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ffcsJff j ft!
mi sit
Vt superior qualitj, and half the price of any other.
For fie cure of scrofula, general debility, scaly
eriij'lions ol the skin, pimples or pustules on the
fac, hi es from an impure habit of the body, pain
and swellings of the body, and ail diseases arifins
froTi an impure state of the blood, chronic rhtuma
mitiMn, cutaneous diseases, tetter, mercurial or
yphiloiil disease, ulcerations of Ihe throat and b-jsr,
liver si3 ctlnns, exposures and imprudence in lite,
txcesscs in the use of mercury, &c.
Sold only by S J Hinsdale in Fayetteville.
The uVaf from infuncv, often receive in a most
miraculous manner tdcii hearing w hen they least
expect it, by the use of this Oil, which shows lh m
how easily they miht mtioli sooner hav had their
hearing and saved themselves anil ihi'ir f Vicnds the
pain of conversing in a loiiii tone, withfiit pleasure,
or .f b ing neglet ltd ami shunned, to avoid that
tMrftreFB tvhiih is f It mutually by the deaf person
and his hearers. Uow sacred a duty therefor-- it
is, th;it we u.e all necessary means t remove such
so afil ction,and e yy I he social qualities implant
cd in our natures ! This Ear Oil bus the effect so
to relieve the tension, and b-iir into ns- the
natural action of h; parts, a. to restore the hear
n wh-ri lost or imp.iiie l. This is pioved by so
many e' knoitn ca.-es, that where known, it
ie;ls no praise. Tin- irr-at wihof the proprie
tor i, Ihat each may .i-ak to olli rs vt its un
common virtu's, lib sulF r;rs may know and be
relieved and rs'or-d by ils use!
Know n by my signature on the flask. Price,
SI per H.sk. DONALD Mi NAIll, M. D.
Com.-tock & Co, New Yoik, are the whole
salers ot this Oil.
Soi l in b'ayetleville by S J Hinsdale.
A Ji'on to alt Families and Sufferers.
Proof too plain to he doubted and too strong1 to
be denied, is obtained lliat all the lodowin" ar
t'.tred by LLN'S liALM Ol-' CHINA, namely .
Horns, elii'bl.tin-!, left- r, ulcer, cuts, si.r throat,
b 1 1 ber's ileli, sore eyes and IiiIh, ic doforeux, hl
s:ars. sore ni; ''. while sw III n, scalds, chafe,
pimrle, fistu'a biuisen, t lotion s, carbuncle, sore
lip, aue in liiee and bre.ist, prickly heat, ronoh
h i nds, general Mre.s, tro-ted .irls, chaps, felon,
erysipelas, stiain, piles, eruption, i henmatism, le
ver sore-, broken lr.ast, blistered surfaces.
For Horns it. is a ppecilic. Q.i-elit.n Will any
humane man risk the lives of his children by nc
jdeel lo keep tins balm always at band? It is ood
for so many things thai no boose fbe.nld be wi th
rill it. Lil all Ined this warnin". Price 50 cts,
or 6 bottles lor $-1 5. Sold in Kayetteville by S.
J . Hi nsdule.
ilfs Liniment for ihe I 'icS.
Piles 11 I ua Sly cured by this certain rcmcdv.
Tin; sale ol this artie'e is steadily inert asing, not
withstanding the many conntertits frot up in
imiiat'on ot ii. Persons trouhletf with this distres
ino cooiplaint, declare that they would not be
V.thoii this preparation in their houses for the
price often boxes. The pub ic will recollect that
Ibis is on'y r medy ffi i them lliat is in r ably
of any value why lexer. In places where it is
known, every family lu.s it in their house. It4
price is not considered a I all. It is above all
price. Ceiustock & Co., '23 Court lau'Jt strcct.fJcw
Yoik, sob- proprietors.
Sohl ouly by S J Hinsdale in Fayetteville.
Oldridgc's Doha of Columbia for the Hair.
It positive qualities are as follows :
1st l'or ml. tots, ke p'ng theiii free from scurf,
and c.ausin.- a Uixn' i ml rowth of the hftil.
al - For ladies after child-birth, r s:trinr ihe
skin to its usual siri-nirh'ti ami firmness and pre
venliim the la lino out ot the hair.
3d For anv i crson recovering from any debili
ty, the -ame IT ct is prodi cid,
4th Ifused in infancy-lil a pood growth is
started, if may be rcsc: cd by attenticn to the
latest period ol I te.
5tli It frees iln: head from d.indrufl. strength
ens the ronfs imparls health and vir to the eir"
ctlal..n. and invents the hair frotn chfttijlhg tbJ
or getting tray.
Bib I' iaues the hi'rtocurl beautirully when
done up t he over id e hi .
'. J" No ladies' loilet should ever be made
without il.
7tli Children wbt have bv any means contract
ed v-rinin in the head, a it- iinn eil'alelv and per
fec'ly cired ile m by its use. It is infallible.
Sold only by S. J. Lliesdalein Fayetteville.
.1tcr's Relief Indian Discovery.
All expecting to become mothers, and anxioes
to avoid th -pains, distress, and dangers child
bearing, arc earnestly entrea'ed to calm their tears,
allay their nervoesneb, and soothe iheir way by
the use of fhi most extraordinary vegetable pro
duction. Those who will candidly observe its
virtues, must approve of it in their hearts; every
kind and afleel innate husband will feel it his
most solemn duty to alleviate the distress his wile
is cxosed to. by a safe and certain method, which
is the os- ot Mother's llelb I.
Further particulars in Pamphlets intended fof
the Fern il-' Eye, to be had gra'is where this hu
mane Cordial is to be font tl.
The Mothet's Relitl is prepared, and'sojd, by
the now sole proprietors, Coir.sto k & Co, ,
Graduate of the New York Siat Medical Col
lerc, and Public Lecturer on the Theory and
Practice of Medicine.
Order may be addressed to them, 21 Court
landt street, cw York.
Certificates. anl further iiaif tenlais, can te
seen wln re the Itclif is sold.
Sold only by S. J. Hinsdale in Fayette vie.
Jl Certain and Permanent Cure for Sail
Hlit urn, ii'C.
Will Cure Salt Rheum, Tetters, Ring Worms,
ami ull Diseases of the Skin.
It excels a l other medicines, producing a con
stttutiona. and lasting cure by acting on the bo
wels by absorpt.on through the porefof the skin,
and happily comb.n,n a local and general effect.
Directions w ith each bottle, sold at 50 cents bv
he Druggists generally Comslock & Co Neir
York. Sold only by S. J. Hinsdale. '
February 6, 1847.
The marvellous cures which have been wrought
by this all-healing ointment, and the almost in
credible amount of suffering which has been relie-r.
ed by if, are too well known by the public lo ad
mit ot any doubt ot its wonderful properties in
subduing all pain or suffering from burns or
scalds, and always healing in an incredible short
time and never leaving any scar. If applied 1o
broken limbs they heal without pain, or sorenesB
Coinstock & Co., New York, sole Proprietors
and no Pain Extractor is genuine unless it has
their signature on the wrapper of each box. Price
25 cents, 50 cts. and $ I per box. All clergymen
supplied irratiji-
SoU in Fayetteville by S.J Hinsdale enly Agent.
miliary is, 11347.
At the junction of Bridge and Pel son Streets.
THE undersigned would be leavotn ret.. hi.
thanks to his friends and the public generally, for
meir pairooag: ii.iomre, anri would now inform
them that tie li. e engaged ihe seiviccs of Mr Amos
Williamson, under whose t-operintendance the
I . - ...
work win Deconoucieo, and in whom the public
will find a competent Workman, always ready to
serve tnem wiui good substantial work, at prices
to -Hit the times.
The horse-shoeing department w ill have partic
ular attention, ami v ill he executed bv that re
nowned colored son of Vulcan, DavWPookam.who
as a horse shoer, is not surpassed by any workman
in the place. I ! solicits from bis old customers
a continuance of their patronage ; to all others he
desir only an opportunity to secure tbeil custom.
Doat work particularly attended to, as well as all
kinds of job work. E. C. HALL.
Fayelteville, March 27, 1847. 423-tf.
DOLLARS Jiounty, or a bounty of
OF LJl.YD, at the option of
the Recruit.
WANTED fur the United States Army, able
bodied men, between the ares of 18 and 35 years,
beinw about 5 feet 3 inches high, of good charac
ter, ami of rsp- etable s'andinjj amno their fellow
citizens. None nerd apply to enter the service
ln those who are determined to serve the period
of their enlistment honestly snd faithfully, durin
the war w-iih Mexico, " or for the term of five years.
Tuble f established rates f pay agreeably to existing
laics :
Pay if arlil Pay of Dra-
'ery&mfan noons and
try soldiers, r i fl e in e n
md of dra- when moun-
"r:,"e- ioons & ri- ted.
Itrmen w hen
serving on
foot .
Pay per Pay per
moi.tb. month
To the Serjeant, Q.nar
termas'er St;rgeant,
Chief iMusician ami
Chief B'jlI. r, ea h $17 S7
To the Is Scrotal. t of
company 16 16
Ordnance. Sergeant 18
All other Scgvaiits, each 13 13
Corporals y 1
Cullers 8 9
Mudcans 8
Farriers & Blacksmiths II II
A rtificers 1 1
PriVats 7 8
A bounty of twelve dollars will be paid to the
recruit enlisted for the Ariilhry or Infantry aim.
Dcsideh the monthly pay, as above stated, one
ration per day is allowed every soldier, which is
amply sufficient for his subsistence ; also, a large
supply of comfortable and iienteel clothing. Good
quarters and fuel are at all times furnished ; and
every attention will be paid to making those men
who may enlist, and are determined to serve their
country in good lailh, comfortable and contented
in their sit uat ion. The best medical attendance
is always provided for the sick soldier; and no de
duction of pay is made during the ieriod he is un
able to perform bis duty. Should the soldier be
disabled in the line of his duty, the laws provide a
pension for him.
By the above it is seen that the pay and allow
dh'Ces are respectable, and that, with prudence and
economy, the monthly pay of the soldier may be
laid u; as eerything requisite for his comfort
and convenience is furnished by the Government,
iocluding his fuar and coffee. The prudent sol
dier, therefore, may readily save from 8420 to
$1,020 durins his enlistment of five years ; and at
the expiration of that term, he can, if he chooses,
purchase a small farm in any of the westeru States,
and thee setlli bimself cmfortably, on his own
land, for the. rest of his life.
The sum ot two dollar" w-ill be paid to any citi
zen, non commissioned officer or soldier, w ho shall
b ingto the rend, zvrns an able-bodied recruit,
w ho shall be regularly enlisted. The citizen should
present bis recruit to the Lieutenant or Captain,
and not lo the Recruit inc Sergeant.
1st Lt. lith U. S. Infantry,
Recruiting Officer.
Recruit in- Rendezvous, ' $
Fayetteville, March 25, 1847 )
Ges liui. Orders, 1 WaR- Department.
Adjutant Genl's Office,
No. 2. ) Washington, Jan 8, 1847.
"A2i ACT to encourage cnlistin-nts in the Regu
lar Army.
" Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America in
Conjrress assembled. That during the continuance
of ihe war with Mexico, the term of enlistment of
Vthe m- if fo be .recruited for the regiments ot dra-
goons, artittei y, inlantrvr and riflemen ot Ihe pre
sent military establishment, shall bo 'during the
4 wnr,' or five years, at the option of the reeruit, un
less s'toycr discharged.
S c.2. And bo iifurlhcr enacted. That there shall
be allowed and paid to eveiy able bodied man who
shall be (inly enlisted to serve in the artillery or
"infantry, for the terra of fiveears or during the
war, a uom.y im.wciw-juoo.is ; uui iiic payment
ofix dollars of tt? saH bounty shall be deferred
until flie, recruit-shall have- joined fi duty (fie re
giment in which he is to aerve.w
BOU5TTY 6f, J 60 AO-gES tF LAND ;
Extract from -Gctieral Orders Ao. 4. -
Bv the 'fltlVvectio?of-the. act of Congress, ap
proved Februaryi It h, 1847, each non-commissioned
officer, miifician, ot private now in service, or
who mav heYcatter be enlisted miring tne preaem
wr with Mexico, nd who shall receive an honor
able discharse eithef by expiration of his term of
cnusiment, or tor disability ineurrea in tne course
oCbis service, will be entitled to s warrant for one
u""'0 and ixty acres of land, wnicn tie win oe
i!rar.l-rto ,octe 'n one body, upon any of the
pwbtio lands that may be subject to private entry ;
or Im nay at hia option, when honorably discharg
hmw,y,,,,e,Mry "P to the amount of one
able If J J "" heari2 ix Per ccnt -merest, pay
s,,r! r?K naa,,y' and redeemable at the plea
sure or the government. By order
R. JONES. Adiiitm'it General.
JOSEPHS DUNN offers his ser
Term liCerl. StT -"'"'"S orjobbing
IS now receiving at bi store on Hay street,
great variety of Spring and Summer
Also, at the new store northeast corner of Market
Square, (under the care of H. H. Ellis,) a general
assortment 01 1 1 f liiiTifi
Hats, Bonnets, Shoes, Boots.
Crockery, Hardware, and family (BJTldJ-
VlJiHiB41 U1J My friends & the imbhc will
accept my thanks for past favors, and do me the
favor to call at either of the above stores and ex
amine the goods, and hear the prices before buvine.
npni j, loii. 424.2m.
Observer copy 1 month.
ARE now receiving per st'rW.B. Mearcs. the
raosi 01 ineir oprmj- supplies ol
Consisting of DRV GOODS in -rreat varieties,
manv new styles sttttablu for Ladies and Gentle
men's wear. Also, Palm Leaf, Leghorn, Panama
and Fur Hats: Bonnet. Khnpo ITmhll.c r
i 1 - -" -'- y v auy jl cai ta
sols, &c., embracing one of the largest stocks ever
flered bv them, and whieh thfv ii.ton.1 eil: .. t
the lowest market prices. Count-y merchants and
others arc invited to call and examine.
March 27, 1 84 7. 423-8 w
ARE now receiving from NeW York and Phil
adelphia, a large and splendid stock of
Staple & Fancy Dry Goorts.
Consisting of a great variety of French. English.
and American prints, muslins, baizorines, and bare
ges, and othT new styles ol plaid goods- superfine
cloths and cassimerrs; Frencb.Enolish, and Amer-
ican orap-ue-ies; merino casnmere; and caslime e
alpacas and bombazines; Oreson and Monterev
Cksimeres; silU and satin vestings, Marseilles and
cashmere ditto; brown and bleached shirting; linen
and cotton IU-4 and 12-4 sheetinur silk and kid
gloves, cdrded dnd grass skirts, and other ni w
styles; brown linen and linen drills; white and
fancy mils; nankeen andKcntucky jeans; camlets
ami coating!- ot all kinds; black and white musnns
ginghams; Florence and straw bonnets: fur, Pan
ama, and leghorn hats; infants and pedal ditto:
ooois ana snors. And a great many other articles
in the Dry Goods line too tedions to mention. All
hose wihm to purchase at wholesale or retail.
will please call before purchasing elsewhere. As
the above Goods were purchased low. thev will
be sold uncommonly cheap (or cash, or to those
who pay their bills when presented.
rviarcn 'il, 147. 423 -2m
REMAINING in the Post Office in Fayetteville
on the 1st of April, 1847 :
J B Askew
RD Aldington
Jas D Buie
Jas Baker
Mi." Mabel Bingham
Mis Ann Blackwell
Thomas Bullock
M J Buie
Sxlvester Brown
J L Badger
Mrs V Brown
Mis Sacr Blackwood
Daniel Butler
J B Bryant
Charles Buisee
Mrs Flora Buie
John Buie
G T Bark.'dale
Stephen B: thea
John R Bedsole
John Cutlmath
Isaac Clark
Miss Mary L Carver
Harriet Carter
L B Cochran
H J Craddock
Daniel Clark
James C In son
Joseph Downing
Miss Nancy Davis
Calvin Davis
Peggy D'nald6on
Mms Eliza Davis
Miss iMary J Edwards
M N Evans
Bryan Gey
Robert Graham
Mrs Rebecca Gordmen
Martin Graddy
Miss Margaret Holmes
Miss Eliza Holmes
W A Hancock
Jas C Haight
Curtis Holland
Cleiveland Ilaiwnod
William Hales
Ma?oa' Howard
P M Huson
Cordea Hammonds
Miss Cuzza Hints
A Hales
Win Jones
Miss Diana Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Nancy Jcspcr
R D Jones
B W Jean
Cornelius Kelly
Reason Lock amy
J D Locke
VVm Lumsdcn
Uriah Lamb
Hon A Mann
B L Mariott
R A Munroe
J S Matthews
Andrew Morrison
M J McDuffie
Duncan M tint ire
John R McLemore .
W L McDcarmid
Robert McLearn
M J McKay
Hugh McLean
Alex McKcnzie
Neill McLean
John Q. McDugald
DanM McNeill
Arch'd McDonald
John McLaren
VVm K Nott
J S Peaison
Jas Potter
Jonathan Parker
F C Parsons
Miss Mary Phillips '
Thomas Price
W F Ramsay
Miss Ava Ronalds
Miss Mary Rnssel
W o J Smith
C C Sutton
David Taylor
Joseph Thames
Nathan Wheeler
Neill Watson
Tbos Whitfield
Miss Eliza Weodkins
Jenny Watson
Miss Mary A Woodel
F J Wilkins
Wm Whitehead
Gulden Harris
April 3, 1847
has already proved itself to be all that it has been
recommended, by those whi have given it a fair
test in this country, and thedemand for it in
creases daily. We have just heard of an important
cure of Asthma, which has been effected by the
use of it, iora neighboring town the case was
that of a female w ho had for a Jong time been un
der the care of a physician lut had received no
relief, and her cae was considered hopeless. As
a last resort she purchased a bottle of Dr Jayne's
Expectorant, which caused her to expectorate
freely, gradually ceased her cough, and is rapidly
restori ng her to health. Somerset (Me.) Journal.
may be cured with certainty, and at a trifling
expense, by taking every niuhi, at bed-time, two
or three of Jayne's Sanative Pills, and a dose of
either his Alterative or Vermiluge three times a
day .
and can't help it, is frequently expressed" by those
whose Hair, (like a false friend) is leaving them.
Now this is all a mistake; Jayne's Hair Tonic,
faithfully applied for a week, will preserve the
Hair from falling off, lemove all dirt and dandruff,
prevent its becoming prematurely gray, cure erup
tic diseases of the scalp, and still more, by its
continued use reclothes the head with new and
beautiful hair
Prepared only by Dr D. Jayne, Philadelphia,
and sold on agency by b. J. Urusdale.
Fr" the subscriber at Neill McQ.ueen'8, about 3
miles from Favt:vitiA a tarbkao M,r. u-nh
wnile spot in hcr forehead, about 8 or,9 years old.
on rcP'?c,,nS "er Wi" l,e glad'J re
ceived. Address me ol f!,-ihiiro fwir .-riiiritv
,vt fTr? rr xn MnnNAt.n
APm 3, 1847.
- m mr v-' & a a.v.b. -w
The copartnership heretofore existing between
A. C. Simpson & Alexander McLaughlin, is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons in
debted to the firm will please call and make settle
ment immediately. All those haying claims will
present them.
April 3, 1847.
Carriage manufactory.
Nearly Opposite Liberty Point
The Subscriber ha vino- taken fh stand l.ntolv
occupfed by Simpson & McLaughlin, respectful
ly returns hi thanks lor the liberal patronage here
tofore extended to hi m, and hopes bv tinremitted
attention to business, to merit a continuance of the
I have on hand several vehicles: Carriawrs.
Barouches, Buggies, Rockaways, Waggons, &c,
of the most approved style, which, for lightness
and durability, will compare with any made here
or elsewhere.
Persons wi-hing to purchase will do well lo call
and examine them, as I am determined to sell very
low for cash, or approved notes.
navin bad several years experience in one of
the largest establishments north, I am prepared to
manufacture Carriages of any description, at the
short ci-t notice. All work warranted for twelve
months ; and repaired, free of charge, should it
fail in point of workmanship or material.
Kb PA IKING neatly executed at the shortest
notice and most reasonable charge. Orders thank
fully received. A. C. SIMPSON.
Fayetteville, April 3, 1847. 424-tf.
Has just received by the late ar
rivals from tne North, a large and general
assortment of
Among which are
New style Ginghams and Gingham Lawns.
Calicoes, well assorted,
Baizorines and Printed Lawns,
Gingham Muslin Robes,
Tarlton do do
Silk and Muslin Scarfs,
Irish Linens, Lawns, and Diapers,
Ditto Sheeting, 3 yards wide,
350 pieces pantaloon stuff, assorted.
Superfine Cloths, Cassiuicres, and Sattinets,
Lace Eding and CXuilline,
Merino Ca?simere and Kentucky Jeans,
Anker Bolting Cloths, No. 1 to If, -
75 cases Boots and Shoes,
3-4 to 1 2-4 bleached and brown Domestics,
Alpaca, silk and cotton warp,
With many other Goods all of which being
purchased for cash by the package, will be offered
by wholesale or retail, as cheap or cheaper than
the same quality of Goods can be had in this State.
April 3, IS47.
Hardware & Cutlery
WM. 0. JAMES & CO.
ARE now receiving and offer for sale, by whole
sale and retail, an extensive assortmmtof new
and well selected Foreign and Domestic Staple
CUTLERY, the whole combining a stock of
commanding character rarely equalled in this
country which having been purchased in New
York for Cash, and. otherw ice, at Auction and
private sale, will be sold at cheap rate?, to mer
chants, families and others.
The stock being entirely new, and very gene
ral, comprehends far tbo many articles to be men
tioned in a single advertisement; it is deemed suf
ficient to state, that almost evety desirable article
will be found at the etablishmen'.
In the selection a ndVu rename of the stock now
offered to the publieore than a month's constant
laboi has been expanded, ai.d no pains have been
spared to obtain every article on the best terms.
Connected as they are with one amongst the
oldest and best houses in the United States, and
with every means of procuring goods on the best
terms, Wm. C. James & Co. feel persuaded they
can ofler very creat inducemeuts to those wishing
to purchase, such indeed as cannot tail to satisfy.
New supplies of goods will be constantly arriv
ing as they are wanted.
Fayetteville, N.C., Hay street,
Nearly opposite", tbe new .Lafayette Hotel.
April 3, 1847 v - -: ' ; . 424-tf
Raleigh Standard, copy one month andWead
the bill to this office.
LkwcTH of Dats. At Berlin and Lon
don. thVlonrrest dav has sixteen and a halfr
hoursif' At Stockholm and Upsal, the long
eat has eighteen and a half hour3 At Ham-
Tiurcr Dantzic and Stettin, the longest has
serenfferj hours and the shortest seven. At
St. Petersburg and Tobolsk, the longest has
nineteen and the shortest five hours. At
Tornej in Findland, the longest day has
twenty-one hours and a half. At Wander
bus tn'Norway, the d3y lasts from the 21st
of May to the 23d of July, without interrup
tion ;,3nd at Spitzbergen, the longest day
lasts three and a half months.
- -Castigate that quadruped until he shall
have accelerated his pace,' said a dandy to a
livery-st3ble boy who was driving him a
short distance into the country. 'Talk to
me in "English," said the boy ; -1 don't tin
derstand Injin."
Wo call Ibe attention of our readers to the
following patiiotic peocb of Gen Low, of
Concord, N Hampshire, before a democratic
meeting, held previous to the late election
in thiil Slate. It doe it oue good to read such
remarks. Gen. Low was at tbo bead of the
Whig Presidential Elector ia I Ticket in New
Hampshire, in 1844, U'the cannot go with
bis party in iheir course which is so well
calculated to aid the Mexicans and injure
the cause of our own country. He speaks
bis sentiments boldly and well. lie is right
ou the right side in ihe right course, aud
w ill receive the hearty approbation of ever
true-hearted American.
The questions (-aid Gou. Low) couuected
with the present war, ihe position which every
paliiot should lake in this crisis, outweighs iu
my opinion every other question befoie the
public. The war has becu denounced as
Mhe President's war.'' From ihe denuncia
tion ! must express rny dissent- my entire
dissent. In one respect only is it "the Pre
sident's wai" inasmuch as it is the war of
every ciliten of the Union. It is your war,
Mr President it is ihe war of every citizen;
be he high or low, in this glorious Union. It
is ihe war of our Representatives in Congress,
declared by them by almost an unanimous
vote, and mor.es il is a war to resent outrage,
aggression and insult. For my life sir, I
never could understand how the oppoucuts
of this war can make out that the President
is reponsible for ithow the President can ,
be held responsible for the acts which he is
directed to perforin by the representatives of
the States in Congress assembled. The Pie
sident has conducted the war with all the en
ergy and vigor that the materials placed iu
his hauds would permit him.
Iu relation to the commencement aud
ptimary causes of the war, I will but revett
to the history of the last few years a history
full of facts justifying the course ot our govern
ment. We have seut our accredited agents
to Mexico who have been received there with
delays, excuses and even insults. And while
our last minister (Mr Slidell) was in Mexi
co, while an answer to his mission was delay
ed, the Mexican goverurflent was gathering"
its men, collecting its aims, and raising the
mean to dash upon our borders. And when
finally that government bad supposed itself
lo bo sufficiently prepared fbt dn oggr
ive war; its message to our minister was
that Mexico would not treat on the subjects of
aggression on our commerce, insults and in
juries to our citizens, or upon ther causes
of ihe mission, unless the w hole of Texas
was disposed of to suit Mexico's demands.
Mr Slidell when at Jalapa half way between
ihe Gulf and the city of Mexico was inform
ed ihat he could not be received. He was
obliged to leave Mexico,from which he escap
ed without being robbed on bis route. 1 11 this
be was more fortunate than others had been
before him.
, Our government did not desire war with
Mexico. We had endeavored by all honora
ble mean to avoid it. But wheu it was found
that a report to arms was determiued upon by
Mexico herself, for the purpose of conquer
ing Texas which had been admitted as a
sovereign state of our Union when it -was
found that the enemy was at eady making
hostile demonstration n our borders when
our army was first attacked and our citizens
cruelly murdered by the Mexicautroops then,
and not till l he D our Congress declared that
'war existed by the art of Mexico." The
glorious results and heroic achievements of
our brave little army, ou the 8th and 9th of
last May, followed these attacks and barbari
ties. The gallant acts of these two days will
be remembered so long ns the history of our
country endures. The unequalled heroism
and the feats of daring pei formed by our
uoble sons on these occasions add lu dre to
our history ad reflect honor upon our arms.
The charge of Col. May with bis brave little
squadron of only 80 men has befen scarcely,
if ever, equalled in the annals of history. But
the gallant deeds at Monterey reuder still
more glorious tho name and fame of ntjr
American sojdiery. And, Mr President, I
rejoice lo meet here ia this assembly oue of
the brave officers Lieut. Potter who stood
nt his gun during die bombardment from
Matamoros, and who fell wouuded while
storming one of the Mexican batteries near
Monterey. Loud and protracted cheering
1 honor him, sir I am proud that New flump
hiie was represented on that' glorious occa
sion, not only by him but by many other of
her brave and heroic sons. fCbeerincI
As noon as the news of the invasion of
our territory reached Washington, last May,
Congress, being then 111 session, immediately
passed a bill declaring that "whereas by the
act rf Mexico war exists between that eoun-
C5find the United Slates,'.' 'appropriating
$10,000,000 to carry ou the war, and grant
ing the enlistment of 50,000 volunteers. Why
was thi done by ihe presentalieof Ibe Peo
ple? (The President did not declare the war.)
The answer is plain. It was a plain direc
tion to the Presideut that, the mean being
placed in bis hands, be was to prosecute tbe
war as far as tbose means would enabletrigK
I am sorry to bear people talk about thiarar
being the - President's war the presi
dent's war" that "the President obJb it, and
nobody voted for it," &c. Congress had a
power to put a stop to the whole proceeding
by withholding supplies; but instead of doing
this, and after acknowledging that war existed
' by the act or Mexico herself; they gave
the President directions to pursue it with vigor
a . - a a.
oy voting appropriations ana supplies.
Wc all regret that blood should be thed-
I Volume 8 Number 425
rnoney is nothing in lh!s matter. Wc all. re
great the differing ibai wtr produces. - lSul
when the foe foibes us into a war, it ia our
duty the duty of every good citizen lo de
fend our country, our boundaries and oiir
tight, aud to obtain as sobh as posfble ri fati
and honorable pence.
Mr Pi evident, my mind revolts to Rib wai
ofiSl2. That war, you air, will recollect;
was denounced as cruel and unjust" wa3
called -Slim Madison's war." In like roahnsl
the present war also is denounced as unjust,''
" cruel," SJim Polk's war." I truly believe
sir, ihat the trtjeechbs and newpaper aiticlea
that have been published in this bbuniry; de
nouncing ur govern mem and its course
defending a ad applauding and wUhing suc
cess to Mexico---havfe been hHore jiowelTu!
aids to lhal country than riht thiur- else:
Thee articles, sir, have beeh republished iii
the newspapers of Mexico; and to therh aud
hopes thev give the people of thtit cbiititry;
may be wen ascrioea ino pertinacity wnn
which - the Mexican government opposse
peace. Sensation, and brffes bf f'TBdta triit!"J
Sauta Anna i cvrh How encouraging hb
soldiers by saying, " HoU dnbold ou tho
people ol the United Stales are opposed t4
the war. See their newspapers ! Ills bu!y
their army o!i the Rib Grande which is iri
favot of it ! Hold on hold on until th&
warm weather comes, and they will quickly
die off. Wo can theu recover Testis; cross
.1 -.- . 1 ... i I t I
tne saoiue. eaten tne 1 lesiaent, ana aiciaic
just such terms of peace at we please:''
Laughter aud lound cheering. J he Mexi
cans have never been ready !o treat upon
honorable terms. And now when they receive
'-aid and comfort" from the enemies of otir
rnvernthent at home; they demand e"s 8 pre
liminary to negotiation what ? That 6
rectos the Rio Grands? More. That vb
rccross the Neuces ? More tHan iHnt. Wti
must lertvo Texas, corffo io this side of tkd
Sabiue and then1 per trips if wo will pay"
them twenty millions of dollars besides, the
may be ready to treat with us.
Mr President, if we had all stood by our ,
country in her need il'e had oil rallied to tfof
defence when tier fights and those ol her citi
zens were invaded if we had stood up as
due man around the flag of our country, an
defended, by deeds and words tod; Kef honor;
her reputation and her tights, the war would
have been even now ended, and we all should
Htfve been itjolelng fit an hdufifable peafce;
But it was said that Mexico was it "poof
country'' that she was not able to pay us
what she owed ti that she cold not raiio
enough to pay even what she hud tipulaled b?
treaty. Mr President,7 when I hear th'trf said
I wonder that those who utter such'setill'fetlfa.
forget that she is able lo mi so an army of
30,000 men iu one spot, and of more thari
50,0( 0 in all, and thst she is alro able d
equip and support tnem. 'Can'f pay us" f
She can do it, aud would do it, if Ireacber
abd a disresatd of our rights did not pervaffi
itio whole Mexican government.
Geo. Low briefly reviewed the proceeding:?
of the Massachusetts Legislature in refusing
to grant any assistance Id itfefr tititi 6td'ri
teers. He spoke in lems of just severity of thjo
procoedifig In Adt Stdtb. lis toiiittiiseJ f
Among tho volunteers in Col. Cushing's rc
gitneut I found many New Himpihire bo."'
and when I saw it was nbolutely uecessar
for iheir health and romYorf, tft'af 4 fhey sttotfltf
be provided with clothing and other necesse
rics previous to their embarkation for the'
iceue of action, I did what duty eomoitiffdeu
me to do I directed some of them to procure
those atticles necessary to their health ant?
comfort ana (6 tfraw apft'ff me for the payment
of the same. fCheeffnfj.l
In relation to the coume Massachusetts hati
pursued, he continued : Massachusetts is
a State which has been greatly favored by the'
legiKlation of our country; frat whety a defffffncT
is made upon her patriotism, one set eons her-
se!f bebitfd her ' cotton princife,-f ' or vtftt-
siuuiionai sciupies; out 11 a tarin to euriu::
, sir, you succeed iu render mg ttfe gtivercr
t unpopatar---in'paralyz'irYg it's errna entf
crippling' its resources aud for oue buUcrcu
millious of hard doll.irs, you give securities
for one hundred and ninety mitrioCf, vfcV
is to be benefitted by ihe operation ? I? d
ibe thaises sorely not the poor mart v$Itf
his laige family, fnto whotfe .tfaffy conu'rniV
lion enters largnlv tiVe very fiite articles upotf
which the revenue of the gotrern'mcn't is based'
No sir it is the very men, who are now gett
ing behind their constitutional or olher cciup
les,' who will derNe tftiolhei- tUdttHoxii profit b)
the operation of a revenue uecessary to pro
duce the amount of our indeblness even tc
themselves. I go for a tariff which conduced
(o the Interests bX the vrhoTe peopfe atVo fo?
Ibe interests of the whole country. I go for
those ho are found always io tho support
and defence of their cou ntry. I knot it Lf
very unpopular with some to be a 'War. hawk'
It was so in some places dtfriog fhe fart war,'
and I tould telf the nftdience where. Yoti
kndw where, Mr Presideut, (appealing 1o the'
venerable preaidiug officer, who was a' cotft'"
patriot in arms in tho war of 1812.)
ten. Low then eloquently refbired to tho'
last war and some of its iucidcuts. You sir,'
Mr President, well recollect the scenes of
September, 1S$12. Provbst was advancing1
on Plattsburgh, with an army of 1 2,000 men,'
while we had but 1500 lo meet them. The
Brhih commodore on the lakre,- with' 11 fleet!
superior to ours in tonnage, metal aud men,
was sailiug down upon us. Messenger after
messenger hastened to Gov. Chittenden of
her citizens, to add lo her weefltrr; tfnafo fa
.. --a ii i
crease ber cflifetf, trie erf, parrot-tiKc, goes
rbitb." tariff." a tariff'' "more tariff.-' Sup
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