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Volume 76-No.6
Relief In Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bla.l
d r diseases relieved in six hour8
by the 'NVw Great South Amer
ican Kidney Cure." Thin new
nmedy is a great surprise n
account of its ex ceding prorapr.
nw lu relieving pain in the
bladder, kidneys, back and ev
ery part of the urinary passages
in iiul. or female. It relieves
retention of water and jiain io
riming it almost immediate) v.
f you wdiit quick relief aiid
euro this 11 your remedy. So d
by Heartt& Farthing.
Druggists, Durham, N C.
Torturing Disfiguring
Skin ' Diseases
f rrvra . th. jrit k la ca m. Inaluit! aJ!ay
Um aauat Imhn ttrttiac. autamt. seat InOM
Hutuoa, (wk rat ajij strap. saJa ra s4
trniawt aurfaw. clnuM Um acajp at nwi
Sa4 memtm, aa4 raauwaa I ha hair. tlThx a
Boaf, tha onj wiliciiwl tnllvt ansa, la Intiic
Hhl, M tlWII( OMM'I HtlllM. ClTf-
fl a Kwum, Um saw blnml an4 tkia port
w aa4 trwwt at kman rn!n, cImhiim
tlM Itkatd l all Imnarltka, ao4 Uina fiao.wa
Imkw. litm im i'iitiiifu R u m n nra
my kuMor of Owtk.a, Scalp, wmI bland, ant
fcM el kift iwm susplrs to scroJuia, tram
mUacf In (, .
SoW Mkl Dm mH4. rito.Cmtru,
sat.) 2M.; (IMntt, It. fnm Dava
as Ca. Cw, IM I'roprWkaa, Soak a.
law a Cat iila rnaaaaaa," ajaUai (m.
"""SKmCa."" "
1 Wirt mrr maa an4 aoataa la la raitat
ttataa iatr.u la IM tia aad H fttk)
a.sua ta aaa af air soaks aa ibsat di
MM. iMiM 8, M. W nolKT. Jtllaau. lit
Sua Ml, and aaa anil a ml e(raa
means so much more than
you imagine serious and
fatal diseases result froml
f trifling ailments neglected '
- Uon t play with mature s
greatest pift health.
W rnaaratatmt 1
asi ml anna, vaai J
tmm all,B""T
a a awtM l
aa Ml nrl,i
ira iaaHMr!M
tars. A H aa.
i tea car aaaiM
arawas Iraa
arf In 4mm at
aaa" Mr
, aa4 It's
It Cures
Dyspepsia, KtdMy m4 Uvtf
NsaralgU, Trouble,
rCoeutipatkxi, tad Blood
MaUrU, f4crvMi nmftU f
Wmbm'i cocnpUlaU.
ia aalr b tal N k rBai t
1 Um aa () anmr. All Mn at !
amawa, (m tmi tt Iwa rr at"ra wa
1 'M ari4 aal ml fa lUaaittal VatM
f t Vtaaa a4 aao4iaa.
taowa CO. MCTlUOtt. Hft
l that aU ao( aa4 It
Mtit af aaaai. riant a U U ttoat
aa4ftUlaa)o ktrava. ,
D.& C.Roses
it ai4 kloam lnloof m ai la not
at trton ttwf ara aa thu ewa rnota.
Onr aa Onkta M Kaa'aUura a III hla
tm aiaka a wlao lrlo tall ho
tnaaa anJ auuv flowar ara mwa at
toaa aatarfn tn4 kaW aaa
few tfeata aqnalt aalL
I'rwa naaaal. aa nil aamt fwa tMt aala.
Ma knna a4 a aMnaia n W aaf ftm!
ainaiias anaa a rtoarrt,
H blur.l roaRO CO
t Waal Ova. Ia.
Ordered to Leave.
A spwial from Tuskegee, Ala.,
last Thursday says: About tweu
ty of tho best citizens of that town
gave one Rev. Mr. Kelly, a white
man from Ohio, a "sumrise party"
at 7 o'clock that night by calling
on him and informine- him
through their siiokesinaa Dr. V.
J. Uuutioi, that his presence there
was obnoxious and disirustinfr tn
the white people of Macon coun
ty, and esjiecially so to the cit
izens of Tuskegee, and that Le
must leave TusKeeee and Maooii
county on the first train which
passoa Liicnaw; the railroad sta
tion, at 1 a. m. or abide the con-
sequences. Kelly is pretending
wa minister, lie claims that
he was 'called" to Dreach to the
negroes of the south.;. Ho.had
been holding a protracted meeting
there in the negro church for the
Daft toil davs. inakimr hcadnimr.
ters with one Thomas Harris,
were he was found by the com
mittee that waited on him. t He
is teaching and practicing social
equality which will never be sub
mitted to by the people of that
section. .
Take Your Choice.
Charlotte KcvafUt. '
There were two notable conven
tions held yesterday the Illinois
Democratic convention and the
Kentucky Republican convention.
e nnd one thing to commend
in the action of each of these con
ventions, and that is the fact that
there was no straddling. -
1 he Democratic and Republi
can parties have records and his
tories. . .
The Democratic party has pro
fessed friendship, and legislated in
the iiitunitt, of the masses.
The Republican party has al
ways legUhited in the interest of
the favored few and. at the ex-
111 e J the masses.
1 ins is the tKwilion of these pu-
ties as subatautiated by their hi
torien It Is further 'substantiated
by their action in yesterday's con-
vt-uiirti. Here is what the Dem
ocrats of Illinois did ' They ad
opted the following resolution
" hcruas, silver and gold have
been the nnnciixil moncv metals
of the world for thousands of yean
and silver money 'recognized and
u41 as honest money between
natiaiu notwith'-itandiug the vary
ing ratios between silver and gold,
. Whereas. The demonetization
of silver has deprived the people
of the free u. and benefits of an
invaluable and original money
metal, and has increased debts
and added to the burdens of the
people by lowering the value of
labor products, aud,
Whereas, The constitution of
the tinted Stales prohibits the
use ol anything but gold and sil
ver coin as legal tender for the
pay incut of debU, thereby recog
inzing that coin compowd of sil
ver and goal is hoiiwt money and
tit ti be um.4 an a legal tuuder;
tliercfore, by the Democracy of
I ImoH, iu convention assembled,
be it, .
"Reaolved, That we are in fa
vor of the use of both gold and
silver as the standard money of
tie tinted btutea, and demand
the free and unlimited coinage of
both inctahJ at the ratio oflO to 1
with ut waiting for the action of
any other nation, and that such
coins shall lx a legal tender lor
all debt, both public and private,
and that all contracts hereafter
executed for the payment of men
ey, whether ingdd, silver or coiu,
may be disregarded by any mon
ey which is by law a by a 1 tender."
The K'epublieans, of Kentucky.
dotted a resolution favoring so
call id sound money and declar
ing against tho free coinage of
silver at any ratio. As rt in
tioJ iced tho resolution, called for
tlie cold "tandartl iu so many
t o dx, but these words were strick
en out.
Thin is tho portion of the (wo
partWt put in striking contra.
The twplfl arecalletl upon to say
which they will take. As for our
positloa, we shall continue, to ad
vcate what U and always' has
been Democratic doctrine, and
that is bimetallism-the tree coin
age of both gold and silver.
Brigg You say the phrenolo
gist who examined your head was
not very complimentary ? Griggs
Hardly; he told me I was fitted
o be leader in society. Life.
Durham, N. C.,
A Legened of Moses.- .
' All tha Year Bound. ' .
Bathia, the daughter of Pharaoh
was not satisfied with merely hav
ing saved tha.child Moses; she de
termined to make him her adop
ted son. and took him to live with
her in the palace. On one occa
sion, while he was still a toddling
child, he narrowly escajwd being
put to death. Tho Princess
brought : him to the Presence
Chamber, where Tharaoh satin
friendly, informal council with
the malevolent Balaam, and took
her seat by her royal father, plac
ing the child upon her knee.
Attracted by tho glitter of the
crown, the infant Moses stretched
out his arms for it, and the great
king, taking it from his own
head, placed it on the babv hrow
ot the future lawgiver. The child
wyea witn it for a time and then
threw it on the erround and stamn-
ed upon it The royal circle was
seized with consternation. It was
the age of portents and auguries;
of what might not such an act be
ominous f From Balaam, malig
nant in mind as distorted in body,
came counsel prompt and grim.
The act, he saidwas, despite
the child's tender age,- fraught
witn signincant intent. If Phar
aoh would reigc in peace, he
must slay the sacrilegious infant
Fortunately for Moses. Pharaoh
to employ the language of the
law reports or our own day
"took time to consider his deci
sion," and to assist him thereto
convened a full council. At this
council Jethro successfully de-
J 1 a a aaaia
ienaea tne unconscious child who
was fated to become his son-in-law.
. The Eulogy.
The eulogy of Senator Voorhces
on the late Secretary Gresham, al
though compressed into a short
telegram, scut to Sergeant at
Arms Bright of the Senate, will
hardly be surpassed by any of the
many longer ones written or spok
en. Mr. Voorhces said: ''Indiana
is in mourning for her most dis
tinguished native-born son. Of
commanding ability, stainless hon
or and undaunted courage, Walter
l. Uresham lived and died the
great soldier, the great jurist, and
the great Secretary. - No manlier
spirit was ever called, from earth,
no truer or more patriotic heart
ever teased to beat He loved his
neighbor as himself and his coun
try more than himself. His name
and fame will continue to live on
the best pages of American histo
ry as long as that history itclf
endures. You and I will never
Iook upon his like again. The
public service loses a statesman,
vou and I lose a friend beloved.
May Go8 bless the bereaved ones
in his darkened home."
Facta About It.
The current issue of the Man
ufacturers' Record, of Baltimore,
provides realizing sense of the
revolution now in possession of the
cotton industry of the country,
and as this revolution is located in
the South the cause of the change
is markedly due to the materia)
development ol that section.
The South no longer simply
grows cotton to send away. The
cotton is spun and woven into
goods right at home. Figures
presented by the Manufacturers
Kecord show that of the 85,000,.
Out) cotton spindles in the world
half are in Great Brit tin aud
about 16,000,000 are in this coun
try. In 1XQ there were I0 mills
with 607,000 spindles in the South;
in 1890 there were mills and
1,700,000 spindles, and on De
cember 31, 1891, thcr,e were 42-i
mills and 8,000,000 spindles, with
mills now building Uiat will add
500,000 more spindles.
In the remainder of the country
the increase was from 0,08(1,000
spindles in 188) to 12,777,000 in
lniM. 'i i ms is an cxniui oi gain
in the South of 270 per cent, in
thirteen years and in tho rest of
the country or only 28 per cent.
The New South is forcing ahead,
and the best thing almtit it is that
Southern capital is finding its way
into the various industries, nota
bly that of cotton. Phila. Times.
Tim Fall River mills, which re
ccntly advanced the wages of ail
(tinnruirntivna. rmiil diviiletiil.4 dur
a. . 1
ing the past three month, nmotint-
imr to I'll 5.375 oil a capital stock
of 122,000,000. This importaut
; Wednesday,
tcntion of the organs. So large a
sum of money-earned and paid to
stockholders right on top of a very
material increase in wages, coupled
with the trade announcement that
"prospects are' good for 'an in
crease of business," is worthy of
some notice, if no other way than
as news, but the organs are silent.
The better times, however, are
here.. The wire and nail mills of
Pennsylvania " aud Illinois, savs
the Philadelphia Times, controll
ed by a syndicate, gave a teu per
cent, advance in wages Juuo 1;
the Calument and Ilecla Mining
Company, of Michigan, ha re
stored the rate paid in October,
lo'Jj; the pneo of copier euables
the operators to pay laborers in
tup mills as good wages as tkiiled
miners make on the ranges. The9e
samples of the returning tido all
are all to the credit of the past
week. ' - . ,: . - . -
By and by the demagogues and
the" organs will recognize the truth
of returning prosperity and then
the truth will be all the harder to
tell. ......
Cast a Line tor Yourself.
Great TU'itlU. "
A young man islood listlessly
watching some anglers on a bridge.
lie was poor ana .dejected. At
last, approaching basket filled
with wholesome-looking fish, he
sighed: - "If, now I had these I
would be happy.tl could sell
them at a fair prka 'and buy me
food end lodgings.
"1 will give you as many, and
just as good fish," said the owner,
who had chanced to overhear his
words, "if you will do me a trilling
"And what is that?" asked the
other. . '
"Only to tend this line till I
come back.; I wMi to go- ou a
short errand." ' .
The proposal was gladly ac
cepted. The old man was gone so
long that the youndt man becan
to be , impatient Meanwhile the
hungry fish snapped greedily at
the baited hook, aud the young
man lost all his depression iu the
excitement of pulling the n in;
and when the owner of tho line
returned he had taught a large
number. Counting out from them
as many as were In the basket
and presenting them to the young
man, the old fisherman said: "1
fulfill my promise from the fish
you have caught to teach you,
whenever you see others earning
what you need, waste no time in
fruitless wishing, but cast aline
for yourself!" t: .'
. How Silver Is Growing. .'
.The New York World, with its
usual enterprise vud iudustry, sent
out last week to all members of
the next Congress telegraphic in
quiries as to their views upon the
three prominent questions as fol
lows: -
Do you favor a single gold
standard or free coinage?
Do you favor further Lirifl
changes? w
Do you favor the i rinciple ol
income lax 7
In reply to these inquiries the
orld je-eived responses from lift
members, but a number of the
members are supiHiscd to be ab
sent from their homes, tho pwl-
olhccsof others are not known,
aud some, jcrhajs, may not want
to commit themselves at all. Out
of the 116 who give positive re
pl.'cs55 are for free silver, 41 for
bimetallism and 17 for the cold
standard. That means that !) of
them are for ilvcr only 17 foi
gold monomettlisni. It is fair to
presume that the other meintof?
of the new Congress stand in about
the same proportion, so that the
next Congress, though largely Re
publican, may be considered ac
overwhelmingly in lavor of the
fr.o coinage of silver ami ngainst
the auminist?ations ound mon
ey" idea of gold monometallism.
A few details by Stales,-as the
World says, will le interesting. It
appears that Alabama. Arkansas,
California, Colorado, Florida, Ida
ho, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada,
North Carolina, South Carolina,
South Dakota, Virginia, Wash
ington and Wyoming are solid for
silver so far as heard from.
The bimetallism ore chiefly in
Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, In
diana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana,
Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,
Nebrasla, Ohio, Pennsylvania
and et irgima.
New York, New Jersey. Tinn
sylvauia, Rhode Island, Massa
June 12, 1895.
chusetts and .Virginia have the
gold advocates.
Only 'two members from Ten
nessee have yet responded, one of
whom is lor the "unlimited free
coinage of silver at 16 to 1," and
the other for "bimetallism." All
the members from that Stato ex
cept Cuckoo Patterson, are sup
posed to be strong for silver. It
will be seen that the goldkigs
flock only, around - New York,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Rhode
Island,' Massachusetts and Ver-
niout, all under the shadow and
influence of Wall Street and its
money power. The masses of the
people are for silver everywhere
else. -
. Republicans Divided.
SL Louis Rc'i'uM lean.
The division in the KcpuMicau
party on the silver question prom
ises to be much more serious limn
the party press is willing to ad . it.
Tom Carter, Senator Cameron and
a number- of other stalwarts are
sanguine that the silver men will
control the Republican National
Convention next year. That the
gold-bugs will not have a walk
over is as certain as anything in
politics can be.
Even the Y estliche Pott con
cedes a minority of over a third of
the delegates to the freesilverities
in the convention. It gives them
23 States with 301 delegates and
all the Territories with 18 more".
Alaska and the District of Col
umbia aro included aniong the
latter, as is also Utah, which will
probably be a State at the time of
the convention. Delegates from
Territories and the District of Col
umbia will vote the' same as those
representing States. So it matters
little whether Utah is represented
as a State or a Territory.
Here, Chen, are 322 votes vir?
tually conceded to tho 16 to 1 free
coinage Republicans, and the to
tal vote of the convention will be
only 906. Their strength will in
all probability be even greater.
In the. W estliche Post s table the
delegations from Arkansas, Iowa,
Louisiana,' Minnesota, Michigan,
lsconsm, Missouri, North Caro
lina, West Virginia and Texas are
all set down as sure for an out-and-out
gold standard. Tho truth
is, however, that some of them are
likely to favor free silver coinage
and the others may be considered
doubtful. Even Illinois. Indiana
and Ohio might be put in the
the same class, for not oije of them
is certain to indorse gold monomc-
talism. ' ' - t
The doubtful States, including
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, will
have 312 delegates in the con
vention, and if only half of them
side with the free coinage silver
itea from the State practically
given up by the Wesiliche Post,
the Cameron-Carter wing of the
party will control the conventtou.
vVith only half of thr delegates
from the doubtful etites, thesil
ver Republicans will make the
platform atd select tho party's
candidates for President and ice-
President They can do all this
and have 2 1 votes to snare.
Illinois, ( hio, ' In liana.' "u-
cousin and Missouri may all V( te
with the goldbugs in the Repub
lican Convention and enough
votes will lie left among th .
classed as dou'l'ul to defeat t ei.
platform ai.d undidates ui d
ry the convention for free com.ige.
The. Republican organs have
been having a good deal of amuse
ment over the divisions iu the
Democratic party on the currency
questioti, but the laugh will boon
our side lieforc the summer is over.
Washington, June io Presi
dent ana Commissioner Miller have
gone fishing in Gocse creek, near
Petersburg, Va. Mr. Cleveland
will , return iu time for cabinet
meeting tomorrow morning.
The oath of t office was adoiinis
tered by Chief Justice Fuller this
morning to the secretary of state,
Hon. Richard II. Olenjr.
Attorney General Harmon is at
his home in Cincinnati closing up
his business. He is expected in
a few days. . Politically he is al
most unknown, but the few gentle
men from his own state who know
him say he is a good lawyer.
Fifty clerks were dismissed In
the pension office Saturday. Among
these were Miss Lessy G randy, of
Klizabcth City, N. C, who has
held a position here for about fif
teen years.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Absolutely pcjde
Dorsey Claggett, an old citizen
of the Disti ict, was appointed col
lector of customs for this port late
Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Charles Daniels, brother of
Josephus Daniels, of the News and
Observer, has been promoted in the
land office.
The war department has eranted
a medal of honor to Col. Clinton
Gulley, of Hickory, N, C, for gal
lant conduct during the war. He
was a Federal soldier of the brave-
est sort and is now a useful Citizen
of North ' Carolina. The South
should encourage such settlers.
Consul General Reynair Wil
liams, ot Havana, Cuba, is here.
It is rumored that he is "personna
non grata" with tfie Spanish au
thorities and may be succeeded by
some other man.
"What kind of a reptile is that?"
she asked, pointing to a 6ilver coil
with ruby eySS in the jewelry store.
"I think it's a garter snake," he
repMed. And ; she didn't ask any
more questions for five minutes.
Philadelphia Record.
Commuter What do you mean
by saying that that house isnly
five minutes from the sta'tion? It's
fifteen minutes if it's a second.
Real Estate Dealer When I said
five minutes I supposed you, had a
bicycle. Boston Transcript'.
Fuddv What's the tronWe with
Caudle and his wife ? Duddy
She has sued him -for breach of
promise. Fuddy Breach of
promise 1 How can that be, when
they are married ? Duddy-Why
she married him for his money,
and he declines to give up the
money. Boston Transcript.
Putting Him on His Mettle
"Doctor said the sick man, who is
painfully shrewd, "I , haven't a
do lar to leave to posterity.
not a square inch of real estate,
nor a scrap of personal property."
I don t quite src how that con
cerns me." "1 dunno that it does
in perticular. Only I was hopin'.
that I'd get well right soon so's to
hustle around and earn money to
pay your bill. Washington Star.
The first cotton bloom of the
season was brought into the Mo
bile Cotton Exchange Monday.
What is
f V 'V 'nv"i v ,
V I i Y jsj-"-ti i v W
Castoria la Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
add Children. It contains neither Opium. Morphine nor.
other Narcotic substance. It fa ft harmless substitute-
- for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. It guarantee) Is thirty yean' use by
Million of Mothers. Castorla destroys Worms and allays
fererlahness. Castorla prevents vomiting Sour Card
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic Castorla relieve
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulencja
CastorU assimilates the food, regulates tha stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Caa
torU is tho Children's Panacea tha Mother's Friend. ,
" Canada It aa aaavUrat tnollrina (.a? rbfl
tnm. Mothrn kaS fvpoatxlljr luM ma at IU
goo aflaat tapoa thair duldrra."
6a, O. C Osama,
' ' Lowell, Mart.
Oantdria It ttia"bsal tmrnif tor ehildraa of
hlo I am arq-atiotrd. I anfw thada- laf
far dMant tVa moUwn will onaaUar tha nal
kitrrm at their thiMn-a, aad aaa Caatnria la.
mumi mt IhafsriDnaqaark aortrnmtahlrii arc
aVatni) li taHr tend eeaa, hj foreim opium,
aaorpaiaa, BooOiinf aynip atxl othar aMthd
atanta aoaa thea? throata, laarrhr starting
UMtapmBatartgraaas." r
Pa. 1. 1. tmenwuM,
Caaa-ar, Ark. I
Tkm CaaUar Csasy, TI If
Established 1820.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The bloom is five days later than
last year. -
Prof. E. E. Barnard, astronomer
of the Lick Observatory, has pre.
sented his resignation to the board
of regents of the University of Cal
ifornia, to take effect next October.
The New York board of police
commissioners adopted a resolu
tion Monday dismissing from the
force Inspector McLaughlin, who
was last week found guilty of ex
tortion. ,
The explosion of the purifier of
the Crystal Ice Company, at Co
lumbus, Ohio, Monday, killed
Fletchea Sells, engineer, destroyed
several thousand dollars worth of
property, and placed in jeopardy
$50,000 stock in cold storage.
Every 'saloon in Des Moines.
Iowa, was closed Monday, by or
der of Judge Spurrierr of the dis
trict court, holding that the so
called . consent statement lacked
sufficient signatures to entitle the
saloons to the bar feature of the
mulct law. An appeal will be
taken immediately.
Near Sidney, Ohio, eight cars
were demolished in a treisht wreck
on the Big Four Monday. Eight
tramps were in a car. Four es
caped with slight bruises. Ed Ev
ans, Stephen Goddinger. and an
other unknown were taken out
dead. George Brown, of Letonia
was fatally injured.
William P. Robinson, indicted
on three charges of grand larceny
one in the first decree and two
- o - -
in the second for embezzling
about $7,000 from his employers,
1 illottsoa & Son, the Englishing
publishing house, pleaded not
guilty before Judge Cowing in the
New York special sessions Mon
day, and, was remanded. .
Governor Morton has revoked
the requisition granted for the ar
rest and return of Antonie Maskato
to Charleston, S. C, -which was
granted recently, because the par
ties interested in securing it have
been trying to use it to extort
money from ? Maskato, who is
guilty, it appears, of only a simple
breach of trust
Children Cry for Pitcher's CastorK
v m n . V V.'.V.' ' v -w
" Caaloria b saaaU adaptai toaiAarsa aVU
kaova at aja."
8. A.Aaeaaa,M.B4
ill to. OtfotJ Si, twoslya, K. T.
"Onrparslriaal la tba tsiMraas Sapara
hoI aaaa spokaa kichlr at laatr Sxpart.
aaoa la Uwlr atatda prartfaa am Caatirts,
aa4 allboata aa aalr kaaa aawag aar
adkal auppUea aal Is kaawa a rafalar
pnxluets, fat art fras at saafaas Uat U
aiartMal Castorla bas as as a) loak W
basf apnaH."
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