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1892. 1892
Spring Millinery.
Mrs. S. I. Griffin,
Under the Messenger Opera House,
Is now displaying attractive novelties
Spring Millinery,
Notions, Flowers and Fancy Goods,
All the latest patterns in Bibbons, and the
Latest Novelties in Styles of Hats
and trimmings and a com
plete line of Notions.
The Ladies are invited and a
Cordial Welcome and prompt
Attention is assured .them
April 1-tf.
Having Bought the Stock of the
And wishing to reduce my immense stock
I have marked them down. They
Muitbesold to make rcnm for
Sprink stock. A large lot of
Starch. Matches, Soap. Lye, Sugar, Rice,
Plug cut Smoking Tobacco, Baking
Powder, Snuff, Ginghams, Dress
Goods, Shirting and cal:co at
prices that defy competi
tion in Goldsboro.
Shirts 20cents to $l.oo
Stockings, Boys' Pants, Ladies' Shoes,
v Men's Shoes, Tinware, Lamps,
Lamp Goods, crockery, etc,
Everything going cheap, come quick and
secure bargains before goods
are ai picked over.
F. B. Edmundson.
Merchant Tailor!
I O - p'
3 Oc M e
CD B 5
w 52. B O I
o u mm tL : co
SP - z g
g 3 o cn
pa y o
v - . I
Ho tic e.
I have this day sold my machine shop.tools
and stock to Messrs P. R.Kincc & Son,who
will continue the business at the same old
I take this method to thank my friends
-and the public for their generous patron
age, ana nope they will continue to patron
ize the new firm, who will do vour work
promptly and at prices to suit the hard
times. Very Kespectf ally,
"'V .. O. R. RAND, Jr.
In assuming charge of the above busi
ness, we thank Mr. Band for his generous
words of endorsement, and we assure the
public that we shall do all in our power to
give them satisfaction, both as to work
and nricea.
We have experience in machinery work
and will always keep only first-class work
We sol'cjt the patronage of the public.
Respectfully, ' -.
Goldsboro, N C
Ap'l 24.
The Daily Argus.
bo? o jnstlp :.tiou, -dyspepsia, bilious attacks, sick headache.
flatulency, nausea, piles, ana aJ derange
ments of the stomach, liver, and bowels,
is Ayer's Pills. They are sugar-coated,
composed of the essential virtues of well
known vegetable aperients, and without
any mineral drug whatever. Though
gentle in action, they are thorough in ef
fect, and cleanse the stomach and intes
tines of all effete or irritating substances.
Ayer's Pills are admirably adapted to the
and, as a family medicine, are universal
I yepepsia
Liver troubles
" heumatism
' eartburn
everj'Vv-here recommended by the profession.
llcSliJj Of
" I ruLMi'-.l Ayer's Tills as one of the most
roli:tiV p ueral li-mcnies of our times. They
have l-.ui-a i:i isse in my family for various
affjctioiu requiring a purgative medicine,
a:ul have given unvarying satisfaction. We
havj fouiul Ihem an excellent; remedy for
colUi si:;l liht fever." W. R. Woodson,
Fort Worth, Texi'.s.
Ayer's rills are the best cathartic I ever
v.se.l i:i my practice."' J. T. Sparks, M. D.,
Ye.ldo, I:ul.
' I have uses! Ayer's Tills ill my family for
several years, aiul have always found them
" By the use of Ayer's Pills alone, I once
cured myself permanently of a case of rheu
matism which had troubled me several
months. No medicine could have served me
in better stead. These pills are at once
harmless and effectual, and, I believe, would
prove a specific in all cases of incipient
rheumatism." Charles C. Hock, Corner,
Avoyelles Parish, La.
" When I feel the need of a cathartic, I
take Ayer's Pills, and find them to be more
effective than any ellier pill I ever took."
Mrs. B. C. Clrubb, Burvr cllville, Va.
ost Effectual
In the relief of ailments arising from a dis
ordered s Jinaeh, torpid liver, and consti
pated bowels." -Charles J. Booth, Olive
w.hkI, r-isadenn, T. O., Cal.
'1 have now used Ayer's Pills in my fam
ily for seven or eight years. Whenever I
have an attack of headache, to which I am
very subject, I take a dose of Ayer's Pills
and am always promptly relieved. I find
them equally beneficial in colds ; and, in my
family, they are used for bilious complaints
ami other disturbances with such good ef
fect that we rarely, if ever, have to call in a
physician." II. Voullienie, Hotel Voullieme,
S u atoga Springs, N. Y.
I consider Ayer's Pills the most evenly
l.aianced in their ingredients, of any I know
of.' Dr, J, W. Ilaynes, Palouse, Wash. Ter.
" I can recommend Ayer's Pills above all
others, having long proved their value as a
cathartic for myself and family." J. T. Hess,
Leithsville, Pa.
"After the use of Ayer's Pills for many
years in my practice and family, I am justi
fied iu saying that they are an excellent
cathartic and liver medicine amply sus
taining all the claims made for them."
W. A. Westfall, M. 1)., V. P. Austin & N. W.
Ey. Co., Burnet, Texas.
"Ayer's Pills are the best I have ever used
for headaches, and they act like a charm iu
relieving any disagreeable sensation in tho
stomach after eating." Mrs. M. J, Ferguson,
Pullens, Va.
"Ayer's Pills cured me of liver complaint."
T. W. Cluck, Jefferson, Tenn.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills
Preoared by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell Mass. Sold bjr all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine
for Infants and Children.
"Castoria is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me." H. A. Archer, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
"The use of 'Castoria' is so universal and
Its merits so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are tho
Intelligent families who do not keep Castoria
within easy reach."
Carlos Mauttu, D. D.,
New York City.
Late Pastor Bloomingdale Reformed Church.
Castoria cures Colic, Constipation,
Bout Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promo"'
Without injurious medication.
For several years I have recommenciGd
your ' Castoria, and shall always continue to
do so as it has invariably produced beneficial
Edwin T. Piimra, M. D.,
" me Winthrop," 128th Street and 7th Ave.,
New York City,
Tns Ckntacr Company, 77 II or bay Stbmt, Nw York.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
aji.Dsnono. n. c may 19 taoa
The mule seemed pensive, even saci,
As if by conscience pricked;
But, when they came to share his woes,
He raised objection kicked.
The cat came up to sympathize,
With mew and gentle purr;
Alas! she got within his reach
When haaie strings ana lur.
The dog, in pity, neared him, too,
To alleviate his care;
He tried to pass around him once,
But sausage meat and hair.
And John, the hoiest farmer boy,
VV ho had the beast in charge,
Tried recklessly to harness him
His luneral was lar g
"What trifling were the causes which
His tie J lie unlurled!
And many were the quadrupeds
lhat sought another world.
He never did a decent thing;
He wasn't worth a ducket;
He kicked and kicked untii he died,
And then he kicked the bucket.
nefarious ; measures ? . Why, this
is the same old Radical rot
the scallawags . and carpet baggers
of '68, of odious memory, used upon
the " niggers " to make them Yote
the Republican ticket, and there are
actually instances in this section
Aeheville Citizen : Fitznatpirlr
.Bros., of this city, were to-dav
given ine contract, by Vol. A. IS.
Andrews, for reDaiotin? the hotel
as xLot opnng, and all of the build-
lncs connected with iha htal
where negro women left their hus- This will be begun soon, and com-
Danus lor young ice democratic Dieted witnm thirtv rlavn
" . j y
Ye goilsL and little fishes ! Col
Charlotte Observer'. Mr, Geo.
Starting? Free Ships,
A half loaf is better none, and
we sincerely congratulate ootn
brances of CoDgress and the coun
try upon the next to unanimous
passage of the bill permitting two
of the finest Id man Line steamers
to be regifetered as American ships.
The condition is attached that two
additional vessels shall be built in
American ship yards, which could
not be done under any ordinary
circumstances to compete.witli for
eign built vessels in the commerce
of the seas. It is intimated, also,
that a new line will soon be es
tablished between New York and
Antwerp under the provisions of
this law, thereby giving ua 6even
swilt steamers flying the Ameri-.
can flag and invaluable in case of
The particular benefit the conns
try will rcalizo from the first 6tep
towaid free ships is. the fact that it
is the entering wedge to universal
tree ship6 ior American commerce.
It will soon be demonstrated by
I actual experiment how easily and
how speedily the United estates
may regain the commerce she has
I so foolishly cast away by prohibi
tory tarill legislation, lhe passage
of the bill admitting the Uitv of
Paris and City of New York to
American registration is 6imply an
open confession that we must have
free ships or surrender even what
j little is left of onr American com-
, merce.
iirabam Gleaner : Our county-
man, Mr. bidnev B. Holt, a ftw
Liovely L.eonidas ! W hat do you days ago, sold thirty head of game
mean? v f chickens to a party at Menmhis.
And so it has come to this m Ann- r iou, or an average ot
.North Carolina: That if a man re- HPO-w a piece. Mr. Holt's chick
fuses to vote for the St. Louis de- e8 hve.a big reputation, and he
mands his wife should leave him. I naa no trouble to dispose of them
t he third party organ is indeed at iancy prices.
growing deperate when it makes
ouuu an acait -ft. u puTco uun rr can. i n -r .
it is prrowinfr. B nftpifc dpfiPrtpfl tho " -"""""n, ieFre:nuue we or
Alliance for the Third Party, and nllJ & Jeffery Manufacturing
it plays a desperate game. But it Company, Chicago, was in the
will sink, as it should sink, to the Clty daring the past 4 or 5 days,
depths of political duplicity to which ana neana Mr. Uardiner made the
ic would lead the unguarded and run on their pneumatic machines
unthinking portion of our people. "Ona in front of the pavilhou at
The confidence of the farmers has Latta Park to the Baford House
been betrayed by an ingenious plot I in four minutes, a feat which has
which has been steadily developing not been eclipsed up to the present
ior iue purpose ot uisintegraung me i time.
come to defeat the aims of the I , Kle'gb, Chronicle : At the new
Catilines to overthrow good govern- ePot tne railway tracks are being
meat in JS orth Carolina iu order that "uKus oa grade wun ine piat
thrif tless politicians may govern the forms. There will be pieces some
State. We do not believe that the ten feet height on the outBide
conspiracy will succeed in dictating I of the outer tracks and there will
the policy of the State Convention, awo De gates at tne end ot the car
-Raleigh Chronicle.
Fniversity Commencement
shed. Inside the buildiner everv
man who can be worked to ad van t-
Pro. age is at work. The ceilings are
finished and are of polished pine.
Newbern Journal'. John Cox.
col., now confined in Craven
conntyjail under sentence of death
tor a murder committed in Jones
county in September 1888, will be
taken to Irenton and hung there
to-morrow. Cox owns np as to
the killing bnt denies that it was
done in maliciousness. He savs
the man was pursuing him and he
in fear shot him without intention
to kill.
The following is the State Uni
versity programme of commence
ment :
Sunday, May 29, baccalaureate
sermon at 11 a. m., by Rev. Dr. J. W.
Monday, May 30, annual meeting
of the Dialectic and Philanthropic
literary societies at o.dU p. m.
Tuesday, May 31, 9.30 a. m
meeting of the board of trustees;
10,30 a. m.. meeting of the alumni
association and annual address by
Prof. Charles D. Mclver: 11.30 a. m..
decennial reunion of the class of '92;
12 m., oration by lion. A. M. Wad-
dell on the life and character of Col
William h. Saunders; 8 p.m., ora- Having qualifed as administrator of the
tioh bv reoresentativesof the Dialer.- estate ot a.. W. Crawford, deceased, all
1 persons holding claims against said estate
i , m t . ,V - I are notified to present them for payment
. x..., j ".v. vilfi, . Dy me lotn aay or April, 18VJ3, or this no-
Esq., of a portrait of Hon. C. M. Iticewill be pleaded in bar of their recov-
Stedmau; 10:30 p. m., University eT7- Apru latn, isaa.
recention in the ffvrnnasium. Tio.kptaL J AS. M. WOOD,
Notice !
may be had of the bursar without
Wednesday, June l, at y a. m.
meeting of the board of trustees; 10
a. m.. orations bv members of the
JNo nation ot the workl ever j p-radnatin? class: 12 m.. address hv
- 0 n -r I
Hon. John U, Carlisle; 1 p. m read-
1 a w, 6 w.
Shoes from 25 cts to $5 a pair, worth from $4 to $6.'
Hats from 25 cts to $3, worth a great deal more money
500 Dozen collars and cuffs from 8 to 12 $ cts, worth from 12rto 20 cts.
White Shirts from 48 cts to 1.25.
Job lot White Shirts, size 14 only, 50 cts, worth "75.
Corsets from 24 cts up.
Clark's spool cotton, 6 spools for 25 cts. Kerr's cotton 4 cts.
Brainer & Armstrong's silk 8 cts, twist 2i. Ball thread 1 ct a ball.
Bleached goods, Sea Island goods, etc, at bottom prices.
Dress goods at -educed prices.
Tinware and Crockery low down.
Table oil cloth 23 cts; North Carolina plaids 4 cts.
Buggy harness and saddlery at reduced rjrices.
Our unbreakable whips only 20 cts.
Good tobacco 25 cts lb. Good coffee 17 cts, Starch 5cts lb.
Southerland's New York Baain Store-
committed 6uch 6niciuai tolly as
that of this government in throw
ing away her own commerce on
the pretense of protecting an in
dustry that has been utterly des
stroyed by the talre attempt to
protect it. One f ee American
ship on the seas ot the world will
do more to settle the question ot
free ships for our commerce than
all the arguments that could possi
bly be presented. The entering
wedge has been driven home moat
effectually and free 6hips for
American commerce must come in
the very near future. When it
shall come, the United States will
resume the control of her own im
mense and growing trade on the
seas and again call ' out scores of
stnrdy workmen to man our ships.
We had 100,000 of the best
sailors of the world before we de
stroyed our commerce, and when
we shall return to tree ships and
to the command ot our trade, we
shall also return to tho important
indnstry ot American sailors. wo
free ships are not very much, but
they make a beginning, and now
that the country has started in
that direction it will take no step
backwards, xree ships are com
ing, and no one thing will so much
hasten the coming as the trial to
be made under the till lust passed
by both branches of Congress.
Fhtladelphxa Times.
OUR display of all kinds of FURNITURE is the grandest eyer shown
in Eastern Carolina. We buy in car load lots and sell at the
When you bny of us you can rest assured that the same could nobet
bought cheaper.
Come to see us. We will convince you that you can save money by
buying of US. Very Respectfully,
Goldsboro, N. C.
J3 ranch house in Fayette ville.
Your Wife Should Leave You.
Again we rise to ask if there is
any use in Alliancemen " pledging
themselves to vote for no man who
does not stand on their platform and
then vote with a party that does not
embody them in its platform? Don't
doit. You are no man it you do
Your wife should leave you for such
an act. for vou are not capable of
taking care of her. If the Demo
cratic State Convention which meets
in Raleigh on the 18th ignores them
no true friend of reform should
vote the ticket. Progressive Farmer,
May 10.
Indeed, has it come to this sad
pass, at length ? Has Col. Lovely
Leonidas . descended to such a low
ebb in his advocacy of the " Third
Party " that he would break up the
home life cf those whom he thinks
his votaries in order to carry his
The uadersigned havinsr been appointed
receivers of the Pioneer Lumber Comnanv
all persons will pay the same to us, and all
persons noicung claims against said com
Dan V are notified to file same with ns rlnlv
ing of reports, conferring of degrees, I verified. This April 25th, 1892.
etc.; 4 p. m., athletic sports; 8 p. m. f -Receivers
concert by the glee club. 4 w ,JJ. R ALLEN,
North Carolina, Superior court.
Wayne 5ounty. I
W.T. Faircloth, et als Land Sale.
vs. I Arlington
Wm. Hunter et als. J Hotel.
By virtue of a decree in the above
action I will sell publicly to the high
est Didder at the Court House door on
the first Monday in June next (6th),
that lot in the city of Goldsboro, known
as the Arlington Hotel property, situ
ated in the South East intersection of
East Centre and Chestnut streets, and
better described in a deed from Jno. R.
Smith to Jno. W. Thompson recorded
Washington, May, 13. As a re
sult of much preliminary work
while the Iliver and Harbor bill
was pendiDg in the House, the Sen
ate vJommutee oa commerce was
able to-day to report the bill back
to the Senate, with all the amend
ments which it regards as neces-
sarv. It has increased the total of
the House bill by $1,981,146, and
made decreases to the amount of j
$858,000, making the net increase1
$1,123,143, and the total of the ap-1 in Book No. 53, page 263.
Terms One-fourth cash, balance in
one, two and three years in equal sums.
with notes aad approved security. Im
mediate possession given.
This May 2nd. C a. AYCOCK,
propriation as reported to the Sen
ate a2,49U,ia
The Senate Committee on Civil
Service and retrenchment to-day
ordered a favorable report on ben
otnr I4q I lf crpr a mil - rpnninnof
heads of executive departments to Notice of Sale of Lumbe
dismiss from the public service all ' Plant
rr . 1 n . , I i - i
unueu oiaius uv nativity ur ouiu Under an4 by virtue of an order of the 8u
T.lAtA nnlnralizatior . and Drohibit- peri.oruPt3L?e County .North Carolina.
r ; r-- I mt
ins the appointment of such
5 (.
the eaae of li F. Hill vs. The Pioneer Lum
per- I ber Company, et als, we shall aeU, fur cash, by
" 1 mt rt ... s I public auction, at lis o'clock m.. on Monday.
SOUS in future. Xne Vommiee aa- June eth. 1892. at the office of The Pioneer
H Tlf- Chandler's I dumber Company, Mount Olive. Wayne
versely reported JUT. jnanaier 8 Cour,ty,N.C.. lhe entire plantof The Pioneer
bill excepting from the Civil ber- dumber Company, consisting- of saw mills,
. . ' . . , , . . I planing mills, dry hou-tes, etc., etc. , including
vi. . .1 examination and Classification ItLe tractof land, containing 3 acres, more or
, v, v,u; I less, upon which the same is situated, which
employees Whose duties are tCCnni- I has been in operation lor 8 years, is now in
cat or scientincin their "character,
and all who are engaged in duties
not merely clerical
It is stated on authority of Sec
retary Blaine that Mr. Justice
Harlan, ot the United States Sd
preme Court, and Hon. John Mor
gan, United States Senator from
(rood running order, and which coat over $20,
000; together with aU the timber, lumber and
private property 01 tne sata company.
. A una opportunity w secure a urBt-viasH
Lumber Plant in a good section of North
W. R. ALLEN. Receivers.
Mar 6th, 82 Goldsboro, N. C.
Alabama, have been selected, by JBAGGIN& AND TIES, MEATi
ine i. resiueiu ho aruiiraiuro vu tut
part of thp United States in; the
BehringSea arbitration. England
will now appoint two arbitrators,
and there are three others to be ap
pointed, one by the King ot Swe
den, one bv the : President . ot the
Republic of France, and one by
the King of Italy, making seven
arbitrators in'.-all.'' Hon. E.!J.
Phelps, late U. S.'Minister to En
gland, has been selected as cheif
council on behalf of the United
States before the arbitration com
mission. ' 1 i:"'sfi '"s
Hatches, Startcb, Soap, Etc,
Professional Card.
A. O, PERSON, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
(ChiMren Orjr for Jitchfrt Cwtorfcu Office Day, Tuesday Morning

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