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- DURHAM, RECORDER, DURHAM, N. C., ERTD AT TTJLY 1 4, 1911. . ; ,. ,, ,-. v ; - . ; ; r .; ; ; ;: ,;;:;:; -.V
Hs tons .feailil",
Wbere Piedmont Region Merges
Umstead Aviation Co. Will Give a Census Bureau's Figures Chen
. litlo theBIoe Ridge
Number in This Section lor the Year 1909
Hickory Is the Gateway to a Moiin
tain Wonderland Is Compartlj
Built end Contains 3,04)0 Popula-
Uon Within the Corporation, With
- i . '
2,600 Oubdtle, ia Suburbs.
(By Old flurrygrapb.).
Hickory, July IS. I might para
phrase a nursery couplet and say:
Hickory, Dickory, Dizzling Dink;
Hickory's the town that makes you
The thrift of Hi enterprises; the
spirit; and the remarkable evidences
of Its growth. At this point you be
gin to get glimpses of the beauty of
untouched nature, nature's dream
land; North Carolina's picture house
of loveliness.. From Hickory you
get the first views that irresistibly
fascinates and leads you on, as the
pilgrim in Bunyan's allegory was
lured onward and upward by the
sight of the Delectable mountains.
The purple escarpement of the Blue
Ridge, with the Grandfather moun
tain as the sentinel peak, heaves
high to the near north and north
Arrangements are now being maJe j
for a number of aeroplane exhibitions
lu this part of the state by the I'm
8 lead Aviation Company. Theso ex
hibltions will probably Include the an-1
nudl exhibition at the North Camliua
state fair at Raleigh this fall. ,
The company has receutly purchased
au aeroplane of the latest model from
the R. O. Rubel Company, of Memphis.
Mr. J. N. Umstead. Jr. and his jnen
are now at Louisville training them
selves in the art of air navigation. By
the time the machine is finished, they
will be ready to go on the road and
give exhibitions. ,
The compauy has received numerous
inquiries from uinerent parts of North
Carolina ia regard to giving exhibi
tions. Aeroplane exhibitions' have be
come an important part of fairs and
there is a great demand for this mod
ern amusement
The contract end of the, exhibits is
in the hands cf Mr. R. O. Everett, and
he is being kept busy answering in
quiries aud arranging for engage
ments. The machine purchased by Mr. Um
stead la the latest type of Curtis bi
plane. It is an Improvement over the
types of machines now in use in that
it has a double surface giving it a sup
porting surface of 3r,0 feet instead of
the 300' feet of the machines now in
general use. It is equipped with a
Figure are AIk Made Public Pur-
1.1 lr...i t 1. If. .k... ..I., ll'Uk'l
nam iiiu ui KsuuiiMiiiHuia uiiu
Capital of $159,000; .Salaries aud i
- . - i
Wages, $l,SS9,0t!jl and tbe Products
Valued at $25:2,000. ' ..'..!
esw .ue.r,UB u., iu-u ,u --, horsepower englne and the exhi
ter from the fury of blizxards, and . .
a. , fr-htn bitions that wUl be given will be a
breesea In summer, fresh from the considerable improvement over the
mountain wind mills, where they are. flights that are now being made. Mr.,
thered and sent on their cooling Umstead has employed an operator
mission through the valleys Below
Origin of the Name. '
. In its Tillage days, long years ago.
the place was called Hickory Tavern,
after a log cabin wayside Inn. The
beautiful and well-kept Hotel Huff ry t
stands almost on the site of the old
tavern. Hickory is hustling. iTou
see this when yon first look upon
the place, by the substantial streets
whd has already badconsiderable ex
perience in .the operation of air craft
and he expectes to be filling engage
ments with a few months.
GIVEN $60,000
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and roads it is building, and pare- means of arriving at damages in, the
Washington, July 12. Preliminary
statements of the general results of j
the thirteenth United States ceusus (
of manufactures of the cities of Dur- j
ham, Greensboro and Winston were ; I
issued today by Acting Cuesus lJlrcct- ;
jor FalBner. They were prepared un-.
der the directiou of William M. Stcu-:
art, chief statistician for manufactures !
bureau of the census. The figures are I
subject to such revision as may be;
necessary after a further examina
tion nf the criminal renorta:
There were 61 establishments in
1909, aud the value of their products
was $33,272,000, an average per es- '
tablishment of approximately" $381.-'
000. , y , . . -' ;
The value of products represent
their selling value or price at the
plants as actually turned out by the
factories during the census year, and
does not necessarily have any rela
tion, to the amount of sales for that
year. The values under this head also
include the amount received for work
done on materials furnished by others.
Further details can be drawn from
the summary which follows; '
Number of establishments, 61 ; cap
ital invested; S15.3S9.000; cost of ma
terials used. $9,810,OM); salaries aud
wages. $1,389,000; miscellaneous ex
penses, $7,432,000; value of products,
$23,272,000; value added by manu
facture (products less cost of mater
ials), $13,462,000; number of salaried
officials and clerks, 267; and average
number of wage earners employed'
during the year, 3,718.
Creea shore
The summary for Greensboro shows ;
erpntage .of Increase. ,aS follows:,
71 ptr cent in the miscellaneous ex-'
pemtes; 31 per cnt in the number of
mem and gutters as well: which event me jury Unas mat damages
have been built and are now in thejshould be allowed. They would con
course of construction. . elder the capital stock lost through
Representatives of the sturdy Ger-jillegal acts of the defendant, the vol
tnaa race; whose thrift and energy is,ume of profits attained and degree of
0t4VMbil tjjfosgao-.it thi$ land to j depreciation through illegal inroads
whose greatness they bsve so largely i0f the defendant and the damage to
contributed, were the original set- the brand of cigarettes.
- .-r ine mree issuta me jur uu i;u,lM officials and clerks; 21 per
from all parts of the United States, Have the defendants or either
who have been attracted here by itslof thenii and lf yeg whlcB defendant
many advantages. 'ihat Ihey are ' njuret plaintiff corporation in its bu-Cod-fearing
people is attested by the '. 0T vmrt;rt. hj mMng any C0D.
business acumen is evidenced in th
substantial and prosperous business
bouses and factories located here.
Cradled ia a Wagon Ilrd.
Hickory was cradled in a wagon
tract or engaging in any combination
in the form, of a trust, or otherwise,
or conspiracy, in restraint of trade
or commerce among the several states
or foreign nations? .
2. Have the defendants, or either of I
cent in the salaries and wages; 21 per ;
cent in the value added by manufact
ure; 17 per cent in the value of prod
ucts; 13 per cent in the cost of ma-!
terials used; 13 per cent in the aver-'
age number of wage earners; aud 10
per cent in the capital invested.
There was a decrease' of 3 per cent
In the number of establishments.
There were CI establishments j
site of aa unpretentious shop, which j Mn- "f- " ' whlcn nfant
was reorganised In 1889 which has lnJurea the PW"UB eorporaUon to Its
developed into the Immense Pied- business or property by monopolising
mont wagon plant. Here the famoug 1 attempting to monopolize or -com-Pledmoat
and Hickory wagons are fining or conspiring with any other
built direct from the forest. The 'Person or persona to monopolise ally
plant rovers 11 acres ef ground and (part of the trade or commerce among
has a capacity of 10,000 wagons a! the several state or foreign nations?
yesr. Besides being a large wood- j 3. What damages. If any, has plain
working town, making everything j tiff sustained?
for mansion and cottage, It has three j
large cotton mills. Eateens and : INVESTITURE OF
utioi conains are aiso manufactured
here. Industries are much diversi
fied as tber have two furniture fae-
, tori, a pump factory, a collar far
, Utrj, two hosiery mills, and many
'other busy mills and factories of
various kinds. The money value of
these fart rules is 1 1,850,00, and the
annual output amounts to $2,
219,000. A Road With Krtilimrat.
Hickory Is (he junction of the
Koutbern railroad from Ballsbury to
Asbeville, and the Carolina and
North Western railway, from Ches
ter. 8. C, to Lenoir, S. C. This
latter road ia one that bas sentiment j lwut them were the Karl
In Its folders and beaut r almir Ita Marshal, the greater king-at-arms and
line where It plays hide and seek
with the mountains al It journeya on
to Its termination at KdgemoM. And
why shouldn't It, when It feet, so to
speak, are In the South Carolina low
Isnds, and Its bead Is In the moun
tains, up In the clouds? Here Is
one sentiment in the folder of the
Carolina and North-Western:
"Here's to the Lsnd of the fcky, that
gave us birth,
it's the Beat Old Land on this Green
Earth; ,
We'll sing Her a 8ong, wheer e'er
we roam:
Here's to God's Own Country -the
Land up Home."
That's good. We'll fill our glasses
with the clear, sparkling Kdgemont
ftnmtntsia water and drink down
with beany cheer to the road that
takes vs so high in the "land tip
The fcoutbera rallwty dlvlles
1909, as compared with 63 In 1904, a
decrease of 2 or 3 per eeuL
The value of products in 1909 was.
$2,032,000, and $1,744,090 In' 1901, an
,'ncrease of $288,000, or 17 per cent
The average per establishment was
approximately. $33,000 In 1909 and
about $28,000 In 1904. -
Further details Can be drawn from
the summary which follows:
Number jf establishments, 61 ; capi
taly $1.6!6.(M)0; cost of materials need.
$1,106,000; salaries and wage. $469.
000; miscellaneous expenses $192,000;
value of products, $2,032,000; vaIJ'r
added br manufacture (products les
cost of materials), $:X0i0; nuaiber
of alarlt j officials and clerks, 13;
average number of wage earners em
ployed during the year, 92.
VYInttflB. ,
The summary for Winston shows
percentages of Increase a follows:
79 per cent In the cost of materia bt
iis d; 70 per .-ent in the initnlxr of
salaried officials and clerks; C. n-r
cent In the salaries and wages; 48 per
Jcent in the value Of products; 40 per
cent in the capital Invested; 38 per
cent In the sverage number of wasre
earners; 32 er cent in the value ad
ded by manufacture; II per cent In
the number of establl-hments; and 2
per cent In the' inisei-lhnieoiH! expen
ses. There were f.2 establhihmeiits in
199, as compared with 47 in 1901, an
Increase of 5, or 11 tier cent
The value of product In 1909 was
$16,788 and $IU;.3,000 in l!t0, an in
crease of $."i.42f.,000, or 48 per cent
The average per establishment was
approximately $323,00 in 1909 and'
about $241,000 in 1904.
Further details can be driwn from
the summary which follows: .
Number of establishments, 52; capl-'
la!, $12.8S6,000; cost of material iisd.
j 7i$96,00f; salaries and wages, $2,344,-;
Ust spring M0 down, or 13 1-2; miscellaneous experts, $4,9071
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sions. The Prince of Wales wore a
srfflully designed robe of cloth of
gold snd purple velvet modeled on
one worn by Charles 1. , ,
The royal party, bsvlng robed, pro
ceeded In two proo-wiioiM by a spec
ially constructed roadway along the
Interior of the castle to the Investiture
platform. The king 'officiated at the
brief ceremony. The queen was seat
ed at the left of his majesty and
Somerset Herald, the pursuivants and
other functionaries.
As the prince knelt before him, the
king solemnly said: "We declare your
royal highness to be Prince of Wales."
Following this the Insignia was ad
justed by the officials upon whom this
duty wss imposed by tradition.
Tbe prince, Immediately after being
invested, proceeded to the celebrated
j Queen KWnors gateway, where be
presented himself to tbe view of his
Welsh subjects. He was greeted with,
shout of wild enthusiasm, for the
emotional Welsh people recognized In
him a royal prince who was also a
Prince of Wales.
carloads of eggs were shipped from
here In 60
000; value of products, $1C,7&8,000; !
, n i ... .t i, i
fre'ght scd three and a bsif by ex- .".I" "7 V f . .
nrJL in. .m.tte, .h.-.n...... . -fcJ,, fott nt "s'erlals), $S.82,t)00. Km-
Hlrkor raciel the hlrkwr .ut. .,, .,h ...,1. n.,b.i. Tt,t u . P'oyee: Number of salaried officials
as M weressd snsf well be said to' great msrket for thickens. They'n" t,wk" sverage' mimbrr of
be the riot her f the tows. This .eem to thrive hers s no where else.' wa" ''ners employed during the
roau was complete b years ago.lTnt) -.,- MB i- tn- oni. desdlv '. .'"
and that !" Is also tbs date of .0()(Cnr of tns CatawU chicken.
at Ua l,laS ftS a .S t
th lilrta of Catawbs's enterprising
an palsatlng metropolis.
I ,' jrslrylnff and pMiltry.
Off of tha most profitable Indus-
trleeof this section Is dairying. It 'Is
tfofsg wonders Is bring np the land.
There ars several large daSry farms
la Catawba eesnty and farmnrs- are
constantly IddJng thoroughbred rst
? to their tmAt. H Is on of the
first counties i the sooth la this line.
As a poultry sect ion this rssks as
pes of the greatest la tbs southland.
Two Newspaper.
Hickory has two weekly newspa
pers tha Democrat and tha Times
Mercury edited by gentlemen of
Old Holdies Tortured.
"For yesrs J suffered unspeskable
torture from Indigestion, constipa
tion and liver trouble," wrote A. K.
Smith, a wsr veteran at Krle, Pa.,
marked ability. Hickory also has ..bu. )r Knf., N Ufm ,,',;
bank of the power and ephonlons' . . ' "h, mlr"r
stitutions are a flourishing condi-.?' rht.- ? 'I?
.1 k... u..a a -,!,-..,- 7.7 tn"" f"f nr omach, liver o
25 , at
w. zTiTi - , i Blaeknslls A Bon.
the ippearsnr of fionrishing equally r , "
as well. Long ttisf they wsv oh the; Ladles ran vote in Ve Popularity
bsnks of the powerful euphonlousjContest ss well as the men vote
Catawba. i today for your favorite .
Giiwini Away tto
In i MfMm
"Tim VortarT
Nothing Like Them!
1 . I
"For:n at Itome,
Be Sure to Get One
"ruuM-uu h turn bueeu,"
One of these Elegant Pictures, reproduced
from world famous Art Treasures In the
Corcoran Gallery at Washington, in the Art
Museum at New York and in the Louvre af
Paris by celebrated masters, given on every
50c rash subscription paid in at the Sun or'
Recorder Office, whether by a new sub
scriber or an old one. .Upon payment of
fifty cents you get one of these Dcautiiul
Works of Art, the originals costing, some
of them, hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Take your choice of these: "Readings
from II omcr,w Alva Tamcda; "Narrow Es
cape," Harrington Pird; "Christ at 12,MHoff
man; "Forum" at Rome; "Castle St. Angclo"
at Home; "The Gleaners," J. K. Millet;
"Madonna of the Streets," Roberto Ferrui;
"Old Mill," Jacob Van Ruysdael; "The Doc
tor," Luke Fildes; "Uoyhood of Handel,"
M I. Dicksce. '
There arc a limited number of each of
these Beautiful Pictures.
Mail orders wiU'reccivc prompt attention
when money, accompanied by 10 cents for
postage, is sent in with the order.
You are not limited to one picture.
Every fifty cents paid in by a new or an
old subscriber entitles them to one of these
Five dollars will give you ten of these
beautiful works of art, ind in aidition you
will receive the "Sun" daily for 20 months
nearly 2 years, or the Recorder twice a
week for 5 years. -
Make your home leautiful by securing an
entire set of these pictures.
Pictures May be seen at the Following Named Places v
Sneed-Umstead Co.; The Edgemont Drug Co.,
or at the Sun Office
. See ITEmem i ' .

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