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-gies, Surries. Harness, Winter Lap Robes,- Carriage
Iters, Storm Fronts, Horse Blankets, etc.
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is in Vehicles and Harness. '
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vocatlug a system of federal and state
owned railroads.
With one or two exceptions the states
east and west that have gone Repub-
lionn nonai v were rouna in line, me
Democrats carrying Rhode Island, Mln
nesota, Oregon and Nevada, controlling
Oklahoma's constitutional convention
nri recovering some lost ground In
Missouri. I . ,.-;' ; ;; . r '. '" ?
Under the stress of ranch radical talk
fn both the older parties the Socialists
didn't make so big a showing as they
expected, - especially,
In view of the Impe
tus given to their
movement by such
notable accessions as
Chicago's young mil
lionaire, Joseph Me
dlll Patterson. , who
resigned MARCH 9
as Mayor Dunne's
commissioner of pub
lic works, and J. G.
Thelps Stokes, the
wealthy New York
aettlement worker.
The conference of radicals at the Stan
ford (Conn.) Phelns-Stokes homo In
March Is likely to be a laudmark In the
history of American socialism. Tlie or
fli lnl count iudlcated a gam. .'
Mnnlclnal ownership was voted In
bv Scsttle and Omaha. Chicago voted
for the municipal ownership, but not
operation, of her street car lines
a nrtst election problem which the
new year luherita la California's eep
rate school Plan for Japanese, against
which the president bus taken strong
rround in his message to evgre
Another Issue was , raised by the
nrpsi.li'iifs dismissal of three com
panies of negro soldiers for shielding
men charted with murderous riots at
Brownsville. Tex. On motion of Sen
ators Penrose and Foraker the papers
in the case were called for,
Texas Democrats made It warm for
Bailey because of bit alleged oil trust
Joseph MM III
Patterson. -
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I WlnsVm special to Greensboro In
dustrial News: CIU Brannou. a white
man, about 34 years old, who waa
shot la the left t4d, ttnir Br io's pond,
.Monday nlfbl la at the honpltal la a
pnemrim condluoo. rneumonia oaa
derelopd at4 lHtle hop for hlg re
Scorery H trUlnHl. An operation
wai prformd upon tha wounded man
ao hwtr or two aftr th nhootlnif, but
t the bhyttdana failed to Icicata the
balL It perforated the lntUDa In
mia nr two htaTMl. John Gordon, a
I married man, who la chanted with
ahootln Ilmnnon. Is In Jail. He al
I It gee that ho waa trod the Imprr
I clon that hie plalol wan fcmded with
I Wnnk rrtrlda. Gnrdm a!to elalrna
I that the trouble bHween lilm nd
I Bronnon waa canid by Brennon try
I Ing fo Ulte hie IGordon't) wlf away
I from hlrr. Cap. J. M. ftfl.lnon. tor
I oner. fIMwr Itrannon In-fore th op
I tratlon w p tfornn d and b'-lng toM
by th bfarajcian that tha wound
night prote fatal, toilc down the
tUtprnent rude try Braonon tinder
oattLfMENj-dtn hta btruble with Gor
don. Gordon waa ahot In the, left
arm. The ball entered Bear the ei-
how a nit nm nut BMF the wrlat.
Cordon' wife baa made two or three
conflicting; atatemeala to the ofneera.
YMtordav ah Mid that aha and her
htuband had not been llrlng togeth
er for aome time, ThU morning ahe
denied earing thia, claiming that they
had niter asperate
If we wanted to make the people
of the stale; utterly tnwerawe we
would have everyone make a hew
year's relullon (and keep HI to
atop dlamiwlng the manner lit which
their would . imorove the war lttr
ple are attending lo their own bual-
nt'M. Gre Of Ixiro In lutilal Xewa.
A lurvey of the rarloua natloaalltlea
bowt a decided drift toward iarai
tnatittitlona and standards.
ENOLAXD.-To beRln with, the elec
tion of a new Brltlab parliament last
January reaultod In an overwhelming
ri-t,rr foe the Lltieral wrty. ouallfled
only by the sudden riae of a powerful
labor nartv. Csmpliell Banneruau In
iu Hour's Place org?n!ied a strong
coniplte mlnlatry of self made men.
The narliameut stood wllfj 5.f uoer
sis, 1M t'nlonUt. 83 Xatitttwllat and
rii i j'.riti. When the king's speech
frankly deckrwl fr a radical home
rule nolley in Irtland the omwwitlon
mmlnnl milV etshtT-elEtlt VOtCS. X
iKnconformlitt edutln bill paiwed
by ths .tnmtis Arttll. 22 waa op
noxed bv the lord. Engiana act a wf
t .nfi!,J.;r nattern with, the
Lmnrhtnir of the IireadjiouBht. IT.H
VS. a pattern w hich Germany, America,
!! Jarxin and others were not
WW tit foil J w.
1'Ua'XCE. Oment Armatod Fal
IItm aa clectiM ire!ilent JAN. IT
Trtmbhi over the cbun Inventory
leen In tVl.ru.try. and a cm lit ion of
CkTh-ala and Sclallt drfeattxl tlie
Konrler niiiiltry In VjLtvh, M. Karrlen
teewmmjj pre
mier. Troop
m'ere nwary
lo queil the
iMffmw mine
utrike rM aft
rr the fitt! ex
rthmion at four
rler. In which
n.re than l.ftO
men I't their
lives. Here was
felt tlx strong
hand f M. Tlt-
wnct-aa. then
mlclnter f the
Interim, who aucCCMiuUy beaded oft a
lain revolt when the peTs 1 strike
waa declrtivd. MAT 1, In the uvcvcd
Ins elect inns the government s ana
Miue-U and on tN.T. W flntcuceso
ancit-wlanl Karrlctt aa iT-niW'r and
broittcht (VhiiH-l i'lctinart vlndi atlon
t.v niaklna blm war minuter. 1 tie con
demnatWm of Itreyfus had liecu Jnally
aniiulliHl ti the sutrem o.rtrt. Jl i.i
12. sttd be bad Ieen rectored f th
armv. with command f a dlvlnlnn
fb-nn-nn-so's great crll came, ItKC.
11, wlw n with r.nn band be troceeded
ia eiecute the aetm ration law, sendlnc
tha mitie'a aniltaaaador to the frontier
and taking forcible pnsaeesion of the
church prtierfy. !'aalve realtane
waa nreed liv the church leaders.
Itl KSIA.-The rear announced on
Al'ltlL a constitution, the purpoae
of which was te retain Lis control of
ths armr and navy, to declare bH
rtsht to diaaolve the drama and to give
the upper bouse, or council of state.
the right to pass upon ail legislation.
Thna rlrenmacrlbed. the first Kuaalsa
parliament wss opened at Bt 1'elers
bug MAY 10 by the cur In person. The
roiiatitutkHtal l)emorrsls were la a
large majority, aud there waa a large
reaaat reureseatatloa. A strwug aa
dreaa demanding Political amnesty.
universal suffrage, land for pesianta
aod leglalsUve inoepenuence or me
duuma was adopted, but it was reject
d bv Premier tloretttikla. After talk
log contlnuouaiy for two tnontns ana
eleven data without tangible result
the douma suddenly was dlasolred by
the rear Jl LT 23.
Tha reiireaalve meanires which had
been uaed agalnat the lllterul claaaes
by Mlnlater ef the interior Pwrnovo
tm how Inlennlfled Under the pre-
mlershfp of 3d. Ktolypln, thouaands of
Inlellectunls being bnlhed to RHieria
and many serious Hebrew moacres
renultlng, tlw wort of which were at
l!Ialyt.k on Jt'XK 17 and at Kleillee
on HVAT. S. Hcr.rei!,n wss anawer
ed by terrorism and SHSwIna lon, and
a series of pen taut ttprlslufa begin
ulng JUtT 20 destroyed many One es
tates and apoiled the crops. , .
On JULY 30 In anticipation of the
long expected general strike there be
gan a uumuer or Diooay mutinies st
Bveaborg, Finland, at Cronatadt, at Ro
yal and on the Black sea. ' Mutinies
nlso occurred frequently In the army,
even the czar's guard regiment being
affected. The bulk of the army and
navy remained loyal, however, ana
these sporadic revolts were crushed
with s kmrn hand. The ceneral strike.
too, proved Ineffective. Famine la Bus-
sla a winter guest.
GEBMANY,Bnrrlng the costly colo
nial war In southwest Africa, which
caused the dissolution of the reichstag
UKU.': la, tne saiser s peopie una a
biiav and nrosnefous year. Tiie effect
of the treaty s'gned at ALoelras, Spain,
AmiL 7, providing a Jolut interna
tlonal control In Morocco, was proof
enough that the Angio-rreuca amance
could not Ignore Germany. A grandson
to the kahier was born JULY 4.
SPAIX.rTwo events within the Span
tah r..nlm eommanded the stteutlon of
the world. One was the International
conference at Algeclras. The other was
the bomb-punctured wedding ceremo
ny of King Alfonso and Princess Ena
at Madrid MAY 31.
NORWAY. At Norway's ancient cat).
Itnl. Trondbjem. JUNE 22, the newly
elected King Haakon VII. and gueen
It unit were crowned.
rEnsiA.-The ace-loua hvnuotic srK'11
of nbitolutlHiu wblcb Jind held back
nrocretis In Persia cave way at last bo-
fore the Influence of miasm's terrific
ferment The leading merchants ana
mulluhs voiced the saturation for awilf
government, end th shah convoked a
representative assembly to be known
aa the bouse of justice JAN. 24 and
minted a constitution AUG. 15.
Palma of C'nba beiran bia second terra
MAY 20. with the Islaud republic ap
parently making good progress towsru
security, opposition of the defeated
IJtterals bavin subsided, but sudden
ly, about the middle of August, a num
ber of Liberal
leaders were ar
rested, and Gen
eral Pino Guer
ra beaded a
atreng force of -
rebels la Ptnar
del Rio. An of
fer of sntnesty
wss rejected
and martial law
declared. Sever
al fatal clashes
occurred before
sn armlatlce
was arrange!
by Messrs. Taft
and Rscon. sent
bv Pretfldetit HomtevelL SEPT, 10. The
abdication of Ialma when he fotmd
that the American government was not
dltiit to lutervene In bis favor com-
pelled Taft to proclaim himself provi
sional governor, PKIT. CK ami to can
for surilcteut naval and military sup
port to overawe the warrlug factious.
Later Taft was succeeded by Mason.
Pannma aul Colombia male a treaty
of ficsce Al". 1. Since January Ven
ezuela and France have ceeaeil diplo
mat!; rebitlohn. Pretident i astro' iuit
offl.-e, a sik mau. All the S-wtb ait
(Vtitrnl American rouutrles were m"re-
aeutcd at the jwn-Amerli-su cnigres
at l:h Ue Janeiro In Ausu-t lltey iv
vored a general arbitration eoiivetmon
to be enacted by lite Hague conference
and epproved the lrao doctrine.
JAPAN. After cettlnz ber grin on
the t1. 1 rune trade Japan cohd-eeiMled
to otiea the d'r Into Mntx-uitna in
Marcit, and the new wovkl iowcr or
the orient was euange.1 In May la mak
ing a new tariff law with retaliatory
and ifttevtlve fVsturr. A mt amas-
Ing ft-atnre f Japen's pmgress was the
t.t!Annl tin nt all Iii-r Iiiiltxtrles.
CHlXAEvi-o theni1itee pule ap
pears st Inst to le throbbing with the
eoniutmi aspiration for ludlvklunl ex
t,rei"ilit ntnler iHtuInr govemntent.
and by the di-rre of the sgil empress
a (N.mmliwbii of dlstinsrnUhed runs-
men vUited western nations and re
turned to begin the creation of a con-
stitutlm for ibna.
K0.O.-Tlie relgla msnagemeiit
of the vast Kongo estate became an
acute I ntenta tlonal Isane late in the
year when the British government sug
geat the possibility of Intervention
In the name of humanity. Leopolds
lobby at Washington wss eiposed, snd
the senate was expected to act on the
Lodge resolution.
" Here's one of the Swellest
Suits you will see this season
j a late University model. The
j style is becoming: to almost
every figure, the doth and
; tailoring are far better than
the average, and all things
considered it is one of the rrt-iJ
attractive designs we have J
seen. J-n
' Our guarantee aud the makers'
rith every Suit. We know these
" (arments are superior in Style,
fit and Finish to anything of .the
Jind you can buy. .,
iThe coht is moderate 1 15 to $30
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ttaterials and good tailoring. Come
aid look.
wife, J
Pino Uucrra.
r I.-..--
51 n Stre
Glass. NoveltUd IM
quarters for
U6 West. Ma
tYRD & CO.'S
U inr?s tf .Teweirv. Watches.
fl I" - - r
Ji fjiana-rainiea unina. j
flnxind Flat Ware. Also Hea
Isepd Spt ctacles.
ffiBYRD & CO.,
I f
State and FederaJ
Decitiona AnUloniie Trusts
Missouri, whose attorney general
wss nressln certain telling Questions
unon efflclals of the Klamlsra on com
rtanv at New York lo the first week
of the year, was the state and St Louis
the city in wblcb the federal attorney
arenerai beaan formal proceedings,
NOV. 13. to dissolve this ssme huge
corporation with thinly veiled threats
of criminal action against Its creator,
Itockefeller. and bis official associates,
This ault was the culmination of the
Investigations utlmrlied by congress
snd eondrjeted bv Garfield and the com
merce commission. The uarneia re
twirt bad tironsht with It the presl-
tnnt'a nfflHal denunciation of the Stand
ard's Illegal practices. MAY 4. and the
etialletiee from the nation's cltier was
boldly accepted by the Stsndard offl-
elata In a statement denying the
eharirea and rebsklng the president.
nut it mma ned for Ohio to tae the
brunt of the year's legal battle against
the oil trust. At t lndiny in juiy a
suit was started under the state sntl
trust law, and John I. Rockefeller was
aninmotied. TbnmKh counsel he plead
ed hot guilty, end on OCT. 0 the state
bcL-sn a brondh!e rasa ngnlnst the
Standard Oil Com
charge of consplm
all the officials N
OCT. 19 ths Jury
pany guilty, and t
a day. retroactiv
Jul4e Ikiuker. Tb
Tie Xew York '
pronei-utcd for rell, h t
trnt and tiueii
sugsir trut was t
cellig t.H rebates
Pri.ir to th! oil
beef packers brvn;
gn on criminal ch
free on the decla
pbrey. holding tha
tH- U tlH-lr textii
MMn,iitiiiv ttt (
City JUNE 12 four
mtr. Swift, Cutifc
In near.y !'
blimtliMis of .Jl
tl fir eons; ,, 1
tlie imwt I'
tlon Iw-ing '-?mt '
ers, who wore not
out on bond sud 1
delpbia the Indiete
with a ifttnUinl flue
sgalmd a sin-ond off'
lUstrkt Attorney
York mwe-t.il that i
In 2 on w hich t lirts
Mutual, but the X.r
still under scrutiny
agtilust the Biirulian
the Mutual !tecrve
Iecember, (ieorge I
convlctiHl of larceny
Supreme court de
Holding It to tie
to deal In any cum
bank that the rs
through routes; up!
Durham, N.
Iv.nn the
ttj trsde.
jie com-
f f5.ono
iirel by
-Md was
m sugar
bllo the
.s ft re
ts the big
j-t Chics-
fnutie scot
..re Hum-
tT immune
i.-cn rivti
;i,icker Ar-
,?orris - were
abates from
cities com-
iert attack-
1 g up prices.
ftil proeecu-
r Toledo deal-
nd but who
r but lat-r gut
L-rd. At ?hlla-
t men gut rr
1 were warned
.tune ef Xew
mid flndinotb-
am asatit-t the '
York Llff was'
sud tlie cam-s ,
aud Khlrldgs of i
ante to trial In I
tihaut, Jr, being
days SKIT, 'Z22 resulted In tet
tee vioieut tk-aths, mostly or negi
arrt'nt whm no charge lay. At i
burj, X. C. AUG. C, six negroes
ctsJ of Uiunler were lynched. (
nnijiitlr two of the molt were tr
and ntcuivd to fifteen years' Imt
ounitit. j
Danonl and Fear)'
Tale Scientific Honors
After vt-uturie of dreaming and
piTimratatbu It was tlie privlleg
the ycir l:s to see man's ilrst !
Vhanlcil us v U.n of the air fn;
st-indiit: start in a screw prfy'i
aerl:i'ie. This '. accoiupliihi'!
M. Sautie. Intiitotit at Paris, SErT,
and lu later flight he won tlie f l
prlM b Cj lug over a kilometer fri
standiiti start. Lieutenant Labm
American, won
lntemationnl , I
loon rrtt-e from 1
Is. tM'T. 1.
In ipuliir et
tion no work (
yenr rnnks hi
tlum that of lU
I'.. Peary, who
rled the star
the lonesome j
night to the eighty -seventh 'parallW
fisiiid a way to reach the lole j
trip. Wrllman got bis big all
ready St Dane's lslaml, but defen
start till next year.
Pnlty was again the keynote
liglnus and philanthropic effort.,
MAY 21 the union of the Presbyt
snd Ctimlterland iYesbyterlan cbd
was eompletetl, although a minor
the latter began a dissenting
nifht ConarennonaliBt. MetW
M. BUiitvs-IhJttiwnt.
strip's through
Ions were:
gal for railroads
.lltles which they i
Z iZ Sl rheYtu hin United ntbren planned a
ad vawreui rsliroaAjing the Michigan 1 , .tdi-it m
sourl'a appeal sltat: refusing Mis-1 ln. u,
drainage canal; upasnst the Chicago ....,.. ..,rfn-, v
slon of Chlcsgo stM,okllni the sispen- Vf""? " , " V
for ulnrty-uln. ye.it rallw.y chaAers " S, J
trsct rights tber.un.1, but not the con-i ' .t IS
r ,. m " Mrs, Parsons' book mentioning th
elnnatl beld that an t Loula and On- rii' i"rrlage In the distant I
not rollect bills by lettllegal trust eould rtn" PM ou,crf of
in rebrusry ue atrsl process. . r,"'r "i" '
Morer aud Secretarrrent of President 1 talked of.
Western federation . Haywood of the I The bureau of labor aald the
er with a member, U Miners, togetb-1 Hlfg d gone up nenny m
vsr, on uie cuarge ottiuone, at icn
the murder of es-C.f having planned
berg la )ecember, lorernoc Steunen
haaty Imprlaomnettt I 10a and . their
extradition formaiiLitt Idaho without
.'l..u iiwmimyi .r V U-TU .BIB- - , r .'1 1 1 n, . ' "
ui.it. k i.ita . .. .1 f .1.- mmIm tmellnnn
habeas corpus apfiealidlng their trial a Frandsco, APRIL 17. ami of VI
1 ue supreme cvuri waa carrH'fl np 10 so. in lie. aiu. v. a nunikn.
DEC 2. nd there Mused
Negro racial anlmc t : ,
alfled by tlie imrsaitlcs werslLten
lynchlngs In rarloua,ing freue.icy of
ency which took the secttis, a- tend
mob murders In sevcrtrd of wholesale
at Springfield. IT.Il. eases, niitatdy
ft hi, Mo., APRIL 12. au7; at M;rlug
Ga., where riots exteudiil at. A jlniitn,
OH'i l three
In the long list of accidents ai
asters three of natures conn
stand out In calamitous rellef-n
the fiery uidteavsl of Vesuvius, i
7, snd the Pacific coast nunklng
. 1 . . .1 ...... I . tt 1 Anw
resunev ie uiiii'ii" -
ssept the gulf coast, taking 01
lives snd dolng'a million's damn
t -ath's iltolcc-t harvest l(
Haner, etlucator; Wbwler, i
Curie, scientists fcuw, refornw
fliony, sufrragltt; Itisen, drrt
Seihlon, premier; Christian k
lienmaikj Crngle, novell!; j
black ptw. I

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