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By Louis Joseph Vance
CapyritfM. 1508. by tk. BcbbMerrill C. J
Synopsis of IVeeetMlIng: Chapter
CHAPTER I-In London Philip Kirk
wood, a young American painter, learns
that the San Francisco disaster lias cost
aim his fortune ami decides to return
tome to the stricken city. His elderly
English friend, Brentwick, visits hitn.
and he meets George B. Calendar, an
American whom he believes to he an ad
venturer. II Before leaving his hotel
fur the boat train Kirkwood dines at the
hotel, lu the dining room he sees Calen
dar receive a note of warning from a
fashionably dressed woman. He is then
sked by the American, who admits with
mat giving a reason that he fears arrest,
to escort bis young and beautiful daugh
ter home, i Kirk wood consents. Ill
Kirk wood takes Dorothy Calendar to
seemingly unoccupied house at No. 9
Frognall street, in shabhy-gentee!
quarter of Lundun, where he leaves the
jrirl at her request. IV Drawn back to
the house by cu'iosity. Kirk ood sees
the dour of the laik house ajar. He
throws off a cockney who tries to detain
Win, enters the house and bolts the
door. On the staircase he his a tussle
with a slender nmn in evening dress.
Tbe latter is knocked unconscious by a
fall downstairs. Kirk wood is then 're
joined by Dorothy, who is Very glad to
see him. butdoes not explain the mys
tery of the gloomy house. Heavy rips
t the front door startle the two. V
Dorothy a id Ktrkwood, the latter ques
tioning himself whether or not he h:
iallen in love wit4' the girl, flee from the
nrsterious house by the rear dotr. The
girl takes with her a small black glad
stone bag, which, she siys, she is to
lake to her father. VI In" a cab Kirk
wood escorts her to the huuse of a Mrs.
Hallam in fashiouabie Ciaveu street,
where, she declares, her father is to meet
fter. Kirkwood leaves her in the cab
and enters the house to learn whether
Calendar is there. He meets Mrs. Hal
lam and recognizes her as the woman
wbo warned Calendar in the hotel. As
Ktrkwood talks to her he he .rs a man
tare the house. Together Mrs. Hallam
and Kirk wood go to the door to call
Dorothy in and find th.it the girl and the
tab have vanished. VII Calendar ap
pears at the Hallam bouse in search of
Uorotay. Kirk wool accompanies him
at his request to an unsavory locality on
the Thames. VIII Calendar meet his
daughter in the company of a man
amed Mu'.rf a.ly, evidently his compan
ion ia s me strange, nefarious enter
prise. Mulready, it ec-HH, has tried to
kidnap lortny in Kirfcwood cab
Calender and Ma'realy quarrel, af;e'
which the girl and two men row otf t
kouti a vessel referred to as the Alethea.
Kavmg Hrrwooi to nn I tus way ;u
' tab to St. P-ncra.t station, where he is
to take the midnight '.rain forbisMcai:ir.
He is now tnor-jnbiy in love with
ur-rothv. IX ant X kiriwod just
nibses hi train and find h.m-if alut
arnmleM. After wandering afout for
tmo hour he iaga;ti in I;rnga:ill s'rt.
Be enter tae li'iuse to see nw jms:t:g
tsrv a:id nnd the v'- man wh.i'n hr
at kn'ickeil down tii jnconscious f
fttr six hours. Kirkwo-ol's ministrations.
to hi-n are interrupted by the t n'.ianee
into the noue of a tvn?a in evening
dress. XI and XII The woman i
Mrs. Ila'.latn, and the . injured yourg
man is her son. f lie teiis Ktrkwwd
that Dorothy, Calendar and lfaired
reengage! in a plot to steal family
ji-wels leit t ber on by his relative,
CtJonei liurgo ne. Calendar, l:e ays,
isuh'.r late bu.4wnd cutnin. The jewel
are in the black bag, Mrs. Hallam de
clares. Kirkwood doitu her story and
wt-ects that Dorothy is an innocent
partaker in some tnvs'terious plot. He
decides to defend the girl. XIII-Ti.e
ett morning Kirkwood in a rowlnt.
with two watermen, arches the Thames
m vain for th Alethea. The Witw n
take him to Woolwich on hi way to
Sbeerness to intercept tbe Alethea. XIV
On the train to Sbeefnes Kirkwood
aaerts Mrs. Ila'Um, t-nt, like himself,
a fading Calendar. She tries to get his
aid, but be refuses. He elude ber at
Sbeerness. XV la the distance he sees
a efcet which he believes is the Alethea.
After a struggle with a covetous boatman
who steal bit watch and chain. Kirk
wood knocks him oter1oard into bis
itxj and sei.es hi rithoat to sail out to
tbe Aletijea. X I Zvirkwood is neiriy
4rowtied when the cathoat rink and
eches the Alethea only to l told by
Captaio Stryker. a facetious ruffian, th-t
the vessell carries no passengers. XVII
Hrjk.tr badgers and robs kirkwood, wbo
believe that Dorcthy and Calendar had
ween al.ord th Alethea, but had Ml
Tacr. XVIII Kirkwood find ia a rail
way guide on the Alethea indications
that the Ca'endar and Mnirtady, having
saiiea tor fcnglHnn on a channel steamer.
are waiting at Antwerp for Mrvker. He
tirniujes from mark in tbe guide that
iej are to b to Amsterdam on the
fed train. 8 ryker set bim ashore with
air hi clothing and three-pet:ce XIX
i( XX In Aiitweqi, at evening, Kirk
wood se Mr. HaliaTii watching a cheap
kotel, (rem which emerge Calendar and
If ol ready, l. nven by the two men. he
follow them alxnr I ttie Alethea nd
verb ears thetn disc is their tdots with
Captain Mryker, Tiiev are planning to
aoragtfie diamonds Into tbe Init-cl
SUtr. Calendar mentions the fact that
fee and Mulresdy are to receive (1 mm
eacti from Mrs. milam if Dorotliv b
art out of England sis weeks. Kirk
wood determines to join the plMter in
avdef to help Dorothy. As be walk to
Ibecaliin Mulreadjr and Calendar quar
tel. and tbe former ttie to shoot his sc.
mrrplice, but Kirkwood enter and
loot k lul,eady iiown. XXI and XXII
Kirkwood outwits Calender and after
ffcovtring hia properly from Striker
teals the bU k big and take it a-liore
He is pnriM d !f th"" coim liriM, lt
etudu tlim and rincl b!ac
t a hand big lie then So the
wfl in wliub Dorothy i awuit'tu
f ilr. K.ioi king at the atr. t-.
.f route I by Mr. Hallam. XXIII-
iMxothy is persuaded by Kirkw onl that
Mrs. Hallam is ber enemy and accom
panies the young man to a train for
Brussels in order to escape the plorters.
XXIV. On the train they are spied
upon by Hobbs, mate of the Alethea,
XXV- Dorothy tells Kirkwood her life
story, and Kirkwood tells her her father
is a swindle.'. Hobbs again appears.
XXVI. Dorothy and Ktrkwood separate
ti eluie Hobbs. XXVII Hobbs tries
to stub Kirkwood. Evading pursuits,
Dorothy and Kirkwood sail from Calais
fur England, Hobbs, left behind, has
taken Dorothy's bag, believing it to con
tain the black bag. Kirkwood fears
Calendar and the others are awaiting
them in England. XXVIII Dorothy
and Kirkwood in a cab are pursued
t trough the streets of London by Calen
d r and Stn ker. The chase ends at the
house of Brentwick, where the girl and
ibe young man find refuge, XXIX
E-e:twick requisitions a friends auto
mobile and chauffeur to take himself
and Dorothy and Kirkwood to the house
of the girl's friends at Chiltern. They
re followed by Calendar and Stryker
in another motor car. XXX They are
overtaken by Calendar, anil Brentwick
acts like a traitor.
"Come right In, cap'n," Calendar
threw over one shoulder. "Come In,
shut the door and lock it Let's all be
soc iable and bare a nice quiet time."
Stryker obeyed, with a derisive grim
ace for Kirkwood.
Calendar, advancing Jauntily to a
point within a yard of the table, stop
ped, smiling affably down upon bis
prospective victims and airily twirling
his revolver.
"Good evening, alir he saluted them
blandly. "Dorothy, my child." with
assumed concern, you're looking a
trifle upset I'm afraid you've been
keeping late hours. Little girls must
be careful, you know, or they lose the
bloom of roses in their cheeks. Mr.
Kirkwood. It's a pleasure to meet you
again. Permit me to paraphrase your
most sound advice and remind you
that pistol shots are apt to attract
undesirable attention. It wouldn't be
wise for you to bring the polk" about
our ears. I believe that in substanc
such was your sapient counsel to me in
the cabin of the Alethea. was it not?
And you. sir." fixing Brentwick with a
cold, unfriendly eye, "you animated
fossil, what might your name beT
"It might be P.rentwlck." said thr.t
gentleman placidly.
"Brentwick. ear Well. I like a man
of spirit But permit me to advise
"Gladly." nodded Brentwick.
"Eh? Don't come a second time be
tween father and daughter. Another
man might not be as patient as I, Mr.
Brentwick. There's a law in the land,
if yu don't happen to know It"
"I cor.rratulate you on your success
In evading It" observed Brentwick.
ur.disturljed. "And It was considerate
cf you ct to employ it in this in
stance." Then, with a aharp change
of tone. "Cc-me. Birr be demanded.
"You hnve unwarrantably iutruded In
tW.i room, whkh I have engazed for
my private use. Get through with
vour business and be off with you."
"All In cotd time, my antediluvian
friend. When I've wound up my bus!
rc-s her? Ill go not before. But.
Jut to bli?e you. we'll gi t down to
it. K!rkw.od. you have a revolver ot
n.I:;e. Be good enough to reiurn It"
"I have it here, under the table,
intm-ii-fd Brentn-h k auavely. "Shall
I 1.3 cd It to your
"By the muzzle. If ycu please. Be
very careful. Thla one's loaded, too
apt to explode any minute.
To ICirt wood's Intense dhguft Brent
w.h k quietly slipped one hand beneath
the table and. plaelng the revolver on
Its top. dell.atWy with his Ccger tips
shoved It toward' the farther edge.
With a grunt of approval Calendar
swept the weapon up and Into bl
"Any more ordnance?" be inquired
briskly, e.-es moving alertly from face
to face. "So matter. Vn wouldn't
dare uc 'cm anyway. And I'm about
done. Dorothy, try dear. It's high
time you returned to your father's pro
tection. Where's that Gladstone bag?"
"In my traveling tag." tbe girl told
bfm In a timeless voire.
"Then you may bring It along. You
may also say good night to the kind
or.GTIIY did not mote, net
pallor grew more intense, and
Kirkwood saw ber knuckles
tighten beneath tbe gloves;
otherwise her month seemed to grow
more straight and Lard.
"Iiorothyr cried the adventurer,
with t tourb of displeasure. "You
beard me?"
"I beard yon." she replied a little
wearily, more than little contemptu
ous!?. "Don't "ilnd him. please. Mr.
KlrkwiKidT wltb an appealing ges
ture, us Kirkwood. unable to contain
himself, moved restlessly lu hia chair,
tbrentetdng to rise. "Don't say sny
thing. I hive no Intent loo whatever
of going with Ibis man,"
Calendar's features twitched nerv
ously. He chewed comer of bis
mustache, fixing the girl wltb a black
stare, "1 presnme." be remarked, aft
er a moment, wltb slow deliberation.
"you're aware that as your father I
am In a position to compel you to ac
company rue."
"I shall not go wltb you." Iterated
Iiomtby In a level tone, "ton may
threaten me. but I shall not go. Mr.
Brentvlck and Mr. Kirkwood art tak
ing toe to-frlends. wbo will give me a
borne until I can find a way to take
rare of myself. That ia all I have to
say to you."
"Bravo, my dearP cried Brentwkk
"Mind your business, sirT thundered
Calendar, bis fact darkening, tbea
to Dorothy, "You understand, 1 trust
what this means?" ht demanded. "I
oSf-r f t a borue, and a good out. Re
fuse and you work for your tiring,
my fc;ri: You'vt forfeited yottf leg
acy"- .
"I know, 1 know," she told him In
cold disdain. "I am content Wont
you be kind enough to leave mt
alone?" . ;'',".. ;'.
. For a breath Calendar glowered over
ber. Then. "I presume," be observed,
"that all these heroics are Inspired by
that, whlpperanapper Kirkwood. ' Do
you know that ha hasn't a brass far
thing to bless himself with?"
- "What baa that"- cried the girt In
dignantly. "Why, it has everything to do wltb
me, my child. As your doting parent
I can't consent to your marrying noth
ing a year, for I surmise you intend to
marry this Mr. Kirkwood, don't your
There followed a little interval ot
silence, while the warm blood flamed
In the girl's' face and tbe red lips
trembled as she faced ber tormentor.
Then, wltb a quaver that escaped her
control, "If Mr. Kirkwood asks me 1
shall," she stated very simply.
"That" interposed Kirkwood, "li
completely understood.". His gnu
sought her eyes, but she looked away.
"You forget that 1 an: Jour father,"
sneered Calendar, "and that you are a
minor. 1 can refuse my consent"
"But you won't," Kirkwood' told him,
with assurance.
The adventurer stared. "No," h
agreed after slight hesitation; "no, I
shan't Interfere. Take ber, my boy, 11
you want her. and a father's blessing
into tbe bargain, Tbe Lord knows IT
troubles enough. A parent's lot Is not
what it's cracked up to be." lie
paused, leering. Ironic. "But" dellb
erately, "there's still this other mat
ter of tbe gladstone bag. I don't mind
abandoning my parental authority
when my child's happiness is concern
ed, but as for my property"
"It is not your property," interrupted
the girl.
"It was your mother's, dear cbUd
It's now mine."
"I dUpute that assertion, Kirkwood
put in.
"You may dispute it till the cowj
come home, my boy. The fact will re
main that I Intend to take my property
with ' me when I leave this room,
whether you like it or not Now, an
you disposed to continue tbe argument,
or may 1 count on yonr being sensible?-
"You msy put away your revolver. 11
tbat's what you mean," said Kirkwood
"We certainly shan't oppose you wltb
violence, but I warn you that Scotland
"Oh, that be blowedr the adventur
er snorted in disgust "I can aaO cy
cles round sny tec that ever blew oul
of Scotland Yard! Give me an bour'i
start and you're free to do all the
funny business you've a mind to wltb
-Scotland Yardr
"Then you admit" queried Brent
wick civilly, "that you've no legal title
to the Jewels in. dispute?"
"Look here, my friend." chuckled
Calendar; "when you catch me admit
ting anything you write it down In
your little book and tell tbe bobby on
the corner. s Just at present I've got
other business than to stand round
admitting anything about anything.
Cap'n. let's have that bag of my duti
ful daughter's."
"'Ere you are." Stryker spoke for
the Erst time since entering the roore
taking tbe valise fruci beneath tbe
chair and depositing It on tbe table,
"Well, we shan't take anything that
doesn't belong to us," laughed Calen
dar, fumbling with the catch, "not
even so small a matter as my own
child's traveling bag. A small-heavy
gladstone bag." be grunted, ojieulnj
tbe vall-e and plunging lu one greedy
band, "will Just about-do for miner
Wltb which be pnalured the article
mentioned. "This f r the discard,
cap'n." be laughed contentedly, push
lng tbe girl's valUe aaide, and. rum
bling with stentorian mirth, stood
beaming benl'unnt)y over the asaein
bled company.
"Why." he exclaimed, "this moment
is worth all It cost me! My children.
I forgive you freely. Mr. Kirkwood.
1 felicitate you cordially on having
secured a most expensive wife. Keally.
d'you know. 1 feel ss if I ought to
do a little something for you both."
Tbe thick, mottled (Inzer tort nerv
ouxly at tbe catch. Eventually be got
the bag open. Those about tbe tablv
bent forward, all qu!kened by the
proflpect of for tbe flrrt time behold
lng tbe treasure over which they bad
fought for which tbey bad suffered
so lung.
A beady and luscious fragrance per
faded tbe atmosphere, exhaling from
the open mouth of the bag. A silence.
Indefinitely sustained. Impressed Itaetf
upon the little audience a breathless
pause ended eventually by a sharp
snsp of Calendar's teeth. "Mro-niT
grunted the adventurer In bewilder
meut He began to pant
Abruptly bis heavy hands delved
Into tbe contents of tbe tag, like the
paws of a terrier dicing In earth. To
Kirkwood tbe air seemed temporarily
thkk wltb flying objects. Beneath bU
astonished eyes a towel fell upon tbe
table a crumpled, soiled towel bear
ing on Irs dingy hem the Inscription
in Indelible Ink. "Hotel do Commerrt,
An ter." A tooth mug of substantial
earthenware dropped to tbe floor wltb
a crash. A slimy soap dish of tbe
same manufacture slid across the tabic
nd into Brentwlck's lap. A battered
alarm clock wltb never a tick left in
its abused carcass rang vacuously as
It fell by tbe open bsg. Tbe remain
der was oranges, a dozen or more
small, round, golden globes of rips
fruit perhaps a shade overripe, there
fore the more aromatic.
Tbe adventurer ripped out aa otth.
"Mulreadyr be raged ia fury. Done
tip. I swear! Done by that lofsr&al
sneak me, blind as a batr
He fell suddenly silent tbe blood
congesting in bis face; as suddenly
broke forth again, haranguing tbe
."Tbst'e why be we ntput and bought
those oranges, Is RTBnk" of it me
sitting in the hotel In Antwerp and
him lugging ia oranges by the bagful
because be was Jfond of fruitl When
did be do it? How do I know? If I
knew, would I be here, and him tbe
devil knows where this minute? When
my back was turned, of course! Tbaf s
why be was so hot about picking a
fight on tbe boat eh? Wanted to get
thrown off and take to tbe woods,
leaving me wltb this! And tbaf s why
be felt so awful done up wouldn't
take a band at hunting you two down,
bey? I'll camp on bis trail for tbe
rest of his natural born days! I'll
have his eyeteeth for this! I'U"-
He swayed, gibbering with rage, bis
countenance frightfully contorted, bis
fat bands shaking as be struggled for
expression. , ,
And then, while yet their own aston
ishment held Dorothy, Kirkwood,
Brentwick and Stryker speechless,
Charles, tbe mechanician, moved sud
denly upon tbe adventurer.
There followed two metallic clicks.
Calendar's ravings were abrupted aa
if his tongue had been paralyzed. He
fell back a pace, flabby Jowls pale and
shaking, ponderous Jaw dropping on
bis breast mouth wide and eyes
crazed as be shook violently before
him his thick, fleshy wrists, securely
Simultaneously the bold mechanician
whirled about bounded eagerly across
the floor snd caught Stryker at the
door, bis dexterous fingers twisting in
the captain's collar ss be Jerked him
back and tripped him.
"Mr. Kirkwood," he cried, "here,
please, one moment! Take this man's
gun from him, will your
Kirkwood sprang to bis assistance
and without encountering much trou
ble succeeded in wresting a revolver
from Stryker1 limp, flaccid Angers.
Roughly the mechanician shook the
man. dragg'lng hitn to hia feet "Now,"
be ordered sternly, "you march to that
corner, stick your nose in it and be
good! You can't get away if you try.
I've got other men outside waiting for
you to come out TJnderstsnd?"
Trembling like a whipped cur. Stry
ker meekly obeyed his Instructions to
the letter.
The mechanician, with a contemptu
ous laugh, leaving him. strode back to
Calendar, meanwhile whipping off bis
mij 1 ,1 1
N o
-Philip, I tneanl it, every unrdl"
goggles, and clapped a hearty band
upon tbe adventurer's qusklng shoul
ders. "Well." he cried, "and are you atlll
sailing circles round the men from
Scotland Yard. SImmona or Bellows or
Sanderson or Calendar or Crumbs tone,
or whatever name you prefer to sail
Calendar glared at biru aghast then
beared a profound sigh, shrugged bis
fst shoulders and bent but head In
thought An instant later be looked
up. "Yon can't do It" be Informed tbe
detective vehemently. "Yon haven't
got a shred of evidence s gainst me!
What's there? A pile of oranges and
a peck of trash! What of it? Be
sides," be threatened, "If you plncb
me you'll have to take the girl In too.
I swear that whatever stealing wss
done she did it I'll not be trapped
this wsy by ber and let ber off with
out a squesL Tske me take ber, d'you
"I think." put in tbe clear, bland ac
cents of Brentwick, "wt ctn consider
that matter settled. 1 hsvt here, my
man," nodding to tbe adventurer aa
he took up tbe black leather wallet
"I have here a little matter which may
clear up any lingering doubts as to
your standing which you may be dis
posed st present to entertain."
He extracted a slip of cardboard and
at arm's length laid It 00 the table
edge beneath tbe adventurer's eyes.
The latter, bewildered, bent over it for
a moment breathing heavily, then
straightened back, shook himself.
laughed shortly wltb a mirthless note
and faced tbe detective.
"It's com with you. now, I guess?"
be suggested very quietly.
"Tbe Bannister warrant la still out
for you," returned the man. "That'll
be enough to bold you on tin extradl
tlon papers arrive from the States."
"Oh. Ill wslve those, and t won't
give you any trouble either, I reckon,'
mused tbe adventurer, Jingling his
manacles thoughtfully, "I'm a back
bumber anyway. When a half grown
girl. half baked boy, a flub like Mnl-
, ready snd a clubfouted snipe from
Scotland Tsrd csn puMf all over me
to h comsrto.
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