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The North-Carolinian. [volume] (Fayetteville [N.C.]) 1839-1861, January 31, 1857, Image 4

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carol m fa tv : m f e V S L u,
I :""-' - ------ -
L & W I N T E R S T 0 C K .
HA H P i R ' S W F K K I ilf ,
- -r
I'vihH? vet'Id nm'ic h;j His r.i'nl.
wish he- vvoulil make up Lis mind, Ola,
r- T don't cure uineh longer to wait;
I have hinted quite strong'?
'in sni'
I thouevht about changing my state.
-V,r a sweetheart Iin's really so backward,
I can't bring liim on, though I try;
I own that he's very good tempered,
JJat then iie's so dreadfully shy.
Vi'li-n I speak about love and a collate,
lie uives me a glar.ee of swrjrier
Ar.'.I if I lut hint about, marriage,
He blus-hcs quite i:p to his eyes!
I can't make hhn j"abii- I've tried it:
And "lis ho it-- my being unkind.
Fo.- Ihat not the -way, I am certain,
To rret him to make up his mind.
I've snag hint love soaucU -by do.en.s,
I've worked him Uotli flijqicfs and ho(f,
And we've walked ont by moonlight together,
Vet he never attempts to propose!
You really tiiust ask hi intentions,
()r 8?)!'!;- other bean I must iiml;
Yr, indeed, i won't tarry much longer.
For one v!io' eau't make up his mind.
.n o'.l Poi'in.
AV'.o shall judge a man from manners?
Who shall know- him by his dress?
I'anpers; may be fit for princes,
Prifiees fit for something less.
Crumpled shirt and dirty jacket
May la-clothe the golden ore
Of the deepest thoughts and feelings
Satin vests conhi do no more:.
Tacre are springs of: crystal nectar
liver welling out of stone;
Til ere a re purp!- buds and golden,
Hidden, crushed and overgrown;
God, w ho counts by souls not dresses.
Loves and prospers yon ami me,
While he values thrones, the highest,
Hut as pebble.-? in the sea.
Man, i; praised avove his fellows,
Oft forgets his fellows then,
Masters rulers lords, remember
That your meanest hoi Is are men;
Men by labor, men by feeling,
Men by thought, an 1 nt-u by fame,
Claiming equal rights to sunshine
In a man's ennobling name.
There are foiuti-emoroldeivd oceans,
There are little '... d-ela 1 hills,
(el l; who eo'.nts bv souls, not stations,
s an:;
rosp'.-rs yon an
to ;.- a ;
les in
i;.- ' ! ue 1 ions
tiio sea.
A re as pe'j
n .
! .
bae art
1 ill ) ::
i' a. station's
Titled la xi! i ess i
Fed and rati e
t i 1 i t i !
same :
lly t!:e sweat ol' other's foreheads,
I A 'in only to rejoice,
poor !i i:i'-: o:t! !" ! ;'ed. Ireedoin
ii'Letii nn its voice.
. ni; .i an-.
are e.ernnl,
liness and Ilgdit;
Horn v.-ilh iov
- S
cr-'t, wrongs sua!
: nov-
r p"ispei
While there is a
O od, wiio-e worid
liotiaiHess iove I
5ein:iy right ;
hear-. I voice is shig-nig-i
yo;i and me,
Sink; oppression with its titles,
As the pehies in the sea.
An old man sits in a higli-'nieked chair,
liei'oi'e an open door,
the sun of a s-t:n ne:"s ufierttouii
.Falls aeross tlie lioor,
And the dro'vsy' ciiclc of an nueient clock
JI:isi" noticed the hour of four.
A lree:-j lIo v.s in an-l n breeze blows out
From the scented summer air,
A ad it flutters now
And now it ,ii'u
And the lea i lid
And !;e sieo'i- in hi
his r'riukled brow,
oi' liis eye drops down,
s in '-h-baekcil chair.
J$iio out rn.tti .-leeris' atni the oui man
f His lion 1 uio.is on his breast,
Tlis liaads relax their feeble hold,
And fall lo his lap in rest,
The old in .in s.cep's, and in .sleep ho
And in drear!" again .is blest.
The years trtroll their fearful scroll j
lie is a child again ;
A mother's to les a re in els car,
Ami drift across his brain;
lie chases gnv.-ly bulteriiies
.Far down th.j roiling- plain.
lie pl;;eks the w h! ro.se in tlie wools,
A u.I gathers eglantine,
And holds tlie gobl-j-u b ittercnp.-i
lieneatli his sislev'h chin;
And angles in the m -a low brook
With it- bent a id n iked pin.
Jle loiters down the grassy lane,
Atrl by the. brien.iii ig pool,
And a sigh eseap his p vrled lips
As l:e iiears the bell for school;
And lie wishes it were not nine o'clock,
And the mornings never were fail.
A mothers hand is pressed u ids head,
f Her kiss is on his bnnv '
A summer breeze b'Viws at l he do or,
Wfth the toss o.f a-leaf;..loaIi, -;
And the boy -is a white" liuired man again,
And .his eyes are tear-tilled now.
M. OVRRUY respect , tsll v tenders li:qsaiiiv
to a ir-mcrous nubile for the liberal patron-
a"'lic lias received frotii them since ho lias coaimen
e l bn.-ioess da Ids mvu- hook-, and hopes by strict- at
tention and nntiring industry, to merit a continuance
of their f'untr. '
He has now on band and will constantly keep a
.jood assort men ofSaddlesv IJr;dleCMarting:il. Also
ijui riivi-c. Buggy; and Su'.ky -I larne.-. of all varieties
and of his own manufacture. Having in his cmpioy
tirst-rate workmca in t!ie (liii'ererit branches of his
business, be is uut under the iifeessity of Tteepln.-r
Noriheni work for sale. Ifo lius also on band for
sale W,'iw aud Carriage Cellar; Wagoa, Carr'uise.
iUiggy. and Drover.-:' Whips of every description, aati
every other articles usually kept in bis line?.
lb'paii ii'.ji' attended to a.-s usual done neatly and
with despatch.
X. II. II.; earnci-tly requests all tho-i indi -pt-j.l to
th" late linn of Hnn.-tou A-Overby to eu'.l amisejtl"
t!i.) cl.ilnis be holds against theia. as the sett lenient ol
the co-paitnership reqalres it without decay.
Jaauary K. Is.-7. ."J-:m
My entire Stock of CLOTHIXO aad Fnrn-shinjr
tiOoDS. Those whomav wish to tret in to ltuiie-ss
can do so by calling on the subscriber, as lie inte'eds
se!l out. and if the whole Stock is not ."old before
,ne i?t ol'l'ehruarv be will fell at auct'oa."
X. II. All persons who are indebted to ?n; cither
by note or account, will pie-.ne call and settle, and
save v.o.-t as I alii determined to close up my business.
All those h.iA i;i claims against nie will jdease present
tiieai t- in-' f a- payment.
J. lay 8, 1(S."7. 311 1
Var rented Urn. Growth of 185d.
Till! Subscriber leas just received a lar-e supply
ot'tJardeu Seeds, contp.rir.ing everj' vari iv.
from t.iie celebrated (Javilen-of Joji.ssox. Kor.t.iNs A".
Co.. Wethersiiel I. The.-- Sfe-eds have been h,M h.-ie
for the la?t 5 years and always given pcrfeet f-ali.s!ao-tioii.
l or sale bv
JAS. X. SMITH. Pvuacgl.-t.
'ata lognes v.'ili be famished grata: fnisly upon
Zi 3:j-2m
At an adjourned Moeti-njr of i
Commissioners of the Town of Favettevilie, held
the iriee of tbe Town this day. 7 o'cloek. 1'. .M.. 17
J.m'y 1S.")7, the following Officers were elected:
John Yv. r.akcr. Jr.. Tax Collector, eoninuwsio,!.--per
cent, on Town faxes and 4 percent on Kail iio
John I'. L'oa-ird, SnecTal Ju-tiee Fees.
J. 1). Callais. To,i Con table'. Director -CFaa-ol !
L"jj"r and Lower F lycit.-vill-;, Lanr.t Teu.b-r, Stan- ;
da rd Keeper, and Street (.'o'.nmis.-'iooer id-iry -''.
-J. I'. Leoa.wd, Clerk of the Market salary ..'." a.
Warfcii 1'rior, Keejierr of the Town t.'iock no. .':.".
.1. A. Worth. " '" Fowder Mn-i'irane ) tVes
Wm. V, iiliamsoa. S.'.xto.i to the (o ave Vanl
salary .-sAU.
iM.'Fanik. 1L Lockaman. -T. llroaeh and J. Drad
. haw. Town ;.!-, rd. each sakiry i?t.y-K .
A. (u.ioii.--ll. mi. was an t d Cloei ire V, urn
8 T ii-ul-y.
Ann1 'V iiba:ii''.-Hi 11
- a. - e.-l h s. " - "
.! M .Vill'-.-.va-. " "
W. :-.b:L?de':vav: "
.1 i) WAliiams."
.1 F l'ouiks.
t Inb're I. That regular rn
Lel'i o i i:;e ir-t -Satur-iav in
1 -; t
- ol
- l
UU -
ot'i '
mil -
-" 7 th
'(in as of
this board b
l e.u-ii i.ioatii.
(J. 3iATtil!'Ws, Clerk.
(From the Minutes.)
J ui'v 2.".
All those iiuiebtet!
Net..' or Afi-o'jut. a re hereby n
ly in want of money. I i :' ;:
and ceom' a ,'avor on mc tl-.ey
ine,ii;:t" JclVlUeii', or 1 s!: ill be
claims 1:1 the hands of an o.'iici.'
lo ivait uo loader.
Jan. 2r 1-.7. tf
to- l)!!1 vi !t'r 1V :
otiiie.l that. 1 an; civet- !
y wi.-.;i to :- : ve" e - i - .
will call ami !-: ini
eonmel U d to rn! my .
r, as I am d-f nuined !
i;,me. !
wmm mmmm
TilM LATXFii Fl.'ni.'lCATloN.
ii.-a th.j i.ab.v
rc CO..
:!ig le;i
bug i
Y ) l; i-v. eonfiiiae t pui
iriii-ii I'erbidiua vi.-:
the Ei;ixnr
... f
i;LACMn'0'OD'S KDINIU.-Rfai MAGAZINE. c'Torv.)
There Periodicals able rep'.-cent iho three :
politieal parties of ( Jr-eal Br.iain in.., 'j'ory. a.;
Radical. but peiibe- f..rius only one I' a.are of ihe r
character. As Organs-of the mo.-l rufouiid writers i
0.1 Science. Literaiare. Morality, and Reiig-ioa. ihey
stand, as they ever have stood, unrivaled in the -a or, 1
oi' iett: u's, bi.-ing i:i:lls:peusible to the sell lar and the !
professional man, while to the iuteligeat reader old
every class tln-y furnish a more correct a. id .-a! :sj'ne- ;
ferry record of the current iiteraiure ot i i : day.
throughout the world, than can be possibly obtained '
from any other'source.
The receipt of ADVANCE .Si LIE TS froni die Brit
ish p;ibl:shers Lin es additional value u th --.' Repr.iit.-i.ia-i-i
aeh as ihey can now be placed in the bauds o!
subscribers about as soon a the. original edition-;.
a all.
tii 0.)
o 00
7 ii;i
ti 0-;
; via
V, 0 )
10 ua
For any one of the four Re views
For arfy two of the four Reviews
For any three of" the four Reviews
For all four of the Reviews
For Blackwood's Magazine
For Blackwood and throe. Reviews
For Black woo-1 a id the t-jur Ravi
P.i ii. mult to oc i.e.'ive i i at
iii a.ii:ti -i .a-.
.!..-cv current in t'n- SI tta :i't:-re
i.-i-s n.ci tKill ft-
ft id'ca.' ul jiiii'.
A di.-eount of twenty-live p.-r c-jnt from the above
p'iers vh! Lie aikr.v,.' I to Cid us ordering four or m r.
conlea o.' aay one or more of le.o a'iuv wark.-. 'i'bu
Foar eopiu.-. of Ulnckwoo l. or of one Review, will be
ten t to one address for S!J; four copies of the four
Reviews and Bbickwoa l for -S,; a; a.i.l sj on.
In all tlie jiriucipal Cities and Towns; these works
will be delivered, FREE OF ro.sTAGH. When
sa-nt bv mall, the lt. tago to any part of Ihs United
Slate." wiil be 'out T W EXT V-FO I ' R CENTS a year
for Blackwood aad but FOURTEEN CENTS a year
for each of the Review?-.
Ar. Ii. The price in Qre-.i'l liiilniv of ltc fire.
Pcri'jxlici'j'i tibtve-ii'i isab'-uil s:Jl j.-er a aunt,;.
To rvieicaiide and I'ra-etical AnTieullure.
Hy Henry Stephen.--, F. R.
the bit. I. F. Norton Frofe.--o
F. R. S., of EdiiU.ar-er'i, and
r ff :-c:eiii,.:ic ,'ve;rleai-
t are in VaL'- College. New U ivra. 2 vol-; Roy al
Octa". i 0 J pages, and uuineroas Wood and Steel
E .igravin-;s.
ihils is. co ifeas.'dly, ih-i mo.si. complete work oi
Agriculture e.-, er p-uultshed. and ia order to give ii a
wider elrca at'o i ih publishers have resolved to re
duce the price to
IV.e l.ii:irs. fr ill t 10 V'!-J-u-a! !
When seat by i.idl (poe-pa: ! to California an
Oregon th-' price will b;; 7 doll irs. To every e;;.;.r
part, oi' 111 : l.'.i'a.u and to Canada x post-paid : dollar.-.
This work - no; the idd "Bo-di of l. tie Farm.'.
ii-unitrauees f',f any ofihe aii-jv,: pibliead mi .-houl.l
alwavs be a i Tressed p a-a-p-.iad. to the Fublishers,
No. 51 Gold-street, New Vork.
A dntiem.tu v!i !ius "neither lime,
nor i.is-eto undergo the - usual routine of eo-.-.r !-bl;i.
wish s to op-'n a u: d rhno.vhii corrcspondonco with a
LADY not eyeeeding the a- of drb an-.l -po.-s':'.-eil id'e,
eultivated inteiiact a.-dsoaie sbare of personal ntirae
tions. Tiie t ulvortis' r, is I years old, bears a fair
moral eharaetofi i-i moderately goo-1 looking and has
propert.- to ihe a-.no'nl of lift ecu thou-and dollars.
. Address M. FayeiteriUc. N. C.
Jan. 17 1857. ZZ-'M
'of. Hay anil Po'nalteon Offsets,'
Fayeli eville Hotel;
x J - ..
W ou til rrspectfiiily caiktli
of his JVie e.'s and custoinera
idut-. : ; !. of : :
Which 'he is now reeiuviiig. and will offeir .at jm ic( i
low tin they can b-? bought at la this, inarJfcC '-4tl&-&ti
ject is to s.-H modic'ne th it can lie- dei2ad;4i tsibiiis
he buys lsone but the genuine article, ' ;::"Tl ;",
Conotaatly oil b.:ul
JJuruitig Fluid, -. . . -
fcsj irils Turpcuttne, -" -. r:
Alcohol, - 1 ,
j)raulies and Wiuas
ilt'tlical joirposcs,)
. Conirress Venter,
Citrate Magnesia,
j-mst liutia Castor Oil.
.Mareh lo. IH.jii.
The subr-critier olferp for :sb: h' entire bil
ding about ct,;ht hundred aer.
above Fayett-.-vllle itu.l live mil--lower
liitle fiver. The la:: i is '
well if'.apt'-d to f arm: e;; : iie-re
a.i.l !;f:y aer.is ci; :u- ' b:;:: ! um 1
vatiou.' I w'.'.i .-..11 it .111 !...-
i.- . sir't-.,. i,, ..,
- i e - i tie- mvuh t)f
''-'I uiiii I:ra!?!!V a-vl
- aiueu o,c Liridr d
r a iVp't:;t u'f e tit t
i crla small tr -.e!.s
u;i parcnusers. i-or inrtie.-r particttarsappiv to. the
subscriber on th prei"sc.
Julvl:!. 7-tf
Jaauary 1. ls.jtj. ly-jd.
v (tonus a 'i
W'K are me-.v r -e;
braeiivr every tbia-r
":l!g a V.
ia the
ry larg STOCK, ciu
lrv ( ioods line '.v!th
Hats, Caps, IJoofs, Shoes, .Silk" and a
lJoniiets, Umbre;l-!S, and Heady
Made C! ;!.;. g. ..
Wh'e'.r thev will 'i t KA! i'-r Ca- !i or a pi
Notes, f.t ' IVlt Of.!!?.- LK reiiv V, e invite
t ra w
e-. no- -. i. '':'i.; this market to exaai'ne stock.
i;. -'Altil. J. M. WILLIAMS.
Aeg. . ls.V7. Ki-ti'
c.-ra r.
e . : ; . . . ,
Winter btock of Goods,.
To. ,
in:-- th
. a ; e a t . i
:r r r n 1
it i !j ; i ia a:i i .,
in ; . . '. iaurk.
.Ijichants nuik-
IlEXiiOW, D. I). Si,
i ! : 1 -ii College
? .1 t.1 jlj s. o.
oars 'Veiii
' A
- i ar
i . r
:;. to i i m.
.:. to : m.
his suit of liiioni -s
in v.i-'.W b;' -my
! v in ited-to c-v.'S
DK. j:N!JOW may be
-:.r th- V, o r- f . v, in re :
:v'r ,-.f a !:.:'. t nr.
'! oir.-ratio-is ooV: ; ;. !
!;po:: i:h; !.at ab.l inost
- ill nee:! of irljilvlit" T'eCi!,
j:U'OVe'l :!
To r
v- I-. ; - is b i
a :e 1 , 1 .: rrove-
iV'-'U i-.l1-: ':
; ,:'.;. .
Mb- ih-- -
moo: ;,r- oi'
. .i : " . :
!: -V ves to be
imr.fl organs.. . . '
aeh vear In ht nlace..
from I-i-t o;
Oel. II". i "
,'oor Lo C:m lev- of July.)
1:1-! f
James C. Smii-ii.
a - vr; . v . iy.
- . :' "'.'..... ."...';..?
Have removed ih :;-
1 : i ".:. r '' iViiierly oe-eoied
' thev ! 1 -p.- r- ! to
1 h; 1 i i ; I I r.i 1 1 i.e.
A'.i '.: -: :.-- ..;:...-'. -I b
?: l '.r.A CostI.n
XZTZI .ife; ci,c-. :: '
.hie:i,;'s.;-. -
to Vac seei--:id .ii'y of tii;1
'.y f tie Telegraph Cobvpa-ny
. -::.; t . all bsisyit-r iu the
hem -will be punctually
( : : -b r 1. i-
J :
lilt-a-iiag .
t,f A to it. bv
: .-,! . - e
iia-V '.:-.- ':. - i
. : : 1 : : : i e - l . .
S eidi. !; ;;
! ;':!- 0-b to :'N
- it
, .0 j-,
d!v i.
!a:vd:-: lib'
ih a
who ue'ed th.-.' s.:r-
: - c.i;.; of id -ir Tee! !!.
r' . . e. . 'i b e a ;e.:
.: ;.;,:? di. h or
Ve :-i: . .i s-aid: ee.
: i 1 '; work a d
e d - red b c.a v i -c
:d t,..t
he d ,.:
l : -; 1 a 1.1
i' '--a :
:.. ;. '
t " :
. 1 1 ' : - ;
dei'-'d bap desa.
! to give 'd::i
as da iaa.id:; of
and ..
aaierh'ii. . lii iio w '
i'heifi e ah-e aed.
h. a :: i i: : r ih.' ,"ih- -
a c.di b ;
.;;!: oi'.'
skdl w m!-.
Fi -ase i;
his pb-d-fe
v ' cud make, u-a in!. ' .
. . 1 1 ..." i . .1 ... . 4- . .."!
inn a is-.fi.:. a 1 a n uo noes not, icoeeiu
forfeit :: - V -
! a .' a i ; .-. v.. I e V . ii : . .o' .-1.
w-.di oa Li.Les nt i -h ;-lr re d leacea if de.ered.
v.. 1.-57. :i i -t r
J 1 v
.1 aa'v
t:!C Oh
for the
ua dersig-i'd
:a f Co ;-. ih!
ensuin " vear.
)a M'S hi
as a e aiidah'ie foi
ovvdiie id.-ti-Iei.
"eb'v iie'd.
L". ' i LLiXSt.
i'. ' iae i'hiv
E'eeliou ia i
J -) .IX
Jan'v .1, 1
The i::ib-!''e:". will pay ihe bleb est
V. F X d X . ,v ; 1 1 -;. l..o.-;s au.U'-s-'
,:s at 1. i i .' I S- R.-.h. ; ad oi ;:;t
cas'i price tor
ai iu .a leer Oi'
y. wilt Levi
;i:;;x ,
pia.aipt aaen ; nes.
! Si
h McFXT 'i
Tiauriti'mrgh, Jan'v
Pc'Si;ios Cor
All It. Me LEAN, and others.).
It ajipeai-lng to the s.itisfaclioj
of the ih
Walker, i
art. that
dv Wi.lk-
! he ludeudants i::
:.- case : : a.
cr. Fuvev Lo.-khart- (ieore M:iv aad wii Marlha.
bin 'da. a,.d wild Iliry. id ; o ed; ; a ad v. Ifo Sa j
raa. r.. id 5 beyond tiie lieots of rh.; ,-.-te. t)n iao- j
Fo i. it is or.l..-r. d tbaf p Fdle.:-e-a be i -a: in the I
r.erd: Car.dlaiai:. a e.e . spe.-a-r p:.bb.e;ed in l.b.e town j
of ravel : 'd-b-. tor '- . s.-.n.-c e:avo Wad. n.jdfyiiigj
th ; said dei'e.ebiats b b a, id a p -ar a i ahe ne'xt- -term' I
of !he Co..:r: ot ;'i-a- a:.U lyiar.e,
t--r di..' e-- i..'. . of i i. r.- --: . at da l
to be held.-!
art iiouso ia
S't'Umerv'lie. on the - a !;-'
in rdart-h iiv;i. then
rear tiie s.u-i. netition.
and there to aaswoa plea j or de:
or lb." ! I'ue v. II 1 be he;: rd --a-. :-ii,-;
eo.-!K-t.i,j. lie render.?.! aji-aiu.-i ;ii
. e.d ' i; i.p :ei;'.S , : u
Xi dac.-s. ii j.ijaiiiiu i-' . ..;
ed o':iee la laenervd! .
and in the dlst vear of Ani.-r'c
bv A.
Clerk i.f oar said Court,
a day ia t leeeini;:.-!'., Ibul.
e a ! .a-p ,; ie... . ' - .
bileETON-D. Cl'k.
17. ls.",7.
'1 "
odors f
The subscriber odors for iaie tho f,d fowa?v- tr-.u i
of b. ai: - . . T e; ... . .
. f )- : i - .--.ted;;!,;.; 1 ; a e -r; fpo'djf. which is
as ifood .-i.vaaip as iuere is in the c'oiVntrvof. "Bladen"
abmt two bnsi-lred acres veil drainedr and -, about
th'rtv neve'; e! .o -: and 00''-,- i-ae;.. a.hllniug - the
l.uid-of.L G. Sutt.ui and T. C. Srohh, -eg "l-I-.-..--: .
Also. 15.) acres join lag the lands of lljo'n-.Hyh and
Win. Ibwdaux. - ..,.,?.-:
1 - I jai::':'x the laavl-: ?rjha Cain kn.S-'-IDownau.
en) a. ; - jobdag f-be itMKfs of- Gi'Vtf ge-'Cfiind'ftud
I..:-. .''1 l.-'i-. Ti; above lands ISH .rVlV'a;;J
giv.s go. 1 liiae for e.'-.-iil n-.- e-, cr' wlll- t -.i.L' yfcr.i!g;iiiv
groe and inve tl;o best of prices. : ' I'd"-?.-, :,- ;l.--;-
For fur-flu.-r infot-nmi on "address 'dhfitibieTlfce? at
ElizaVtlitown.- N..C.-b ' "'.;-,'-.- "
.Lo, PL l:r..7. :i2d-m" 'i'-A-A&ih.tfitAn'x.-, '";
Wdnii'.igion Hcie.id copy 3 moat16tenL lsIil to
ubscribM-. . -' - .-'..j" ' '
o ii';r,eitueii
ft .
J "Vii'j-
I), w. u.
t; iiSTi L
Rivecf:iilY inform-? his friends and the puElic, that ks
f i. -a .i.m 1 1 1 mi i i -.-- til i4t.riiori:;i lo'ir.iv i iii.iiii'r.-s so, iiik
i v. i , a....... . r- ,:
Stand"., expr.e !y fr. nianufacttn'rrTg : Carriages.
liianktul for the vei'vitbei al natroaajic. he hs feciHrad
lli. last 21 ve-.vrs. he hopes by strict attention to
biuaness. witis a desire to jrive -satisfaction: to merit a
"coKtiiuiance of the same. lie warrants hts work to be
made of the b.-st taaterkil and by experienced yorkman
iu each Iiranrii of the business. "l lis work will compare
favorably with any made in the United States, for acat-
Tiefs iir.d durability.. - . . . ,
;ltc-T tcr.uiiH".l to sell and do any work In his line
on n-jrood t nuns as a.iy Avork doae efsawlu-re that.iaas
well done. He now lias o i.. hand, finished, the largest
&&V UUtJGIKS. ever oiTer.;d In this rdaeeVand a very
i&t&i tock of work uearly iiuished. - hicn wai lie sold
very low, for ith. or on siiort t'ma to punctual c'l-toin-crs,
Xtllla- has on hand more thanOXK HUXOUED
AXI) 11 FT Y. .Vtth ic les finished and in course of con
strue t ion. --. ;'.'.
iz-S-AU work made bylitm is v.'arrajtcd 12 month!?
with fair usage, and should it fall by bad workmanship
or material -vill be repaired Xree of -charge.' V 1 -.
I'.- rsous wishing to- buy would uo well to call and
c- scininc fo ti;C!.i-.elvc.' - .
( r dors thankfully received and promptly attended to.
Kepan-ia;; execuled at short noUee.and.-on very
soimH fenas.
Favettevilie. Oct 1. 18..C. - " ll '
F On S V!iK -
. P,r CASr! oroa Short Tliiif, "- "
llOCIC.VWT-.tYS & DUGGIES of every -description,'
Many of which are ii'ilshed, and the balance;, being
;i;ush; l flaih; amoag which are many", new atid
beautiful Vtvles. and one very fine Carriage.' Pome
i of tliem vf-ry light, and all uiado la the best manner
itjpf th; biit materia!-. .My facilities lot- oping
asrdJ work ar: ' greater than any estalisUment
nd I can afford and am determined to sell work
of aiie or i qti.:iiiy as low as it can bo built for by
aay one. : " - ' . .-'
'JfrThoi wli; are Indebted to mc will please pay
n n-s 10 v business requires my out-staadiue- debts to be
collected. A. .A. -McKETHAN.
August .. lfcofi. tf -
im-so is in l mted to th- firm of'vT. F. t.-K. F.
are reouestel to come forward and make
it. as their copartnership ceased on the 1st of
!.-.'::. ' -
W. F. .v. E. F. MOORE.
une ). lSjik 2-tf.
Tiii' Fiariiftfcire & Fixtures of tlie
.. r..vi'K v ravirji, itaTi-pi. ian. sale.
Tlie .Subscriber having fully determined to tell the
above named jiroperty, now offer it to any enterprising
in.i l noon liberal terms.
This Hotel enjoys a large custom from the adjoining
counters, and from tee traveilmg unolic, Wi.th a. pro
feret of fa' ure inerease. lat it jias done and is now
doTtiyr. can seen by any one wishing to purchase, by
relei-rin-j to our books. The situation of the Build
ing is Mteh ..s will command the greater, pii't of the
coiuinu'to, rai-i p..-smg t!r, ouu,T. tiiis ru.ice-.
For tlie am a it ot capital invest ;d. there is no busi-
that a pei'.-.on cn;i
Id engage in that would pay as
J. II.
-t f.
& CO.
pi. 11. Sob
U0BJ5HT I), (ill GUN,
(i. An-: onf-j;-:N" .k- wear.)
Fayttteviile, X. C.
II. i. G. l.e.rsto return las sineeco thank to tlie
public h.r tii.' hind patronage ho iiiieraily ties' o wed
nee:: tie le! Fir. a. and iaie-rar- vlien; he iias bought
ih" mtere. t o f .i . S. ear. 'and will con i-inue the bnsi
net s i'l ;.H i.s i-raucia;.- at the ojd slaad, under bis
1 ail:':' ;'ap. rii. ie;:.leiice.
N. B. Ail Watches left with him for repair will be
b.k'.a :. part i:i the jiresenco of the owners, and the
eeees ry rep.:' r i:ei n ted out to them arfd a written
cent red ;-iveii !V--r the same, which work will be war-raute-.l.
for tvro ye;:;::. ... -
On iriad cn.l f r sale now. the most varied and
choice jsck-etHOi f I ' L' )C --Cs and other trhic p'eees that
ha-e vey b.-e,i .u-a ed to liie "public in North Carolina
which he w.'ii ;1 New York price.-, and a'.s -warrant
lor two years.
- AB debt.- one to and by the late firm will be paid
and fi v.
' Angitss
; b
( 'Hi,-' a il. (J.,
WILL p ay the Highest Cud; , rices for likely Young
X.a. r av-. Tii..so wishing to' sell will find us ready
oar :. i-i o i the bait, business t.-nua. . a
S 'pr..i.:. ! -;. 15-Ciu
Tii.- .-;d.--vrd r iai:sg do.droa - of closiu.m .out the bal
aaee of ins. Wb:. L- i'S. Oiler- ids entice stock of
!ndy- nrade clothing, Faniis!ii:!g (joods, Hats
tia ;;s, iJoots shoes, Trunks, (.' arjiet- Hags and
Vaiie-.-s at. i ery siuaii advance on prime COST. X
(MlOKi'E. I'iri AN l) i
South side Hay Street, Favettevilie.
11 v-o is
n lobted to hie be X ie or account are
e.iy r
us nr.
pie-ied to call a ad make inii:ned!at' pay
Books nmsi be ciesc i by the 1st Jan. next-
Nov 29 lio:;. 2-lf
Foil SALE.
H : !SE and L at. T.'io iuibscriber wish-
"-. in--- to b-ave r avet-te vuie. o.iers lor saiei:er
lb'mse and Lot. The situation ' of the above
property Is in a very desirable portion of the town and
liie jiroperty is also in a good condition. -For further
'larticuiars address the sub-cribe?.
Nov. id! 1 e.'dh 2 m-2 -
-ada d c
McSWAiN rd MoDUFFIE have this day
aa.rla r-!i o b muiual coa-eut.
i . uc -av;u -i w; i ; a
ideas i -a; I lie tirm.
teiid lo settieuients and collec-
Ida Mclbi iie wiil
coutinue to occupy the foimcr
Nov. i, i:,i'.
' Tiio -Subscribers having tltis day
le .-i d this 1 Intel for a term of years,-will be
! t ? F
i'!ees--! to see thvir i tie mis and the traveling
public at this House. At the same lime we
1 i . V .
hone thev will be patient and bear with our linp-erkc-
tions until we shall have put the House in such repair
as we desire.
J. L Uom-uiTd. . F. N. lloisKUTS.
Siarch 1, L ."'". ' 35-tf
; " EC) II SALE.. ,
Ii' ivv I-i Reaver Creek Sheetings.5 : '
Cadoa Yarn. Wary and Filling, No-. 5 to 10. ,
. ' " 'ALSO! : -
Ibelt, Fick-r, Roller and Lace LEATHERS.
Oils and Manufacturer's Eludings.
Winter strained, Speim. Lard and Linseed Oil".
Siiuttlic's Isingglass. Freaca Glue, .Jhnory, Roller
... - Cloth and Glass Steps.
, . ' J. II. HALL. Fres. IE C. M. Co.
July 2!b l.-.-.C.. 8-tf
. : , , ., j
A N I) 1 1 T. W J . . ST ED.MAN, -
t v .-.- k 1 -i n .
, Having rr moved to PH TSIlORt . N. C.a will attend
regularly tiie Courts ot Uiiatuaiu. Atoorc ami naructt
Co;viirb ,-. - . . ... . - ..-.
" Aoi-il ld,lS.;b f - ...
Mi mi: a:" ckjiest."
Just received end for sale -'
2.0 .Casks Lime, fresh from the fcsla,
Dl! Fahels Cen.Bnt. -
--50 .. - . Calcined IMa-ter.
- rab r-nshels riaster'n-: U-,i-.
: 75 Darrels Maeker'd :-A II-rrin 2," :x
3m .SaekS.Liveriool S..K . -
, .-2Ld)"; " Alum Sab. 2 be.J.tl Sack?. . .
j. w. rowr1
r -
0ct::t!7fil?.-B -t':
TItJStockjUlkf Staple, ruud.awy;lryCqcKls,t
1 11 A rnwtivn In Tllll TTI V F i HUH' " '
euo.acing quuc-.,.., v c.t styles, quaiuies, ao.
iac'.a ling all fyler',sr i),.,. Goods and .Trim-
f minga, to wit: Str.per,i anil -Holmd Silks, plaid,
griped, and printed all w7V,la;,)s coU,f?; sol
id, all wool do. French Xbjrutsiu j.lm,les Xand , col
ics, printed nd pd. ldr priced A.ims ud IJUlatna."
Also, n Uandsome aesortment of ClOina talaiaS.
and extra heavy Hay State Shawls. lniT: Collars,
black Laceilo-, Swiss and J c Flouuciuga; Jiilngs
aat insert mi; Jviu -auu ; i is'.eu , cut u loves'
in;Vintlcts. ilatsl! Cans; and Donnets; Uleachert,- 1;
......... . i .- t -V, , ' -
Sheetingi and Slnrlings. together with.a pood asrt-
uicitt of round, istaplc and Dome-tie CiOUDS- . Ready
Madc.Ctothing, J'oots ami Mines, Ve. iVc.
Itiivor.4 BreneraUv-ai-e1 respeetfully invited
.. . - - -
to e,ive
mv stock a luokrAS I shall sell ou short prQlits
- - ' 1'. CCOW,
Nov. 1st. 18.-C. ' :' ; .iS' 22-tf
-wvov men v, - .
WOULD llesnectfully inform tlie public ami all the
old cuMofners or Houston and " Overby. that he stilt
continues to carry oa. the Saddle and Harueiss makiiioj
ashless' in all it rarion branches.at the ohl Stand of
Uouston and Ovcrby, where he will he happy ?o fur
nish them with any article which, they may, need in his
Lin'e. - . - - , ., -.
TJ5- Strict -cttention.' paid to ' Repalrtng.-r.tp.
. ... .. : ... W, OVi'iaiY".
- Aug. IS, 1S5G.' '"'" 0-m " .
S" Jnst received, a few-' '"doz, gennine East
India CASTOR OIL, (for my ret iil.,' -Also, Citrat
of Magnesia and Cougress Water. -
April 2. ISof.. ': ' ' I-' ' ""
V. " C. POE. .''V-V-''...' i .
. DKAI.KH IX . -
' " ' Reatly-iSItitti Clothing.
Particular attention paid to Ladies' Dress
Goods and Trimmings,
: Xovember3d. lf. ' tf
. : : : ;- ' ' . - -
Bedsteads!- Bltracls ! !
Just received from the Manufacturer, Ira Hersey, a
supply of
of various patterns, and made of j?ood seasoned timber.
These Bedsteads are ina.nufaet.ared in this place: and
ean bo sold to dealers as low as they can be got from
the North. Call and examine .. .
April 9, 185C. ' y - ..--
Store for Rent-
The Store on the cornor of G illispje.
and Franklin Streets near the Bank of the
dy to
Aug 28.
GK V'EIIAL c j ii;iissio: . MEIlCnAXT.S
And Cotton I'actars,
3 lOJ Piiie SSrci-l, ?JE"w "sOHE.
. I). W. BOWMAN.
May 1. lS..n. . EDW'D. McI'H LUSON.
N. P. ParllcUlar attention paid to consignments,
of Naval Stores.
TO TitAVEm-il.'S.
The Subscribers convey the .Mall Te.lween Favette
vilie and Barclaysville in a'3nggyV and can acc-'iamo-datc
one or two pV-sengerr. The route Is by way of
Kingsbury, Bunn's Level, Suinmerville .ami Neill's
Creek. The days for leaving Fayetlevillo are TueMliii S,
Thursdays and Saturdays, at G o'clock, a. m. Return'
Monday, Wednesday ami Friday evenings. Fare from
Fayetlevillo to Suminelvillc 2.
' Aug. 2o. IS.'O. - ' A. rAlik ER.
MORE NEW ('Olins
"UlE Subscriber is
receiving his FALL AND
coasisting'-of almost every
thins iu the wav of
G i'l O C IJ li I BS,
ii.-iiiDiv.iiUJ -2AX noi.Lvir- ir.iiuj -'
; also ' .
Hoots n nd Shoes, ISaddiery, Fish &c,
Anv of which he will sell cheap for Cash, barter for
Frodttee or on short time. Store rceeully occupied by
Troy & Marsh, near the Dubbin House.
- G. W. I. GOLD ST ON.
Oct. 18. 2l-tl'
- The Subscriber is th'' only authorized agent In Fay
etlevillo. fur the. sale of the 11 ou. it. C.I'ury curbs cdo
bi ated GUI RyS V. bl-.ke j . lie. will be supplied with
this .-uperior Whiskey to meet demand.
:, v.v :j : - - W. DRAUGHOX.-
April 10. Ibi-tf
y 1
. ' - ' S- FOR SALE.
repair. -'
April 20, 185G.- 42-tf
DUGG1ES in good
2,000 Spirit arrels for sale by
Jane 17, 1S5G
ron SALE.
froni JFayctteville, lying directly on the SoutLern
l'lauk Road, and on- each Fide of Dig RockRsh. One
of the best . Turpentine bectious in tin county, with
convenient improvements for a family residence; with
a small corn mill on a never failing stream, and a i'ust
rate .situation for a Turpentine Distillery ai d Store.
Feb'y ) -lfe-6, - tf
is z.cvr receiving his FALL STOC'ir. "embracing a
large au ' general Stock of Dry Goods, Hats, Caps,
Ha.. - .al Siioes. Groceries, hollow-ware. .-. Crockery
and Glass-ware, which will be sold upon favorable
terms .or exchanged for produce, hoping fo see his
friends and customers before theT "supply themselves.
Ciijie Fcai' Land for Salt.
The'putiscrib'fr offers for sale THREE HUNDRE)
and E1G HT Y-FIV E Acre.) f Land on Cape--Fear
River below Smith's Ferry, iu Cumberland county,
running with the river to tlie lands of Mis IJyrd. - -t
A portion of the land is cleared and fenced. It Ir
well adapted to the cultivation of corn. cats, and the
usual crops of the river lands. The part uncleared
has on it some good dswaTnp, whtcji may be -easily pre-'
pared lor use. ; .-,. -? , ,.a .a r e-a ..
It will'lie sold on a credit of i wclve inontlifi. , Pcr
FOils wis-hing to buy can call on the owner at this place.
. . . , . i. G. SHEl'HERD. ,
Atnil fi. 03-tf . "
. - s AGKXT I'OU .
i ,:
M LRU AY'S ' REG Id L All. LINE -f - OF
(VI South Street,. XEW YORK. T
The ndersignoI may be found at the Office of C
n.i ..... H.....V i: i !.i.li ea-iv.1 .-l, a., ....-lu.i.f:. r... ......r :
V;Otll.'li .UtUIV . ' " v. xj 1 . ii
, . i. ... ill .......a, ,. 1.:.. ,..-!
ilt-SClipLUJll J I ..wu.n ti ... . v. 1 fc v. uio iiuiill IIU ICI-
sonal attention.
& - r-. -v-r- - . --;
P. MALL 1'
March 21),
1 ';
S. corner :tlh "'P.U,I
"t,..o.1i.i.. c:, .:b, riiisaii:-, on largo wbeth, -.
- lV - .t'ra U, Ik? attached fo move them abonl.
tongue foritnvfttwo cvlbidcis. niakbur H;-f Jo
1 - eirf ,(viitere na: lu.cu in iruin i iu . wrt'KP.
iwa'alwarf. on ..Tiand fnr f-nle.'- Thes-c eiiLinos
'Sye been irf aefitn ynzr a id ii e'pry inta.icc
I Htw? t z k .. 1 .. . 1:11- 1 : X-.. - ... . - .. . .
hav giyes gi,aLjatifaetioa.'- Descriptive circulan:
wiil be KrntVtipn appllefl for. " ?
JaniB, lf.7. ;- 92-tf"
f ! "Veithcr labov" nor expeaisu will he Miaretl to make it
tne best Fainitv Jvowtyaper in the ,W,vrM-one .wliofee'i
clieerful and gefiial character iVill fender it a'lvckoine
visitor to every household, while Us constant devotion
to the principles ot right and justice shall win tjie opr
probation ot : the wise and the good. Its object will In
jo &et t'onh pound views on 1'oliticnl, Social, and Moral,
qiuslionsi to diffuse u.-cful iuioniuitien.aud to jCiilt-i-vate
the 'jrraces and anu-nitics of life.
liarpi-l 's Weekly .will Coutaiii a lull ara'l iuspaitial
Suiamavy of .the ioi'ii'.cal Social, ltcbyic its, C01..UK r--,.Tnt
nmV I. it. nil v XeWS of thetlv; It will cbroioclo
; l('nmK moitmi! IS ill OH' uvwiu I;-" "
. a-.-.veri J of fck-iice. and the
t.Ctsaf jienius; the dh
creati(inof uat. it will in a word, aim to prcf-ci.t an
aciimawanfl ccrcplcte picture of the age in which we
live- . . . - , ... . '
It will also "ivc'aduc -.have of attention to the tartc,
tLe iinagimuion, ul i,c icttings. Its regular teai
teits will cm' race 1 Hte. inciiknts oi Tiavtl and Ad
venture, .Sketch; s of Ch-.o-aeler and S ciid Liie, and
Isi-ays nron Ai t and Jk nils, - -
'l he I'ublit hers have raude an ;iijj:cmeuts with the
best American vre is, !io wiil 'con tribute to Inc.
various (b'partUMt-.U of ih iipirr rlhe large space at
tbf ir 4"a-nos;vl Will enable ilCuitUtvHa to avail tlun:- :
pelves ' of ample reieet ions . freiii ihc l and uot
lielilt'rtful'iiierature ofth;()ld World. They vrijl keep .
a vigilant eye upon the is... lies ol' tLc Filfiiirh, French,
and (ieiiii'an l'criudical nt$, tl;e be.t ii id actions of
vhieh will be tvanfeired to tlur j -.ipi r uialcr their
charge. - ... t ,. ' .
.. Harper's Weekly is cot intt nd.c d iu an v.ay to su
pcrsi dc or take tlie place oT llarpn 's .tw Monihly
Alai-azine. ; Kat-h Fcriodietil will c-ouline itself to its
own proi r spbur; aial no J orricai of the conlfiits of
the one will appear in the other. . Harper AYfcckly
will contain " sixteen : pages, of the Mae .of the Lon
don lliustrated News," ttieh Ninul tr tmuprisiug
miich matfr as an ordiraoy lt odeciiuo vtdutee. "It
wiil be printed in a I'm an and upon paper suitable Ki
liiudlnu: and as the pwges will. I ' clectrotypt d. the
l ack Nmnber- cp n always" be supplMlVfo that Subscri
bers -will Tje-ubie u't finy time to otfmpiete their liles.
At (he c!oe .of each volume, neut and i.pp; c priatei
Covers will he prepared t'oV-'tlK- convcnleuce of llite
who w i.-h to bind the j-.aper. , -
. TKUMS. . ... '
One Copy for Twenty We ha $1 0)
" ' " (ae Year " "2 .10
" Two Years - - 4 '.0
Fiv- Copies for One Ycui :, 00
Twelve cop'.is for One Yrnr u ( it
Twenty-live Copies tor One- Ycr 1 -It) tin
Ckngymeiiaud Teachtrs vupplied at the lowest Club
Prices' ' JI.VKl'Li: & J-.UOTHKKS.
Fraa klin .Square, New "York.
Jan. 17, 1857. ' ila-ot.
Ket ps cou-faaf !v on hand af his ibl stahal. a choii-o
stock of GROCERIES. LKA'ORS. and Country Fro
duce. v.hicli he will di.-pose of on 11m cheapest teller
for cash, lie invites tlio )ii!ilteio (ry Ids Stock.
Butter Egg-1, aad other household coinniedliics al
wavs on hand.
Jan. 17. 18d7. Stbtf
to li P! It . '1!(J jiCM'S
Cf ttis T,av;i of I'ajcUcviik' di' . (-. m
Agreeable to au Act of the Gei:eral .Vseinbly id the
Stale of North Carolina. '. atilh'd Dec. 2", 'I s."2. au'Ian y.
ing the Town of Favettevilie to issue lit r 1 an .- l o
the amount of 1 (; J.l.oii, iu the agi ei,a(e. for lie- j i:r
pose ofpayiligiier suleriplien to the We.-'o i u R'ail
Road Ci nipe uy.
i Therefoie. it is orderid by the Coiainissloio ; - oi
Ffiyi ti. villi, tieat the ' ia :..-i:ri r oi lie- 'Ja.v n i a ei e
sealed proposals, until the 1st of No-vend r io i . n r
the piircha.-e of t'eO.t.M li, in .-uias of c'dtiO . aeh of raid
I'ouus. or any pal t . : cd'. Ibaels to i i.n ivt aly
ycars, v.ith t.'oepaeif att:u heit. inefc-.f pave Me .- im
annually. The raid IlomS s-imll be under ibe n. al "1
the Corporation, and 1 indiu-i en Ihe hiith of the siaae,
WM. . WARDEN.. Town T i a a: to a r.
Oct. 1, LS5(i. tf
FlIltTf.-IIT A ' M . I I-t l.I
TWl'iEN iTIl.: !l.; i I i ,fAVIl', 'II
,vn. 1.1-
Stei-.mcv V.-irsM'la . ti'ii v I-.; y. I loiiii
cai a-: ..-ii .ht y mi' 'i io.i t -
J:'V !l-i;lli!i::-. le I ; , k 1 . 1 i I 1 s : T . . t ; u.;-T"
jl :.o f'S-W iUailicI t ?i ii "i l: mi; y I li
r( ! II .raoa
a.- ii i ii'-
Min.!tr i iiina I.ia I ! !(!: . 1. : .. . t-.-
e.i v
-an t i rol:ty ia.il e : i y s 1 a l.aililip r: U ( r ac.
1 ci'i'.s V i'a; a v.i i: ' Ci (. ;.;. I .-a-t i in .t; y ,a
a. ill. r:--l-:3ar: tori; lo reel I i -cr-.
i-.O nana- ia .- n . v. i i Ji iall mi.-- ta 1 il.Iiis. rue.s
He; l:!l:J.
cnvirasif rr l. ht y
'i 'if la.iilare.y e I ...!' ta :.: en .el sf.r ; tin It;ir. :n..!
tht- aei-).:U'-li l: int prn!t vli . ess in ( lei i vcl-i l . a i!.-. ;:lc t'ai v il
kn"V.ai Oi r a, ii'ivv t ' li. ii. i s: t
Tn our f;iln lis tiiiJ'.r rur lli.inl:r ffr tl.e n it lliji.l
jraln.niic l.cr.'l ta'ia e i.i -luiai! a .i0 -;oi . in e r -M sli : ( j t ; i..- 1
no . i'l s witi I-. l l ( i! in f ii i in t-. i.laf U ( I ( i 1 : l i.t 1 i .- . l
fstvililU)' lev UcH'ftlvb use v-.iuai il ti t 1 1 i i ' O. i i y lii.e in
ll-Kt-ar Kivrr. W.t'. 1. 1 i a '; v.
ell I !' !- T utti liell ii l i .
l iijitt. viltc. X. C.Cct.SJ.ltili. il-tf
A. M, CiWMiilwM ,
auctio.'i.f.ki &. c o?:r,.iT;.iivr4 5;j''iirir.?.T,
East slda of Gillespie street,
Fay:;-it::v;i.i.t:, N. C.
October 1. 1855.
The Mibi-cribcr w ishes to employ a re j-misible
ir.dia-ti ions man, to net as a general li avidliiei s
!- Id
in Mlilii.ii pat( nt rights for the coiu-truclioij of tlaae
Iron !aice.des.-;o cc b'l. rati d. in 1 1, i ha :. 1 e or i 1. 1 of it
08 Tilny be npr cd on. A meclumie pref 11 1 d v. bo w iil
lc allowed lo choose his own. field of labor.
Addles. HENRY I 'I IF LI'S,
While Hal) AVavne co.. N.C.
Or GEO. C. I GT'i S.
Goldsl ovo". N. C.
Jan 17, l?d7. Z'i-if '
A Card. ,
MACRAE has returned
resiiiii'd his
the. ldii.ah:
ractice. Ofuceto uccis
Hieh School. .
Jan. 17, 1K7. S3r4t
THE tin dcrfcigncd v. uld n spi.ctiuily inform Ids old
friends and cn:ti leeis 11: at l.e can be jonml at the
Store of C. E. Lccte, where he will be i-b d u. ,et;
tlum. . . J. Ji. MtLGNALD.
Jan. 17, 1S.7. CMf r'
1 ib.S':rssCE'aAid -
The 4 mi sei-feioii of this Iustltutif.n. v. ill. cemiiicnet?
on the 1st MmnSny in Jsiiliaty.' 1 1 Is local! d in Jda
den county, two inikH Iicm tho iCui'O J' cms 'in a re
markably healthy place. SuilikbU arrange iut iitilnie
been innde for a male and IV'n.ale " di injitn.eiit. The
FrincipaL Mr Ar.pu.s Mirnn, a raduutB ot Cue 1,'nivi r
fcity of N.. O., wili give hi. pei'i-oiMil attention to the
pupil?; r.Sirtcd by -a.s le.any teachers 'as, niay be uc-ccj-ary.
- ' - ' a ;'i--- ; t-
: Tine young lilies will lie especially uridc.' Uio care
of M is., w in j-hy .' fVij-mcrly -oi' Floral College, a s ticcc.-s-ful
imtructrti-s 'ui French mid Mii'sic. " . -
,,. 1'iimary Cla.ss
IHgliiT lliiyiii-fi r.rauchcF.
Geometry, Surveying, Algebra, c
1 he. Li! l.e U!;C t ...
1 '"
1 8 Lit)
. Uo
d - French .
- "Miimc x;iih ti of iiL-trumciit ' 1
I i a rd T - fcvocl rn i? d "felpfcf a bl e fa in i 1 1 c c a u
oblAlneCsv': bd, a -,ix mouth.
i.et tr' ' o;i(uiii!i;i(. !i l:.ay J c aderc; scd to
.jwikf-r cr lb Robfson. -" . ? . ,-.
a j
I'ropect Hall. Rla dew C'o.i'N. C. .
' OSEI II LYON. Si o'v.
Jan. 10.
- .iCt IJK.V V.
R. A, CHAMBERS. rrin.d.'uL
- ISAAC LV." ING, JR,, As.ilsuut.
Tlie scventn fiou c.t.tftiu Ju.stUution 'will
1 0111-
tnpoee oft tlie r .lomnT 111 anuaty.vlPii7.
Any Tut leer 1 00,11:0. t rucaok hltuimd ,tr.di"s--lnA
the Frbie'i.r.l rd 1 1 Kb. I ?doiLi;;t.!lv -..y Uanin . N. (.".
Tuitioii. Sib .r-12. and 0I6 per Sc, ,U it.
Board, wnfhius, nnd fuel $7 pf r tronth.
Ft bin. Pre. sr., fpjfi-
: 'ea-ddlil
- - a-..i -a-; e.
- - .
-i.....-r.3.eae- .

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