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E.C.HACKSEY. Erittor. fro.
WEDNESDAY;. May 6, 1891,
Why renew the memory of the
great strife? We might simply
answer, Because we cannot help
it; we must remember what is
very near to our hearts. The
cause of our trouble is in the
Crave, and through the rave
our feelings must find expres
sion. The true comfort of i
great sorrow is in its expression
There is a joy in keeping the
grave refreshed in generous re
memb ranee; and when we throw
flowers on the graves of our
fallen braves we find there is a
balm in the act that goes to our
very hearts. The power of nieui
ory is in some respects the most
' important of our acuities The
ancient said that Memory was
the mother of the Muses. There
is a delightful feeling of ideal
ity reviving all our, generous
sympathies with those who have
passed away, while we are thus
in the exercise of calling up
their memories. This senti
ment is one of the most noble in
our nature., it has, moreover,
a tendency to incite to the study
of the highest art. OurAmeri
can art was dull and languish
ing for many years, but it be
gan to revive from the feeling
that found expression in our
cemeteries. Be true, then, we
say, to this sentiment; con
tinue to honor the sacred shrines
of the dead, and the spirit of
progress will be mighty in pro
portion to the ideality of our
remembrance. Through the
memorials of the dead we shall
also learn to study and honor
the majesty of great principles.
Why did these men fall! Was
it because they were moved
merely by a great-impulse, or
the spirit of party faction? N.
Let us award the glory where it
is due to the fallen braves. They
fought for what they consider
ed great principles.
Commutations of punishment
are becoming too common. The;
object of punishment is two-
fold; it is a penalty for gui't ia-j
flicted upon the criminal, and it
is an example and a yarning to
others. A criminal adjudgvAJ
worthy of death or for imprison
ment for a term of years has no
claim to commutation or par
don. For many causes the
impression of crime fading from
the public mind, ths continued
appeils of friends of the crim
inal for mercy, the so' ten ing of
the Executive heart, or his wear
iness under solicitation, the
chances that a criminal server
out his life term are small, and
at the end of a time he is turn
ed out again with the mark of
the convict upon him, exclude 1
from honest employment, hard
enea in crime ana ready 4
much from necessity as from
inclination to repeat his often
ces. :
We do not wish to irttryd
upon our new Governor: hi
duties and responsibilities are
heavy, we think no harm can
eomo from the expression of a
caution on this important que
''the poor ye have always with
yoit," and Jt goes to work to
find them out, and as far .as
"possible, equalize the gifts of
fortune, and aims at least to
drive the gaunt shadow of want
from the door of the hopless
sufferer. " ,
Every community should feel
that in. giving countenance to
such an order it is countennnc
ing its Guardian Angel. It
should strengthen the hands
and uphold the arms of thosw
few, who detaching themselves
from the pleasures and trivial
pursuits of life, give themselves
up to the charge of humanity,
and the relief ot human suffer
ing. - -
' .- m '
Harrison and his family will
'hardly spend the summer, in
Washington. Imagine, if you
can, th$ dullness of Washing
ton for four long months, till
he comes back with his. cigar,
The deserts or the far-off moun
tain peaks are nothing to the
stagnation of thecapitalm mid
summer, with Presideut and
Cabinet members : gone. The
Democrats say they will show
the country in 1802 that a Pres
ident can live .in .Washington
throug i the summer, and that
ho will do as the old Presidents
did, Lincoln, Buchanan, Pierce,
Filmore, Polk, and Van Buren,
ono and all, remumed at the
capita! the year rouud, with,
possibly, a trij of. a fortnight
away. Harrison won't stay,
and his associates and inferiors
follow his example.
If the result of the next Pres
ident! 1 election depends upon
the prudence of fie South, the
victory is already won; for ur
receive a serious chock. On. the
other hand, if the railroads bo-
come grinding, monopolies, dis
regarding thi convenience and
the rights of their patrons, they
will stir up a hostile sentiment
and unfriendly legislation,, and
the prejudices of juries in the
courts will make their pathway
a hard one to travel. Mutual
fairness and justice will be
found the best policy for ov'
different classes and interests.
Sum thing to AvuUI.
A little personal pique, a bit
of wounded .vanity, a sudden
flame of anger, often undoes the
most substantial and faithful
work, and nullifies the most in
telligent and wise action. It is
one painful thing in experience
that effort is often defeated by
these small, purely personal;
and often momentary feelings,
which are generally unintelli
gent and unwise. Life 'would
be freed from some of its most
painful features if men always
acted to each other on a basis of
real justice and intelligence and
left their small personal feelings
and prejudice out of sight A
man's work ought to be judged
by itself and for itself alone and
the strength of a man's position
ought to rest solely upon what
he is able to do And yet most
of us are constantly neutraliz
ing the best work of others be
cause it's not dona in our way
and are constantly failing to do
justice to others became
some small personal pre ju
dices against them. The really
B, P. Hutchinson eo:n:mnly
known a-4 "Oi l H r h.- T vo
years ajo Mr. 'i;!' vi-.i'.;
wealth was os-ir-mlo. nt i nvniy
million dollars to ly h iV,
worm Homing, jus g.uiiKwcre
won from m-m in the Btme line
of business as himself "speca
lators" they are called and his
losses have contributed to their
enrichment. His failure caused
not a ripple of excitement in the
Board of Trade, where he had
long been the most prominent
figure his absence was merely
commented upon that w is all,
Land the strugg'e for gains con
tinues. -"
emethauesulphon is the name
of a chemical preparation re
cently paten ed by a Uerman.
The -widest plank on ea th is
on exhibition in Humboldt, Cal.
It is 10 fee'- in width. It will
tie among- the Humboldt ex
hibits at the World's Fair.
A crab was caught in the
harbor of Victoria, B. C, that
was ttree feet six inches around
the waist. It was presented to
tne Museum or .Natural Science
Artificial eyes are supplied
to all the world from Thuringia,
Germany. Nearly all tlw grown
inhabitants of some of the vil-
lag-s are engaged in their man
An eminent German has been
counting the number of hairs
in human heads of different
colors. In a blonde one he
found U0.000, in a brown ..109.
of 4-10, in in a .black 102,:i:; and
m a red one 88,70, '
A Georgia editor has the fac-
cthers by what they really are
and do, not by their relations to
him. In thus working there is
nt ither time nor streugth to' be
illrt":iv i.li?li'V-r iir Birill run.
pWi,i ie a uu m piwuun.DK iUesailll sti!lmaller prejudices.
. u;- .u; oia vry Tho worlJ dJW ot (laai jQ or.
ui-a.i; m vomeueracy lias tW , w . ..i.. u
strong, clear-sighted man is the " l oa lT un5!U
1 , . ... ,, "'""l 111111,3, UUOli HI it nut'
uuui u i aui w put nunmui DoiQt. He savs: A'e havl.i.
out of the question and to judge down with the grippe six days,
but we are feeling quite cheer
ful as we own a lut m tha eeme
teryand a coffin factory owes
us sio lor a advertisement."
In another column of this paper
ne acknowledges the receipt of
a cheerful little book entitle!,'
Are you ready to die?"
epirtru; tumn'Mme proposes to--t..ntU - A, tha Alnr
o honest work in the best way.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Casiorla.
miss all our resentments, ruid!
projKfse. to cherish no recollec
tions oi.the war, save the mem
ory of the brave men who re
flected honor upon American
valor. Harrison & Co., will be
christened "Zero," in honor of
the four years in which t,oj
oonie or tn? western papers
are dismissing Ben Harrison for
the Ktfcund term ith a "Scat.
As much as is necessary.
Ahvi!la !: f-w(. -
and if that work can be better AsnEViLLE, N. C, M.iy 4. In
done in some other's way than ad.lit'on to tho election for
the one we nnfnr. nuV limine Mayor and Board of Alderman
h to let it be done and rejoice A8h!ViUe tday Vf,t.on lh
in it. If you wish to see things hundred and twentv-fi ve thous-
clearly, and to be just with your and dollars tor city improve-fellow-tnen.
keeD clear of the I ment: Five hundred thousand
fumes'of vanity and the thick 'or street raving: one hurdred
lrr, m , thousand for additional sewer-
a moPphere of merejrsonal a?e, and twenty five thousand
There have been 400 systems
devised for perfecting the mem
ory, and it is just as easy to for
got what one wants to remem
ber and to remember what one
wants to forget as it ever was.
-The camera shows that the
star Vega, one of the brightest
stars in the northern heavens, is
apparently a double star com
posed of two suns, each revolv
ing around a point midway be
tween them.
There are a couple of 15-month-old
babies in Missouri
who sing" Annie Roouey.".
Mr. J. A. Warren, better
known as "Jobe," of Prospect
Hill, Caswell county, has ac
cepted a position with T. J.
Lambe, The Clothier, Hatter and
Gents Furnisher of Durham,
N. C who will be glad to have
h s friends . call and 6ee him
when in the, city. He will al
ways take crreat pleasure in
showing you my entire line of
nne mothrng, bhoes. Hats and
Gents Furnishing Goods, and
Make Prices Low. -
, ' T. J. LAMBE,
The Clothier, Hatter and Gents
105 Main street, DHrhain, N. C.
4 :a
0 0
Men and Boy's
SI if ji
Clothing for the
H&TSfor the P.ub;iu,
SHOES for evoryhjdy; PeaVs: Underwear
courT: or x york.
f2.25 gents' shoo for 02 cento; $2.00 ladv shoe for i n. i no
fiaiters for $2 60; f .00 calf laced shoe tJSnMU
for 88 cents; $(!.(K gents' Hpring suits for $4 75
1030 Main Street,
(Jim iKiilicr uii-1 (li-iiicr
r-i . Hit .
nisjiiUMU uUUlJo
S, 0 DDI'S. J5HO-bV TR
We hare had the presence of
this body in oar midst for years
wehavare&J bt it throughout
the land, but so quiet, so un
obtrusive, so unostentatious in
its operations, that it glides a
loog In a concealed existence,
only making its presence known
by its LleMed deeds of charity,
and the fruit of comfort to the
distressed which sprung up in
its silent but beneficent course
It is "chrwtian ' in the true
sense, It makes tio proclanuw
tionot its deeds, it acts so that
the left hand knoweth not what
the right hand dooth.
Tb prmence tt such an order
in any community seems al
motth assurance of Iiine
favor to it. It is car.-ylng out
practically the precepts of a re
ligion of love and charity. It
works in no field of theory or
abstraction, but gives demon-
at rat Inn (if PArtlPKt firiU'tiViil
m . .
Mvr uiil i ft Liif.
We read today a very timel
article in the Kentucky Trades
Journal upon this subject. It
was mainly upon the questio
of business cl immjs arraying one
against the other.
A very good fable tells us how
the stomach and the different
members of the body once fel
cut, and determined not to have
anything to do with each other,
ft. .. i . a .
job ucau ana arms ana legs
exulted over the fact that Vi'i
fctornach wou d be unable to get
eny supplies, and the stomac
was equally resolved not t
nourish the members. But rf
ter the fight had progressed
little while the stomach foun
t its surprise that it needed the
help of a hea l and hands an
f-t, and those members disco v
erel that they were growing
weaker and, ia fact, could not
tjst along without the stomach,
S they made up their dillY r
enccs. and all was well again
We may learn something from
this old story. The proJucer
and the consumer, the farmer
and the dweller in the cities, tlii
poople vho use the railroads.
.. . I M k ... . ft .. . t . i 1 . . .
u.i'i i ne rainoa ii mat Hi'nvt.'
t'ifir eupport from the pc.i l
l have mutual interest, end
t .eir Khcy should be Vj liv
s ..! let li :e. If o'h; great iljr-
e. t cnHii'H or op; rcss.'ij another,
.Li WtJl siirtl iu)f.fr.
Iak theouecuiMjof the lrpl.-
Al.d tMJ r&ilroivI.4. Th p-onle
haV to travel and ship freight
if they hamper and bedevil the
tu lroa Is m that thy cannot
male a reasonable profit, and
in fact have a6 rights at all,
th;iailroad wiil naturally run
down, and their poor fiuin-
menU will make travel and
tral'.iC incunveuient and dan-
gtrds, it lines would' no
loi.r be built, and the devil
! feeling. Make it a rule to see for public schools.
wjiat a man is and does, and to
value him by these things. A
Irvn may be Very distasteful
to us, and yet be eminently use
ful and successful in the world.
We sow and then hear of and
read of North Carolinians who
have bj past years emigrated ti
other States, ? especially tha
Vv est, returning to their old
mother State to share in her
new prosperity. No doubt many
do so, and if those who have
gone from her to other sections
should all return, North Caro
Una, in that case, would Tiave
the largest population of any
State in the Union. Whilst it
is idle to indulge any such hope,
yet we know that many have
already returned and that hun
dreds more will da so. North
Cirolina moves forward with
steady tread in the great march
of material greatness and pros-
penty-fmoves forward to her
iplondid destiny at tha head of
the colj;nn of great States,
There i. rooia for all who want
to come. Her Ia; 'i full of
preriouj wealth, which she h
willing to distribute among her
lne annronriation was car
ried by one thousand two hun
dred and twenty-two for, and
four hundred and twtde a-
gainst t'.e improvements. -
i "has. D. Buxnton, Democrat
ic canuidate for Mayor, and full
Democratic ticket for Alderman
were elected by a large ma
3 t 1 r.
ou"pna rmii tiru;ie,
I at C:iiir, Dram I h-a, X,um.
Wi.ijK of nil kii,K J. iutfil Fish
sill Netiii.jr, Ci-I As.ii N"iiin,
Set J.'t, .lllll.wV 2,.;; :i(.J ;. li.
K Trout F.'ic, It i- '-, Tioui
U.isUfi. l.urks, hWs l"tv BiH)ki
Aiiiu.'i.i .;,r. K.n'nt on. Uut. aiiri
fvr-rjthiti in tin- l.J.isiff ), kt-
Line. A'ho u,ic H,t' U li.,li,
JIvm lri an 1 V..-1 Hunt
' o. iit 'i in Ciuh , un i ll.uuin c
1 ( I " I fl r
Uui' fur Tu f hlimtniie l l li-
mqr TcU( ' .t di'iriif.
t -.. s i-1; Dr.'MnV 3i
i r l m S " i- c. -'-r 6 fii
i eu-t Ai iun: rv ni3
n-uri' ti, a , i crxi
hifr, H-tn i! w k -, p j r rj mi.
,. pw 4iJ remark tHU
r -fl V A LICKS.
in ins
1st: '( ' n
I in
J l J, Is 1313
Will d; to Mcrchaui- .it .i , -.v Y k I'r.'res. Call and
My ij k.
l- V. .
ft inJji.
K: t e ; Ki"d to nee hU
strait, 'UHUX
ll.-ki i Cixxt ft
I ivc ly.
iii? run m OS
III MMELJllMlTiffl tlSl
Silye--Plated Wnre,
Jewelry, Eye Glasses
, and all kind'- of JIB'
70HTII, f
Orders hv mail
A MhPATi h fr;rn Talleliassc.
Kla, fcays: The fifty-fourth
ballot for United States Stnator
n-sultcd as follows: Call, .;
cr, S7; Lng, 6; Iibxham, 2:
Mays, 1; Jlabry, 1; blank, I.
Thf.ro are indications that the
onti Call factions will spring a
new canaiuaie into the. cuucu.
very on.' ifr. Uh'mo of Oraiue
county, a bhU r antl Call man,
.. i,. . .. ...
nuMic auvoeatinir a
!rtkmg of tlio deadlock.
"his in regarded as a sU p in the
aban lonmurit of Speer. Stuto
Senator Hammond of Orange
county Is sai 1 to bo the coming
nao, and a breai is looked for
nmcl lately. , .
It is m-ldom that th-j public
itnen s a more sudden chauze
f fortune than that reported
11 i ma ..I. j I . i .1 '
will T"rUi) a cho'tv; ll,i9 by j. ,',';,,.'(,,
writiii'; it . . - -,,--' inlu a
1Mb) U '3 !?'. Sir
"the cm o? inmv
Siiiinrb;in Town Hiim of 450
.cr., lormliijr the Nuiilh.
erw CorMr.t() Urulu
ike yiii cilg of the Sfa. A
Buukmm 100 ft wiiU git a t
mi'fe dries around DILWORTIt
anil U ar-nu-, tunning at right
ajtm, nr vsf( consiruettd
. With a clew to mmitary advantage,
fr vwrraj trith water facUUiem.
Vivr one hundred thousand dollar
hat alrm !g been ttmnt on this pro.
I'tiyan-l many more thoummte trill
lie rxjxnM in the near future. The
:nl"rfg Wn the beautiful
h. TTA i'ark of 1W arret, a lorlu
feature of trhirh is Fonyth JU.
HKirjf l?ofl fM Um(i Takrn altom
yrthrr, thin ii th prrftiert rteitrt of
ittrh'ir i -fi-r in the 'Dixie' country
At LA J, i l'a, k thrre are now tn
nt.tr of rmtitriKlMn, and will te
mmoU t -d 1,tf A ,,,,,t , a
rt,toit h'j the cdltrtt
Xfirr.ji ii, ' th f ,-t,if.; t ff Umntit
f -ii d-n'j-ti," ty i r wfha h--r
l" '' " in vl iti- ti r and a
r.t.'rrat ,,- V'rth KmlUk lxtU
t;-n, nt a 4 f.if ten bnUdm.tm aA
. i.:,.,!i.f on-riV lather
;- u!!r: !-: f itures, now
it"! I lfmnj -1 .-iy the .
I . y ' ,l' .'i-)t v -
V- .1 ..
It I. K03ERS, Proprietor
rr'U'M Cosj. Co.
i ,i . ..' ujer at public
; I
Pianos, Pianos!
IJU'l'Jf imildiua lots,
'(Kh-th rnh. Ixilm
' 'I hi rieitite
k it linn, unit tm'
fjHir annual
e have on
r,f t''
DURHAlfL 17. i),
All express ii ka fs sent free
of cliar to any al Ir'.i.
fcjr ri e for s uuph n,
i M ,.. .4 .it,
f' to II.. f .1., r.
,f ! mm
tit -a, i
h c n . 1
lifiid Bid for sa'e all graleof
riaiumnnd Org.uii: but the cus-
. ,". - ; toimr ran abw.lutely rly on the
i . ' . fa t tliiit cue h Iiii,truiiM'Tit sold is
; ' wh)iteri ie-entittole. When
; . ' only one iiitike is kept you have
, " ", . tn. f-pj-oithnily to cempare, and
' - , n iinrii. Ifi-trutn nt can only be
' H j!gl lytf.iipuiwm. Thin you
" ,' - . . iHc.iid,li d tofioiitourKhtatlinh
: n cut bi'i miw e kf-p on hand
1 r. .. . . " hi f. i.tck. We have a lot o
goo t second hand pianos at vee
prices. Terms made to Hult t e pur ha- r.
Wain Street, DUaHAM N. C,
- mar-23 -.,.,-..,-.
purpose. It recgnieHi th fact o
ment cf the country would
124 M?iln St., DUUIf AM, N.
from Chicago ia the cane of

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