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Father Point, N. S., May 4. The steamship
Nova Scottian, from Liverpool on the 23rd, bound
for Quebec, passed here this morning at 4 o'clock.
Sbe touched at Queenstown, and brings one day's
later news than th' Vanderbilt and City of Baltimore.
She reports the cotton market dull and unchanged.
Sales on Tuesday and Wednesday 10,000 bales.
Breadstuff's were generally dull.
Wheat, however, was firm.
Provisions dull without noticeable change.
The Bank of England has reduced its rate of dis
count four per cent
The North Brition had arrived out
At the Derby races, according to the Nova Scot
ian's account, Ten Broeck's Umpire came in the
Rome, 23rd. An offical despatch from Naples says
that the Sicdans were attacked and dispersed on the
i2nd, by a battalion of Royal Chasseurs. One hun
dred and twenty-eight of the rebels were killed. The
insurrection was making no progress.
The Times' Vienna correspondent says that it is
the prevailing opinion there that Sicily is lost to the
Napoleon is said to be dissatisfied with the King
of Sardinia, who, he complains, had taken advant
age of the period previous to fhe ratification of the
treaty, and sold crown lands which should have re
verted to France.
The Rebels were encamped near San Martin.
They were beaten and thrice driven back with con
siderable loss, including one of their leaders.
The Heights occupied by the Rebels were taken
by the Royal troops.
"St. Peteksbur s, May 24. Prince Gortschakoff
has sent instructions to the Russian ministers at the
courts of the great powers, explaining that Turkey
was not invited to the Conference, held on the con
dition of the Christians there, because she was not
one of the five great powers, and her admittance
would have made it necessary to admit Sardinia and
other miner States.
It is reported that Gen. La. Moricicre had found
out that his hands were completely tied by the
French authoi ies at Home, and that the French
Commander will not allow him to attack Piedment,
nor to assist the King of Naples.
The Papal government bad received important
documents containing instructions for raising an
insurrection in the States of the Church Abruzzi
and Calabria.
St. Jous's, N. Y.. June 1. The steamship City
of Baltimore, from Liverpool 23d, passed Cape Race
to-uay. tier news is important. j
The statement that Garabaldi had been defeated I
is untrue. The latest intelligence says that he had I
obtained a decisive victory over tho royal forces, and f
that Morillio and the insurgents were glaining stren- j
gth every day. Tho Neopolitan government had .
very little to say upon the subject. The last bulle
tin asserts that two columns were pursuing the dis- '
ipersed troops of Garabaldi. ' j
The insurrection in Italy was spreading, and the j
fighting had extended to the Roman territory. j
Garabaldi had been successful and was investing !
China refuses to accept the English and French
.ultimatum, and the northern Chinese ports were
It was vaguely' reported that France and Russia
had signed a treaty on the Eastern question.
The Paris Bourse had advanced to 69f. 20c.
The Russian troops - in the Southern provinces
were reported to be on a war footing.
The House of Lords had rejected the bill for re
pealing the duty on paper, and it was reported that
the Cabinet accepted the decision, and would retain
the tax.
Normandy won the Derby race. Thirty horses
ui. I en Lroeck s horse Umpire came iu the eleventh.
Liverpool, May 2.3. Cotton sales for the three
days 1U.0O0 bales, including 4,000 for speculation
and export. The market closes dull but firm for
g' ol qualities, but prices for infe: ior are nominal at
28s. i) l a 3I)s. Wheat firm but ouiet red 10s. ;.
,a 10s. '.hi- White lis. a 12s. fid. Con, dull and!
.quotations uncharged mixed 3os, yellow 35s. a o5s. ;
Cd., white 3fs. a 37s. Pork dull and nominal. Bacon j
firm but quiet. ; Lard firm. Rice Urni. Coffee dull j
and slightly lower. Sugar dull. Rosin dull at 4s. t
fid. Spts Turpentine dull at 34s. (id.
Consols 94 a 95.
Rome, May 23. The Customs Guards at Onano
were attacked and overpowered by the filibusters,
C'ho, after plundering the town, re-entered Tuscany.
The peasantry were asking for arms. Papal
iroops will immicdiately leave Rome for the fron
tiers. The Journal of Rome says that the news from
Sicily was favorable to the Neapolitan government.
Artillery left Rome to-day for the fromtiers.
The Pontifical Chassers were sent after the Fili
busters, but owing to the darkness of the night
they fired upon each other, killing the Captain, a
lieutenant and five men.
Corent Thun, the Austrian Ambassador to Prus
sia, had returned to Vienna. ,
Albert Simt i died in London on Saturday.
New Yorjc, Jine. The Herald of to-day publis
hes the following despatches received at Queenstown
and brought over by a passenger in the Arabia :
Home. May 18. An engagement has taken place
between the Koyal lroojs sud the Garabaldians at
Catafiiii near Palermo, in which it is reported that
the Garabaldiaiis .ve"e completely beaten, and suf
fered a large loss in killed and wounded.
Palermo, May 1(5. In a fight at Piopho, near
this city, the royal troops were repulsed. Palermo
is in a stajte of siegsj. Fresh troops have arrived.
More emmigraats have disembarked in Sicily.
DIANS. St. Joseph, Mo.. June 1st.
The missing mail pouch by the Pony Express has
come to hand.
Major Ormsby, at the head of one hundred mount
ed troops was caught in ambush by five hundred
Indians, near Pyramid Lake. After the fight they
were scattered in every direction, and only fortjv
eight had returned alive. . Among the killed were
Major Ormsb', and a distinguished California
lawyer named Meredith.
New York, June 3. The Vanderbilt, from Havre
and Southampton, has arrived. She brings London
and Liverpool advices to the 23rd, and over 200
passengers. She reports severe wintry weather
throughout the passage, and passed sevei al ice
bergs. The Neapolitans had abandoned the provin
ces of Palermo and Trapani, both of which were full
of insurrection and disorder. Six thousand Sicilians
had joined Garabaldi. The Neapolitan army was
routed on the 15th, by the combined forces. There
uai a conflict also on the 19th, near Montafiascone,
in the Roman territory, between the Pontifical gens-d'-arines
and a party of Garabaldians. The latter
were driven back into Tuscany with the loss of 30
kill id and wounded. It waa rumored that a French
naval force would depar t for the Adriatic, and also
that England, Austria and Prussia had agreed to
maintain the integrity of the Ottoman Empire.
A concentration of Russian troops on the Pruth
was denied.
Boston, May 31.
Mb. Everett Accepts. At the U nion Ratification
Meeting in Faneuil Hall, to-morrow, a letter from
the Hon. Edward Everett will be read accepting his
nomination as Vice President by the late Baltimore
Union Convention.
Norfolk, May 31. Messrs. A Cherry Sc. Co-, ex
tensive and well known commission merchants have
foiled. Liabilities over $100,000.
On yesterday the Senate passed the House posta
deficiency bill, after first striking out the clauses
for the restoration of the curtailed mail service and
Isabel mail contract.
The House business was unimportant.
There was a wordy collision between Messrs.
flouatort, of Alabama, and Train, of Massachusetts.
The former subsequently apologized o the Bouse
';x - Jackson, Miss., May 21. -
Mississippi Democratic Convention. The
Democratic State Convention held here to-day is
to-day is the largest pelitical gatherine ever assem
bled in the State. Great enthusiasm prevailed, and
resolutions have been passed unanimously in favor
of the Mississippi delegates at Charleston. Dele
gates will be fully accredited to Richmond and Bal
timore. Columbia, May 31.
Convention in South Carolina. The South
Carolina Convention met in this city yesterday and
was organized by the appointment of ex-Governor
Means as permanent President; Every thing looks
favorable for the appointment of ot delegates to the
Richmond Convention.
Norfolk, May 31st. Henry B. Reardon, Esq.,
one of our oldest and most highly esteemed citizens,
died suddenly this morning. Mr. R. was formerly
or. .vtonelvH merchant in this cit- und lnv men t
have lived who enjoyed to a fulk-r extent the con
fidence of their fellow-citizens.
MiLLEOiiEViLLE, June -4. At a caucus of tho X ati
onal Democracy of Georgia, it was determined to co
operate with the General Stats Convention to be as- I
sembled, so long as there is to be a hope that the Na-
tional organization will be preserved, in the event j
of delegates being .sent to luctmiunu, or ot a platform
being adopted dilferent from that at Charleston, then j
the Nationals will quietly organize in a separate Con-1
vention. In the latter event, t e Charleston Plat-
form will be adopted, and delegates sent to Ba.ti
more. Montgomery, June 4, P. M.
S. Lyons, Esq., was elected President. The Com
mittee on resolutions are strongly Southern. No
step backward is their motto. They will report at
8 o'clock to-night.
The Dougias Convention is large. At first they
were somewhat annoyed by whistling, hisses, etc.
Mr Cooper of Cherokee, made an angry speech about
such disreputable conduct.
Robt. M. Patton, Esq., of Lauderdale co.; was
appointed temporary Chairman.
Another reDort says that a larec
National Con-
vention is assembled. s
Washington", June 4.
Washington Muxicipam Election. Our munici
pal election was more quiet than was anticipated.
At some of the precincts there were several pugili
stic efforts to get up a bruise all around, but the
parties were promptly arrested.
The contest was principally for Mayor, between
Berrett (Dem.) present incumbent, and Wallach
(Opp.) The vote is very close as far as ascertained.
Philadelphia, June 4.
Douui.as Mkkting at Philadku'iua. A large
and cnthusastic meeting was held here last night at
Concert Hall. Ex-Mayor Vaux, assisted by numer
ous Vice Presidents, including Edwin Forrest, presid
ed. One of the resolutions adopted declareit to be
the duty of the Baltimore Convention, before proceed
ing to ballot, to adopt a rule requiring each delegate
to support the nominee as the only condition upon
which they can be admitted to take part in the
Unc.v, N. Y. June 5.
Gov. Skym'ovk WiTiimtAWS. Ex-Governor Ilora
tia Seymour has published a letter withdrawing his
name from the Baltimore Convention.
Xkw Yohk, June 5.
Death of a Bank Piiksidunt. -William R. llall
ett, President of the B.:nk of Mobile, died here to-daj'.
Washington, June 5.
Death of Hon. Sa m ltl D. Ingham. Hon. Sam,
uel I. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasurer u.ider
Gen. Jackson, dh-d to-day. at the age of 81.
Washington. June 4. Mr. Chesnut, of Scut'i
Carolina, in reply to Sumner of Mass., to-day, ad
minist red that individual ouo of the serverest cx
corh.tions ever inflicted in toe Senate Chanter.
The gentleman said, that s.ftor this extraordinary
speech after ranging over E nope, sneaking throu
gh back doors ; taw nig at the feet of British Aristo
cracy ; seeking for pity I. ft reaping the rich and
just rewnrd of Contempt this slanderer of tin Sou
thern States now re-apnears iu th;' Senate.
We had honed to bo leli
out pourings of his v libra.- m.ili -e
e h id hoped
teat from vTTTrT'be la ad felt from his i
failure to meet the eonenucii"'es of his former mso- j
lenee, that he would become wiser if not better. In !
this we are disappointed, and i egret if. i
In Egypt they defied beasts and reptiles, but even
that bestial peop'e worshipped their idols on account !
of some suppose 1 virtue.
It had been left for this age and country, and the :
abolitionists of Massachusetts, to deity the iucarna
tion of malice, mendacity and cowardice.
We do not intend to eontrihtite by any conduct on
on our part to swell the pioans at the shrine of this
new idol. We are notinclined by any punishment
again to send the recreant forth bellowing through
the world, and 3'elping out increased volumes of
slander and malice.
Nkw Yokk, June 0.
Confession of Hicks the Coxoemxi r Pjkate.
Hicks the Pint .5 of the sloop E. A. Johnson has
made a confession of the murder of Cant, llurr and
the brothers Wals. Ho has also acknowledged
having participated in the mutiny on board tho
bark Saladin in 1S44 when eight of the crew were
Look Oct For the " Akmv of Africa." By refer
ence to the foreign news published in another co
lumn, it will be seen that tho Spaniards are about to
annihilate us, if wo don't apologise for capturing
Miramon's steamers. One of the Madrid editors savse
"We (the Dons) will write on America with the j
points of our swords the concluding pages of the j
magnificent epoch which we have so gloriously j
'. . .. - !
commenced on the i.iurninc
Whew ! V. Y. lJay Book.
IS Ot AlriCa
nioioiAi-iii .- e are pieabeu 10 learn iniou-ti , iustrumentalitv and appearance on earth of a female,
Win. B,-nj. Smith, Esq., editor of the lurboro Me,- and after having performed this greatand good work,
cur if, that he is about to undertake the procurement , for which dv God she was ordained, she ascended to
and publication of a Biographical kctcn of the lite ! 1;eavo1 and'became embodied in the sun. Their ua
and history of the Corps Editorial ot North Carolina. , tional flais emblematical of their relhxion displavino-
The Bio'ri aohy of each Editor, together with illu
strations, will be complied and put up in a book
form, together with much useful information touch
ing State and National affairs.
As soon as the work has been complied, a more
extended notice will be given. We wish the plan
abundant success, and hope that our brethren of the
press throughout the State will lend their influence
and material aid in furtherance of the enterprise.
- Xiiv Yoi;k, June 6.
Naval. The U S. brisj; I'erry, has arrived from
Montevideo, whence she sailed April 7 th. She left
there the frigate Congress, brig IJainbriuge, and
steamer Pulaski.
New Youk, June 6.
Sailing of tub I'erSia. lne steamship 1'ersia
.. ;1. 3.1(1 on.l C; 1 !'.'?.' mil 1 I
in spiece.
Railroad Accident. The Ilarrisburg exprsse
train tiiatiitc Iew York, at six o clock Una morn
ing, via the Great Middle route, ran over a horse,
killing the horse, and Mr. John Bovvers, the driver.
The tr lin consisting of three crowded passenger cars,
had a narrow escape. No one on it was injured,
except the messenger of the Hope Express Company,
and his injuries are slight. The train arrived here
in time to make its Western and bouthorn connec
tions. Harrisbunj, Pa.,May, 18o0.
eat Hypociusy. The conglomerated mass of
utented politicians which compose the' Opposi-
)artv ' have been free in their denunciation of
tion Dart
Senator Douglas, (a man who has voted with the
South to sustain the risrhts of the South,) but they
recently gat to getber at Baltimore and nominated
John Bell, a man who voted against removing an
odious restriction imposed upon Southern people.
When Geo. E, Badger of N. C, and Stephen A.
Douglas were fighting side by side in the U. S.
Senate for Southern rights. John Bell, the opposi
tion candidate for President, was opposed to them
and the jupt measures they advocated. We are no
particular friend of Douglas, (though we have ever
considered him a safe and sound man A but it cer-
1 111
...v - uu aii w
denounce Douglas it shows great hyopocrisy. . .
Before the adjournment of the Presbyterian (Old
School) General Assembly, the members and friends,
filling altogether eleven cars, took an excursion to
Niagara Falls. After dinner at one of the hotels, they
had, as we learn by the Rochester Democrat, some
great speechifying. Dr. Prime ealled on . Rev. Dr.
Plummer, of Pittsburg, for a speech. In taking the
floor, Dr. P. remarked that he supposed that he was
called oa because the rest had had ample chance to
speak in the meetings of the Assembly, and he sup
posed they had wanted to give him a chance. He
spoke of the fact that there were members present
from all sections' of the country. There had been
much talk recently about dissolving tlu Union, buj
as a Western man, he would tell them that when they
hal all the arrangements made they must come out
West and ask their .Masters it they would let them do
it. The people of the West nev.r would permit the
mouth of Mississippi or the mouth of the Hudson to
be hi 1 1 by any people who were not one with them
Apjl iuse. But he tl.O'ight th( re was little danger
of the dissolution of the Union 'rora one fact, the bet-
ter half o!' our people are ladies, and the ladies were
almost unanimously iu favor of union to a man. Im-
mense laughter.! The s
The spot of ground where he stood
was as much his couulry as the little town where he!
was born ia a log cabin, and the men of the North and
the South and the Eeast and the West were all his
brethren. Great applause
Following ihe Doctor, Dr Kendrick, a Baptist, made
a very funny speech, concluding thus : '-There is a
verse of scripture which says that John the Baptist
was baptizing in Enou because there was much water
there. Now, in ihe future, some one in reading the
history of this General Assebly would find that on a
certain day the Assembly took a trip to Niagara, and
if they asked why, the answer would be because there
was much water there. Great laughter. He should
try and deprive thorn of the great Wxi on .which they
relied to prove infant baptism, viz : Zphraim is a
cake unturned.' Renewed laughter. Now this cat.
aract is a great thing, it is useful-for many purposes;
you know the tailor said dt would be a first rate thing
to sponge a coat,' and this General Assembly had
found it a first rale thing to sponge the Central Rail
road. (Excessive and prolonged laughter.)
1)k. PiA MMiiii's Heard. Col. Preston, of Va., was?
called for. He came forward and said that he had no
subject to speak on, and there was none before the
house. He had not the age nor the flowing beard of
Dr. Plummer. Dr. Plummer, interrupting hoped his
beard was no offence. Laughter. Gol. P.. continu
ing, said that reiuided him of a remark he had heard
during the day. A gentleman who had never been at
the falls before, but who was struck with their gran
deur and their peculiar color, had exclahued how
much that looked like Dr. Plummtr,s b .rd. Ex
cessive laughter.
Several humorous incidents are related in connec
tion with the Chicago nomination. One which the
Albany Argus has discovered is as follows: It is
said that a prominent State officer in whom the Ger
man clement is largely represented, was passing the
American hotel in Buffalo just after the news of the
nomination of Lincoln had been received, and observ
ing the excitement that prevailed, stopp d to ques
tion. Judge Stevens, of Buffalo, as to its cause.
"Shudge Stevens," said the ponderous offical, "vat
ish all dis excitement apout?" "Why," replied the
judge, "the Chicago nomination to be sure. Have
you not heard that Abraham Lincoln has been
nominated for President?" "No!' exclaimed the
bonorabie Dutchman, "ish dat So? Coot! Very j
coot, indeed! H ho vash it yoo sa3 ? "Old Abra
ham Lincoln." -'Lincoln Lincoln," repeated Mr.
"Veil, now, da! i-b a sthrong
Shudge Stefen, how you spell dat name?
Ah, yes!
in, c-o-l-n, coin, ' explained the Juuge,
ish rccht! L-i-n,
coin, Lincoln?
i If. now
h a v;
coot ticket. Dat vill run
weit Now dat can be elected sure! And our Ger
U'iii friend started to continue on his way tlown
street; but suddenly recollecting himself, he turned
back "Shu lge Stefens, vare dosh dat man live?"
l' 3T-()i'Fici: IhiOKKx Into
Post-Ofiiec in
this phici
w;is broken into last night.
Manv letters
were ope;
ea, and their contents scattered over the;
fioGi. o m.-.ney was - found. The m;7n-bags were
not touehed. The robhers ransacked all the drawers,
but found o.ily about o in coppers, which they
Several stores were also entered the same
-Eaiton, Pa., May 31, I860.
We attended the discussion at Halifax, on Mon
day last, between Gov. Ellis and Mr. Pool The
attendance was quite large (it, being the first court
day,) and the friends, of each gentleman seemed
highly pleased witc the efforts of their favorite.
There were no new issues presented, and no" new
arguments used. Mr. Pool continues to play the
demagogue, and egotist, appealing to the passions
and prejedices, rather than the sense of his hearers,
and appears willing to sacrifice everything in the
shape of fairness for the sake of gaining applause-.
True to they ractice of his party, clap trap and
humbug were substituted for argument. The Re-
j port of the discussion in Tarhoro', published lest
j month in the 3lereury, contains the substance of
tho disci ssion at Halifax.
Ad Valorem is below par in Halifax. If our Op
I position friends desire it, we will give them the
i names of several of the most active, prominent and
j influential Whigs in the county, who are now dete
' rminod to support Gov. Ellis, and to work for his
i section. We, also, defy our opponents to name a
! single prominent Democrat in the county- who rs
! fuses to support the nominee of his party's Conven
lit rcury.
"!... T . Tl, .jl,,l i:
jili.hiu nit (jArA.tsi-.. iiie ui muuuA leu- j
gion of Japan is Sintoo all worship the sun. Their I
1 Al. . . 1. . 1 .1 . 1 .1 1 J 1 l
neiiei is mat iiie worm is i ejreiieraieu iiiruun me
as it does the sun in all its purity upon the white
field. There are other sects, and among them the most
numerous would appear to be the followers of Budd
ha. Man3 suppose that Budbhism is the principal
creed, from the fact that its followers number three
hundred and twenty millions; this and the Mahome
dan religion being the principal creed or relsgion of
the nation of the East. The founder- of Buddhist
religion was a man called Sakya Sinha, who was born,
as was simroseiL - two thousand four hundred and
twentv vears before therJnrTsTaTrri?ra-. TTlsTioT'
known for a certainty when Buddhism was first in
troduced into Japan. The statement so often made
that Christianity is not at the preseet in any way tole
rated, is a mistake, for Government is far from being
intolerant in religious matters. The people of Japan
attend very little to religious matters. Religion if
a matter of business which is attended to altogether
by the Makado and his priest. Some of the Japauese
attached to the Embassy worship Buddha, some Sin-
j too, some worship nothing. The two Ambassadors
and one of the interpreters are Buddhists; the Cen
sor has no particular religion ; the Vice-Govemor
is partly Sintoo and partly Buddhist.
Who ake Yovn Companions. "He that walketh
with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of
fools shall he destroyed.
It is said is be a property of tha tree-frog that it
acquires the color of whatever it adheres to for a
short time. Thus, when found on growing corn, it
I is commonly of a dark green. If found on the white
oak it has tlle col()r pCc.ulair to the tree,
jt ;d witll men Tel me whom you choos
fer as companions, and I certainly can tell
Just so
choose and pre-
as companions, and I certainly can tell you who
j you are like
Do you love the society of the vulgar?
Then you are already debased in your sentiments,
Do you seek to be with the profane? In your heart
you are like them. Are jesters and buffoons your
choice friendB? , He who loves to lauarb at folly is
himself a fool. Do you love and seek" Ihe society of
tne wise and good? Is this your habit? Would you
rather take the lowest seat among such than the
highest among others? Then you have already
learned to be good. You may not have made much
piogrress. but even a gocc beginning is not to bedes
li - -v'.. Vil ) "111 AT, 11V4 JVVQ. IV .,vu--
. panion ot all that fear God. So yu shall be wise
I for yourself, and wise for eternity. y ' 5
, fcf .. We regret to learn the death of J. M. Hart
man, an honored acd respected citizen of Robeson
County, and clerk of ihe County Court. He was
beloved and respected by all who know him.
In Moore County, on the 4th inst; Jsaac Smith, iu
the 90th years of his age. He leaves many warm
friends and relatives, and died without an enemy.
At his residence iu Moore Cty., on the 1st inst
Whi. Barrett, Esq.. aged 67 years (an obituony will
appear in our next issue. Ed. Cakolixan.
Suddenly in this town on the 6th inst., Capt, Jas.
Sundy, in his52d year. Hia funeral will take place
from his late residence this evening at 5 o'clock. The
public are invited to attend
At a called meeting of Phoenix Lodge, No. 8, held
at Masonic HalL Jim-- 1st, 18GU, the following
preamble and resolutions wre unanimously adopt
ed:' --
Whereas, jh 'the death of J vs. B Fergx son, our
order has to deplore the loss of a brother whose
walk and conversation proclaimed him to be an up
right and honest Mason ; therefore, le it
Resolved, That by his high moral charsc tcr, his
kind and courteous manner, his zealous attachment
to all, and in some instances, his enthusiastic devo
tion to the principles and ceremonies of the craft,
had endeared huu to us, and that these characteris
tics of our brother necessarily- yielded such fruits as
to inspire us with the full ho"Pe and belief that he
was prepared by his Master in his mind and con
science as a living stone for a place in "that buildincr
not made with bands eternal in the Heavens."
Resolved, That we most respectfully and feelinglv
tender to his family, our sympathy and grief in thfs
Resolved, That the members of Pijcenix Lodge,
No 8, wear the usual budge of monrning for thirty
days and that the resolutions be published in the
papers. V, W. L. HOSE, Sec'y,
"At a meeting of the Fayetteville Indepent Light
Infantry Company, the following preauiuloHiud re
solutions w"e"?: adapted :
Whereas on the 31st May I860, James B. Fergu
son died a member of our Company, who, from
youth to death, has been our comrade ; a soldier, lov
ing his corps and possessing a soldier's pride in it as
such ; who by uniform attention to all bis duties,
whether as officer or private, commanded the res
pect and confidence of his fellow-soldiers, and who
by his amiable disposition and kind heart, in his in
tercourse with us, won our esteem and affecton .-
Therefore Resolved, That we cherish his memory
and strive to imitate his virtues and character, that
our lives may bo spotless as his and our deaths as
Resolved, That we tender to his afflicted family
our tenderest sjmipathies for the loss of one who,
much to us must have been all to them.
Resolved, That we wear the accustomed badge of
mourning for his death.
June 1st, '60. WRIGHT HCSKE, Sec'y.
JUNE 9, 1800.
i )rdiiary.
12 a 12 1-2
20 B0
25 a 30
42 a 5.
- 18 a 20
14 al5
15 a 16
IU 20
Mwi. SSKS--
Cuba. 29 a 31
New Orleans, UUaUO
NAILS- 4 50 aO.CO
Srm. 0.00 a 2.00
Liuseeil. 0.0C a 1.U0
Tanner's. 70 a 80
I rish. 1 00 a 1 25
Sweet. UO a 60
hickuns, 15 a 23
Ducks, 00 a 00
Turkrys. 00 a 00
LiviTp-lprsaok, 125a 0 00
Alum ier bushel. 50 a 0J
Flaxseed. 1.00 a 1.10
'lovTprr poun J . 12 a jo
Comiuon bag. 2 00 a 0 00
Back. 2 12 a 2.2-i
Pearh llramly, 1.25 a 1.50
N. C. Apple. SO a 83
t0 1 -4 . IU 3-4
91-2 all
8 1-2 a a
IS a 18
lia 2u
uu a 15
Nos. 4 to
1 00 a 0.00
Brown- SUcfrthig
Osn aburgrf.
V 1 M i
M'hnrel per bbl.
I 11! 11
v npr
S 1-4
10S a 11
- 48 a 6t)
f 0 ) a 10
$4 a j5 00
Northern. 70 a 90
N O. Whiskey. 53 a 6-5
Northein do.. 33 a 33
SL ti.Vll
6 85 a
6 ti l a
0 a "1 a tf iU
0 10 a 0.25
I Loaf. 12 1-2 a 13 1-2
10 a 1.15 f
- Crushed. 12! 13
Pcrt-j .ii;:o. 10 a 10 1-2
1.11) a 1.1-i
5 Tl
New Orleans, 8 1-2 a9 1-2
60 a IHJ
1.15 a ;,20j T U.ILI'K N T I
Tello w Dip.
2.10a 0 00
U. 30 a 0.00
1.10 a 0.00
3o a 37
i I L)h.S
A mi-rican,
12 1-
14 j Scrape.
t ; Spirits per al
7 S Per pound. 9 a 11
4 a ; Eight by ten. 2.00 a 2.20
a 13 ) Ton by twcilve, 2 23 n 2.00
8 a U WOOL 20 a 21
liEiib' Dres.scd 5 a 10 ; Cattle on foot 0 a o.
Cotton None arriving except a few small loads
which were sold at 103-4 to 1 07-8 for a choice article.
Flour In this article we have to report a verv
dull market, though there has been but a small stock
Spts IfKTExnxE bales on Friday at 301
37 cents.
B.vcox No change in prices.
Lakd In demand at quotations.
Turpextixe Sales yesterday afternoon of 450 bids
at 2 8 ) for tirgiu. S2 (Jt, for yellow dip, and S I (10
for hard, per lbs. This morning 34 bbls. went at
janio pieces.
St'iKtrs Tckpenti m-: Sales after yesterday's report
of 10O b'ola., and this morning 1)0 do. at 39 cents per
Kosix -900 l.bls. No. 1 and Palo changed hands lids
morning at price ranghitr from 1 25 to $4 per 2S0
Tar 30 hW?. gold yesterday at SI 80 per bbl.
Iari:ki Sales yesterday of 7o0 second band Ppts.
Turpentine barrels (aw they run) t.t il Ilk to 1 37A
each. 90 days.
Flour 'Si bids, sold yesterday at 7 for superfine
and ."j;7 25 per bbl. for tauiily.
Hay 25 bales .Northern sold yesterday at $1
JO -
100 lbs.
Mglaspks: Sales from wharf yesterday of 100 hlul.s.
Cuba at 24 cents per gallon, in lots.
June 6,
Tlkpextixk After closing our review on Wednes
day last the price advanced 5 cents on both virgin,
and hard, and sales were i,ade at 2 89 for virgin,
$2 !0 for yellow dip, and $1 Go for hard, per 280 lbs.
Spirits Turpentine- The receipts for the week have
beeu light, find there is only a small stock in first
hands, stULlrjyers do not seem disposed to operate to
any exteut. Sales of 2,01)5 bbls., at 41 cents per gal
lon, extrafbbls.
RosiN -There is only a light stock in receivers hands,
still buyers shbw scarcely any disposition ta-OitcxateJ
?!itk,tTjM?r imii -u.e uJcirKX-rr eTi-es iiiaciive
Pale has beciaimost cutirely neglected, and the sales
comprise fenly a few parcels (in all about 2(10 bbls.) at
prices ranging from $2 50 to $3 50 per bbl. of 280
lbs., as ia qnaiity, and half price for Opaque ; there
is a very little ot bright quality on market. For Nos.
1 and 2 scarcely any demand has exi-ted and the mar
ket rules about the same as reported in our last.
Tab The receipts since our last have been exceed
ingly light, aud, with a fair enquiry fur shipment, the
market has rid d firm. Sales for the week o! only 30G
bbls. at $.1 80 per bbl. '
CoTTOx--The market is almost if not entirely bare,
and m conseduence no transactions have been report
ed for the week. There is som! demand from buyers,
and the fine grades would sell readily.
ti.ouR At the time of making up our report the
market is quiet, and closes with a downward tenden
cy in prices. We (jU0te nominally at S7 for sup'ee
and $7 25 per bbl. for family, at w hich it is now geuV
rn'lv bid,!
. j
Salt The market is poorly supplied with Liver
pool ground, and there is a f air demand from dealers.
The receipts comprise only one lot of 100 sacks (on
Saturday,) which went at 85 cents per sack.
' '-"I th cltseyeiterday.
Cotton dull aud market drooping. Sales of 1,500
bales. Flour firm ; Southern So 75 a $G 29. Wheat
firm ; Southern white $1 50 a 51 fiO. Corn firm ; Mix
ex 6i a S5c, Southern yellow 68c..: .Spirits Turpen
tine in dull at 43 a 44ic. Rosiri firm ; Sales of 4, 0j
bbls. at SI 55 a $1 56.1'Riee firm at 4j to 4.
Ayer's Cathartic PUls.
The delegates appointed 10 represent the Democ
ratic party of the Senatorial District compared of the
counties of Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus, in the
late Convention held at Whiteville, for the purpose
of nominating a candidate to represent said district
in the next Senate of North Carolina, are respect
fully requested to re-assemble at the same place, on
Thursday June 14th, for the purpose of nominating
a candidate in place of T. D. McDowell, Esq., who,
for imperative reasons, is compelled tocj!,?f
nomination tendered him. WM. FRINK, Ch n.
June 7th, 1860.
1 - t. . . ji T
AT THE request of ;nany irienup,
announce myselly a candidate fcr the of
fice of Stieriflr of Cumberland county. inanKtui 10
my fellow citizneus lor the very liberal support here
tofore given in;, should they agaiu elect me to the
office, I can ouly promise as before, to discharge its
duties with what abiiity I mav posses?.
..lay th te "l I EOT OR MeNT.ILL..
Al' thj solicitation of a number of my
trends, w ho have desired me to become
a candidate. I hereby declare myself as candidate for
re-election as sdu-rilf i i the county of Bladen. Al
though lately called iulo office, 1 believe that my
course has betm such ss to satisfy my friends aad.to
demand the approbation of the cilizeus of the county,
and I cau only promise that, should you see proper
to elt'Ct me to that office, everything that 1 can do
shall be dune to give the peop.e conlideace and patis
May 17th, "CO te.
There will ba a 'Joiiveutiun of the De
SilWii inocracy of Robeson at. Lumberton. on
Saturday-, the U.th inst., to fill, vacancy occusioued by
the decleniture of J. T. Pope a candidate for the
Uouuuons. A full atlendence is dei-hed.
By order ol the executive Conmii'tee.
Daniel Holm vs. John L. Cethea. Administrator of i
Florah liolin, John E. Bethea and wie, Sarah Anal
Campbell, Maraaret Robinson, John. William, Thomas I
and Malcolm Holin.
IN ihis case it appearing to the satisfaction of the
Court that Sarah Ann Campbell. Margaret Kobin
son, John. illiam, Thomas and Malcom Boliu, are
non-residents of the Slate, it is therefore ordered by
the Court that publication be made, si week-, in some
newspaper published in the State, noticing said de
fendants to be and appear at the Coin t House in Suin-ni-.uville
on the Monday preceeding the Mondey next
before the last Monday in August next, and answer,
plead or demur to said case, or judgment will be en
tered pro confesso and held ex parte.
Witness. Cornelius H. Coflield, t-lerli and .Master of
our said Court of Equity, at o'fliee in Suinmervii.e,
the Monday preceeding the Monday next before ihe.
last Mo?iday in February, A. D , lhCO, Independence
of 'he United Stales, I860.
C. 11. COFFIEL1), C. & M. E.
June 2d' 'CO Gw.
The watering places are all activity . preparatory to
the opening for the summer, to the invalid and the
pleasure-seeker, Many, fortunate in the possession
of wealth, will vis-it the most celebrated, in detail, and
enp.y the pleasures of each. Good living, cool breezes,
music, dancing, fine scenery and beautiful women,
above all. are far more attractive during the warm
season, thau hot streets, dusty stores, offices and work-
shops; besides, elegant leisure is lar preier-mie 'OifQYTS.
naru, noi lauor. ;uauy sign over t..eii juuuimj lujmn i
1. .. rl f... .,.! t-dt ni.. I'll n.k ufTWi't if. Crt I
lilt: lill UUjO Ol iiit-aoutv, uuu J ui i. iv ' ' -' y.ii.,. . ' t, v-.
Now. let such save a little evey week lroni tueir ex
penditures, and enclose to Messrs. Wood, Eddy & Co.,
of Wilmington, Delaware, and St. Louis, Missouri,
$2 50. So 00, $ 10 00, or $20 00, for a share in one of
their legal Lot teries, which they will receive by re
turn mail. It may draw a good prize.
Juue 2d
SUMMER, 1860.
rS now receiving his usual supply of Goods, amen
which are
Rich Silks, Col'd aud Black ;
French Merinos and delaines ;
English Do. Do.;
Kid and Net Gloves, assorted ;
Bed aud Ne-ro Blankets ;
BbTting Cloths, So. 1 to 10 ;
Ileady-MaJe Clothing ;
Boots and Shoes ;
With a very largo assortment, of other Goods. All of
which were" purchased by the package at the lowest
Those pnrchashing'will please call and look at the
Goods and pr;oes,
June 2d. 18:"0.
LBS North Carolina and Western Bacon;
B00 bushels country Corn ;
"t'i " seed Peas ;
ALSO Distiller's Glue, Truss Hoops, Turpentine
Hacks anl Hack I iles ;
ALSO Wines and Liquors, of v vious kiud.
For sale by ' J. R. McDUFFIE.
May 2Cth Gt No. 5 Green street.
HEBEAS, ut the Spring Term, A. I). 1H50, the
Hon. J. G. Shepherd Judre presiding, it is or
dered that a special term of the Superior Court of Law
and Ecpiity. for Robesou County, be held at the Court
House in Lumberton, on the first Monday in July next
All persons having business unsctil- d, in the said Su
perior Court, are hereby notified to attend at the Court
House in Lumberton on the first Monday ia July next,
as aforesaid .
Witness. Alex. McMillan, Glerk of our said Court,
at office, this the I2th day of May, 1HG0.
a. McMillan, clerk.
June 2d, I8G'1 If
( i Selected Seeoi.d baud Bbls, for sale by
B. T. & J. H. ELLIS
AYE CONSTANTLY on hand as good an assort
ment of FAMILY iU,Ot'EKIES as the market wilt
afford : ab-o DRY GOODS, HATH, SHOKS. TO
BACOO OIGAJiS, Sfc. &,c, which we will sell low
for cash, or excha -i ge Jor country produce
Those indebted to in will please call and settle
and save cost.
May Ilth, rC0 d&w2t.
Cotton and line
ag3 for which fair prices paid.
Aug 9' t. d-tf
lj U ."! B E K r O X , N . C. ,
TTAS iust received a large and complete stock of
r-2AAk 'I 1", firm r
A l.ir" and elegant, assoi tnieut of Boots and Shoes
Hats ari l O.ip Hardware. Cutlery, &c., &c. I have
bon-'ht them at the lowst cash pi ices, and m
pre '3a red to sell cheap for cash, or in exchange for
cou'rtry produce, also, on time to prompt paying cus
tomers 1 have also on hand a first, rate assortment
o- the bet COFFEE. SUGAli and MOLASSES.
"persons desirous of getting bargains would do well
to call at my establishmet and exam'ne for themselves.
Robesou Co., N. C, Mav 13, TO- tl
LBS choice Baltimore Sides and
Shoulders ;
8.000 lbs. superior J. C. bacon, llog
round, iust received and for sale by
May 2'th-2w R. MITCHELL.
Town pap rs copy 2 weeks.
-4wd-4tw E. F. MOORE.
Merch 2(ib
CIA HHD3. WELL CURED BACON, just revived
Vi ,y E. F. MOORE.
April 2d, 1860 dwt
t- or sale by E. F. MOORE.
April 26th, y60 3wd-
KALES EASTERN HAY, just received by
April 2d. i860 d&w4t E. F. MOORE.
TUBS GOSHEX BUTTER, on consignment;
25 barrels Leaf Lard. For Bale by
March 2oth 4wd-4tw. E. V, MOORE.
P 0 ,
Silks, Black and Fancy Bayadere Siiks beautiful Haid
Silks, Summer Silks, Cha.lies, Bareges; 1'oplius. le
Bages, Ducals, Foil de Chever, C-renadeejis, Mous de
Chene, Organdies, Eawii3, Brilliants, Chambiays,
Gingham Bawns. French, English aud Atnericau
Frints, Dimities. Biids Eye Diaper, Taole Linen aud
Napkins, Marseills and Woolen Toilet, Table, bed and
Piano Covers. Irish Linens, Sheeting aud Pillow Cas
ing, Bleached ! Muslins, &c. .
LACK points';'
Mantles, Dusters, i f every description. White Crape
Shawls, ifcc.
Every variety and style.
Jaocets, Tarlatans. Nainsook, India Mull, Book and
Swiss Muslins, Bishop and Victoria Lawns. &c.
Collars and Undertlueves, Edging, Lace, Floun- ing,
Embroidered Bands, Infant's Waists, Embroidered
Ilaiidkcrchieis, Mourning Collars and Sets, Enibiu. ti
ered and Embossed Curtains. Tidier, Lace Veils, In
serting, Revering, &c.
Showeretts, Sun Shades, Fans, Uuiubreilas, Ac.
Embroidered Slippers, Ottoman and Cushions, Em
broidered Chenilles, Gold, Silver, Sleel aud Olas
Beads,Clkivass, Cross Stitch Needles und Fafenis, work
partly commenced. Marking Cotton, Ac. . '
Ladies, Misses aud Children's Hosiery, Mitts, Lilse
Thread, Silk aud Alexandre's Kid Gloves.
Bl'd and White Mantle Lace, Bonuets, Ruches, French
Artificials Florence and Book Linings, Ribluotis,
Flats, Ae.
Belle of the South, &c.
traveung satchels,
Work Boxes, Bonnet Boxes.
Wiih Beautiful Compartments, Secret Drawers and
Baud Box.
All the above Goods are of the latest styles, and
cheap, and onounced by competent judges to be one
of the most complete stocks of DRV GOODS in the
Ladies are very respectfully invited to call oon auj
. fayetteyillt:, a; c
May 3rd. tf.
CT- mz Jjaj r EL 2LBL JBiiZ rJ"
My Stork of tteady-Jlads Clothing In now Complete.
GENTLEMEN will find at this establishment a FINE
STOCK OF GOODS, well made and at a lo.v
price, embracing every description of
The largest assoitnv nt of Sbirtp, Linen & MarseiliOM,
t- , . ,
Cravats, Iich, b rench Euce '. les.evi ry
variety of Collars, Socks, Under Garments of
Liuen, Silk and Cutton ; Alexander's
Gloves; Buckskin Gloves real Dog.
Skin Gloves, Suspenders, &c.&ck fc
BBOOTS and teliOES, 11 ATS aim CABS, English.
Sole Leather, l'ackieg and Buggy Trunks, Valices, .
Carpet bags. Umbrellas, English l'ocket Cut
lery. Razors, Straps, Berfumery , &c, &.C. .
Violins, Banjos, Guitars, Flutiuas. Accordeons, Ital
ian Strings, for all string instruments.
A great many other GOODS, too numerous to iuntioj;,..
Aly friends and customers are very respecllullyln
viied to call aud make their purchases at once, at
XG Haj Street,
Fajetteville, N. C.
May 3d, 'Ce--:tf.
K. KYLE is now receiving his Spring aud Sum.
mer stock of S l'APLE & FANCY DRV GOODS
amo'ng which may be found the following articles, a
prices which will prove satisfactory to the purchaser
DRESS GOODS in pieces, consisting of Muslins
Lawns. Ginghams, Prints, Bereges, Black audW hitt
Challies, Silks, Ac.
In ROBES, the following line:
Lawn Robes, Double & Single Skirts. Berege do., Ging-.
ham do., Lace Points. Shawls and Mantillas iu 'prolu
sion. Ribbons, Hosiery and Gloves, Spool Cotton
Hals and Caps, Boots and Shoes, all of w.iicli wiU
be offered very low. Call aud examine ; no chargo
for looking J. K. KYLE.
March Uth 18C0,
S new introduced to the Amc-rN
can public, cbmpo.-ed of tho
purest Snutf. divested of its object
ionable qualities, and retciiiiug its
power as a disinfectant and deter-
jsgent It has the endorsement ot
lthc Parisian world as the most use
ful and elegant toilet ry tide in the
world. Elegantly mounted.
Superbly flavored, as an ornament, and as a Toilette
pleasure it has no equal.
NOTICE ! ! !
Encased in two firms.
all its natural strength and pungency, as imported,
and is a most superb r article tor those who desire an
agreeable stimulant. It imparts to the teeth that pe
culiar brilliancy for which the ladies of Southern Eu
rope are so justly celebrated.
- . Designed
expressly for tins Northern market retains ail iu
powers as a dent it rict though greatly reduced iu. its
stimu lat ing proper! ies
, As a Gem
On your Toilet Stand
You will be
Pleased with it,
and for its excellency you will recommend it.
tUiEteftSJl? A ftafthrj VhJlj A' 1 Of C
and all Druggists..
Depot for the States and Canadas, 133 Wafer St., N.Y.
June C, 18(i0. lw y
BBLS. Choice Sweet Muscovodo Molasses, for
sale bv REM BERTON & &LOAN.
June 7th d&w 2t
K( BBLS. New Herring, for sale by
June 7th, dAw 2t
mnE SUBSCRIBER having retired from the Bench'
' L with purpose to devote himself to the practice of
the Law, will attend hereafter the counties of Cumber
land, Robeson-, and Bladen, at all the Courts, and the
Superior Courts Jf Richmond. Harnett and Sampson,
Jane 6, dw 4w.l J. G. SHEPHERD.
A T Jane term 1860, of Cumberland Cpunty Court,
the undersigned qualified as 'Administrator of
Neill Morrison, deceaseds Those indebted - to him
are notified to make payment' while those having
claims against the, intestate must present them in
due time, or this notice will be pleaded m bar.
ON SATURDAY', the 30th day of June, 1860.T will
sell at my residence cn Rockrish, a frood mare,
saddle and bridle, and a lot ol millwright's tools, be
longing to the late Neill Morrison
Terms of sale : six months credit.
JuAe 7, 60. .-.....4tir-----,------'-''' "

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