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C.!ssic;.er. of Agriculture
: Pleased WiHi Work
v Raltslgb, April 15. Commissioner
of Agriculture W. A. Graham, Just
bark from the Edgecombe- and the
Render comity test farms, express
gratification at the work being ac
complished at both varieties of cofnj
'and cotton adapted to the soils in
that territory are being developed
on the Edgecombe farm. There bus
keen developed there, also a variety
of bur clover that reseeds, itself for
six years as a winter rover crop.
Experiment there have also worked
out methods of draining water galls
that make Sertoli inroads on avail
able crop lands tin many faring This
is only the third crop year for the
I'ender farm." Much new land is be
ing cleared. One acre in lettuce, has
this spring already yielded a -revenue
of 800. Truck and fruit crops
are the experiments on this farm,
the purpose being to discover and
Introduce the best methods of grow
ing and handling for the benefit of
farmers in that territory.
Stale' KIkMs HarcKuarthsl.
As drawn by the senate judiciary
committee the resolution submitting
. an amendment to the constitution
providing for the election of I'nited
fad of the legislatures of the slate.
meet one of tb most serious
jections advanced against auch
change The aecond paragraph It
as follow: ' . (
"The times, place and manner of!
hnirfin iefinn. for umiori ati.il
be as prescribed in each state by the
legislature." , . j
I'nder this provision fear of fed-
era! interference with state election
would disappear. It make it lm-
possible for congress In regulating
senatorial elections to regulate sta'.e
elections of local .officials. Each;
state would be le't free to follow Its ';
own election methods. It might !
nominate Its senatorial candidates ;
If means of direct party primaries
and choose bet ween them by direct!
vote of the people. It might nomi-j
nate them under the party ronven-l
tton system, or by petition and leave.
the Issue to the vote or toe people.
lxcal praCite and loeal laws would
govern in t election of a I nited ,
State senator 'as In the election, of ;
a govern.. or other .'ate official. I
Kncroacement upon tne nuni oi;
the state, by the federal government
as a consequence or row popular eiec-, . " iik-i...
Hon of failed State senators. u"Happjr t the bride the sun shine
der the term of the proposed on" is the cause of much studying of
amendment to the constitution the cloud on the weddiqg morning. .
would be prohibited. New York I Of course the yellow garter I sure
World. ' i bring g'od luck, and no bride with
' 1
!aalty as. Drlak.
Recent dlirusslmi of the cause of mg aomewhere about her an old blu'town 10 Dc,ter nre-ngtting ta
Insanlty give a high place to alcohol ! ribbon bow borrowed for the occasion. 'tl- I'm II the present there has
and narcotic dr'ug. We can not help',,,, -,0mething old. omethiug new..6"1 ihing but an unorganized vol
ihinktnr n..inh, t. that coinnlcte 1 i... ...ikint ' unteer fire company. In the future
surrender to namitlc sgcncles Is noli
so much cause s a symptom of
mental weakness. When a boy is i
f'Mind to he smoking a hundred clga-
rrttef a dsy we may be sure there Is
nomethlng wrong with bis mental
paratus bich would have manifested
Itself In other ways if tobacco had
never been discovered. All of u know
octogonsrlaus who smoke 3U strong i
clgars a day and others who drink matrimonial msrket and dissolve
Scotch whUkey from before breakfant '"hoodoo" Into their nstlve nothing
till far Into the mall hours, without ,ti if lived up to consistently.
. ny peKeptible efli t upon their an- (
petite for fond, their care about their j, rise Was Behind the Scene I j
dr or their business acuity. When.; From Buchanan. Mich by way of j
however, there is smoking or drinking 1 the Chicago Record-Herald not un
to the exclusion of all other activities,
there la at bottom www fatal waa-;
ness. organic or molecular, of which
the morsl degeneration la but onejaou Jiliirton. five year ago, be talked j
sign. In a recent sensational case the j
allegation was made that the defend-1
ant was accustomed to take daily 12 I
grain of.morphlne, frequent dose of
atryrbnlne. three pints of whiskey and a large sum of gold and that If exact
quart of sherry. Would this case t location was told about on a phono
he classed Insanity from drug habltti- graph record which wa not to be
atlon. or is It fair to suppose that only iread until after he had been five
weak, unstable bVain and nervous lyeara dead. The time was np last
astern would ever Incur such a col-1 week, and th heirs gathered at the
lection of hutiHs?-New York Medical , home of the son to bear what the
Journal. . ! phonograph had to ssy. They were
' 't ' ., ""' l" "" 'I I" "e parlor when the ar
llld Bridal Traditions, rival of the lawyer with the record
There is aNays a harking back for ..... ,nonrj. He unwranned the
the wedding tradition of former en.
erstion by latter-day bridal parties
so that they may he brought to pear
on their own weddings, thus to crehif
novelty.' The wedding ring has under-
gone many change in It evolution
from the one of Iron to the slender
lieveiea gnta circiei in use loaay. tun
the wedding ring finger has always
remained the amc, having, been
chosen from the fact that It I np
nosed to. contain a blood vein that runs
directly to the heart. A It Is the
finger least used. It was deemed the
snfist to Insure the ring from danger
f loss.
The old rhyme run that "As your
idling ring Wesrs, you'll live out
nr cares" The origin of the wed t
ding v.Jl has alway been a matter !
of dispute, but It Is believed that Mary
Tndr on her msrrlace to James of:scrostu gutter.
Scotland wort the Orel wedding veil
worn In Western Europe. The veil
and the housewife's cap are synony
mous, the one being laid aside to don
the other The honeymoon Is supposed
to be a period lasting from one week
to thirty days, while the rice throwing
I a symbol of the saying, "Increase
and multiply.' '
The bride In days gone by carried
to her new home a handful of wheat Idear girls were a little loua. ime ,oieo at ner onme on ioum cms sircei.
Id ears to Insure proerity. The gift (thing wa notieefible-the young men .this city. Thursday evening of tuber
f Uwmi rmn a tirideeroom to his didn't helit them over the gutter; they Pilosis. She wss 30 years old and Is
fcrM. u elvon i.ntav In nlace ofiaot over theins-lvcs.-Ohio State
Ibe "dw ,.urse." which formerly wss
Little irl' Di-en In French or Moth-
; er Hubbard Klyle.
For dimity, lawn, batiste, dotted
swlsa, silk, chamhrey or rhallie, Jsls
model will be .found most suitable.
The pointed yoke portions may be,
finished with high or Dutch, neck
edge, and the sleeve' made In full of
short length. The dress may be
made In French style or with loose
skirt portions. The pattern is cut in
4 sizes: 6 mos., 1, 2, and 4 years. It
requires 2 1-2 yards of 36-lnth ma
0b-ir"Ju,r, 3 l .z trat M -" m-
;'r,l 'or the 4 year sine. A pattern j
"' " lulrll"n " w "-.county, ie.ii irom me scat oi nis wagon
Jr "rn rerelpt of 10c. in silver or! Saturday nght aB ne 8s near his
i"P- . (home at "Matthews, landing on his
' bead and breaking his neck. Death
Name . ...
Street .. .
Town ..
. , "
Site .......
Fill out the above blank, en-
closing ten cents In stamps or
toln, and mall to the Beauty Pat-
tern company, 1188 Fulton street.
New York city. Dept. D.
, ..,, . . . . . .
? In. ailment of h er pin
money.- Marriages In i Lent, Sunday
beer, locked upon w favor in nr
respect for ancient tradition would
,hink of being married without wear-
blue- add the final touch of surety
t0 that magical gift called happiness.
ut.ii. rtnrt. fnr wMlih Tue
!,jay for health. Wednesday best of all;
Thursday for crosses. Friday for
ap-:!,,,, nd Saturday no luckwt
1 yuM Nearlywed should rememlier
that the maxim "Bear and forbear."
tn ave and charity la the heart,
til remove every sting known to the
i der date of April I come a rattling j
story, fake or otherwise. It I related
(that shortly before the death of Hud-j
into a phonograph and had the record
preserved In the safe of hi lawyer,
When Burton died the statement ap-
Jpesred In hi will that he bad buried
.,.,... ie ln ,h. intrbcn. but
'), , ht through the doorjdled Thursday morning at his home
i ,u nirur h trinu4 m.r . fimi. three miles .from here in Edeecombe
if fpj the record Into
j , mnr M t render It use-!
,.M There the curtain fall. Spring -
...m B.nllMiM.
, , ' The llnpper. .
There were two girls, or rather
young ladles, walking out Broad.
corted by two young men. They were
fn Inntlng creatures, that is. the girl
were, and rbirruied tike lot of apar -
row In the Ivy tine, lint they car-
rled on the bird act In more visible
way. fur part of thejr graceful raiment j
were the narrow skirt In hobble pro-1
portions, and when they reached a
crossing tney stopped, ana wttn tne
most birdlike motion they hopped
Now. whether to regard this little
scene a a part of the great transition been Informed by the secretary of Mr.
of human affair. In which woman I ; Andrew Carnegie that Carnegie will
to take on a new onl of being, or contribute one-half the amount to de
es an effort to attract attention and; fray the expense of, placing a pipe
make one seem stylish, we could organ in the rffurrh. The organ will
hardly ay, but that little hop seemed cost aliout $3.0flfl.
so ridiculously pretty for the time '
being, and yet one coukl hardly get I'calh o( Mrs. H. W. Limerick,
himself out of lh notion that those! Sallsbury.-Mrs. II. W. Limerick
Journal. . '
Pluto Durham to (Jrce iiNlioro.
., Greensboro.Kev. Plato Durham, of
Concord has just announced that he
will accept the Invitation to address
the Philathea-Haraca convention here
on Monday night, April 24.
' Winston Primary Xext Monday. '
Winston-Salem. What is expected
to be one of the " liveliest primaries
of the city of Winston will be held on
Monday, April 24, according to the de
cision of the. city executive committee.
Littleton to Address liar Association.
Wilmington. Congressman Martin
W. Littleton, of New York, has .ac
cepted the Invitation to- address the
North Carolina Bar association at its
annual meeting in June. Mr Little
ton is one of the leading lawyers of
the country, becoming famous in the
Thaw trial. ,
Southern Employees Ask for Htglier
SpencerRepresentative delega
tions from the Southern railway shops
here left Sunday for Washington to
confer with the officials of the road
relative, to a new scale of wages for
the coining ducal year. .
. Salem Man Hit ten. by Bulldog.
Winston-Salem. Mr. William Pe
tree was the victim of his bulldog,
which ' bit him on the nose. , The
canine was killed by Chief of Police
Kimball, of Salem, and the dog's head
sent to Raleigh for examination, as
it is believed that it was rabid. .
wmn kI1Ied ,0 F,U
Charlotte. John Scott Hoover, a
prominent farmer of Mecklenburg
was instantaneous. He was aged 6."
years and unmarried.
Excellent Testimonial.
High Point. Mr. J. B. Rector, who
has held the office of exalted ruler In
the local lodge of Elks, and who re-
signed on account of , moving away
from this place, was presented Thurs-
day night with a handsome gold watch
as testimonial in which he was held
by the Elks.
Fireman Rewarded.
j Klnston. Caswell fire company and
other friends of Mr. Ike Sthulti have
p eseuted him with a gold medal for
'valiant services a & member of the
fire company for eight year. Mr.
j The J, eanMnei ,h( - .
scripflon "To our Comrade Ike, for
,iromK .ervicelght year.
in Caswell Fire company,
N. C. 113-1311. '
Belter Vlre KiialpMenL
Laurinburg. The two ' fires which
occurred here during February and
na .CU,"H, ciln9 01 V"
' tb company Is to be better organlted
I n1 ,h hanl reel W,H " o'Placed
I bT fcdsom hose wagon. Through
;,h' ,',or, of ,he ,ownv 'n,t Private
! ' vmr " anu
(more than $1,100, and this amount will
bt r,,M', ullFl,ntly to pun hase the
j no,m awn na
" - '
i. . t.lwhet Illy rotal Rsak.
Elisabeth City. Postmaster John
P. Overman advised your eorreion
dent this morning that the postal sav.
lugs bank for thia city will open for
business May I. Postmaster Over
man has been summoned to Washing
ton for Friday and Saturday. April
21 and 22. to receive Instructions for
the operation of the bank. There have
been quite a number of applications
already ente ed w ith the poatmasteri
by parties wishing to make deposits,
one or two parties having applied to
deposit the maximum amount allowed
jfor any one patron.
Seclall-t Ticket In Wilson.
Winston-Salem. Winston will have
at least two municipal ticket In the
campaign thia year, as the socialist
have just decided to name a complete
ticket for mayor and aldermen from
every ward in the city.
Praia af Mr. X. II. Richmond.
Rocky Mount After an illuess of
'several weeks Mr. II. Mi Richmond
county. Mr. Richmond was a native
of Winston, and wa aged 45 year,
The rmicral service were conducted
fVMa afternoon.
Widow tleta Pamage.
BallsWy. In Rowso superior
e-!Poiirt here Friday Mra. Ola Walker
I a awarded $4.!..l ' as damages
against the Cannon Manufacturing
.(.(itnpany. The suit was for 2.".,Ooo
alleged damage on account of the
death of her husband. W. L. Walfci-r.
while In the employ of the company at
sr. I srnegte t eninimie lor tirgsn.
ItJKh Point. Rev. M. Luther Can up.
pastor, of the Woman' Memorial
Kvangellcal Lutheran church, has jitst
I survived. by a husband and three chll-
'dren, .also tour brothers, T. D. 8hu
I wjiwamniR:ma:a:ntti:!
Stray Topics From
Little Old New York
, New York, April 17.-The citixen of
New York are enjoying the rather pe
culiar spectacle of . a bitter ' and
venomous scrap between: Police Mag
istrate Qorrigan and Mayor Gaynor
concerning the conduct find efficiency
of, tho city' police departtnont. Mayor
Gaynor wa not at first a great ad
mirer of the municipal police depart
ment, and during the early part of hi
adtnlnistration caused many violent
shake-upa. In the force.. But he. baa
evidently ,become reconciled with the
conditions in the department and has
become.' it ..warmest friend -and most
gallant champion. The attacks of
Magistrate Corrlgan upon the police
department, and especially the "men
higher up," have caused considerable
sUr in official circles. The general
public is not much Interested lu such
matters beyond the mild excitement
which is offered by the controversy
between the officials.. But It has been
noticed that, notwithstanding official
denials of the truth of Mr. Corrlgan' !
statements' and statistics, the violator
of the Sunday and liquor law and the
ladle of easy virtue infesting the
Tenderloin district aud other parta of
Gotham have become a great deal less
bold and confident lately. jthe arm. He howled and ran. pur-
Anotber one of the old churches of j sued by the. intrepid amazon, who
New York ha been closed for good, j made effective use of her pins when
After. 122 years of existence the! ever she managed to catch uo with
Seventh Street Methodist church.
known ln It early day at the "Two
Mile 8tone" church, and when Peter
Cooper was Its Sunday School super
intendent a' the "Bowery Village
Church." has been closed, not to be
opened again. In the Civil war years,
when the Rev. Dr. James Floy and the
Rev. W. Pitman Corbett were It
pastors, the congregation was one of
the largest In the city, but during th
last twenty-five years the membership
diminished to such an extent that It
was considered advisable to abandon
the church and consolidate the dwind
ling congregation with that of the
Heading church in East Seventeenth
street The old church building has
been sold and will henceforth, be ued
a a Greek Catb ilic church.
Some Ume ago the announcement
was made that the Hoffman bouse,
that famous hosMry on Broadway and
Twenty-flfth etret, would be closed
permanently duTitig the Brat week of
April. For more than a generation
the Hoffman house has enjoyed a Na
tional reputation one of the most
famous hotel !rf the country. It
fame did not r st so mnch upon' the
fact that for nmre than half a century
the hotel was the favorite stopping
place of many of the most distin
guished visitors from foreign coun
tries, members of the nobility, singer,
musicians, artis s, etc., but In a -much
greater measure upoii the fact that
during all these years the Hoffman
bouse has been tho most famous
tamping ground of democratic poli
ticians. Some time ago the house
went Into the hands of a receiver and
it was he who ordered the house
closed.. The guests, many of whom
had lived In the bouse f -om twenty to
forty years, were disconsolate and
with deep regret moved to other
ping, pf Salisbury; W. E. Shupingf of
Wayeross, Ga : 0 1. and S. E. Siiuntn.
of Greensboro. The funeral was held
from the home Friday afternoon at 4
ocKK-g, conducted by Rev. Parker
Holmes, of the First Methodist church.
and the Interment was In Chestnut
Hill cemetery.
Salem Academy Endowment.
Wltiston-Salem. With onlr i:2..'.00
to raise within the' next six weeks.
Saleni Academy and college Is on the
eve of securing one of the largest en- j
ilowments of nay college of Its kind
In this state. The general educational j
board i ready with It ITS.Otxi'aud Mr.
Carnegie will contribute I2.fl"0 uiwn
the completion of the $2200 to be
raised by the college. This will give :
Salem an endowment of f.ioii.ono. ,
Ei It'enee for Salt.
Shelby. Judge W. 11. Neal, of Lau
rinburg, district counsel tor the. Sea
hoard, and Mr. O. M. Gardner, repre
senting Mr. A. J. Ream, adminlntrator
of the late John Henry, a e engaged
In the hearing of evidence to procure
Information regarding the death of
Mr. Henry, who was killed by a Sea-
hoard freight train near Waco March
2.1. It wfll be remembered that Mr.
Henry was a member of a section
force and was returning home after
a day' work, when a freight train
approached from the rear, at ruck the
handcar and killed Mr. Henry. 'The
hearing tod.iy is for the plaintiff to
obtain Information on which to base a
complaint for a suit against the rail
road amounting to I20,ntm,
. Death of Hr. W. A. Marderk. "
Salisbury Mr. S. II. Wile has been
notified of the death, at Balsam Thurs
day afternoon, of his uncle. Dr. W. A.
Murdoch, death occurring at the
home of bis daughter. Mrs. II. I.
Eusley. Deceased wa T year old
and formerly practiced medicine at
Mount 1'lla. this county. ' He was a
brother of Mrs. Ssmuel II. Wiley, Sr.,
of this city.
( i Icbrslcd Kilter Wedding.
I-noir. Mr. and Mr. George F.
Thompson, who live five miles east of
lnolr, et-lenraled their silver wed
ding Wednesday. "Invitation were rx- !
tended rt the brothers and sister and '
fal'iilM of eil fi, i,d while all of them
(ltd not'atieud, yet the number that ,
did stteud was forty-one, Including,
quarters. At the last moment, how
ever, an "agreement was reached with
the creditors which made it possible
to keep the old hostelry -going. The
guests who had already moved out
were notified and most of them gladly
returned to their accustomed haunt.
Most of the old employees of the hotel
also returned to their former places.
A boy of sixteen years, at Corona,
L. I., established a new amateur record
for long-distance sleeping the 'other
day. He went to sleep Friday night
in the attic of his parents' home and
slept continuously qntll the following
Monday night He probably would
have continued bis snooze had not his
father awakened him then. The boy
is apparently healthy and there seems
to be no reasonable explanation of his
sleeping propensity, unless it Is the
fact that his father is a watchman.
That the much-discussed and great
ly abused hatpin 1 not only a serious
danger to innocent bystanders or
passers-by, but an equally effective
weapon of defense, was demonstrated
the other morning when a young wo
man, returning home from a visit to
a friend at 2 o'clock In the morning,
was held up by a bold highwayman
.. T I .. . 1 ,
juu LrtSAiiigLuu avenue, jusieuu . ui
handing over her purse and Jewelry
to the robber, as she bad been bidden
by him, the young woman pulled two
j formidable hatpins out of ber beehive
hat and jabbed the highwayman ln
the fleet fugitive. He dropped his re
volver Into a garbage barrel whigb
he passed, but the weapon was recov
ered after the would-be highwayman
was arrested by a policeman' who
Intercepted his flight. .
Judging from recent experience It
would not be a bad. idea to introduce
a course of zoology Into the curri
culum of law schools. Some time ago
the whole legal fraternity smed to
be nonplussed when confronted with
the question whether a chicken is a
bird. It took a large number of law
yers, judge and expert zoologists to
settle thai question, and even then a
great many members 'of the bar re-
linained doubtful and puzzled. The
other day another similar question
came up In a case before the Tombs
court. The captain of a Cuban steam-
ship and a dealer ln turtles were
charged with cruelty to animals, be-
cause they bad transported West In.
dim' turtles in a cruel manner. The
lawyers for the defense contended
that turtle wer not animals aud
for that reason the cbarye .of cruelty
to animals could not be maintained.
The court found it impossible to der
cide the point raised in an offhand
maimer. He reserved his decision and
ordered both side tb submit briefs at
a later date. - '
There were great doings in New-
York Chinatown during the past
week. Thia time it was not a bloody
warfare between the Tongs, but a
peaceful act of charity a bazaar to
raise money for the" starving people In
China. The Chinese residents vied
with each other in contributing to the
good cause, and even the women and
children, usually seldom seen In pub
lic, took part in the bazaar to attract
visitors and Increase its financial suc
cess. Mr. Thompson's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
M. K. Thompson, ln this number
there were represented four genera
tions, and a photograph of the as
semblage was made. A sumptuous
dinner wa served, and the day was
a most pleasant one for those who at
tended. The guest on this occasion
departed, wishing the worthy couple
to be spared to celebrate their golden
wedding anniversary. twenty-live
year hence.
Death of Mrs. Jane A. 4'aldwclL
Concord. Mr. Jane A. Caldwell
died Friday morning at ? o'clock at
the home of her son, Mr. James F.
Hurley, aged 74 years. She was first
married to Mr. Roland Phnrr. a native
of this county, who lost his life in the
Civil war. She wa afterwards mar
ried to Mr. Alexander ' Hurley. In
1SK7 she wa again married to Dr. D.
S. Caldwell.
The funeral service were held this
(Saturday! morning at 19 o'clock from
her late home.
Fashion Hint.
A quaint style suited to the slim
figure I a velvet bolero atiit trinitiird
with pleated tare. ,
Dresden atrip- are most effective
among trimmings, as are also satin
tripe bordered In flowers.
Cotton dress goods are galoi
among them crepes, tissue, marqui
settes and a host of others.
Many new mixtures of silk and cot
ton are offered under the title of foul
ard, messalie?" iid tussore.
Little necktie bows are a means of
dec-oration that may be placed in the
outer or Inner side of the sleeve.
Marabout or, better, the new cut os
trich feather edging, come In for It
share of attention as sash trimming.
One of the most exquisite of the new
lids has a border of ragged blue that
trails oft Indrliitilety Into pale green.
The kimono sleeve whk-h ha reign
ed supreme In sleeveland tor the last
few years I to be with us still for the
coming season.
Flowered wets, voiles, marquisette
and chiffons are shown In exquisite
colorings and designs superior to any
heretofore aeen. "
There Is- a great demand for atifl
clal flowers for corsage bouquet. Oar
denlas, lilac and ramelia are dis
placing the popular violets, '
.SALESMAN WANTED to look after
' our interest in Durham and adja
cent counties. Salary or Commia
- sion. Address The Harvey Oil Co.,
Cleveland, O. 28-g
Funeral Director and Kmbalmers
Office and' Show Room 316 Manguro
' Street. ' '
Phone 197 Night or Day Service
'Every Month'
writes Lola P. Roberts, o!
Vienna, Mo., "I used to be
sick most of the time and
suffered with backache and
headache. My Mother, who
had been greatly helped by
the use of Cardui, got me
two bottles, and I have
LI been well ever since." .
The Woman's Tonic
Cardui is a gentle tonic
for young and old women.
It relieves and prevents
pain. It builds strength. It
feeds the nerves. It helps
the whole system.
Made from harmless
roots and herbs, it has no
'bad after-effects, does not
interfere with the use of
any other medicine and" can
do you nothing but good.
Try Cardui. It will help
you. Your dealer sells it
(cat ed itlb nr effect jajt. t, ma
, No. i No. 41
Lv. Durham . r. l:4Sam ' I:l0t
East Durham I:66ra I JIpm
" Oyama l:0"am l:7pra
" Togo . . .. .. I:!ltm !:t!pm
" Carpentar l:46ara (:01pm
" Vpchurcb . p. I:iin 4:10pm
Ar. Apex .. . j.lOrlOara 4:15pm
Lv, Apex .. .. ..ll:Ibam 4:40pm
Holly Spring ..ll:EGara 4:5ipm
" Wllbon.. ,. ..iroopra l:(pm
" Varlna... , ....11:20pm 1:14pm
Angler .. ..11:62pm 1:12pm
" BarclayviU . .. 1:12pm 1:46pm
" Coata .. .. .. 1:21pm I 67pn
Turlington .. 1:45pm :04pa
Duka .. .. 1:26pm :12pi
Ar. Du0.. .. .. 1:061)01 4.10pm
Ife. SB
Wo. f
Lv. Dunn
" Duke
" Turllngtsa
" Coats .. . .
" Baroiayvll I .
" Angler ..
" Varlna, . ..
" Wllbon ..
- Holly gprlng
Ar. Apes .. .. ..
Lv. Apex .. ..
" Fpchureh ...
" Carpantar ...
Tog-o .. . .
Oyama ...
East Durham
S :40am IDOaoi
l:CSam 1:20am
S OIara 1:42am
1:1 '.am I 66am
l lUm 1t:l6s!B
.. 1 :40am 10:10am
..10 Oonra ll:0iam
,.10:Vlam 11:20am
..10-liam ll:60am
..10:4am 1210pm
..11:00am 12.30pm
..11:10am 11:45pm
..11:17am 11:56pm
..ll:am 1 l&prrJ
..11 :7ara, i:pit
..11 00 in l iOpm
..1t 10pm I.COrnj
Ar. Durham
Ho. 21 makes eonnrcrioe at Apes
with 8-aboard Air Line No. SI for Ra
lelKh. Norfolk, Richmond. Washington
Baltimore, Philadelphia. New Tork ai.fi
all Northern points: and with Rallb
Bouthport t'aln No. 64 for Durham
No. 41 makes cnuneot:on at A pas
with SW board Air l.lne No. 41 for San
ford, Unehurst. Bouthrn Ptncs, Ham
let. Charlotte, Rockingham, Athens
Atlanta, Blrmttiel'am. Montnomerji
and all points In the West and South
west; Columbia, favannab, Jaoktn
rill. Tamna and all points In Florida
AH tickets ars sold by this eempany
and accepted n tha passenger with
th understanding that this compac
wilt not be liable for failure to run Its
trains on schedule time, or for any
such delays aa may be Incident to thalr
operation. Care Is ercled to give cor
rect lime ef "onnertlna- lines, but tnlt
company la not responsible for arrert
or omission.
. i.. EaM iirt. Hot. Faaa. Art
(r n riiTn n
Make a "Sale Hit" and a "Home Run"
To a good position by taking a course In the school that guarsnt. - s to
swure a position for yon or rc'uiul your money. Day and nish; s !.
Write for special sprinR offer.
U55.u?dsc::, Prta.
Diirhatif, Winston-Salem, Wilmington.' Salisbury. X. C. amf CharlcsMti,
S. C. The highft endorsed busings college in the South Atrutnie.
Don't you open a checking account, and pay your bills by chcik?
:.A.i.al.ii.l.aa ..'m.4.1
Arc V
prepared to give you the best
when the collector presents
failed to give you credit for.
and mislaid the receipt, tf o.t had paid by check n would
have blm "dead sure," for the cancelled check or our re oni
would bear you out.
The Citizens National Bank
OF DtT.II AM, x. c. "1
B. X. DI RK, Preni.Ient. T. It. ri I.I.K II. l-IV.-i.l. tit.
Succeed when everything' else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supieme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist' counter.
1911 ALMANACS 1911
Soutliem Almanacs are readr.
Price by mail 7 cent.
Hill Directory Co.
823 Mutual Bid?. IUckinond, Va.
P. M.'A. M.t
.. IP. M.'A. M.
Lv. Durham Ar. i 9.15 11.15
7.13 S.15
8 25, 9.08
Lv. P.oxboro Lv. f ".51 9.113
Lv. So Boston Lv. i 6.5: 8.12
Lv. llouxton Lv. .4:ii 7.48
8.401 9 21
11. 30 11.55 Ar. Lynchb'K Lv. 14.1 3:1 :6.1 S
P. M A. M. i P. M.jA. M.
Daily. Dally except Sunday.
Connects at Lynchburg with through
trains for Cincinnati, Columbus anil
points west, and for Norfolk and Rirh
mond. Pullman Sleepers. Parlor Cars,
Dining Cars. -
' All inquiries as to routesT "rates, etc
promptly answered. " .
W. B. BE V ILL, , M, P, Bft.VGO,
. Gen. Pas Agrt, . Trav. Pass. Ast.
Roanoke, Va. ' . . Roanoke, Va.
Durham, N. C
The Health of Yourself
and Family ,
Pope's Hsrb Is prepared to provide a
dependable household remedy, based
upon the principle of purity 'of blood
insuring freedom from disease. ' It Is
a medicine for maladies such as, Rehu
matism. Liver Complaints, Constipa
tion, Fever and Ague, Female Disor
ders, Indigestion, Lumbago, Kidney
Derangements, Catarrh, fijek and Ner
vous Headaches, loss of Appetite and
all ailments arising from inactivity of
tha Liver and Kidneys.
.U. Is jtyrely Herbs, Barks'&nd Roots
Compound. It Is put up in chocolate
coated Tablets pleasing and easy to
take, (or can be dissolved in wator.)
Mrs. J. C Meade, of Hyattsvllle, il.i,
"For years I have suffered with
Backache, Hea'lachen, Neuralgia . and
Nervousneaa and extn mo Fatigu. I
tried many remedies without rWief.
Four montha aun a gratttul fri-nl in
duced iiim to write to rof.e Medicine
Oo.. VVaHhintsl'in. I. !., for a box of
Pope's ilvrb totniaiund TatilctH, the
vt-ry firvt iioe r two tnhlfta uave mo
ri ln-f. 1 use. I not quit a l.u box and
1 Kin entirely i n ml of the .iin in my
lta k and nuve no more headache."
lr. J. V. llenneaey. a proniincnt T'hy
slcian and hui seou o( Albany, N. V, in
part says:
"As a blood purifier. Liver, Kidney
and riystent regulator I prescril i'upe
Medicine Co.'s. of WashinKton. I'. JM
Herb Compound, as I have dune for the
ast 20 years, and I hi'Ve found It to
be a preat remedy, which seldom if
ever fails. There are thousands of let
ters from tisers of Pope's Hirbs. that
have been benefitted and cured by In
proper use. Pope Hrb C'omwind
Tablets are put up 200 in a bx. "six
months' treatment," and will be sent
postpaid on receipt of 41.00. Each hix
contains a printed K .laraatee bindln
us to refund the purchase price if tho
remedy falls to benelit, also full di
rections. Guaranteed by the pope Medicine
Co., Inc., nndi-r the Pure Food and
Drug Act, June 10, 1904, No. 31'j'iS,
For terms to aaeata la xaMerupled
territory, addreaa
Baltdlas. WaatilrstM. . r.
of service, and w can help
the bill you paid last Month and.
You have been
Careless ?

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