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Ectrro b Ctia'f Gay Ct;..:J, b Am;:ld fey En
Pretty Utslcsrlst '
husc.t.::d df udy vjk3 weht off with him shdhs up
Carmkliael, With 143.000 la His Jean, "(iocs llafk to Straighten, up
Thlnita lorlcs Were F.xaggeratel--Ien.e Buying Clothe for the
Woman He Went off With Denies That Ho I a Ponioter of Hevoln.
tion In South .inmric Nayt It Secnis Strange, Hut He Ha Always
HmI Money, " ;"'
Atlanta, Ca., March . Stylishly,
but not flaahlly, attired, a dapper,
pleasanl-faeed youtif wan, with light
hair and soft llua eye good-looking
chap Monday morning alighted
from the Southern railway's New York '
train In the terminal ataUon. He had
come back not to strew Atlanta'
irit with gold, but for the purpose,
b" saye, of Betting aright falae rumor
rourrrniii( . the reported ; lavish
squandering of hli wealth.
The youug man U A. W.- Carmlihael,
the wealth stranger whose recent
brief oJ.urn In Atlanta waa followed
by storW-s of haw he had recklessly
separated himself from huge chunk
of coin, of bow be had bought a pretty
.manicure girl cloth to the amount
of $:ut), aa well at handsome Jewels,
and of now he had then induced lb!e
young woman to start for a trip With
blm tc Europe and aid him In spend
ing hi money. ' " ,
Hut he fendsd In Atlanta just In
time to Irani that the husband of the
woman who accompanied blm to
Florida had Bled a writ of habeas
corpus to regain possession of the two
children. The II tie folks, a hoy and
a gtrl. have bees la the cuatody of the
manicure girl's mother, Mr. 3. A.
WaiHeroore, of 188 Capitol avenue, for
ome time, but are bow said to be In
Florida, where Cartnlchael parted
from hie companion.
The Mishears ftfery.
O. C. Kvenaon, husband of the wo
ma In question, says they were mar
ried in Atlanta In June, 1904. and that
" they l.'ved together until April of last
yar. At thai time they were living
Ja liirmlnjtham, and a aeparaUon took
place. Evenaon formerly worked In
Atlanta as a typewriter repair man.
and la at preUt working In Albeo.
He lert Atlanta At 11: o'clock far
Athens, nm knowing that Cartnlchael
had returned to this city at the time.
When Evenson, with a deputy
sherfll. wert to the Capitol avenue
realdenee to serve Mr. Whlttemare
with the Bauer for a habeas corpus
thrr were Informed that ah bad h-ft
the city, supposedly to go to Miami,
Fla. Kvenaon (aid he understood Mr.
.Whlttentore had been given severs!
hundred dollar to help take care of
the children. Attpmey 8cott and
Davis Wed the petition for the writ
of habea corpus.
Cartnlchael Peale It AIL
And now Carmlcbae" denize It all
except the one fact that be baa "some
He enter (Itornui denial of the
atorle art out from New Tork to the
-fleet that the manlcuriat, Mr. 0. C
Rvenson. formerly louiee Whlti'more,
sicom ponied blra to Jhat city.
characterise as dream the atory
that be bought her clothe aud Jewel,
but smilingly admlta that he did take
h-r out to dinner and to the theater.
"I Dlilnl Bf 'EeV
"I did go hoiipln with Ml Loula,
ma." said Cannlchael to a repoHer
ah'ntfly after hi arrUal, "tt I didn't
pay for any of btr elohea. I aa
merely aa Interest! spectator. Mlas
Louise rted already planned to go to
Miami, fit, with br two children and
bi-r mother, and she waa buying up
clothe for t&is trip. She certainly
did not bny any clothe to go away
, l h me, and I most aaauredly didn't
pay for them. Whether she gave out
the story that I bought her clothe I
don't know. I simply know 1 didn't
buy them.'
Left Her In Florida.
The youug stranger says that as far
as he kiiows Mrs. Evenson is still in
Florida, at the home of bor father.
"It's Wue," says Cartnlchael, "that
.went from Atlanta to Florida with
Mrs. Evenson and her mother, and
blldren, but I parted Irora them there
cate Teller resolution, fchich de-
clared American Intentions In
Invading Cuba.
Two billions of dollar of
American cauital said to be In
of Mr. Ballinger and his unmeasured
ludlgnutlon at the methods of those
ho aaaailed blra. declared that he
Immediately and resumed my trip tona, been -the subject for one of the
New York. I had completed my stay t moKt Unscruculous conspiracies for
io Atlauta aud merely accompanied tbe defamation of chara&er that hi
thera to Florida la oj-der to have com-l,ory can Btt0W"
pany tnat tar on my irip. i rne secretary late yesterday. In
Carmlchacl also. JnaisU that newritt.n .tatement given out at the In
did na "blow In as much coin la At-1,,,-t.,, d?nartnieuL expressed the lnten-1 tarda m lain moWliiMl forces
lanta aa some people hate reported, ,lon to r4rura forthwith to SeatUe and I in Tea. Private Hoean waa
declaring hla total expenditurea here, .fttr . rest resume the practice of I thrfiwn from horse aud Injured
be has figured It, would noi tout ilaw jje ,hyt that ws defense has
more uao So. - l.0t him not lesa than $25,000 and
Whett preaaed the of rangr modestly n, i. now . D00r man. At the
admitted Utat he ha a ffiw dollar to Mm time e declares it his purpose
his credit That this la true la demon- now .to pr0ecute the arch conaplra
atrated by the fact that Carmiehael torg w)l0 j,ave be,.,, following me wl.h
carried through the street aio&day i asaassin's knife.
moniUig an ordinary Rooking mue waiter Lowle Flaher. Mr. Ballinger's
band satchel that con alned I43.0&0. iucCeeor. who will assume office as
Tela money waa drawn out of the I iscret. rT 0f the Interior within a few
Fourth rational Hank, to wbicb t-ar- a.yi. i. . republican. Ills appoint
ment eive two place in the cabinet
to Chicago men; Secretary MacVeagh. QM of MexIco water under
of that city. Mr. Fisher bas been
notably aclve In the movement for
conservation of natural resources and
la Tlce-prealdent of the National Con
f.rvatlon Mioclatlon, of which Gilford
Pincbot Is pretidetit
Uatizry cl tit Isttrler Scxl b Uoes K;! CV,zi to toe Sending ollllrs. Maggie Ayres Against Her Gen. Carr's Response to Address
Kesbsatioa Tues iay, Aceested Acerlcia Troops to Etrter Ensband, R. U. Ayres of Welcone at Congress
Washington, March 9. .The resigna
tion of Richard A. Ballinger, of Seat
tle, as ecre:ary of the Interior was
accepted . Tuesday by President Taft,
and Walter L. Fisher, of Chicago, was
appointed as bis successor. It appears
in the correspondence between Mr.
Ballinger and the president, which was
given out in full by the white house,
that the secretary's resignation has
been In the president's hands since
January 19, last; that K was held In
suspense at the urgent request of the
president and that tbe latter a last
accepted It only at ho urgent request
of Mr. Ballinger. In h.a letter
Said to lie Vast Interests and Are a
Factor in Sudden Detenu loal Ion .to
'Make Demonstration Prnmnd at
Extra SessloR for Facts From Ad-
nilalttriiUoa. , -1 U 5 itfi
resignation he gives the condition of I
his , health as his reason for retiring.
In giving his consent to the secre
tary's retirement Mr. Taft takes occa
sion 4o declare with marked emphasis
bis unchanging faith in the integrity.
of Develoumenta of tire Bar In Mei-
iraa Wtauliou. .
Intimations received from
European governments that If
United States does not maintain
order In Mexico they will step in.
Extra session of congress
Norfolk, Va., March 9. Mrs.
Maggie Ayers has Drought -suit
In the court of law and chancery for
divorce from her husband, ' Roscoe
Marlon Ayers,. a former street car
employee of Norfolk and Roanoke,
who Is now In the same business at
Durham, N. C. The couple were mar
ried in Roanoke some years ago, the
plaintiff having been Miss Margaret
Callahan, of that city, Tbe domestic
differences of the couple resulted In
many sensational episodes, which
gained notoriety In both Virginia and
North Carolina a year or more ago,
prnwtnor nut nf tha e.tiKfndv nf a nvpttv
girl, child, an offspring of tbe mar- cu,ue lne u's " cU..,u
riage. Mrs. Ayers was charged with
having abducted the child at Durham,'
Spoke of Each of the Southern States
In a Mont Impressive Manner His
Remarks on Xorth Carolina Were
a Gem The Besponse to Governor
Brown was a Warm and Hearty One.
Atlanta, Ga., March 9. Responding
to Governor Brown's address of wel-
the motives and the official standards probably will be ssaked to dupll-
N. C, to which city the mother averred
the father had carried the little one,
one day after getting her, and promis
ing to await the mother at a Norfolk
moving picture show. Mrs. Ayers told
a pathetic story of having followed
the father and child to Durham where
she got 'another child to tell little
volved In the rone of ooasible t'auiine. jer eaugnier. mat "a taay
strife. I wanted to see her down the street
Second battalion. Third field How ll;tle Pauline bareheaded ruahed
rtliu.rv. left Fort Merer "yes- to see who she was and. crying in
ner arms, earn ace naa oeen iota mat
her mother was dead. The result of
the alleged abduction by the mother
of the child waa an agreement be
tween' the couple iiiat the mother
should have the child half of the time
and ihe father half the time. The
mother now lives on Waverly street.
Norfolk,, and It was said today that
the child at this time . is with Its
while troops were on way to
Union station. ,
Three companies of coast artil-
lery were ordered ! from Fort
Washington yesterday, leaving
Washington partly defenseless.
tlon of the Southern Commercial con
gress, Gen. Julian S. Carr, of Dur
ham, N. C, second vice-president of
tbe congress, delivered a brief tribute
io each of the southern statea.
"For 'Maryland, My Maryland" he
said, "I speak to you; for the state
which is honored In having been , the
first of all the colonies to grant free
dom of religious worship; tbe state
which, in Its infancy, gave to the na
tion Francis Scott Key and his Star
Spangled Banner.'
"I speak for Virginia, the mother
of presidents, In whose hallowed soli
rests the ashes of ber great men, the
first chief magistrate of the United
States. Within her borders grim
viBaged war reaped bloody harvest,
but from ber battle-stained field
sprang the seed of a new generation,
one that has placed the dear old state
In the -very forefront of thriving communities.
I speak to you for that sturdy state
mlchaol repaired Immediately after ar
riving. He had deposited thl um
before hi depsrture to cover a New
Tork draft As fee waa coming Back
to Atlanta, snyway, to "straighten cut
matters," he decided be would Just
draw out the money Instead of Uklng
up the draft
Just after he had er&wn iae money
he talked frankly and freely, except
aa to the extent of his wealth and the
manner In h!rh hn accumulated It
Carmlrbael waa averse to being pho
tographed, and aeemed afraid he
would be tnap-ehotted la the streets.
n7fc-, vr.h a rri father. Mrs. Ayers, In her divorce
force of American troops U being Kctlon', 1' SSk !nt?e carved from tHe loins of her noble
massed on the Mexican frontier along c,n'iu' ea uc " lur mother-West Virginia. Wealth be-
the Rio Grande and to the west, and lue Ulu " "' rmd the dreama of avarice Is held it
her mines, her forests and ber rivers.
Mr. Ajers Side ! the Case. ItIi rallwav mlleare of West Vireinla
Mr. Ayers has been In Durham since !n the .flldltr of owth Chal-
September, 1909. When eeen tht lencei comoarison. and on her rivers
American battleships are hurrying to
If American troops again .cross the
J. D. Duke President
cf the Entire System
Rio Grande they will aever return, afternoon he declared that he would I BUndreds ol steamships carry
according to the v!w generally enter- nor. ngni me mvorce procaines, oui produclJ of her industry.
iuai He uuiu noi urn w vi 'TorTvorth Carolina. I crv All halt
the child. The child bas been with UdTeraity Bne Da8 borne wUi, dignity.
tne motner la .oriom tor aootu a gnd prWperity bas not In her dried
Mr. Ajers says last August
agreed to allow the mother to keep th. athwava of life. Rich In all that
The army la hurrying to the Mexl- the child one-third of the time while contribute to make a tate truly
Can border with all possible peed. ne was io eey nr iur i... great, she la keeping even tep in tne
Sensational stories are afloat, and Alter tne separation me cniia waa iu grand forward march of our dear
UiueJ: It Is widely ccVted that the
croealng c the border will he a step
toward the annexation of the republic.
The events of the next few days
orohablr wUl decide whether' that
Rubicon I to be crossed.
l1.rMfir!"t A C trrh fiAt
For this reason he suggested repair- Tueid.. .ft.rtioon of the dl- , r .h. Uie possession of Mr. Ayers until July Luithiand
. v a -. - -..-In I w - - I C'vi J i m ltvt nam, v v - . . . ,
mg io a oear-oy ..": rector of tbe GreenvilK Spartanburg ' ,,M. hrl. dpvelonmenta. of last year. At that time Mra. Ayer -r ,M.V for gontb Carolina, state
, oer sort drlnka. he submitted id Ander(0I1 raiwaf, president W. J.J ,t u aald that preident Dial, who came o Durham and abducted the of the cavalier, that aUte which gave
to aa interview. lTWktnn reiimed hla oost . on ac-l, i . ., mtngA rrlchild. bavins induced It to
-Gee wait, what'a the cause of all t f pfCTur, 0fj other business rabllUy au1 purity In Mexico, Is in her by a subterfuge. She x
of tkla, snywayr f mat era. and Mr. J. B. Duke waa elecu xtrc!f lrTuan eighty yVr. old, taken at Raleigh by Mr. Aye,
! r""T: " L. I"-: iir0 lB .te!- "r- . c.M,"t may ,rn rein, of gov
- . i resignation is enecuve Apru i. r.
Idea I was doing anything unusual Duk( u now pr(,ldent o( tnt etitlre
Thla 1 aothtiig new to me. I ve -n I ,,,dmont anl Nor!bern system. '
spending money tBia way lor seven ori , p c, k ,ined as vice-
eight ycarsk If I've got the money aad genBra, nn.ger, but
why Bot etwnd It aa 1 pi ease T
And then he added quickly:
"But all of thl talk about the way
I lavlahly blowed In money here la ail
bosh. I'd be a fool if I did. and would
be rt-adv for the Insane asylum. And
I don't think I'm a fool."
will retain connection with tbe com-
erniuent at any time. i
Whether ho die or not, hi gaven-
ment I confronted with a most seri
ous revolt against Its authority.
European governments have Inti
mated strongly to the United States
pany. Mr. W. 8. Lee was elected vice-1 f Washington does not maintain
president to succeed Mr. Clara. rd . ,d ,,carir 0f property In
go with
was over-
Ayers and the
child taken from her. Tbe child re
mained here with Mr. Ayera until
about a month ago when Mrs. Ayers
took the child with tbe consent of
Mr. Ayer. on condition that the little
girl waa to be placed Id a Catholic
Mr. Ayera was very much grieved
over the action of his wife. He re-
Busy Once Cor ein Crealiag
Trouble la Washington
jewelers of Xewr . York, "Cartlers,"
Auk Sura of 180,000 or Mr. and
Mrs. Edward B. McLean Cartlers
Alleged That no Part of Payment
For Jewel Has Been Made.
Calhoun to the nation and could rest
her claim to recognition and fame on
that one fact alone, if there were none
other. She has been steadfast In ad
versity. In those dark days of recon
struction, when carpet-baggers and
scaiawaga plundered her, she sat like
'Patience on a monument smiling at
Grief.' 8he waited for the dawn that
ushered in tbe glorious day of her
political and economical regeneration.
1 speak for Tennessee, the state of
clrl Catmkbael smiled suavely
I did take the young lady to cm
ner and to lb theater." be ssld. "but
I don't see why that should create a
atlr. Surely thla waa not in nrsi
time a young lady bad been dined or
taken to Ihe theater In Atlanta.
As to himself Carmlrbael will aay
nothing further than that be bas trav
eied ttenlvfly.
"1 don't car to divulge my busi
ness." b said, "but will say It Is per
fectly ktlt'mat.'
He dcnld that he is a promoter of
revolirlnns In South America.
Mrssra. Johf A. Law and A. B. C1" I Mexico, then It must relinquish that I quested tearfully that nothing besaldoid Hickory, and numberless . other
vert, of Sparsauburg. were added j respgasibility to governments willing I about the affair. I whose names are Inscribed on the
nonor roil ot me nauon recorus.
Her Iron and steel Industries, her
. . I lUiiiurr u auc iuv vvuv wrs.aa-.e
lOmmiSSlOner IOUnJ ducll). interests: above all tbe energy
he directorate. The meeting Tues
day was held largely tor tbe purpose
As be spoke of the pretty manicure! rfarrai.(,Dg tbe personnel of the
compsny. The coutract tor me ouna-
Ine of the line from Greenville to
Greenwood will be let here on Thurs
Twenty Good Trunks
Under the Hammer
m etrt-i-ta the work. The result of
these luilroatlons is that tbe United Startllnfl flOHTeS By
States IS going to me iroui in iurvc.
The Monroe doctrine I to be sus
tained at any cost
Right here the significance of the
mobilization of troops
Washington, March 9. True to its
international reputation as a "hoc- '
doo," bringing misfortune and
trouble to Its owners, the famous
Hope" diamond Is today giving ita
first grief to lta present possessors,
Edward B. McLean, son. of John R.
McLean, and his wife, Mrs, Evelyn
W. McLean, heiress of tjje millions
of the late Tbomaa F. Walsh. "
Suit to recover (180,000, the al
leged purchase price of the great dia
mond, which once graced the crown
of Marie Antoinette, was filed today
In tbe district supreme court against
Mr. and Mrs. McLean by Louise C.
Cartier and Pierre C. Cartier, Jewel
ers of New Tork and Paris, trading
under the name of "Cartier.
Deny Any Payment.
That Mr. and Mra. McLean have '
the diamond and have failed to pay
1 cent for the Jewel, as they agreed.
Is declared by the Jewelers, who are
represented by Attorneys Branden
burg and Brandenburg and Clarence
W. DeKnlght.
An initial payment of $40,000 cash
la the first default charged to Mr.
and Mrs. McLean In their bargain
for the mammoth piece of dazzling
carbon. Although they have had the
diamond necklace since January 28,
It Is declared that they have tailed
to pay the first Installment.
Another default alleged la that Mr.
and Mrs. McLean have failed to de-
liver an emerald and pearl pendant,
owned by Mrs. McLean, and aald to
be worth $28,000, as they agreed.
Thla- costly Jewel was to be taken
in part payment for the "Hope" dia
mond necklace at that value, K la
declared In the petition.
Three counta are made In the suit,
in which It is alleged that tbe default
of Mr. and Mrs. McLean to pay for
the gem, aa they agreed, hat caused
the entire purchase-price of $180,-
000 to become due and payable im
mediately, i
In addition to the first cash pay
ment ot ,40,000, and the trade of
Mrs. McLeans $28,000 pendant, it Is
alleged that the balance of $114,000
waa to be paid In certain Install
ments. ''''.
It I set forth that both the first
payment of $40,000 and delivery of
Mrs. McLean' Jewelry aa part pay
ment, were to be made January 28,
upon tbe delivery to them of the
"Hope" Jewel.
No cause for the alleged repudia
tion of their contract to buy the
.hrift f her neonlo alve her a " Hope" necklace by the McLeans Is
I " - ! , .... . . . . .
Raleigh. March . S ate Insurance I leading Place In that wonderful prog- recuea in me pennon ot ine jewee
ta fnrrefullv IrommiMioner Youni directs the neo-lrei which the Southern Commercial ! r. Aa a Junior member of tbe firm,
hnn h the fact that Mexico was 1 Die of the state Interested In insurance congress so fitly represents.
annriaed of the plans before they to the fact that the fire loss In the! -For queenly Alabama I speak, the
r nut Into e!T!L AmbaRaador de I United States ana canaaa lor me i development oi woose marveiou ni
la Barra. of Mexico, in Washington month of February, as compnea oy urai resource naa proceeuea dj iei
n.iM. atntement aavlna: I the Journal ot Commerce, cntrw a
h and hia eovemnient had been con-! total f $16,415,000. or nearly $1,000,
"maneu-1000 more than In February, iiu. mis
- New York.. Man . Twenty-two
trunk and numerous traveling caaeelBl.itMi 4ho(1, th ur.moscd
and bat boxea lert oy Mrs. nauiennei tm- and ,bt Mexico bad approved I makes an increase ot nearly la.ww.uuu
Pierre C. Cartier presents, with the
petition In court, an affidavit reciting
that he personally conducted the
negotiations with Mr .arid Mrs. Mo
snd bounds within this generation i wan. lie says Be delivered tne vai-
(Contlnued on Page SU.) juahie jewel in person.
Clemmon Gld at the Hotel St.tDfm
more for January and February, 1911.
Reels aa aorurlty for an unpaid board! . u .an known among dltilomata I than for the same months last year.
lwn.,AA in l,it nf tin. I , - . . . .1 1 1 ....I I lld aniuiat. in th rltletl of
. j ..i w tti.- . ...lil,,l.t ilnl1"" " ,"'"",v" latlQ Stuoenis OI inn-run ui i ' ouvb ri"
I don t look like a revolutionist, u I rU(mlM. that waa out un for ...,nm i,r m. ,... th maneuvers I the state that they should not only
IT be said with a amne. Mi at auction today. Mrs. Gould I. hu fnr the nunfe of elvlua Utlr un their city and town officer for
Carmkhe says he expects to re-i ... ,... -.. it. t,,ioi wheal. t.. ... inlui,. hiiii.tinc nri in.nwtiom. but
mam in auaniw mnw vi oari tw0 ycara ago I ,,.,. hnmrh mlralp. war. If he more careful themselves.
snd tbe management has oeen unaoie any 0,hpr i,i,ce were lacking this
Progressive Democrats Confer
On Plans to Control Caucus
Killed by Lightning
Wadesboro. March 9. Anson county
was vleltod Tuesday night by a se
vere thunderstorm. Reports , from
I several places lu the coun y show out-
Mr. James F. Louis, of Batesvllte,
Mies., Is spending a few day In th
city visiting at the home of Mr. O. C
Farthing. Mr. Louis was horn In- Dur-
Atlanta, Ga., March f.-The dele
gates to the Southern Commercial
congress faced a formidable program'
of addresses and discussions at tbe
to get any response from numerous Uou;a ump the movement of troops jXcil-Year-Old Girl
ulliS ana letters aeui i uvr v u"iwnat It nnuoumetliy la: gpraon ra-
Dresent borne near Lyucbburg, va. i,ion t,- the United State of a deter
Neither ha the management heenl miUatoa t0 preserve order in Mexico
able to secure any aatlsfaction from and to uphold. the Monroe doctrine,
her former husband, Howard uouiu. i a Prateit inn Mexico.
who la understood to have disclaimed I if Mexico were at peace, If its ow n
it .,vrna!hl)ltv for tha bills. The I nliiiinn r. not aerlou it la rer-
... i. ' I .. I - -1 . . l j i ...... . .. . . .
Washington. March a. Pmgres- nraim. ins nnim - ie,a( v amount of Mrs. uoid inneni-i-,n it woUl resent tne mobilization i buildings atrncK oy itgnming, ana in i since 4 years ago, ana ue was aniaica : meme oi :ne nay. un venous pnase
... . ,. .. ... d. provea, ana n mj i" diurti to tne Bt Regie naj noi oeeni0f uch a large force ot troop on ui0ne Instance tne result were serious.v me wonaenui ueveiopmeui u ot toe general topic me congress
UP1fl I" - ' .- A , . L . Ih. tltlnn. I . . , . L... I. . . ,!.., .. ., . 1.1 k.i,. I .I .J . .k dnlt I .1). ..J .,,la alnu that Una 1 t . .11. . l f . I
BISuO PUUIIV, UIH is rrmi it-'u w wr I ooraer. I rOlCSl wimiu uutv hitii i infj uoil wviiimvu w ibc , vit " aui ...mw. , iirh-ut. v auuivMr w m. .ubkiriih,
more than $5,000, aa it includes notiiaimd within tweuty-rottr cours. nut irTM crouch, on the farm oi Mr. i t nr. Lotus is engagea m larmmg mime treucn amoasasoor at wasnini-
11 is farm is situated ton; John Harrett. director of the In-
ham county but his father. Mr. John . h.ini r th. a: ...i
C Louis, left tor Mississippi when he, ... . ..
was 18 months old. i ... "" - -
Mr. Louis ha not been to Durham i ket for the south" was the general
gain to take the position
M Have IVhk-h Vote.
n.n.v out hava nrbablr eleven orlonly the rent for ber apartment, but I u0 proteat has been made, and today t. Allen, northeast of Wadesboro, was I Mississippi,
twelve voles according to the pro-1 also the charges for entertainments ju develops that the moblllaatlon Waltrutk by lightning and the 10-year-1 Just on thi
,fM,i, if k. that he cannot aud partloa she gave during her stay, (ordered with Mexico' approval. old daughter of Pre" Crouch in- district and
ternilnel to control tbe senate rau
ttt whlrh will fhooe m new leader
to sun eed Senator Money, of Mle
slisl nid.
. a. .,.. tinn. oiikdrew bill muster more than that, the progres-
rr.ianaiion and clalmml a vlndlea-jslves believe he will endeavor to form (ngreSSatlSn SlHSll
tloa In hi statement that he had the , a combination to mv .. . . StrCtit Car
..."..,. .h. o.LiNt and mo.l,aHrla. or aome other man frlendlv UUfl Dy aircri,! Vr
.... i. J. .,. .). In Ihl bmlV Io him.
that they agreed with him In oppo-i The progreaaUM prefer not to Trenton. N. Jh. March .Congrea
.r'V."Ty .!r?' ..I .' ? .k- mhi( aiatamenu until they man John II. Small, of North Carolina,
i n ta tii iriiiiHii-ff irisinMMi. i..-w -
snd rrdkil. it was rumoreti thsl the: nave agreeq on mc.r P..H.
T.an oulil an to far as to ak for however, that tne i-orimer vow son or uie cnamoer oi cnimi. v . ..-
the titular It-aderablp.
Thi caused a dnten Informal ron-
Invasion of foreign capital, and ori.bocked,
maintaining conditions which Justified
that movement
Was has been th guarantee of se-
Th.t ut.Lh. ..mka ai TneadAV nlaht's dinner curlty lit Mexico. Plst la passing
... 'I " 7 I.. .. a . .1 li.
maoero, ricn, inm'ii"', uia cwurn
just on the edge of the boll weevil
says that It will reach hla
Mexico face the condition thai hasl,i.tlv killed, and the body was badly I farm Within the next few year. Cot-
long been Inevitable aa a result of It burned by tha current.- Several other ton raining has been abandoned al-
poliry, tinder Dlas. of encouraging the I members of th tamllr were severely most entirely In She districts Wnere
tne Don weevil nas oeeu at worn, ine
farmer turn to other crops for relief.
As a result ot the ravage of the boll
. aAt witw.sl weevu in me uifirni in tunn ir.
Oiler Ot 5C3 a Mgni koUa live, a packing house has been
Cannon Not Tempted
I Bntl a I.. a . . .. ean,a rW I
. ti.n.M (I... Mkn rrtsr-si v nvitr i ine a ar run ur a irtiiipw rar uv is i u i v w m u i-c. -. - - i
..." ...;. .n.,it,.tin nrwetlrall T afternoon while slighting ! tlm ss 'he Vestilt of sales of vast oil
1 . I.U1II. .WMW...,. . " I . W . .... . . . . I
r .. . . i... -1 . ...,...kii. it. ... rmriT.i i nrnnertiei in Htamisra un interesis.
. .. .v. i ....a'.hA id. una ni r ma tibk Hrinwii i ironi an awmvwup. ... .n.v-r--i -
lerewee ot tne pmreir. ,,..., - . . . .. k. r ih. r.p
the old members and uh hew sena-.tb. pr've. ana '7 " h. ..h , :
'ante otviaion was mmrai r ' mi w'n rami .
tore s are in tha city.
n . -, iir .i.n.inMa in in. if41.c1.1n iu ui,,-unuum, t ara , ..u...
sourl. and Clarke, or Antennas, ir w, -: -- -1 --- - .. . ,, h( hl
... . . .1 11. i.ii'a sninnn. f t'liut nf. s at ev i 1 11 f at u t v 1 1 111 ' 1 1 v: v u v
mentioned aa vandidatew tor ""T' ". , ZW.Jt it 11 W" ,k. r.llmad ataiUm to the cham
erahlp. , CVriaii.iy cniiwrwon win " " TY. -7..ft,,li'., r n,er,. h,,n,U. ant out oh
. . ,a , . ...11 - aa wai I tn i I aw T fl 1 1 II II I tl Si I I IHlttI T B I pvi,h i"i mi V w -
fore. to rel.a oa accoitiit nf til lor are inclined to .old thla iw..,pProacninf uot.ry car.
la heading the revolution.
Sea-re Shot hy Guard.
Wlkon, March .-Whlle attempting
to escape from the county convict road
force Tuesday Tom Simma, colored,
was shot th rou ah the body by a guard
and la expected to die. Sliums was
aervlaf Ume for larceay.
Waahlngton, March "Five nun.
dred dollar a night for 100 nights"
was an offer telegraphed from a ly
ceum bureau In Saa Franciaco to
Representative Cannon, t llllnola, the I tu course of time It will perish
establUhed. and Uie farmers are rail
ing hoc ins'ead of cotton.
Mr. Louis say that Ihe boll weevil
la gradually receding from the dis
trict which It first invaded and that
teraationai Bureau of American re
public; Hernando 1). Money, former
United State aenator front Mississip
pi; Charles II. SherrllL United States
minister to Argentine; Col. L. D.
Tyson, of Knoxtllle, represen'lng the
southern textile Interests; John Tern-
pie Graves, ot New York, and several
other men oi national or International
reputation, .
No regular session of the congress
was held this afternoon. Instead the
time waa given over to a reception of
the delegates by Governor Brown and
tbe visiting governors. Tonight the
address ot Col, Theodore Roosevelt
retiring speaker of the house, Tues-1 ttrely. A number of years ago a pest and tomorrow th address ot I'reel-
"Too busy was the substance oi
the reply telegraphed back by Mr.
Canuon. The offer prescribed that
Mr. Cannon could name hla owa
speaking date ou the cou'.racU
of cotton worms swept over the samel dent Taft are to aid In making the
district that Is now Invaded by the j congress what seem already assured,
6oll weevil. In a tew years th;y diatthe most successful aa well as the
appeared, and M". Louis thinks that Urgeat and most representative meet
thi will be the history ot the bollilng ever held In the Interest of the
iwM'll . !vlormat oi ia new south..
f ,

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