come to us several ti'i.es with the envel
ope torn off and with the pages cut, evidently
iu be read by some one, and we did not gel
ihe March Numher until a week after we re
ceived the April No. We dislike lo complain,
but should Ihe like occur again we shall cer
tsinly spp'y to another quarter for the ne
cessary corrective.
" II Secrets rio," ihe able correspondent of
ihe " Richmond Whig," mentions an amus
ing circumstance, perfectly characteristic of
the individual concerned, that illustrates very
forcibly th meeting of ihe extremes, at Ihe
North and the South, in their disorganizing
schemes and pluts against the Union of the
States. He says i
" You are aware that Senator Hale a bold
and very unruffled man went down, aome
months since, la see Richmend. He pul up
at, I believe, the Eirhange Hotel; entering
hia name as "John P. Hale, of New Hamp
ahire." Next morning, it caught the atten
tion ef Virginia gentleman ; who, fmeaedt-
At the District Convention held at Rich
mond in tbe African church on the 14ih in
stant, John Minor D i la. E-q. was unani
mously nominated as the W'hig candidate for
that Congressional district at the approach
ing election. Delegatea were in attendance
from all the counties in the district.
roa the ciuai.0Tri joi'sxvt.
fWorrf. .V. (.'., Mart k 'ii. 18-M.
Mr JUtou Sib : 1 wih you if you please
to publish the follow ing communication wuh
such corrections as you may tomk it needs.
I am not much accustomed lo writing for the
public eye. S you must overlook the er
rors and bad sHle in which it is wriinn.
at this time all possible apprehensions of dis
turbance lo resu't from their liberation hive
The letter nf Mr. Webster is chaiscteri.
zed by much eloquence. He says, in ihs
conclusion of it, ibal Ihe people of ihe Uni
ted Stales expect from Ihe genernaity of the
Turkish monarch that permission lo convey
the rxiles hither will be given ; they wail is
receive the.e exiles lo their shores. And hs
instructs Mr. Marsh to say Iu ihe Sublims
Porte that Ihe exiles will fiudcuuveysQceia
one nf our nat'onsl ships.
The correspondence was ordered to be
The Senate proceeded to the conaideratirs
nf Executive business, and shortly after id-
j. turned.
W'aliiHcT.M, Thursday 13.
A Ijohrnmeut. In Ihe Senate to day, a rs
aolution was adopted, on motion of Mr. Gain,
requesting the President to Isy before tlitl
body it the neil session, all Ihe information
in possession nf tho Government in relation
to the claims againsl the United Siates grow
ing out of the Conq iesl nf California. After
the transaction of other business of lut e mo
meiil, a resolution of thanks to the presiding
officer for Ihe manner in which be has dii
charged Iho duties of his station, was sdp'.
ed. Mi. King rrtpondrd in appropriate trrrni,
and the Senate adjourned rae die. If this
had not taken place according lo form, ihs
Senators, each ac'ing for himself, and, in ef
feci, had left the chamber tenattllrss By
continual dropping ofT, only Iweniy-two mem
bers were piesent when ilia adjournment,
sine die, was announced.
Three members of the last Congress shared
the KtecuDve patronage, namely : Robert
(,. hchenrk, nf Ohio, as Muoiier In It aj !;
Allen F. 0en, ..f Georgia. Consul at Una
na J and J.'hn l Kerr, nf Mary land, Charge
In Nicaragua. Two members of Ihe nrerr-
In Ihs abovs utimaU tha va'ua of fold
dual hss bsi-n conputad st flC p" r
eunrs trnv. To this amwml aliould
ba added tl 50, Ihs mint v.Uo, sy
ping Congress likewise were rememhervd,
63 717 737 namely: Thomas II. K ng, col'ector nf San
I Franciac, and John S. Pendleton, as Charts
to the Argentine Republic. The last named
ifenlti-iniu Waa Charge In Chili, appointed by
S.e'69.791 1
6i i7.: 01
Gen. Harrison, and re called by John Tjlcr.
To be ashamed nf their origin is just now
in American society the weakness of lh Ut
ile minds lhal compose it. The man who
rides in his carnage shrinks from the ac
knowledgement thai the money which ena-
sco rr A Ml GOV. MAKCY.
A Washington U tter in the New York Ex
While the noies of preparslion for the next ' P""M- ,,a l!,e fi'"""n8 statement :
Congressional Canvass are heard in som of: A reronr-'; ,tion ofditT rennes hsslaksn 'i'.ln
, , laMn ucn. anu unr, .iiarrj. nun gf.iti i .
the o her D.stncls, nothing has been said a- men hemjr pra-nl at a anpin-r party guar, a IV 1 bled him io buy that carriage waa ea-ned by
bout a Candidate in our own. and as the time ""'" J- l' ; Ksnnsdr. K.q ,ihci;n j his father, dollar by dollar, with toil and pa-
' am! frinrr-ia.-H la Mr. Krnn rfv s dttr.mnatinn la i .....
M, !.HW,.n h.. I,... ..nnmln.t.il hvihai drawino near, when it will be necessary .nak..,lvn, mil. Ki -r.tar of War : ii. I ,"t"'ri ln an yard, behind the counter ol i
Democrats as
same District
sent this District in the next Con-ress. Suf- ,"m"lf,, l rsnil.m.n. and would moer.
prter rernnnhation. Ma hoped lhal Ilia lint.miH
ler me, sir, io ormg io tne attention or no- would rerun his eipr.aaions in tha sains spirit by
lice of the voters of ihe i,.i,.ri. ih nm "hlPn ifi'"noed in m.kin ll.nn
D baa ben renominated by the " "rawing nrar, nen ii win ce necessary make .ilvm rsiotl a .x rxtry of ar j with ,
. a c.nd.de.e lo re.ie.ent the! fr us to select ana,, nne from .mor g the V h",u", U" "" 'i?'. rl,lM"" Ti T !" " C ' 'rV " b.
I i cinuiucii is repiescui ioc f iha Veiiesn W sr. slalin that hs fall epprssved by industry in sume olher Useful occupation,
number nf our distinguished men lo lepre. the unntc.arv eontin ianra of anr coldnras.U r, called) the grade nf the merchant or
The Legislature of Ohio passed an act the
22J of February, the particulars of which
hsve come to hand, and which is equal lo any
thing Vermont has done. It requires the
Attorney General and county attorneys to
defend fugitives lhal may be claimed, requires
them lo lake nut write of habeas corpus, and
upon their re'urn grants to the prisoners trial
by jury. If the verdict of a jury shall be
in favor of a prisoner, he shall bo discnarg
ed, and if the owner claim him again in the
State he shall be deemed guilty of felony.
Rich. Pit.
'I ho 'varices Kttr rti!. and lit reult tu it '
I) the gr
proles-iorial mar, as if the man did not honor
the work, anil not the work the man. To such
1st D miel Webster speak. Hear bun :
Il did nol happen lo me to he born in a
of Rufus Barringer, E-q., nol because hs is I,, had I on-d Th. . ho'c company, (among when. I . ,,la,a"0, nrP" "lew
bv .nv nw-n. h-,. L , ,K- K Governor C,i.te.'e, Allnrne, t.'n-r,l ;! CtU'" bul ,ny tid"r
by any means objure and unknown to the , ,,;...,, rr,p,ofK, ..nnw Mm,.'., to M.t. i '' born ,n a log cabin, ra.d among lh.
people but because I think, with many oth
ico. Kdward Kvsrett, l' Prsaidenl of Harvnd I'ni j snow drifts nf New Hampshire, si a perp-d
versity. Mr Macsdo. Minister from llruil. Ml Km j Mr .u. ,m,. ,,. f,m ,n
srl, erratarr of ihe Interior, it-i.) ssmsd much' . l i i j .if - k.M
j.i i. i ,k.i it j . . i. ... ' rudu chimney, and curled over I .e fr-Z'-n fii'l,
drlijflitnl srnh t'.a atT ir and Ha rrsulla. At tus 3
suppar tab s Ki (ioverrmr Marry waa toaalsd sa Ihs . "" '"'' evidence of a whi I
I- . V V- .L , t- - . ! - I . I... .. I .. I . k- ... !..
ii.n u'lirimr iii .-w mi., anu r. a .-crreiary or i.mn i. i.a iitm . i.ii. vr iwr. n n am, i.ir -,.-v
The most rapid piece of legislation ever
recoided in the annals of any legislative body
was the passage of the Light House bill, in
the United Stales Senate. The motion was
made to Inks il up and carried ; it was read a
first, second and third time and passed ; il wss
sent lo the House for signature of the Ppenk
er and for enrollment : returned lo the Sen
ate, signed by its President and sent to the
President within the space of five minutes.
Tbe motion lo lake up was made five min
utes before the expiration of Congress.
ers, lhat he would be Ihe veiy best selection
we could make.
To speak of him as a politician, although
he iscompars'ively young, yet he has shown
lhat his knowledue nf the ureal nrir.cinle. ' insi. cci-'.?.iy might sitsch io lorn ss mid ev,il. I make it an annual visit : I carry
1 . .--i-i-rriarj m v. ar, waa s ri'iiucuu gi"ry or honor ... . . i . -
and muchiriery of nur government will com- r.fl-ctra fr..n. ih. g.:i,.i men and brass chVers "'v c Iren lo it lo tea -h thnm the nard.nip
n,.f.kt. .k.i . f i . i with ihs noties nf who-a rondui-t ha has been adisl 'ndured by Ihn generation, lhat hsve g""
pars favorably with lhal of any oilier man's. , UnmunM .,. ,-., for 37 ...... ,lX. I , j .... , d,r
rerolleclinna, Ihe kindred ties, Ihe rar'y sf-
r...: . ... . . .. i.nia
, ... i , . l . r I . ' io'irii, i ii hid r.arrnuons sr.. iriciui'--
rreatsd for Ihs honorah s siteaksr faelinea of admi . . 1 -
! rniion whiHi mil snduro whan ll.s f.stiva occasion htrh mingle with all I know nf this prtmi-
-l .11 .1 i. : I ... I
. , , . ,. t . , aitait aiuui'ir 1.1 nivm uineia
felllnpfita ami In llm me, mi....... ..r il.. s
- - --a. line. aia u. iiiv I
Southern people. 'I hat he is a W hig (the dec-
In him we would have a safe, unrii.ht and anv o'hi-r m.ii hune. Ths eiiircsainna aodalic us
i;,ii. ., ... l ii., . Iv rnsds were rsceived wiih a burst of applauss and
reliuli e renresi-niartsp t.nm .hi m.,.u M i.a 1.. i J .ir-"
votedly allached to l ho interest of his con
j Mr- Mapli'ann, ll.s sdnor of the illuminatur of
j " Pearla of Amaii -an I'wlrt" has publiahrd an il
hiniiiiatrd slinnl, .In. wine Ihs pcdigres of Wa.hing
laralion of the Acs to the contrary notwith
standing) and that he is true to the South I ner d
nrilv rflr In hid r...i r.n i ..... Q.i T l . .nr. Tl.. ...,l,... ..( . VI'.. I I... ... I '
i i -1. , , .. , i , . h fire and Ii noil of ii.' revolutionary
snu niuiiii.iaiiru ot .sir. ..ispiraun, curriis csi k ms ' 3
live family abode I weep io think ihl nor.s
of ihne who inhabited it ar now among lh
living, and if ever I fail in nffi-ct innate vener
ation for him who raised it sg iinal ssvsgfl l
olenco and destruction, cherished all domes
tic sirtuss beneaih its roof, and, through the
lure, while a member of the H iue of Corn-
dearcnt lo Williim ds llcrlbiirn, Lord of ths Manor
'Ve are indebted in Mr. Simmons, of Oak
Hall, who hss just returned from a business
visit to California, for a look at a copy nl the
" Alia California," printed in gold, and de
signated for the gteal eihibiiion in London.
I he piper is white satin, printed on both i ...hipri I d ,.. i,..,.- .1... i.. .... ....
- - . , , , i --j , - ...i t ,iin. .iu uoa iiiq ailliiril-
sides with some preparation of the real dust, . , h
so as to exhibit a gold face, rendering the ' 'Un' "r d 1 "'i"h lo 1,0 ro",id-
paper a more emphatic illustration nf thejere" having any desire whatever to pro
duce any dislmction in Ihe parly. I desire
mnne snd of the Senate, where be distinguish. "' W ashington, in Ihs county ol Durham, KngUnd.
i l, ., ,c , , , , i From him drscend.id jolin Washington of W biifisld,
"""" - " lear.ess aeter, and j in ,, ,, of (lch.rd Ml. and ninth iridescent from
shuwed that he was untiring in the perform- J"1'". was G..riia, first rrsaidi-nl of tha II. Matss.
.nr. ..f Ilia d... ,l l... ... ! Ths moth.ro John W a.h.ngton. who .migrated lo
" "" i" outoiicb . Virginia in Ibi7, and who was grsal grand father
ibe interest, promote the honor and prosper- ' 10 11,8 General, ws Klssnor Haatinga, daughter snd
t f. . ,v , c I huire'S ofjulin Hastings, grandson to Frsnris. ss.
ly of ovr Good 0,d State. cod Kl r iunlindo. w lh, d,lc()ndiriti
I wish it lobe distinctly understood that ' ""SH ijA1 H""tingdon ol Gaorge HakaofCTIs.
J 1 I I . I . I Lr L' .1 1 1 1 ' i . . .
allhor.ah Mr. H..rr.,., .... ... .!...; -. -"-.- -a .-u-..u ... sou ning n.
eharacier and productiona ef El Dorado.
Uetton Tra teller .
Ths eily af Buffalo Isat ysar paid a tax of svsr
1400,000 bainf abool tan dallars far svsry rpaa,
eemae an4 oktM re (ha cHf .
irrmger is my first choice, chrd III. ky I. alx I .Nev.l, daughtsr and heirsss ol
and thai of many others, yet I am willing, i liic,l,,r'1. Earl ol Warwick, tba King maker. Wash
;.i. .11 ; a . i '"l!,on " all ths dsscsndanla of that mar.
with all my tnfluence, small as it may be, lo ,,,.., ... .muled to o mter th. .. of H.ating.,
support whoever maybe Ihe choice of the ' r'u' ' of Salisbury, I'lantag.nst, rJcullsnd,
. v , . . I "lortimsr. Karl of March, Nsvil, Montagus, Beau-
people. Not having rornulled Mr. B. ou the j champ, and Dsvarssux.
On day laat weak a party of g.nllmsn reaiding
at Madrid Rand, som.twenly miles bslow this placs,
nnd rtook a deer-drivs. and placed a nsgro at a stand.
Tha dogs war. .ol out and soon started a trarnsn-
dous psnthsr, who ran l. lh. nsgro, soiled lum, (la.
king Ins lac. into his mouth,) and lie fore aasiatancs
could 'jm rendered ths negro was lil.rally lorn tu
pioi-cs. Two white men haaiensd lo Ihs rsscus,
snd in an atl.mpt lo dia.ngags ths f.rocioussnimal
both wer. woundad. Ths panther sscapcd.ic.
msa (Ky) A'g, Fth. 14.
to eee harmony and concert of action among
our friends. Yet I am for the men who will
boldly meet and spare not ihe leader or cham
pien of lha Democratic parly, whoever be
may be.
war, shrunk from no toil, nn sacrifice, to serve
his country, and raise bis children lo a con
dition belter than his own, may my name and
the name of my posterity he blotted fotevtf
from tho memory of mankind."
And we will add, lhal he who is sshamri
of ihe poor father nr mother, whose honest
labor supported him in childhood, and whose
daily toil was taxnd to give him the educa
tion by which he has been enabled lo
to a condition above the nne they occupied, 11
unworthy lo be ihe associate of wise and good
men. All such will despise him ; and no mai
ler how loftily he may carry his head, he n
nothing in the es imnlion of America's lru
noblemen. Home Gutrtte.
A nogro in Paulding, Miss., having ennv
milted an outrage upon iheperaon of a whita
lady, and afterwards murdered her and hef
aon, Ihe citiaena turned nol in motse, and sf
reeling the negro, burned him alive.
There sra In ths State af Indians, 175.017 per
sons, o.r 91 yssrs of sge, 1JU eaansr rreef ar ann'.

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