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- f 1 ' . . ' '
4a aV ..m. f
.,' One year ago we parted,
On little year ago; , ,
, She seemed quite broken hearted,
, . , AJid.I wa$ somewhat so. -
I'"-' '.' : - : '. ' , -
"ear lay upon the lanhea '
Of her uplifted eyes,
And there were frequent flashes
f,, Of tears lu ber replie.'
6 ho neyer would forget' me,
Kb promised me, and thctj
To prove It true the let me
i Kiss her Just once asaln.
Pome letters aped between us
. While still the fever raged.
."i but Cupid didn't mean ua
To lore and be engaged.
For la her latest letter
j . You'll And this gentle clause:
."The reason that we'd better
..Stop writing ta because!"
Think, only Just lat summer
Our parting made her cry,
,s And here' a billet from her,
tshe'a married so ant I,
air. ana airs. Luscious Rons, of
Haltimor. are vtsltlna- Mr nnu
father. Mr. C. F. Kom. In tha count.
. Mia. C O. Mayaard. of Mebans.
who baa been ratline Mr,,
Boone, left mi morning: for her
home. : "'.'
Mr. R J. Krrnodli ebt to Bur
lington thW morning where he will
pend a few days with friends.
Mr. Harry A. Mangum went to
Charlotte tod.tf to apend a few weeka
Mra. M. L. lJanlch, w-ho baa been
vUllng- her awn, Mr. E. C. Daniel,
left tbt morning for tjer home at
' Cunibcrry, .V. C m
Mia Llili Duke left thb morning
. for Warrentoa to attend a tnKwlonary
convention, wbleh ta being held there
this week.
Mra. it. 0. Nelson, of LiWngtOB.
, who ha been v letting at the 'home of
IVot, A. W. Wilson for aon) tlme,
returned to her home tbt morning.
, Mra. H. P. Happer mumNt home
tbta moralug after simidliig a few
daya la r.reetitoro with relatlrea.
tim Fannie Ferrell of Ratelgh, ta
t ependlng a few daya la fne eit wl-Ji
Mra. f. If. Builotk. who Has ben
laltlng In rtM cfy for few daya.
" returned to bi-r boni la Creenaboro
tax moramg.
" " " ' '
' Mra. 0re W, Halliburton f(
taia Bornnsg tor llendersoa to at
th wadding of Utu , iwni
Hanlel and Mr. Kansomo Duke. The
popnlar ronple will be married this
reoiog at 19.
ditih min to jurmom
lux IHU. of Kerner.'le
paa thr-mrh the elt thia morn
ng ea route to Rkh'mond whrrw ah
, wJI prartlc her vmiAmkta. traiaMl
urea, u hat beea t bom with
-r t'rirts for the faat few wwka.
and aeio will arm tontght la rHera-
'g. a, wtts frttKl
, oia atteroooa at I.tJ waa a very
: -uiet weujing at the bomo of Mrs
wnm Miaa Ileulah Bhalfer. of Rum
ter. S. C bwim ih mr t u.
A. i. Rjburv of rittsboro. Th eere
mony a( p,rfrmH by K. . R.
lt"t and the ronple left Immedlalrtr
tor U ken f the groonn where
THE' mm mm
, .,
UWV-7 .-AS
, , 'Absolutely Pure
Tho enly DbStitij; Ptder mi.do
from Royal Craps Cream ofTartar
8n" Joae. Cal.. fV-t. id-iir n r.
Aitken, of the Lick Obeervalbry otaff,
naa, given out the following atate
meiit rejjardlng Brook'a comet:
Brooltaa comet continue to In.
caea iu brlphtnewa. wnd la now a
uriinani object In the mornlne k
On Monday morning the toead of the'
comet waa alout, twenty-two, degr?a
nonneast or venua. lbs mornlua aur.
ana the tall could tie triced with the
naked, eye through iw-arly twenty
nve at'greei;
'The cnotoeraDha takpn mt ih r.irk
OUae-vatory ahow tbat the . force
which 'produce the tull - r boinv
Girl' one piece nlaited drMa." Thrlproach to the won. and th.r rmid
tdau are aliened and form a boi charie are taking place In the ma-
.1.1. . L I . . . . . . . .
uiau niHci mat la becominc andiienai ana in tne lorm of h tall in
give breadth to the fleure. A hin.ltfaia rDect lirooka'a
d collar flnkshft th neck. J ThemoVinteretJnf one bbtterved since
irrve ta cut in msnoD atrle. TheUJUS, ur aurnaaslnc Ha lev's.
At d eernt the cornet in ulinui ?i
700.000 milt's from the earth, and ia
travelling away from ua at a rat nf
over 1,000.000 mlloa a day. The beat
time to a tfis comet It at i o'clock
la the morning.
fiaplre SatV II, Bat Athletics DM
Not Make Kick
New York. Oct 26. The run ered
Ited to Captain "Larry" Doy'.a In the
tenth inning or today's gime, which
gave th New York Oiants their aee-
ona victory over the Philadelphia
Athletics in the world's series, wtt
not legally aeored. according to a
statement made after the gsrme by
Umpire William J. lem, of the Na
tional league, w ho was officiating be
hind tho plate as the ump!re-ln-cbief.
Doyle did not touch the piate. ac
cording to Klem. and If thn Athletic
club had made an appeal, the um
pire aia be would have declared
Doyle out and the inning would have
enuea in a tie acore. As It waa get
ting dark the game-could not have
gone much further. ' In telling of
the Incident, Klem said:
'When Murohy caueht the haH In
rlj?ht Held I set myself to aee the
goea in o bat for Ames. Bender cahie In like a streak and made a
(Con tin ud from Page One)
hlta to tfofldi i.Ub tfifows to plaU too
late, Baker storing. Barry hlta to
Amea, who throws wild and Murphy
and Davis scores. Barry scores later
on a wild throw to second. Thomas
strikes out. Bender hits to Doyle
and la out at first. Lord files out to
left, Devore make great catch.
Four tia'i. hree hits. - , t
fifth Inning. - '
New Jo'r k Herzog fans! Fletcher
hits to' Btlldcr and Id nut fir.t
Mera singles to center. Crandail ,he l,!slte n Murphy'a throw.
Tried arid Not; Found Wanting
ray Ideal!' Stocking
' aresassaa-aajajgiBj
Something Good '
They Button at the Waist
The Ideal Stocking Summer or Winter for Comfort. Durability. Eco
aomy and Health, Nsver wrinkle' or come. down. Made of bpst
yarna. . , . ' . ' ' .. . . '. ;
; JPrlces, 20c, 30c. Zit, Mc, a pair
mo. A
Xrat aXit Simple
pattero ta cut la 4 sl'-a: 4. C. S and
19 years. It reqalrea t 8-4 varda of
(f-uca matorui for the t-year aise.
pattern of thla ilustratkm mailrd
to any addreoa on receipt of 10 In
0 . Stmt . mm.
tvwn . .........k.
;, ' . 4J
O Slat , Mo...
, 4
FU1 out the ahova blank, an.
A t -3. , - .
Mr. I. 3. Kubanka went to RjM
rllle today on a abort buninma rin
Mr. C. L. Howard went ti HilUhnr..
Mr. J. A. Perrell 4s anendln thj.
day In Hilbboro.
Mr. I. C. Lawrence left thla mornln
for Chapel Hill.
M-. B. N. Duke left this mornina
' Quick
Homo Curo
For Pllod
TrW rgm Abotely rVrr Will
urn ktmi a 1'inM'art for It?
If yo are a euftrer from piles.
Intum relief la yours for the asklnit.
id a apredy trmancnt cura mil
The Pyramid Drug ("., 38 t'yra
nW Bldg.. Marshall, Mich., will stid
yon fr, in a vfam rspper. a trial
parkaae of pyramid I'll Cure, the
onderful sore and rettaln eur for
t tort urea of thla drf 4,
Wia. Yrarby Co.. lis. K Mala .
Thousanda hare already taken ad
niage of thla offer, thouaai.ds
knuw for the Rrat time In yrara what
J la to be fre from the pains, the
'"king, the awfel agnny of pllra.
I'yrajnid Ilia Cure relieve the
fain and Itching Immediately, Tht
nlammatloa gr down, the aell
a reduced and soon the disease
gone absolutely.
,. .N witer how desperate yob
""Ink your re la. write In tMla
the frea trial treatment Then,
nenjea bat uaed It In the prlvscy
" your.owa home and found out for
yourself hnw -efficacious It la. yoa ran
the fullsised parkage at ny
'"ug stor for CO cents. Kvery dsy
iuffer a(tr reading thla notice
P atiffr needlewly. film ply flit
"i frea coupon and mall today.
nUAMlt) imt 0 COMPANY.
I'yramld IHdg., Marahall,
Mi'. Kindly send me a sample
"f Pyramid Pile Cure, at once by
"all, mm. In plain wrapper.
Kl!! ""
f'UM .. . ..
n" ..ftiaia.. ..
etealng ua eeaia a aumpi or . "' yr.Vu morn"'
cola. an mall to tha Beauty Pat- lZ ITb 1 ?n oa
t.r. c mi av,,, . j buaineaa and will be gou ai least a
Rrooklra. K. r n.nt n.
they will fpend a few daya and then
go to toe borne of the bride in mm
tr. 8. C.t Only a few very Intimate
frfenda were prearnt.
vhti:p. ht ppi:n.
The Ladlee Aid Society of Lake-
wood church will give aa oyetrr ffttp-
per rrlday night to raise funds for
tho new building. They will a I no
serve Ice cream and rake and other
refreshments and an enjoyable even
ing la assured all who attend. The
door will open at 7.30
MICH. M.illKHAM txt TO
Mra. Fred Markbam. Jr.. left for
llendf-raon today to enoid a few
dava and then na to Haltltnr.r In
accompany borne her mother, Mra.
II. Edwards, ho baa been there
f'r the past month, the! guest of
relatives and friends.
Mr. Percy Elliott. Who baa been In
Roxboro for a few days, returned
homo tbla aiorainx. ,. u.. .
Mr. R. L. Smith returned thla morn
irk i rum Koxooro, woere be was
called oa buslm
Mr. Van Waiter Dimud (hrmiTh if
city today en route from Concord to
Norfolk. He atwnt Wednesday h-f
With but coueia. Mr. C C Howerton
Mr. I 8. Chrlatlaa went to Rl
elgh thla morning.
Mr. W. L. Hurry la anendina- the
day tn Raleira
Col. fo. Williams who has been
visiting hre Blece. Mra. H B. Lvon
for a few da)i haa returned to hia
home la Caawell county,
Kaliatlea Araty.
8leclat tneetlngw will tie 'held
army ball, at five ooinu next Tum.
day and Wednesday night Adjutant
wtm QuirK of Atlanta. Ga., will b
with oa. apcclal music and alnging
HI If oa the ttmgram for the even
InrA. The miblk at hrn la Inrti.rf
to attend the Tneetlnga held on Tues
day, welitwday. Tharaady and Sun-
Raleigh. Of. 1.-At the home of orLJhaw aud w.fe f FT"1
tenant are anxious for a great r
rival thla wlntw. It all christians
the bride In Cameron Park Tuesday
afternoon there waa the quiet mar-
rlage of M! K.tl, WbrUI Walker "r" 1!':TnirIl f ,h, 7,"
..4 tir Tkm.. u i,.... ,k rt ln bringing this about.
and Dr. Thomas Htampa. of Lumber
nrldce. the eervlr Mng by Dr. W.
MrC. WWte. paetor of the Tirst Prea-
tyterisB rburra.' Mlea Kllfabcth
Walker. elMer of the bride, waa maid
of honor and Mr. Prestos Ktamps.
of Hone Mills, best man. fterrave-
ment In the family of the bridegroom
waa the apcclal reason for the quiet
that characterlxcd the marriage
haMih. Oct. :. The rirat flan.
tint church of this city waa thronged I
It., people Uednesdsy Bight, gsth-
red for the Koddey-Davla wedding.
MIr Katheryne llella Davis lieinx
the bride and Mr. Thomaa Roddev,
well known Insurance man. the!
hrldi (room The olflrlallna minis.
ter waa Rev. Robert Krwln Hough.
Of Charlotte. Tha maid of honor I
aa Mla Ilinnl Davis, aider nt Ihel
bride, and the best man waa Mr. John
lioushall, of thla city. Other mem-l
here of the bridal party were Mlas
Harriett Koddey, Charlotte: J. W.I
Oelloge. J. A. Sheets. V. J. Lee. John
MoDnus Id and W. llarber tioddev.
tha taller nf fiork Hill H f Mr
end Mra, Roddey wilt be at home onl
1-deiuon street after a bridal trip
nv iiiKiniK hu i atkiih.
a The rstie for reversible effects har
reached the awealer. tn the ahniin
one aeea charming lung coated knit
led gafinenta In two rotors, made to
be worn reversed, with conar and
cuffs of the shade of th eslde turned
In. A Very pretty eiample as
sweater Of Vellnw and a hlta Wl
the ah'itc aide out. the trimming lav
in the yellow collar and cuffs and
stln-niiMi'-d sliver button.
Ill t'nw Hills wnrn mitt in)
trimming consist of whit collar and
ruff and brass buttoma
Your tn bcln (he bflnlimi.
Offlccra In command,
Mr. mttb leinrtiie
Mr. J. W. Smith of 4o. H Main si .
sod. who h4 ben under treatment at
Watt a tipiial aluce A-ptrmbey JT,
n-turud to bit borne Tueday very
mwh Improved.
walka Crgudall; Devore fans.
No runs, one bit. ho errors.
Philadelphia Oldring Is the flrst
man to face .Wiltae, who replaces
Amea. Oldring flies out to left.
Collins hlta to Wlltse and Is out at
first, iiajcer bts to Merkle and ia
out at first.
No runs, no hits, no errors.
; 8lih InnlDR.
New York Doyle Is out on a fly
to Baker, Baker makea great catch.
Snodgrasa flies out to center. Mur
ray look at four and walks. Merkle
forces Murray at second.
No rune, no hits, no errors.
Philadelphia Murphy bits two
bagger Over . center fiietder'a tiAB.f
Davia eacrlflces Murohr to third
Harry hlta long fly to left and la out.
Murphy acorlCZ. Thnmaa alrilraa !
One bit, one run.
t Bereiilh Inning. "
New York-Hcrog hlta to ehort
nd on Barrv'a fnmhu u r.
Fletcher foula out to Davla. Meyers
la too eager and fans at three.
Wiltae falls vl'tlm tb "Chief", iunrt.
er'e curve awginy at three.
runs, aa g:ta, one error.
Phlladeibhia Bender ftlea tn
ond. Lord; alrcles oast short, nw.
ring singles' lot Cetibt-r. ImA t.k.
third, and Oldrinc ' takea umnj :
Collins hlta to Doyle, who trlea to
catch Lord at plate, Meyera drops
the throw and Lord acores. Baker
singles and Ok ring scores. Murphy
hlta to center, scoring Coliine. Baker
takea second. Dais ainaiea tn ri?ht
scoring" ifaktsr"; sorj.hy to third!
oarry otis tor two bases in left and
seorea Murphy. Marquard relieves
WIIise-ThosOtp,;lariiard makes
wild pit'h and bhvia and Ram amn.
Thomas singles to right. Thomas Is
out atal frtr uimiA , n.nj..a .....
"t-"u uuii i.ri
jmy 00-aiarijuara ni fans. t
long. wide Slide Into the nlate It.
went across wfth one leg back of the
piate and the other over It about
eight inches or if foot. ' He never
got any nearer than that. I saw It
plain'y and waited. -Uauallyt I run
to the dressing rooni when a game Is
over, but this time I stood at the
p!cte for several seconda waiting to
s?e if the Athletic players would, ap
peal. Lapi evidently did not ate
that Doyle missed the plate, as' be
was busy taking Murphy's throw and
piobably took It for granted that
Doyle had really touched the plate.
None of the Athletics made the ap
peal and as I waa about to move
away McGraw. In Dasslnar from the
third base coachera' box to the play
ers- bench, said to me:
" 'Did you see It, Bill?'" ,
" 'I certainly did, I said. 'What
would you hvao done about It if
they had appealed?' McGraw asked,
and I replied that if the claim had
been made that Doyle did not touch
the plate 1 would have given my de
cision aa I saw It. but von e what
a mess I would have gotten myself
!IMO. ' ' ,
" 'Weil, I would have protected
you McGraw remarked aa h walk.
ed away.
"f would have declared Doyle out
if the anneal had been made hut
none waa made."
fn hia reference to a ' n-e" K!n
I meant that If he had entertained the
liipeai me new fork player and
their partisans would have made a
ttvt .ienJous protest against the de
cision, f
Quickest, Surest Cough
; Remailjr.Eyer Useii
Seven runs, elcht hit. . wW Whoopieo Cough Quickly.
i-t.k.k Family Si'PSty lor 60c Wansy Re-
Llithlh Inning. funded If It Fails. ' .
fl iota wvore bita to sohrt
and la out at 3 rat. Doyle hlta to
iavia and la out at flrat. n.vi. i
Bender." Fnodgraaa hits to ahort and
on Harry a wild throw, ia r.
Murray hlta to ahort and I
No hlta. no runs.
PhllkduluhiaI.r-H kit. t. i
, - , mi nv
oases ta rights Oldrlnc flies out t
center. Lord goes to third. Collin.
nita to a, rord and Us out at flrat.
Maker ,li). bit i oo takea nilv mutt
atrtkes out.
No runa. on bit, no error. ,
Mmli Inning.
New "4 t.rk McrkU ia nut .h,.r
flrat. Tl4r.g alnglfa to center and
goea to aerond on fii.lrin'
w " aiiiiiuitr.
Hersoggtiea to third on wildUdtch.
Fletrher JiIT.h to'colllnji and U ont at
nrat. Ili-rtog a.ores. Mrlnni. ni.v.
first. Wilaim whnmt.l
out on- fly in U$t. f
"fore: o it i
I If someon la yoor family has aa obatt
Bate. iiphd conirh even whooping
touh wukii uaa fieiuni atowrv lo livfll
meet, boy a 60 eenl bottle of Pines and
back tBtttnntlv.anit wirkniia AfH...MAM
A 60 cent botllo of Pinex.whrn mixed
with home-made stifrar arnin,tu.ikeaafuU
pint-a nunily snpjily of the niwt etTve
tire ecufch remedy tliat money ean boy, at
a saving of t.lvea Infant relirf aj:d
mill usually wine ont bid eongti in 4
hoar or tee. liislly prepared ia live
Pines Coueh fjnp bna a piiwant tMte
children tL it w lUlnirly. It urcnlat
aha nnitlM uwl ! a!in,'B i l
good futures, splendid for croup, bnarkt
M.1. k ..1.1 . 1 1 . I . . I
and a proupt. stieoeasfui remedy for
Pines 1 a peetal and, hlfbly coneen
tinted coruooti ud of Naevnv Whim lln
extract, and ia rkh In gimtiicnl and other
Ifffnwtita mfltrll AM M LKn.l. I.
" - " " n ... t hit ..inn-
branea. fiuiply mix It with vicar syrup
wi'minm noney.in a pint rxttle, and tl
Is rea'ly for ue. l'rd In more kontea la
tha HZ K. and Caiu.U - n.k.
eoneh remedy.
I'liwt h,imrtjiiiliMtiiM.i.i4 - -
PhlladelKhla 01 401 'is V- f?cep'''r.f"''H'hlnela9ii prmtunr
New York . 6o foe oat 9 I :lJ.W
- - " " wei ua'f - r 1 e- w'iaivw
he moacit would help him if ha ha i f "T? 'rriil r-- it forymi. if nt,send
.in; uv, iimj.
some sense Ith women.
What make a girl an iiretlr Is she!
rn think to anyhow
Are You Nervous?
UTiat makes jrott nervous? tt t the weairne. i
. ....... . ... . VIJ
wumaiiiy tUJisiuuuon. wnicil cannnf elinrt tha .f,,: A n..
hArd wofk you da As a result, you break down, and ruin
your entire nervous system. Don't keep this up! Take
Carduf, the woman's tonic. Cardtrt Is-madt from purely
vegetable Ingredients. It acts gently on the womanly organi
and helps them to do their
- .... r r- " IVIHItJ NIII
and restores health, in a natural manner, by foinj to the
auuttc w wc trouoic ana omiuinf up the bodily itrength.
Mrs, Orace Fortncr. of Man. W. v tu
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know It svcd my life." It is the best tonic for women.
t i u su cr rum any o! tne ruins peculiar to women?
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- i Biow
RVffli tn Ladles Adrlwin tVtrt. rMnuiil ir. r -.-rt ..
feefrwfwtmtwti. aadii-aajste-M-!., WaJaTtkT
XOItKtU.X .HtllTIIKIlV fl.tll.KOAD
Itoute of the ".Mgtit KvpreM."
Travel via Raleigh (union station)
and Norfcik Southern railroad, to
and tfjM all nolnta 111 eaatera North
Schedule la l: (Ten Jan I Ith:
N. U -The following achedul fig
are published as Information only
;ia ar Dot guarunteed:
pA P. M. Dally "Night Kxpres.'
I Pullran sleeping car for Noe-
j folk. .
2.40 P. M. dilly. except SuntUy
for Washington.
;': A. M. daily-for Wilson. Wash
ir.gton and Nor'olk. Proller par
lor car service betaeen Halstgl
I 'and Norfolk.
1:15 A. M. dally, except Sunday--
(or New Cera tl Chocowlnity
Parlor car service
7:10 A. II. dull- 11 tn a u
'dally, except trnnday; and I: IS P. M
i daily. I
IS. 16 P. M. dally -Night Eipre"
Pullman sleeping car for Nor
folk, tl. New Jern
1:1 A. M. daily for Deaufort and
Norfolk. PatW er belaeer
WsnMrirlun and N'nrf.t'k
SO P. M. dal!fof New Hern. Ort.
fntal and Beaufort. Prr eat
For'farther Inrormatl" and reter
fatloti of Pullman sleeping car ipaca
PIly to Ii. v. Conn, tien I AtL.
New Dress
Beautiful Silks, Women's
Long Coats. Coat Suit Extra
Skirt. New Lace Collar,
New Hand Bags, New Mer
chandise in every' depart-
tnent ',! A '
t - " A -
New Comforts
For. the Bed
Wool Blanket all eizea.
Outing Cloths; . Children.
Misses, and Womeu' Un
derwear,... Warner. Thomas
son 'a Gloves, Fitting,' and
Nemo Coisetg,
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Five acre or land two block east of Driver Avenue tar line.
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Garments exchanged or money refunded.
Italelgh. N. V.. i
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