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From the N Y Twe Sun.
POCERE B j lb courtesy of Mr Ftedetick Friend,
"o. 49 Ludlow sic et, we yesterday had ao
opportunity of examining what we (Dd
roany others much belter iu such matter, )
do not hesitate to pronounce the most extraor
dinary case of ad ipocei cation, (or conversion
of the bodies of the deid into a solid, uocorrupU
ed -Mibr-tance) on record. It was the late Mr
Fj if nd, mother ofMrF. Friend, who was
nbout the middle of February lent disinterred
at the ofd buryicg ground at the coroer of
B'oadway and Twelfth street the conversion
f which grouud to '.he purposes of speculation.
nd Minpr.vemenl' ha caused so much ex
rilement, liligaMoo.atid rcmoustrance amongst
those having relatives and friends buried there.
Mr F. ieud and ber ou-baud, who, we be
Wove, were born and brought up in the city,
were leading members of the Nassau street
congregation which purchased that -rpot for n
buriwl ground, end from their owu means,
and the contiibuiions they personally obtain
ed, paid one entire half of 'he cost of the two
lolspurchasedforlh.it pii'pose. There they
wee brith buried, side by side, and above and
around ihem were iuterred several of their
children and other near relative; only to be
ruthlessly torn up and scattered years after
wards, that scheming speculators might add
to the contents of their already ovcrburtheued
coffers. t
Mrs Ft ieud died in February, 1 830, very
suddenly, having retired to rest almost iu her
usual health, and lifeless before 3 o'clock the
next morning. She was a "hale, hearty old
lady, 68 years of Bg-, almost uuarquaiuted
with disease, and though iu circumstance
to enable her to give up entirely the cares
and labors of her household, was one of those
old fiishiond women who loved not idleues,
but delighted in activity aad the perform ince
of household duties.
On the afieruoou preceding her death she
was engaged iu looking after the condition
of the pickled meats of the family sto es, and,
in so doing, had ber arms to the elbows im
mersed for some time in cold brine. Soon
niter she complained of a chilling numbness
iu her arm-, which in the course of the even
ing extended toner snouiuers, ana caused a
satiation of sicknes. She retired to bed,
but he continued to crow worse till after
midnight, when one of her daughters, by the
advice of her physician, gave her a small do.se
of salts, which shortly operated as an emetic;
and when iu the act of vomiting she died iu
the arms of her daughter.
She was buried, us above stated, aud subse
quently her husband was bu ied close by her
wide, though not so deep by peihaps six in
ches. Children and other relatives have
Hiice been consigned to the same few yards
square oi't urth, ai;U two or three of her chil
dren, we believe, were buried over their parr-Mis.
There they remained until a f--w weeks since,
to hen ihe new order of thing that had arisen
iu ielaU'u to the property of the yard render
ed it necessary that they should b removed
Mrs F. having occupied what Vhu had
Kt;pposerl would have been her lai resting
ph'ce till the sounding of the last Mimp, i'i-i
seventeen years, lacking a lew day, uu
the removal of the remains of the children
notning . ut of the usual course of nature was
tSI -co vera hie; and the corpse of the father,
loo, had returned to mother earth, 'dust to
dust." '1 he coffin of Mr F. exhibited no
indication of decay; il wa as solid as when
first placed in the ground; and on raising it,
it proved extra ordinarily heavy. During the
removal, the lid of the coifin became displac
ed, and an astonishing spectacle presented i -e!f.
The face and neck of Mr- F. exhibited
fell the fullness which it possessed in life, and,
indeed, the cheeks were somewhat larger, and,
ith the excep'.Ma of the ibseuce of the eye,
there was uot the slightest appearance of de
cay. The suftce, however, was cover with o
n thii k, filmy white iuould,and upon removing
it, ihortkin p'esented the fairest, purest sur
face, ver sceu on alabaster ! The flch was
nt tiolid and hard m-j the purest sperm, and as
perfectly free from disagreeable odor ! On
lur'iher txaminutiou her whole person was
found to be in the same wonderful state
of preservation; body and limbs pieseuled
the jame hard, undecayed appearance.
The intelligence of this astoni.-hing discov
ery spread rapidly amongst those who had
kuown Mrs F., and were acquainted with
the family; nud it soon reached the ears of
the medical faculty, who came to see for
themselves what, under the circumstances,
appeared incredible, and for which they are
now wholly unable to account. We under
stand, howevc, several of the most d'utiu
guished of the faculty in the city aie making
the case the subject of elaborate investigation,
and will give their conclusions or speculations
to tha public iu due season.
During the process of removal, both of the
feet became rautilated, and the fragments, as
well as the fracture, present the appearance
of dry crumbled tallow; as does also the sub
tince of one of the leg punctured above the
ankle. The spots on the face, from which
the mould became removed, now present a
in tha same burial ground, that of Mrs Friend
is the only one which has not returned to the
dust fioro which it sprung. Here haa remain
ed uutained by dissolution, whilst all round
her husband by her side and her children
above herhave become "food for worms.'
Even the cap upon her beod was but partially
decayed, whiNt the dark ribbon bows which
recured and ornamented it retaiued uot only
their forms but the colors almosi as perfectly
as when they were placed upon it !
' From the Cheraw Gazette.
IVe had the pleasure of witnessing the
performances ofMr W. Ferguson Ramsay
on the celebrated Scotch Bagpipes, in this
town, on two evenings of last week. The
Derformance on both eveninrrs was much
admired by a respectable and delighted au
dience. The ladies, by their smiling faces
showed they were well pleased with the ef
forts of Mr R. to Dlease his auditors. The
Bagpipe is an instrument that is rarely heard
in our country; it is the National instrument
of the Highland Scotts, and by its spirits stir
ring notes, has led them to many glorious
and dearly bought victories. We make
some extracts from Logan's Scottish Gael in
regard to this instrument.
The great Highland pipe is, perpaps,
the only national instrument in Europe ;
every other may be found common to many
countries but this is used in Scotland alone
In the halls of joy, and in scenes of morning,
it has prevailed; it has animated her warri
ors in battle, and welcomed them back after
their toil, to the homes of their love and the
hills of their nativity. Its strains were the
first sounded on the ears of infancy, and they
are the last to be forgotten in the wanderings
ofag-e. Even Highlanders will allow that
it is not the gentlest of instruments ; but
when far from their mouiitain homes, what
sounds however melodious, could thrill round
their heart like one burst of their own wild
dark appearance; but we noticed several small
spo!s on the bosom, were the skin was bare,
and where it presented as purely white and
polished a surface as a piece of white satin !
A few day aner the disimemeut of this
wonder, Mr Friend made preparations for
its re interment ai Harlem, and actually re
butted it, but alarmed by judications which
gave him too good reason to fear that it was
iu gat danger of removal for purposes of
either a scientific or -peculating nalote, he
very properly had it tskeu up aud conveyed
back to bis house, aud with the original effiu
onclosed in a handsome mahogan case with
a lid entirely of gloss, where it now lie, lne
subject of great iu'orets "to numbers Wh
visit il daily.
Although both in this country aud Europe
a number of cases of ndipoceraiioo, the sub
jects of which presented au appearance very
similar to ibis of M'r s Friend, are recorded,
il r i- tuve all been found uuder circumstances
n.i i in situaiionsswhi-h afforded to the scieu
tiac meant of satisfactorily accounting for
the nlmnomeua. But no precedent is knowu
to our faculty which at all assimilates with
this case. Of over 200 dead bodies interred
At March Term 1847, I" the Court of Pleas
and dnarter Sessions for the County of Cumber
land, the Last Wil' and Testament ofTho:nas L
Hybart was admitted to probate, a nd letters tes
tamentary were granted to the undersigned, the
Executors therein named. All persons indebted
to the Estate of the d-ceasert, are requested to
make immediate payment. " Those holding claims
against the Estate, are requested to present theui
to the Executors as early as ractwable
Match 13, 1847. 421 '
JUST received, superior old Monongahela Rye
Whisker, the best article ever afforded in the mar
March 13, 1317. 421-tf
Frafcersburg, Ohioi Aug. 17, 1846.
Dr. D. Jayne Last Saturday morning I found
my youngest son quite out of his head very fligh
ty and deranged, and he continued so all day, tin
after nishr. On Sunday morning I commenced
living him your Tonic" Vermifuge, and before six
o'clock he discharged thirteen large wmms, and I
believe, to speaK within bounds, that he passed
more than five hundred small white worms, gome
not more than one founh of an inch long. On
Monday morning his f ver left him, and he is now
anile well. AM your medicines, so far as I have
heard, have given satisfaction.
native pipe ? The feelings which other in
struments awaken, are general and undefin
ed, because they talk alike to Frenchmen,
Spaniards, Germans, and Highlanders, for
they are common to ail ; but the bagpipe is
sacred to Scotland, and speaks a language
which Scottsmen only feel. It talks to them
of home and all the past, and brings before
them, on the burning shores of Indt3, the
wild hills and oft frequented streams of Cale
donia, the friends that are thinking of them,
and the sweethearts and wives that are
weeping for them there ! and need it be told
here, to how many fields of danger and vic
tory its proud strains have led ! There is
not a battle that is honorable to Britain in
which its blast has not sounded. When every
other insiument has been hushed by the con
fusion and carnage of the scene, it has been
born into the thick of battle, and far in ad-
.it. I-
vance, its bleeding ana oevoieu nearer, sinn
ing on the earth, has sounded at once en-
couragment to his countrymen and his owu
'How many anecdotes mio-ht be given of
the effects of this instrument on the hardy
sons of Caledonia ! In the war in Indi i, a
piper in Lord MacLeod's regiment, beeing
the British army giving way before superior
numbers, played, iu his best style the well
knowrf Gogadh na Sith, 1 which filled the
Highlanders with such spirit, that, immedi
ately rallying, they cut their way through
their enemies. For this fortunate circum
stance, Sir Eyre Coote, filled with admira
tion, and appreciating the value of such
music, presented ihe regiment with fifty
pounds, to buy a stand of pipes. At the
battle of Quebeck, in 1760, the troops were
retreating in disorder, and the general com
plained to a field officer in Frr.sier's regiment
of the bad conduct of his corps.. "Sir," paid
the officer, with a degree of warmth, "you
did very wrong in forbidding the pipes to
play ; nothing inspires the Highlanders so
much, even now they would be of some use."
"Let them blow in God's name, then," said
the general; and the order being given, the
pipers with alacrity sounded the Cruinnes
chftdh, t on which the Gael formed in the
rear, and bravely returned to the charge.
George Clark, now piper to the Highland
Society of London, was to the 71st regiment
at the battle of Vienna, where he was wound
ed in the leg by a musket ball a? he boldly
advanced. Finding himself disabled, he sat
down on tlie ground, and putting his pipe
in order, he called out. "Weel, lads, I am
sorry I can go no farther wi yu, bit deel he
my saul if ye sail want music ;" and struck
up a favorite warlike air, with the utmost
unconcern for any thing, but the unspeakable
delight of sending; his comrades to battle
with the animating sound rf the piobrachd.
" It is a popular tradition, that the enemy
anxiously level at the pipers, aware of the
power of their music ; and a story is related
of one who, at the battle of Waterloo rciev-
ea a shot in the b-Jir before he b3ii time to
make a fair begiinrg, which ro roused his
Highland blood, thst, dashing h"n pipe3 on
the around he drew his broadsword and
wreaked his vengenceon his foe6 with the fury
of a lion until his career was stopped by death
from numerous wound. It is related of
the pipe major of the 92nd, on the same oc
casion, that, placing himself on an eminence
where the shot was flying like hail regard
less of danger, he proudly sounded the battle
air to animate his companions. On one oc
casion, during the penisular war, the same
regiment came suddenly im-lhe French army
and the intimation of their approach was as
suddenly given by the pipers bursting out
out their aotfiering. Ihe effect was instan
taneous the enemy fled, and the Highland
ers pursued."
Preface trIHaclona Id s Ancient iwar
tial Music of Caledonia.
t i- c Interminable war or honorable peace
X Gathering for battle.
recommended as a universal " cure-all have nev
ertheless prov d superior to every thing of the kind,
especially in Liver Complaint and di.pepsia. and
w'in used in conjunction with his Tonic Venni
fug, or Alterative, will not fail one time in a hun
dred of effecting a permanent cure.
Miss Mary Campbell, of Nt'v Haven, Fayette
county, has been cured of Asthma, of more than
eight en 3-ears continuance, 13- th use of Dr Jaynes
Expectorant She commenced taking the medi
cine hist summer, and after using eleven bottles,
was entirely rid of this distressing disease.
Prepared only by Dr D. Jayne, Philadelphia,
and sold on agcm3' by S. J. Hinsdale.
More good things at H.Erambert's,
4 doors above Ihe Post Office.
50 Drums Turkey Figs, I Mat Dates,
10 B.ix s Raisins, " 500 Cocoanuts,
3 Boxes Orange, I Box Lemons,
Hoarhound and Cocoanul Candy.
March G, 1847.
Lumber and Timber,
March 13, 1847. 421-3m.
Seed Oats and R3'C, for sale by
February 20, 1847.
geo. McNeill.
New Arrangement.
The Warsaw Slage leaves Fayettrvillr on Sun.
dayp, Tuesday, and Thursday s, at 2 o'clock, P.
M., and arrive at Warsaw ir time to take the
train for North or Sou: h. Lea s Warsaw Mon
days, Wednesdas and Frirlajs, after the arrival
ol the Train from both ai!, and arrives in Fay
etteviile next morning in time for the stage going
norlh or smrh.
PASSENGERS enter at Crises' Hotel.
Dee. 26, 1816. 410-tf.
By George Lauder,
Nearly opposite the Post Office,
Jan 3), 1347-ly Fa3 etieville, N. C.
Graduate of the Raltimore College of
Respectfully informs the pnbMc that he has return-
d from the North, and will now be happy to wait
on all who may requiie his services.
He deems it unnecessary to entr into a long
dt tail of what he can perform, confidently relying
upon his operations, ihf hi ing the best les' of his
Dr. B. returns his sincere thanks for the liberal
patronage hi has heretofore rfcr ivrd.
lie may at al! times be found in F.iyelteville,
w hen not professionally engaged out.
March C, 1817.
The f .flowing ifroni a -highly respectable mer
chant :
Dr D. Jayne Dear Sir I am verj' glad to in
form 3-ou that your medicines are poin verv fast.
Indeed I f- c! much r ncourafd from the rood ac
count I gel of all u ho are usin 2 1 In m. The San
ative Pills are sell in ; beyond anv thing of the kind
in the cnunto Every one seem to praise them as
well as the other medicines.
The Alterative is goinr very well. I amneir
ly out. The 10 days past his completely astonish
me. The Hair Toni? i doing wonders here : a
gentleman whose head has bten bald for 15 or 20
years has hi hair nearly an inch Ion
onry usd one bottle. Yours, T. C
Derby Line, Vt., Jan. 29, 1816,
Vtry Sensible Arovemeni. I he resoiu
'ioy from the House of Delegates of Mary
land, censuring the President of the United
States in relation to the Mexican war, were
returned to that body bv the Senate, with a
message declining to act thereon. This was
certainty more sensible and praiseworthy
than to have wasted the people's money in
discussing such resolution for no. other ob
ject than political effect. Bo,mor Sutu
. .1
is, onu lias
TO' Am tit- -
1 now oner my Farm for sale ; if it is not dis
posed of at private sale by 12 o'clock Thursday,
8th April next, I will offer it at public sale on the
premises. The whole tract will be offered, 700
acres. If a fair price cannot be obtained, I will
then oner it in such parcels as purchasers may
want. Terms will be known at sale, and as lib
eral as possible.
The tract contains 700 acres, 400 in w II tim
bered woodland, and the balance in a good state of
cultivation, and is situated 3 miles above the Clar
endon Bridge, immediately on the river.
My object in selling i to change ny bnsiness ;
and I hare not a sufficient force to cultivate so
large a tract. Sale will be positive.
March 6, 1847. 420-ts.
How important that a remedy to check, control,
and eradicate Rheumatism and Gout, tostfeng
then and extend shrivelled and knotty cords and
muscles, till nature and health again have sway
and control. Such you may rely, is the effect of
H ewe's Nerve and Bone Liniment, and Indian
Vegetable Elix'r, sold by Cormtock & Co., and
true only When have their fac-simile signature on
them. By the use of this Liniment; weak limbs
arc strengthened, contracted cords relaxed, all
swellings reduced, inflammation exterminated,
and those who are lame are enabled to walk again.
Corn-tot k& Co., 21 Courllandt street, New
York, sol proprietors.
The above articles are iold by S. J Hinsd-Ie
Fa vetleville.
February 13, 1847.
complaint is
Dr E. Snohn's Itemed v for th"i9
effectual in most casrs. When the attack is com
ing on, a singledose ol this palatable t-lix r will
produce immediate r lief, and il persisted in will
eff.;ct a radical cure. Cleygymen, and others,
who have for years suffered from the most distres
sing attacks of headache so as to lrequ-ntly disa
ble them, have hr.cn cured by uing it for a short
time. -.
For sale by Comstock &. Co., Ntw York, 21
Courtlandi-8i., sole Proprietors, wh re also may
be had, gratis, a more particular sccount of its
effecs. Sold bv S. J. Hinsdale in FjveMcvillc.
A. highly concentrated and chemically combined
preparation, capable, from the promptitude ot its
action of clearing the system in a lew hours r.f
every worm, or of affording a complete test of
their ex istenc It seldom needs to be repealed
and never to he followed by any other purge.
Prepared and sold by Co'iistotk & Co, 31
Coitrtlandt street, New York.
Sold by S. J. Hinsdale.
February 1 3, 1847.
Nr Farmer should nst a ci lIft day, until he
is supplied with a bott'e of the celebrated Oil of
Tanin or Great Leather Retorer.
It is in the form of a Liquid, aud i a compound
of Oil with the extracts of certain barks. It ap
plication to leather immediately renders it sort and
pliable, and almost equal to new. For boot- and
shoes an t carri is? fops, it is in its cfl :cts unsur
passed and th': softness, pliability, anc latin
qua lit es it imparls will tenfold pay its cost.
It is well known that wheie Od applied to
loitt'oer, it evidently becomes rancid, and lorm a
scum upon Ihe suiface, and th -rcby rots it ; this
is entirely remedied by the use of this Oil of Tan
in, as it possesses antiseptic qualities, and Us use
will universally donMe lite wear of ail leather.
The penuinehis the fac-simile of Comstock & Co.,
New York, upon the labels. Price 25 cuts, 50
cnts, and 75 cuts per Bt:le.
-Soldon'v bv S J Hinsdale in Fivetteville.
t . r
Great Reduction
Vertical' Water Wheel.
THE Subscribers having witnessed the sneers
fuloperation of lhes whrtls, were induced to pur
chase the right of using thorn in the state ot North
Carolina; and they now ofler for sale individual
rights, at FIFTT do lars, or rights for a whole
county, on reasonable terras.
BesH S being generally adopted in the Northern
States, the?e wheels are ennui; into genera! u
in the southern St .tes. We have sold about I (Mr
llights, 30 of which are i.i successful operation in
Cumberland county.
These wheels are more dnraMe, an-1 more eis'ly
kept i 1 orJer w!in properly put tog' tlv r than tin
flutter wheel. They will save one-third of the
water, and run w -11 in b ck water, when th re is
a head above. rhe -rd of the saw is increased
to more than double I ho strokes per minute.
We reler, am 111? others, to the following nriii!e
men,some of whpm hve had the wheels in opera
tion 12 months or more; and from matiy ol t'rem,
and others, wt-have received certificates expressing
their high approbation of the srrperjur advantages
of ihesoTover the flutter whel, and stating that
their saws will cut 2500, 300't, 3j10, arid even as
high u 5 '0' led per day, and save one-third of
the water.
John Williams, Esq.
Thomas Rouse,
Jesse Lassiter.
Jones. -James
John Bryant.
The following letter is from a highly respecta
ble merchant, dated
Lewistown. N. Y., Sept. to, 8M.
Dr. D. Jayne Dear Sir: Ten will probably
recollect, sir, that in the beginning of IS40 f wrote
to yon, stating that F had the Consumption, anrf
mat 11 was last nurrying me to the grate. I did
. I , T J i .
riui. nirn iiui 1 uvw unuii, every sv rtlf Tom WStf
too painful visible. My PhyeicianVconsidered me
incurable, but the advice which I asked of you
was given, and I am happy to say that by Usin- a
few bottles of your incomparable medicine the
Expectorant, I was restored, and never in my life
have I enjoyed better or more uninterrupted health
than sinee that time.
15 Casks Cheese, just recefvedf
for sale by II ALL & HALL.
February 6.
A Graham.
Col Alex. Murchison,
Christopher Munroe,
Alex William-,
Col A S McNeill,
Farqnhard Smith,
John McUaniel
John Evan,
J VV Howell
Gen. James McKay,
Robert Melvin,
S N Richardson,
Thomas C.Smith,
Isaac Wright,
John Smith.
G TBirksdal-.
Patrick Murphy,
JohnH. Spearman, -
Hardy Royal.
New Hanover.
James Murphy,
Charles Henry.
Robert A man.
Thomas Hooker.
B Rnnnyen,
Mr Arnold-
Lewis Hering,
James Jarman,
Lot Williamson.
W C McNeill.
John C. McLnortn.
J.jhu L. FarrFey.
J R Reid, Millwright.
A Barn-hum.
Wm. Russell.
J T Dodson, Millwright
Cole & Brantlv,
Smith & Pullen,
N Clegg.
S Beasdy,
Jesse T Leach.
Dr Faulks.
John Joiner,
Dr. Robert and
Richard Williams.
in a few articles of
present rates :
Box goods, cubic foot, ' 3
Salt, sack, 30
Salt, coarse Li v., bus., , 10
Iron, ton, 3" 00
Coffee, per sack, , 30
Sugars, per 100, 171 -
Castings, per 2W0 lbs.. 5 00
the former and
I 50
4 00
Commission merchant
Johnson's Military Walnut Oil
Shaving Soap, the best article in use for Slaving
a new supply just received and for sale by.
February 13, 1847.
We continue to run our usual number of Boats.
The Evergreen lost but one trip during all the last
dry season. She is unquestionably the lightest
draught of water (17 inches) running on the rirer.
Our present terms fir receiving and forwarding
goods, as fol ows i
Receiving and forwarding in Wilmington free
of commission foi the same. All goods consigned
to us in Fayet'eville, on freight up the river, 15 per
cent. We have floe safe Warehouses at the river,
where they may be stored, so as to Save one-hall
the hauling-. Produce down the river shipped free
Passage, $3 up and down.
This arrangement took effect after 20th inst
Thankful for past favors, we solicit a continu
ance of public patronage.
JOHN H. HALL, A-rcni
Henrietta S. B. Co.
Jan'y 30, 1847. 415-Lf.
Has opened a few doors below his old stand, on
Person street, 3 doors above Liberty Point. wJ;ere
he will be glad to supp'y his old f'nei ds a d us
minufactured by himself. He has in huud a
few Boxes of B M Raisins.
Half boxes do do
Or. boxes do do
Fiey, Almonds, Fi b-rts. Nutmegs, Mace, Cloves,
Essences, &c. Wlmli sale price nl'Carc'ii s 2 cts.
per lb. Orders, enclosing the cash, or r-f-rence
to houses in thi place, will icct ive pri;iii t atten
tion. Jan'y 3 V1847. 4l5-tf.
THE Subsc ibers have associate ! themselves in
business under ihe linn and tylc of
and have taken the th'rd tenement i 1 McAm's
New Fire Proof Building r,n t he Soirth-wr st Cor
ner of Market Square, w hi re they will keep con
stantly on hand a w li a-soiteil t"i.cU nf
Groceries, Hardware Cutlery
Crockery Drugs, etc. &e.
Consit ng in part of Sonar, Coflee, Alum and
Liverpool Salt, Molass- s, Pepper. Spice, Ginircr,
Soap, Candles, Powder arid &hii, lion. Axes, Bar
Lead, Trace Chains, Eurlhi n Ware, Pm-ki t Cut
lery, Borax. Indigo, Bagging l!o;e, fcc.&c . All
of which will be xchanjred on the in st reasona
ble terms for Cash or Ceuntry Prodme.
t 1LL1 M BltlGGS.
Fayetteville, Nov. 2i, 184G. if
100,000 Acres Valuable
THE Subscriber has purchased all the LANDS
belonjjin t" the Estate of" Abram Dubois, de'd.,
lying principally in Robeson county, and on both
sides of Lumber liiver, the ditT rent surveys on
ACRES ; a larre part finely Timbered, and con
venient to Lumber ttiv r, wle rc a lai:e ijuantity
ot Timber is now ratted i the biioractOH n mar
ket. These lanis are vrv -aluable both for the
rimher and Turp- nt ine, for which purpose a larae
rart is well suited, hoi m in a rf!it'n wln-fe the
rurpentine yields more ahunrla ttly than anv other
section d'the State. The Lands will be sohl at a
low price, and in rj't.in iiies to suit pnrchnser.
Infirmttlon respectm tin title can h obtained
v apjd vinff to the Nnr. Roliert Stra -.e, James C
iohhin, Esq., A A T Smith, E.-q., (Atforneys at
I understand there nr many trespassers or these
nds, to all of whom notice is hereby eiven, that
the law will be enloTced a -ainst all such offenders.
Application f-r any part of the Lands ctn be
made fn irrrserT. rrrfo John Winslow Esq., who
will be d'i'j' all'fioricd to make -il" .f the sam.
Fa vetev:!Ie, X.C., March I. IS 15. 31-1-1 f. .
DR. W M. P. M ALLETT, may be found, when
not professionally engaged, at his office near Ec
cles's Brjdgev-adjrtining the office at present occu
pied by tfie Hon. James C. Dobbin.
Angtm 28, 1846. 392. ly.'
D. SL W. McLAUUIN have re
moved to the opposite sideofHa sir. et into the
east tenement of the granite block of buildings,,
nearly opposite H. & EL J. Lilly.
In aiidtlion to our stock, w- are now or cning in
general assortment of seasonable GOODS, and ic.
cciviug a supply of GROCERIFS, Crockery, &c"
&c, v hich we offer low for cash, or on time to those'
who pav their bills promptly. D. & W. McL.
Octob. r 24, 1846. 401-tf.
IS now receivine his winter upply of PRY
fCODS, amonu which fro
Supeifine Cloths and ms-iiii res, assorted n.lr r!,
Sa!tim ts, Tw ceds. ami Kentucky Jt ans,
nianUa I-', a?nlll- fJOii'llit s,
B'eael ed and bia W11 Di lii-t ie,
ri-h i-rrtn, Lavns, and Disprf?,
Silks, plain ;ind fgirnl.
Shawl.-, trim 25 rit.- t ti 11 do'fju,
Thr::d, Lul i : t , Lace t.nd l-'.d-inp,
f 'alico' s arifi (inli; ii:c. 1 r l.e: p.
Casliturre D- Ecosj-c a: l Mi 1 s'iii Ar in,
Alpacca, bla k, shaded. nd t lln r oh-rs,
75 packages Bents and 5- Ins,
Ank-r Bolting Cloths, o. 2 to JO, J.c. kc
i ith o.aii other Goor's, nil id u hich ing f i.r'j
ehasu: l.y the packager at 1 1 lale h'i iiI ruey,
will le fcrcfl at nriei nuneii lew pricrs, Li wl.u't
sale or reiai .
Oelobcr 3, 1S J6.
THE subscriber off rs hi sevjees to the ci"i
iens of Fayetteville, as Carpenter and ContnnJ Tf
and ho;es tiv prompt ;i I le 11 r i-. 11 10 busines to sliaru
a part of the public patronage. ti. V . ROSE.
July 10. 1945. 3.5-tf.
Wou'd respectfully inform
the citizins ol Fayetit v il.c
and t he p id, lie -eri ra'lt ,lhai
l-.e has tiiki it ti e tainl 11
c nt y 1 (dip id . E. J.
t'laik. on t i'h sp'u- Sim r,
5 do rs Sonlii of the Maikil
Square, when I f will 11 : 11
hirlure and ke- r on.lanlh'
on hand an .isn'inn 1 I !'
Persons i-liin.' to porha.-e wnld do well fo
call ni:d ex; mil. e I i; .'lei k I clor uu In hit el-e
w here, as he is dt tt 1 ii.iru tl l. t II 1 1 !i 1 . imv
other niaiiiifar-turer in the Ma'e.
Cooking Stoves of various patterns
always on hand, una sold low tor 1 nf-u.
Jan'v 9, 1817.
Dsniel Moore.
Besides many others in different parts of tLe
State. .
With such a deservedly highcharacter, the Sub
scrrbers feel justified in offering these Wheels to
the public, they will keep en band a supply of
wneeis- aaopiea 10 mgn or low heaas at Jayetteville
Wilmin;ton, Newbern and Wiakinttoii. And
Mr James T. Dodson, of Caswell, has tbm for sale.
We caution all persons through the State against
paying any person but ourselves, or our authorized
agents, tor ihe right or asmg these wheels.
employment, acqvaint yourselves ith puttins in
theue Wheels, as we now wish to employ at least
...r I - 1 - M. r- . 1 ri .
luu in i iii uusiness in ainerent pans 01 mm oui
Favetteville, January 31 1846. S3-tf
May f. found opposite bin old stand, at the t-lutc
formerly occu-iied by Mr McChIIiiiu.
July 25 184G.
Gardner c IvdcKetlian,
HAVE lately made considerable improvement in
rheirstyleof Work .and have now on hand & G N
EllAL ASSORTMENT, consisting of
Carriages, Barouches, Buggies,
Gigs, Sulkcys, Waggons, S:c.
Which for elegance ot shape and finish, anil dura
bility, will compare w ith ar.y made in the U States.
I'ef sons wishing to bov, wo aid do well to call
and examine ou r work, as we ha ve determined to
sell LOW for Cash, or approved notes.
Ilavingin our employ first rate Smi'hs, we are
prepared to do any Iron work in the above line on
moderate terms.
We warrant allour work t be of iiood and faith-
ul workmanship and materials, for one year.
iCZF REPAIRING fai:Mul!y executed at short
notice, and on reasonable term's '
Fayetteville, February 8, 1 946. 7.
WE have r moved to John Wadddl, Jr's new
Fire-proof building, Hay street, two doors bcltvv
Messrs li & E J Li ly, and arc now- r-ceiving our
Fall and Winftr (U-(DCIDE3.l consisting .1 a
general and w ell selected slock t i
Staple and Fancy .ooclf
Uf the latet ityle4 and jMitern-,
Hartlware nntl Cutlery ; Glass,
Crockt ry arid Sloin- an- ; Hals; men's, bo s,
! and inlants' I if, L'iush, t.loth a id (j!az il Cai-s ;
Ifom-e MifiiOfactarfcffi ta!c"' X' A1,'1"'' "'.V1. ,Io:' S",Jts uu''
crotav ; o-iuHii-f i-viiipa, mines, ivi ail in 5Ta ICS,
Lea th r, &c,; Imperial and Hyson Teas; Lout,
white Havana, and common Sugars La-.uira
Cuba and llio l.'ollec; Chees-, llaiius. Soaps and
Caiidl--s; Mahoian fr uited L-oking Glasses; En
glish and Swedes Iron; Hollow Ware; American
an-l G - ma 1: Steel; Nulls, as.-mtci!; U01 c, lia"!; i n j;
and Twine; Trace, Haltcrand Fifth Chains;'Alurn
and l.ivi rpool S.r, &c &c.
jtCT5c0i lbs. prime BACON,
iToOeasks fresh rhoinaslown LIME.
The LtsJ iiiarliCt prie S paid for all kinds ot Pro'
We coTitinfre to attend to the Forwarding
Commission Brrness.
F.ivetttvJIie, Nov 21 91G.
4 5
SOOO Acres superior Ltiitd for 'Jurpen
line.Tar and Timber, on Big Rockfish and Puppv
Oiek, twelve to fifteen miles soi.tb of ibis prace
On the premises are two or three good Mill
Rafts can go down either stream, the niosl of Ihe
year. There has been no "timber cut on these
la nds. A distillery cooW be put t i g?x ad
vantage. Turpentine is made short distance
off, which the makers would be pleased to have a
home market for. To a. purcbas- r for tue-avhole
tract, a ffreat bargain would be given ; sajf about
one half its valae. Also "eral mall parcels of
land near this place. JiNO. WADDILL. Jr.
Favettevillc, Jan. 1,1847. 411-tf.
HAS just received a supply of Net Hooks, stand
ard Morks. School 13uoks,6cc., wilh stationery ai:J
fancy aiticlis.
January 23, 1847.
Tallow tif antcl-
The highest markt price will be given for 50,
000 Ifes-of 4ood Tallow, by
Oet. 10, 1-S4. 399-tf.
UNSEED OIL.-S0 bbls.Xin-
seed Oil, just received and for safe by'
Feby6, 1847. HALL & HALL.
25 doz. Cotton Cards, for sale by
Feh'y 6. MALL & HALL
Cet Rid of lhal Goitit t.
V 1any persoos l.tb.T under the mistaken id ee?
tbat Goitre, (an enlarem nt on the throat, pro-diicin-r
great dr formiiv, and ofter death, from pres
sure on Ihe u ind-pipe and larjje blood -vessi Is; ii
1 icurjb e. This i, a very great mistake. This
disease, as w II as Scrofula, are eradicated from'
the system by that pleasant, yet power'ul medicine,.
Jayne's Alterative. It is a certain to cure when
prope.-ly used, as that the sun gives light and beat.
All is wanted is a fair trail of its virtues, and thff
tumor will begin to diminish in ize, and gradually
become smaller until it entirely disappear-
A Physician's Opt n on of DrJayr.e's Expecto
: ' ' Lowell, Mas-., Jan. 27th, 1844.
, irAUviu jayne-Drar Sir: I have used jour
medicine. (o universallv knnw hv the nameof
Jayne's Expectorant,) in my practice for a num
v-r 01 years, anu can most truly say, tnsi 1 uac
been noro snccessfnl in the use of that as mild, safe
and thorough Expectorant, than of any which I
"- have ever used. It is the best for the following
obvious reasons. It does not (if given in propei
doscs.) occasion a disagreeable nausea. It dots
not weaken the lunss and prostrate ibe system,
like most .other Expectorants in common use, nor
does it abate the appetite of the paiient hke other
nauseating medicines, which nave been used by
fasulty. In a word, il is nearly or quite she thing
which has been sought for by many 01 the faculty
foe ages eons by. . I remsio yoiirs, fcc.
Prepared only by Dr D. JV"r' ?,),e,Pb:
and told on agency ky S. J. HLNSDALE

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