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Frnm Route 5, Roxooro.
Jasper Yarboro owns a clock I '
w - ... ., '
that is over one nunarea years
old and it yet keeps ; good time,
and from its well constructed de
sign it must have been a costly
article when new. .
j. F. Reams and wife, of Kox
boro, spent last Saturday night
with Mr. Reams' mother, Mrs.
Ida Reams, andjattended Antioch
church Sunday. They also had
their little man with them, which
is the pride of the home.
The recent showers have great
ly livened and; revived the
turnips and it seems now that
we will yet have a lot of fall
salid, which will be in good time
as the summer cabbage will soon
Mr. Samuel Glenn, of Rouge
mont, called on the writer last
Saturday and settled for ( a
Greenville' Washer and he is of
the opinion that the washer is
what it was recommended to be.
I am truly glad that our people
are waking up in regard to the
value of education as never be
fore. But I am afraid that in a
great many cases people are for
getting the fact that the founda
tion of a child's knowledge or
training lies in the home by fath
er and mother, or whoever has
them in charge. "Train up a
child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not de
part from it "I believe this ex
pression of the wisest man had
direct reference to home instruc
tions, and did not refer to schools
and colleges. Take a boy or girl
whoha3 been trained right in
the home, give him the advan
tage of a school or collage edu
cation and more than apt -you
will give to your county state
and nation; a lady or a gentle
men who will leave their impres
of usefulness on the page of the
world's history. . No doubt but
what the proverb was meant to
teach the child to be polite, kind,
luveable and industrious as well
as obedient.truthf ul and sober,and
never to desert honest labor or
iny other hcnorable vocation in
L'e. Cut aa a rule if the
lys are educated without
the home instruction" and
training they often go to
way of the tramp, the thief, the
drunkard and the like. They
depart from the home or farm to
ome town or place of ill repute.
for the lack of home instruction
and .example. Study the lives
of some you know and you will
agree that tin Ubove is no Wle tale
I will give your readers my
s rmon outline, from the follow
i-.z text:
'"Go ye into all the world and
! ach the gospel to every crcat
urt-."-Mark 16: 15.
I. Rejoice at what the gospel
eTers. 1-It offers to forgive
s rt. 2 -To take away sin. 3
Tj remove the sting of ''eath.
i To remove the terror of the
vrave. o-I'ardon. 6-Cleans-
htr. 7 -To give a new life. 8
T.i save us from the second
II. How wide is the gospe
foundation. 1 - Wide as Christ'
Inc. 2-As Mis suffering. 3-
Tne mercy of God. 4 - God, who
wills to save all. (1 Tim. 2:3.)
III. Look at the teaching of
the text and see who are per
mitted to stand on the gospe
f rtindation. 1 Room for Christ's
crucifiers. 2- All repenting o
sin. 3-All obeying the gospel
1 AH believing the gospel. 5
All the world. 6- Every creal
Rev. J. A. Hackney is growing
in favor with the Antioch peo
ple. He preached a stirring ser
mon there last Sunday from the
words; "Son, remember," which
m found in Luke 10: 26.
Ralclgt), Route 7.
This is the tim when I hav
nothing of special interest to
write about.
I lad a very good rain last wee
and everybody is busy now, some
sowing clover and turnips, and
others looking after their fodder,
which was out in the rain.
Am glad to say there is but lit
tle sickness in the community.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Carpenter
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Ferguson.
, Miss Lizzie Peed visited the
family of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Z. S. Rudd spent
Sunday with the family of J. R.
Rudd. ; '
J. E. , Ferguson and family,
Mrs. Salhe Ferguson and son, J
Calvin, visited the family of V. j
F. Peed Sunday night.
There was a pretty good con
gregation out at Union Grove
last Sunday to hear Rev. Z. P.
Ferrell preach.
W. M. Ferrell had a house rais
ing Monday afternoon. '
J. E. F.
i .
Bahama News Items.
The Bahama High School with
Prof. E. J. Green as principal,
and Misses Nell Umstead and
Lilie Ball as assistants, opened
Sept. 13th. '
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Copley
have purchased of Mr. D. S.
Ball a lot in Bahama and will
erect a nice house and move to
our village sometime in the fu
ture. We welcome them. Let
thers do likewise.
Miss Willie Lee Umstead, who
has been staying with her grand
mother, Mrs. A. W. Umstead,
returned to Durham last week
to take up her studies in the
Durham High School. .
Mr. D. S. Miller, of Caldwell
nstitute, H. L. Carver and E.
C. Parrish, of Rougemont, and
D. C. Turner, of Bahama, at-
ended the handsale in Duaham
ast week, and several of them
invested in Durham real estate.
Turner & Hill are .getting in
their new fall and Winter goods.
Mr. W. L. . Umstead, of Dur
ham, is visiting his mother near
Messrs. W. H. Tilley and P. J.
arrish, were here last week on
business. '
Durham, Route 5.
Mrs. John Micol and children,
are spenning some time with Mr.
Micol's father at Waldese, in the
Mountains of western North
A little girl took up her abode
at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Robert McCauley last Friday
night. '
And also one took board at Mr.
and Mrs. II. F. Hester's last
Monday morning.
And also one made her arrival
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
I. Long a few days ago.
Another Little girl has come
to bring sunshine to Mr. and
Mrs. James Cates.
The population of our town.
unston, is surely on the in
Mr. John Micol is having his
wuse turned around while Mr.
Micol is away, hoping to give
her an agreeable surprise when
she returns. A lot"bf us turn the
house around when wife is gone,
but the surprise comes from the
other way when the returned
end of the ticket is used. Please
keep this quite as he wishes to
surprise her.
This writer went fishing las
evening an J what he did for the
fish was a plenty, and after eat
ing supper of them what they
did for him was ditto.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hester, and
Mesdames W. T. and S. R. Car
rington were visiting at Ben. F.
Hester's Saturday morning.
Mr. W. T. Neal passed by Sat
urday with a large load of big
watermelons, en route to Hills
The Funston ball nine instead
of playing ball are just simply
playing the fool. They either
beat or get beat everywhere
they go.
Mr. Bun Clayton has gone to
Orange grove to attend schoo
B. F. H.
Congressmen John M. More
head has endorsed 1). II. Hint, cf
(irccnslxm, t be ecus'. ! mij it
visor of the Fifth Dbttict. ,
Members of the Faculty as Usual
Have Been Scattered. ,
(From the Trinity Chronicle.)
The members of the faculty as
usuai have been scattered during
the past summer. Some were off
reading in libraries, others in the
mountains recruiting themselves
for a -new year's work, while ' still
others remained on the campus.
It is interesting to note the many
places visited by the members of
the faculty and what they were
doing. ' "
Prof. J. C. Wooten spent most
of the summer visiting distant
conferences and holding Bible
nstitutes in the Western North
Carolina Conference. He spent
le month of August at Beaufort,
N. C.
Mr. J. P. Breedlove, librarian,
spent all the summer, with the
exception of three weeks, in Dur
ham. Mr. Breedlove was busy
arranging and cataloguing books
in the library. His three weeks'
vacation was spe'nt with his father
in Granville County.
Among those who found
pleasure at home, was Prof. C. B.
Markhain. He was away only
"or a few weeks visiting in the
mountains of Western rortn
Captain W. W. Card, director
of the gymnasium, was at home
ror the first month. .He then
went to Raleigh and Louisburg
visiting friends and relatives.
Prof. C. W. Kd wards was em-
iloyed during the month of July
in the Ryerson Laboratory of the
LJniversity of Chicago, investiga
ting the new diffraction grating
made by Prof.' Michelson. Before
returning to North Carolina he
visited the laboratories of the
Armour Institute of Technology,
Northwestern University, Uni
vesity of Illinois and Purdue Uni
versity at Lafayette, Ind. Most
oflthe mouth of August was
pent at Kanuga Club at Ilcndcr
sonville and visiting Dr. Cranford
at his summer home in the
mountains of Western North
Just after commencement rrof.
V M. Webb went to his home at
iell Buckle, Tcnn., where he
spent most of the summer. One
week in August was spent in the
ibrarv of the University of
Prof. W. II. Pcgram and Dr.
J. J. Wolf remaindcd ou the
campus duringjthc entire summer.
l rot. A. 11. Mcrntt, who was
iu a very low state of health at
the beginning of the summer,
having just recovered from
severe surgical operation, went to
the mountains of New York
State. Here he spent the entire
summer visiting friends and rela
tives. lie has returned to take
up his year's work looking more
robust than ever.
Prof. Wanuamakcr was on the
campus for the first month of his
vacation and then went to South
Carolina with his family to visit
relatives. He made a short , visit
to Spartanbusg, S. C.f , w here for
years he was engaged in public
school work; and to the Kanuga
Club cf which he is a member.
Before the opening of school he
returned to the Park to complete
some wor,k he was doing for the
Dr. V. I. Cranford, following
up his custom, retired to his sum
mer home at 1 uscola near
Hayncsvillc, N. C. Thcic enter
taiuiug his friends, lie was free
from all philosophical cares an
could enjoy summer breezes.
Dr. V. K. Boyd remained in
Durham until the middle of the
su miner.. Most ol the later pert
he spent in Raleigh making some
historical ttscarches in llic State
t.H.r.irv. A droit while was
given up to making an excursion
through the mountains.
Dr. W. H. Glassom was among
those who went North. He
spent July and a part of Jurie at
he national capital, doing ; some
work of investigation in the Con
gressional Library and "attending
the tariff debates in the Senate
and House of 'Representatives.
During August he was in Western
North Carolina at the Kanuga
Club, near Ilendersonville, and
at the summer home of Dr. Crah
ford at Tuscola.
Dean W. P. Few spent his
vacation in North and South
Carolina visiting friends and
relatives. He has had a pleasant
summer and is back to welcome
the freshman to a year's hard
work. v
Prof. W. F. Gill was at his
ome in Henderson, N. C. during
the entire summer.
Prol. R. L. Flowers and Regi
strar D. W. Newsotn were em-
loyed in the college office during
the whole summer with the ex
ception that Mr. Newson made
visit of ten days to his old home.
Prcfessors S. F. Mordecai and
A. C. Mcintosh of the law school
have remained in Durham pre
paring a new law book which is
to be soon placed in the hands of
the publishers. f
Prof. E. C. Brooks of the De
partment of Education was busy
the entire summer in institute
work for public school teachers
He lectured at the Appalachian
raining School at Boone and
conducted institutes in Yancey,
Cleveland and Rockingham
Counties. During the summer
he taught more than six hundred
teachers. In addition to institute
work he attended the North
Carolina Teachers' Assembly at
More-head City and the State
Asaociation of County Superin-
tendants at Heodersonville.
Bright, Crisp and Pointed Comments
from Many Newspapers.
What? Blind tiger in Green
ville? We would almost as soon
believe that some Greenville pe
pie have to yay 120 per cent, for
what mcney they borrow.
Greenville, S. C, Piedmont.
If a Durham pastor should say
some of the things the Texas ex-
horter ha? been saying he would
be driven from town between
suns. The way people appear to
relish abuse from itinerant
preachers is one of the mysteries.
Salisbury Rost.
Distilling is not any profession
and we are not wise on the sub
ject, but we cannot for the life
of us understand how eight dis
tilleries was operated in a Penn
sylvania penitentiary without the
officers of that institution know
ing something about them. It is
that the plants ran two months
before being stopped. Winston
According to reports the price
for registering a letter or pack
age is to soon be advanced. In
fact, as soon as Postmaster Gen
eral Hitchcock can arrange mat
ters and make a formal order to
this effect. The present rate
is 8 cents and the new rate wil
be 10 cents. This increase is to
help out this deficit and it doc
not take an act of Congress to
make the increase, as there is
already an act which allows the
Postmaster General to make the
registry fee as high as 20 cents
should he deem such proper.
Wilmington Dispatch.
A High Point dispatch is to
effect that J. Elwood Cox has re
turned to that place after a stay
of several days abroad, and say
he does not care for a foreign
Now what has happened?
This was precisely what Mr. Cox
did want a short time ago, and
the statement was frequently
made that a berth had been pro
vided for him by the Presiden
With Mr. Pearson eliminated
through a species of political
legedermain that we have hither
to mentioned, and with Mr. Cox
in his present frame of mind Mr.
Settle should have no difficulty
in landing something really at
tractive abroad. Asheville Ga
The "Halbard."
Halbard Is the arms carry'd by th
erjeauts of foot and dragoons; the
head of the halbard ought to be a foot
or fifteen inches long; ono end ought
to be hollow to receive the staff, but
the other broad, rlbb'd in the middle,
edg'd on both sides and 'Vowing to a
point, like the point of a two edged
sword. On one side of the head Is
likewise fixed a piece in form of a half
moon or star, and on the other a
broad point of four inches long, crook
ed a little, which is very commodious
for drawiug fascines, gabions or what
ever obstacle happen in the way. The
staff of the halbard is about five feet
long and an inch and half In diameter,
made of ash or other bard wood. Hal-
bards are very useful In determining
the ground betwixt the ranks, and for
dressiug the ranks and files of a bat
talion, and likewise for chastising the
soldiers. Gentleman's Directory, 1705.
Sunday School Teacher Now. Dan-
what Is "righteous Indignation?"
Danny (iettlu' nind without sayln"
any cum words. Roston Trnnsr-rlpt.
) Wood's Descriptive Q
Fall Seed Catalog
now ready, gives the fullest
information about all
Seeds for the
Farm and Garden,
Grasses and Clovers,
Vetches. Alfalfa.
Seed Wheat, Oats.
Rye, Barley, etc.
Also tells all about
VegetaHe & Flower Seels
that can be planted in the fall to
advantage and profit, and about
Hyacinths, Tulip and other
Flowering Bulbs, Vegetable and
Strawberry Plants. Poultry
Supplies and Fertilizers.
Irer? Farmer and Gardener 'should
have this catalog. It If Invariable In
it helpfulness a lid suKetttva Meaafor
a profitable and taihfactorT Farm Of
Garden. Catalogue mailed free en
requeat. Write for it.
Seedsmen, . RichmrJnd, Va.
.. Women
Vomen nto seller from
I eiaale ailments frequently
neglect their trouble, till a
general break-down follows.
Don! watt till your case Is
as bad as thai lake Cardal
la time. Ills a sale, reliable
meiidne,for aQ women.
Mrs. Bcna Bart, ol Fierce,
Fla tried Cardul and alter
ward wrote: 1 was a sol
ferer from all sorts ol fe
male trouble, bad pain in my
side, drawing palas la my
legSaConid not sleep, bad
sbortaess ol breath.
1 snllered for years, tm
10 my husband Insisted on
my trjtifl Cardul. The first
bottle gave me relief and
bow I am almost wclL"
Try Cardul.
State Normal and
Industrial College
M-tinMinnl hy the State fur the Women
of North Carolina. l our regular Courws
leading t'lVgr. SK-cinl Course for
Teachm. 1 ail session Jiegtns rn-pUMnbcr
15, liHH. Those desiring t enter houll
apply as early as possible. For catalogue
and the information addte
J. L FOUST, Pfcs.GrccnsfcofO,N.C
Harness, Saddles, Lap
Robes, Horse Blankets,
Hunting Coats, Lcggins,
and Sole Leather go to
B. C. l'ooda
Durham, N. C.
Goods Right - Prices Right
Arrival and Departure of Tra'ns
. Corrected August 16, 1909
Southern Railway
Between Greensboro and Goldaboro
Westbound Daily Estbound
No. Ill 3:19 a. m. No. 112 2:50 a. m.
21 9:1
. m. No. 141 11:22 a. m.
:08 p. m. No. 22 ":2."i p. m.
O. & C. Division
No. 2(i2, mixed, lv Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 6:50 a. m.
No. 116, passnger, lv daily at 9:.'10 am
No. 274, mixed, lv daily ex. Sun. 4:35 pm
No. 275, mixed, ar daily ex Mon. 6:00 am
No. 115," daily passenger, ar 5:10 pm
Nokfolk & Western Railway
No. 36, lv daily 7:00 am
No. 38, lv daily, except Sunday, 5:30 pm
No. 37, ar " " " 11:15 am
No. 35, ar daily 9:15 pm
Durham & Southern Railway
No. 5 lv daily except Sunday 8:45 am
No. 41 lv " " 3:20 pm
No. 38 ar " " " 12:00 m
No. 6 ar 2:00 pm
S. A. L. Railway
No. 238 lv daily except Sunday 10:35 am
No. 222 lv " " " 5:30 pm
No. 241 ar " " " 4:30 pm
No. 221 ar 10:05 am
The Woman's Home.
The L. &. M. Paint decorates more
than two million American homes. Its
beautiful finish and lasting freshness
distinguishes a residence painted with it
from all others. It's Metal Zinc Oxide
combined with White Iead which makes
it wear and cover like gold. Every 4
gallons of h. & M. Taint when mixed
with 3 gall ns of Linseed Oil at 65 cents
per gallon makes 7 gallons ready for use.
Actual cost about f 1.20 per gallon.
Sold by: Hackey Bros. Durham, X. C.
Sworn and Subscribed To
We have thousand of teatimoniaia Id favor of
TETTEEINE. the universal skin cur, which earn
to ua out of f ullneas of heart, from aratef ul peoplo
all over the world. If you are a sufferer, write foj
this evidence in the ease. Tetterine is s soothing,
heal ins antiseptic ointment which never fails to
relieve and eventually cure any and every diaeavie)
manifested through or in the akin. Cure itcmno;
pOea, tetter, eczeina. sores, etc Ask your dniKkrist,
or send 60c to The Shupteioa Co Savannah, Ca.
May look very well, but if it does
not have a distinctiveness that
you are proud of there is some
thing lacking. . .
The work weMnnt'out bears the
- stamp of Rood workmanship,
and when we make vour photos
. you take pleasure in showing
tncin to your ftiends.
We ate prcud of the photos we
have made ami-will gladlv show
them t you if you will call.
ihe Hollaiday Studio
Opp. the Postoffice. Durham. N. C
Old Reliable
Modern Funeral I
Directors and
Office and Show Rooms:
Iav and ninht service. Thone 197
Ample facilities forany emergency
in our line.
Heavy wip
DeatUlb Fence Ca
Mitt am fftiCeS
CimM r 1ltf1e. tri !
fxrtnrr ftir lawn ' MHa. air
rtrit. K ajiMlir trnrina for inwtia,
t..r Tr.K ti'-Ut, ho and fjpulUT.
DeK.lb. I1L Kanaa City, Ma.
TAYI.l'K. riltlTft CO., Durham, N. C

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