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winter Cabbae Plant.
- e m trenr aiwt HaVdy. -
Ibav, (in-whUK and out ot dour
Bedding PUntt.TuWoeM etc Hue
t Ttaj :ai " ether 'choice Fluwr
I tmitl -Ben4 forCAatoneV " !
I "tI.8TBlNMETZ.riTi',
;vai - -. H. iinli W IT"
f I I
iynclibtirij. Vor
AT THE !!. 'Hi:
Durban Book Store
I FROMf U, ! Y
V --nabStrcat,
V ? St
Vs tarry la stoek wrrthSsg jo
ta fiJd la aaj geaeral tiure.
.Shoes," Salter &
. i I Shoes; "
I loiW-PiaQtat' Wag
; ess tand ' Road Carts
Obcr Fertilizer Thi N-
j ton a-md burb&mBallFeV.
j r4WIffl83&-BUZE.
Dtmnin, K.a
I I S- f
fr Infants
f iiii us iimiit.il np . a
g.a.Aiii,a. a,
tu 0w 9L, sMUr yt T.
. CMMt BnL . ,
a r
fnftii ii lie ii ii i ii-a
UlteuiuatUiu Cert-d 1h a- Day
. "Mystic Cure' Tor Kheuma
tismand Neuralgia radically
cure in 1 to 3 days. Its action
upon the system is remarkable
and mysterious. It removes at
once the cause and the disease
Immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits. 75
cents. &old by N. M. Jobnsou
& Co.' Druggist,' Durham. '
Wm CWrt, ortl tit C-torU.
etamw-lf oMaitt talMl Hstitmi U
4tM1i taMMbm. vklak Am torf
iliwln kiM rj aor.
OmnmaMMtb HeUBf IM wh. tak
mm, At utUU. or ? Mil Jo
vr ft fklhMrkM. - -
All MM
M 4triM Mo4. (Mm Uor,
Mtk ito uia taur. kiio w4 koaltar.
all riw cm , now. , .,
ifM MMIM ao4 oanll 9m
oo .uu mo. - mi xiy
. . ! TOOTINE"
Cores the diaeaM) that eaum lh
offennte odor of the fret aud arm
jiita, toflgheaa the tkm and pre
vents ehafiDir. Price 50 eta. Fur
tale br all Dorham Dru'ut.
Nokth Carolina 1
Br virtue of a decree of the Su
perior Court of Durbaiu County io
the ipeciJ proceediDKn entitled J.
W. lUaTeri administrator of Xaucv
Carl too Kaint C pafiaaiWI others,
ill eH at tee court liuSfce diir
Monday, March 23rd, 1891
4 public auction at 12 o'clock to the
uixbMt bidder the following Und,
towit;- IkmndH on the it bj
tlte butdt otJC. G, Markh4!ii, on t!
outh br the laods of C.'l. Mirk
bam Mid A. U. t'-ooch, , ou the wet
or the lands of Jtaa l it Lett, on tc
eorth rtiBotnjrtoa piirt in; the
laad of U. 11, PatUraua.f coaUio
injf 47 acres more or kss,- beinjj the
landaoa which the said Nancy Cart
on lived and died, in Patterson
rowHship on the Cbuptl II ill and
Durham road . The terms of said
tela are ft IX) cunt balance in 0
aoataa aith tutr-reat froar dar ol
wd sale at 8 percent. Title re
ferred until pareliae money upaiC
His B, Klh, - -
Adaiinwtrator and Commiaaioner. '
Oae Maker and Dealer in On is,
Bines. Cutlery, Ammsnition
and all Bporlln Ooodi,
" 1030 Haia Street,
Ublt'e snd P-rke Breeoh Lolling
SaaMaerle Doable Gun; R"uiiif
kxt ltrech LoadincGunt. Beat or
iba ailrtet for the otic tAUo a full
lias tf t KngMkb DotiMBrrel
Breech Iadin Gnna All style
dincle Barrel Bret-ch Loading Uuns
Seal for prtaa (tew
aov. IV.
mn Children.
n a sifaiMK(WNK
2 M IM, IN.
-a mmm
fa- am fWt t htwMouM
tae irwaoo," isMk mt t ,
1118 IIAXi.
tio Could ExDlalu tri'o Would,
j - niitipi''a vivm.
Many years ago, wfyen Phila
delphia was yet young, f and
before Fairmount Park- -wan
ourrht to! its present etita of,
perfection, there waft ' in the
southern portion of Wissahick-
en, near the river drive; a cave,
callO(Indian cave, long since
deKorted, whicli was suppduud at
One time to have been the ren
dezvous of soma of these war
like! people. Various stories had
beeniwaiBperef about by the
more suptn stitious of the people
n th vicinity to the effect that
a man supposed to have been
murdered there long ago had
been seen by several d;!ated
travelers to rise suddenly oat of
the cave, mounted on a black
steed, and pursue'thei. frighten
ed narrators for a considerable
distance iiyd then vanish as
suddenly ni it had appeared. ,
Borne distance 'Bonn ot this
cave there lived a man named
Richard Ashlv. whose beauti
ful and ju couiphif lied daughter
ad suitors galore from all parts
our Uuaker tJity. Among
those was a man named George
Bcyal.who did not meet with
much favor in tueeyea ot his
adored one, but who, neverthe-i
less, continued to pay the most
assiduous attention to the young
lady, much to her displeasure
and the utter disgust of his
numerous rivals. His most bit
ter, opponent was. John Colo
man, who openly expressed the
utmost contempt for George and
vowed to execute a whole cata-
ogue of tragedies if thit youne
gentleman did not cease his
nightly transit'): txrreri Oirard
avenue bridge toward Wissa-
hlckonr lint George -paid no
attention to, 'all these threats
and evefyr available -evening
found him at the Ashly home
stead, where," joining the lire-
side group, Jie listened to the
most extravagant ghost stories,
among the most important that
of tho Indian cave a few rods
below the house.
But all this did not abate the
ardor of the young Bmtor, and
ono, irticulaf feiibiff he de
cided u iop the a!l- uiportant
question and ribk thd chance of
acceptance, as he could not pos
sibly enuun. runner suspense in
the matter. When an oppor-
tu Itycai3 he broached the
sujject with an much elegance
and delicacy as he could muster
to the object of his adoration,
but received a rather flat re
fusal from the lady referred to;
which so incensed cur younu
hero that he abruptly left the
house, and, mounting his horse,
immediately started for home,
Ilia anger, however, did not
prevent him fiom feeling some
what sacred at some unusual
noisjs among tho trees on the
roadside, and his fear increased
as he approached tho cave.
v hen that point was reached
be saw dark object emerge
suddenly from some bushes
near by which looked like a
arge black horse, and on it the
very identical rider he had of
ten beard of at the Ashly house.
The sk'ht made him fairlv sick.
le lelteach ana every hair of
his head rise suddenly upward,
and a Very dully sensation took
possession of his whole being as
the apparition came prancing
toward him. His horse shied
violently and it was with the
greatest dilliculty that the a'li
mal could bo induced to start
'When he finally got h?a horse
started at a tcrritic galop he
ooked back and saw to his
great consternation the phan
torn horse and rider Mindly pur
suing him and almost at his
heels. He whipped up his horse
in a vatn endeavor to outstrip
the speed ol his mysterious pur
suer, and reached Philadelphia
unharmed. When he reached
the brow of the hill and looked
back he saw for an instant the
figures of a horse and rider
leariy outlined against the sky.
HorroH? he was headless and
carrying his head in his band
The cold sweat st kh! out o his
forehead in great drops and his
poor horse was given out. If 1
could only keep , ahead, he
thought, until I reach the bridge
1 should then be comparatively
safe, for as it is u cd to a great
extent f for travel, the spirit
snook, or whatever it may iw
would be very ain io Disappear,
8o on he dashed and finally
hen the bridiro was trained he
tumci to wo his terrible pursuer
disats car amid fire and brim
atone, but instead tho rider
raised the frightful head which
liu had car. ed And aimed it tii
rectly at thatof our young hero.
George tried w uougo .ne oiow.
but it wtt'ef no uscaTThe lioi-
rid missilestruck' hwn And. he
fell from hishorabadly stunn
ed. iuat a tne phantoiiH horse
and 4t6trange idcivaBhed
past him., ; -
.ThQLnzJtd as George did
not put in an. appearance, his
Philadelphia friends started out
to bunt htm up and found his
horse 'ouietlv cnazhfi xm Ah
roadtfdd, nfaf the bri while
noi rar away iay an ot crusueu
siiuauh. all that was lot t -to tell
the tale." Later Vd TiTfColer-
man married Mis, ' Ashly, and
when p xple speak' of the plimi:
toui that chased George' Koy'aJ
out of tovjr ho liugljiH iaiiiu-dert
utely and Lis frienda. say,- With
awiuk, thathe could xplaia
matters if he wanted to.
I.Okt Uielr It('iion.
' f If the Bible totfue, then there
is' a personal devif, and, if he go
about as it affirms, like a roar
ing iii,,seeking-whouiJte may
destroy, iJlJie.. urt hav
been a Irequeut atteuuani upon
the deliberations both of the
Cabinet 'meetings, '.and of the
Congressional sessions of the
recent Conirress. If. in the acts
of thd Fifty-first Congress, and
there ia not traceable satanic
influence, theh erilt no such
power m hem f eltincf tlvi
dark days of Meditevaxlife. .Tiie
systeniatio attacks upon the
citadel of the constitution: the
deliberate overthrow' of. ' the
spirit and much "of the latter of
that precious legacy oi our lore
fathers; - the trampling under
foot of the great writ of habeas
cornuA that Dricelesf monu
ment of civil liberty; the con
stant ignoring of the Rights of
the btates,1 and'the ceatraUdng
teudencies of the government
threatening speedily tS develop
into a despotisia of flietlnost
flagitious and bitter tyVte? the
atumpt.oZJJbe Reed-Hoar gang
to pas a Jaw aimed at the
throat of the whole cduntry-anl
backed up by bayonets and bul
lets; the usurpation and revo
lutionary acts of conspirators
in both Houses of the Congress
all this indicates that the
Wicked One i th4hi?i: iwspir
er in- these Jtimea of, publ'c pro
fligacy and political trickery
and usurpation.
' The old Latin maxim so often
quoted iu the newspapers
Queni Deus vult perdere prius
mementat "Th man whom
God detennhies Jto destroy, he
previously deprives of his -understanding,"
may be applied
to many men now running and
ruining the Republican party
and trying to rum the country.
The people will yet "uesiroy
some of these demoagogues. Al
ready some of the conspirators
have boon turned out and others
will follow, s v - - . ;! .3
An i:ieveu PvuuJ Xutruet of
, , . au'riiwy W.'fka.a' ; L-j
The Uwharrie river section of
Montgomery county is fast com
ing to the front as a goia-pro-
ducer. In a atrip of country
extending not more than ten
miles in length and two miles
in width, with the Uwharrie
river running through the cen
tre, not less than $50,000 has
been taken out in the last ni
teen months, bv the natives.
with only the crudest kind of
washing machinery, sucn as
thA hand rocker and pan. 1 A
The latest and largest find
was made lust weeic, on tjne
Martha Hall place, on Bunnell
Mountato being an 11 pound
nutrtret. found by Mr. elson
Kusstll. A great many, nne
nud'ircts have been found in the
creeks and hollows, but none
flunroarhinff this. the next in
size weighing between four and
fife pounds. .-s
' Wfl confidently expect in the
near future, as soon as new and
improved metnoas are iniru
duced, to see this section- rated
as the mid-producer of the
United States.
lilt Compliment. , ,
Miss Do Pretty I don't see
how you whistle through your
fingers that way. 1 could never
do it la the world.
Mr. Goodhcart (wishing to
compliment her delicate little
hands) No, Miss De Pretty, if
vou should try it your whole
hand would slip in to your mouth
New York Weekly.
Five Dollars Clear Profit,
Drummer (to country nier
"Can't comolainj Just made
five dollars"' . .
. "How wa that?? I
."Man wanted tdvrtt trusted
for a Pair of boots and I ilidn'
let him have ,cinJ"-Munsey,
Au Itenl ot Jniportauce to All
I di tiilloiisekceps.ffi.t nj
The close of this . month' will
brine about .a change in the
sugar market.) Ilousekeeps who
have, been paymif large prices
for suarar can have the satisfaq-
tiou of knowing that it will take
a tumble of, from, two- to four
cents pe? pound, and that, they
need not be bq sparing in serv
idar it out either at table, to the
servant,' or for use. in article of
On April 1st. when the duty
on raw jsugara will be takpn off,
the price of the refined- article
to consumers: will ..be ; dropped
about two cents per pound. and
the people will enjoy the cheap
est sugar ever.known, xa this
country, h Granulated, , sugar,
w;ikh;now copt.thehpvsekeeper
from six; to eight cents per pound,
will be sold at the grocery stores
for f o.ir and five cents per pound.
This drop in the price of . sugar
will not affect the renners ai au;
on the contrary, it will benefit
them, because there wilt De an
increased demand for the article.
The. price charged., for .sugar,
two cents per, pound, which is
now paid to the government as
dutv on the raw. 'material has
all beou paid, by,, 'the, consumer
indirectly. im rennenes wiu,
therefore, make a wjdermargiu
than st present.; In cqusequence
Of the drop, which.'must neces
sarily come,, the wholesale . and
retail dealers; are .cleaning., out
their ?stock and buying only
small quantities, in .order .that,
tbey may get oi the right , side;
of the fence by April I4. . f , h
Anfi Advance,, representative
to-day interviee Mf.. James
T.: Williams, senior member of
the wholesale firmsJ.; T.;Wil-'
liams. Son & Co., apd one of the
most level, headed ,of business j
men, who stated that the reduc
tion in the price of sugar, could
not be more than two cents per
pound, that being the: amount
of duty which will be taken off
under the new law... He added,
that while the' consumer would
at first recieve the Jtieneflt of the
reduced prices, , the manufac
turers would,-in the end,, reap
more than corresponding advan.
tageVjust ai in the case of to
bacco. i Mr. "Williams was 'also
of opinion that it would be to trie
interest of every .housekeeper
who can afford it, to purchase a
good supply of sugar during the
monm 01 April. . Uu , t ,j
, The following is a story ' told
by an 1 old ' sailor , to Samuel
Adams Drake, and , should .e
appreciated ' eo ually by ( thope
who love and those who loathe
Vthe thing they call .the ' seai:"
'ilost anus manes more or
ess lolts unwell, me motion
does. We naa iwo gems aooru
of us last trip. One of 'em was
a lawyer. ' My grief, 'wasn't he
done up, though!
"Tother wasn't a div inere
he sot, smokin,' as calm as a
kitten. He was abiglwip jedge,
goin down to hold court. -
"Uaa i ao anytningioryoar
says he. ! ' ,!
" x es ' gasped me seasicK
one, 'I wish your honor would
overrule the motion."' : I
I e Looted Treasury.
. nuvbipai Thm. ,
Secretary Windom, in his last
annual report, estimate I the re
venues of the United: States for
the current fiscal year at $472,
000,000, and the expenditures at
$420,000,000. For the next year,
ending with June,1 18112, ; he
estimated, the expenditures 'at
ti.it. 000.000. tr
'As tar as can oe maue out me
Congress just adjourne 1 appro
. a -aa.-
priated tti2,ooo,ooo lor iai ana
32T.O00.000 for-18'.2.l This will
not only use up- nr. w inuom
expected surplus of $52,000,000
but leave a deficiency of at least
f7i.ooo.000i. if the late Secre
tary estimates 01 revenue were
anv here hear right i- ;
The figures here giten for the
appfopnatlona aremoseoi iicn
ator Allifum. and are certainly
undeaUttHt. Other autBorilies
matro ttmiii! nearly twenty mil
iiAntnnrfl.'..Thd fisCal'Tear of
1893 will bo half over when tue
new wmgiws mww,
tHnt time the deficiency' will
have bicoitWftmttrenti 3 . n
TI RiUtt LlH-UtlS. VOtOU'OUl
for thi4r extrfganctf tatid in
cotntetency, btweeimply looted
t!i Treasury and : run away,
leaving the tank of restoring the
balance tdlitrsucccsBorB.
Whew, olt, wnert,' la; Granny
Old man lloar has1 lost nla hair,
And Tommy Reed - 1 ' '
Emotion compela tw to "let up."
'''.!, "
j:" ' - ' ' ED. : i .: . , ,
The'BIost ProfliarAte of Anur
'I ; '' can IliHtory.
! - ' ' ! Ud.lphlTlx. t, -
' ; The fifty-first Congress closed
at noon last Wednesday;.' add
there" was a sigh -of relief
throughout the whole' land. : It
was the most profligate t Con
gress of American history, and,
oven ' when condemned, by the
people by unexampled : popular
majorities, after its first 8668100,
it continued its shapeless profli
gacy until the moment of its
deatn.' f ?. t-..5 -ii i4i ,
The people can hardly realize
the measure :of profligacy and
jobbery of' ,thd Congress.' that
lust passed into history.
When it came into power with
k Senate and President in polit
ical harmony with it, the Treas
ury was overflowing with eur-
lus revenues, and reduced taxes
,nd reduced revenues were :the
unger-cry of the people.
w hen it ciosea its Plotted re-
ord Wednesday thd surplus
was ' scattered;. ' the revenues
largely exceeded by" expendi
tures; a forced loan of $54,000,
1)00 of sacred trust funds ! will
not save the ; Treasury from
bankruptcy, within the next
year; the expenditures '' com
manded by the Fffty-first Con
gress will change1 the Condition
of the Treasury from: $100,000,-
juoo surplus to fully $100,000,000
deficit before the close ot the
next fisca'. year,1 and 'the addi
tional pension, subsidy and other
jobbing Bchemes fastened upon
looted Treasury by positive
law, saddle ' the people of the
nation with over one thousand
millipas of riewtxpenditures.1"
In additional to this bewiider-
mir waste o : . pudhc money,
chiefly in the interest of jobbers,
largely increased taxes nave
been imposed upon the neces
saries of our industries a id up
on the commo i t jcessariea of
life. While the " tsurplus has
been scattered and -' a Treasury
deficit of fully ' $100,000,000 - a
year made inevitable to be 'met
by increased taxea on tne peo-
pler tlie wanton,' cruel addition
al taxes levied on the necessaries
of life, reduced the value of the
earnings of industry fully, ten
per cent, by that percentage 01
luCrvastJ ou urwvico vi uuhcimi
cor sun-pt'on. . " "
That the people should con
demn such a Congress with an
emphasis never before' exhibited
in popular elections waa only
logical, and the close of Fifty,
first Comzress sends more men
into retirement by defeat at the
polUthan was ever known" or
ecn approached in all the politi
cal revolutions of the past. The
great North was revolutionized
by the mad recKiess less 01 tne
Conirress just closed, and for
the first time since the success
ful organization of the Republi
can party, the Northern btates
sent a clear majority of Demo
grata to reversed ihe Republican'
majority of 400,000 in 1888 into
an anti-Republican majority of
200.000 in 1890. . .
No party in all the varied
political history, of American
politics ever Buffered such a de4
feat when it held every depart
ment of power, and no Congress1
since the insane Democratic
Lftcombton Conirress of 1857-8,
ever o insolently defied the peo
pie after its entire policy , and
leadership had been overwhelm
lv condemned by the country!
t The 1 itty-nrst ijongrcss now
beloniM to history . and consid
erate men of all parties rejoice
tvdav that its work ta ended.
The one silver lining to the lm-
nenetrable cloud that Shames
its record, is the failure of the
party el power W consummate
its crowning wickedness by the
asaageof the rorce juecuon
ill. . The few Republicans who
reariied our politics from chaos
and our business from paralysis
by defeating the lforce revoiu-
tinnut. win ne crvsiauiseu id
the irrateful memories of the
lU'Dunlic: out u9 miusuuuuCT
niadnes of the defeated party
in exhi ited in the eltort to ex
cluila the bravest and best of its
men from nartv leiiowsnip lor
. ...... .
a conspicuous patriotic service.
Th Fif tv-first Conirress is dead,
ami tne Ami'ncau iwuihu i
very nection of tin Union wil
irivA . fervent tdanks that : its
" . . ... . .1.1 ... . t
,ii.ath is witnout tne duiki w
resurrection.! : . . ..
Rev. Dr. Thomas M. Atk'm
son, one of the oldest and most
prominent ministers of the
V'Kmtivtorian church In ' this
t.t. dhvl auddcntiy at ' his
home in Warronton on tnc Cth
! Rockingham Ilocket: , Dr. If,
E. Shephard, president 'of ' the
Char'eston City college?, may twro;
the next president of 1 obi Uavii
versityn, ..; A -1. U.S.'i:h
I LaOiaD?e Spectatorfc' .TIv
shad BAnnnn haB TnmiiiHiiced in
earnest on the Nedse",' bat W
this timeaBmalI nuttlWaaswi
been caught. t.-ui-4;l'fim'f ai
ItTCin'ston free Pre88.i'Theri8'v'
some complaint ot i scarcitv of 1
labor by. our j farmera.rTT'C'? j
farmers are buying vast quanti-
ties of fertilizer. " The'aWpir;
is noi equal w uw ucmouu.
Oxford Day!' Wood 'fa vert'
scarce here just now; and? some
leople are actually euneringior
uef durinc this Cold ' spell. The
roads ' are. In aueh bad condition'
israeonsfrom thecountrycanw .
hot get to' townvrtvi(J ''"
Mount Air Newai The Coadi5
tionof Mra. 8. Taylor, vwhtU
was so seriously, imured about,
the throat aod Bhouldera by the
robbers, is Bligntiy .oetter, aau
her son. DiV W. ' 8. 1 Taylof,J
speaks very hopefully of her rex
coveryit s . . ,fi 'C
Hickory Pressand Carolinian
The log-boom of the Catawbtf
Lumber Co., hfdke last Suuday
and before it could be repaired
about jl.OOOaogs, were earned
down the river causing a yery,
heavy, loss to the; cotopan.--'
One day last weeks' MeB6r8",W7 "
H. Jones A. u. ratwrsoa
J. B. Field imadet arraid-rand.
captured three blockade, .dis-jv
tilleries.. 1 One about five miles
from Hickory ahdthe other twd;
in the Brittairt settlententOver-
2,000 gallona bt'atill bear was'
poured out, 1.111 ?i?tj u ,11 v
Beaufort Seasideii Thrf fare
neerr of Jlyde cdjnty, ion ac
cou; it of eo Uinro uv raina have
not been able to moveVin , the
way of f arming.-)irrtte8day
night the' 17th ' of MaaT month'
fr Tlnvut .TrmA. Of Cane XOOK4
out Saving Statiofiabwta.mile
South of the camp, tound in j ne
wash rt thA sea the' dead, body
of a man. The bodj waa; with-;
out clothes' 6f anyHnd; - The
arms were.offlat ' the aaouidera
and legs off at the hipa. : uj;
MOTgantonJIeraU: JejWoree- - -
of deadly aocidenta..that have
reiuilted in IS orth uarouna rviu
rotten trestle- work.. ahow -that
they are unsafe, The frightful
cscurrenoe ons ia .v:t
Lenoir last week BpeakS;; eioqut
ently fcr the abolitioaK.ot tue
wooden trestle. No ,.s railroad
ought to I be allowed, v arr
passengers until ita; road. bed
solid and 1 substantiaLt; Iron
bridges ought tos be Jesa.i ex-
fBisive than ;- numan uvea,
he wooded trestle must' go.
Thnmftavilla Xewa: Our read-
era will be pleased to earn that
Mr. W. G. Wood, who naa oeen
blind for ft numborjoc.yfara,
and who recently 1 went to KaT-
eigh to have an operation per-
formed, has recovered ai
and writes that , he can aee aa
well as ever. ' 1 He will, return to
Thomasville shortly rrLft
Grippe ia raging to a coiisidef
able extend- throughQut Aha
country? about town but yery
few cases have oeen reporveu
Thomalville. -'5t4.;;f U r'tUi- 1
Deladlng the Poor Colored Man.
T.nct wapV three hundred ne
groes passed throfighGaifiiville,
Texas, en route to Oklahdnt io
settle there. It is'etated that
nearly all came from easTero
Texas and were a distressed and
hard looking 8et; ' aeanraw ot .
money, clothings -provisldna,
farming implements and every
thing -necessary ' t pre rent
starvation, and; suffering
new country.iJV i.whil man .
from Ok'ahoma.haa beea
prescnt'nsr to thetaUhat they
could aecuie a; good farm at
very little cost , and has aiw. , .
sold to' nearly; erery 'One: Of
.a ' A r . i JmM m Afl
tnese migraung m tyvo a
lot for 1 eachTbeRelots wefe;. ;
represented to' he located" In the ; ..
heart of large towns, and to be, '
worth I10O. tvery nezru"
a deed to aotte imaginary town
lOt.'".' '" ' ' l,,t' 4 -'
1 . aeU.nsltalraifc'Bttf ,-,.
Cultunxl Barber (turnlag from
suffering patron in chair'Say
bot, Where's that othef razor"
Boy I aoi-n a razor-
Cultured UarbeiW'Doti mj
'I Keen.! Bay I aaw
Patron ''With a razor." a
' r ..I 11 ! ni fcTt '
. , htaMMMMtaml ,-
The Orinoco warehouse since
ita opening in October haa been
doing a splendul busineas. The
influence -of .Mesar.;. Watt
Webb ia bringing ,muchi tobac
co to Ymstoh from distant aeo

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