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ftg questions decided in favor of Democracy.
- anese questions were several, u"u
National Bank--shinpJasters Bank resump
tion, &c. &c. &c. and among others, the
mctt and efficacy of tlwunivowalBritogbi
which was to purchase victory nhey
in every indebted State. : All f -
decidedgaigst poor W h.gery--their lat mJ
r played ound th.g-me t! a
; stake not put up. -All lost. The cx . ra ses
sion, and all its measures gone : Land bill
Bankrupt bill-Loan bill-Fiscal corporos,
"iliss and the unanimous manifesto of the lor
W'bigs, proclaiming war for Henry Clay
againWer. " All gone, and the Briber
bill jo the bargain. Despa h black despair
riowfc&on the hIg bvow- B,JrUt ,S
the laltesource of certain character ; when
.tv-i ,.it lw hpm thev cive. The Bribery
tllUl Wilt. OV) t v - r, . . 1
was the last Source of poor U higery ; it has
been tried-oas failed to save tnernat.a.uow
let Whigery grfeupand die. Globe.
The Baltimore American affects to doubt
whether there was 1 combination against the
President among $3 ultra friends of the Bank
at the late extra session It was well known,
for it was avowed, somo two or three weeks
before the first veto, that the ultra-Bank Whigs
; intended, in the event of d -Veto, to force the
Cabinet to break up, and to issue a Manifesto
to the people. We know thai " this, was the
plan contemplated. As one visible evidence
of it, the .'columns' of. the New York Courier
& Enquirer, were teeming with threats and
denunciations in advance.. As another more
conclusive, Mr Botls' letter, to the "President,
Gearing date August , 10th, published, in that
member's speech, presented the consequences
we have ailuded to, as a terror to the President
to force submission. The Courier -and En
quirer called on the Cabinet to resign, and
Mr Bolts declared they must and would, and
that the President, would thus be left in a di
lemma, without a Cabinet and without, as they
hoped, the power to select one from the TVhlg
party. Sundry causes operated to prevent the
fulfilment-', of. these-predictions upon the first
Veto, but after tho second, they we ro fully
verified. The preconcerted plan was carried
out, although weeks passed after it was con
ceived. JMadisoniari. "
States bankrupt by their reckless and selfish
schemes have-not called out the gratitude
which the liberal dispensers expected.
The friends of Mr Clay would not go to-the
polh, (because Mr Tyler vetoed their favorite
measure ! This is amazing ! What, not, go
to the polls to sustain their own Bank friends
because Mr Tyler had put his veto on them ?
How' will Governor Kent of Maine Gover
nor Johnsou of Maryland Governor Dawson
of Georgia, receive this as an excuse from
thfir Whiff-Clav-Bank party devotees? Will
ihey not insist that they ought to have rushed
to the polls to convince Mr Tyler that what
Mr Cluy proclaimed in the Senate was true
that two-thirds, if uot three-fourtns, 01 ine
people were in favor of a National Bans ;
and that in failing to approve u uc uau 001
himself up against the country ? Surely this
was the natural and ready moue at once 10
punish and correct the President. It was
with a view to the polls that Mr Bods gave
out the watchword to the party, "Head him,
or die,11 and in the same spirit Mr Wm. Cost
Johnson announced, before the bill passed,
that the President would sign it. He said:
"If it did no, he would answer for one Whig
Stale, .Maryland, that she would disown and
repudiate him.11
, Can any body believe, that while Mr John
son thus staked himself for the Maryland
Bank party against the veto, they would have
deserted him when fighting the battle for him ?
It is iucredible. '
Shall Men rule, or shall Money rule.
This, after all, is the question that is soon
to be decided in this country ; and on its de
cision depends the happiness of millions of
human beings beings made " in the image
of God.' All history tells us that when civir
lization arrived at a certain stage, the power
passed from the many who earned the wealth,
to the few who had got it into their posses
sion. This fact leads some to think that it
must be so in this country ; and that it is in
vain to contend against it. At the same time
they admit that nothing can bo more unjust.
But T, for one, am not willing to come to such
a dreary and hopeless conclusion. I believe
that a just God rules in the affairs of men,
and he will not allow the innocent to suffer,
unless Jhey provo false to themselves. All
nature shows us that every creature is provided
with the means of defence ; and every good
thing is secured only by exertiou. YYhen
the mass, the great body of a community, be
come too indolent to take cave of their TMrtSttc
affairs, a few will secure all the benefits to
themselves, and leave burdens for the body
of the people. This is the whole secret.
But it .is said, the many are not well enough
informed to take care of themselves even if
they would , take the trouble. This may be
true in old government where for ages the rul
ers have carefully guarded their ill-gotten pow
er by keeping the people in ignorance, but it
cannot ho said of this country yet. Here the
people have the means if they choose to use
them, of acquiring sufficient knowledge to
securo themselves against the plans and
schemes of the aristocracy. Here we have
no established religion to bind the burdens on
the backs of tho unwary, and rivet them by
appealing to superhuman authority. W7e
have no law here to take (directly) the earn
ings of the laborer and give them to the idle.
But still there is danger. Force being out
of the question, cunning and ttickery must be
and is relied upon. This cunning must have
an instrument to work with, and banks furnish
that instrument. Old Dominion.
Saturday Morning, October 1C, 1811.
Our Market.
The market has been dull" the present week, with
the exception of Cotton, which has come in pretty
freely, and is selling at 8 cts., being a.dccline since
our last. Whiskey is in good demand at 23 to 30
cents, but little coming in. Flonr scarce, at $5 to
$6 25.. Flaxseed in demand at $t to SI 05. Fea
thers, 55 to 40 cents, in good demand. Wheat
scarce 90 cents to $1. '
"Cotton Market.
Charleston, Oct. 9, old Cotton 6 1-2 to 7j new 8
to 9 1-2, and limited sales at that,
" Augusta, Oct. 7; 7 and 9 cts. per lb. extremes of
the market. Ready sale.
Hamburg, S. C 7 to 8 1 -2 for only tolerable fair
Columbia, S. C 7 to S, sales dull, a decline.
Columbus, Ga., Oct. 6. Cotton received, only
middling fair sold at 6 1-2 to 7 1-4.
Mobile, Oct. 5. Not much activity in the market.
Prices ranged from 8 1-2 to 10 t-4.
Ir Thomas the democratic candidate for Gov
ernor has beaten Mr Johnson, the whig candi
date, in Baltimore citv, by a majority of 1049 voteSj
and in Baltimore county, a majority of 9! 4.
The latest news, received yesterday morning,
but not official, gives all the counties, and a ma
jority for Thomas the Democrat, for Governor, of
The Legislature will be about 43 democrats to
34 whigs in the House of delegates. Last year it
stood CO-wbigs 19 Democrats. For the Senate
there ia no election. The whigs have a majority.
The Observer man sa3s, there were whig votes
enough unpolled ir Baltimore alone, to have turn
ed the scale. When the official returns come, we
think we can convict him of a palpable violation
of truth in this matter. There were C2,2S0 votes
polled at the Presidential election, of which Hard
Cider had a majority of 4776.
In Albemarle County, the pipelayers have elec
ted their man to the legislature, by a majority of
17, where last full theif majority was 200.
The election was merely to fill a vacancy caused
by death. . . : '
The Raleigh Register tries to deceive ifs readers
into the hope that the Whigs will hold their own in
Georgia. Hear him: "Wm. C. Dawson, the pre
sent gifted and faithful Representative from that
Stale in Congress, is the Whig candidate. There
ran hardly be a doubt but that Air Dawson will be
chosen by a large majority." How stands the fact:
' In October last, the highest candidate on
the whig ticket, had about 4,000 majority over
the highest on the democratic ticket. In No
vember, the Harrison electoral ticket had a
majority of about 8,000 votes. And in Jan
uary lasf, the whig candidate for Congress,
had a mojarity of about 4,000 votes over the
democratic candidate."
Z The Charleston Courier, (whig,) of October 12,
gives the following:
"For McDonald, (dem.) 20,343
Datvson, (whig,) 19,212
McDonald's majority, 1,131
"3G Counties to be heard from which will un
doubtedly swell the majority to 2 or 3,0U0, at least."
By the Augusta Constitutionalist, received last
evening, 75 Counties had been heard from, which
gave for McDonald 32,157; for Dawson 23,104.
McDonald's majority 3,053. Last January election
the Whig majority in the same counties was 4,108;
making a clear Democratic gain of 7,16?.
Speeches In Congress
It will be seen from the following statement, fur
nished to Mr Watterson of Tennessee, by the clerk
of the Houie of Representatives, that the Whig
members of Congress are not content with having
limited speeches to one hour's duration, but that the
whig Speaker is so very tc higgish " as to allow
neaily two whig speeches to be delivered toone dem
ocratic one ; or in other words, he gives-the tloor to
the whiS nearly twice as often as to the democrats.
This is freedom of debate and whig impartiality.
Whiec Democratic
The Whig papers are branding with treachery,
such gentlemen as leave their party and go over td
the "Loco Foco" party, but did they call those trai
tors who left the Democratic ranks during the last
Presidential election j and joined the Whigery?
No, they received them with 6poh arms. ,
Col. R. S. Wainwrlght,' of the U. S". Mrine
Corps, died on Sunday, 3d October, at Washing
Gov.JGilmer, of Virgi uia, has left the Whig party
Their measures were too much on the Federal order
for him.
MisrLACEO Charity .The U. S. Ga
zette, under the heading of " Kentucly for
ever,1 states that the citizens of Woodford co.,
Ky., have purchased at the price of seventeen
thousand dollars, the tarm on whicn J. J
Crittenden, late Attorney General of the Unit
ed States was born, and presented it to him
We believe that there are no public schools
in Kentucky, and a large portion of the popu
latiou are unable to read and write? As Mr
Crittenden is a lawyer of eminence, able to ob
tain a handsome income at his profession, it
seems to us that it would have been wiser for
the donots to have given tho seventeen thou
sand dollars for the purpose of educating the
children of the poor in Woodford county.
A characteristic distinction, as it appears
to us, between the trains of reasoning pecu
liar to whigs on the one hand and democrats
on the other is that the former highly Com
mend donations to those who have already
far more than the mass of mankind, while the
latter think that charity should be bestowed
upon the most needy.
A democrat would think tho 25,000 dollars
worth of plate given by;' the United States
Bank t Mr Biddle, in addition to his enor
inous salary might have been better bestowed
elsewhere ; "but this act was exactly kto the
taste of the whigs. -Fennsylcaman.
The Ilighlund Messenger, published at Ashville,
n this State, says that corn crops are abundant in
that region, and will be cheaper than it has been for
man' years. Y 11. Citron.
To the people of Cumberland County J
At our last September Court, certain persons
sought to make an impression on the public mind,
that Cumberland could not obtain her portion of
the School fund, until the school tax was laid, and
fcollected. Now for what end or purpose this im
pression was sought to be made, we know not, but
as it is not the first attempt at making wrong im
pressions, of those who done it, it is not eurpris
It is sufneieat to say that we have been shown
two letters, one from the Governor, and the other
from the Comptroller, of this state, which lay flat
the arsunicnt 01 demajioirues who are never at
rest unless they can burthen the shoulders of the
people with taxes.
The Comptroller says:
"It I am in possession of suitable facts that the
County had voted in favor of the school law, and
the Board organized and Chairman appointed, I
should feel it my duly to draio a warrant, when pre
sented. do not consider it mil dulu lo know wheth
er the lax naa been levied, ana coueciea, in oruer 10
justify me in drawing the warrant."
The Governor says :
"In reply my opinion is, that the county is en
titled to draw its share of the net annual income,
whether it lias levied and collected a tax or not."
After this, tho people of Cumberland will know
how to appreciate the views of those who would
mislead them.
On the Land Dill 14 11
" " Loan Bill, It 14
" Fortification Bill, 6 3
" Revenue Bil , 18 8
" Bank Bill, 19 16
" Bankrupt Bill. 23 7
" " Fiscal Corp'n Bill O OO
100 59
It thus appears that the aggregate number of
whig speeches was one hundred, and the aggre
gate number of democratic only fifty-nine, and yet
the whis are crving out against the democrat as
When the " Fiscal Corporation Bank " was un
der consideration, Mr Bidlack said, he had many
other amendments, but he was prevented from offer
ing them. He also alluded to the fact that no dem
had been in committee.
The Wilmington Chronicle says: "A Steam
Boat called the Johnson Blakely, intended to run be
tween Wilmington and Fayetteville, was launched
from the ship yard of Mr Richard Price, at the south
end of the town, on- last 1 hiirsriay. fche is of very
light draft o( water, calculated lor the lowest stages
of the river."
The Rlurdercr Terry, says the Raleigh Regis
ter, has been remanded to jail. Inability to empan
el a Jury, on account of expressed opinions, was the
Who IJer.ies it!
We have always chirjred that the Federal par!v
were for makinir the rich richer, and the poor poor
er, and here is a case in point: During the Piesi-
dential election the Federal party said that the
Treasury was empty, but notwithstanding that, they
passed a law aiving den. Harrison s widow, (who
is worth 8300,000,) the sum of $25,000. Well,
nobody will deny but what that was making the
wch richer. And the next act was a tax on the
necessaries of life SALT for instance which no
one will deny is making the vor poorer for the
poor must have salt.
An Astonishing; Fact.
A writer in the Philadelphia Pennsvlvanian in
answering the bo'd assertion of the TJ. S. Gazette,
that the city taxes, were as low as in any other sea
board city, discloses some astounding facts.
After co i parrngthc taxes paid by each city, upon
nropertv of the same valuation, and the alarming
difference, he comes to the conclusion that Philadel
phia pays higher taxes on real estate than any other
town in" the United States, or in London or Paris! ! !
This is the effect of pipe laying Legislation.
New Orleans is getting relief from the Yellow
Fever, gradually. An early frost, which thev will
probably have, will start the yellow fever immedi-atelv.
By thismorning'smail we receive the Pennylva
nian, bringing the result from Philadelphia City
and County.
airlate for Governor. fPorterl
have 'dabbled -too much in speculation the I has a majority of 2,500, and the Democratic ticket
Asuuriuutiuu uui, .wnicn puts the proceeds off u .71 , L r . , V . .7
thfi nubile land uttha A'.ii riu - 1 1 lature, "has been successful by a large majority."
tne v puDiic lanoat the disposal of the internal I Ing'er80H, the pipelayer has been elected to Con-
v M " riwvui, who nave maoo tre eress to supply Mr Sergeants' place by 1226 maj-
The Rich richer, and the Poor poorer.
We see in the Ohio Sun, the following estimate
of the estate of General Harrison :
Farm at North Bend 2,281 acres rich bottom land;
the profits of a farm in Colericia township, 210
acres: 42 lots in the town of Cleaves, Ohio; and it
i stated he owns property in Vincennes, Ohio.
If this statement be true ; (and we have not seen
it contradicted) the donation to Mrs. Harrison, of
$25,000 was certainly making the rich richer and the
poor poorer, for the poor as well as the rich have to
pay the taxes to make up the sum, and be it rccol
lected, the rich pay 110 more than the poor.
We therefore solemnly charge the Whig party
with making the rih richer, and the poor poorer.
Be it recollected, too, that th's money was given
her at a time when the cry of the Whigs was. that
the Treasury was empty. But notwithstanding its
emptiness, they gave away 325,000, and directly
tax the people to replenish the Treasury. And be
sides all this, almost all of Gen. Harrison's imme
diate relatives have been provided with good go-
ernment offices.
From tAe Globe.
Xlie Election s
The Pipe Layers arc puzzled with the re
suits of the late elections. The National In
telligencer has bee u sadly put to it, to make
temporary and local causes apply to the town
elections in Connecticut, and the State elec
tions in Maine, Maryland and Georgia, for
getting, Vermont, Indiana, &c. &c. The
blessings .which the extra session has show
ered on : the country -the Bankrupt law,
which releases from i-Asnnrisihilil w nil n-hn
ICZF As Mr Daniel Webster said, last fall
"change floats on every breeze," orsqmething to that
amount. How true it is at this time!
The Observer man is almost mute with disap
pointmcnt and mortification. Poor fellow! His lip
hangs as sulkily as a two year old boy's, whose bro
thcr has just snatched his sugar plum. With the
big tears rolling silently down his elongated cheeks
he whines out that all his miseries are owing to "the
folly of Air Tyler's course towards the Whig party.
He consoles himself with the idea that it will notbe
always thus. We'll let him enjoy that morsel of
comfort until he finds out its fallacy.
Death of Ex-Govcnior Owen
The Register of yesterday records the death o
Mr John Owen, a distinguishes citizen and ibr
meriy tovernor ot iortti Carolina. lie died a
Pittshoro' on Satnrdav morning last, at 7 o'clock
Amons the sincere mourners on this occasion will
be found those who were politically opposed to Mr
Uwen, Dui wuo, nevertheless, appreciated bis pub
lie worth and his private virtues. V. t. Standard,
A poor . prophet.
The National Intelligencer in announcing the
defeat of the pipe layers in Maine s-aid :
" We must be prepared for possible similar
results of Loco-foco triumphs at all the Fall
elections, except in the State of Maryland, in
whose fidelity to Whig principles we hare so
much confidence that we would almost stake
our existence that she will stand firm in this
day of trial of men's political integrity."
- How easy it ia to be deceived ! It is hard to
count on hard cider and coon skins. Vide Maryland
election in another place
General Houston i s elected President of Texas.
The proceedings of the late Extra Session of Con
gress arc so notorious, that a detail of them is un
necessary; but I would call your particular attention,
and that of your numerous readers, to the "Mani
festo" put forth by the Federalists, alias Whigs. It
was issued at the end of the session, and it caps the
Umax. 1 hey find that the Constitution is now in
their way; yes, that sacred instrument bequeathed
to us by a Washington and Madison. They eecm
anxious that every Darricr which our f.ithers had
erected for the security of Liberty, should be broken
down to accomplish their unhallowed purposes.
Much must be allowed to men in their situation,
forcibly actuated by the chagrin of disappointment,
and the fascination of hope at the same time.
1 erhaps history does not furnish another instance
of such opposition to the Consiitution, wish so much
apparent and so little real cause; with such apparent
probability, without any possibility of success.
If ith so much apparent cause. The failure of the
Whig party to charter a National Bank or Fiscal
Agent for twenty years; rs this was the panacea for
all the evils the country has labored imder for the
ast five years it was to regulate the currency, to
make money plenty, to raise the value of labor, and
naecc to be the great measure of relief that was
promised during the Presidential campaign.
mti so little real cause. Congress had passed
two bills chartering a Fiscal Agent; the first had
not even the support of a majority of either branch,
and the second was a scheme to "head Captain Ty
ler." liolh were abortions, and it is admitted bv
practical men, that neither could have gone into op
eration, for the best of all reasons, that that portion
of the capital stock to bo subscribed for by individ
uals, wo dd never have been taken. The President
exercised a power he possessed under thi Constitu
tion, and returned them with his objections. For
exercising this right under a conscientious discharge
of his duties for acting upon every principle that
he had ever professedyhrough lif;, the very vitals of
he Constitution is threatened.
11 ith such apparent probability of success. Let us
examine the modus operandi of effecting an amend
ment to the Constitution. It is necessary, even lo
propose an amendment, first to obtain ihe concur
rencc of two-thirds of both Houses of Congrcs?; or
a Convention called by Congress, on the oj plication
ot the .Legislatures of two-thuds of the States. It
s notorious that they cannot succeed in obtainine
the concurrence of two-thirds of both Houses o
Congress, and the apparent probability is, that the
nineteen States which so gloriously supported Tip
pecanoe and Tyler loo, will, through their Legisla
tares, call upon Congress to assemble a Genera
Convention, and thus put the ball in motion.
Without any possibility of success. The proposed
amendment must be ratified by the Legislatures of
or Conventions of three-fourths of the States.
There are twenty six States; hw arc we to settle
how many comprise thn c-foui ths or one-fourth.
Does nien'ecn or seven? One is a little under, the
other a little over the mark. Where is Maine, one
of the glorious nineteen? Where is Maryland?
Where is Indiana? Wheie is Pennsylvania?
Where is Georgia? Gone, "ono from Whiffserv:
"Like the breeze on the mountain,
Like the foam on the river,
Like the bubble on the fountain,
They have gone, and forevcr!!
My countrymen, pause and reflect upon the con-
duet of these Whigs, headed by Henry Clay. The
game he plays is brag, his hand is weak, but he is
endeavoring to bluff you off by a strong show; but
be assured the game is not worth the candle. Take
the Manifesto of thisocfion, I cannot call it a party
it is too contemptible; peruse it carefully, examine
that part of it which it terms "the duty which re
mains for Ihe Whigs to perform." They entreat
you not to strike your flag, but to rear it. still higher
"with a firmer hand, bearing upon its folds in con
spicuous letters, The will of the JVation uncontrolled
by the leill of one man; one Presidential term; a fru
gal government, and no Sub 'Treasury, open or covert,
in substance or in fact; no Government Bank, but an
inslillion capable of guarding the people's treasure
and administering to the people's wanls.n
Have not the people who are thus appealed to, as
good a right to think and act for themselves in mat
ters of the last importance, as a few members of
Congress, who bow and bend at the dictation of one
man, and who have obtained for themselves the on
enviable soubriqnelaT White Charlies! Is it consis
tent with that liberty you profess, to bow submis
sively to the dictation of a caucus of members of
Congress, who act not for you, not for themselves,
but for one man, whose conduct during the extra
session was dictatorial in the extreme?
Coming cvenls cast their shadows hefore."
It may not be amiss to remind this faction, that
this is a changeable world, and time's rolling wheel
miy, ere long, biing the Republican party upper
nwst. In that ca9c I am sure you would not have
tlism fraught tvith resentment.
The days of Whiggery arc numbered the hand
witing is upon the wall, "Jlenc, mene tekel vphar
si." Henry Clay's sun is setting; will you worship
it; Should yon? God forbid. Whole nations
have worshipped the the rising sun; should you
wii-ship this, it will be the only instance of a peo
ples worshipping the setting sun.
"The sober second thought of the People."
The Federal party aiejscattcrcd to the four winds
of the heaven; they are 'routed horse, foot and dra
goons; they have sustained a Waterloo deleat.
What has effected this? "T ie sober second thought
of the people." The Whigs Federalists, or what
ever else you may call them, pursued their ignis l i
tuus with such ungovernable fury that they now find
themsnlTes surrounded by quicksands, which give
way at every et"p they take. After such repeated
and multiplied demonstrations that the whole people
are so unanimously bent against them, we wouiu
liefest to the party to request not instruct their
Af.h,,c InnlUtnrMirP fnllie "noficeflll ShadCS OI
Ashland," and there repose upon the laurels he ob
tained at the late Extra Session.
"The fact is, it is impossible there should
be more than two great parties in the United
States, because there is uo medium oeiwecn
risrht and tcfonsr. The friends ot the Con
stitution, or Whigs, stand on one side the
Loco Focos on the other. A man wno de
clares that he belongs to neither of these great
divisions, may call himself a third party man
-we should call him a cypher.
The above beautiful extract is taken from the Ra
leigh Register, who, we suppose, is one o! lli
friends of the Consiitution, or whigs." With what
modesty can he say this, when the very numb r of
his paper published on Tuesday previous, and to
which a part of the above extract alludes, conta ns
the celebrated Manifesto, put forth by a few mem
bers of Congress, (not exceeding fifty,) whose ob
ject, and he knows it, is the subversion of on ex
cellent Constitution. Does he think that the people
are to be deceived by such gross act?? such chip
rrjins n these?' A Loco Foco an enemy to the
Constitution!. -.We' would advise him to take this
document and probably a re perusal will better de
fine his position. The Loco Focos know theirs,
and "knowing dare maintain it-"
Oh Jerry-mc! oh Jerry-my!
Oh Whigge-rec! oh Whigge-rv!
Oh Geor-gi-ee! oh Geor-gec-i !
"Halloo strangei! wh"redid you come from?" says
I, (givingitabitof a 'tunc called 'sugar'-Iack a-day',
fori was in mighty fine spirits,) to a traveller on
foot, as he crossed Rockfish,' a f.-w days since.
"From Geor-gee." . ; V -
"VVha"3 your politics?"
"Wliigge-ry.'u ' . ' ,
"What's vour name?" xt.
"Jerc-mce Did-dl r."
"Where are you bound"
"To the head of Salt River."
"Any more of your breed on the road?:
"On-ly about 34 thousand."
"Now, stianger, do tell me where is Governo
Billy Dawson?"
"Why he concluded to take the back way, and
streak it through the Alabam, Massisip, Rackan-
saws, and Tdm Benton's State, the Alissou-ri; now
the way he is a streak in' on it through them ar
Loco Foe'os, iaa sin to Crockett. Good-bye ha'nt
time to chat no more."
"Well stranger go ahead but if you'll only stop
a few moments in Maryland, you'll find Governor
Bi'ly Dawson's friend and boon companion, Gov -
crnoi Billy Cost Johnson, take him along with you,
he'll be mighty clad to see him. 'Misery loves
tis is indebted to his own conduct for the insult
I ottered ni m at usmiigiou.
. " A LEXAJN Lrrili 1 AJiin OJN ."
jNew York, Oct. 8, 1841.
It is really too bad, that men of such character as
this, should be put into public offices. The Gov
ernment ia not safe in their nanus; mey would sub
veit it for a mess of porridge.
I, se ms to us that almost every appointment made
. I r
under the Harrison dynasty, yvas a rearu ior par
lizan services, and no attention paid to thequatifi.
cations of the appointee.
What an example, too, to set before a rising gen
eration! Instead o conaign punismnem, crime in
l,;h places meets with rexoards; the morals or a na
ticTn can never be kept in their purity while such
conduct as this is seen in the ofliccrs ot the Gov
ernment. It will never ao. inngs iimsi ue cnan-
xl, or we shall be a nation oi unevcs aim murucrers.
Postmaster General.
" I he lion, vnanes .iuuo ani.u j
this city last night, was sworn ill to-day, and
will enter upon the duties of his oihee to
" All the members of the Cabinet are now
here, except Mr Wrbster, who is m a " fly
inr visit to Massachusetts." Globe.
We go for Resumption.
The Bantiv must resume specie payment. In
looking over trie Wilmington paper last week we
perceive that exchange on New York and Boston
is up to 3 per cent premium, while on .Philadelphia
it is only 1 1-2 percent. Why is it so high on
New York and Boston 1 One reason is, we have
bought more goods from them than we have paid
for in produce; and another f s, our Banks wont re
deem their promises, and Ihe New York and Boston
Banks will;nd unless the people, all over the coun
try demand a resumption, they will ever be yoked
with an irredeemab'e shin-plaster currency.
It is no use to talk about the scarcity of specie,
and that there is not enough to supply the wants of
the community; it is a false doctrine, used only to
deceive. That, it is Scarce with the Banks, wchavo
no doubt, for they never had much. They are like
the banker's strong box, which he bequeathed to his
sons, on retiring from business, it sustained their
credit until it was opened, and the world discovered
that it was empty.
Read the following, from the Globe, and get some
Bank Whig to sit down with you anrtgo ever it,
and force the truth on him,1 that he is deceiving his
country: . ; , ,
"The same paper contains a statement ot
the exports'and imports of gold and silver coin
?nd bullion for the last four years being the
four years of the bank suspensions which
ought to be studied by every statesman, and
by every citizen and Voter in the U. S. It is
as follows: i
The Custom House The Decency party.
Col. Alexander Hamilton lias published a crtl in
the N. York Evening Post, in c msquencc, as h
says, of the misrepresentation of certain facts, in
which he convicts Hon. Edward Curtis, Collector of
the Customs fr the port of New Yoik, of taking a
very reprehensible part in the trial of Jas. B. Glent
worth. In order to show how little regard was paid
to the honesty of the man selected for that important
place, we give a few extracts from the card of Air
Hamilton, who is a decided Whig, and was cm
pioyeu as counsel ior cjiennvorin. ii wnat no says
be true, the pipe-layers should never aspire to "all
the decency" again:
" Not long after this transaction, (and af
ter an indictment had been found against Mr
Glentworth, .charging him with a pracficipa
tion in said election frauds,) I was informed
by said Glentworth, that Mr Curtis called tip-
on him, and offered him the sum of $2,000
for certain papers which had been placed by
Mr Glentworth in in my possession, and
which contained evidences of the said election
: Mr Glentworth declined ihe ofler. Mr Cur
tis Ihen replied as follows : If I had ofTered
you $4,000, Colonel Hamilton would recom
mend a still larger sum.
And lecently in Washington, I stated
openly and unqualifiedly, that I considered
him corrupt, and that his continuance in of
fice would prove a public evil.
" On the day after the adjournment of
Congress, I was informed that Mr Webster
had written to Mr Curtis, requesting him to
come immediately to Washington. I defer
red my departure until Mr Curtis arrived, in
order to afford him an opportunity to demand
of me such explanations as he might deem
proper, under the circumstances. He soon
came. The day after his arrival, in the office
of the clerk of the House of Representatives,
as I was about leaving the office, Mr Curtis
entered it, and said to me, " How are you
Hamilton ?" I did not reply to him, but
treated his salutation with entire neglect. In
passing between him and the centre table he
pressed against me. I immprli.-itW t.A
and inquired of him : "Did you do that pur
Posely?" He said: t treat you as vou
ireat me to which I answered : Sir,
MrCu?,ia,hd"rd imPcrtill?nt P'W'"
mr iutlis theu made some remark, which Mr
Johnson, who was present, informs rue was,
You are a d d son of a hitch " T i
. ... m i m-
Whig and Tory,
a short time
- -..w ww .vr.w vvuu Li jr iiuuj
Maine to Louisiana rung with the terms which head
tlrs art icle, Whig and Tory, Whig and Tory. The
psrty which usurped the former had repeatedlj suf
fed defeat, as Federalists, National Republicans,
&a, &c, and they took this which possessed a lal
tsiianic efiect from its association with " the times
wkich tried mens' seals." The advocates of equal
rits and qual privileges are now branded as To
ri. We shonld like to know now what new name
th Federal party will take, for a new one they cer
tamly must get, or probably they will reverse it, for
as things now stand an American Tory or 1841 is a
supporter of our "cellentcoMtitution, and an Amer
ican Whig of J 841 a sftbrertcrofiC.
eo me conversation onjny part by sayin to
Mr Curtis, You are net only an impertinent
uppy, out a cowardly scoundrel and on
leaving the room, he said, getalon." This
n a full and correct version of that affair. Af
ter this I remained in Washington three days,
during which time the subject of said inter
view" was publicly known and talked of in the
President comrnunicated to the
entlrtr, th,entimMts I bad reason to
entertain of the want of integrity of Mr Cur-
i ad after toeavowal of those sentiments,
1 PPosition I made to his con!
S V cp?dered the course which I
adopted, in refusing to recognise him as an
Snir3", thVn,r one at 1 cou?cTcon"
M I aDd the onlJ a gentleman
could have expected; and therefore Mr Cur-
Totals, 42,742,615 27,630,364.
We repeat : This is a table for statesmen
and farmers to study. It shows the great in
flux of specie into our country under the in
fluence of an extended commerce and the
wise laws of 1834, for correcting: the gold
standard and repealing tho (Bank) act of
1S10 against the circulation, us a legal tender,
of foreign silver. The import is here shown
to exceed forty-two millions of dollars in
four years, and the export to exceed 27 mil
lions. This proves hotv easy it is for the
country to supply itseVf with a gold and silver
curreticy ; and that, in fact, nothing but tole
:atiug suspended bamks, and usiug their dis
honored paper, prevents if. Good laws and
commerce bring us specie ; bad banks, Fed
eralists, and British agents, drive it away.
But they cannot drive all. Even in the last
four years there is a gain of fifteen millions ;
and if there bad been a demand for specie a
home by compelling" the banks to pay, ffce
gain would probably have been above thirty
millions. As it is, it proves the abominable
baseness of the present suspension, and the
falsehood of all complaints against the Gov
ernment, and the utter want of a shadow of
an excuse ior postponing resnplion one day
longer. -
We take a great in forest in placing the ta
bles before the country They are the triumph
of the Constitution and of the gold and silver
bills. They show that the constitutional cur
rency would spread itself over the Union
and supply gold and silver to every body if
it was not for the base paper which the bad
banks cirei.lste, and which the federalists pro
tect. Ihey show that there are large addi
tions fo our specie in the last four years,
when it was computed at eighty or ninety mil
lions ; and that there is no earlhlv exensf for
jhe present suspension."
Jtfore Indian Murders From the R:
nah papers of the 7th we gbau the following
On Sunday, 26th ult.. 8 milps from C2nrva
Ferrs, a party of Indians killed Mr Jonathan
-inigpiii and a Mr Barber; they were fol
lowed the next day, and the place found where
they had camped during the night. On tho
29ih, near Black creek, Messrs Bleach and
Penner were fved on, and the former killed.
On the 30fhi about 8 miles from Fort Crane
two brothers named Hallard were killed!
I he express rider due at Pilatka on Sunday
night, had not arrived at 5 R M. nn TVTo
day, and it was feared that he had been killed.
A correspondent, under the date of the 29th
ult.,. says: Yesterday two individuals were
fired on by Indians on the Pilnfkn r.-.,i
the horse of one of rhp-m. Ullj ru'
. i lie men
escaped into tort Russell, and gave the
alarm' Another " correspondent, writing
from Cedar Keys, renffarfcs Thr, wr Z
pears to be in process of termination ; but it
iui ue oorne in mine: that there are stilr
three hostile chiefs in the hammocks, viz:
bam Jones, Halleck Tnstenuggee, and Ti-
Wr . " 13 coccaea y aU- tft Colonel
St "rJuM prper ne lo CGndct the- war.
Maj. Childs recently made a scout of ten
days from Fort Pierce, discovering a lake of
twenty miles in extent, near Jupiter river, o
whose margin was growing tobacco, corn-,
peas, and many other desirable articles. Th
party destroyed about 40 acres of crowinc
products &

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