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Published semi-weakly, every Tuet
day and Friday, by the Durham Sua
Publishing Company.
Office, 109 Maugtim Street
Phone, No. 17.
Editor and Manager.
Subscription Rates. .
One Tear, (in advance)...,..
Six Months (in advance) ......
Three Months (in advance)...
Advertising rates
made . known on
Entered at Durham, K. C, poatoffice
aa second class mail matter
Congress went out like they aay the
mouth of March frequently goea out!"10'' Pllbl trough their sensitive
There was a roaring "lie on" some-
where about it.
The Richmond Virginian says "When
all the men and women bave gotten
married there will be equal suffering."
Certainly. 'When!'
Tbe railroad rate increase decision
has not caused any pres'dent to re-
sign so tar as we nave neara, up to ,
the hour of going to press.
. '
What has become of those rasor
"backs' in Greensboro and Charlotte
that were going to shave the Sun man
without lather? Haven't heard a
whimper from them in a week.
- . ...
We read that a thousand people par-
ticloated in a wolf hunt in Nebraska, I
And yet their fellow-cltixea. Bryan,
ha, managed to keep the wolf from
tbe door single-handed and without
any strenuosity.
We hVve not yet seen any account
of tbe lame ducks, who left congress
t remain 'at home, shedding tears
wheu they bade Senator Lorimer good
l;c on their departure yesterday from
Washington. The weeping was for
s.-natorial effect.
man from Georgia he knew well one
Soon we shall have to turn our at-',,,, la Danville, he could not resist
tentkw from 'Canadian reciprocity and, y,, temptation to make himself
adulation of the trust decisions and jkJ0W11 ,nd tnere ne felj down
consider whether last year's straw hat The mMa went nom, and toI(J lt-
will serve again or we ahall have to U, rjreenaboo Record so tersely
buy another. Straw hats show which
way tie spring change goes.
We are told that down in Norfolk
they are going to "make the city's
weather public' For some time it
has been known that Norfolkites have
been very much shocked over tbe
naked truth abou: some things In their
city. Now the weather has gotten
MUa Lillian Russell was here Sat
urday evening "In Search of a Sin
ae." She waa so taken and so well
ed with Durham that ahe says
h is going to include. Durham in her
ltii crary every year. Happy Lillian!
Discerning woman! She knows a
good thing when she sees It Durham
is very much in love with the fair
Lillian. So it's mutual reciprocity.
Senator Bailey Saturday resigned
his seat In the senate, and then he
didn't. Some of his playmates brought
in the wrong kind of doll rags and it
made the great senator from, the great
state of Texas mad, and he stuck his
finger la ' bis mouth and Mid be
wouldn't play In tbe back yard with
be congressional children any more,
and then he went on playing Juat tbe
same. Mark down a very fooliah spec
tacle the Texas senator made of him
self. I
We have several communications we
would like to ne, but the writera have
failed to aend their namea and conee
1 lenUy we can not use their produc
tions. Anonymous communications,
m matter how wor hy they may be,
are never considered by well-regulated
hewipapera. The Sun has always ob
served this rule, and It sees do resson
why It should change now. People
who write for tbe press will see theiheiru and throws rays of brightness
Justice of sending In their name wlthilow ! Colonel Robinson the
their communication If they will think j ?un M tret ur' Colonel Robinson
, ... ' i Is a human-nature writer. Me la close
It over lor a while to the hesrta of bis fellow-men, and
A Sift U IB BOH.
' .
The bmne thst possesses a cheer-
ful wife and mother la not only a
veritable haven of rest, but the aafe"ln ohfl Romans of them an."
barter whose besroa light will guide . .
h..r banner, a.fely past .11 j n. , H"-D'- r.rt
,v. .vi. ... v Wilmington DlspaUh.
, " "
tatnty. The woman whose cheerful
;lrlt can take that "brave attitude
biv ard lit.- that enables her to bear
tiTwf the Inevitable burdens
of h r life's environment, that
fctrengtseos hr d-:ermlna-i? not to
frt or torry ho who for her sake
ate ftrbting the lurd battle In the
wrld, has rrvh'i that attitude that
prx-laiiim her prlre above rubles, and
u. r jumwwe sou example are not
I -:' only within the Ilml s of the four
u!'a sno has niade tbe uiiaasallablt
tiu!a:k of atate and society, a happy
bi-u.f, but tench to those ahe knows
not if.
Tbe legislation that might ' bave
been Is as usual the swelling theme
.of the cougresa which expired on the
4ln 0f March. All congressea open
with thrilling programs. Legislation
is needed. "The world moves," as
Galileo said, but congress doea not
move with it. The parcels post bill
was not nassed. The bis: Texas aen-
j Blur vlljcviiru iu ih tuuui uiiuucuv
in,tbe midst of a filibuster, and that
killed it. Many other urgent meas
ures have failed even to' receive at
tention. Public interests pine. The
lobby is aa ever active and insistent,
making theirs appear the people's
fight. It is a rude awakening to our
national egoism , to learn that tbe
countries that we have so long re-
rrea 10 as eneie aeepousiu are
fovernments to the interests of the
people than is our complicated and
clumsy legislative incumberance. For
the last week in congress there have
been almost continuous night and
day sessions with sleepy legislators
pulling and scrapping at cross pur
poses in an endeavor to make politi
cal and personal capital. Few of
them are representatives in any large
sense of the whole people. Most of
ithem represent first themselves, their
private fortunes and ambitions, or
at most provincial rather than na
; tlonal interests. There are, of course
jsome senators and members of the
larger mold and completer prepara
tion for legislative work, but they
are without sufficient influence on
the legislative mass and, unfortu-
natel. me of thoM ho ro best
0''PP Intellect and experl-
' ' mPIe- h " Texas
senator, have influence in national
j affairs
I malign.
that is retrogressive ' and
Should he ever again get in the
same fix, probably Danville's former
Chief of Police Morris will never con
fide a secret to any one. 8eeing
sums it np; if Morris is telling the
'truth about the cause of killing an
attempt to assault ' his sister he
: should be pardoned, but aa some one
: baa aptly aaid, it he Is tailing, the
truth, how waa It he was not par-
, doned at the time? If he had any
expectation of being pardoned, why
did he make hia escape? There ia
something peculiar about the whole
thing, the worst being that he ahot
hia man through a window in bia
own borne. Morris was handy with
hia gun, for since being a resident of
Danville he has killed two men, 4
caping a trial in court on both
charges on the ground that he waa
If every citixen will just say, "I will
help to make the Durham Sun a bet
ter paper." and will make np bia mind
to give It a subscription or aa adver
tisement, or talk it up, the first thing
yon know you'll have an afternoon
paper here second to none. Now will
you help us to carry out our plana.
All pushing and pulling together will
accomplish the results we have In
Tbe government did well not to
charge the magazine extra postage
on the advertising sections. If put
(anywhere tbe extra postage ought to
j be levied on tbe reading matter, that
bin heavier.
One ef the Best la the Wale.
Wilmington Dispatch.
Then tbe Durham Sun. a great rep
resentative of the dal'y press, that
constantly whirls In this life, placing
the people of tbe world In daily touch
with each other, celebrated its twenty
third anniversary. Tbe Sun ia one of
tbe best dallies In North Carolina.
True to ita name It sheds warmth Into
' ')' pours balm upon their wounds
snd Injects sweetness Into their lives.
j The living of such a man as Robinson
Is Indeed worth while. He la on of
A cart ran over the head of a man
j Springfield, Mass., snd didn't even
I hurt him. Still we feel that we know
Io,k bo ' SO bird-headed
that such an experience with an au
tomoblle would only result In dam
aging the auto.
Ularfaa; and
IMnf Ti
Greensboro Kewa.
,boigun will kill a cat "unleea the
.aim is good." Well, isn't it a good
: " to aim to kill a cat?
'Foil know old iollably? Well,
has locomotor ataxia." "He haa?
thought all the time it was a limous
ine. Baltimore American.
C. 0. Rosemond has been appointed
postmaster at Hillsboro.
The Monroe Enquirer says a teach'
er iu tbe Monroe graded school asked
the. class to form a sentence contain
ing the word forsook.'' A little girl
piped with, "I helped to draw water
for Sook, our old cow."
Tbe Currituck county people have
decided to erect a Confederate monu
ment at Currituck courthouse, and tbe
movement has created much Interest
and enthusiasm among the patriotic
citizens of .that progressive county.
Mr. R. M. Odell will leave Washing
ton April 1st for Spain, to begin work
investigating tbe foreign markets- aa
special agent for the government. Mr.
Odell will attend the Southern Com
mercial congress In Atlanta March 8,
and 10. '.''v t .
A. J. Allen, of No. 1 township, Ca
barrus county, has presented the Con
cord Tribune with a real live chicken
hawk. We do not know what Brother
SherriU wants with such a thing un
less It is to have h worry the eagles
on dollars until he can put a few
grains of salt on the eagle', tail.
The February term of the superior
court for McDowell county adjourned
Friday afternoon. In the case of
Jesse Burleson, who killed Melvin
Thomas In 1907 and escaped to the
west, where he remained until Sep
tember, 1910, when he was captured
and brought to McDowell county, the
defendant was acquitted on a plea of
The Wilmington Star cava an inven
tion which will rAolutionite methods
of unloading logging and flat car has
been successfully perfected by Mr. T.
Love, of tbe Wilmington Iron
Works, assisted by Mr. & Mitchell,
of the New Berlin Lumber company,
and is found in tbe Iron gravity car
stanchion, which ia already being
uaed with great eatiatactlon. The In
vention very probably will eventually
lead to establishing a plant In Wil
mington to manufacture the stanchion
and logging can, plana being now
under way for that purpose.
In one year from a cow weighing
under 900 pounds. Net profit V6j22.
Another world's record haa ' been
broken. Tbe new queen of the dairy
ia a beautiful Jersey cow named
Sophie 19th of Hood farm, owned and
tested at Hood farm, Lowell, Maaa.
She ia the champion. Jersey fbr milk
and butter fat production of eowa be
tween four and five years of age.
During the twelve months ending
December 11. 1910. on a teat authenti
cated by the. Massachusetts Agricul
tural college, tinder tbe rules of tbe
American Jersey Cattle club, Sophie
19th of Hood farm gave 14,373 lba. 3
ox. milk, testing 1,003 lbs. 11 os. butter
or over half a ton. An accurate ac
count waa kept of her feed, and her
milk sold at 10c. per quart made a
profit of 1565.22.
The United States department of
grlculture's estimate in round num
bers of tbe wealth produced each year
by the 22.000,000 cows in the United
States la 100,000.000, or an average
profit of f 34.3S per cow. If more at
tention waa paid to feeding and breed
ing it ahould be easy to Increase the
average profit per cow to at leaat one-
tenth of the profit made by Sophie
19th of Hood farm, which would raise
the total to IU40.000.000, an Increase
Of $440,000,000.
Hon We Deen 111 This.
Wllningtoa Star.
Tbe Durham Sun, which la a brll
llant associate of the 8tar In tbe solar
system of North Carolina Journalism,
haa Just circumscribed the 23d year
of its orbit During these years its
momentum baa been accelerated and
ita effulgent function has been
greatly Intenalfied. Its radiance baa
gone on tteadily increasing, and It
may aa well be aaid that tbe Sun Is
today a better and healthier news
paper than It ever was. Tbe Star
tenders Its heartfelt congratulations
to Old Hurrygrapb Robinson, who Is
survival of tbe fittest editor who
have made the Sun sblne.
Prior to 1I2S all women' shoes
were made without heels.
Barcelona. Spain, is to pay $11,-
4.6,000 for Me new water supply.
Except on tbe coast, there are no
inns or hotels in Morocco.
The average length of life among
Paris-born families Is 21 year and
one month.
India rubber naila for use In plae
where ordinary nails are i.able to
corrosion are German novelty.
Let's ftet Dew a te Telling ef Them.
Wilmington Star.
Ignorance keeps Xorth Carolina
from having 4.000,000 Inhabitant.
People la other parte of the world are
Ignorant of North Carolina' vs-ied re
source and we keep tbem In Ignor
snce by not giving wide publicity to
tbe state's advantages and oppor
tunnies along various lines.
We Thlak He, Tee.
Asheville Caxeite-News.
Tbe people of Buncombe ahould
have been allowed to Issue bonds for
good roads If they wished to da so.
Tbemasvllte Meting RlhL
Greensbora Telegram.
Tbomasvltle I going to spend $73,.
vk lor public Improvement. That la
move In the right direction.
After a physician had tried in vain
to dislodge two false teeth which a
Poltavill, Perm, woman Insisted had
lodged In her throat, she found the
teeth ii) her drawer, where she had
put them.
The squealing of a . rat which
Thomas L. Reed, of Woroelsdorf, Pa.,
waa taking from a trap in hia barn,
brought a small array of rats to Its
assistance. Reed's dog routed the
rats in a fierce battle.
A hawk chased a partridge from
Skeene mountain, near Whitehall, N.
Y., Into the village and through the
glass in the window of a drug store.
Both birds fell bruised and bleeding
in the center of the room.
"John" said a dying girrto John
Arnold, "of Wihnesburg, O., "I will
take our engagement ring with me to
the grave, for you will follow me very
soon." He died within three days
thereafter of a stroke of paralysis.
A man In Belleville, Nev.,' remem
bered Just where he had lost bis
purse, containing $3S0, but upon' re
turning to the spot found that forty
loada of earth had been dumped over
It took him a day and a half to
recover the purse.
When grasshoppers gave out a tur
key hen, belonging to A. C Hicka, of
Poughkeepsle,, fed her thirty young
ones with acorns. These having be
come scarce, the ld turkey was seen
the other day In an oak shaking down
the acorns that remained clinging to
the twigs.
Talkisf of le-aoraBcet Here It Is.
The Trinity Chronicle, -ir . ,
When your wife wears the harem
- ::skirt '? t' .. ''
Toa will find it bard to learn,
When looking for your trousers.
To distinguish your'n from her'n.
1 ' " .. Durban Sun.
"What ignorance! Colonel Jim,
her'n wont bave any pocket."
Ignorance, did you aay? Now what
does a young, unmarried schoolboy
know what "her'n won't have" or will
have? Where did you learn ao much
about tbe harem akin? 'Why they are
11 pocket nmhlnr else but pocket-
Just two pockets. , -
Gam-Ckewers Are Bloemlag.
Richmond .Times-Dispatch. ..
Aa the season of tbe open car draw
near he gura-chewera' kre manifesto
Ing' temaclves in pubiy placea more
and more. We hoped that the tribe
had died out or that the pretty girls
had been told that they lost a great
deal by continually working their
Jawa at then ten, twent', thlrt' drama
or on tbe ktreet cara; but K seems
tbat they were only waiting until
more people could see them. Tbe
papers say tbat Congressman Victor
Murdock, of .' Kansas, baa been sent
to the sanitarium at Battle Creek be
cause be ruined his digeerion by chew
ing gum. .
Bevenaers Baay la fhathasb
Siler Cl y Grit.
Revenue Officer MerrlU and Sloan
made;a raid on Hickory mountain
Tuesdr, but the still had been moved
a day or two before. It had been In
operation three miles east of Klrabol-
ton snd tbe officers only succeeded in
destroying five fermenters. a heating
tub and other fixture. About three
weeka ago Deputy Wright broke up
still about s mile from where this
one waa located.
Sot He War,
Philadelphia Record.
Mrs. Muggins: My husband la a per
fect crank.
Mrs. Bugglns: Ail busbands are.
my dear.
Mrs. Muggins: But fancy a man
who complain that my mustard
plaster are not as strong aa those
his mother used to make.
Both Will Grew Rapidly.
Charlotte Observer.
The Durham Sun la 23 year old.
It will bave much to do In the next
few years to keep abreast of tbe
progress of Its community, and for
this resson and others we are glad
to note that K doe not feel It age.
I'aaveldable Delay.
Washington Star. ,
Haa that man done anything worth
mentioning la eongreea."
Not yet," replied the loyal constitu
ent. "He hasn't bad a chance. He
t still explaining bow be got there."
Cat Tet HI Owa Werk.
Wilmington Dispatch.
Toe California man who bal be
come the first prisoner ia the Jail be
himself built now has a chance to
prove that hi contract for erecting
secure prison I all right
Hating a Hard War.
Atlanta Georgian. ,
'Bior.klng the paih of reciprocity."
So many blocks are being thrown In
tbe path of this measure thst It way
1 becoming aa bard aa that of the
Aweclatlsf With Je Reer Doe
Make I Appear Older.
Greensboro Record.
Tbe Durham Sun baa rounded ent
23 years, a case where age Improve
It like liquor. But who would have
thought Jim Robinson waa that old?
Yea Are fieetinc Right
Leaksrllle-Sprsy Gazette.
Tbe only way to teacb men to be
happy, contented, law-abiding and
useful eltiten la to show tbem bow
to make a doent and honest living
la a decent and honest way.
1st prates Wttb if.
New Bern Sun.
The Durham Sun I twenty-three
years old. Like wine It Improve with
sge. W wub the 'in msny, mtny
nior year of continued suc-es.
The usefulness of the- manicure as
an aid to egg production haa Just
been discovered by a Chicago profes
sor. Keep the toenalla cut short,
and the hens will not waste their
time and strength in scratching
about the yard. Tbe conserved
energy will result In an increased
production of eggs.
' ..
A French novelist, George Ohnet,
made a costly invention of tbe name
of a liqueur in his novel, "The Poison
Merchant" He mentioned a drink
called ' abrlcotine, and told of its
deadly effects. The proprletora of a
real liqueur" bearing this name have
obtained damages from the author
and his publisher, and had the sale
of the book prohibited until the name
of the liqueur was changed.
Maurice Maeterlinck, tbe famoua
Belgian author, keeps a pipe in hia
mouth when at work, to satisfy a
craving which be cannot overcome,
but the pipe is filled with a prepara
tion containing no nicotine. Former
ly Maeterlinck'a mind was stimu
lated by tobacco, and he smoked to
aid himself during hia creative writ
ing, but lately bis brain baa been
clouded, rather than roused, by to
bacco. - ..
, ;. . , :' ;
A girl of the golden west in New
York city concede all the wonder
claimed for the city by enthusiastic
inhabitants, but lament that ahe
cannot buy cactua candy there.
Cactus candy ia the" pulp of the
cactua pear cut in cube and pre
served. Its taste resemble citron
aa much as anything, and there are
connoisseurs who fancy It The
young woman haa to send to Arizona
for the delicacy.
, i
A cynical Philadelphia aexton saya
that people are Influenced In decid
ing what congregation they will Join
by the rate of pew rental. A young
woman who went to Philadelphia to
live selected a church aa the one
most agreeable to her. both on ac
count of the denomination and the
congregation, and waa negotiating
for a pew, but selected another
church as soon aa she found that ahe
could get a pew for $3 lea a year.
A Saturday half-holiday given the
employes of a firm In Switzerland
bad brought out some protest from
tbe women, who allege that their
men folka spend their leisure away
from home and spend more money
than comports with the well-being
of the family. It ia held that Sunday
Is a sufficient holiday, and that aa
about" all the diversion are available
oa that day, the Saturday afternoon
k last a warte, without any compen
sating gain.
' ;
Mia Kathertne Buabey's book
about the Americana nay have a
good effect Just bow la making Eng
lish people nndemtand tbat the sys
tem of hiring spies to gather society
gossip for the aewspspers la not uni
versally practiced ia this country. In
apite of the recent disclosure tbat
thl ay stem waa being practiced by
an American woman In London. MliBui u rtultHi twenty policemen to
r " ikeep the crowd from awarmlng over
ordinary society news la such a city , ni, urt
a Washington la generously furnlah- A prade.waa formed at tbe atatlon
ed by the noste,. both those who 4na the 2Jb machine Jammed their
are la aa establ'ahed position andi.d,. j.Pkimi iw.Lr.i
position and
iam PBC-ireei BOSie WOO Have
only ambition," and no money.
Maxtea Plaek the Gypsle.
Scottish Chief.
Some Gypsy women cam Into
Max ton Tuesday to do np the town.
They were gathering la the change
from the credulous and curious, but
decided to get rich quick, so one of
there grabbed a dollar out of the
hands of a colored worn a a In Brook
lyn and took quarter In the guard
house. They left $20 of their earn
ings with the town authorities.
He Certainly Did.
Raleigh News and Observer..
Whatever Senator Overman lost In
tbe mstter of not securing an ap
pointment oa the Appalachian Com
mission by reason of voting against
Lorimer he more than made up in tbe
commendation of the people of North
Carolina and In the approval of bia
own conscience.
Set Quite a Often.
Palrbro-ber' Everything. ' '
New York bad a dog show the other
day and exactly 3.109 different peti-
mens of canines were exhibit. Just
think of It, auppose those dogs bad
thrown a fit and had hydrophobia
then and there. But a dog doesn't
go mad a often men do.
Hew Yea Are Henetlme f soled.
Falrbrotber'a Everything.
Once la a while you may think you
see a yellow streak In a mighty good
fellow, and It you will bave your
eye examined tbe yellow streak msy
be front the Jaundice In your own
It May Be K.
New Bern Sun, '
Senator Lorimer may bold bl seat,
while those fellow who voted for him
may be forced to retire on hi ac
count. Cofaf te Rrllatber Hia l a.
Greensboro Rt-ord.
Wanti-d, by the eounty commission
er, one wooden leg for a leglea ne
gro etitencd to the roads yesterday.
5.t t ale.s the Aim I OoL
Greensboro News.
The And"raon Mall want, to know
If radium will kill a cat nine times,
We don't know; but a ehotgun will.
Two and probabl more lives lest,
and property valued at more than
$5,300,000 destroyed, is the toll that
the fire king levied In three of the
larger cities of tbe country Sunday.
Fire of mysterious origin in Minne
apolis caused the death of two women,
not yet identified, who fell into the
flames before the firemen could reach
the window where they etood, beckon
ing helplessly, hopelessly for rescue.
It la feared that others perished. One
business block waa destroyed in this
fire with an estimated loss of $5,000,
000. Fire apparatus bad to be brought
from St. Paul before the flame were
controlled. i
At Nashville, Tenn, flamea de
stroyed property worth $300,000. No
casualties are reported. Street car
traffic waa completely stopped.
Miss Ethel Levin was Injured In
Jumping from her burning borne in
Baltimore. Her mother and baby
sister were taken out by firemen Just
in time to escape suffocation. Others
of the family barely escaped. The
damage la about $2,000.
- . . !.
. New York, March 8. The annual
sportsmen show opened today in;
Madison Square Garden, with a set
ting of ourdoor life more elaborate
and attractlt.' than was ever at'empt
od at any of the previous exhibitions.
One entire half of the big amphi
theater has been converted Into a
realUtlc representation of a mountain
forest with the enow-clad peaks of
tbe Rockies showing In the distance,
and a flowing mountain torrent leap
ing from a canyon wall and running
across tbe pictured, gorge.
The management this yesr baa de.
elded to make a special feature of the
rifle and revolver competition. Be
side the assembling of the nation's
star wing shots, reinforced by their
Canadian brethren, military college
and schoolboy rifle shooting will be
a part of the program. The big tank
which baa been Installed on the main
floor will be the scene d;.rlng tbe
week of the customary awlmmtng snd
other aquatic sports and also the
angling and balt-caating contests.
Atfatlrer f the Senator Give Him a
Reining Wrlreme.
Chicago. March 6. Admirers of
Senator William Lorimer, to the num
ber of several thousand, greeted him
yesterday oa hia return from Wash
ington. Two hundred and Arty auto
mobile, forming a parade headed by
two bands escorted the senator from
the station to hia borne, where an en
thuaiaatk: reception followed.
Senator Lorimer was accompanied
by Former Judge Elbridge Hanecy
and five detectives who met him at
Fort Wayne, Ind, When be passed
through the station to ibe street his
ky fl(,wa Jarkaon boulevard to Gar-
, field nark. wher. ftntn Irlmee ...
greeted by 200 member, of the Letter,
Carrier' association. Both aides of
the park roadway
vara llttarf arlih
were lined wit
women and children who waved flags
and showered Mr. Lorimer with
But two doth It Uke a bargain to
And Just one person god to tie It;
Also only two when a scrtp they
But lawyers ten apart to pry It.
Philadelphia Telegraph.
I tLy a. a i no
- r ' u -w
Account Routher OmmerrlaJ Con
gre, March ftth-loth, 1911.
Account of the Southern Commer
cial Vongresa, which meet la At
lanta, .., March Itb-lOth, 1U, the
Beaboart. Air Lin Railway has au-
tborlxe4 exceptionally low round trip " '"-d" ' for,,,, ,'JM
rate, from all point, on it line. RilnV'. ".XrmnV
Ticket, account thl. meeting will " twJr kiyaVifi-'a? pir
b on sale March ttb, 6th. 7th aBdlSrhl',h?I.d?J!r n n
for train. h.duM to arrl'v. aI1 JSThxJ
Ian a tnornlng of March 8th. MVnui'ViifKnrnTltt
HI be limited to return until!"-" .'nSf .Vh."' 1,1
iTb Seaboard atford excellent! ? .""' ai.o mad."
double dally service toltLt. tl :'":.
Iconsiatlng of Pullm.a Sleeping Car,
win ng car wrvlc, iM;
est vestibule coacbe. 1
Call on vr.nr Ivu-.l .
..uim rvur avauon, niao runman ea -
ervationa, or add res tbe undr-
signea. .
H. 8. LEARD,
Division Pasenger Agent,
Raleigh, N. C
Change of Schedule.Ueaufort District
Effective Sunday, January SO, ltti
Effective Sunday, January J9t
schedule of Night Express will be
changed. Train 16 will leave Golds,
boro at 10.15 p. m., leave Klnston
11.10 p. on., leave New Bern at 12.30
a. m., and arrive Washington at 2.10
a. m., arrive Norfolk 8 a. m.
Train 15 will leave Washington at
2.30 a. n., arrive New Bern at 4.0H
a. m., leave New Bern at 4.10 a. m.,
arrive Klnston ' 6.28 a. m., arrive
Goldaboro at .20 a. m.
. Eastbound train No. 1 6 leaving
Ooldsboro at 10.15 p. m., will receive
connection from the Southern Rail
way and A. C. L., from the north and
south. ' lv '
Westbound train 15 will connect
at Goidnboro with the Southern Rail,
way weatbouud, and with the A, C.
L. north and outbbouud.
Effective tame date train No.
will leave New Bern at 6.25 p. n.,
leave Klnston at 6.45 p. m., and ar
rive Ooldsboro at 7.45 p. m.
Under thi new schedule passen
gers may make direct connection at
Ooldsboro with all line without lay
over. .
The schedule of the Night Expresi
trains .Noa. 5 and 6, carrying Pull
num Sleeping cara between Norfolk
and Raleigh, via Washington, Green
ville and Wilson, will regain as ai
General Passenger Agent
Uzit d fce
wHi-ht Express"
Travel by Raleigh (Union Station)
and Norfolk Southern Railroad, to
nj from an points In Eastern North
(Schedule la effect Jaasary St)
The following schedule figure pub
lished aa information only and are not
Train Leave Balrlgb,
f.lS p. m, dally "Night Expre.
Pullman sleeping car for Norfolk.
6:15 a. m. dally For Wilson, Wash
ington and Norfolk, parlor car be
tween New Bern and Norfolk.
6:15 a. m. dally, except Sunday for
New Bern via Chocowlnlty.
2:00 p. m. dally, except Sunday, for
Trains Arrive Raleigh.'
7:20 a. m. dally 11:20 a. m. dally,
except Sunday, and $ 00 p. m. daily.
Trala Leave GeMsber.
10:15 p, m.. daily "Nlgbt Expres,"
Pullman sleeping car for Norfolk, via
New Bern.
7:15 a. m. dally, for Beaufort and
Norfolk, parlor car between New
Bera and Norfolk.
2:20 p. m. dally, for Nw Bern,
Oriental and Beaufort
For further information and reser
vations of Pullman sleeping ear
apace, apply to D. V. Con a, S. P. A
General Sunt
General Pa. At
Norfolk, Fa.
Jt. It Thw anr ar ant!.n4
lal'irmatluti ar v.r.nivnl.
. ' .: Ko. lit MiiMuit, dully
for lUil.Uti, Bim nd UoUUDor. roa-
;Sr..w .V (J-oM.'Srr.iK'"
I- tr.m (or v iimmfton; alo ua
V. r" ' ."' "ern tram tvr f'W Kern,
, Moret.. citr d i-a..fort. rata ti
nndlft Pullman tkt,i, r. r.AM
Gravnabore to JMIaian.
Il ''1;"11 n. Ut. Matbeund for
ftalaigh, -lm and Oolitaboro. eannoet
ln at Meltna with A. r. U train, aorta
aod aouth, an at Uoldabor with A. C
U fo for WUmlngtoa; alto wltfc
rtol Bo.ithar tram for Naw Bar.
Uorehaad City an Hulorv
B,tt. t.: Ka. tt, oaaiiMniaa. for
fUleia-h. Kelma and Ooldnboro. eon
aactlua at Halm with A. C I. trala
out for PayatteaUla. and t Ull
wlih A; C. U train kort for
havkr Mount.
I IS . ro.: Ko. lit. waatbound for
Oreanaboro. onnnertlna with main line
I ""' ota norm and oaitlh. alio for
Aanovetl and Knosvllla. I'ullma
I KlMplna Car handle on thla train t
iIwwni IUIlh and Oraanaboro. Car
on at lalh fur accupaacy at
S , m Ko. tt weattMmn throuea
train from poldatMro-Iurhain to Aano
yiU. Handlea Mouiham Hailaray lr
lor ear, tiold.Vmro to Aahavllla. C.
t?H.VJ!l"t""''uii mala Ua
tram norm and aouth.
! P. .! . WMtboard fnr
OrmaU.ro. Itandlaa throuch uUma
aupr from halaiah-Imrnara to At
!?.'.. t-0""" t OreaoaiMro with
main Una traina fnr the north and
j Mamnhis." Ab ataoivin and
d.nt'.T'v ." '1 arrive Dnrham,
Sil-r.?pL tud from Blehmt.d.
KaravtUe, Makes all local InUrmadtala
f-J- ? ,M tva riurham.
tV" "!lt ""Miiv- for K...illa.
It Iatr4L f
j p, m. wo. ut Arrlrea Durh.r
KiPhraoad .it , b.; '.rrtvoa Ktrsvtue
.h w 1'? a We at
Joeal Intarmediata aiora. n.nt.ra
eonn.etl.,1, at Keravlllo to No. 14 mhWH
t", rt?."1,"l va Kersvllie
17 p. m j arrl,. niehmnnd. I ut
Henderson, H. C, adluafd to Milt
Mrrin ... Ji1,r.j1V,;'.-nTfl;rt,n'.?'.t"M
ii. Ker.m to ,.-t,.ra
r"SZ"WT9 r-nmia WMt tb.reof.
i mond i is V n. r wc
f4out,h.;r,irn '"'""'matton rail ,n any
ou,h.rB iU,w lekt MBC or mJ
wJ.Sr"' Trav, I... Ax-nt
m J5r.hJ.ni'.,."J?,c, . it.i.uh x. d
.VS i ."I eVM It 4i
i I. Inletoaa-
t';t.f.,25- TJ" JP eoniMKitloa at
KarSVula frftm v a - .k... -
wvi m a-nlr.? jkk,i At.
- H 1

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