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fteeeastrstioa to be field at the
Cocxty Farra March 24ih
During the past few years, tbe
farmers of the country have brougtot
into subservience many of the
dynamic forces of nature to save
time and labor and to facilitate the
cultivation of mother earth, but the
latest force to be brought into service
is dynamite itself.'.
On March 24th there will be given
the farmers of Durham county an
Vienna. March 2. One hundred
and eighteen members of a wedding
party of 120, lucludlug the bride and
bridegroom, were , devoured by
wolves while traveling by sledges
from Obstipoff to ' Tashkeud, inj
Asiatic Russia, a distance or 20
Yesterday's Zetia declares that the
two survivors reached Tashkeud in a
hulf crazed condition, after having at
the last stages of the journey thrown
the bride and bridegroom to tae
reveuous pack of wolves. These four
occupied the same sledge. '
The survivors demanded that the
husband abandon his wife, to lighten
the sledge, but be refused.
The Death o! Mr.
A.S. Carrington
Again has the bugle o( the Arch
Angel sounded and another valiant
hero of the Lost Cause has re
sponded. .
Several weeks ago "Mr. A. S. Car
rington, of Stovall, was called to the
bedside of the wife of bis son
Luther, about five miles distant, who
was in a dying condition, while there
he went out on the porch la the nigUt
time, and by accident was precipl
tated to the ground and his hip bone
wns fractured, and he was otherwise
injured. Next day he'was removed
to his home where he received every
attention that could be bestowed by
a loving wife, a skillful physician
and sympathizing firends. But after
llngeriug In great pain, which he
bore with heroic fortitude, he quiet
ly passed away about 1 o'clock Wed
nesday. Ferbruary 22,. 1911,
Arthur Simeon carrington was
opportunity to witness the wonderful ' bo10 tne nusbaad and his wife from
... .... . . t. ,,; the sledge, thus appeasing the
things that can be done on the farm . , ' , ... . , .
1 hunger of the wolves until the sledge
by the use of explosives. A full sud,,,!, tne edge of Ta8hkeud.
complete demonstration of farming; The women and children of the
with dynamite will be given by theiParty were tne first to be thrown to
DuPont Powder company on tlutithe 0,v- aocordinB to the sur
date at the county farm. ivor8' They say he party started
. from Obstipoff in 30 two-horse
lowing Hth Dyuauuw. !lMge. ,nd that a few miles out
The most interesting work that is j nundreUg of nungry wolve8 atUckeu
now being done on the farm by ,hem Tne men ghot many of tne
dynamite is plowing. I nderneath j nia(ldened but could not
almost every field of cultivated ;cnefk tnelr pursuit
ground la a hard strata, or subsoil.! Tnen u w that the mn ,n tne
beneath which the plow, no matter party began sacrificing the women
of what design, never goes. Thisi,nJ chiidren. The wolves were so
hard strata is generally impervious' nunieroua and ravenous that even
to water, or nearly so. In wet wnen a borse was pulled down it
weather this hard strata keeps all or,checked fne pack only . few
the water near the surface. If the! v v
v u i w v- aa tt . v v u v
level, the crop is drowned. If the
land I sloping, the water runs off.
Jn either case, when dry weather sets
in there is no place to retain thej '
moisture and the crop suffers from 1 MIS. K. K. KKST THK.V GOT A VKK
an' insufficient supply of water nu-i
tUr, TIHt'ATK, Bl'T TtHi I.ATK.
Dynamite rt. Fertilizer.
In their rage, the survivors threw (born ln tne tM RjVer section In old
Orange county, now in Durham conn
ty, on May 2, 1S35, and was there
fore 75 years, nine months and 20
days old.
He came from a sturdy race of
men and was fortunate In his parent
age.' His father was Nathaniel Ma'
con Carrington and his mother,
Cynthia Mangum, both of whom
were first cousins of Hon. Willie
Mangum, the distinguished United
States senator and for many years
president pro tern of the senate.
He was educated in the common
schools of his sections, but never bad
the advantage of a high school or
college education. He had a bright.
quick mind, a retentive memory, ex
cellent judgment, and was a fine con
versationalist, and was a leading
spirit In the social life of the neigh
borhood. He was a member of the
famous Flat River gutrds, one of the
finest ante-bellum military compa
nies in the state, and when the call
for troops was made by the governor
of North Carolina, he enlisted on his
26th birthday. May 2, 1SC1, with his
company, which became company B
of the sixth North Carolina troops
He was promoted to corporal, then
Mr E K Rout 111 M mnmlix
The latest method of ridding land I , , . , . . , "
.f thi. ,hwii.n.hi. ,,iitv ,! convicted of disobeying the health
by the judicious use of dynamite. 'ordinance of the city In that he re-1 to sergeant, and was noted dor bis
Every fifteen feet each way, a hole is if used to be vaccinated when the ' too'nesa and bravery under fire. He
bored through this hard subsoil with 'proper authorities called upon blm.iwas 0aa"r wunJed " the first battle
an ordinary augur to a depth' of j After hearing the evidence in thejof Manassas, and wa Carried to
from three to five feet, the depth case and the lengthy arguments of.tne hospital with his young
depending on the nature of the land, the attorney. Recorder Svkea . kinsman, Willie P. Mangum, Jr.
A very small piece of dynamite Is thought that the law had been vio-!Wno M of ih w0"n1 received at
placed in each of these holes and the: lated and imposed a fine of $ j and ,h 8me tlme- He participated with
charges set off. As the result of the" the costs. "J re iment In all the battle In
dynamite explosion, a large funnel j At the time when the health officer iNortoern V'r'"1. Maryland and
shaped tup is formed iu this hard 'called upon him, Mr. Best bad no Pennsylvania, until be was captured
strata. The charge of dynamite Is 'certificate showing that he was not anear TW rurt House with Bear
not made strong enough to blow out fit subject for vaccination, but be re- ly " of nl regiment in the winter of
the earth in this rup. but just strong1 fused to have the virus inserted 163-4. and carried to Point Look-
enough to loosen the dirt thoroughly 'This morning the defendant showed 'wut Br' b ' kt,P I" Prison
and to form crevices In the surround- a certincate which he had nrocured : unt" tD 'r nded. He was of a
ing soil leading into the cistern thus from a uhysician after the warrant bright cheerful disposition, of
formed. Through these intercises i is issued showing that the state of 5rPQetie nature, and did much to
the water finds its way when raiu his .health was not such that vaccina- !1Sht'n h burden of his comrades
comes. The moisture is held tu-tion would be safe. In the opinion 'bi oothe and comfort the sick and
vuese places to Be drawn upon by. of the Recorder, however, this cer- lu -,Bg'
the roots of the crop whenever thu tlfirate had no bearing on the case He took great Interest In every
moisture is neded. The. root find , la that Mr. Best committed the crime' thing relating to the great conflict
iBelr way into the small Intercisrs ' at the time when the officer called and delighted In attending th reon
formed by the dynamite and these inuon him and the nrocarim of th tons when bis health would nermii
keep the crevices open from year to certificate afterwards had no bearing' After his return from the army he
'r luanwg a permanent cistern tor on the caae. devoted himself to farming, and by
" rewmioo oi moisture for every; An appeal from the decision of the ' Industry, thrift and good Ju-Ig
p i Recorder waa taken. iment be accumulated a comfortable
Thia method was originated by thej , , . - esute and waa regarded as a strong.
"Jrral -ooer company; ana nas nr nr inilinin nni n forfefu n in every community In
been put in operation in many parts II U L. I IkIIFIIhKS Sill ll h,cn v0. n "Is advice and
" country, in many places UHU Ul LnilUIiniUU UULU counsel waa sought and valued by
thra h mu.. h.. k - ... .v.i I
.. -r" umm wth (ilea, I Uf , UIBUT
'top was doubled the first year and ! Mr. Carrington waa married tbree
showed a corresponding Increase BBTAST BITH THE DlkE times, first to Miss Mary A. Coxart,
r .rn-.IWr. u is one or; ST0KE 0 r HTn, rT jdaugbter of Allen Cozart In October
uters oi irtiiizer, ! H67, who died October 10, m.':
, "" lwm " ne appneauon The large building and lot on Eist econd. to Mrs. Addle Glenn in No
W the process to the land Is Tery Main street occupM by Pollard ember. IS83. who died March 20
T P irgeiy Bros, hardware store was yesterday 2. third, to Mrs. Lucy W.
. ; sold to Mr. V. S. Bryaut by the Luke ftoyster, April, I S93, who survive
M,nu,r , rmwe. Land and Investment company. The him.
. ,ruluuru ur- j,orcnMt pr,Pe WM ijsioo. ; uy nts first wife be bad seven hit-
ubiHnR JmoBstratlon. This building is the one ln which dren. Luther M. Carrington, mho
, ;L T , " amo"Mr ,,r a u Duke Dr" b"4" business married Ellxalnth. daugbt-r of the
lion of ditch digging, stump blaating lu the city. He s arted bis business te George W. Watkins. who has H
ana tree planting with dynamite. Career ln this building by conducting children; Arthur 8. Carrlnton. Jr.
The DuPont Powder company will furniture store. For this reason who married Alice Reavis, who ha.
- . ....r -r prrwnt m. uuke nas heretofore refused to three children; Kmma, who married
. '?it?f . ,r,ou 'hings consider the aale of the building. Guy Sweeney; Mollie. who married
t ' r r e wrrt4 upon' Knnetn Vera, who mar
jo xt. u. B. Markbam, chairman however, and the necessary papers led A. J. Tilley and baa three chil.
rnTOJ tmmi commission- will likely be made In a few days. dren, and two boys who died in In-
... u, hiiiiii me, rour years ago Mr. Bryant pur- ranry.
demonstration where it can be wit-; chased the building adjoining the He bad one brother. William Car-
uesaeo By tne lurham county farm- property Just purchased, and In which rlngton. who lived on Flat river and
en. lie bum Ln l
with ih it. u v. nv. u nl. u..1L-, nr i i,ixp. i at inree sisters. lrs. Wains rlKUt. of
,or oiiie two propenioa are or almost exsc-ly Wilson, who died several years a-
time, and the final date of the, the same value, and this shows the Mrs. Z. T. Hampton and Miss Lu"
demonstration waa announced e-!upwrd strides In price which real Carrington. who still lives nesr the
i y' esute in the city has mde during the old home nla-e.
biM Sere Z"Jt M'PMt ' 'W I Mr member of
MbibH I ,Z . . u ' i the Presbyterian church at 8tov.ll. .
2me d.i ' h,n B "" CharfleS GralUng lulet. consistent rhrlWi.. and dto
.. Rv CAltnt V. ' '" nereart. r.
i tfvvuwiu a isa a
Guthrie, Okla., hus ailoptt'U the
commission form of government.
Tlie recent primary campaign for
the maybrally nomination tn Chicago
la said to have cost the candidates a
total of more than $1,000,00.
The. 6hio legislature has jp&siMid o
measure 'jwlueb. provides that candi
dates for the, judiciary 'shall K
elected on nonpartisan ballots.
Henry F. Llppitt, who succeeds
J Nelson IS. Aldrich in the Unite'.!
States senate, is one of the foremost
cotton manufacturers in New Kug
land. .
Congressman Leonlduti V. Living
ston, of Georgia, whoso service ic
the lower house ends March i, ha3
launched his candidacy for the L'ni
ted States senate.
A movement is said to be under
way by certain democrats to no mi
nate ex-Governor Folk, of Missouri
for president, and Governor Foss, of
Massachusetts, for vice-president.
Among .the cities that are expected
to bid for one or the other of the
national political conventions nt-xt
year are Chicago, St. Louis. Ball!
more, Kansas City, Denver and C'n
cinnati, . , , ,
Representative Samuel W. McCflll
of Massachusetts, author of th
house bill to put the Canadian trade
agreement into effect, is one of the
veteran members of congress, having
served continuously since 1892.
Tbe Swedish-American Repulknn
league of Illinois, which has beeu at!
influential factor in the politics ot
that state for-many years, will hold
Its annual convention in li'oornlriK
ton on March 9.
The democrats and republicans" of
Michigan hold their state conven
tions thia week to name candidates
for two regents of the University of
Michigan, two justices of tbe su-
George Gould Offers
T . i Loudon. March Z. One
a w uuc u.uuu. t ..j ii. ... t .
uwiirii inum rairu weeklies in ore-; B a K ndrxl t.H fn,n. - ,
- ' - " aiiiiu M iMrra
His body waa taken to tte old
.home and there on Friday. th nh
the, of February, was laid to rest among
March 1.
paring an article on the Loudon. asembla of B.ih.r. .,.
.rae iu- i .ki..i. .v. .v ,,. ..i . " "
omliior.er, to masdsn,! th.!,h.e , . ... . a," T l'.'"' ""': nq memory
mis avallahl ih.b
; i iiiiw r. Mm
I tit
Short and $utj;py Notes ol what
is Going On
Students at Roanoke
Are Out on a Strike
Roanokve, Vh., March 1. Notwith
standing the fact that the rules gov
erning Koauoko collcgo expressly
5ta that any pupil who jcIuhcr to
attend uny class in which they arc
entered may bo expelled from thu In
stitiulon. a . uuhiher of tho students of
the." collegii, ujioh the advice of thdr
parents, have declined lo attend the
United States history chins, bt which
Prof. H. J. Thorstenbiu g ! Is thu
teacher. ' ' ' ' ,,
The cause of thlrf notion Is llici fact
tfiat the "History of the United Btates"
taught, by Prof. Tohrsteuburg, and
written by U. W. KIbou, is said to
contain several pussages descriptive
af the ill treatment of colored women
by their southern musters Just prl'Jr
to the Civil war, as well as paragraphs
villifylng Roldrt K. Leo. A nuiulK-r
of the parents of the pupils have nr.
cordlngly Instructed their children to
remain away from this class until the
text-book la changed.
pre me court and several other minor
According to the lattst count there
are now 114 American pities under
commission plan of government aiu'
the number la being suJeu to al
mot daily. Illinois, which hid no
commission cities hit moiuhs a;
now has more than a dozen.
The filibuster recently coudurted
in the bouse by Representative
Mann, although .it waa a stobburn
ana speexa.our. content, was not a
record-breaker In point of durath n.
senator Quay, of Pennsylvania, oare
TaJe a speech which lasted n jr
than a week, and Senator Morgan, of
Alabama spoke three days a-alnst
the Panama canal bill. Another
notable filibuster was -that conduetd
by Senator Carter and Senator Gal
llnger in the Fifty-ninth controls.
f he two ser.stors spoke, several days
against the "hour of work" bill,
and succeeded n defeating tbe me as
ure. .
flmrlotte. Mar.1 :. His dtatb aur-
rounded iu mysK-ry, various vague
rumors afloat n-Mrdiug "he manner
n It, wV-ther by;bls ow n' hand 't by
the bands of a wijmaii In the caw, the
body of A. I. Winn, a traveling ! .
man for a New Otleans firm, lies in a
local undertaking! etabliitlinient here.
Two women. Lwti Stephens an I Dora
w ilstm. are nndei th nrveill.mr of
the pru-ri- tor of the hotel in whkb
the mysterio'js trigi-dy orxurred yes-
erday morning, bendiuir she verdlet
of a corner's J y, wtlrh wi:i con
vene for a second efion today.
Winn was fomid lu bis room by the
housekeeper in t4 hotel, lying pros
trate In a pool of his own Wood, with
a bullet through tne brain. In an ad-
Joining room, rerated by a rto-d
but unlotked dwt were tbe tw mit
men, the S:ep!,i-n woman claiming to
be and having to44 for some months
as the wife of M ian. Subsequent do
, I'luys nnl l'layers.
The Shnberts will soon produce a
new play by Kugene Walter.
Tuylor Holmes, of the ''The Com
muters" company, may go Into
Ellen Terry has closed her Ameri
can tour aud will sail for Londoir
. Thomas A. Wine Is to play a stock
starring engagement In May In a
Columbus, O., theater.
A. II. Woods ha recently obtali.ed
the American riKhH of "Misa D-jtlcl
sack." a German mraical play.
Fred C, Whitney U to nmke a pro
duction of' "The StUiiiB Maid" ill
London, 'abort the first week In
CoiiSiaiue t'rawU'v-ls to appear,
poaiiibly lu' vaudeville. In au Oscar
Wilde play, with a good supporting
George W. Uarnum, playing the
rheumatic old storekeeper in "Where
the Trail Divides." us.-d to be a base
ball umpire on the Pacific coast.
It is said that Resale AliUutt, who
was to have starred in Mam-a::!"
opera "Ysobel," wfll sing the title
role in the musical version of
Fred C. Whitney lias buught the
English rights of "Mile.: Modiste,"
and will produce the piece in In-
don, with Emmy Wchlen lu tho t'.ile
rok. . ,
Florence Heed, the peychic girl i:
Seven Uays," now running in New
Vork. Is native of Philadelphia am!
is tbe daughter of the late Roland
Frank Craven an.i George V.
Hobart are the authors ot a vaude
ville play called "The LHtle Stranx-
er. in which George Pierre, Kn&jell
p.assett and Paul Ouilxall apiiear.
Annie RilMell ha.i berome-uncol
the stars Lit bit r and conipaay, w ho
will prteeiil Imt tbut Season In rcpe-
tory, beginnltig with m new play by
George Kdgrton, entitled "The
The following (flayers will support
Mr.ie. Kalicb In "The Knuizer
Sonata": Mabel Prownell. Frank
Losec, George Christie. Marion Kl
mort', Giiktai'e liaxttjlielm, i Italpb
Ikan and Jcuule Feiffarth.
New York, March 2. -iroiiey
trnilie on the Avenuo U Hue, i" J!
oiiue, wr.i Mnek K minutes yester
day afi.n.i'ii Ly a jivtU i! and ro
eomlied hen that seoojed for hersdt
a nest, between tho car truck nud
niudo the usual preparations for lat
ins a hlgh-classl .low-(irtccd, egg." Twt
first trtllejr- fr th;tt' arrived after
the hen bad settled horself on the
neat waa tilled with p.iu. r.gern. , ;-
Ueitry Wilderman, the motorman,
who knows much ali"t co!d storage
and limed vnm, hut- l'"5e' about
fltriellv frr h (Hies, rati l-.is car ClOHC
to the Leu before ho Btopi'cd It, and
luimiim ovt?r tle dssUbtiard, yelled
"Shoo!" Tuo hen simply looked up
at lilni and winked and Nettled hr
.lf nil the closer on the tiest. Pasa-
eiigt rs ticiir the front of the car look
t?d out and iaw what was b'.ockir.g
trailic. They laughed at first, but
when those in the rear of the car yell
ed to the motorman to go ahead,
those who could see the hen pro
tested. '
Give her a chance," one man said
"I haven't secu a strictly 'fresh egg
since ! left the farm 13 year ago-'
"And I was raised In ths city and
never tav one." tho niotonnan re
plied. "I'm always ready to look at
curiosities."' ,
- Mluute after minute elapsed, ntu
soon' every one became inurestcd, tn-
clt"(!i!ig ibos lu a car thatt lined up
behind. Finally the hen fluttered ait
tho nest and began cackl.itg as
tbouiih she had Jflid a crate of eggs
Instead of only one. Tne taotormaii
leaped from thu car, seized th egg,
held It up wi tent all mlc,ht a-e It.
and put it' la his lunch basket. Then
he pat his car lu motion and the tie
up of t'ae line ended. When official
of the company ascertained what had
caused the block they posted a nvttce
in tho car barn warning motormeu
that In future they must tot allow
to a tic nd longer than Ave tninutee
(or ccs-la4 iiig without special ortltrs
f.-iidi the executive otllccil by tele
plifinc: whereupon the motormcn s-
t.ili'"l and agreed that in no cir
i.mt sutw would one of iUm run
-Tir a laying ten. Assertion . wo
cade tn.u the only thing for the ri-
icad riu.ti&ny to do is to build a few
t!e:U between the slcpiiers, low
i-.o;r:h down so the runnlg gear f
the car will clear the beaJs ot tbe
Industrious ben.
telepments, after
yesterday af!rrno4n of th coroner's
Jury, rev,! the tkt that Winn has a
wife, who Is In a ianatorluw In Ash-
iil. A telegram
afternoon from
George fjelmire.1
11 more hi Winn"
confirms the reLw
llvlnt wife, Th- t
the adjournment
received late In the
Asherille, sighed
states that W.
father-in law. and
oi wiiin nsvitig a
iflinonf of the two
otnea tends to JLtrw that tbe mb
'mtnittfi siiieid
stories of to: atTs
'matter In doubt.
hearing will deter
man killed biimuir
Flflht Bubonic Plague
In Spokane, Wash.
a supri'rr officer,"
Kp kafle,
j S a Word ut Mt aiHlal
j 'rred the csll of a neighbor on Mrs. ! frimm life would
ngum, were alncularli
j attractive and interesting, and would
pave mane niot readable volume
And his descriptions ,,t mm,,
;" ces of wbKb bate krm diIifw (k
M.t.1, 1 Tk. ! .,iiinn Ull Jll,,r -" IHH. PlU ll
li Ii !,-Tw i u......k m,i, .... ; H.iu-k .i. ... ...... . """" w
fZ tltrC, JZt . " 1 mhn ' " t. IKtlg. "mry ... curate,. '
isg taaen Bere to prevent the inud ; v-. i n ...j . . ... - n. ... . ... . .
f m. ..... k j . , . I.-"" wi" Mi Hay iiiri-o uvr OI ODStl-1 "w ery proud Of h i K.rili.
l itr L: k"ney trouble, and made JkJ l
new woman." Ksxy. but ! Hfcted In doscribinc the ti..r.h.
n uatlies. nut be has ol.v n...
laal order of Ills Great Commander
and baa rroiwd oter ibe rfr
trust IS flow rr(lf a Itk li . . .
Irving la lo broduce the h..i. .., . " ... ."' "","r
'The Lily" in tendon. J " J-
Wa ihlil V P,l Jk'ft f? k" troubles. Only Z.tR 'l
but r I rrd ftmt all but three
others bate only a ngbtitif thstn.e for
th'tr lies
but conflicting
n0 the whole
rly continued
ln whether 'he
lf was msrrtered
Tbe adj-ctlveg gl
miln i spr'iu
Of (ir'i.ii uu
shyly preping o
An in if tji Hon. her
lik" a timid thiU;
lo httft. the verbs
a leod are
and there, hlda
While the bu ldiiif
wh-re deno-e t
The adverb mmn
nouns fw arin to
The oufef world Is
We .!H have (e,
Hill ShWterrd ffIU
Where slftrin u
We noth Tnany m
th haiv ball pa J
pronouns every
cotnirig spring.
be In bio. fin, the
s"hed gloom.
4 no anow,
lie oiitff atrif
I blizxards rage,
ns of life mum
'Htatmrg I'osf,
Ileum l'likril I'p in Hfiitli leUtnv.
Tbe weather is looking very en
couraging to the peop!'-' who are de
lirious of tilling their soil. Wo kuow
spring Is near,, We tnmtr her with
gratitude, and bid winter farewell.
gorry to state the re'ent acc!(l t;t
whkh befell M:; Ella Terrell Hmida
morning While out diivlrig, slut and
Mihs Wood, of Wat Durham, the!
horn: b"eamt! fi1h nel at a blrytlii.
throwlnit her out of the buugy and
itirtlng her rllit much, but not
seriously, wt hirjic.
Mrs. Flora llrig'l u ban had ber
new rtidiice lainurt, which add
very ni'ieh lo Its looks. The work
being done by Mr. .Ham llolUiway, of
Mr. William Garrard, of lnirharn.J
no noius a vokition wun iii (twi n
and Allen couiffMuy, waa the giut ol !
his parents. V.T. and Mis. Jo. li
Garrard, Runday.
MlsS Lul'e Garrard, who has becuj
on me hhk iihi, is ey n.inU uu
proved, am glad to say.
Tbe Hunday sthixtl at ItovrOf
Sharron is progresnlng very miuh, I
am glad to say. The good iit-rln-
tendent and t. a'lietn are doing all'
thry can to get the people to attend.
Uo trust they will amreed in
ing so.
Attn Tesgue and slater, Mlrui
Fannie, vlnltcd MIhsi-s lona ami
Roi.a Catea flatmdav night and Sin
day and attended Huaday school In
the afternoon, !
Mr. and Mrs. i. I Dunnasan
siicnt Runday near Roiigemont j
Miss Ogla Dunnagan, wlu hae,
been rlchl slk for several days, la;
able to lie out Bfialn. ' j
Miss yioreli-e Garrard V(nile, JUt,
I'earl Ouiiusgan Haturda) night md;
Sntidny, who lives on Uurhaui RouU i
No. Z. j
MlniM-a Amies and Martha. Ite((-
moiid, of Durham, metit Satilay:
tillhi Mllh tlti.lr .1.1... II.. di. J
Will rlns olT In fear of lli a unit
bk't. DHKAMKIl.
Wtwt a mtctor known,
Webster's Weekly. .
Of all professional nien, what cly
Is a keener student of human nature
than -the wayatciaiij t Nolo4y knows
tne peoplt- of a community bcut
fcaa tk- doctor who lives anionic
them, iila patitiita are laton.rv.
bankers, drc-makra. scnili-Boiuen.
farmers, servants, tearher am,
pretcbera. Other folks know their
occupation the physician kt.owa
their lives. Why. he even has a key
to c?try skek'ton rlot iu the wtok
Meets Many Friends In Durham
And Freely Discusses Charge
...,..-. i '. -i . t I ie,- ,!"
t , (( -( , ;( (
Mr, G. it. Dow. who was chargtd
ltii thc laillntr of Joseph Itoycrort
war fienuehiitn on life niKlit of Jaim- .
ary 2tth, and later round guilty ot
manslaughter at ibe trial In Oxford,
came to Durham yesterday and vla
iud many of his triciida. ". Whilu here
he diseutaed ireely the thargo against
l... ....... ...!.. K..
uiui, freeavvui uifijiub tuat u.it
anythiiig to do with the killing. So
sincere waa Mr. Dov In hla denials
that many who heard Ma atory yester
day afternoon believe that ho la not
the guilty party and that a aerloua
error has been made somewhere, ul
tboug'a the tcstiiapny at tho titnu ot
tbe trial was against Mr. Dove.
Mr. Dove is out on Loud until his
appeal Is heard, and ;ny belicvo
that at that time be will be able to
put up an excellent defew.e, thus free
ing hUii&cU frctu. tho charge aguiust
hinu ' . 1
March! March! March? They arc com
ing v
la troop to the tune ot the" wind;
Rid-headod woodpeckera drumming.
Gold-headed thrushes behind;
Sjurrowa in brown Jacket hopidng
Pat evtry ga eway and door; .
Finches with crimson caps stopping
Just whe?t ibey toiiHd years be
t fore.( . ' '
Marth! March! Marcl! Tboy arc allp-
, l-i'K '
Into their place at l.ihl
Little white lily-buds tfrlptdng , ,
Voder th shower that fall fast;
Buttercups, violets, roan.
Suowdrou and bluebell and pink;
Throng lijwm throng of sweet posies,
1! cdltig tho dewdrop to drink.
March! Mirth!, March! They will
Forth a't the wild bogl.i!iiind
likxsoina and buds n a flurry,
llutteriisg i; ovi r the ground.
Hanj out your f!.gi, bsrh and wil
low! Shako out your red tassels. larch!
Craii'L!ail.a, up fiotn your ear'.a pil
low! Hear wh? U cail.ng you March!
I'at iKtuaa.
FOR SAU New f.4-.iJ leatLer".
ltd and 6-inumi pair rO,w
.'ci.'vered. Turiter i. Comwll. o.
Fnutii CoHk t-trcct. Charlolte.
c. :-:)i-:ni
8AI H.SMAV H AVTI II to look f;,.r
. our ibtere.it la Durham and alM
cent tountie. Salary or Commla
slen. Addre The Harvey Oil Co.,
Cleveland, O. ;$. .
. 1
Ik M.'iiiuiafi iifer.
High prices brought down by
of L. M. Fklnt; neratiaa you tnskt '
neatly half of t by adding 8.4 of B
gallon of Linseed Oil lo eseh gallon I
of paint.
It ! theft 1 1. r,n j.r gallon. j
Heairto von , won t neod to repalini
for about IS yeut. i
Ihlrty-flve years general use haul
proven It. , j
It's all paint, real paint, reliable!
paint, and tbe best paint that ifln be'
made. i
Our nales agents are M". A. Mubrv.
ew "Rock niir linhifs
Hurminj, Blest Sfyllsli
and Durable on
Q Pa!cntJ Inz Distartc ?rtfnfHef,
ol.rd ,hoiit remtrt al of wheels.
VlVieriW S;,Ie Hpnnp.
CStron-if brsccd Hil made.
?-vr Feat. '
Wwty future of J,ig, clai make.
tlHiaetors, .S'arrk Kunabouu of
tOur guarantee ycur prfitectioru -
PosJaJ Card To t, mtl Bring At
RSew ! 100 A Care i
efc Hill. ttH.fi, arMM
-Kotk Hill" Aii-iil,
Durham, X, I'.
Do You
Want One
of Tliese
If You Do
Thin icet b.iiif, ao jour
frinnd and .n4 one
hundred new subscribeis to
'Tha lUciii.ler." '
Tho first rt-rw.n o
s tsd us Dm yearly m5.
iwtliitlon at 11.00 each,
win rnelvo tin ot 'these
fc'irirl'H tree. Kill In iba
I'cd Manr and aiib
send It in jit ini to
he flfd to mir trediL
Win ii Jivi nl the am rn
tecilved frrun y'r,i We i('
n n'lio-.i an o'ri!r rr i;,
"ifay. '
Tho Duriaoi Itccorder:
Durham, X. f
Knchwed And f I. tin t (, pHrf,l , tuy ,.fr,m . . ,
ll U"M- Snbscrlpllon foii'-eM. B.-nd y!", hht
J'ear to
I'ostottii e.

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