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'IJcrpctual Uigitaiuc is t!,c Price of- 1'ibcrin," for "poxuer is dears dealing frcm t!;c illann to t!;t Jew.'
CHARLOTTE. X. C. 31 AY Vh 1S51.
P V II I.I S 1 1 K I W EE K LY,
i47 -i I'.K AM.tl .V ADVAMt.
A correspondent ef (he New York Herald,
writing from Charleston under date of the
23J nut., 80)i ;
" We have sa'isfartory authority in say.
irig distiicily iu the fullest confidence (f its
From the Richmond Whig.
The Uit oflhii clever diplomat and cun
ing intriguant to South Carolina, at lliis
time, hit eicited tome suspicion that he hai
ihtr purpose! in view than the mere refl
ation of travel and a natural desire to fee the
tocial life and nerulisr rhar.rn.ri.il... . r ih. teces.ion of the Southern Sietet, or the sepa
a .1 a. . it j f,,e secessiui of South Carolina : and not bo-
eitreme Southern States. II. enjoy., and no (CllUM ge ht( . foolboM'for .,, kbo.
doubt deservedly, the reputation of being one jlitjnn of slavery in the South, because that
of the moat accomplished diplomatist hi;h' 'J19 i porfecUy absurd, The experience of
Great Britain hat ever accredited to the Go- '" L -'"Inierstou and her Majesty's gov.
IV,.i.. u;..i, i . ii "-"-e-t in the Wet Indies, has uret y i lP-c-
ytroinenl. L-uring hit wbolo career l.e hat , . ,. fll . . r .
. j lively cured (hem of the philanthropic absur
ahon himseira very fit instrument for car ditiea of Witberforce, especially where they
ryinj out the artful policy of that country in , will not pay Abolition is nut the thing after
endeavoring to embroil foreign State., and to '" ' "tberise.
t...-ir in,. A .i I G'tut Britain desires free trade with the
mercial importance. It it well known
Judge Hutler (as reported in the Charles- Arlington IIuise, An.il llih, 1501.
ton papers) aHmiit that South Carolina is nut Ta the Editvr of the Alexandria Gazette;
united, because of ihu" Strong Opposition of! . tserjrig in your valuabl. journal of a Idle ilate,
the commercial interest.." lie micht have ' f . t-lor,. placed on the ruins of tho
.J.4l,i. u i fT i . Ilouss in wliich the lelovfd Waaliini-toii first saw
added th.t secession would make Chsrleiton .... ,iph, ,. m. , rk. , . ,
in a very few years as complete a ruin as the that iMcr.sting event, ss it occurred ax and thirty
1615. I saileil in nf own ve'. lbs
I. ..I..- It,.,!., !.,. j u . isuj t ma i.uKe,' a tin. louaail sclieoner ol nine
. . " 'V tnnt acromnanted bv two pent rinan. Mruri
The Cairo Sun says, that a few dayt since
mo men in a wagon, when wilhin n couple
of miles of Jonesb iro', Union ci un y, llhiois,
asked a farmer, who was the hen west mer
from iht IUt htr.i'iid lit publican.
Advive t the 1'i-chm.
Tht C'inu'u'1011 "I lie eteran RiThi"-'
fjretl! uii.ln 9. to li e ul I c cMaun a pit te
correcliiebs, that the government of Great wave covered fragments of l yre. Tho "com- to.
liritain is favorably disposed is the combined mercial interest" foresees some hire of that. 1 1,1
..-. I 1 1 (1 I t I mAm -Til
chant in the town? The farmer, mentioned ' advice to his b.eiherti of fl.e j re-, ntu-tr
some merrt'Bttts, and amotg the number spoke is to replete :l!i t-ulhbiid s in,i irjutu
cf a Mr. D.shon. They drove their Haun w c,nt ,fI1). ourfelvc Oi- plta,.b.0
up to Dishou's slore ami n ontsie(l him to , , , . ,
.. .... . , . . i - a i i ot p acin it be '.ore i ur reticuit :
j , til- if I 1 vii)iiiiiicu ii. iw vsiiiiitiiivii, nirsill. i ' a i i t r
muted to secede peaceable, to be let ulne Lewj. ind (Byrnes, bound to Pope's (reek, in iho t in their waon) in hia slote for the niaht. , "One word to n v b tii en or th pie-,
'he very thing they have so long aked fur t'onnu y Westmoreland, carrying with us a slab 1 After urging some otj'-ction, Mr. D. finally and I l ave done, '.'be, litVeenUid rii n
is that which they dread ! 'The fameorglo- ' f ieTiui. having tlie folluwiug insc;j.tioii : jeojvoted to tuko the box in his Blote n '-"n- elstan of tb pitss ' FiLti U.irlnt1 1.1 l
ry of such an heroic achievement as trees I IIFRE
tion w ould be lost. There would be none of j TllE 1,T" f'' Febrlarv, 1732. (old sti lk )
it. The knight errant and his '.-quire nouM I WASHINGTON
trudge on their lonely way, with no people n i . l i ., " n. . . ,
, . ' 1 Our pilot approached the Wo'moreland sl oro
on earth to SJ mpathlZ. With, hear or to Com- c,utiou.ly, as our Teasel drew nearly eight feet a
bat them. Isolation from all ihut ii human, ter. snd the pilot but indillurently arquaintcd
ail tnut i$ kindred, all thst waa common w ith wim to uniitiiuetiita a navigation
The men then put up their horses for the all those an. table epilhel. l.ich levin to i-
niht, nnd eaily on tl.e following mo lung me so'i e right to eptnl: to them in tl c chare..-."
had their wagon at stote duor to pel their te'. Y u hae a piofi ss:i n. yenileu.en, i f
bos ami start nn their journey. Mr. D. then ' the hih's iinpuriHiee to our country . lit
misled a bolt of brondcloib from hi ci unler. luct, I do lint see how a j;iiut rrj uhlir can bo
His suspicion beitio roused, he examined bis supporiid wtlxoi an ir ci u ediaie ornn.
derk. and discovf red thai fie bundled dollars which il.ali n di I.ih,-.h li.e arts of their c-
other communiMes, all that it great in cntin . .We "l:llu'eii at some distance 'romtl.e land, and )a(1 bee Mo)e0 jJurin" the niht. He then ' geiils to the p.-o.'e.i.r tl.e pimot.s of the peo
D tukiriir Id nur tinuti u-i. iAnn rn ..1 i kB .......tl. ..r n " . . .. . .
told the men that the box musi not be isken pie to H; ir f u s.
h as examined. They ; the pie.
luko their box, and as ' peuph:.
loll III ! 1 1 U4HI.U 1 s
e l lc Hi hi ;lI.ci- to I hi)
Cl U'sr, bft a piolitsu n
L '"' Cotton S:ales. and eueemlli. ih ii,nr...lu n. I : 'iking lo our boal
.1... , ' . r J f ' :" K"'""o" memory, or ueauinu. in u.o . ., !rvi,.. C,V. .nH
I'K'i Hr Bl nrilimri flntmi pan cinrB H . . I I r. . J . I . . ' I . J - t . J . 1 ' I "S "Y " , . , I 'i-i ... . 1. . . . i :.. .
hen Minister to Soain he was ne.r in.,. I. i . r-- ... v. , ,Uiuie uuiuiwn, complete, orear) ana oiac K we fall in with M.Ksinie Ueverly, Etq , and sever. Irom the store until it hbs examinee, i ney , me pas i n.t
neo Kiinisirr o opsin, ne was near involv- the col Inn trade. And to p mnhis sdvinne . il, ...!:., ....r....... r.i. i....i .1 . 1-..1 . J.j ',' .1... .1 .,...1.1 ...t,. .i..... 1.. . ... 1 ..,.. 1.. I, .i...,.i,!
I. n --( niv ewilig i l.MijjCIT:ll Ul IIIV ll'IIVIt I I 111 IHiiunn m vm a mshiiii' T t alllU lleU W H UIO S W 1)1 U I II d I ilirV nUUlU tUtU UliU I J wi -1- - e .uii',
:the will ratify a treats ol Iriendship and re- i mal, awaits that Slate, which, in its madness, "orweruf the property that formed the oljet of 1 ,lfv rghed t. tnktt hold of it Mr. D. s'epped of hili honor lu ihuso who tfliciate at i's
C'pfucily.andoralliHnce.oireiisiveanddefen. shall fly front the Union ! ourv.-it. U' 7'.r-l,'"ll3r coied "ivid. ' ou,-of i:ie rioort and ocltedl them .11. IIjv. i fountain. I wiild rertamlv bo one a the
down l,'B defensive t-ugagement to J'tartabU, in one tense, we doubt not. se- f bn't.Mone" "s opened . most dign.ri.-d pu-tuitt in society if it wer-
protect, in catn of necesity, the tost lution . cession wi uld be. The Senator and Rep-' Hesiroue of making the ceremonial of denro.it ing "d the men taken. '1'he ltd w as knot ked ' conducieii in ihe s;u 11 which b' come its lin
ing Europe in a general war. Since his mis. , he will ratify a treat) ol
sioa 10 miscouniry no nss trrqiientiy meddled
with mafers not coming strictly within the
sphere of his legitimate duti.s. Nuone can es-
7 V; ,. 1 . Vk !""" 01 slavery, ratlior ll.au la.l ol her supplies of re.entatives of South Carolina may withdraw
a. . ic.ted by the accident, discovery snd co1)n. L)0 uhy cl we are assured j if they please. The People may 'go on with
publication of h,. correspondence with the ; (l,e,8 )t an und.es.an.lmg between the author, their ordinary business, without brin- inva-
,,. .G.rc.; .. gave r,.5 .0 .,( ,!. Stat, and lha agent, of her Hr..- ded. They would timnly find then,
a very g uer.isnutavere criticism irom be ,,1H1C Majesty, which it ralcuUted loencour- isolated from that happy Republic which all lo. Lewis.a capt.in in liaylor'. Kcgimcnt of ' evidet.ee, and declared he had Imig sought
r' ....ii...i u,.c,..j,v,iU age ratber than depress the ttioicments here ' the earih ensiea ! Ilorre.and nrphew of W aslnn2toi,; V, illium Grymes 1 an oppoi tut itv to leave these mm: thai to
sn Uliaulborised tnler'etencs with a sul'iecl f, .mnrnii. nii,.nlii v " i l . .1 .t. . r .l " gallant and distinguished officer of the Life CJuard: . , . 1 1 111. 1 1,
. . . . . , 1 l " J 101 a separate nationality . Hut there is another aspect of ihe case in ,1 .-..,; , h .r r , . , , ' have U ft .etn vo untan v w.uld htivc bmught
with which be had proper'y m-thing to do. I 1 u .j 11 1 the tsptain uf the vnsssl. the son of s brave soldier : . , ,. . .1.1
With this admitted rrimtaii.in l.,r .,l,.,it ' w Inch secession cannof 6e .foreutc ; and no wounded in the battle of Guilfocd; and Ocorge W. doadly vengeance upon I.1111; that lm
vvttn mis aamittea reputation lor ail.oil , SHAMEFUL CONDUCT. one ought to be deceived on that head. The P. Custis, ths son of John Parks Curtis, aid decamp had nrv.-r hwu delected before ; that ho re-
diplomacy snd unswerving ell ji Is to advance , Soutl,rrn Itij-hf Men" tbbscribino for, ! 'a s of ihe Union which levy dutieson foreign lo Cun.mander in Chief, befors Cuibrufge and 1 n.ained Willi them ony becuuso lie us coin
!hr.,rh:,rn ""'"'y: feVA r:' 1.,, AL..,,. AW 'commerce, and all other laws, mutt ir tnfor. , Y."' .... : , . ' Polled to do so to pre.eive hi. I.fo ; th-t .here
ii 10 cuuiii .roiiii. csunoi uui tusiiiy ino , . .1 " s"11 nci lugciutr ins urimsoi me ancieni , , , .. . i , ,i . .1, . -
J 1 . ' . . rt. I he President is swern o execute the .1... . , j., t ... ...... were now six hundred men 111 he lulled inunt then lo-e, carr itilu our task an in.
n 1.. i .1 1 in. uui u uh luru.u nil. near 1 &rn inn hi rt ...
"J " wiiiou u . ..j i. l. .:.. .1 ... . ' . . . . .1.1 1,.. 1 .1 ,1 .i.i., i.;,-h !. v.n A ;
11 1 1 1.1. 1 11 v u III
the .Stone, as impotiiig as circumstancrs would per 1 fl", when a alout daring lot kit.g man sprang : parlance r b ta ent, indi'pcnoence, ft gentle
init, wetnveloped itin the ''Star Spmgled llanner" . forl, a,J ,je a)m,. tuh, 111' IKV. some : nianiv lihei . 1 H , ul il with a 'ieceucy and 8
01 our country, and it waa borne to its ft-tinir place ,, , , , , E .- , ! " , , " 1 , .
in th.srms.ftli.dese.ndaat.orro,,, ,e,luiL.. . '- Bu"k l'"rn, were (, uiid in the , courtesy .hah are doe Irr.m one d,!or to
eniselves ry patriots and sold. rs Samuel Lewis, the ton of bottom. The fallow pretended to turn S'.ale's another. 1 hnve of;ni the ques'lof,
llo can euiii r expect lli,! res.ecl ol II. a
woild il 1I0 v i!o h i tl 11 s, me it tpect lor
each otl.ci '! N-- 11. m, k ,.. letttr than tl.e
reining eoitoi ol '.lie fmon the difiicnltirs,
the sacrifici s, 'he dtuttgery winch attend 'he
profesaiim, and y el 11 b c, in s v t u to (.vvi roinu
iIlmi nil 11 . u r liu'y nqniei it. Yuti
. , . , ; - - lo-., nnu no ,, uu piinc, iu it-aim iiir,,,. aeningion, in Ins intuncy liau playcn, and con. -Jiaitra e,ij;ai-u 11, uie uumi i;.s , imu ..mi m iomuhju -i o i .- .j.u. imovi nv u m-
g.routtcliernes in view inon might at the paper of Missuppi, thai the Soulhern Rights When foreign goods enter the port of Charles- siruttid a rude kind of ped.atal, on which we res. last time he was at the general deposit Ma- culty. Y-u el.. u!d (ear uothirg but the itcg.
first glsnce be supposed. I hot Sta'e, il is x.sociatiori of Hinds county in that Siale had ' Ion the duties must be paid. But, if South sftntlT placed th. First Mon. commending it to ,; lha c,)n,KlV uu ver Fifteen liushels I iect of jiur dunes and the reproof of j tur
ll lTv'J , f-.rded money , the North for tubscrip- Carolina ucedc, and secession is carried ,n- IZZ JZZ ?U" G'"lL " 'T i " 0 'T'"
irom ine -jnion, ana nopes 10 ootsiri, in in. ,. to practice, then somebody must resist lha tlcu,r 1 , in the same room with tho two accomplices, e!tc-s hu nuo,, at the lame time, lo every
accomplishment of this n.fsr.ou. purpose, , Uocs lo abo.il.on and other incendiary newt- , o( d(J,jpf nd tha( tomi bod bctomc, Bl(n'inB J.diaa to tho.. who had reeeiv,d D. to fearing ihey w, uid kill him. The two men !,,.... hu w.ll telhou the t.uih ; and when ytu
... ... utjLfwi , 111 uiuci tubiiliinic Ull III EIBIUHOUI' hv thai varv art n trntit It r. a aria nnlt; ftinuir. 9 rB-BliiDarna a I u IlOlfellU OUT LOIQIi. ana a a r,rn In I .u 1 llmnro 1 Hit tl uinu k- n mi ! ittirt fimi f
in individual, he will be convicted of trea being provid.d with a piece or cannon and suitable ,, em in fur t,ev mrim.y al;i) f, in.ds ; i t ut in I
, , ,, . , . amiinnitmn, we fired a salute, awaKetung the echoes ,, , , , , , ,, i
, nr.d probably hung. If, however, there that hall fo ec, oulld lla.ed ,HOl. it would luka ol least otio hundred well urn,- j pm.ess
uld ba an armed resis'ariCf of the cinmu- and nhile the srr.oko of our martial tributu to iho ed men lo guard them, and notified them : lor gre
with other powers
generally believed that her first step would
be an alliance with Great Britan, which
while it would nominally pn serve to her the
ssmhlance of liberty, would virtually place
hlr in a position of hopelors and grovelling
dependency. The experience ol history
piovet conclusively, from the relative posiiion
of the parties, that this must be the certain
result. That such is the design of Suth
Carolina, in esse of successful secession, it
shown by abundant testimony. The speech
es of her orators, and Ihe general tone of her
press, display such a purpose. Not many
dsjs since wo saw, in one of her papers, this
idea advanced. The writer, in advocating
prompt sreestion, and coije::uritig its im
mediate results, argued that tho Federal Go
vernment w.uld probably withdraw its officers
from the Custom House and its troops from
Fort Moultrie, and would rely upon a fleet
stationed in Charleston harbor for the collec
tioo of duties upon foreign imports. Then
sseuming that in bcr new position of an inde
pendent power, South Carolina wcu'd have
Ihe right to form any commercial treaties
with foreign powers which she thought ft',
he supposes Ihsl a Ilriii.h vessel arrive! and
that she it either diuen btck or together
with her cargo confiscated. I hit, the wrt
ter ei
M'e can hardly find fit language with
which lorxprtssnur abhorrence of such trea
sonable hopes and designs. It it bad enough
surely, fur any State to pint the peaceable
dismemberment of this great Union, but lo
calculate with pleaureupon its involving our
country in a war wiih a foreign power and
that too, our ablest and most inveterate ene
my argues a degree of baseness at which
even Aaron Burr would have recoiled. We
ara not willing, however, to believe that this
sentiment is common even in South Curolina.
There ara many misguided men there, it it
true, who, under the baleful influences of pas.
eion and prejudice, have learned to rrgird
this Union as a curse, aud to deiira an imtne-
postibly be detained
!t.v ihnl vmtv art . Irninr. I f f.A .r-. fir.lt; K I HUlf. ft . re..l,lbark.d Slid liOlfetad OUT ColoiB. and ir.rn In lU ,l1!i.iir. lluil 11 uu. I'. . ! I v.-
., .....,, .. .. i.u. r .....w.w ,.., . .... , ,v n ,hn cout(. a1(j lhuJ ,j;.c. b;c ; ,
itablitamenl ol a separate Stale sovereign- . ... , , .... ..
... . . n r 1 . . " 1 ion. e earn from the Hindi rountv ia. s""
r, sue win lurm ana inainiain a general rquai- - ' t,t,t
:. .. 1 " . , ' I .n,, ..t ,y n.i : ,. ..... ... .1 ,. should
iiyiii 1,1. auopnon 01 eommercai renin.,... - "vu..,v.-.. , , , pr..;dpn, ;Uk, bHn. lh. birth plac. of tl.e Pater 1'atrise .1.11 lincerud on the that ihev could
On the coutr.iy, it is . have arrived ! That paper ta t : ,,r ,h, 'n,,A ,f. ,r..r,. ,t, ., nrl,i tosom of ths Potomac, we spread our sni. to a fi- ii. rplu.
I ,i , r g. vorilij urerze, and speeded joyously lo our homes.
On the 20. hull.," the first lot of the incen- thty ("forced. Lin. Go:. , Such was an act o- fi.ul lov. and eratuude oer-
diary and sditi. us documents ordered by the ' formed mors than a third of s century ago su h is DYING DECLA RATION S IMPORTANT
Soinh-rn R 'ghis As..c alum of Hinds coun "Mt.MAllUM X" lilt IMSI.mu.i. it,, ln.toty ot in. ntststone to Itie memory g. DKCUMON
ty," reached the I'ust Oflice in this citv. It i ' '"
eotmsis of seven c,p,et of the liotton Fmtn. Irom the I'tnakton Ah.. cf April 10.
cipslor and Commonwealth, a I of ihe tame i The Southern Rights Association ii'tm
volume, number and date, showing that the j bled at Pickens Court house on Tuesday, the ! NEW ENGINE
Association has subscribed for teven copies, lit instant, uen. r . rt. Uirvni, the I icstaent, The ,ew Orleans Courier has the follow, never tieietolore, to our know letige, been die-
in Ihe chair. I ing account ol a new inven ion. " A steam- lurhed.
! Col. J. L. O.-r, our Rep et-ntaiive in Con- houlto travel on land or water," would indeed : Lovitt, charged with the murder of liull
being prisenl, wee called upon be i novelty. j in the month of rebruarv last, waa arraign-
I Waabington.
Health and respect my dear air.
i CliOKOK W. r, CUTIi
up 5 cur on n opinions
the fi iii .-:ir,l of a lice press, in our
tMoit, grntleii.cn, there is a i.eccssity
ul vntry of character for much en.
ilurutu c as well us much exertion. 1 go fuith
er. F.ncrgy is not a si-fficienlly etrotig word.
Tlie true secret of success in evcty Lusinet-a
lis enthusiasm i would especially frank'y
ti coiiiinetid ta 5 f u a careful atlcnticn to your
eqiial to 30-1 papers during the vear. The
bundle isaddressed lo one of the Sectelaiics
of the association.
The F.mancipator has ihe repu'aiion of be-
ing (he most violent and unscrupulous abnli
An important decision was rnado bv Judgo ! but in this respect let my course ba
Baxter, at Warren Superior Court which, il j'1 ""'d net an example to j ou. In
oiiiK if' io.-.e suirgrsi ions, j give you ino
result of a Ijb en i. rieuce. dearly cboulIi
uslairied, will oierrule a long esiabhshed
principle of Common Law, and which has
to address the meeting. He spoke with his
usual ability, and, afier g'ancing Rapidly at
We cannot refrain from a feeling of sudners
in perusii g these last lines. It it the com
mon belie! that energy in at y pursuits of life
will insure sucrcs, i.nd s it does in almost
tiun incendiary paper in the count,) -teeming the inequaliliea of the ben, fitt and burdent
with shameful and villainous aspersion! upon , of the Federal Government and ita oppret
outhern character, southern institution! and j siont of the South, went cn to declare that
southern righlt. Ii it a seditiout and inflam- I ihe Union wat a curse, and lit dusolution in-
A en:lemn ethiliitprf thin mnrninrr in I l.e ed for trial, and ihe Sla e's counsel ifl'-rcd
Wum Hall, while the assembled multitude introduce, as evidence, the declarations j evc'-V '"her depmtmrnt of human iuduslry
waited to be organized into Convention, a mo- of Ihe deceased made in his last illness and i tul ,llal "espjpets. et of all descrip.
deluf a locomotive which can be used for a 1 charging the , Hence to the prisoner. The j tl0I!S ol l-b'.'r there is ncne which can com
.:.,.Ut m i,.tpl nn lnn) ,,r ,or fnr counsel i'or m isoner . hi -cled lo t he recent ion Pure 111 1 0 dl uli.er: V f "",;d ""I he nd wilh
ploughing or for any sort of riding or travel- ,of such declarations as legal evidence in a
... . .1... O.I 1 C J 1 D O .. O ... . ..
niMory pper to all intents an'l purposes, and ; evitatiie, ana mat a ooutnern oonieoeracy Imgit can also be used as a hrc engine, or criminal pmsecuiion, anil nllcgeij m support
calculated lo do much ir jury to morals among ! must succeed it, and was what ha most desi- a 6jcel sprinkler. He said it would throw : "f the exception, the sixih Article of Amend
whatever people il may circulate. j red. He then went on to define his own po. wat:r 3uj 0r 3,000 feet high, Bccoidlng to merits to the Constitution of the United Slates,
V on this the Na'clit Courier with ' ''''on te'il,'" ,0 ,hc action of South Caro-' l9 s;z9 0f (h0 machine constructed ; and if ! hich, it was cotitetided, amounted to nti en
Pn " C ac,,z ourl ' 1 : lina. Itt wat opposed to trparale Stale ac- one (,ad been in existence here at the t nie, life abolition of the Common law upon ihe
just indignation, exclaims: " Fs net (Ins tion, and preferred to trait vntil tome of the the St. Charles fire could have been extin- 'point in queslion. The Article n. ads as fol
beaut ful spectacle, and will it r.ot open the j other Stalet got ready to more vf with hi. pushed in five seconds after the invention got ' lows :
ett of all honest and good men as to the 'n upprl these viewa he assigned many um, he ground. The inventor is one of the j " In all criminal prosecutions, the accused
dangerous diameter of that revolutionary
movement, hich, not content with voiing
lhat ef the ceiuinciurs of a public journal.
1 he body , t ihe il y y laborer derives refresh
ment Iron, s eep and is prepared with each
ris.ng sun lo exert with cheerfulness its re.
newed energies, ijut Ihe mind of a journalist
is upon an eternal stretch. Ho hat but little
opportunity for that recreation from inter
ceure with men and books, which is necessa
ry to keep the intellectual fountain full aud
fresh. Vet the mere work of conipositicn is
laiir.g: abolition documents !" .V O. Bee
The Grand Jury of Georgetown District, , at this time.
reasons, amonir the most prominent of which L.iii i ilm umi lima mnn npnilcmnnL ; shall eniov the rinht to soeeJv and nublic
was. thai bv aciinr now we would drive off i, li,,' ,V, ,, . ,' ,! u- lieli. I,'-.; trial, bv an imoartial iurv of the Slate and I "''" cotnparf d with the reflection, care
our friends'of the Southern States, and com-'per!lJaded i iery body that his invention is'district wheiein the crime shall have been j a,,u j jdt!"" "l whicn niuet ba bellowed upon
. 11. I. . m. . I i. ....,1.1.. - if. vi v , ii nve, ii,' n I. 4ftpr mrb a lifn ni Iht
ol ihe previously ascertuineo uy law, anu in uo in- i - --j . - -
ho has ! lormed of the nature and cause of the accu- e ee vuieruu ei in. pro ession leu ai inn
t ra v- -sniion; to ba confronted with the witness a-
.!.:.., ... , .
inp on ana ov steam. lie maae tne mod- , amn mm, eve., occ.
'i'rftfi hearing tuth lentimen't cvmingjrom e move ahead, retrognde, turn round and j The point was ably argued by Messrs.
I Col. Okk, una! ore rt,u sorry that he deem- rnut i every way. with :race and ease. Il is 1 Toombs, Cone and Polile for I he prisoner,
ra! it necessary to promulgate them in a speech indeed, wonderful lo behold. land Messrs. Weenie, Sol. Gartrell end Daw-
i.r cargo connsctteu. i nis, in. r'" with as bolitionism, abusing hat abolitiuniam j f,el theon lo tdkei part against us. He spoka the greatest et. The first engineers i
L"S lVvTn'lllTU.H Imv In Abuses, and striving for what abolitionism ! "I" '"ese men being as true to ihe cause, and cily examined it, and pronounced that h
lo haughty I.ngl.nd, and uevitabi) in- b devoted to the principles involved, as the overcome every difficulty in the wav of
her in a war with the Federa Govern- strives, now shows Us true character in ctrcu- ..-, i. ,,- , ' overcome c.i ry uuutuny ,, ,nr ny oi
ner in a war wiiu ui i cu.i., v. , . most palriolic of our people. We deeply re- elhng on land by steatn. He made the
cluse of a long career, with less of worldly
goods than w hen he commensed hit course.
It this were a solitary case it would not be to
reiuaikable a principle ; but it is only one out
of many similar instances. It is rather the
To what extent il may create .
son for the State. The exception was sus- I history of a class than of an individual
i i . i . t . laafMiitfaa ni si i 1 1 r r. 1 1 n r 9 t fi ilm pnnrJtii
for tho spring term of ccurt, present at a nui- .discord and division in the ranks of ihe Sou- ANhTDOTE OF THE IIATTLE OF NEW tnined, and a nole prosequi entered cn the
sauce all those transient persons from the thern rights men in this district lime alone
non s'sveholding States who enmo to this disclose.
I)islricl in the w inlsr, for the purpose of trad-
inr-, shod fishing and duck hunting we be. a C'l'RIOSITV.
Iieve them to be tujurious to all classes ol
our population, and, therefore, solicit the in
tervention of the Leglaiure in the matter.
Charleston Mercury, Mth inst.
If the peop'e of South Curolina wculd cat'.h
The Courier tells lha following character
istic nnecdote of ihe Rattle of New Orleans .
01" the four Generals in ihe British army
on l:ie Clh, two were killed on lha field, and
one was sent to the fleet severely wounded.
kanisaliAn f r rt rv nfial nnrl inn ft f thai fill
f.deracv. Rui lhat any respectable number !b eba,ed wi,hou, ,he '"'"vention of the
of herciiizem desire it though at the cost j legislature. Rut at ihey are, at present,
of a foreign at well aa inleaiino war, we can- .cither too Inzy or too prod, they mutt either
not for an inslsnl credit. On ihe contrary, ldj wj,h0, i,e5o luxuries or permit other
we sincerely indulge the hope that time j for
progresses, ana reason naiuruny re hisuoik. I '
her twsy over her pimple, that the advocatci iiieui
Wliile Governor Brown was in Key West,
.i 'i n.i .i.i-:.j c.. i i.- o
snystne i ananassee ,r or , ..,.. 1arnbert escaped but he had not been
was presented by Hon. A. Patterson with a under fire lhat Gt,nera KMn
miniature butt of Washington, found ten . r . - , j-Ba,D,(ill, u,rtllllduj
., ,1,- r,-;,.l,lsrKr7s1.l f ! f- Pb, tolllCU UU Ha lit. IU UCOii I nil, ijr nuuuiiUi lb
" , , J' .I r mi anuiu( auu it nna
Mrir (itrn thud and .hoot their own ducks, (he , 'e,rso ' P""". moeuueu .,, ,c ..... TeuneKMan bo wef 8 ,enrchirlg for mus
w.cniormine,s,.o. , ..c ., ,.o, ,. ... k j br , l0 Gcn. Jackson. When
hie, and .. evidently the work of a master. ,..,,.. r" Bi rproVBIP,l hi, 8(,nses.
The. expression is said to be identical with firsi (h w of hig e (j
bill, the other testimony being, in the opinion
of State's counsel, insufficient lo convict.
This decision may bo law, but we feel no he
sitation in saying it ought not to be. 11 ',iA.
Ga.) Gazette.
nuisance" of whieh they complain would
that of ihe famous alatue of Washington at
Tlie following paper is in circulation in ihe
picked up by one of the ! City of New Yoik, and has received many
signatures j
'lo the friends of the " Union," without Dis
tinction cf Parly.
In view of the services and tncrifiees of
patched a note to Gen. Jackson by a young
ritish I the Honorable Daniel Webster, in maintain
ig inviolate ihe constitution and laws of his
even of Deaceable secession will ba lelt
in a contemptible and ignominious minority.
Such, certainly, is the earnest prayer of eve
ry true lover of his country.
In referring to Mr. Bulwer in this connec
tion, wo du not desire to be understood as
autrting lhat bis present visit to Charleston
hsa been projected for the purpose of enter
ing into secret negotiations with leading die
unionists, and of asceilaining what sentiment
exists in reference to a future alliance with
Great Britain. All mean it, that hit well
known character at a crafty diplomatist, Iho
unusual lime he hat telecied, and the present
supposed attitude of South Carolina, may at
Itttt justify such a suspicion. We sincere.
Iy hope il has no real foundation.
A letter fiom lha master of a vessel lately
nived in the Thames, from New South
W.let, mentions that lha Brightman, of Lon
don, waa taking in a cargo at Sydney, fur
California, oonaitting of ready-mads Collins,
"inch were filled with bottled beer I
We would with all deference lo
South Carolina wisdom, and begging pardon
of Souih Carolina aristocracy suggest that
a hundred or so of her leading politicians be
set to catching shod and shouting ducks I
It would bo an honorable employment, which
is mote than can be said of that in which
they are now engaged. .lfuoic Ado.
The Madison Courier relates the following
piece of financiering I
McF.levy.the tailor, who bought the prize
ticket lo Jenny Lind's first concert in Cincin
nati, is one of tho few men in tho world who
are as sharp as Rarnum. The way ha work
ed thingt was this for aome days before the
concert Ito went round among hit friends,
belting ten dollart wilh (his one, twenty dol
lars with lhat ono, and to oii,;until he had a
thousand dollart bet lhat he would buy the
prize ticket. The ticket was knocked d.wn
to him at $575, thus leaving him f 125 in
in poekf '..
Richmond, allowed to be the best likeness in n iso(ier" in ,e rj
(xi.tence. Ihe lit lie bust it in a state of . V ., ' . ... ,. .
... neei requesting mat seBrcn migni o mane i in
per.ee. preservation., a, oc, ,.lo , g wag t)e reMur- - - comras, wjlh lh, rceell, ac, 0f
ling id the plans of a rufiled shirt lemsins as fi f(jen(J djfd jn batleiBnd , a mA AJeimen of ,.., in re.
sharp and well-defined a. ever, and the ma by a referenc8 , the : flltipi, ule use of Funeuil Hall to the rnends of
bl. without disco oration. Across the i.houl. : al)d chiv.ir0U9 feeling which he well ,ha, ,lema t0 cograluale each other
"iiintcrib Nor. recent verification of his represen-
a spelling which teem, to indicaia an Iiai,an,di(Jh8 vami .. Go flid hero j)n rp,tard, U(al nnci,nl comnll)n.
origin. In the same tpot two English gum o Livi f0 one cf n alds Deliv-j wea,h ; and in view, also, of the refusal of
eas were found, the dates and tn.cnpt.en r.r ff word ,0 ,h, British General. Godil(l8 Legislature of N. Yo.k lo invite Mr.
which w. did not learn. All were piobably , forbid hl , siou,j wllhhud ft of a )o vjsi A;ba M ,h of ,h,
deposits by some freebooter of tho olden time. deserving of it." I Sia.e : i.,d,L-n,.ies cast uo.. that distinguish-
ed statesman by abolitionists and olhets op-
The editor of the W indsor Journal a vo
ry obstinate sort of a bachelor learns that a
DESTRUCTION OF THE EGYPTIAN TY. ; pd ,0 his patriotio course:
RAMIUS AND TEMPLES. Th- UIlde;.ignod cjZe. of Ji
tew York,
A correspondent oi me 1,0.10011 mu.,, , . ., . .. u-,K,.r ,n ,... ,Lm
Pmfea.nr of Dancing in New York have re ; says that the Northern Pyramid of Dashour j . .', r,j nv.nl1 , ,:..
ccntly introduced a new alyle ot cotillion i. now in progress of being converte-J into a f . (ha( t)ltv niftV expres-t to him,
in person, their deep and grateful npprecia-
1 f J.,.lni!n t.i lha nraal nnlxlir irilairAtalsi
-r 0-1.1. ....A r7 .!, .., n,,rno.P?l"D" u,!,"", " S""' '
o. .-.- V7.; ! of hia country
called "Kiss Cotillion," the peculisr feature
of which is that you kiss the lady as you
swing corners. The editor it a crusty sort
of person, who never dances, but says he
would not mind waiving kit objection! to far
at to twing corner, now and then in this co
tillion the selfish scamp! Ha reminds us
of an old lady who had an aversion lo rye,
and never could eat it in any form, " till of
late." said she, " they have got to making it
into whiskey, and I find I can now and then
worry down a little."
stone ouarry, in order to build some new pa
lace or villa in the neighborhood i tho lombs
the mounds of Abydut are ransacked for
building materials; the Temple of Erment
is going for the same purpose ; and two tern
pies have, within the last six years, been
knocked down, and the materials removed
fiom near Sheikh Fadi, entirely without !hn
knowledge of travelers, to whom, indeed they
have remained unknown until now lhat ihey
no longer exist.
iN'ew 1'erfe, ril 19(A, 1951.
' What temperament did you say lhat fat
girl h'ad, Mr. Museum man?' "Why, 1
should think it plain enough sho has the Zimi
fat ic temperament; can't you see it your
Pecuniary obligations to the conductors cf
newspapers seem lo til more loosely cn men's
consciences than almost any oihtr kind of
debt. They will take a paper for year after
ear, and derive all the benefit and amusement
which the labors and outlay ef ill ceoduclors
can furnish, yet ihey often teem to think lhat
it is perfectly consistent with honor and de
ed cy never 10 pay a farthing for the consid
eration they have received. Few persons
have any idea of the enormous expenses of
laige newspuper establishments. When we
ttiko into consideration those expenses, the
small sums which compose tht aggregate of
newspaper accounts, and the numerous doliu
quenciet of subscriber the wonder it, not
lhat so many newspapers die, but that any
'i he particular case, cf Mr. Ritchie, ii, it
is 1 1 up, aggravated by the desertion of,hii par
ty in the waller of ihe contract for the public
printing. If ihey had itoed by him at ha
hut t'ood by them, there might have beta a
dillereni result. Whatever our political dif
ferences, we cannot but regret that a life ef
toil should ir.cet with such a requital.
Mrs. Partington, on being told that Ritchie
had sold '- The L'oion," exclaimed: "Alas!
alas! 1 feartd he would do tomething awful
when I heard that Congreit bad eejeettd tho
bill 10 edentify him ! 1 wonder if he told the
people w ith it, and if 1 have got to became a
nigger slave 1 If 10, I shall emulate to the
South, where they kaow how lo Heat the poel
critters." And Mrs. Per'.ingioo lighed deep
ly and said no more.
M r. Smith, will you have some butter V
" No, ihauk ye, mares, 1 baleng te tht Tern
ptrauce ft Ike, and cau'l take any thing rery

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