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The ii mm REtUKDER.
- Entered a second class matter August
8, 1903, lit the postoffice at Durhcm, N.
C. under the act of Co"sras of March
Subscription Rates ;
One year....... ..$1.00
filx months ..50 cents
three months... ........as cents
, Rates for advertising made known on i
DURHAM, N. C, April 2, 1907.
If you thought Spring
here you were-mistaken.
of Zenda 1
Copyrighted. JSK4, Henry Bolt A
I met his ej-e.full and square, ana I
read in It an angry warning. How
long he had been a listener I knew not,
but be had come In upon us in the nick
of time.
"We must not keep bis eminence
waiting," said I,
But Flavla, in whose love there lay
no shame, with radiant eyes and blush-
ing face held out ber band to Sapt
She said nothing, but no man could
hare missed her meaning who had
ever seen a woman In the exaltation
of love. A sour yet sad smile passed
aver the old soldier's face, and there
was tenderness in his rolce as, bending
All those that have been
braerine about havine corn large to kiss her hand, he said:
aT .m . 2 i - .
the weather last Sunday.
paused and added, glancing at
IT certainly was good for those me and drawing himself up to military
that had summer goods and Eas
ter hats to sell that the weather
remained good until last Saturday.
The Fifth district combine did
not seem to end singly, but from rated from Fiavia.
what some of them are saying,
there were two one within the
It is no more than should have
been expected. Politicians nat
urally like-a fight, and if the
Republicans do not make it in
teresting it is but natural that
Democrats should raise a row of
their own, '
It is rather a difficult problem
to decide which was disap
pointed the worst the fel
low that had a new Spring suit
to wear Sunday or the one that
had already paid for his horse
and buggy to go fishing Monday.
It must be rather embarrass
ing for a man to accept a position
that was made vacant because
another man would not do as he
was bidden by one of the stock
holders, especially when that
position happens to be editor of
a daily paper.
Far be it from us to say it was
anything but simple justice that
the Fayetteville negro received
at the hands of the court, and
while he had no defense to offer,
it seems rather bad that the case
should have consumed so little
time: that is, if you are to con
sider many cases just as bad
that have taken up weeks of the
court's time.
Fob a man like J. W. Bailey to
leave the editorship of the Bib
lical Recorder to enter into poll
tics may improve the latter, but
if it is the case it will be the
first instance of the kind we ever
heard of. Politics may be re
formed and made a great deal
better, but the chances are that
the one man that attempts will
become worse.
But before all comes the king God
save the klngr
And Flavla caught at my hand and
)lssed it, murmuring:
"Amen! Good God, amen!"
We went into the ballroom again.
Forced to receive adieus, I was sep-
Every one when
be left me went to her. Sapt was out
and in of the throng, and where he
had been glances, smiles and whis
pers were rife. 1 doubted not that,
true to his relentless purpose, he wss
spreading the news that he bad learn
ed. To uphold the crown and beat
Black Michael that was his one re-
sol e. Fiavia. myself aye, and the
ret! king in Zenda were pieces in his
gkine, and pawns have no business
with passions. Not even at the walls
of the palace did he stop, for when at
last I handed Flavla down the broad
marble steps and into ber carriage
there was a great crowd awaiting us,
nd we were welcomed with deafening
theers. What could I do? nad
spoken then they would have refused
to believe that I was not the king; they
might have believed that the king bad
ran mad. By Sapt a devices and my
own ungoverned passion I had been
forced on, and the way back had
closed behind me, and the passion still
drove me in the same direction as the
devices seduced me. I faced aU Strel
eau that night as the king and the ac
cepted suitor of the rrlncess Flavla.
At last, at 3 in the morning, when
the cold light of dawning day began to
steal in, I was in my dressing room
and Sapt alone was with me. I sat
like a man dazed, staring Into the fire.
He puffed at his pipe. Fritz was groe
to bed, having almost refused to speak
to me. On the table by me lay a rose.
It had been in Flavla's dress, and as
we parted she had kissed It and given
It to me.
Sapt advanced his band toward the
rose, but witn a nmcx movement 1
but mine down upon it
"That's mine," I said, "not yours
nor the king's either."
"We struck a good Wow for the king
tonight," Mid be.
t turned on him fiercely.
"What's to prevent me striking a
blow for myself V I said.
He nodded his bead.
"I know what'a in your mind, he
said. "Yes, lad, but you're bound In
nave yon left me any honorr
"Oh. come! To play a little trick on
"Ton can spare me that Colonel
Sapt If yon would not have me utterly
"It's gospel truth," he said. fThanks
to uiy advice, you could."
I could marry the princess rind send
Michael and bis brother together to"
I'm not denying it, lad," sa
"Then, in God's name,"
Ul he.
stretching .out' my bnnds to Mm, f'let
m own
us go to Zenda and crush this
and bring the king back to
again." "
The old fellow stood and looked
me for full a minute.
"And the princess?" he said.
I bowed my head to meet my hands
and crushed the rose between my fin
gers and my lips. '
I felt his hand on my shoulder, and
his voice sounded husky as be whisper
ed low in my ear: -
"Before God, you're the finest Elph-
berg of them all. But I have eaten of
the king's bread, anil I om the king's
servant Come, we will so 'to Zenda."
And I looked up and caught him by
the hand. And the eves of both of us
were wet
We make it a point to say as
little as possible in these columns
about delinquents pay in? up for
The Recorder. The date your
subscription expires is printed
on the label on your paper every
week and it should be enough.
Soon we are going over our list
and if your paper does not come
after that date "do not be sur
prised. Your attention to the
date for which you have paid
will save us the necessity of cut
ting your name off. ,
f1 p'''""' p
"Flavla, t am not'
a villain if yon would not bate your
king rot In Zenda while Michael aud I
t.la v for the crest stake outside Ton
follow me?"
'Ate. I follow you4
"We nwt act and quickly. Tou saw
The always alert Chatham
Record calls attention to the fact
that ''express companies, as well
as railroads, can now be made to
pay promptly claims for loss or h Um,gbr-
carnage to property wnue roi -Yovt cumed acuteness told yon
their possession. An act for this what 1 sbwid do. well. itr m hr
t. I a ween and there' another problem
yuij. j m. for ywl. t yott find the answer V
Legislature, making tne existing yM. i sod it" h answered, frown-
law apply to express companies ins "Rnt if jou au that
telf tr. fQ;irv,i you'd have to tight me first-and kill
was eminently right and proper.
News and Observer.
'The Rise of Jimmie
"ttVli. and If I hador a wor of
nwnt I tll yoa, I could rslae all
Ktrelxau on foil lit an Lour and rbokt
you with your Ues-yea, your mad lies
I la your mouth."
IIE terrible temptation which
was assailing me will now
pe understood. would so
force Michael's hand that he
must kill the king. I was in a position
to bid bim defiance and tighten my
grasp on tne crown not for Its own
sake, but because the king of Kurl-
tanla was to wed the Princess Fiavia.
What of Sapt and Fritz? Ah, but a
man cannot be held to write down in
cold blood the wild and black thoughts
that storm his brain when an uncon
trolled passion has battered a breach
for them. .Yet, unless he sets up as a
saint, he need not hate himself for
them. He Is letter employed, as it
humbly seemf to me. In giving thanks
that power to resist was vouchsafed
to him than in fretting over wicked
impulses which come unsought and ex
tort an unwilling hospitality from the
weakness of our nature.
It was a fine bright morning when I
walked, unattended, to the princess'
bouse, carrying a nosegay In my hand.
Folicy made excuses for love, and ev-
sry attention that I paid her, while It
riveted my own chains, bound closer to
me. the people f the great city, who
worshiped ber. I found Fritz's ina
morata, the Countess Ilelga, gather
ing blooms in the garden for her mis
tress wear and prevailed on her to
take mine in their place. The girl was
rosy with happiness, for Fritz, in his
turn, had not wasted his evening and
Bo dark shadow bung over bis woo
ing save the hatred which the Duke
of Strelsau was known to bear him.
"And that" she said, with a mis
chievous smile, "your majesty has
made of no moment Yes, I will take
the flowers. Shall I tell you, sire.
what is the first thing the princess
does with them?"
We were talking on a broad terrace
that ran along the back of the house.
and a window above our beads stood
open. . ' , , -.
"Madame cried the countess mcr
rlly, and Flavla herself looked out
I bared my 'bead and bowed. She
wore a white gown, and her hair was
loosely gathered in a knot She kissed
her band to me. crying:
"Bring the king up, Ilelga; I'll give
him some coffee."
The counters, with a gay glance, led
the way and took me Into Flavla's
morning room. And, left clone, we
greeted one another as lovers are
wont Then the princess laid two let
ter before me. One was from Black
Michael a most courteous request that
she would honor him by spending a
day at bis castle of Zenda, as bad been
her custom once a year In the sum
mer, when the place and its gardens
were In the height of their great beau
ty. I threw the letter down In dls;
gust and Fiavia laughed at me. Then,
growing grave again, she pointed to
the other sheet
"I don't know who that comes from,'
she said. "Bead it."
I knew la a moment There was no
signature at all this time, but the band-
writing was the same as that which
had told me of the snare In the sum
mer bouse. It was Antoinette de Man-
I hmvc no cium to love you (tt rnl,
but Oo4 forbli that you should fan Into
the power of th duk. Accpt no Invita
tion cf hi Go nowhere without a Uric
tuttr'l rv?1mnt Is not too much to
mak you r. fthow this t you can to
him who reigns In Strcluu.
"Why doetm't It say 'the king?" asfc
ed Flavla. leaning over uty shoulder
so that the rlppte of her hair played on
my uetk. "I ft a boa?"
"As you value life and more than
life, my ntjeen." I said, "obey it to the
very letter. A regiment nitnll camp
round jour houe today. Fee that you
do not g'i out Utlei well guarded."
"An onler. sire?" she asked, a little
"Yes, an order, madatue- If yott love
"Ah!" she cried. And I ootild not but
kiss ber.
"You know who sent Itr she asked,
"I gueHs." said I. "It Is from a good
frl-nd- siid. I fear, an nulmjipy wo
man. Yoti must be 111 Flavla, and un
able to si to Zenda. Make your ei-
cuses as cold and formal' as you like.'
"Ho jrrn feel strong enough to anger
Mh liseir fth said, with a proud smile.
"I'm strong enough for anything
while you are safe," said I.
Boon I tore myself away from ber.
and then, without consulting 8npt, I
took my way to the bouse of Marshal
Strakenet. I had n something of
the old general, and I Itked aud trusted
him. ftnrt was less enthusi!!!, but I
had learned by bow that Kajt wall best
pleased when he could do everything.
and iealony idayed soni part in his
views. As thing were now, I had
twr work than f apt and Frits eotiH
matiitsre. ft they must iome with me
to Zends, and I wanted a man to guard
what I loved most In all tli world and
suffer me to set about my task of re'
leasing the king with a julet mind.
The marshal received ,me with most
loyal kindness. To some exteut I took
him. Into my confidence. I charged bim
with the care of the princess, looking
him full and significantly in the face
as I bade him lot no one from her
cousin the duke approach her unless be
himself were there and a dozen of bis
men with him.
"You. may be right, Blre," said he
shaking bis gray head sadly. "I have
known better men than the duke do
worse things than' that for love."
Tcould quite appreciate the remark,
but I said:
"There's something beside love, mar
shal. Love's for the heart la there
nothing my brother might like for his
head?"' .
"I pray that you wrong him, sire."
"Marshal, I'm leaving Strelsau for a
few days. Every evening I will send
a courier to you. If for three days
none comes you will publish an order
which I will give you depriving Duke
Michael of the governorship of Strelsau
and appointing you In his place. You
will declare a state of siege. Then yon
will send word to Michael that you
demand an audience of the king. You
follow me?"
Aye, sire."
"In twenty-four hours. If he does
not produce the king" I laid my hand
on his knee "then the king is dead,
and you, will proclaim the next heir.
You know who that Is?"
"The rrin'ss Flavla."
'And swear to me on your faith and
honor and by the fear of the living
God that you will stand by her to your
death and kill that reptile and seat her
where I sit now." ,
'On my faith and honor and by the
fear of God I swear it! And may Al
mighty God preserve your majesty, for
I think that you go on an errand of
'I hope that no life more precious
than mine may be demanded," said I,
rising. Then I held out my. hand to
"Marshal," I said, "in days to come
it may be I know not that you will
bear strange things of the man who
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Executor's Notice.
Having this dav qualified as Execute
of the estate of W. II Atkins, decea.si-,1,
I hereby notify all persons having claims
against said etate, to present them to
nie duly verified on or before the feth dav
of March, 19U.H, or this notice will he
plead in bar of their recovery. Person
indebted to said estate will make imme
diate settlement.
This the Sth day of March. 1907.
Robert J. Atkins,
speaks to yot now. Let him be what
he mar and who be may, what say
1 .
you ouiue manner in wnicn ne nas
borne himself as king in StrelsanT"
The old man, holding my hand, spoke
to me, man to man.
I hare kuown many of the Elpb-
bergs," said he, "and I hare seen you.
Aud, happen what may, you bare
borne yourself as a wise king and a
brave man aye, and you bare prored
as courteous a gentleman and as gal
lant a lover as any that hare been of
the house."
"Be that my epitaph," said I, "when
the time comes that another sits ou
the throne of Ituritania.M
"God send a far day. and may I not
see Itr said he.
I was much moved, and the marshafa
wbrn face twiU'bed. i sat down and
wrote my order.
I can hardly yet write," said I. "My
Auger Is stiff still."
It was, in fact, the first time that
bad rentured to write more than a sig
nature, and in spite of the pains I bad
taken to karn the king's band I was
not yet perfect In it.
"Indt-ed. sire." be said, "it differs a
little f rum your ordinary handwriting.
It is unfortanate. for It may lead to a
suspicion of forgery.'
MarxhaU" ald I. with a laugh,
what uxe are the guns of Btrelsan if
they can't aiwuage a little suspicion T"
He smiled grimly and took the paper.
"Colonel Sapt and TrlU rou Tarlen-
helin go with me," I continued.
"You go to seek the duke 7' be asked
in a low tone.
"Ten, the duke, and some one els ot
whom I bare need and who Is at Zen
da." I replied.
"I wImu I could go with your he
cried, tugging at bia white mustache,
"I'd lifce to strike a blow for you and
your crown."
I leare you what is more than my
life and more thun my crown, said I,
"Ucaue you are the mau I trust more
than all others in Iturltanla."
I will deliver ber to you safe and
sound." wild he, "ami, falling that, I
will make br qii-en.
Wi parted, and I ivt timed to the pa-
are and told fttpt and Frits what I bad
done. Sapt had a few fault to find
and a few grumbles to utter. This was
merely what I expert!, for Hapt liked
to bo ,minlt?d liefrHutul. not lufunn
ed afterward, (in the wlmli he ap
proved of my plan, and his uplrit
ri; hh si t!;e hour of action drew
LeariT ana nw-t. rut, too. was
rai!y. though h. poor fellow, risked
more than H.ijt did, for was a lover,
and hi h.i!i'iii('4H hung In 'lie scale.
Yet how I eiii'ied bim'. For tlie trlum
pliant isxiic wliiili would crown bim
with hfiitiiH and unite blut to bis
mlatre', the wbtvm tut which wt
were Uittivl to hope and xtrive and
struggle, meant to in- norrow mora cer
tain and greater than If t were doom
ed to fail. He uiidrtood something of
this, for when we were alone (save for
old fttpt, who was smoking at th otu
er end of the room; he i.ued his arm
through mine, saying;
"It's hard for you. Don't think 1
don't tniwt you, I know you hart noth
ing but trtk thougliU In your heart.
But 1 turned away from him, thank
f ul that lie could not nee what my heart
beld, but only be wlfne to the deeds
that my bands were to do. . .
Vet even be did not understand, fol
be bad not dared to lift bis eyes to the
ITinews Flnrla, as I had lifted talno.
Our plans were now all made, even
as we prw-eeded to carry them out,
and as they will hereafter appear. The
next morning we wero to start on the
bunting excuinion. I bad made all ar-
raugptnenfs fw being nli-ent, and now
there win only one thing left to do
tbe Imrdeftt, tu tnot heartbreaking.
AH evening fell I drove through the
busy streeii t- Tl.-iviu'a residence,
(Continued on fourth pact-)
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