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Prcsldcnl Jalt Says None Other Friends o! the IDtnots Man Before
Investigating Committee
: Is ol Equal Importance
narnu; - j,e wag a
' 11 in. Which witness sta'ud In the senate committee
"i ' 1111 IL
county yesterday. Two were relea-j
ed for lack of evidence, and two are
held for 'Investigation. A large
butcher ; knit's;, and a chisel vre
found where it was left In the room
of Mrs. Rozzeli and it is believed
murder as well a robbery was an
ticipated. , The injured wman, who
was knocked Senseless with a bod
ten days In jail. Oweiis was sum
teon'ed 'to' testify under the tapla ad
testificandum proceedings. He viae
given i two : opportunities to answer
Cergeant S;ul!ionM f. question, but
btoutiy refused, to' peach'' 6n bis
friends!.': ..'He. is now in Hail as tie
sentence is for contempt of court
there is no way to obtain bis release
Washington, June 23. Former Gov
ernor Yates, of Illinois, who once ac
cused Governor Deneen of playing
Jhini falsely lu politics and seut word
to him through Senator Lorimer that
"liar still," denied on the
. T '. . . ;; i; . .- it0 investigate the Lorimer election
f 1 Hr'fUysii'W'vM "U Establish.! that h(l had ever heard 0f the use of
' 'J. l.Ho"Nti.mal lhn.k f j money In that election until more than
Country oa Kepublieun Itasla."
'a year afterward. Both he and George
!V.' Hlumaii, editor and publisher of
the Chicago Inter-Ocean, the only
101 New Doctors.
Charlotte. Of the' 130 applicants
before the sttrto medical board for
examination here this , week, 1U
were granted Jlcense and there woro
2b failures. ui me uhui numu-.-i
112 took the regular examination.
nine the oral and nine were granted
reciprocity. - . ,
"Big John". Hawkins Dead.
Jackson Springs. -"Big " jjhn"
Dawklns, whose sickness was meu
tirned some time "ago, died yester
day; His oo.ma is 3 1-2 feet wide.
2 1-2 feet deeo and 6 feet 10 lncnos
long. His si) has been a great suow
for the public. 1 He was an Inoffen
sive man and '.;ad many good traits
of character.
it hw t.hw hiirninr. is resting wet except through tho means of a par-
now ; , ' ( don;' 'The examination of Owens was
' , v . r , j ' pit of a general campaign being
Invented Cotton-Seed gtiKiralor, Wj,ged by the police department
Shelby. Mr
ceived n telogram
saying he had been granted a patent U mined and all gave testimony which .
W. J. Hoguo bus 'e-jnpaiR8t viojators of the prohibition
m from Washington. J f, Three other witnesses were ox-
Dupltn Farm Ufe School.
Kenansville. The board of edu'.a-
Iniher winus. nrofessed the greatest
New York; June .23. 1 sincerely ;frien(jship for Mr LoHmer.
hope!, tbat tW excellent associa-1 MpWMw- the MM
T ,,,Z ,dZLnnfh'B:i'1l there had been a "Jackpot" or tlon of Duplin county has gon. on
the. promote rf f "Berai corrm.tion fund in the Spring- record unanimously favoring tie
J"" and the J wet and the W legislature for many years, but
!rH.:c, ,, fet that" there la no be pointed to. Mr. Lorimer'a enemies
'Hvo V -
legislation 1 care not what , it is
..! ruiir...i.l , tormiratinn or of a
as the probable contributors. ,
Mr. Yatea emphatically denied that
" p nersl " politi"r"t character,' that ktj,e eVer had any conversation with
i all equals in importance me ii.w:. E,iwara Htnes, or unicago, over me
' . . , . . M.' 1. uVLf MM .. . , 1 . I. - .1 -
or oar unKiois u ruurj lone-oisrance leieunone m me uj
farm Ufe school, and to tjtla end has
called a masa meeting of citiaens !n
Kenansville ou Monday, July 3, when
Governor Kit-bin, Drs. Hill and
Stevens will discuss this 'important
measure. ;
on a coUou-aeed separator, whicn ,iie
recently invented. ine uiacnmd.iB
designed to remove the faulty and
unproductive seed from the gord
seed and will be a great convenience
to farmers lu planting. Mr. Hoguo
has been working on the model for
eight years and now he has It pe;
will lead to tho issuance of warrants, j
One of the witnesses, however; hesi
tated until staled In the face by. a
Jail sentence and he then reluctantly
gave In. .; : .
Death ef Mrs. Helen Villa,
4 Chaoel Hill. It "Will be with great
Xected so it vtyl do most satisfactory rpgret that It will be learned through
work. He la a practical farmer him- out the glate that Mrg; .jjpien De
self and nla ideas were put mto " Rernlere" Wills died Saturday aftdr-
machlne. Mr; jonn a. nay,, rormer-i t Vhhwi HUL where ,he re-
ly of this county, but now of llicU
ory, did the .nochanlcat part or the
construction anJ the patent is tint
ed to both of them Jointly.
i ot -oar unfciBis mm
ot. the sound sasis proposed in the
Lorimer was elected la re-
a corruption ' fund for Mr.
Another Mileage Suit Settled.
Sanford. in the superior tourt
here V. M. Doreett, of Siler-City. wa
av'arded . damages amounting to
$1,250 against the Atlantic Coaat
Line railroad or expelling him from
,W-.witr ... nnt thw-.P.wl hv the the train and tefusing to pull uii
. wnjvii., " ' 1 . ,
defeat of Senator Hopkins, because he
had only triumphed by a plurality vote
over men who had not made a long,
vigorous fight against him.
No Communications
Read After July 1st
nalional . nionoiarjr '" ; ,arj to
TIan.M i w - Lorimers' election or any other sub
-So J declared .President Taft lastj r
Biyht to a lari gamermg oi "t Mr yatM declared that the will of
and men oi jtrmuueuce m
clkl World hi the banquet of the
N.w York State Bankers' assncia
"tion;ulch in session at Manhat
tan Beach." His address ws mainly
devote Uo tsreful and.coherert
eiucidatloa.cf the Aidrich National
Reserve association .plan .vhich
warmly 'consmftJed as'provldlni: fori
"he estAbliument oi xae .-.i-v
national bWkj of this country on a
- representative republican basis. He
dec tared tt a "careful and well
drawa plaa; devised by non-partisan
coamis.Ioa' to svold the "e m-
- cenutk ol controlling influence
either in Wall reet or in Waahmp
ton," and exp-tsaed bis belief that
' U plan la its seneral features ocgbt
to coaiinead its;i to "the whole b:is
iaess community of the country,"
the farmers and wage-earners as
fcU a the bt.akiag, railroad, com
cercial and uanufaetarln inter
ts." . - - .
."The rarn.tr. nave a c.osi ;,othw ipel.,ai booW. The indications
mtte Icterebt a the plan hich shall hearing, w,u concided
. Kre for thv' middleman, at a rea- TMiy or Wednesday.
' sor.8ble.rate of interest, funds withi . .
"which to "wove the crops and with
which to" pa adequate prices for
' that which Ct farmer ba to sett."
" arid President Taft. "The demand
for money which sriaea every Beason
' Icr crop rnovln-j caust-s frequent tn-
"" hfti-rassmenL' aud - a raisins of Ihe
mileaee on the train after he bad
tried to get a ticket and could not Cn
sc. The troupe occurred in 1909,
Two Car Loads of Xorth Carolina
Wagons to Porto Kico.
Winston-Salem. Two solid car
loads of wagons, made by a well
known manufacturer of this city,
have .been shipped. to San Juai.i
"Kalelgh, June 23. The state ten Porto Rlco. The George & Nisseaj
book commiftion and sub-comniU- company is shipping these. waons
sion adopted today a resolution that throughout the West Indies as woll
after iJuly 1 no communications of as over the en.ire south and parts of
any sort, oral or written, from any tn, ea8t tn(- est.
person Telatln-; to text books, or the :
question of adoption of text bookn Automoliile letrojel bjr.Fire.
will be read, heard or considered by Kings Mountain. While on the
any member of the text book com- way to this piece Wednesday from
mission or tub-commission. The Cheryville, an Oldsmobile five t?s
commlssion is sill hearing bookmen senger car was totally destroyed y
on grammars offered for adoption flre. the car was owned and drlvn
and there are still to be beard bid- j by Mr. John V. Carpenter, ol Cherry-
ders for histories, spellers, agri-.nl-1 ville, and with bim was Mr. Rud'stli.
ture, civil government ana some The fre was flrst noticed coming np
through the floor of the car and the
tve gentlemen, fearing the explosion
of the gasoline tank, vacated at one.
leaving the car to its fate, which v.as
total destruction.
sided at the home of bfr son. Mrs.
Wills was about seventy-two years of
age, and until taken etck about a ytp
ago had made Raleigh her borne for
Minister Afier Vmlvlll Know, leome.tlme.. She wae a highly edu-
Wi8ton-Sa;em. A represents cated and cultured woman, and for
tlon from the ministers" union up- years had beeu a student of genealogy,
Ieared before tbe board of aldermen hr which she attained distinction by
Friday night, in special gesbion, and ber researches. JShe was a direct do-
testliied thai inany partB of vaiub- gCendant of William Hooper, one of
ville performances aa presented . Jr. th- North Carolina aieners of the
this city were Jlsgraceful and, should Declaration of Independence, a grand
be barred. The ministers bad had a. dallghter 0f Dr. William Hooper, a
committee to attend varlona perforn- d,BUll-u,ahea nilnister and scholar,
ances and they told the aldermen of Md imghtM ot Prof. John De
various Instances in which they re- . ,... , ,.1. f
cient to keeM a proper surveillance Spier Wh.itaker and Mrs. Ra ph
over the vaudeville shows and to Graves, of Chapel Hill. Mrs. W II s
punish any objectionable persons "as a member of the Daughters of the
who particloatod therein. , . Confederacy, and for a considerable
time was the historian of the John
Dealta In Derailed Freight. ston-Pettlgrew chapter of Raleigh.
Spencer. Ralph Johnston, of Sails- gbe was Ilso a member of the Daogb-
bury, was killed and S. R. Johnston, terg 0f the Revolution and of the
of Spencer, was dangerously Injured Colonial Dames, as well as other
on the western division of the South-1 narrlotie organizations, being thor
BE WISE 2 ' , . .
Feed of all klmla will bt-very 'high and scarce tnm year, i
Geriunn Millet mnkes one of Iho best and Ii03l,ali3r.i'tury pf i
summer hay crops. June la the mouth to so It. . v ,
" ' Pearl or Cat Millet. Cane, Black I'eas, Fancy Large Early "
' Black Kye Peas, Soja Beans. . ' , '
Anything yon want lu Seed and nt Right Prices. , "
Haywood Cl Boone
"t '.' Tlie Quality Di-uk Br.
1'se Id we Bt-olliers
- - . high ktanhauh PAIXT
" Gtvt ItCKt ReuiUt.
ern railway seven miles from Salis
bury Saturday evening in one of the
worst wreck that has occurred on
that road for several years. The two !
Prize Offer if rosn Leadinj Manuf actertn
Book on patents. " "Hints to inventors.. "Invention rteeded.'
"Why some inventors fail." ' Send rough sketch or model for
search of Patent Office records. Our Mr. Greeley was formerly.
Acting Commissioner of Patents, and os such had full tlw&sl
the U.S. Patent Office. " ". - . ..
Patent Attorneys
Washington, T). C
I limit
ouehlr conversant with historical
events to which she gave much atudy.1:
and was an authority on genealogy.)
She was a woman greatly beloved by j
Signs of the Times
Taken From Trees
ii.o the expnsfe of the disunion rt
lb farmers' rop which in tines
j rt bad Umn so heavy, bs so nia
terlally reoocsrd. This la true of tbe
i.lton crop la"le south as It is of
the wheat crop in the northwest, or
tbe corn trop In thi ratdd'e west.'
Mr. E . E Thompson
Stricken With Paralysis
The wiseacres, who observe in the
present the tokens of things to come.
. . . t - ...... m.Lln. nrHifHnna tft the Allt-
rates OI int?rttt-WBi n suca a pian r" ,
HU would sviU. In no other wayilook for crops this coming fall. From
what they cite It luoxs as u wey are
basing their predictions on facts;
facts as far as they appear at this
season. Tbe locust trees are banging
full of locusts, which are bronzing
and swelling with sweetmeats In the
invigorating sunshine, and they tell
in that tbe persimmon trees cluster
with the fruit that takes the hoary
frosts of fall to ripen. These are un
filing signs, they say, of abundant
Tbe many fitends of Nr. fcdgar -,.,.,,. Tx. M.,tnnm
jnoiniw I . iLn wii-mMwwM . ...... .
.u.n MMilist.f : m'A ho I lined t
1i,.. V. h. I. Ilnx.rinv lia.- and lull ui hibmuiii
' Han Down by Automobile.
Spencec Allen Little, of Sails
bury was severely injured near Spen:
cer Saturday by being run over by
an sutomobibi. He bad stepped off c
street car and, not seeing the auto-
mobile, was sttuck at full force and
knocked' to ibo ground in a dated
condition.' Hi was taken to hlf
home, where a physician . attended
his injuries, a.id it is thought he U
re-cover. The tuto was fliiven oy a
colored man and belonged In a dis
tant state. "
brothers had been fishing and boarded a host "of friends, and waa a devoted
an eastbound freight for hornet They I meniber of the Episcopal church. The.
had traveled only one mile when the! fm,erilj services were held st Chapel
train wss ditched and e,ight cars wereijtuj Sunday afternoon -at ( o'clock.;
piled high on top of tbe men. Ralph I m
Johnson bad both legs cat off and Slate Will NOI Fay
lived two nours his oroiuer a n-i,iciMi rinhi
injured Internally and in an arm. . He For RcQUisIUOn Fl3ht
was taken to a hipital la Salisbury - .
for treatment.' Both men are sons of Raleigh. June 23. It develops that
T. P. Johnston, a well known financier It will be necessary for Col. J. C. L.
and churchman in Salisbury. The Harris, -as counsel for Mrs. Annie p.
train crew escaped without Injury. Eatman, to D la Hattunore aionoay po
make the legal flght for the return of
- Fell Into Holding Water. Madam Hunter, the Cypsy fortune
Kinston. A most horrible seel- leUljTi to Rteig to answer tbe
dent, and, all the circumstances con- cbirge of flMCjBg Mrll tjlmiin sad
sldered, one of the. most pathetic nf of con.M,riltu ,,, M
"eiu. w":. "' I n.ni.., OnxBrnnr Kill hln w
'of older beads are always Interesting
1 ksrn
vub" dr, nd little hope is en
tertained fr t re"vry. Abo t: t
ti flc sgo Mr. Thompson wj,
tr4kn with brain naralysis. S'.rfi
Woman li't fhlef of Police. '
Spencer. Chief of Police John it.
Cruse ws biitcn on the bsnd snd
arm by Mrs. Nannie Cash whom ne
arrested in East Spencer Wednesday.
He also arretted her danghter, Mrs.
Jennie White, both women being
charged with trespassing on tfc
irnmlui nf J-.tin t Freoir.jn The
A iney .nessiir in mvnwj. .. . . th - ,h
"The wild of New Jersey, siiao,,,. ,nj .tu.ked him when he mi
Frank Malone, "reward the explorer tne wtrrant. The youngei woman
grabbed the warrant and tore it to
pieces. The pair were cited to trial
Kr1? ri'i Z5 ::?
a reault or its Durns. aire, noo - - - . -
bad poured up a tub full of water 'o' wonMln- DtttJe '' M
to do some clisnlng in tbe bouse, nas no u.m,m, w . u..,. .-.. .
end stepped r.m the room a mhute. the expenses of an agent to go as an
The little one rumbled Into it back- officer to bring tho woman back to ta
wtrds and was seamen pretty nesrijisiaie m in rt-u iu" ,rMu,."i . .
a!' over her V)dy. City Physician J honored. f
A. U Hyatt was summoned and inin-j r . "... ' m.TT.w f
istered to the suffering child, but t
there was no bop for it. John Adams inaycr. pi.oiininr.;
The father la serving term on ptico oeciare'i. i
the county rands for selling IW'i.'.r.l Vork. that when he was a prlntei a
... -i I mA tn i.lisnnj tilsl Ink ! fir BOtiir
"Look Before You Leap"
Is eld saying that holds goes la starting bank acres at
' "More yea place your money la a" bank look for the following
safeguards: .
Notice lbs character and ability ot the men who have charge of
the bank; see that the officers are experienced bankers and tbe
directors are responsible business men. The bank should have,
ample capital the larger the capital the greater the protectloav
for the depositor. A large surplus and profit fund Is also aa ad
ditional protection.
, Remd the bank's statements; notice whether or not they carry
a good reserve in cash and di-mand loans; also notice if lbs bank
Is prospering if a bank don't make money it la not a safa bsuk..
All the above-mentlooed security Is afforded our customers; II
'sufetvior tbelr funds, with tibe-slity and courtesy lawhat they
, at time ne sunk into si el" of.i), if iher who sojourn at Atlan
oL.oniw loine, and tbe retort frctr-iie City or Long Branch would but
his bedside la that he Is rradia!! j pmetrate lnf tbe wilds tbey would
aiuking. Title- It truly d:treving t and bear many things.
si m. 'Edr," s be was famllUr- 'Take. for example, the measure-
h known anti all4 among ibs.i' jjm f dls'ante. I onee asked the
'wbo .knew him most tntli ia'"ly, 'lktpr of the general store In a N'-'w
"Yte l s)ir-ftwt estni"d titizene.l jtrsey village chotked with sand,
and a man th.it everybody liked. Iie'kw (r It-was to Skeeter Kwsmp.
was mlt itif J r-'irlng In bis d! 'Hkwter Sahbiu? said tbe storr-
MJUn, and bore the klm.t !l-j keeper. 'Wall, 1 should say fikeeter
' lor far his fcllowmen. This entire wamp wus 'lout two whoops from
commnntty w.ll be grieved to tetd.brre or mbtie two whoops and a
Vtferse Utiev n." the gient sria jhfller. -pliHie
b-ert of Hurbam will kos asked i man In Rkeeter Ssamp
out in gt-o'iiii; rorrow and d"ep f-!-!jif,w far Flytoi n was. The man
:g for Mm t.-d his loved cne w:'.h llhifted his qulJ to the left theek md
IU prsyr in: be may ret i p!"-' replied:
The Citizens National Bank-'
OK DtllHAM, S. C. '.rJ
B. K. DIKE, rresideiic T. It. Fl fXETt, Vire-rreeidewtt.
. - -a . 4. H. MANOJr. Cashier. . , ' . '
' ources over a mfllloa and a Quarter."
pathos of tbe case.
to come to attend the funeral of hi
et, II It is the lll of the Heavenly
r.jher. .
' Open ht-ml-r t.
Tho North raroilnfc College ot
Arrifulture and MKbsnlc Arts an
nounce In anothfr eolomo Ha opea-
liig for ano-1tr year on SepteniNer
" Flytown. stranger. Is sbiut
three tbsas to tbe sou'h unless
y re a fast chawer. Then I d.sry t
wus about three thaws and e
half. " ft. Paul Dispatch.
before Justice W. L. Ray. in Fpenter.
f.umlier Man Hart in Freight Car
Craxli. -
Raleigh W. 9. Wilson, president
of the Wilson Lumber company,
Z bulon. had bis shoulder broker
and bis hip badly Injured In a criih
of freight rara In the Zebuion freight
yard lotlay. Wild cars ran Inn a
lumber car In which he was Inven
torying some lumber snd caused
Wilson to le thrown' Violently
against the He of the car. drover
Finch, an employe of the in moor
company has bis teeth knocked o.it
In the sane gccldenf.
Fell lale Well, Slightly Hart.
Spencer. Olin Dunlap. a ten-yar-otd
son of J. C. Dunlap, of Norwood,
Stanly county, fell sixty-five feet Into
a well Saturday and was but slightly
hurt. The well was being sunk by
two colored men, who were In the wt'll
at tbe time. The lad was playing
around the top outside. Seeing the
boy falling one of the colored men
braced blms-lf witb great presence
of mind, stretched bis arms, eaught
tbe lad and saved bis life. He waa,
however, himself crushed to the
ground by the force of tbe body of the
lad falling (5 feet.t The colored man
was taken from the well 'In a semi
conscious condition. The othr colored
msn In the well ateppfd to one side
and waa uninjured. Tbe boy waa un
conscious for s short time snd will
soon be all right.
trf1Miin il a llm heloe, '
Exfiisa n.y butter no parsnlr.
7. This Coll' re continues toawbol they, hlid down tbe divorce ree
ls number snd in Mfti!tuw. ora. , ,
.... w .n,nu,d eso t.itiMi!. The wsy tor a woman not to le
lu graduslu are taking a lesKtie an old cat Is to notice how another's
t,rt fa the IndaaTlal life of e-ir ' flsnr has Improved.
Jitae and-a'rs In n-4f demand t! Tbe reasm the sverag man Ssr t
good 'talaris Town men who .le- a bigger fool than be Is Is he hasn't
. sire ta Ct tl -ast-Ues for sueree 'njleerned how tc be yet, but he will.
,.! rs.i n.-...ntrtur, will do we.t; Msn at flr;iHt works eight hours a
;to toutidtt '! a fcfrn of education. I day at buslt.ts under protest; w-
t,r 'man at home, without complaint.
,t ii.t oneiiliatiofl. JsUKit every lour she Is out of bd
Tt CJilet ''ottnlTbe first tkir.g Tbe only Rt.nd biband Is the !
to d is to rit at the root of tliisfo sn lwe 110 out of his ivn
troifcl- jptt ket, in his own b-d room snd art
Tbs Aio"tat Cotthsel Tbe wl say a word Wmise It wasn't twenty
of the troul'ts Is tbe late Mr. UiR-j N. T. Pre.-.
Vsd'a fortane . ! ' ,,
The Clilcf foutise! ExaHiy, ane,8:w ntiifi nuisiriir. rn
ti. nn..)lt:mes a resr I
"I always b"ttere myseir," sq ji
Mr. Tbayer. always sdVinced n
psy a dollar or more every rhanm.
I remember a Bostcn foreman .
said to me, -cn I told bim I
ksvlnr for Chlr.go:
"Well, I seppose you'll get J-
out there; but remember, hoy, 'a
rc'llng stoni gstHers no moes.'
" 'Moss, sir I replied, Is for ruins"
Washington Star.,'. j
n b
Bo Yoii ;
Want One
bi These
A HNki r Waithlngton Jke.
Dooker Washington briucs out the
humorous side in his southern rvp.
One of his latirt concerns an oi l ne- i.
gro "raammr," who, having nn u Uir .
mistress Inflate sn sir cushion sim!
then alt on It, n sheo out In great t
rltement decle'tng: "Missus l
tin on "er own bref Human Life
KesMfwIng Itallroadn.
Balelgh. The , corporation com
mission bss begun the arduous task
Of reassessing Ibc railroad property
in North CaroHea. This work will
occupy severs! weeks, ss It takes a
great deal of (Inuring, it Ss probttil?
that tbe valuations of the ratlroals
will be somew hat ' Increased, al
though no statement to tbu effect Is
made by men!rs of the corporation
commission. The work of the conn-
tr isx ssM-ssors seems to be getting !one of th, ri,isrles of the Wan
Hull V.ltni of Inualit.
WhltevlIIA-i'iiptaln Wright,
Columbus ro'tnty, has returned !rcm
a visit to Keii'ler, and ssys a treat
many large oac trees In the Ca;:
Fear river mpk are dying, aur
posed to be on account of tbe pro
longed dry sppil. The wster courses
of this count, were never so hw
within the mntiory of tbe oldest !a
hsbitant. 1h large emk ttat
drains Sttle's saamp bss stopiied r m
nlng, and the creek In While Harnh.
. A Terrltili ItlumhT.
to neg!:ct live trouble. Never An'
It Tale Dr. Klu's New Life I'ilU
on tbe first sign of ronstlpatio.
blllWnese or inactive bowels ami'
prevent virulent indlgestlr.n, Janntlltji
0r or gall stones. The regulste liter.
stoms'h snd Imwels snd build up
your health. Only f5c at U. Illack
nall. ....... i
fienrly throiib
In man of the
wiir. ruon iiki;(tite.
we snust get t t--Cblcago News .
Well, l.utn bor. did you go to U
i-lrraa the Othf day?"
"Tes'tn. pa wanted to to, so I bs't Tenii-ee, wh-me lit" Is be
to go wltb bi&i." Kansas City Jour-jjv rt have bn saved by the
LSI. 1 ir aosfiieion into brr veins of s q iart
Washlne'on, June 23 Mrs. lys,
Wife of l ulled R'ateS tVlmior I-UKe
Mn Who Woubln't Tell Where He
h. His lle HelesMil. ,
Cbsrlotte. W. C. Owens wsa rt
lessed from th? county Jail yesterday
sftr 24 hoars' Imsrferstlon h-
caiiM of refusal to t"stify from w'io
be hs purthjtwd whiskey. In or
dering his release the officers s'ated
that on account of bis skv; and pbyM
al condition it was hot advisable t.i
bnid him In nfinement, Owens le
a man of fsmi'y and pcrsislently re
fused to give tne Information the ofTl-
lhl dcxlred, ard wss 'ommitted for
ten days for "onteinpl of court.
. . I I. .. J-a l,.rA liB l.nun I
Mint,!." called tbe tnotb-r of e. 'r .-"-. '":"' V....
- . L..,ni an VA fStIT m mtSA.JlM.fT. J 111!
Two Ih'M i,n llurglary (1iare.
Hitencer. inspected of complicity
la the robbery snd sssault of Mrs.
iftinday tbt sttendlug pliydcians C. ftttiill In 4encer Thursday nlfht
-Yes. rainnns," answered Mlnnlejibongl.t Mrs. U wss drlng Senator four persons wire arrested by KI.erifl
A3 t't pM.-"-Cticgo Nees. , ' Ua has recovered Us u ti.gk JUcKinxl. la tarlous psrts of Rotn
lOBr TCSr Oil tuiu, mnv --m . . .. . 1..-,
ie. "havtn't vea cot four ahnea on 'ransipsum ....
maw river, Ij reduced) to stagnant
boles. Mr. W. S. McDanlel wto wl!h
a party of genilemen went on a ramp
llh lo Colonel Kbulkcq's 7n-acre
pmd, ssys thty csushi a load ,r.f
fish, but the 'Kind Is fstfl drying up
and they waiki1 dry-shod over laid
thst alwsys f.ad to be trsveled In
boats. ' flut crofiS sre not suffering.
Complaints are gneral, howev"-,
about wells drying up, nd S':tf
farmers hsve to bsul wssr from a
dlstsnc. for utock and housftmld
Jullwl for Itetiminc to Tell Where He
Horn-lit llooxr.
frhsrWitte. For Ms rrfussl to
dlvulgs the limes of the person "f
tMHSons froin wbWa he has mr-
cbrsed llqii'ir illtfaaliy In f harlo'lc
William Owens, formerly a'tnemUr
of the Ore detriment of Charlotte,
was entn''ed by Desk Hergean t
U. Scullion, to serri aentence if
"1 understand you bve bought some i
expensive gowns here in I'srls."
-Xf but what's the us"t Few
people know whether a gowa Is ex
pensive or not" 1
"Wsit ntilll yon reach th customs
Inspectors." FKtsburg Post. -
. Churchlo you know Bhskes
peare said men of few words are tly
best men.
Gotham What did Shakesia'ai
want (o "knock" Noah Wjbster like
that, for, do you suppose?, Yonker
statesman. , . . -
. ,
Sunday Htiifl Teacher What!
Don't yoa want to go lo heaven wheb
you die? f ' A
Little Emma Well, you see, our
f .., 'y couldn't think of living In one
place the whole year round." Put .
- ,
He Tour tofsfn's name, "Axlle,?'
Is a peeulisr oi.e , Wonder where hr
psrents got It?
She-Oh, ihey christened her, Ellsa
and sht simply reversed It. llosiim
Trsnscrlpt, ?
Test her Wfcst changes takes
filace when srnter freesea? , , '
"Tommy (ItmiK-enMyi' A chano
la price I g-ivW f-lUr par's Weekly,
New "Rock nill" UsMcs!
Rannlng, Most Stylish
tni Durable on
1 Market -
Patented Long DisttnreSplnfHea,
R oiled without removal of wheels.
fPatentod Side Spring. '
43troni;(sf braced UtMly made,
flN'cw stylo Seat
Every feature of high class make.
Q Phaetons, Burrles, Runabouts of
same Higti Quality.
?0ur iruarantee your protection.
" 4"
Posla! Carl Tt Is Win Bring At
ngem t ion Al 9Kt
BmrH Hilt, teMlh rM .
, w. r, non
Reel Blir iceafs,
Dsrhsai, 5. C
' 6
if You Bo
Then got busy, sa year
friends snd send as one
hundred hew subscribers to
"The Ilecorder."
The nrtt person who
, sends OS 100 yearly lub-
aerlptlona at tl.Od each,
will receive na of tbess
buggies free. Till In the
emlrmed ' blsnk and with
tt.no send It n at onra to
ho placed to your rredlt.
,Wbca 109 of these are re
received from yon wa will
aend you aa order for tbe
Tho Durham Recorder:
Durham, N. C,
1 li' I' 4S .1 . ' ...
v.'i i r rv r in '
9 '
Knclosed find 11.00 to be plaeed lo my credit la tba
Hill lluggy- Hubs rlpiloa Contest. ind yojir paper
for on
year to

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