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Published semi-weekly, every Tues
day and Friday,, by the Durham Sun
Publishing Company.
Offlee, 109 Mangum Street.
Phone, No. 27.
Sabseriptloa Bates. '
One Year (In advance). ...J... 41.00
Six Months (In advance) 60
Three Months (in advance) :ia
Advertising rates
made known on
Entered at Durham. N. C, post office
as second-class mall matter.
The man who subjugates selfish
ness is greater than .he who conquers
a city.
Maine election returns are some
what like reading a prize fight by
Fowler hit a foul first time at bat,
but he Is bow preparing to make a
borne run.
And President Taft will probably
fail to make friends in those towns
be fails to visit.
What has become of the proposl
tion to bring the Sesboard main 11ns
through Durham?
JJyrtle Hawkins also reached the
point, in life where tber are worse
things than death.
The Hendersonville authorities
will yet have to arrest somebody If
they are not careful.
If the worst comes to the worst
South Carolina can send Governor
B lease to the senate.
If the price of sugar continues to
go up many people will have to stop
taking it "in their n."
The Durham Hosiery Mill Com
pany has arranged to put a premium
on Ingenuity and brains.
These cool breexers should remind
the merchants that It is time to be
gin advertising for fall business.
President Taft has mounted the
Doc Wiley band wagon and is mak
ing an effort to gain a front seat.
. .
The rac Is on between the coun
ties In building the central highway;
and the winner will have to bustle.
The sentiment of reverence and
friendliness toward the Confederate
soldier on the' part of the younger
people as Is shown on occasions like
that of Thursday is one of the most
beautiful traits of the peopla of the
The thin gray lines are growing
ever thinner, the forma ever more
bent, the atop ever more faltering, but
the sentiment of reverence and admir
ation grows ever stronger.
The act of the local club of Elks
in throwing open their doors to the
women of the city, shows a broadly
gallant spirit on the part of this ex
cellent order. The order is rapidly
becoming the center of the social as
well as the commercial activities of
the whole city, a place which it de
serves to occupy by reason of the un
selfishly hospitable and patriotic spir
it which the members manifest on all
The menace to life and limb by rea
son of reckless drivlngon the streets
of Durham grows more and more
serious every day. Drivers of auto
mobiles and other vehicles seem to
have lost all sense of the right of
pedestrians to life to say nothing of
the pursuit of "happiness. Traffic on
Main street is always crowded and
drivers of automobiles and heavy
truck wagons act as if they were ut
terly oblivious of the presence of
lighter vehicle and pedestrians. Al
most every day there Is au accident
of some kind there were three acci
dents Thursday and the situatfon
has become euth as to demand at-
Anierca its this year offering is spe
cial priieg at the Raleigh fair, which
Is one of only four southern fairs to
be so honored. It Is stated that by
resolution of the executive commit
tee all questionable shows and doubt
ful games have been forbidden the
On the amusement side there Is
borne the news that the fair has con
tracted with the Glenn H. Curtiss
Company for aeroplane flights each!
day of the fair on a guarantee-to-fly
basis, the aviator to be Lincoln
Beachey or Hugh hobinson. Beachey
Is the birdman who flew under the:
bridge at Niagara, while Hobinson
did likewise at Cairo, 111., under a;
railroad bridge over the Ohio. These
two were the only flyers to finish in
the cross-country race from New J
York to Philadelphia, and both were;
stars at the Chlcsgo aviation meet,
where Beachey made a new record'
for altitude 11.578 feet. j
Another attraction mentioned is
Calfornia Frank's wild west show:
with its fifteen carloads and 200 pco-l
pie. Then there Is the Great Calvert,
star high-wlra specialist.
Special mention is made of the
miraculous painting, "In the Shadow,
of the Cross," to be exhibited for'
the first time In the south. It hns
figured at the great world exposi
tions and been a topic of discussion j
among clergymen and scientists. j
But aside from all this the little
book is valuable for the Information
it contains, and is well worth pre
The attention of the whole country
has been attracted to the affairs
political In South Carolina during the
past few ye.iis.by reason of the dis
grace that has been brought upon
tention from the authorities who have ilhe 8t' bjr lhe "P"1 gyrations
in charge the enforcement of traffic iof Prc8er,t T- Tn0 u,hcst
laws in the citv j levelopmept In South Carolina poli-
In almost every country except th3
United States, driven of automobiles
are. required to demonstrate their fit
ness for such a responsible position
before they are allowed to go on the
public thoroughfares with their death
dealing machine. In Che il'nitcd
States, and especially in North Caro
lina, almost any kind of irresponsible
person is allowed to run an automo-
tics is the announcement of Chief
Justice Ira R. Jones that be will I?
a candidate for governor at the next
election. In legard to the candidacy
of the chief Justice, the Charleston
tUM has this illuminating editorial:
"Chief Jus'iee Ira B. Jones, of the
supreme court of South Carolina,
Iw'll be a candidate fcr governor ti
the next democratic primary in this
ytaie. He has nlired bis reficnaticn
bite and run it over almost anybody),, nad of 81J,,!enie court !n the
or anything that happens to b in the jhn,u , ,lie ,;,m.rnor, to 'become
road Savage IniaaVd ncgroe wwhn effective oil ; Js.hJary 9 next, and be
couldn't keep a mule in a furrow are nas followed this with a strsight
brought to town, put in a suit of liv- i declaration of purpose to present
ery and allowed to menace the lives .himself to the democrats of South
of everybody on the roads and stre nx Carolina at .bc pri-iiary next August
Hope other western
the bint from St.
"strengthened up" for the president.
It had been an unusually long
while since a Ruuaian ofSclal was as
sawjioated. Knew it was too good to
It was only the expected happening
again when the corporation commis
sion refused to reduce the railroads'
Children bo formerly got th'iir
amusement out Of bobby horses, are
now allowed to amuse themselves by
running down pedestrians. The rights
of pedestrians and drivers of light
vehicle to life and safety demands
that some more stringent laws be en
acted and that the laws already en
acted be enforced.
In bis action regsrding Dr. Wiley
President Taft bas succeeded in say
Ing something w hich did not bring a
"tail down."
Another real advantage in living
in this favored part of Cod's foot
stool is that we do not have to eat
cold storage food.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is in danger of
losing bis reciprocity fight. Maybe
the voters took his threat to resign
if be J st as a bribe.
And President Taft will get back
to Washington in time to look over
the eiamination papers of bis west
eru studeLU the election returns.
We have Just received from the
North Carolina Agricultural Society
a striking little booklet that is a
bright gem in Its class. It Is tiny,
but full of facts and fig urea about
North Carolina and her great state :,ne opportunity .'at enhancement
as a candidate for the cilice of gov
ernor. He has g tie about the mat
ter in a forceful arid dignified way.'
laying down the great Judicial off.ee
he bolds before irojectlng himelf
into the field of vtive politics. He
is making a I tea; sacrifice, and tak
ing a tttmnn man's chance of pre-'
ferment, moved certainly by expecta
tion of high lewaM, but also without'
doubt, by a rea sense of public duty.
He deserves rnd will unquestionably
receive the highest consideration
from the people of the atatp, and. In
our opinion, be will receive the re
ward of a triumphant election, with
fair tht mill h h.M tw .h. ?.i.'hls already high reputation and
time at Raleigh on October 17. is, achievement that it will bring. Jus-
19 2rt. Th. .r. iv .a,.,, ce Jones' determination lo win
small pages and a neat, very tasty
cover, all of a site to fit the ordinary
envelope. Cuts show a blrdseye view
of the fair grounds while the fair Is
the contest lor governor against the
rt-electic-n of Governor Bleste Is one
cjf the most interettirg as well as
one cf the ni-int hopeful political In
going on and Lincoln Beachey flying c'dfit ' "
in bis Curtiss aeroplane over Niagara
There Is an appreciation of North
Carolina that carries a point in every
paragraph, a fact in every sentence.
As we tuts before said, la com
menting on the sucrestion that J is
tice Jones might become a candidate
for governor a contest between bltn
and the present chief executive will
clothed la a style as attractive as hhrin lMo hr nM tne
The president bas one advantage
over the other candidates for that
tiifch offi'e be c(m not have to pay
car fare on campaign trips.
A iVntmyhsnia man bid $700 In
a stove iu hi h bis wife soon after
s'artcd a fire. Must not have any
ntal savings batiks In that section
The acMtoria! campaign is mak
ing up for its early start by renting
st present. Not even a "poltieal
canard" bas bc-ett "nailed" in quite
a while.
story it tells, and all In one small
The marvelous progress of the
state is told In a comparative, table
of crop figures for 190S and 1914,
and a similar allnement of statistics
fore tbe ;.i.l of .South Carotins
presented by the cbaraarr and con
duct of tli.; ail.i.iiiiitrailcn from
which the state is now sufTerinp
There will im no obscurity as to the
alternative between these two, the
Umln i
A rose- by sny other name would
until as sweet; and an industrial
organization' by any name will ac
compli!) a gnat deal of good for
of the manufacturing Industrie. In,""' "-'"'' "
addition there are comparative J"'" ,n lKn,nl or bu rr"""'
values of farm land and building. ind tb ,"b',r r-Pmg the msj
implements and machinery, laborj'"" nd "f ,ho hetli-r
and fertilizers l"r not ",cr '' ' other candidate
in a brief review of the work fma!ns to re sn. but the candl
tbe state fstr the booklet call, alien-!dr' nt ,w'c ""' V"
tion to tbe fact that It Is rhsrtered n'ar h demands of
without capital stock. Its real prop-,be ' more than
erty being aeld In trust to secure a lhiU be n4 Governor lilease
Tbe Ameriiiii Tobacco Company Is
slower than tbe Standard Oil Com
pany In mating the requirement of
the ijpreme court d-fr, tut perhaps
it is to be more thorough.
Tbct Is hsrdiy sny grounds for
nopei that ti e action of Chief Justice
Jones, of Mouth Carolina, In resign
ing one office before running for an-
bonded debt, any profits tnsde goit g
Into a surplus which Is spent In Im
provements and Increaslhg pre
miums. Tbe construction of the re
inforced concrete agricultural build
ing at a cost of $7,ft00, the new
building for women and other bet-
will I the oi ly contestants."
Attacks Helmut Principal,
A severe attack on school princi
pal, Chas. II. Ailen, of 8iviiila,s ,
is thus told by him
thsn three years," be
fered indcaeribsble
rn. "For more
writ, "1 sif- p
torture from jft
snd stoma' l l
coming fair. S flitters, but four bottle of this won- IS
carloads f-Tlttl rc-merlj ured m completely," III
I, . IS,9, !'i'h results are common. Tion-
' Viands bless them for curing atoms' h M
rhasiitnftf latrti. 11 vol
ierroe -"': i",;troul,lw Mn4 disease kidneys. All
as well as the modern poultry build-(remedies fslled fill I lined KleetMc
Ing to be ready for the coming fair, j Bitters, but four bottle of this won-
Figure show S3 solid
exhibits lst year against
l.bii neparate emriea against i.zm, t4r , K i-ucknall Hon s.
and f Mil. bet premiums paid , trouble, female complaints, kidney L
sgainst l, .',.. As evidence thati"'"r'lT, biHiciusn, and i'cr tie
tbe fair Is recognized as one of the
grestest gstberlng points for pure-
other will become? popular among bred stock. In tbe south, mention Is
tb politician. niade that tht Tefcberon Society of
hesith and vigor.
Try them.
!' of men would make '
eitiployed to furnifh the motive p-iwer 1
for niiidaiilli, ; t '
t end
Piano for
to Enter Th
Win the Lovely
Your Home
e Recorder
:.L-. v
Jl J
... v
II Extra te
Will Bo Given Free Willi Every
Ten One-Year Subscriptions
To The
Rebate Cerlilicales Will be Given As
Stated Below
One Two llunded (1200.00) certlGcata Is offered as
f'.ortt prlso. lhi) ecrtlfliate is offered t.n ! Ilittidrcil
tlJ'i" 00) Dollar's rebale on a piano similar to Iho oni! UMd
an litKt ui by tlio American Mifl'. Company, of Ja'lo-eni-Viiie',
Fla In othe-r words the winner of this ccnlflcati may
pur'hsM one of tbeso hatiilmime $loo Irmtrumei.ts for tt".
by ri fticforlrir; ttm certificate at the time of the ptircl'tiso.
The n'xt iirl' rc as follows: tn $K-0 C'citlflcuK; U bito
on I'imo. Or.e $123 CrMflcao Ucbatn cm I'iano. Cjncj $IoO
ivn ii'sis Itcbate on I'lano. All of theso t;trtimtts ate
list fif ruble. j '
A Prize for Every Subscriber
A rrliee for every siilmrlbe, . for cs'h new subn' rijitlon
or reiii-wals wc will give fre rf c harne a year's milme rlpt ion
lo on.; of the most populnr !u.xincs of th d.iy,
The National Monthly
Oet In tb rae now and become a factor.
Wo.-k while tbe Kluggard Hl?cis.
Tim firat pr!, will ccmbt of . n.aKninect.t Ct Grssd
I'lano. This is cm of the f,ne-Rt Mushal Inmruments thst bs's
cv r l-M, brcusht to liirham. The bcsutifi.l mellow tone of
,'"l ,'ir" ' 1'is'l.i n iinlvcr.al faw.rite and It sismls
.r.mlii,tljr atiioiigai th most srtlKtlc prod'-idlon ( mod
cm pi.'.i.o making, li.ni.i,., u,e niimlial c islltl.s the limtrii
!" ''"'""' ''"'I bv the ni'nf proiiotincfcl good ( In
raw. .I-hIko and fininh, and the. ry highest grade cf work
maiisl.li, tiiroMKhemt. The I'lano bn seven and one-third oc
tave, ti,,, n-s bnng n.a.l., e,f the Ka quality of Ivory. Tha
IktMislon front with music rs.k lull width of piano adds as
much ie, tl o comfort of the. perform, as lo the Individuality
of lhe el, .at,(J, tre ,,,, ((rv)(, mJ fa) M(ir( b nt
Hie rnovt ap,,roed Freeh double r.p-stlng pattern slid Iho
ttrmga are cf Imru-d f;.-n,lHn wire, three unisons with
m-n.tr,,,, basa. Trlinmli.K. t.l. kel plated throughout Three
pc ala li,.-.,dli,K mufflcr.Tho ., Is dm.bie veneered In and
out sd the. I,,trmetll guaianteed by the maker, for a
t.., ut tea yc rs. Tbl. piano retail. music stores for

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