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t v
ih first pray streaks In
to ;he st were herald-
rST at the
.1 the aky
lug the approach cf day, the! renal hetor it, me cai jwia noi iuc
weird, awe-rarkajg alla, hich had fieas ' attention to the stealthy ap
ounded intermittently since mi Juisht J proach-' It waa only when the captain
from the brioches of a maple , close i waa close beside it, that it oonde
U the bedroom windows, begin again, jaoended to turn IU attention from the
Scarcer? had the first melancholy cream, and then It waa too late; for
Bote shattered the frosty stillness f the captain, with an agility surprising
when the bark door waa opened cauti-j in a man of his years, auddenly leaped
asly. and dowa the etep came Cap-! forward and caught the black body by
taia eukMnon Bcate. the collar ef his the nape or we nee,
hastily donned vercot turned up .Vainly did the cat give vent to Its
abort bla nets, and hi bare feet 'onuaged feelings; vainly did it atrug
tbrwst Into a pair of w41-worn carpet gle to effectively use Us teeth and
Upper. ' ! claws. In a trice the captain had
' la on hand be bore a stout gunny-' thrwt It Into the gunny-each, the neck
txl. im the other waa a saucer of, of which he tied with a piece of atout
cream, which he balanced gingerly as twine. .. , ,
he tiptoed to the foot of the'ropie.V ranting but triumphant, he laid the
Ka ta the branch above hie .wriszlicr handle, from which came
had. a fwrry eboa biU. crouched oa the sounds of a lost soul in the deep
oce of the spreading limbs, showed est woe, upon the ground. He turned
aim tb position of '.he enemy. . ;to can a hurried and guilty glance at
The captain's lips at la grim' de-e Trindows of the bouse next door,
tnnU(x4. He held out the taawr (half expecting ,0 find there numerous
of cream ta saucing fashion, the prettying witnesses to bis perfidy;
while be n'.ro to work aomettiig bu the windows of the house next
tie bLandUimeat Into a eoie of ua- ( door rematneu discreetly curtained.
nsual grmtlne.
feme, kitty, come!" be coaxed. bet
the bUck ban abev h!:, possessed,
seemingly, el son iikllc as to the
trae Uvardse of the captain's sud-'
ea nnayitaiity. refused to tenya
trom its reti. A gair of gjvea
eja survd dowa at k.av. as if already
they soore tbaa half auapetted the
treacberr be waa pbutB!r.g.
Ca?uOa Beale put dowa the saucer
at tba Vx of the tree and moved
awsy a few pace. Tfcerw was a light
aetnetl f thm braacbe the sovnd
cf eeupread ehtw coa the bark..
ad dm the Jraak caB tb eat. j
.f4 rrfw'y tb tats of
tie aaarer. aad the brta to Bck the j water-front, where his schooner, a lit
er.; w?-b rellsb thai waa nst .U craft of som hundred ton, lay at
tswwst. Z' ' r ! the dock, her cargo of potatoes aboard.
Tb srrtBi eTpreeaion epoa Captain ' an ready t sail with tte morning tide.
Jt' Sac beta avor rooouued.! ,:pt ten. la, tie half light, of early
Jit' too one canttous step forward,
iaad then another. Engrossed in the
'Tbanklng Lis lucky stare for thia de-
Iievraace of bia enemy into nis
hands, Captaia Beale picked up the
ssxk. boi It into the bouse, and went
up-stalrs to array himself somewhat
' more fully. , - ;
It waa only too cbioua that a man,
bearing a bnndle of auca liveliness aa
the aaxk bade fair to be. could new
J fee pe to ga throogh the Tillage streeta
i broad dayUght without attracting
aapJeaaant attentloa to himself,
j Therefore, as sooe aa the eapuin had
' completed a hurried toilet, be cam
Into the kitchen, took np the aci
aad whKe yet the tova waa wrapped
'in slumber, mad kia way to the
morning the captain waa not without
a certain breathlesa anxiety as he bur-
.i.. ,i. .ii.
, " . .
the gunny-sack over his shoulder and
the cat within it sending out soulful
protects every step of the way.
Indeed, it was only whan he gained
the dock, scrambled aboard the Lu
clnda, and tossed bis burden uncer
emoniously into th spare stateroom
of the little cabin, that he found
courage to draw a long breath.
"There, drat ye!" he apostrophiaed
the sack, "squall your in'ards out now
for all 1 care or for all the good It
will do yet 111 learn ye to come
sneakin' round that maple by my bed
room every night I try to stay ashore,
keepin' me awake with jour Infernal
yowlin . Go on; keep it up now; aou t
mind me! Have your fun while you
can. I cal'late you've pretty nigh
yowled your last yowl, aud spit your
last spit I sum. 1 u neave, you over
irard now, if it wa'n't for the tide
takin' you ashore and then Rider
folka next door gettln' suspicious that
I drowned ye. I'll Jest keep ye trussed
up in the bag till we git cutsidv nnd
then over you go like the wuthless
carcass you are. I guess likely next
time I stay ashore here in my own
house III git a little more peace, so
fur aa you are concerned, anyway."
He slammed the door of the spare
stateroom, crossed the cabin, and
threw himself into his own berth to
snatch what sleep he might before
It waa time to start for Rockville with
the curgo.
He was awakened somewhat later
by the sound of heavy footsteps on
tb deck over hia bead. He arose
and went up the companlonway to
Sad bia two foremast hands, and Joe
Blalr. his cook, but Just come aboard.
"All right, boys " be greeted tbem
cordially. "Clad you got here bright
and early. Nay aa well git under way
right off. Tide's settln J?st right tor
us now. " Git breakfast goia'. Joe.
Look a tire there, for'ard. Cast off,
them lines." j
In a few momenta the Ludnda was
drifting with th tld away from the
dock.' and presently, with all sail set,
sh went careening across the bay
toward the onen sea.
It was after he bad eaten one of
(Jo Blair'a excellent breakfasts that
i Captain Beale'a mind returned to the
j spar stateroom and the sack therein.
He arose from the table, and, thrust-
I ing bis head out of th companionway,
'mentally noted th schooner's posi
I tloa. Far away the shore waa but a
nary blue line; wbil Just over tie
' the light ho we on Flat if land. The
captain chockld.
-This i. as good as any place," be
'fold himself. "Th tidal! never wash
! it aahorefrom hero.
He descended to the cabin, opened
the ataroom-door and' drewr out? tae
liact : With much vocal effort, the
unwilling tenant had well-nigh, ex
hausted ithoir, but as, the duk was
lifted it summoned sufficient spirit to
send up a last -wail that would have
killed the Jat.t epark of pity In the
captain'a heart, had surn a epark ex
isted. ,, -.
As it was, he stolidly carried th
bag, to th deck, and looked about for
a convenient piece of scrap-iron to
serve as sinking-weight. . .
He was intent on bis task cf a
curely lashing a piece of epar chain
to the neck of the bag when Joe BlUr,
with a basket of dirty dishes on his
arm, came up from the ctbia. Ho
spied the captain seated ou the bitta i
forward and made his way thither.
. "What yea eoin to do with that,
cap'nr. he demanded.
Captain Beale went on with his
work without so much as looking up.
"I'm goin" to heave thia bag over,"
said he. .
"So? 'What yer got in the bag?"
The contents of the hag answered
for itself. There came from its depth
a wail of mifry tl.it would have
melted the heart cf an idol. Joe
Blair started perceptibly. He set
down the basket of dishes aad looked
accusingly at his superior.
"It'e a t iu" he naid.
Captain Beale bristled. - Hard lines
appearod about the ccstrg of ' '
tiou'h. ... f
, Weil, what ?1 tjatr tJ r.
"What you e-ln" ta do witii that
cat?" the cook questioned in a toue
that boded trouble,
Do with. it?", th captain snapped.
"What do yon 'poe. D;er thnk I
waa goin' to usa it lor a figer head?
l m goia' to co jest wa. l told yer we git to Koekviiie,"
I wa heave it orerboant." j "I tell ye I ain't whaf you'd" call a
Joe Blair a brow darkened. He'nuperstKlous Iran." the cook relter
pt!sh?4 b-jck bia - :l)ed ca aidiated. "but you'd got Into some kind
scratched his head in di-uttful fashion i of a scrat if you'd drownded her."
It wis pi- in he wcnt.d to speak his
mind, and yet frit some hesitancy in,
doing ao. He siilf ( d flora
foot to
at the
tcot, aad looked helplessly
basket of dishea at his feet.
"Say," te ventured at lenr.h, "say,
I ain't exactly what you'd call a su
pemttioos man, which ain't saytn'.
ce'tier. that I ain't sac my peculiar! -
ties. But I was on a vessel once
the old Starlight, bound for liara
caibo. it was end they, bad a cat
aboard that took aik, and they hove
it overboard; an(J, after that"
"Yes, yes, I know," the captain In
terrupted irritably, "Tott've told me
ail about that once or twic before.
There ain't not h In' like that goin' to
happen thia time.1 This ain't the
ship's cat. (U' one I fetched aboard
a purpose to drowned." $ .'j
It dent irak re ditweneV
-;. '
,; i
' fc.fi'X'- '
i -ml it ft
luck to heav a catj over, no matter
where.it catue from, nor bow ttgot
aboard.. Say. what color la ItV"
"Black," said the taptain with in-
cautious truth. r r
Joe Blalr fairly gasped. "Blackr he
erted, "fay, you dou't mean you'd
bocve a black cat overboard, do ye?"
"I ain't ao terrible partial as to
colors," was tb captain's sardonic
"Don't you go to heavin' no black
eat offn thia schooner!" tha cook
s&id In a shaking voice. V, -
Beale stiffened. "8 " her, you
blasted creaa-sktmmer.H he bellowed.
"I'm cap'n ot tnla crait. Yon want tojenc grew apace; and day by day
remember that I shall most proba-lCaptaia Beal waxed mors wroth and
Hr ;a about a I'm-mind to. and that
bl.'.utcd cat la goin' over see?"
"If sh do" the cook threatened,
"I'll git out of thia schooner e'f
I don't I'll git out of her aa soon as
we git to Rockville II we ever do,"
h ended gloomily, .
Th threat atruck Captain tieale In
a vulnerable spot. The one boast off
hi otherwise modest nature was ot
the superiority of his cook. All too
well he remembered tha galley regltn
berore Joe Blair bad shipped with
him. All too well he pictured the
sogey bruits and th greaay ' bash
of Joe's predecessor. What mattered
the cat's presence for a. few days,
anyway? He coulj manage to takel
the pest aahore when they arrived at to hav something nulucky happen
Koekviiie and lose it somewhere. The while she's aboard. Komething un
ttnin thing waa to get rid ' of It lucky, that's the ticket," ho repeated
Where or how were secondary Con-' with a chuckle, a plan already be
side ru Hons. Therefor Captain Beal .ginning to unfold itslf to bia mind,
unbent. Long that evening Captain Beal aat
"Well, if you're so terribly touchy before the little tab! fn th cabin,
aVut It, tak th critter luto the i figuring laliorwualy. , ,
galley, then," be commanded, ""and
keep ker there out of my sight until
He picked up the sack and slouched
off toward th galley. Captain Beale,
with a grunt of dUrust, as much for
his own weakness as for tb cook's,
stalked afl to th wheel.
It was Ideal weather that followed
them that trip. The wind held fair
and brisk; th foes, usually prevalent
; In those water 1n the early spring.
wer conspicuous only by their ab
sence. In nhe galley Joe Bla'.a made
friends with tb cat and fed it upon
the best the lockers afforded.
"HavhV a good run of tt this trip,
ain't we, cap'n? he observed to Ii-j
the third day oat. with grin that
anrered (he captain.
"Couldnt be better as I see," th
skipper replied.
"Knov what makes it?" tb cook
questioned, with a meaning Jerk l his
bead. "It's th cat."
Nor. a a it ocly th propitiou
i t i t
weather that Joe Blalr ascribed to the
cat's presence, . When they discovered
th old leak, that had, caused them
more or less trouble the last trip, had
'stopped, it was the cat according to
Joe. Nothing but th cat saved- one
of tha foremast bands from serious
injury when be fell from nloft, and,
by something in the nature of a mlra-
cle, landed unhurt upon bia feet on
th deck. Again it was th cat that
steered them Into a school of pollock,
and brought th cook the luck of lend-
ling some hundred and fifty pounds of
them as he trolled a Una astern,
1 Day by day th cat'a benign Influ
I dlecusted.
"Bay, after th luck w' bad thia
trio. I dunno aa I ichould wnt to go
to sea again in thia schooner, if tie
cat wa'n't along." th cook confided,
and th remark set Captain Deal to
i thinking and planning,
Plain1 th cat waa becoming all
too popular. Eh bade fair to be a
permanent fixture unless something
waa don to shadow' her with dl
repute. Somehow or other suspicion
must be brought to rest on her. Cap-
tain Beale meditated long and deeply,
' "I don? want to lose such a cook,
and I'll be eternally cussed If I'll have
j a Cat aboard, he ruminated.
guess likely the best way out of it la;
lit,.', ..ff ,n ....
long and have some new plank In
her bottom, anyway," he museC h I
.1, -
while a smile of satisfaction wreathed
hi homely face. He consulted aa al
manac at his elbow. ".Now, if sh
was to hit Shovel Rip Ledg tomor
rer. say about six in the evenla. tb
wust she'd do would be to bang ther
tilt high tide, long about nine, and,
maybe, pound out a plank or two.
8h might Jest as well go on tb ways
this trip as any. Tbat'a tb ticket;
let her pound out a couple of plank
while she's bangln on the ledge
Jest enough to git her leaktn' ao'st
all aanda. Inclodin' tho cook, will hav
to work tb pumps for drar lift th
rest of th way to Rockvill. and then
let a ae what become of that rnssed
cats reputation. Ill bet they'll bear
her over them selves."
To aid tha cupula In bis plan, tb
next afternoon a gray mist began to
rts frra th sea. greedily it thick-
mA until h I
isnpenetrsbl pan. la tb bow thbrb;, T m b!B., .'
fog-horn in th hnd of tb lookout."""' 'bra iwmetWa' In It That
boomed aad bar-rr-b4 In snobotoooua i c ry ,t0r1- " 4
Msbiosv seia.t t$ hsiiow wail i tCctrf. 1 fn ,4. J5iii M
Us idSMnnf
through th dun-colored walls 'that
had cloaed about - them. Captain
Beale glanced into the tlnaacle,
headed the schooner 'point farther
to the aoutU'ard, and r.rinued.
Presently by the bltts he oould sen
the lookout straining hla ears be
tween the blasts of the horn, evident!"
IJsIbiiIuk Intently,' mil, well the ca
tain Knew to wnat ne was listening-.
for already through tb mist he could
bear the dlatanct moan of the whls-tling-buoy,
: which marks - tb outuf
edtre of Shovel Kip Ledge.
The sound grew steadily plainer.
Captain Beale's grin widened. At last
the lookout hailed: v. . rx
"WMstlln' buoy dead ahead, sir!' v9
The skipper mad a great pre tens
of listening. "I don't bear it," he de
clared, and beld his course. Th
lookout aeemed a trifle uneasy, in a
moment be waa bailing one more:
"Ther it goe again, air, Whlstlln'.
buoy dead ahead!" , ,.
Captain Beale affected a fine acorn.
"I don't bear no whlsUin' buoy," he
maintained, "but I can hear som old
freighter groan In' oft there.."
The lookout' next bail, which fol
lowed almoat immediately, waa a wild
yell, wbil he tore aft at his best
"Breakers, air, right under her
bowl" h bowled. And then the
schooner atruck.
Ther was a shock, a Jolt, & grind
ing sound. Tb little craft shivered
from sum to stern. Ip th galley
companionway cam tumbling th
"Lord help us!" h yelled as the
familiar gronn of th whistling buoy
smote his ears from close quarters.
-We've bit Sbovel Rip Ledge!"
There wa another bump A aeries
of bumns: tb schooner stonnd.
, surged ahead, then stopped again.
1 L.. . t. AH.Jt L ft... I
began one more; slowly ah forged
ahead. They could plainly bear the
surxe under her bows. t ;
"Juda.s Priest L shouted th amsted
skipper. "What do you roak of that?
Hummed If w b.la t bit Shovel Rip
Ledca, and gone elewi over It! start
the pampa, qukkl" ' '
in a Vice the pumps wer&chrik!ag
tbirj pttZ
1 now niiKa waters sue asin i io
W9Vr demanded. j
"Not a drop, air," th nit .Tat th
putnpa aatwr4.
Captain Beal wiped bis forehead.
For a tit b stood staring stupidly
at th binnacle before b put tb
schooner back oa per counm.
Then th cook cam running aft
with a black, furry body la bia arms.
"Say. will yoa bellet It now?" he
shouted. "Ain't there something In It
Would yon ever got offa that ledce,
much mor gone over It. If it hadn't
been for tb eat? Ain't tt a sperij
provtdeae yon fetched ber? I II tell
y one thing. I slot goin' to sea again
j.l.f ola,r
out a black cat aboard."
Th skipper burst Into a great rear
of laughter, which left th cook star
ing at bins la openaKnttbad wonder.
"Ton win," aald Captain Bie.
when a bad somewhat reovr4 bis

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