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VOLUME 91 ' .. -V . ' ' . ,: DURHAM, N 0.' TITESDAY, JUNK 20, 1911 . 7 .",7 :", NUMBER 83 '
Lxr;c txi Uerry Cxtberba E?lj
la Ms Celebrslion
Cost of Defalcations of Tarbfrp CEsred WHh Dbtainlcg Honey
Determined lo Give Kfs Side of Son of Beaufort County's Sheriff
Two Aviators KQIed at Start of
Sliies 15 Feel
Bank Occurred Recently
Under False Pretense
Charges Against Him
Cuts His Tbroat
EL'.rr.GS f.::d eonviGTS hurt
u. - r
Coavlete Were Kent by Pcnltcntl
, Last Week to Work on Tranacoiiti
nental Itailroad -Every Man lu
.Building Watt Injured Accident
'ckeurred in "Heart of SmoklM."
Newport, Tena., June 19. Four
convict were killed, twelve enousiy
injured and 14 convict and three
guard slightly Injured yesterday In
tbe collapse of a bull pen near Wa-
tervllle, N. C, in tbe neari oi cue
Smokies, where two railroad, com
panic re engaging In a war for the
; monopoly of the only remaining
mountain pant to the east. The con
vict were all negroe. the property
of the slate of North Carolina, and
were being worked In connection
with the conatructfon work of the
Transcontinental railroad.
The men killed were: Albert
Wynn, of Goldebro, serving sen
tence of ten yeare for receiving
tn(..n cnnda: Will Green, of Ral
eigh, serving sentence of four yeais
for murder; Henry Paul, or .ew
Bern, serving sentence ot three year
for larceny; Clarence Walker, of
Wefra North Carolina, serving sen-
teiti of seven ytar for larceny. All
four men bad only a few months of
their time to aerve, one or two being
due to leave the camp In August
Major Wyun, ot 'Uoldaboro. con
victed at the eame time as bis
brother who was killed, and Sylves
ter Parhatn, serving a 30-year sen
tence for murder, are not expected
to live.
. Capt J. E. Hosklns, of Raleigh,
who was In charge of the prisoners,
went doa with the pen and had to
be dug from the debris, suffering
several painful Injuries. Guards J.
" E. ' Nichols and Ed MrKerae? bad
narrow escape from death, but were
only slightly Injured.
' The ronvtcta were located In ihe
very heart of the finiokies. where
their camp looked down Into the
Pigeon Hver. lie feet below. The
pen tat SO by 80 feet, the piles act
ing as support a being about alt feet
In height Bear the edge of the trsil
and twenty-eight feet in height to
the rear. The building il con
structed of heavy loga and It was
the grat weight of the top which
caused It to collapse.
The heavz building alld forward,
pinning the men between the giaut
raners supporting tbe flooring.
Where the timbers came together tn.
man Wert terribly mangled and the
four met, Instant death in this wav.
Trees prevented a greater fall and
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SlzzzLtrs Tied Up
By Socmen's Strike
London, June 17. Tb ateamer
Minneapolis, of the AtlanUc Transport
line, and several smaller vessels were
unable to-sall today on account of Ihe
seaman's strike. The situation Is more
serious today than at any time alnce
the strike started. ' ,
i:iohen Mump HWkrr.
Andrew rarnegle. at a dinner In
New York waa talking about the hor
rors of war horror that he B
dose so much to end forever.
. "Once, at tbe height of the civil
war." he said, "two men at a rail
way taiinn new a carload of wooden
lets dnart for a military hospital.
"Those wooden legs, said the
Brat msn, 'are a rather eloquent pro
test against war, aren't they?
-Yes," agreed the other; 'they
are what yon might call stump
peerbe!'" Pittsburg Times.
I.ttnibeoft In M ri nilnater Hall.
London, "June 19. The reprewen-
tstlves of the dominion parliaments.
t he are here for tbe coronation were
formally welcomed t a luncheon
given In Wostm luster hall todav.
The function attrited. many per
sons of distinction. Lord Jtoseberry
presided and the apeakers Included
tbe prime minister, Mr. Halfour. and
Sir Wilfred Laurler and other of Hie
colonial premiers. '
'' . . All In. -v
Friend I waa Just In the art ttst-
lefy admiring your "Napoleon After
w Wetert.o." Tbe fidelity of expres
sion on Boneparte'a fare Is wonder-
i ful. Where did yon get It T .
Mr.' Dobbler From life. I i"l
i my wife to pose far me the morning
eftsr she gave her first reception
Puck. - '
HuniUr WhMl Kxmrtilon to Norfolk
It la expected that a large crowd
will lake advantage of the cheap
rales offered by tbe Second llsptlst
Funday school excursion Thursday to
visit Norfolk. The train will Start
early Thursday taorolng and return
, t aigkt. . ...
Washington, June 19. Seldom, if
ever before In Its history has the
white bouse been tbe scene of such a
large and merry gathering as s-
aembled here today to help tbe presi
dent and Mrs. Taft celebrate tbclr
silver wedding anniversary. Open
house was kept throughout tbe day.
Foreign diplomats, members of the
Judiciary, senators and representa
tives' and other persona prtJmlneal
In. official life called to oifer their " " . . ' . ,
congratulations. Uut the occaa1on:Su"(,a'r bre wlth bl ,amny- lIe bas
was made roost felicitous by the pre-
ence of all the family relatives from! clear the tangled conditions, 'but the
near and far and also a large numbrjfallMS e(ltrIeg and manlpulafIolM Covr
who came on from Cincinnati in res
ponse to a special Invitation. Theae
relatives and friends were enter
tained at a luncheon at the executive
mansion and later la the day there
waa a garden party In tbe white
bouse rrounda for which several
thousand Invitations were ' Issued.
Tbe governors of several states and
mayora of many, of the large cities
throughout the country were amend
those present. .
The marriage of William Howard
Taft nnd Miss Helen U Herron was
celebrated 4n Cincinnati June 19,
1881. The ceremony was performed
by the Rev. Mcsea A. Hokc, of Zapeb
ville, O., an old friend of tbe Herron
family. Mr. Taft bad recently grad
uated from Yale and waa employed
aa a reporter on a Cincinnati news
paper and at the same time studying
law. Miss Herron had lately flnls'u-
ed her education at Cincinnati anl-
veralty and was engaged In teaching
In a private school. The bride
groom wss in his twenty-ninth year,;
bride bad Just passed herl"011' of Cleveland" to the aid of the
i birthday anniversary, h "Western Statea" and 225 passengers
wnue tne
Is an interesting coincidence that ex-!
actly twenty-two years after the day
of his marriage Mr. Taft waa noml-
nated for president of tbe United
Damage Will Aocd fa Between
Sltt.C:tto S2SM5I
Danville, Va., June IS. A cyclonic
wind, rain and electrical storm swept
over the city yesterday afternoon
from 4:30 to &:30 o'clock. Inflicting
damaga estimated at flOO.OOO to !2i0,;
000, chl fly In the unroofing and flood
ing of cotton mills, tobacco factories.
storage plants, destruction of trees
and shrubbry, chimneys, awnings.
porches, telegraph and telephone and
electric transmission poles and wires.
The trolley service of tbe city waa sus
pended and was tied up for twenty
four hours. Tbe entire telephone er-
lr of the rlfv n nut of roiiimlolnn
The beavleat damage to bulldinga
waa In tbe business STtlott. , The
t'.urm came suddenly from west-north.
west. Main street, noted lor He hesvy
shade of old oaks, elms and maples,
'me ot tbem of gigantic dimensions,
was a scene of d-'nolailon. Tbe broad
realdnce thoroughfares was blocked
at many points by prostrated trees,
the telephone and trolley wires and
pots. Hundreds ot the oldiwt and
largest shade treee, the pride of the
city, were d limbed, torn and tip-
nooted. and filled lawns and streets
with wreckage. This heavy shadu,
however, savtd Ihe best residence sec
tion by the resistance they offered to
the storm. !
Tho White mill of the Riverside
Cotton Mill company was unrooted
and the automatic sprinklers art
going, flooding the building and in
Dieting heavy Iowa of stock and ma
The tobacco factory ot John F.
Hushes and company waa unroofed
and the stork badly damaged. The
factory ot K. K. Jones and Company,
leaf tobacco, waa tutroofed and heavy
damage done to the atock.
The Danville Wagon company a
plant on Craighead etr.-vt was un
roofed and partly wrecked.
A hrkk tower on Acree'a tobacco
warehouse waa burled into the elret.
One . of Ihe factories of Uibretl
brothers, leaf tobacco, tu partially
unroofed, aa was a portion of the
plant of tbe Imperial Tobacco com
pany. Tbe plant of the Riverside Overalls
company -and William Medicine com
pany on Floyd and High atreeta were
unroofed and many smaller buildings
In various sections were Similarly
damaged. 1 .
Raleigh, June, 1?. That It will re
quire a week or longer to ascertain
exactly the amount of the shortages of
Cashier Hart, the suicide, and Assist
ant Cash It-r Husaey, of the Bank of
Tarboro, and that the total shortage
will reach $125,000, and possibly
more,' is tbe opinion of State Bank Ex-
nnifoift 1 It' TVmirhtmi. ; who impnt
devoted nearly a week to trying to
such a long period that long and tedi
ous work Is necessary to go through
all the transactions. He has come to
the concluslou that tbe defalcations
ready to make their final raid and get
have been going on for seven years
or longer, but that It has been only
within tbe past few mouths that they
have beeu hi very considerable
amounts. He believes tbe cashiers
found themselves so deeply involved
that thev deanalred of ever covering
their tracks sufficiently to prevent
ultimate detection and deliberately set
In to loot tbe bank. ' The discovery,
however, he thinks, came sooner than
they expected and before they were
Wireless Calls Help ;
To Disabled Vessel
Cleveland. June 16. A wlrcls
distress message today called the
ere successfully transferred in the
'middle of Lake Erie from the crippled
veanel to the "City of Cleveland." The
" Western 8tatea" was Injured by a
'tilnw nut of a rvlhidpp kfA
Ked Eof Editorial to f&e Los
Angeles' Times
Loa Angelee, June 1". General 0:1
proprietor of the Times, today An
swered In a red-hot editorial Colonel
Roosevelt's Outlook article denounc
ing Otlna attitude in the dynamiting
ease. ''If Roosevelt had been a con
temporary of Ananias, Munchausen
and Mendes Pinto," writes Otla. "those
illustrious romancers would have been
distanced. The Jbscpblan-colured coat
la sombre compared with the coloring
of Roosevelt's politics. Of all the
Janus-faced, cbamellon-hued. upright
and downright fabrlcatori that ever
tried the patience of the public be Is
the limit The state has rights aa well
as Individuals. Roosevelt, unmindful
of bis claimed reputation for giving
a square deal, rushed, unsolicited, to
the aid of suspected and Indicted dyna
miters, by doubting, not whether they
are guilty, but whether the dynamiting
of the Times had been done by any
body." Ttoot anil nixie Workers.
St. Paul, Minn., June 19. The an
nual convention of the International
boot and shoe workers' union open
ed In this city today with delegate
present from many points through
out the United Slates and Canada.
The svrslons are expected to last a
week or ten days aa many Important
mattera of buslnesa are to come up
Castro Said to Be On
Way to New Orleans
New York. June 19. It waa widely
circulated In the Ceu'ral American
colony that Cyprlano t'aitro, the de
posed president of Venesuela. left here
this morning for New Orleans, but
secret service men failed to locate
IlrltUli Hol.llern at Hunker Hill.
8t. John. N. II., June 1. Tho M
John F.isiteers, comprising the Hlxty
Heeond Regiment, 300 strong, left
here by special train today for IV ni
ton to. take part In tbe llunker Hill
day celebration tomorrow." The regi
ment la In command of Col. J. I
McAvltv and Is accompanied by the
regimental estl and drum and bugle
corps. Tbe so.dlera will remal i In
lioaton so'eral days and during their
stay they will be guest of the !-
sachuaetta Volunteer Militia.
Too Many Hvrrttns.
He (soulfutlyl-There are a thous
and stars tonight looking down upon
She I my hat on straight?-
ilarper g Weekly.
"MadaiiiO If untri". Arrested In Bill ll-
mora at Inxtauee of Raleigh An.
thorltli'K Keeeived Large .Sums
for CharinR" and by Agreeing to
Bring I'jiiiilly Trouble to End.
Raleigh, June 19. Mrs. Jennie
Hunter, alia Madame Hunter, wbo
was arrested in Baltimore Saturday
evening ion a warrant from Raleigh
charging her with obtaining money
under false pretenses, worked a
number of superstitions s.nd credu
lous people here for considerable
sums ot money as a fortune teller.
Mrs. ' Annie O. Eatman, a well-
known ,lioss maker, lost $800
through the representations of the
wily fortune teller that she coulj
unravel and work out" to the hap
piest solution some family problems
that were disturbing Mrs. Katmau.
Just what they were has not yet been
divulged except to the authorities lu
confidence. Tbe next lrrgest amount
claimed to have been obtained was
from n well to do negro woman.
Madam Hunter read her palm an1
told her she would very soon break
out with terrible sores un.ess some
counteracting spell waa worked by
her. . That she bad been conjured
to have these sores develope. For
the 1300 she gave Ler a talisman
that would ward off the affliction.
It waa a email wooden box securely
sealed. The victim waa toldi that
if she opened the box she Voul'i
die. Chief of Police S'ell opcijed it
when the woman brought it to him
and found that it contained som
"blackish i powders." Some of this
he says he rubbed between his
fingers. Much to fain alarm the lin
gers bepac to itch. Hut he la con
vinced uoV that the Itching, waa
imaginary .nd the pjwder was really
perfectly harmless and worthless.
Another victim brought a talis
man In a red flannel sock. It con
tained two pieces of worthies ot"
rock, it hd tost her the compara
tively sn.all sum of 2 and waa rep
resented by Madam Hunter to pos
sess all powerful cuarms for her
weifarj. ' ,
Madam Hunter cine to Raleigh
early In the year, .-.vened a tent-
bouse in a vacant lot two doors iruui
the ttate house on FayctteviMe
street. Hete she did a flourishin
business aa palmist t'ntil late in
April, when she disappeared over
night A notable th'i:g Is that she
reftiseJ to take Mrs. Kstman's check
for h;r money but eo.uired her io
get hec own checks -.shcd and bring
the money. The magic wouldn't
work without the cash.
FOR I'i:iVAT W0BK fll ARfiE I).
Warhineton, June 17. luvpstiga-
tions of every" navy yard In the country
la predU'l-d today M a result of dis
closures !efore the houno committee
on navy lepartmnt exMnditurs re
garding r mdltlons of the Washington
navy yard. , Charges of an $s.00fl
hort.ig and the use of government
employees for private work were
Many Phones Out of
Commission by Storm
Th cevere storm which passed
over thi city gumiay. evening pui
12 i tel. ihoiie In Durham out ol
commlsKioii. cither by crossed wlr.-s
or blown fuses. A reimrt from Keti
villo this morning stated that the
storm waa severe In the Virginia
city and that more than 750 phones
were out of commission.
William Dunn Released
m m m
i-rom Aiexican rrison
Washington," Ji.te 17. According to
word reo lved here today tbe authorl-
tin at M mterey, Mexico, have relensed
William Dunn, the Amerlcai news
pamr reporter who has been in
prison t me time nuder a charge of
particip.iilng In a plot to ansassina'e
Madcro. .
Indictments Returned
' In KicNamaras Case
' Indianapolis, June 17. A Marion
county urand jury today returned
eight indlctmenta In connection with
the kidnapping and dynamiting
charges in the MrNamara rase, whleh
Include John MrNamara for dyna
miting and Letectivt W. J. Burns Jor
kidnapping. '
Savannah, Ga., June 19. A mad
scramble, for windows and doors In-'
terrupted the sitting of a Jury of;, . ... . , t
. . . l"g of his fiancee at the Fowle hog-
elders at tho Clifton Baptst church, .., , . - , . ,
. . , Mpltal her, after a very short illness
five miles from here yesterday, when I
.... . , , .
on trial for card-playing, drew a
revolver and covered the Jury and
audience while he forced them to
listen to bis defending argument,
Tht bearing was noine alone
smoothly, but applause shook the
building every time a point was made
against the defendant. Just before
tho jury began the consideration of
their verdict, Smalls arose and said
be was determined to gtvo ills side
of the case. When be drew his re
volver, he qitltkly cleared the house
of all except tbe scared conference
members. Flourishing his pistol, he
waxed eloquent and before be knew
It, two of his hearers jumped behind
him and pinioned his arms, while
others came to disarm him. At this
point, Smalls' mother entered , the
church armed with a butcher knife
and premised to make morn trouble,
but she soon waa quieted. Police i,erlor j , ye,n wa8 t and ft
were called from Savannah and ,, ,. ,, , .
Smalls was Uken to the station. The! J?. ,8 m lo., f
elders continued their session and
Smalls was deposed as deacon.
Must Renounce Throne
Or Leave (Great Britain
Loudon, June ' IT. Deposed King
Manuel, of I'ortngaU- will , be chased
out ot England unless he renounces
all attempts to regain the throne. King
George Is displeaoed at the Intimacy
between Manuel and Dowager Queen
Alexandria, who is reported to have
contributed to the fund to aid the
Portuguese monarchists.
fall River Celebrating Anniver
sary of the Industry
Fall River, June 19. A celebra-
tlon ot the one hundredth anntversa-
ry of the establishment of the
ton mill- Industry U New England,
. , , .. . , . ...
was opened in this city today and wtli i
continue through the week. The;that on.tnir(i of toe delegates In the
celebritlon was ushered In with the convention Is assured. The LaFollette
formal opening ot an historical cx-
hlbit and a trades display. During
the week there will be an automobile
parado, an aviation meet, a horse
will attend the celebration Friday. !
The city is elaborately decorated and
la alreadv fllllnar with t alters.
t la tnaf nnm hunHrail voara alnee
the cotton manufacturing Industry in
New Knglatid waa inaugurated wiih
the erection of a cotton mill in Fall
River Ly Col. Joseph purfee. About
six years later the first power weav
ing looming was started here. The
total number of employes engaged
In the Industry In Fait River up to
SI 9 probably did not exceed ?.
There are now In the city 4"t Incorpo
rated cotton mill companies, owning
111 mills, with an Incorparted caps-
tat of 132.960,000; There are 3.9JH-
44 spindles, or about one-seventh of
the total number In the t'nlted State
and 93,904 loom.
East Durham Lodrje
Nominates Officers
At a moeOnn of the Fast Durham
lodge, No. 109, Knlghta of Pythias,
the following nominations were
made for the coming election, which
will be held Tuesday night, June 17:
Chancellor commander, It. C. Bar-
bee, II. T. Johnson and E. 11. A vent;
vlre-commander. C H. Bureham and
' ?' "T"r,; , U i
nem, an.. in.-.. . , . .I.-.
of arms, k. i. noiuns, J. u. uiuc
and W. R. Young.
tiim mriMii. nii I'lMitlam
u,. t..n- i.wrh. ,fci''P",e lepresenung me local nrane,i
dial wrbome and elaborate rater-i" ct "ernattonnl printing pre
.l,,mn hl,h hate niarkod lh.im,,n d ""'"ItntS Union 'if North
visit Boston of the sixtyniecond ! Am7'". .flh'r,1. ttM,'
re.lm,.nt of fusiliers, of St. Jol,n.t"H,, hto fountJf h
v n .t..i..iH i . ..i.i -
farewell dinner at which ihe Caba -
ji ... .,.. r ,t. -
famous Ancient and Honorable ar -
til..,. .
When Teibly KiM-ak.
Errors and omissions in copy rnnut
be excused today. There are no
capital lto bo had. Mr. Roosevelt 'with the task of framing a const I
spofce yesterday. New York Tele- tut ion for the republic of Portugal,
cram, met today and (urtually orjanUj-l,
Washington. June 19. Despondency
caused by the death yesterday morn
from appendicitis, drove'' Charles
Riokc, the eldest son of Sheriff George
-RIck. of . Beaufort countv. to at-
j tempt self-destruction about 4 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. The rash act
iwas committed In young Rloks' room
at tDe nolua of 0,8 pareuts and a razor
jneaiu usni, a deep gash being
cut in his throat.
Voting Ricks was very devoted to
the yonng lady. He had been in a
low-spirited and. depressed condition
all day and bis mother had been con-
Btantly at bia Ledalde. She happened
to leave lh: rexm for a few moments
and Mr.. Jimes TdcClure, a friend of
Ricks, coming In In the meantime, had
gone up to his room to try to cheer
him up a little, . Finding the door
locked McCluro; suspected something
wrong and; hastened to call the fam
ily. The door was forced open and
young Ricks found lylug on the bed
with a deep gash cat in his throat and
the bed covered with blood. Tbe au-
blood. His condition at present is
precarious, though the physicians bold
out f ome hope of his recovery.
Charles, Ricks is about 23 years of
age and la a young man of good habits
and Is well thought of iu Washington.
A great deal of excitement was occa
sioned whm the news spread.
Smair Klre Sunday. Morning.
A small dwclllns in Haytl, owned
by John Merrick, waa destroyed by
fire early Sunday morning. The
origin of the fire is unknown. Tbe
damage will amount to several hun
dred dolara psrtly covered by in
surance. .
Candidacy Is . Announced Witn
His Consent
Washington, Jane 1". The candi-
dacy of Robert M. LaFollette. senator
cot-;'rMn w IscoiifIii, for the presidency on
tb republican ticket for 191 Z waa
announced todajb-with his knowledge
i . ,77 ...
and consent. His aunnortera claim
.i0.an wiii be -LaFollette and a
chance to win, Taft and sure defeat."
;Thfl wts(;on,in geDator'a supporters
say; "Without money and without
" J" n" " J tfo;
''" ,,pal t0 j?e pe0"ie-.
iw -
'"S1"" lc mruueue cuiumii.
Counting on national IVogreMlve
FHepulillran league.
Minneapolis, June 17. Minnesota
progressive republicans, who are
booming ' LaFiillette'a presidential
nomination, today declared their be
lief that the National Progressive
Republican league will endorse La
Follette against. Taft They base
their assertion oh a letter from Sena
tor Poindexter, of Washington, In
which tbe westerner said: "I think,
withottt exception, the progressives
will b? delighted to aee LaKollette
nominated, and will do everything iu
their power to bring It about." 1
To rroiet-t t'olton lulling IIIIU
New York, June 19. Tbe perplex
ing question of cotton bills of lading,
which was brought to a bead by the
dtaastroua failure of the firm of
Knight, Yancey company, was the
subject of discussion at a conference
here today of representatives of tbe
nankin and cotton internet of bob
the north and south. It Is hoped by
iD0M concerned that a plan may w
agreed upon whereby the liitegril)
r udag bm, mgy b? assured.
Xevr Home for Ptriitrn.
mBcravine, irnii., june I uei-
V, If, V.
!nn convention of the oiganlza
l''"" ""J ' 'wlt th '
'0f home recently complied for
!"' U? iniiM ol t ie
To Frame ('ontlliitlon for Portugal
Lisbon, June 19. The constituent
assembly, which has been Intrusted
European Circuit Flisbt
Captain Prlncetau Was Herjied to
Death by Iivplixllng tiawillne and
M. Le Martlne'a Head Was Crush
ed by His Motor After Crashing
Into Tree Fifty Were Entered.
Paris June 19 Fifty aeroplanists
took wind early yesterday from the
aviation field at Vincennea on tbe
first stage of the European circuit
race, which oalla for a Bight to Lou
don and return with stops at varloua
places going and returning. , Two ot
the areoplanlste, almost immediately
after the start, met with traglc'deathit
and at least one waa gravely hurt
Captain Prlncetau'a motor exploded
In mid-air, flooding him with gasoline
and burning him .to death. -' .
M. Le Martlne, who dashed against
a tree, the motor of his aeroplane
crushing his head. .
M. Gaubert, a former lieutenant in
the army, who waa entered in the
civilian race under the name "Dalger,"
waa found lying senseless near, hla
machine in a wheat field four miles
from Villars-Cotereta. His Injuries
are grave. ;
M. B. Bille's aeroplane struck the
earth and was wrecked. Bllle ' was
iujured but not seriously. V ' ' '
Three other bird men fell, M. Lorl-
dan, near Cbarlevllle; Oscar Morison.
close to Gagny. and ..34. Morln at
Cbevon, within , 22 miles ot Liege,
which Is the end ot the first stage of
the race. None of these men. were
badly hurt
The wind waa rising at the start
and Le Martlne, who was one ot the
most experienced aviators in France,
rocked about a good deal as his ma
chine -cleared. -the- ground and swept -away.
His aeroplane bad reached the '
woods, a quarter of a mile beyond", the
barriers, when It pitched swiftly down
ward aud Into the trees. ' The biplane
waa broken badly as It fell at the toot
of an oak tree... A corner of the motor
struck Le Martina's head, crushing his
skull, and his right leg also waa frac
tured in two places. Tbe aviator waa
barely alive when he waa taken away
by Red Cross surgeons, and expired
a few minutes after reaching a hos
pital. Something was wrong with the'
steering gear of Le Manlne's machine.
It bad acted badly earlier in tbe morn
ing and Roland Garros, who helped
adjust It, advised Le Martlne pot to
go up. . ,
Captain Princetau had scarcely got
well Into the air when one of tbe
planes ot hla machine caught Ore. He
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Cooke is Not Guilty ct
Embezzlement Cherc
Cincinnati, June 17. The Jury In
the rase of Edgar 3. Cooke, the
former Big Four railroad . clerk,
charged with embezzling $!4,0Q, re
turned a verdict of not guilty today.
felutnbas Win Praiaat.
Atlanta. Ga., June 19. With a record
of forty-five gamea won as agalnat
twenty-one lost, the Columbus team
won the pennant In the South AtlanUc
league (or the Drst season, which end
ed with Saturday's games. The second
season ot the year start today and
the original schedule will be played
out, as had been arranged for a one-
season y:ar. Albady won . aecond
place with Cj.urobla and Macon la
third and fourth rcspctlvtly.
The w inner of the first season pen
nant win meet tbe winner of the
second season to decide the champion
ship of the league. : It la probable
also the champion of the Houthera
league In a post season aerie. ,
Carolina Tennis (THamploftxhtp
Greenville, S. C, June 19 Rom
of the loremost tennil expert of tbe
country are entered In .the iourtn
ann jai tournament for the champion
ship of the Carolina which was
opened today on the Courta of the
an four! country club of l hla rtty.
Tho evert to be decided during tbe
week. Include the men's efaamplensblp
in singles and doubles, a consolation
for thi men. women's singles and
mixed ilonhlei. ' ' ,' '
Aviation Meet at fort Kri.
Bnffflo. June 19. The Fort Eri
rare track Is to be the scene thU
week of what . promises to be the
most notable: aviation jneet ever
held In this section. The programme
provides for a wide variety of coupe-
titions, including speed races, alow
flying, short starting, flying for" ac
curacy, spiral glide and circle dlpa
and attitude and duration contest.
Curtis, Hearbey, McCardy, Ely and
other well known airmen are ached
uled to tako part. , ., 4

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