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Saturday, April 7S 1855.
Western Railroad.
An adjourned meeting of the stockholders of
this Company was held o:i Thursday afternoon
last, to consider a new contract about to be i from Beaufort Harbor to Fayetteville. Sec. 2d
Fayetteville and Beaufort Railroad.
A friend has furnished ns with a copy of the
charter of the Road from Beaufort to Fayette
ville, th company to be called the "Central
Railroad Company." Below we give a synop
sis. of its provisions :
Section 1st authorizes the formation of a
company with a capital stock of two millions of
dollars, for the purpose of building a railroad
made by the present board of directors for the
construction of the Railroad to the coal fields.
We were pleased to learn that the proceed
ings of the board met the unanimous approba
tion of the stockholders, and authority was
given to consumate the contract as soon as
some conditional subscriptions are made availa
ble, which wc understand will soon be accom
plished. We hope, from the unanimity of the meeting
on Thursday, that our people are now deter
mined to take the matter in hand seriously,
"and go to work and build the road at once.
We shall endeavor, very soon, to publish some
parts of the reports heretofore made to the
stockholders by the late President and Engi
neer of the company, which will be of service in
. . . F tl. mrtil not, o II I V
showing tne irajw-" " . . - I -
ttfrniv. but to our iricima m mc
mtc, as
welt as those of Wilmington
We learn that Jno. II. Cook, Esq., has been
elected by the Board a Director in place of
Hunry Lilly, Esq., who declined to serve.
Sf.c'y of Navy. The Washington Union
of the 31st says :
"The health of Secretary Dobbin is so much
improved that he expects to resume his official
duties to-day. He has had a s'evere and pro
longed attack of illness, and the country will
be glad to learn that his present condition is
such as to warrant the belief of an early and
complete restoration to his wonted state of
The Washington correspondent of the New
York Journal of Commerce says :
"The Secretary of the Navy has so far re
covered from hi; severe indispositiou as to be
able to attend to his duties at his office, but he
is far from being in vigorous health, and much
needs temporary relaxation. He will, after
attending to urgent business, which lias been
rlIordd v bic illfiocc rotiro " fnr !l. short, time
to his residence in North Carolina. He is now i declares what real estate the company may
engaged in assigning commands to officers of
the Navy, and giving orders as to the service
of the different squadrons, lie will next pro-
authorizes the building of such road to Fayette
ville and thence to any p6int on the N. C.
Railroad or the Wilmington and Charlotte
Section Sd names the following persons Com
missioners to open books of subscription : J. II.
Foy, John A Averitt, Jr, Owen HugginsE. W
Fonville, G J Ward, Robert White and L W
Humphrey of Onslow; M F Arendell, J F
Bell, Levi J Ogelsby, Bridge "Arendall, Levi
Ogelsby, IT L Bell aud W N Davis of Carteret;
Owen R Kenan, David Reid, Isaac B Kelly,
William E Hill, William J Houston and
Stephen Graham of Duplin; Thomas Bunting,
William McKoy, Patrick Murphy, William
Faison, J R Beaman and Alfred Johnson of
Sampson; Geo MeXeill, Thos R, Underwood,
It CJ AfcRae, Randall AleDauiel, Jesse G
Siepbcrd' E X. Winslow and JIjrC Bifida '
of Cumberland.
Section 4th relates to the manner of taking
subscriptions. Sec. 5th endows the compauy
with the privilege of a corporation as soon as
one hundred thousand dollars shall have been
subscribed. Sec. 6th provides for a general
meeting of stockholders and the election of of
ficers of the company. Sec. 1th relates to
stock voting. Sec. 8th empowers the Directors
to fill vacancies in their board. Sec. 9th em
powers the Directors to call for payment on
stock by instalments. Sec. 10th makes a debt
due the Company by a deceased stockholder
of equal dignity with a judgment Sec. 11th
relates to issuing certificates of stock. Sec. 12th
provides that the Company may increase its
capital stock to the extent of five hundred
thousand dollars by opening books of subscrip
tion or by borrowing money. Sec. 13th em
powers the company to oe whatever portion of
the road may be constructed. Sec. 14th de
clares what contracts shall be binding. Sec 15th
ceed to organize a Board of Officers, under the
late Act, for improving the efficiency of the
Navy. The Board, it will be recollected, will
consist of fifteen officers five of the grade of
Post Captain, five Commanders, and five Lieu
tenants; and their duty will be to designate in
capacitated officers to be placed on the retired
list. As soon as these important duties can be
discharged, the Secretary will allow himself a few
weeks of leisure, for the recovery of his health."
Sexsibije. Mr II. Tysor, of Chatham county,
writes to the Fayetteville Observer, that he
has just built a bridge across Deep River at a
iriiicre. ivir l vsor Closes ins communication
with the following sensible remarks :
"I have a free road and a free bridge to
Fayetteville; carry all my Flour there; never
complain of the inspection; am well pleased
with the people; have traded with them more
than $10,000 in the last two years; keep up a
good market myself; wish to buy 20,000 bush
els wheat of the next crop at cash trade, and
will give more than any body else."
CoxNF.CTictrT Elections. On Monday last
hold. Sec. 10th relates to using public roads.
Sec. 17th relates to the securing the right of
way. Sec. MSth prescribes the width of the
land condemned. Sec. 19th gives to the com
pany the exclusive right to use the road. Sec.
20th relates to the declaration of dividends.
Sec. 21 defines what shall be legal service of
process on the company. Sec. 22d empowers
the compain to construct branches, and con
nect with any other railroad. Sec. 23d authori
zes the company to issue bonds to the amount
of, four hundred thousand dollars. Sec. 24th
empowers the President and Directors to mort
gage the road to secure the payment of the
bonds. Sec. 25th exempts from military doty,
vArV-.-, ""'Lj. JJUmWWWBBtB. Mi IWT WHMpUHJ'.
Sec. 2Gttf- requires the work to be executed
with due diligence, and declares the charter
forfeited should the work not commence within
four years. Sec. 27th empowers auy town or
county through which the road may pass to
subscribe for stock in the road.
Sections" 28 and 29 prescribe the mode of
authorizing the subscriptions. A majority of
the voters of any county through which the
3 ,i . . . ...
iuuu may pass may auinorize tne subscription.
an election took place in Connecticut for Gov- i hY tnc county of any amount proposed by a
crnor, State officers, members of Congress and niajority of the magistrates of the county,
members of the Legislature. It appears that a majority of the voters of any town
there is no election of Governor by the people. through which the rond may pass may author-
Ingham, the democratic candidate, received
27,000 votes; Minor, the know-nothing candi
date, 25,000, and Dutton, whig, 9,000. The
whigs and know-nothings will have a majority in
the Legislature. The four Congressmen elected
are anti-administration.
J6- Gen. A. J. Dargan, of Anson, at Stan
ly Superior Court week before last, announced
himself a candidate for Congress in the Dis
trict represented by Hon. Mr Craige
Shaving Saloon. The shaving and hair
dressing saloon of Mr James G. Smith's, in the
Fayetteville Hotel building, surpasses anything
of the kind in the State, and is equal to any
shop of that description in the larger southern
cities. He has refitted his establishment at
considerable cost, and a visit to it will convince
any one that Mr Smith is a tasty man and an
adept in his business.
Mao Stone. By a communication in the
us we learn that Mr Hector McNeill, resid-
Murphy's Paper Mill. Cumberland
in his possession a "Mad Stone."
About the curative nronerties of such nutans
4 1 ' . . v.
our readers, no doubt, remember to have heard
a great deal. It is said that it will cure hydro
phobia, or at least prevent it. Many persons
who were bitten by mad dogs, have visited
Virginia, to avail themselves of a stone of this
description, and miraculous escap3s from a
most horrible death are reported.
TirE In-graham Medal. In compliance with
a resolution of Congress, a medal is being pre
pared to be presented by the President of the
United States to Capt. Ingraham for his gal
lantry and decision in the Koszta affair. The
medal will be four inches in diameter and will
contain about $300 in gold. The engraving of
the dies will cost over $2,000.
From California. The steamer Daniel
Webster arrived at New York on Saturday
from San Francisco. News unimportant. The
steamer was stopped on her outward passage
by a Spanish sloop-of-war, and her papers ex
amined. Later. The steamer Star of the West ar
rived at New York on the 3d inst., with &239 .
000 in gold. Business in San Francisco was
depressed and nearly every article of merchan
dize had declined.
At Sonora the depositors broke open the
vaults of Messrs Adams fc Co., through a com
mittee, and paid themselves, leaving a balance
Lehiud of $8,000.
ize the subscription on the part of the town of
any amount proposed by the corporate authori
ties thereof. And the payment of stock are to
be made in the bonds of the town and county
Section 30th relates to the raising of money
to meet the instalments on the county or town
subscriptions, giving authority to issue bonds,
or to raise the amounts respectively by taxa
tion. Note. It will be seen by an advertisement that the
Commissioners named above are required to meet at
Jacksonville, Onslow county, ou the ad May.
Virginia. The contest for Governor in Vir
ginia is warm and spirited know-nothingism
and whiggery against democracy. Many demo
crats who had joined the secret party are leav
ing it, and taking sides for Mr Wise, the demo
cratic candidate. Mr Wro. R. Johnson, a
democrat of Abingdon, one of those who with
drew from the order, after stating the decep
tion practised upon him to induce him to join,
says :
"I was disappointed, and ascertained that
the representation of its American and national
principles was a deception. My oriIal views
were confirmed; it was the old John Adams
federal party re-established, and bound togeth
er by awful oaths. I was mortified disgusted.
Instead of finding whigs and democrats mingled
together, when I looked around the room, out
of a crowd of sixty-five or seventy persons, not
one democrat did I recognize; but, ou the con
trary, the entire party was composed of the
hottest, bitterest, and most violent old "blue
light" whigs I ever kuevv. I could see a chuckle
on their couuteuunces at "the fellow they had
Forty-seven have withdrawn from the Har
per's Ferry council and eleven from the Win
chester council, as we see by cards published
and signed by those who have withdrawn.
Wilmington Exports. Among the exports
of the port of Wilmington for the year ending
March 31st, 1855, we find the following :
24,272,840 feet of lumber, 95,930 feet of river
lumber, 1,29(5,846 feet rough timber, 5,791,050
shingles, 44,130 bbls turpentine, 112,031 bbls
spirits turpentine, 446,499 bbls rosin, 33,765
bbls tar, 2 bbls pine oil and 100 bbls rosin oil,
1,953 bundles paper, &c.
Election in Kansas. Returns from Kansas
Territory show the Election of pro-slavery men
in all the counties heard from, and it is thought
that not an anti-slavery man has been elected
to the. Legislature.
JteS Mr C. C. McCrummen is authorized to
collect and receipt for any monev due this office. Also,
to receive subscriptions.
Scientific Schools.
A short time ago we briefly noticed onft t
to Summerville, and intended at the tiiBt to
say something in regard to the flourishing sch0
at that place, but as time and spcd. J
thonn,fJe now resume the subject, y
lieving that the character of the institnt.o
the scientific attainments of the principal
vr..v:. .wor a more extended notice.
' "Cumberland Academy" is pleasantly loc
ed in the very heart of the village, anu
, m,ld indicate superior ia&
icrtiai appeu lai.v.. . -
tit;. for .cientific pursuits. In connection W14
,imv- thPi-e is an extensive chemiW
philosophical and astronomical apparatus, affori
: . i f fnll instruction; n.
ing ample means 01 .5.1
analytical and practical chemistry. The print
pal delivers lectures and makes experiment,
once a week before the students and others who
may desire to attend. Yeoman's chart of chem
istry and Hall's Geological chart are new and
valuable aids to the study of these sciences
the latter illustrating the various geological
Later from Havana.
rw York. Anril 3. The steamer Black
Warrior has arrived with Havana dates to the
26th The U States steamer Princeton and
Fulton were in port all well.
jNnmerons additions.! arrests hart teen maue
fit Havana, amonast thera Don Carlos Castillas,
jnanager of a bank, and Don Alcozas, a wealthy
Danker. Their only offence is oelieveu to oe
htterinr exnressions of svmoathv for Pinto.
MrRobertson, the "acting United States
Consul, is understood to have sent in so strong
a protest agaiust the so called trial of Estampse
and Felix as to have induced the Captain Gen
eral to refer the matter to the Spanish Minis
ter at Washington before carryinhe sentence
into execution.
. The announcement had gone forth that six
companies of colored militia were to be estab-
isueu in Havana.
Spanish Affairs. The Washington corres
pondent of the Petersburg Express, under date
of April 2d, says:
. The opinions expressed in the letter of 31st
nit., reeardinff the asoect of our Snauish rela
tions, have been much strengthened by other
: Fill a 1 . .!
,l,..0o v i;f ,t n thp nreseiit!uec'op'neius. me present, auinimsirauoi
.. . ., . ,, . in "-"i not involve the country 111 war, with anv
. 'f . , t nation, upon matters of small moment; but
wnac it would taKe niontns to icarn irom booh.s tllere can be no doubt that our new minister to
j. lie luooraiorjr cuiiiuius an uvccnsarj nxturtll Aladrul, -JV, (J.lloage, w earry. wiuiv Dim. ln-
for Mineral or - soil r analysis. 1 The jngtlniMtcaii from .tS.e Home Go veniroent, whtci:
hi uuuu American interests security lor
I- r.,t
promised to furnish as With an analysT:
taken from the banks of Lumber River in Roljei
son county, where, we are told, it is abundant
and good.
Wc learned that this Academy has been iu
operation ten or twelve years, and that its con
dition is prosperous both pecuniarily and scho
lastically. We were pleased to see such evidences of
improvement in the educational facilities of Cum
berland county, and hope the day is not far
distant when the sciences of Nature, as well as
classics and mathematics, will be experimentally
and practically taught in all our schoo
Science is applied with success to all the arts
industry, yet scientific agriculture is rareij
taught in onr schools. This need not, it shoult
not be so. The tiller of the soil, upon whjn
we all depend, should be educated for his p
fession as well as the lawyer, the doctor,
the artist.
The latent resources of affluence in our Stife
cannot be brought into action unless we In
enabled by scientific research to discover thjsi
retreat. For the outlay of every few hund
dollars iu the Geological survey of North Co
lina, no doubt thousands of capital have b
introduced within her borders, and million
wealth, before unknown; developed.
Railroad Conventions. A Convention!
those interested in the Western Extension
the N. C. Railroad, was held in Newton,
tawba county, on the 21st ult. The eounl
of Rowan, Burke, Iredell, Alexander
Caldwell were represented. Resolutions
proving the action of the Legislature iu reg
tlii future
Itjwas said, sometime since, that diversity of
opinion existed in the Cabinet upon this subject,
but, 1 if this has been true, it is no longer so.
Necessarily a difference of impression existed as
to rianner, time and quality of redress; yet
then is a perfect concurrence between the
Free dent and Cabinet as to the essential point;
necessity of a rigid enforcement of onr de
mands. The Spanish government will make ?e
paraiion and this war rumor will end in smoke.
The New York Herald is again at its dirty
work. The assertion of its Washington cor
icspoiident, that the President will not feel it
his duty, hereafter, to snpress filibustering ex
peditions against Cuba, is utterly untrue, as is
the assertion that clerks in office here, from
Virginia, have permission to visit the State to
aid in the election of Wise."
JJST" Judge Lumpkin, of Georgia, who was
recently appointed a Judge in the Court of
Claims, has declined, preferring to give his
services to his native State.
In the Field. The Greensboro' Patriot of
the 31st ult., has the following in relation to
Hon. John Kerr : -
"We learn that our Representative in the last
Congress, the Hon. John Kerr, made a public
speech at Ashboro' the early part of this week,
and announced himself a candidate for re-election
to Congress. We heard remark made by one
who was present, that Mr Kerr's speech was
very long, able and eloquent; and that the
Know-Nothings received a full share of his
I sarcastic invective. According to reports "Sam"
In Wilmington, on the 4tb inst, by Rev. S. M. Frost,
Mr James I). Pearsall of Dnplin, to Miss Martha E.:
daughter of J. R. Whitaker. Esq.
Ifl Marion, S O. on 27th ult, Mr Ricli'd Thompson to
Mis Catharine Batten. Aleo, Mr Edward Bell to Mis
Elizabeth J Stevens all of Wilmincton.
At Rocknali V illage. on the 1st inst., iy a. Amen.
Esq.. Mr Levi Enniss of Johnston County, to Miss
Clnrkv Biggs of Cumberland.
Ia Moore conntv. on the 1st inst., by the lev. 1. h.
Williams, Mr Henry Gunton, of Franklin county, to
Miss Mary, daughter of Jacob Matthews, Esq., of the
fonuer county.
In 'Wake county, by Pr. John it. iraEc. jr., on mc
28th nit., E. 1. Smith, Esq., to Miss Sarah J. daugh
ter of L. Bryan, Esq.
Tn this town, on Tuesdav afternoon. 3d inst.. Mrs
Catharine Hawley, relict of the late William L.. Haw-
lev, of this town.
At his plantation on Clark's creek, in Montgomery
conntv, 011 the 22d ult, at the age of 77 years. John
Deberrv. He was a native of the county, and an Hon
est, industrious and useful citizen.
In Salisbury, on Thursday last, after a long and
painful illness, Mrs Mary Davis, wife of D. A. Davis.
Ksq., aged about .1.1 years.
In Wake conntv. on thefith ult.. Mrs Keiiccca Hogers,
relict of Georg? Rogers, deceased, aged 7G years.
The subscribers respectfully inform their friends and
the public jfenerallyy that tliev have otrencd a HAR
NESS AND SADDLE SHOP "in the building opposite
the 'fobbia House," where they will be pU-ftsed to
execute ail worn cir mi in a manner in
1 ...... : .-f. wt i m A . . . T.-; J
JJbcpt stvia J bejHB&licit share otjKttraitmjcr)
April 5, 18.V5. 3m H. A. SI ICES.
Ttm Commissioners named in the Charter of the
Central Railroad from Beaufort Harbor via Favette-
Is now receiving a large and beautiful stock of s
A few very handsome Flounced Borage and Organdie
Dresses, (entirely new style;) Plain and Embroidered
Silk and Lace Mantles; a very superior stock of EM
BROIDERIES: Collars. Sleeves. Chemizetts; Muslin
and Cambric Financings; Black. White aud Colored
Kid Gloves, (good quality:) Sewing Silk Mitts; Plaiu
and Embroidered White Crape Shawls; Marseille,
Grass and Corded Skirts; Rail Road Corsets; French
Working Cotton: Embroidering Braids and Silks;
Ladies' black and colored Gaiters, (of the latent
styles,) lc. Ac.
Black. Brown. Blue, and Olive French Cloths; Black
and Kancv Cassimeres: Italian Cloths; Drau D:fte; :
White ami Fancy Marseilles, and Silk Vesting. A.
large stock of MEN and BOY'S Clothing, wauhaxtep
wki.1. M. OK. Hats, Bonnets, . Bio,ts and Shoes; Um- "
brellas. Parasols; Paper Hangings; Window Curtains
Screen Paper. JLc Ac.
of everything in the dry goods line, and was selected f
with great care. Purchasers are invited to call and t
examine for themselves. They will be offered at tha
lowest market prices. ' r
J. A. f fc.MiSfc.UlUj. it!
April 7. DC5. 40-tf
caught it strong," the ground of Mr K's
opposition to the new party we have not
d We have understood that the grounds of 3Ir
to internal improvements, recommending Cain- Kerr's opposition to the new party is, that he
ty meetings, and calling a general Convenfbt II,I,,KS 11 uyure the bouth. bo it will. ;
r The democrats of '.Tennessee have nomi
nated Hon. Andrew Johnson for re-election to
4th July hexT were passed
A Convention of the friends of the Wiltning-
the office of Governor. ITon. M I Gentry is
the whig and know-nothing candidate.
Later from Texas. By the arrival of the
ton and ltntherford Railroad was held in Lin
colnton on the 24th ult. Mecklenburg, Cleavc
land, Gaston, Lincoln, Rutherford, and Cataw
ba counties were represented. Speeches were:Kfcan2Suii)S Louisiana and Mexico, at New Or-
1 . I 1 nl . n-xt
leans, we nave uruivesion papers 10 Hie ZOlll
ult. The prospects for the Texas spring trade
are spoken of as favorable, both on the coast
and in the interior. Accounts had been recciv-
ea irom &an Antonio, ot several new Indian
made and resolutions passed.
Merchants' Tax, &c. The Attorney Gen
eral of Js. Carolina, M. W. Ransom, Esq., in
answer to inquiries of the Public Treasurer as ;0ntrages, but in other 'parts of the frontier the
to -the construction of the new Revenne Law, ! Indians are represented as becoming more
has issued a circular dated "Raleigh, March friendly.
30th 1855,-whicli circular has been furnished' COMMERCIAL RECORD. "
the differeut Sheriffs to guide them in the mat-; ARRIVED AT FAYETTEVILLE
ter. We quote below the main portion of the j March 31 Str Jas Ii Grist, (Banks' Line) 'with
circular: goods for Murphy, McUorie A Co. Boner Jk Grist. T
.om e c 1 i 1 . , 1 Lineback, Webb Bro, S T Hawley & Son. W F &
The tax of five per cent, to be levied on e F Moore, B I Howze, E A Vogler Jfc Co. A M Bur
capital employed by persons selling Liquors ! ton. J Mclvcr, F Meller, PP Johnson, G Lauder, W
incs or Cordials, is deinandable by the ; Murphy & to. , 1 eury. 1 J Boner & Cliuard,
Sheriff iu the same manner as the tax on Mer
chants is to be estimated from the 19th March
1855, and is the only tax imposed ou such capi
tal, except that for license to retail: And
so with regard to the tax of twenty five per
cent, to be paid on the value of certain Drugs
and Medicines.
The tax of five hundred dollars on all agen
cies of Ranks, having a corporate existence out
the State, is not effected by a subsequent pro
vision in the same section, declaring that if
"the tax is not paid in advance, the same shall
Hege o. a a. uowcii l-o, u fc; Leete, i C Pfohl.
JGtT B Lash, J Kyle, J C Thompson, Foulkes
McRae. Mclutyre i Middletwn. F Fries, A Hargrove,
E Carroll, lluut, Addertou Co, J S Banks, Beubow,
Kyle Co.
April 4 Str Gov Graham with Boat Alamance,
(Cape Fear Line.) and goods for G W Williams. Co.
T B Tyson, E A Vierling. J Worth Son, Morison,
Richardson Co. M T Black, E Belo. S J Hinsdale,
1) Murphy. D W Murphy, J W McNeill, G W Harris,
M W McN'air, J Worth Sons. A A McKethan. C G
Yates, G W Johnsou & Co, J M Worth a Co. Baldw in
4 Co. J A Pemberton, Austin Sink, J McGilvarv,
Murcbisou. Reid & Co, J Miller, H G Lucas. C Y An
drews, J 14 Aiuen, i;ev M Kussell. Kev It f Bibb, Sto
terloh. H Elliot. Dr J A McRae, U Gray, J S Neigh
bors. Council, Ray Co, J Royals, J B Troy, Ray
Pearce, Ucaar fcalls L.o. 11 Dudley, w b W atts & Co,
How-mi a' Tompkins, Sullivan Bell. Powers jk Co.
it nulla?' M W McNair ft Son, Rev R S Ledljetter,
if Rose, B Kayton, J Lindsay, D M Culbreth. J Page.
III. Bulla, F L Gorrell, J Mclver, T J Johnson, W
Intyre. J II Elmore, A Parker, W A Pope. AY F &
E V Moore. C T Haigh & Sons, Troy & Marsh. J Smith.
I S Richardson. E Spearman. II S Price. S T TTawb-v
Son. A E Taylor, E J Hale Son, A Parker, Foulkes
-ncitae, J Kershaw, 1 Shell.
- Arrived, April 4. Schr George M Smith from New
i"ik. 5ih Brig R C Dyer, from Belfast, Me., Bark
luba, from Boston.
be two hundred dollars." That provision an- ker,KirkCo, Mrs l, Cliipman. Worth Utley, HL
plies to Insurance Companies and their agen- 1, Zl
cics- llix Nooe, L'nion Co, A E Stanly, 1) W McLaurin,
The 22nd section of the act imposes a tax of g v 1 Goldston, Winbourn Witty, M & T Black, c
ten cents on every hundred dollars employed A Harrison.
in any species of trade not especially taxed, M:,ch. "1 V'JiS Kwan and Fanny, with
, J ,i -ji . , .. r . X .. ', Tow boat Myrover, (Lutterlob Co s Line,) and goods
and applies without distinction, to all capital rol. v c Elam, J Branin, T S Lutterloh, S A Holmes.
empioyea 111 traue, wneiner tne same be in : d 4 W McLaurin, s m Thomas, w P Elliot, Col C Lut
articles the growth or manufacture of the State
or otherwise : and was intended as a tax ou all
capital that had escaped the snecial notice of
f the act. - i
The wood-work of vehicles must be entirely
manufactured in this State, to entitle the per
sons dealing in them to the discrimination in
favor of State manufactures.
I have not been without great doubt, in con
struing the questions submitted for my con
sideration; for the law, in many points, is con
fused; and I have thought it right to adopt a
rule liberal towards the citizen."
The Washington Union states that the busi
ness of the pension office is rapidly increasing
thousands of applications for bounty laud, un
der the new law, are pouring in from all direc
tions. Notice is given that the Commissioner
will not issue any Warrants before the 3d June.
For the Carolinian.
Mr Editor : Allow "me through your col
umus, to inform the friends of the temperance
movement, that the good work is progressing
in Fayetteville. The prosperity of Lafayette
Division, which ranks second in this State, is
without precedent in all her past history, hav
ing initiated, on an averager three per week
during the last three or four months.
On last Tuesday evening, I witnessed the
imposing ceremony of a public installation of ;
officers at their Hall. Several addresses were;
delivered, after which .refreshments were served,!
in a manner which reflect credit upon those'
having the management of the ceremonies of
the evening. The ladies, althongh the evening
. The copartnership heretofore conducted under the
name and style of Jones fc Lett, was this day dissolved
mutual consent. All persons indebted to the con
cern, either by note or account, will make payment
to J. W. Lett at ns arly n. dav as nracticable, as he is
alone authorized to settle the business of the old firm.
f. The name of the firm will be used in liquidation.
March 31, 1855. 40-3t
$ Having bought the entire interest of Mr Reuben
ones, m the firm of Jones A ijett. 1 snarr continue
business at the well known stand on Person street,
opposite the Cape Fear Bank, on my own account,
1 . . 1 ., . 1 - 11:. j . 1 .
uere an my friends, tne trading puonc, anu me --resi
of mankind," are respectfully invited to call and
ake their selections from A NEW STOCK of su
perior FAMILY GROCERIES. Confkction'aries,
. All kinds of country produce taken iu exchange for
April fi, 185r. J- W. LETT.
influence to the good cause.
l9se Will TT 1 aTTl fill
thev buy of us or nu. a we 1
sroods. knowing they will eonipare fav-orar
in the market. W'v have a very large Mock
thing usually kept in the Dry Goods line, consisting
of the following articles : ,P!aid, plain aud black Silks;
ville, are requested to meet at JACKSONVILLE, j Ti.snes; fine and common Bcrag.-s; Berage DcLains;
Onslow county. 011 Thursday the 3d day of Mav, ltiio
April , lXo., 4t
Fayetteville, April 2nd, 1855.
I?ooks of Subscription for the increased Capital
Stock of the Bank of Cape Fear are now open at the
Branch of said Bank at Fayetteville under the direc
tion of the undersigned Commissioners appointed for
that purpose, ami will be kept open for sixty days from
the date hereof.
Subscribers will be required to pay Twenty-five
Dollars on each share of $1(10 subscribed, at the" time
of subscribing, or within ten days thereafter; Twenty
five Dollars 011 each share ou the 2nd July. 18.V;
Twenty-five Dollars on each share on the 1st day Oct.
18")5; and Twenty-five Dollars 011 each share "on the
1st day of January, 1856.
a. Mclean,
SEff BOOKS By Eiprrti.
Just received, "Baptism, its nature, obligation,
mode, subjects and benefits," by Rev. i,. Rosser, A. M.
"Class Meetings'" embracing their origin, nature, ob
ligation and benefits ; also the duties of preachers,
leaders and appeal to private meinlx-rs and their tem
poral advantages by L. Rosser, A. M. "Experimental
Religion," embracing justification, regeneration, sanc
tificatiou and the witness of the spirit rules for holy
living are also added, designed principally for young
christians by Rev L Rosser. A. M. "Reply to evils
oflnfant Baptism by Robert Bovte C. Howell. D. !..
pastor of the 2d Baptist Church."Richmoud, Va." by
Rev L Rosser. A. M.. of the Virginia Conference.
Also, many other books too tedious to mention,
supply of NEW MLTSIC just received.
April 6th. A. E. TAYLOR.
We are called on daily to announce the death of
a beloved parent, brother or sister, relation or friend;
and if sucb were so unfortunate as not to have the
pleasure of risitinrg CROWL'S, I .would say to the
friends, come at once and have your DAGUKRRKO-
over Foulke & JIcKae's drug store, Hay street, direct
ly opposite the Fayetteville Hotel.
April 7.. It "
The Stockholders of the Fayetteville A Western
Plank Road Company will meet in the Town of Fay
etteville, on the 12th of April, at 12 o'clock.
JNO. M. ROSE, Clerk F. & W. P. R. Co.
April 7. It
white, figured, plain, plaid, printed, swiss.niull. jaconet
and cross-barred Muslins; sheetings, bleacneu ana un
bleached; Calicoes of every color and price; Hoisery
of every quality; Button?; Drx-ss Trimmings; silk, kid,
lisle and pic-nic Gloves; the largest lot of Embroidered
collars, uudersleeves. handkerchiefs and edgings, wo
have yet offered; Mantillas: Crape Shawls: Ladies'
fine Silk Hats, some beautiful; Straw Bonnets; Flatsj
Ribbons, Tabs and Flowers; Ladies' Gaiters, Boots,
walking Shoes; and also a large tslock of Children'
Shoes. .
For Gentlemen and Yimfhs :
Cloths. Cossi meres, black and fancy; Silk, Satin anrt
Marseilles Vesting; Ready .Made Clothing, tor Men and
Boys; Shirts. Collars, Hats of the latest styles; Boots,
very fine: Shoes and Gaiters. , 'w
Negro Shoes of every size and qnality.
All of the above goods have been purchased low,
and brought in this market with a view of selling cheap.
W. F. & E. F. MOORE.
April 7 , IS.".V 40-tf
11 tin. Diircssixa and shaviixo ralooh,
Favettevii.le Hotel.
All kinds of Perfumeries, Hair Oils, sharing ami
hair Brushes, toilet and shaving Soaps, for sale.
Fayetteville. April 7, 1KT5
ftTRIXG, 1S55.
n. W. KIXLAW & CO.,
Are now receiving their Spring and Summer STOCK
OF GOODS, consisting of cott'ee. sugar, molasscR,
candies, rairfins, pickles, BOOTS and SHOES; a fin
lot of spring and summer fashionable Hals; hollow
ware; a good assortment of tallow, sperm and ada
mantine candles; wooden ware; a good lot of mackerel,
herring and mullets, all new. warranted good, and of
the latest catching; corn. p as, meal, flour, lard, iroa
and nails, tobacco and snutt", and some Dry Goods.
They return tln.iki to their customers and tha
public generally for the lileral patronage bestowed on
them, and solicit a continuance 01 me snmr.
Fayetteville, March 31. 1S55. 3(i-tf
Corrected weekly for the JXbrtA Carolinian,
1 S 5 5 .
s 11 em well & McDonald
Are now receiving direct from New York, a
Which they will Rell very low for Cash or on short
time to prompt paying customers.
They respectfully solicit an early examination of
their Stock. They hope to be able "to please most of
those who may give them a call.
They return their sincere thanks for former patron
age, and solicit a continuance of the same.
w. b. sh em well,
a. n. McDonald.
April 7, lo5. 40-tr
The Evpress Steamboat Company was dissolved tliis
day by mutual consent. The books of the concern are
placed in the hands of Mr John Shaw, at D. & W. Mc
Iurin's, who is authorised tosettle up and receipt for
the same.
April 4, 18.55. 40-tf N. A. RAMSEY.
We will for the present act as Agents for the Steamer
Southerner aud Tow Boats.
April 7, 1855. 40-tf
Observer copy.
FOIi 11EXT until Janry 1, I85f, my house
on the corner of Maiden Lane and L'nion street.
2t R. K. BRYAN.
land for sale.
The Subscriber offers for sale THREE HUNDRED
"id TWENTY Acres of Land, adjoining the Cape
I'ear, two miles below Fayetteville. Of this tract,
alxmt. Forty acres are enclosed and under cultivation.
wao rathpi- unfavorable, lent their smiles aud I weaf l?w ani 0 n(li tnc remwnoer is swamp and
This Hotel (on si'e of former IIn-
tT-r"V( Hotel.') was opened for the accommo
dation of guests, on the first day olJanuarv
Situated on the principal street of the town, and
within a tew minutes walk of the Post Office, Telegraph
Office, Banks, United States Arsenal and other business
places, it is yet sufficiently retired to be clear of the
annoyance and bustle of a more central location.
It is newly erected and handsomely furnished, and
careful attendants secured, with especial ccfereucc to
the comfort of patrons.
In consequence of the liberal patronage extended
to this establishment, the proprietors have enlarged by
opening a suit of rooms on the second floor, and are
thus prepared to accommodate all transient persons
SPACIOUS STABLES attached, and experienced
Ostlers in attendance.
Carriages will be in waiting on arrival of Steam
Boats, for the accommodation of passengers.
April 7. 185.5.
Raleigh Standard. Salisbury Banner, and Greens
boro Patriot, copy three months and forward bills.
Arr.IL. 1, 1855.
BACON, per lb.
BEESWAX, per lb.
COFFEE, per Hi
Rio, Lagnira.
St. Domingo,
COTTON, per lb.
COTTON YARN, per lb, Nos. 5 to
CANDLES, per lb
Sperm, Fayetteville mould,
Brown Sheetings,
FLOUR, per barrel
FEATHERS, per lb.
FLAXSEED, per bushel,
GRAIN, per bushel
Corn, Wueat, -
HIDES, per lb
Dry, Green.
LARD, per lb.
LEAD, per lb.
LEATHER, sole, pr tb.
TOBAISCO, manufactured, per lb.
Liverpool, per sack.
Alum, per bushel.
MOLASSES, per gallon,
Cuba, (new crop)
New Orleans,
SUGAR, per lb.
Loaf and crushed,
St Croix. PortoRico. A NOrleans. 7
NAILS, cut. per keg,
IRON, per lb
9 10
25 (a) Ot
12 18
134 () Oft
00 (a- 00
71 8
18 HO-
14 00
10 (n 12
18 (& 09
40 0 50
20 ( 00
30 (jj) 35
si i
8 00
8 00
7 75
II 25
1 00
1 25
1 00
15 &
0 00
0 00
0 or
1 85 0 00
27 4
10 fS 12
5 50 tJfi
having associated themselves in the practice of Medi
cine and Surgery, respectfully offer their professional
services to the citizens of Fayetteville and vicinity.
Office on Old Street, at the stand formerly oecupicd"by
Dr. McSwain.
April 7. 1855. 40-4t
Apple do. V
. C Whiskey,
U.VC do.
FODDER, per hundred,
HAY. N. C.
WOOL, per lb.
TALLOW, per lb.
BEEF, on the hoof, per lb.
BEEF, by the quarter or side. rer lb
PORK, per lb, ,P 1
MUTTON, per lb.
EGGS, per dozen,
BUTTER, per lb.
POTATOES. Sweet, per T.nohel,
Do. Irish, per bhl.
REMARKS. The market is well supplied with bacon
sales at 94 hog round. Corn qnick sales at $1,05 and
$1,10 per bushel from wagons. Cotton market de
pressed, with sales at lower prices for past few days.
- e 1 -, 1 - . ... -
i ne price 01 r tour nas improveu, ana tbe tendency is
upward receipts falling off.
Spirits Turpentine pi ices tending downward, and
the market is lower sales at 33 to 34 cts. per gallon
Raw do. $1 to $2,10 per bid.
55 fO
75 00
1 25 0 00
00 1 00
13 15
124 00
6 r-i
. fj
4 (? 7
A fa
124 fa !.'
K 12$
20 25
4 00 CO
well wooded, and located for dwellings.
April 7 40-tf THOS." J. ROBINSON.
Ti RPEXTis-E- 2.479 bbls. Turpentincave been dis-
,.r 'tn ' . . 1.1.1 v-ii . . .
j..ri ok t...jir a OIJ-1. lur I CHOW Ull). ailll
$1,30 for Hard.
Spirits Ti rpkktine. 166 bbls. chanircd hands sit a
Mv house and lot. at Floral College. On the premi- cents per ganon.
ses there is situated a store-bouse together with all j Hosts. 4.500 bbls. No. 3 Rosin were sold at SI. 05
buildings necessary for the accommodation of a family, i per bbt., for small and medium size barrels, and $1,10
A business of twenty of twenty-five thousand dollars j per bbl. for large barrels,
may be carried on during the year. The locallity in Tar. 400 bbls. were sold at SI. 90 per bbl.
many respect is desirable; I Timber. Some 30 rafts have been disposed of at
Tbe above property, if not sold before the 26th day i prices ranging from $2,25 to $9 per M, as in quality,
of the present month, will, together with the stock of j cash and 90 days.
goods on band, be offered at public sale on that day. I Corrox. 111 bales (Good Middling) Cotton were
April 7, 1355.
Terms accommodating and known on day of sale. ; sold at 84 cents per lb
av. 70 bales Northern Hay were ral.1 9(1. ft-. m
j days. Com.

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