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jr uisL.isiiEn
f- f; 'n advance, per year,S2 00
Jot paid in advance. 5.
. . " I -
sswot paia untu six
z&L months have expir-
ot paid till the year
tZ has expired,
tsiifc.) No subscription received
"Vor a less time than a vear,
f jpfi if f" i
.kjnless the price be paid in j
: ... aavance
One square of twenty-oct
linea OP l fr fina wmm-
. WW
I tion, 60 cents ; every ub-
II seauent insertion. 2D rent.
! except it remain in for sev
eral months, when it will
be charged 93 for two
months, $4 for three, fee.
10 for twelve months.
bit witt. ix. hjxtzihii.
,i-Y Have just received their '
Spring and Summer
-i2mbracing a great variety of staple and fancy
-C3 goods, which they will sell at low prices.
U f May 8, 1847. , -. - -
100,000 Aercs Valuable
f'HE Subscriber has purchased all the Lands
-rf:X belonging to the estate of Abram Dubois,
escd, lyinir principally in Robeson county, and
on both sides ol Lun.ber rirer, the different sur
veys containing ovei ONE HJNDRED THOU
, SAND ACRES; a large part finely timbered,
and convenient to Lumber river, where a large
tfeMiantity of Timber is now rafted to the George
f',.(jwn market. These lands are very valuable
" both for Ticabei and Turpentine, for which pur
pose a large part is well suited, being in a region
-iPH'here the Turpentine yields more abundantly
than any ether section oi the State. The lands
fifvWtll be sold at a low price, and in quantities to
s twit purchasers
Inform ition respecting the title can be ebtain--ed'
by applying to the Hon. Robert Strange, J. C.
. Dobbin, Esq., A. A f Smith. Esq., Attorneys at
i hy
j ,1 u iderstarnl there are many trespassers on
these 1 nds, to all ot whom notice is hereby given
that the law will be enforced against all such offender-!.
ySAppHeation for any part of the lands enn be
' L made to myself, 01 to John Wiuslow, Esq., who
Will be duly authorized to make sule of the same.
M-irch 1, IS 15
t.ln Arey's rtuildings, 011 Gillespie Street.
'-"nilllK cheapest assortment ever o tie red
U J., Fayetteville. Consisting of line dress
coats, frock coits, vests and pantaloons, ot all de-f'scription-i,
suitable in .irice to any purchaser.
" Stocks, suspenders, nandkerchiels, shirts, col-
e., -He assures, those who wish to purchase that
' these clothes are as well made as any articles of
"'the kind in the country. Any person who buys
'airy bill of goods from him, which do not prove as
Rood as represented, are at liberty to return them,
ii he has tikeu pains in Philadelphia to make
them up himself, and he flatters himself his taste
r i as good as any one's. I. SAMSON.
?f " Sept. 1S.1S 11 4 1S-tt
T.lE undersigned will attend to the selling
of Timber in Wilmington; and whenever
there is a "glut" in the market, J. C. Blocker
will giv-t it his perrson. I attention at other
times," orders for the s-ile of Timber will preinpt
Vly be d,'-.p.tched yp addressing W. & T. Love,
. who will act in my absence. If punctuality in
i making returns will ensure patronage, then they
" hope to receive a share.
en ? J. C. BLOCKER &- CO.
iWiLMisoTos, Sept :25, IS 17. 419-ly.
""h, 2 Jt. ITS O lJf
f lfas opened a large and JNMv
sjz &m cd 9
- principally GROCERIES,
NVith a "eat assortment ot
Which h will sell for the lowest prices.
-So-.. 1 m At 44-tt.
For Palo by S. J. HINSDALE.
Tlie Caiiuleii Insurance Com
q. pany of N. J.
,U. L. BUCKLV, Sec'y. R W. OGDEN, Fre. t.
"iTbe undersigned, Agent of this Company, has received
Mr&uces that this Company is conducted by some of the
MMt wealthy and influential Jerseymen. and is second to
B0e in the Cnion of the same capital. He will take nre
tni marine risks on as favorable terms as any other Lom
9mmy JSO. M. ROSE. Agent.
nyettTille, March 4? 1848. 472-tf
For sale by S. J. HINSDALE.
"JVb. 227 Baltimore street, S. E, corner of
-t. Chnrlpa. Rltimni'f. .lal..
ImnArfpre nnd I)tnltrs in
TP. fllocks and Jewelry.
.... r.,ll... HnnB Ptstnla T.smna
iTTlver ana piaiea r " j ' . " A ' '
1 .mian Glass Ware, Military nd Mey Goods generally,
ffcr at wholesale complete assortment of goods in their
I m One of the firm visiting Europe every season, and
.facility tor 'JJSSJSS:
f .rchants and dealer, visiting Uiumon Vband
1 Sees and terms made accommodating. Atwjjn "d
Vftttchmakers' Tools and materials, Dentists' flies Daguer
jtype plate, and cas.NFiELD BROTHER & CO, "
isomer i oaituuuiw
March 25, 1848. 3m
Constantly on hand and for sale at BELL'S BOOKSTORE
. . . 1 j -
J AH lai&UlUlD .Tiv, ' Vfu SU I'KAX-
Base a box of these Pilla, if you are troubled with Fever
I d Ague. He deem, it unnecessary to give any of the
1 merous testimony he possesses a. regards the efficacy of
J W Pills, but would request the public to give them a trial.
? hey do not cure, the money will be refunded, provided
i factions are followed. w .
for sale at the NEW DRUG STORE, under Lafayette
1 vtel. Hay street. ' . ''
i friee, 76 cents per box, with full direction.
-.. Starch 25, 1848. - .1-
MAVE removed to the old stand of James G.
Cook, on the south side of Hay street, and
one door below-H. LMyrover & Co., where they
are now receiving their Fall and Winter supply of
Comprising a general assortment of '
Groceries, Hardware,
HOLLOW-WARE, &c. &c. V
Which they offer on favorable terms, for cash of
course to regular customers, as usual or ex-,
change for country produce.
Sept. 25, 1847. , " ' 449-y.
VOX. 9 SJO. 402.
' 03" Liberal deductions
for. large advertisements
by the year or six months.
For Dyspepsia. :
This preparation is a certain Sedative allaying
all Nervous Excitability and calming Nervous
Irritation Palpitation of the Heart Dizziness
ol the Head Faintness, and all diseases arising
from a Sympathetic Affection of the Stomach, are
entirely relieved by a very few doses of these
It has already become a favorite with many Me
dical Practitioners.
The Rev- J. N. Maffit, who has used it, speaks
of it as follows :
Brooklyn, Jan. 1S47.
Gentlemen; Having suffered for years from
the effects of sedentary habits and close applica
tion to study, I was induced to try your prepara
tion of Wild Cherry. Its beneficial effects were
soon apparent, and I take great pleasure in re
commending it as an excellent medicine especia
lly adapted to excitable temperaments, and one
that should be generally known and patronised.
The Long Island (N. Y.) Farmer, a paper prin
ted at Jamaica, L. I. gives the names of person in
that village who have been benefited and cured
by its use
The fullovving named persons have been bene
fitted by their use in Jamaica : M. S. Huntting,
James J. .Brenton, Charles Welling, Hendrick
A. Hendi ickson, J. E. Allemand, Mr Manwaring ;
Daniel Higbie, Springfield. , j
HibbariTs Wild Cherry Bitters. Three obstin
ate cases of Fever and Ague, have been cured re
cently by the use of Hibbard's Wild Cherry Bit
tZTS. Mr Watts, at Springfield, says that it cur
ed him alter other remedies had been tried in
vain. B. F. Hibbard's Bilious Pills, should be
taken, s;iy a dose or two, before using the Bitters.
Two of these pills are a dose, and are equul to 4
or 6 pills of any other kind.
Mr Ward, of the firm of Gales Stout & Ward of
this city says that he has found it very beneficial
in a severe attack of fever and ague. The
number of persons that have been cured and bene
fited in Jamaica ;done, would establish the reputa
tion of the article. -
S. J. HINSDALE Agent for Fayetteville ; P.
F. Pescud, Raleigh; P. J. Brown, Louisburg; B.
Howard, Tarboro ; Dennis Heart, Hillsboro. R.
F. Hibbard & Co. 9S John street, N. Y., sole
Oct-ber 9, IS 17.
Saml. J. Hinsdale
' Corner of Market Square,
HAS on hand a full supply of Fresh and Genuine DRUGS,
Medicines and Chemicals,
Which be offers to Physicians and the public at the lowest
prices. His medicines are of the best quality that can be
purchased in the northern cities, and his chemicals are
from the first laboratories in London, Philadelphia, and
Paris All the Pharmaceutical compounds sold by S. J. H.
are prepared by himself with accuracy.
Medicines sold to go into the country will be put np with
care and despatch. FeVy 5, 1848.
Home Manufactures.
Will continue to carry on the business of the
late firm of Gardner and McKethan, in all its
branches. He has now on hand, and intends to
keep, a general assortment, consisting of.
Buggies, Gigs, Sulkies,
Which, for elegrance of shape and finish, and du
rability, will compare with any made in the U.
tates. , . . - . . .
Persons wishing to buy, would do- well to call
and examine his work, as he has determined to
sell low for cash, or approved nstes. 1
Having in his employment first rate smiths.
he is prepared to do any iron work in the above
line, on moderate terms.
He warrants all his work to be of good and
faithful workmanship and materials, for one var.
CQ- Repairing faithfully executed at short no
tice, and on reasonable terms. - ;
. January 15, 1S4S,. n . v . , j .
The oldest Establishment in America!
THE CANTON TEA COMPANY has been popularly
known for many years This is the largest and oldest Tea
Establishment in America. The public have had full proof
f tbt-ir intfrity and responsibility.
They possess facilities, in relation to the Tea Trade, in a
Tery abundant degree, and doubtless, superior to any
other Tea Coi-rn in America" Their scrupulous regard
to all principles that tend to cleTate the character of a
large house, is well understood, and has alreaday secured
them a connection, probably, larger than all other Tea
Establishments united, and they consequently are deter
mined to sell Tear purer, more fragrant, and perfect for the
priecs in the aggregate, than any house in the world
China excepted.
They most zealously invite the attention of the in
habitants of this town and vicinity to their Agency' where
complete assortments are always on hand ; they feel no
hesitation in stating that wherever a single tral is made,
a very decided preference is giTen to the celebrated Teas
(pj- Reader , make the experiment! Subject in all
cases to be returned of not approved of.
These superior teas are put up in one pound, half pound,
and quarter pound packages, and purfectly secured from
light and air. SAML. J. HINSDALE, Agent.
December 4. 1847. 459-tf.
The Brick Dwelling and Store one door north of Huske
& Son. on Green street. Apply to
Dec 24. 1S47. , D. St. vv. McLAUKIN.
The subscriber has now on hand, and receiving from
time to time, a well selected assortment of Goods in his
line, which will be sold low. In part as follows :
Gold pens, silver pencils and thimbles, spangles, fine
pocket knives, scissors, razors, steel nut-crackers, cork
screws, dog collars and calls, tweezers, cake cutters, fish
hooks, lines and poles, egg boilers, pocket books, purses,
watch guards, common breast pins and rings, needles, coral
and glass beads, baskets, brooms; hair, flesh, tooth, comb
and shoe brushes: pocket, dressing, side. tuck, and chil
dren's round combs; card baskets, conversation and play
ing cards, pipes, snuff boxes, violin strings, battledores.
violins, flutes, tamborines. harmonicans. picolo flutes,
cologne, lavender, rose and orange water, fancy soaps, ex
tract!), cassada, bears, macassar and antique oils, ox mar
row, pomatum, powder and powder puffs, percussion caps,
shot, canister powder, baby jumpers, &c &c, besides a great
variety of CHILDREN -S TO S.
Also, nuts, raisins, fins, dates, prunes, tamarinds, cur
rants, citron, cloves, mace, nutmegs, cinnamon, camphor,
Kround pepper and cinser. starch, salaratus. chocolate
pperm candles, pickles, vinegar, lobsters, anchovies, Guava
jolly, chewing and smoking tobacco, segars. matches, butter
and Boston crackers, soda biscuits, crushed and powdered
sugar, brown sugar; young hyson, imperial. English break
fast. Oolong, Alohee. aud Ninyong Teas; Scotch and macco
boy snnff.
An assortment
makers use.-
Fcbruary 19. 1848
for carriage-
100,000 well burnt BRICKS,
extra size, now ready for delivery. Apply to
Feb'y 5. 468-6t WM O MATTHEWS
The Subscriber having leased the House formerly known
as the Jackson Hotel, and more recently as the Oregon
Hotel, in the town of Fayetteville, gives notice to the pub
lic in general, that it is now open for the accommodation
of boarders and travellers. His table wiil be supplied with
the best fare which our market affords, and his bar room
with the most choice liquors in short, every exertion will
be made to render his patrons comfortable. Particular at
tention will be paid to horses of those who may favor him
with a call. , rom his determination to please all.- II ne
cnn. he hopes to gain, as well as merit, a share of public
patronage ' THOS. H. MASSE 1 .
Pebruary 19, t848. . - ... - V
r Fine Brussels Carpet Bags, '
- . ' Ingrain " -' " - - -
" Ladies Satchels, for sale Vy - - -,
August 14, 1847. ... . ,
300 casks fresh nnslacked Thomastown LIME, for sale by
January 15, 1848. 165-tf. . (Jg-Observer. .
HAS just reeeired his Sprtag supply of DRY GOODS
among which are
. . - Superfine Cloths and Casaimeres,
Gingham and Calicoes,
Printed Lawns and Muslins.
Irish Linen. Lawns and Diapers.
Domestics, 3-4 to 12-4. blch'd and brown,
Cotton and thread Lace and Edging,
Silk and Cotton Handkerchiefs. -Drab
De-Ete and Summer Cloth, ,
' Alpacca. cotton and silk warp.
Large silk Shawls and drens do. -Bonnet,
cap and taffeta Ribbons. . .
Leghorn, straw, and other Bonnets,
Anker Bolting Cloths. No. 1 to 10.
A .11 lulu nnrehased DT
wiid many oum uwu. u i w . --o r -the
package for cash, will ba offered at reduced prices, by
waeieeaie or reiau. -i - , . . .'t ;
FayttterUfe, Mareb .lMt
I have on hand, of my own manufacture, fine Black, & Drab,
Beaver HATS; smooth coon and brush do.; fine lamb's
wool do.: and now receiving from some of the best manu
facturers in New York, superfine fashionable Beaver; guper
moleskin; fine Silk; close Beaver, and almost every kind of
men's and boy's Hats. Silk velvet turbans for children.
Super Otter. Shetland Seal. Nutra, Musk rat and Cloth
CAPS, of every description, which I will sell from 10 to 25
per cent less than former prices.
November 27; 1847. 458-tf.
A snperior article, in small boxes, for family use.
, March 18, 1848. . . ...,-. J. St T. WADDILL.
It has long been a question among teachers and amateurs
of music, as to the most suitable touch for a Piano Forte.
Some at this time contend for a light touch, while others,
with equal ability, advocate the heavy. This question ia
now nermanenUy settled. WISE Jc BROTHER have in
vented a contrivance by which the same Instrument may
be instantly set to any required touch,' by the turning a
single acrew. varying, if necessary, three hundred and sixty-five
differences. The advantages of this are evident,
both to teachers and amateurs, as lessons may be practised
on the heavy, and exhibitedkm the lighter touch, to suit ex
actly any physical capacity which is agreeable to fact and
progressive lessons. The contrivance is simple, and may
be applied to any common Piano. We invite the moat
critical investigation. Patent is about to be taken for the
improvement. ..- . ; . .
" March 25 1848, 3m No. 31 Hanover street. -
THE Subscribers having taken out General Letters of
Administration on the Estate of Zed. Burroughs, dee eased.
hereby notify all persons having claims, to present them
within the time prescribed by law, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery. And all persons indebted
to said Estate, are required to come forward and settle
he same. - -
D. G McRAE, Aa
Mar. 18. 474-tt ..' J. W. POWERS. Aam -
JOSEPH S. DUNN offers his ser-
vices as undertaker and builder, te the citizens or
others, disposed to contract for building or jobb
ing. Terms liberal
THE Subscribers are now receiving, at the New Brick
Store East of the Market House, a beautiful selection of
Spring and Summer Goods,
Among which are .
For Ladies' Dresses Satin stripe Bareges; Grcnedines;
plain and fig'd Dress Silks ; black and watered ditto; pink,
blue, and white Tarlatanes: Balzorines; French and En
glish Gingham and Gingham Lawns ; Organdies ; figured
and printed Lawns ; French, English, American and
Marseilles Prints, fcc. fcc.
Also, super black, blue, and fancy col'd Cloths ; fine
Doe-skin Cassimeres ; black and colored Satin Vesting ;
white Marseilles and Valencia ditto ; Scarfs ; Stocks ;
Liaen Collars and Bosoms ; Kid Gloves ; white and black
Lace Mitts ; super French Cambric Handkerchiefs ; Lawn
and Linen Cambric ditto ; French Worked Collars, very
Super Pamela, Sicilian and French Lace Bonnets;
Florence and English Straw ditto; super Bonnet Ribbons;
French Flowers.
Mole skin and Beaver Hats ; Panama, Leghorn, and
Rutland ditto ; Gentlemen's and Ladies' fine Shoes and
Slippers ; Calf Boots ; Umbrellas, Parasols and Shades, of
every description ; embracing every article usually called
for in a Dry Goods Store ; and will be sold on as accomodat
ing terms as can be had of any other establishment in the
- E. L. & J. A. PEMBERTON.
April 1, 1848 2m .. . . . .
SPIUNCi, 1848.
Just received, direct from New York, a few dress Goods,
NEW STYLES and of the latest importations, viz: Plaid
Silk Tissue, plaid Granadines, Waterloo plaid and plain
Bareges, half mourning and mourning do., printed Lawns,
fcc, very fine and handsome ; also a few embroidered
Evening Dresses, mode colored purse Silk, infant's Waists,
fine light Kid Gloves, black watered Silks and dress but
tons. &c. fcc. t
Also, will be received next week, a large assortment of
of all descriptions, for Ladies' and Gentlemens' wear;
house-keeping and servants GOODS, together with
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats,
Bonnets, (some very fine,)
and every article usually called for,, which will be sold ex
tremely Cow, as they have all been purchased since the
decline in the northern markets.
These goods will be sold for cash, or on time to punctual
customers, or exchanged for all kinds of produce,
f - . W. G. MATTHEWS, -
No. 13, North side Hay street.
-April 1, 104a. o-3t
sria iDiar (BcaoiDSft &c.
Has received from the north, a large assortment of desira
ble Dry Goods, comprising floor oil cloth, matting, carpet
ing, window and chimney shades, house and bordering pa
per, hardware, table and pocket knives, spoons, scissors.
steelyards, reap hooks, scythe blades, spades, shovels, and
forks, coffee mills, sets of weights, Collins- axes, hand hatch
ets; coopers', blacksmiths', and carpenters' Tools; round
shaves and files; single and double barrel guns; percussion
caps; gun flints; Umbrellas, shoes, hats, pepper, spice
singer, mace, cloves, cinnamon, mustard, table salt, teas,
loaf, clarified and brown Sugars; 20 bbls No 3 Mackerel; 10
nil -is Mess t orK; liacon, large siaes.
April 22, 1848. 3m
Imported Flatterer
Is located in Robeson county, and may be found at regu
lar intervals, during the present season, at the following
named positions, to-wit : At James uunu's. on tne One raw
stage road; at Mr Arch'd Smith's, 8 miles south of Dunn's;
at Mr John McNair's. on Ashpole; at Mr Alex. Fullmore's,
10 miles further south; and at Mr Daniel McKinnon's,
near Floral College, where his terms (liberal) may be as
certained, and any other information in regard to him pro
cured. , - .
AprU 22. 1848. 479-3t
Would inform his friends that he has removed his
Ware rooms to 295 Broadway,
(Lafarge Buildings,) ' NEW YORK.
MR. BROWNE'S HARPS are by far the most elegant we
have ever seen, and in the tone there is an extraordinary
addition of sweetness, purity, and power. 1 he cordial ap
proval of the celebrated Harpist. Bocbsa. should make him
and his works celebrated throughout the country. Musi
cal Times.
Harps repaired, Strings, Music, fcc.
London and New York, established 1810.
April 22. 1848. - 3m -
& Harness-Making
The Subscriber respectfully informs the public that he
has located himself in LUMBE11TOJN. Being a practical
workman, and having pursued the business during the last
twenty years, he deems it unnecessary to say more than
that he guarantees all work done by him to be of the very
best materials and workmanship. H is stock consists in part
of the following :
Saddles, Bridles and Martingales,
Saddle and Medical Bags,
Carriage and Buggy Harness,
Cart and Wagon do.
Gig and Wagon Collars,
Riding and Driving Whips, "
Stirrups, Bitts and Spurs. ' ;
He flatters himself that in price and quality his work is not
to be surpassed any where, and would respectfully call the
attention of all who want good work, and saddles that will
not hnrt either horse or rider, to his assortment.
Repairing neatly executed at the shortest notice,
and on the most reasonable terms. Orders thankfully re
ceived. JOHN M. HARTMAN.
April 22, 1848. 479-tf '
From the subscriber,, on the 14th
inst., a small bay horse, about seven
years old, with one white Tore foot,
and a small knot on the right hind
leg. . .
Any person taking up said horse, will be liber
ally rewarded, or any information of him will be
thankfully received.
Leesrille, Robeson co., Ap. IS, lS4S.-4t
DR.- LE BOY, a Licentiate of the Royal College of Phys
icians in London, having used in his private practice, for a
number of years, the "
at length made an extract of them, which with other veg
etables, he has combined in one of the best Pills ever made
known to the European Community, and which met the
attention of the American people. They are the most
efficacious purgative and tonic yet diseovered
is an excellent tonic, possessing astringent and aromatic
properties, which make It vaiuaDie in dyspepsia, uwwi
Weakness of the Stomach and chest.
i demulcent, diuretic and soothing, and is given lu Rheu
matism, Scrofula, Diseases of the Skin, and to endictXe
the bad effects of Mercury. In the operations of all other
purgative medicines debilitation and purification go band
in hand ; they remove the good, as well as , thus
weakening the system, which they were only required to
Meanse. and makinz the cure generally almost s baa, and
frequently much worse than the disease.
Pills, on the contrary, strengthen and tone the system
wbhtheypnrgnTpurify. 5J?
attribute, and the principal cause w "-
larity. W1M rv.. -
p. S. l ne virtues ot toe awDi. -
are too wu Known w awuw . -
require further detail.
QJ- Price 2ft eents par hex, , - J,V '
Tot sal by S. 3. Hinsdale agent. Arfl t-ly.
j , From the John Donkey.
In Philadelphia, at the festival in commemora
tion of the birth day of, the great embodiment
the old mill boy of the Slashes.
By our Fast Phonographic Reporter.
The Hon Kettle M. Potts then came
forward upon which the uproar was most
terrific, and may be expressed Phonogra
phically in this way, oooooooouunrr,
ooooooooooanurrrr, oooooooaurrrrrrr, ooo
ooooaurrrrrrr, ooooooooooaurjrn rrr, oooo
oooaooaooaroooaurrrrrr, fihuuipingf tump,
mmp, inmp, mmp. in nip, inmp, (clapping)
kwalc, kwak, kwak, kwak, kwak, kwak.
The tumult having in some measures sub
sided, the Honorable gentleman smoothed
down his whiskers, stretched out his right
hand, opened his mouth and said, -
Mr President and gentlemen of every
hue and colour, kind and degree. Those
yells which you have just now given, were
most grateful to my ears But I am not
a noodle I know that they were not given
tome because my name is Potts, but be
cause I am the champion of your great
champion, because 1 am the unrelenting
foe of his great foes -because, in fine, I
headed Captain Tyler, and am about to
head oft' the man who headed Santa Anna.
(Cries of "You are right! Go ahead!")
Gentlemen, there is not a man here, there
is not a man in this beautiful city, there
is not a man in this great commonwealth,
there is not a man in our beloved country,
there is not a man on the face of the whole
earth, who does not know that James K.
Polk has brought this country into a most
unrighteous, wicked, vile, outrageous,
scandalous and abominable war. Tremen
dous cheering.) oooooooaurrrrrrr, .000000
aurrrrr, ooooooooau rrrrrrr, ooooooooeo
aurrrrrr, oooooraurrrrrr. Gentlemen, now
that the .war is about toend, we. ought
to be united in opposing it. What need
of division? Is not Henry Clay the con
sistent opponent ot all war? is he not
the Great Peace man of the age? Why
then should we change? Have, we not
been voting for Henry Clay for the last
twenty years? Why should we ever stop?
Uentlemen, 1 declare to you that the
people have gone after false gods. They
nave set up lor tnemseives idols, ana nave
fallen down and worshipped them. They
I i I t I. . A - .
nave iorsaKen mm wno is me true uivinuy.
As is the Christian who disbelieves in a
Saviour, so are those Whigs who have aban
doned Henry Clay.
Against old Rough and Ready, the great
Dagon of their idolatry, 1 shall say nothing
because 1 cannot. 1 honor hi in tor be
ing the instrument in beginning and carry
ing on this abominable war, and he is an
honest man. But, gentlemen, what are
his principles? Would he not if elected
appoint honest men to office? And would
one of us stand the least chance? Cries of
"No! No! No! No!'' all over the house)
Gentlemen, I have letters in my pocket,
which I got through Pat Tompkins, which
prove that Gen Taylor is a no-party man
that he is not ultra in any thing! Now,
gentlemen, I am proud to say that I am an
Ultra Whig a Vying I rom the start and a
Whig to the end a Whig inside and out
side, upside and downside, front side and
backside from stem, to stern from head
to foot- here and there and everywhere
now, to-day . and to-morrow and forever
more; and I want to ask if you are in favor
of any man for President, that is not as
great a Whig as I am? Cries q"No!
No! No! No! -Certainly notl'V
I tell you, gentlemen, that you cannot
find one real, true, genuine, unadulterat
ed, whole-hog, ultra Whig in the broad li
mits of these. United States who will not
say that he prefers Henry Clay to any
man that lives, or ever will live, for the
Presidency : but still there are men who
go for Taylor, because as they say he is
the most . available (laughter.) iow 1
say it, gentlemen, without the fear of con
tradiction, and I say it boldly, mat inere
never was a man born in this world of ours
who came within fifteen hundred roils of
being as popular a mam as Henry Clay.
Idety you to bring or mention a inanuving
or dead, who was, in the space of his whole
life, ever kissed as many times as Henry
Clay has been the last two months. Did
Gen. Taylor ever get as many kisses?
(Cries of "No! No! No! certainly not!
not half as many.'
Now, gentlemem, I can prove to you
that Henry Clay can be elected.' In the
hrst place, he was elected the' last tune,
but the votes were not counted right. In
hp cprnnil rlar. he . would have tried it
rieht ' over - asain. Gentlemen, did you
ever wrestle when your were boys? It so.
when you were thrown, ciiu you noi Know
that it you could try ungni over again, you
could lick your opponent. Hence 1 infer
- miWt a . .
if Henry Clay can contend with a L.oco
foco opponent again, he will certainly
throw him iuoderat demonstrandum.
I Cries of" Yes! Yea! Yes! no doubt of it!")
Again, to prove. his popularity, 1 oft'er
you the following facts. Do not the Whigs,
atall their meetings, always hurrah for
Henry Clay? And besides can you men
tion but two papers, from Maine to New
Orleans, that have within the last two
months advocated his nomination ? - The
papers to .which I refer are the N. Y. Ex
press, and the other, the paper edited by
my good abolition friend, Horace Greeley,
who sits behind me in those old boots.
(Thereupon Horace winked whereupon
the audience gave him three cheers bang
just six cheers less than the young whigs oj
New York gave Martin Van JJurcn on a
save Martin ran JSuren on a
like occasion and the same night.)
The orator then' proceeded.) Gentle
men, I declared to you that Henry Clay
is the most available man, and not only
the most available man. He must and
he shall be nominated. Morse's Tele
graph cannot stop it. Locofoco thunder
and false lightning cannot cheat him out of
it. He shall be nominated and he can be
Gentlemen, 1 have been too long on pub
lic and private stumps not to know that my
statistics are not thought much of; but
relying on your indulgence, I will on this
occasion read a few from this paper.
Henry Clay at the last election received
more than 500,000 votes, which is more
than five times as many as Gen. Washing
ton ever received, and the latter was elect
ed unanimously. What do you think of
that, gentlemen? Gen. Taylor cannot
get anything like as many votes as Henry
Clay could obtain. He would not gain
over any of the Southern States, and he
would lose nearly all of the Nothern States.
Can anything be plainer than that Clay
would come in with a most tremendous
majority? Besides, gentlemen, could not
we nominate Gen. Scott, who has gained
so muchgloryiu this abominable war, for
Vice President, and with Henry Clay,
who gained so much glory by opposing it,
for President, should we not be sure in
that case to get the votes of both the War
and Peace men, and thus come off most tri
umphant. Gentlemen, here I stand and alwavs
will stand advocating the principles of the
Whig party. If all the un terrified Loco
locos in the universe should come against
me, still I would stand where I am the
Great Whig champion advocating the
everlasting principles of the Great Whig
party. 1 have done it at home; I have
done it here; I have done it every where.
As long as the least breath remains in this
body, so long may every man and woman
and child of this nation and the world
know that I am Kettle M Potts a Whig
an u ura wnig a ciay vnig and noth-
And now, gentlemen, some smarter
men than I want to speak, so I make ray
The Honorable gentleman then nodded
his head, dropped down his arms, took
three steps backwards, gracefully parted
his coat tails and sat down.
The subscriber has just received his
Consisting in part of Calicoes. Muslin de Lains, &e. fctt
Panama, Leghorn, and Falm Leaf Hats, for gentlemen and
boy,; superfine Hats of the latert style; Boots and Shoes.
The stock of Goods now on hand is desirable, and will be
sold very low.
A grood ansortment of Ca?OCGrieS kept oon-
stantly on hand; iron, nails, hardware, fcc.
May 6, 1848. 481-3t. CT" Observer 2t
S. S. GILCHRIST, Dentist.
Informs the citizens of Fayetteville and vjeioity. that be
will leave Fayetteville about the first of. Jwm, and be ab
sent some two or three months. Those requiring bis im
mediate services will please make early application. Dr
O. returns his sincere thanks for the liberal patronage he
has received. It. - (Jqk Observer copy.
Reduced Prices, warranted superior to any now
in use for preserving, perfectly cool, fresh & clean,
&.c, during the summer season, and also from
Freezing during the winter, any article deposited
in iv. x ucy aisu contain a naier jar ana leal
Pipe in the ice chamber, by the arrangement of
which perfectly cold water can always be had
without additional ice, (of which less is required
than any other.) Also, Upright Refrigerators.
BUTTER BOXES, in which Butter may be
transported with perfect safety by land or water,
and my celebrated Nonconductors of heat for
cold water, requiring but 4 )beof ice for 24 hours;
as thousands will testify. Thankful for past fa
vors, we hope to merit a continuauce. Sold by
R. BROWNING, 13 Commerce street.
May 6-5m near Pratt-st., Baltimore.
May 1, 181S.
D. & W. McLaurw
HAVE Just received ; Sup'r brown, black, green and
blue Cloths; black and plaid C aimera ; French Gam
broom ; Linen Coatings and Drillings ; fine black Satin
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ask Table Cloths; Irish Linen; sup'r Needles ; Coat. Vest,
and Pearl fehirt buttons ; Silk, Far, Leghorn and Panama
Hats Shoes ; Hardware and Crockery.
Summer Silk; Berage; Tissue and Oren dines: Plaid
Muslins; Jaconet and Swiss ditto; .Muslin Edgings ; In
serting; Thread and Cotton Laces; SUk, and Linen Fringes;
wuhw, . mu:m uu aun jiioDOQsj wane and DlacK auk
Veils; Berage and Silk Scarfs and Shawls ; MnaUn and
fine Lace Capes and Collars: fine Linen Cambria Hand,
kerehief ; black and colored Kid Gloves; Silk Lisle and
Cotton ditto, Cotton and 80k Umbrellas. Parasols and
Shades. The above Goods we offer at low nriees.
May , IUM. 4SX-IT
S3- ICE! ICE! -
I have just received 101 tons of Boston lee.
My ice house will be openvon the first of May.
My ioe cart will be at the market house every
morning, until bell ring. All those-in want of
Ice can be supplied there, or at the store, at 3
cents per pound, pnder 100 pounds
will be opened for h son on the 1st of May,
(weather permitHcs;) where I will be happy to
see my customers who are la want of a glass of
eood ice cream or lemonade
Best Philadelphia and French Calf Skins. Boot
Morocco, Fancy and Pink LiiUDg .
JJVU. M. avoc.
April 15, 1848. 47f-f

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