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the: union tabehnaciiE.
It la to be a Permanent Institution for
Goldsboro. The Plan of Oraniza
The Superintendent'! Klcventh
nual Report of 1801, 'OU.
The following is the State Dem
ocrptic platlorm as enunciated by
the State Convention in assembly
May 18th:
Besolved, 1. That the Democ
racy of North Carolina reaffirm the
principles of 'ie Democratic
piirty, both State and National,
an J narticnlarlv favor the free
coinage of silver and an increase
ot the currency, and the repeal of
t.!e internal revenue system. And
wro denounce the McKinley tariff
bill as unjust to the cor-umeraoi
the country, and ?eading to the
formation of trusts, combines and
mor.ooolies wh?ch have oppressed
the people; the urneces' ry and
burdensome increase in the tax on
cotton ties and on t: eo largely
used by the poorer portion of the
too pie. We likewise denoanco
the iniquitous Force bill, which
not yet ab .ndoned by the Republi
can party, but is being used as a
incr.sure to be adopted as soon as
thev srain control of the House o
llei-rcsentatives, the purpose and
effect ot which measure will be to
establish a second period of recon
s' ruction in the Southern Statfis, to
subvert the libertien of our people
and inflame a new race antagonism
anc actional animosities. -
2. That wc demand financial re
form, and the enactment oi laws
that will remove the burdens of the
people relative to the existing ag
ricultural depression, and do full
and ample justice to the farmers
and laborers of onr country.
3. That we demand the abolition
ot national banks, and the substi
tuting of legal tender Treastry
notes, issued in sufficient volume
to do the business ot the country
on a cash system, regulating the
amount needed on a per capita baj
sis p.s the business interests of the
country expand, and that all mon
ey issued by the government shall
bo legal tender in payment of
debts, both public and private.
4. That we demand that Con
gress shall pass such laws as shall
effectually prevent the dealing in
futures of all agricultural and me
chanical productions, provide such
a stringent system of procedure in
trials a3 shall secure prompt con
viction and imposing such penal
tics bs shaU secure most perfect
compliance with the law,
5. That we demand the free and
unlimited coinage of silver.
6. That we demand the passage
of laws prohibiting the alien own
ership of land, and that Congress
take early steps fb devise some
plan to .obtain all lands now owned
by alien and foreign syndicates;
and that all lands now held by
railroads and other corporations,
in excess of such as is actually
needed by them, be reclaimed by
the government and held for act
ual settlers only.
7. Believing in the doctrine of
"equal rights to all and spacial
privileges to none," we demand
that taxation, National or State,
ehall not be used to build up one
interest or claes at the expenee of
another. We believe that the
money of the country should be
kept as much as possible in the
hands of the people, and hence we
demand that all revenues. Nation
al, State or county, shall be limited
to the neccesary expenses of the
government, economically and hon
estly administered.
8. That Congress , issue a euifi
circut amount of fractional paper
currency to facilitate the exchange
through the medium of the United
States mail.
9. -That the General Assembly
pass such laws as will make - the
public school system more effec
tive that the blessing of education
may be extended to all the people
of the State alike. :
10. That we favor a graduated
tax on incomes.
The delightful grounds ot the
Goldsboro Graded School -were &
" scene of fairy beauty and bewilder
ment Thursday night, with a prof u
sion of Japanese fantastic lanters
artistically arranged among the trees
and throughout the grounds, the
occasion being a leap year soiree giv
en by the young ladies of Golds
boro complimentary to isi ting
young ladies and the home
boys. The affair was in eyery
respect most delightful and was im
mensely enioyed by the numerous
participants. ; All ; the : refreshing
delicacies of jt he season were served
in elegant style. The -young men
made themselves most attractive and
agreeable ard were as inviting of
proposals as the delicate nature of
the situation would admit Just
whether anr- them, succeeded in
Nv-inning a committal " in accord
Pursuant to the announcement in
Sunday's Argus, we puHish here
with the constitution, and by-laws
adopted at the citizens' meeting Fri
day night, as drafted and submitted
by Mr. W. R. Allen "
Whereas, We are desirous of pro
moting Christian chanty, unity ana
zeal. "r ' - '
Besoleed, 1. That we erect a build
ing in Goldsboro by subscnptio s
r .d that the subscribers to the fun
for erecting said building shall con
stitute a religious society. 7
2. That the following shall be the
trustees thereof: Jfl. IS. Borden,
B. Hyman, I. F. Dortch, C. B. Ay-
. -r --, -r. , 5 "XT l f
COCK, J- ta. x&ooinson anu x. i .
Gurley, who shall hold office f :
three ypars f rom the 1st day of Jv
1892; JYB. Edgertoo L. H. Cas
J. A. Washington, J. E, Peterson . Z,
F. Hill and K. J. Soatherland, v
shall hold office for two years t:c
said first day of June: J. W. Bry
If. O'Berrv. G. C. Royall, II.
Grant, B. F. Aycock and W.
Smith, who shall hold office for o
year from said 1st dty of June, a
M.L. Lee shall be a permanent mem
ber of said board of trustees.
3. That all the property of str.
society shall vest in sad trustees a:;
their successors, and said trustees
shall determine the naurof said s -
cietv and Baid building, and aha 1
have th3 power ana autnomy
manage and control the same, and ;
determine when and for what pi r
poses said building shall be used;
provided it shall be the dut-y of said
trustees.to oreanize promptly and to
elect a chairman, and provided fur
ther. it shall be the duty ot sucu
chairman to call a meeting of said
trustees upon the request of tweniy-
fiye citizens. .
4. That said trustees shall ho-d
four regular meetings annually, on
the first Thursday night of J uly,
October. January and April, and
shall meet at other times upon LU
call of their chairman, provided it
shall be the duty of said chairni:.u
to call a meeting of said trustee?,
as herein before provided, or
upon the written request of five trus
tees, and provided that notice of such
meeting shall not exceed five days.
5. That said trustees . shall have
power of filling vacancies in the
board of trustees until the next reg
ular election of trustees; and at ev
ery meeting a majority of the trustees
present shall be sufficient to determ -
ine any question, provided the action
of any meeting may be reyoked and
annulled at a subsequent meeting by
a two-thirds vote of those present.
6. That said trustees shall, at
their ' regular meeting of July of
each year, elect a treasurer . and a
secretary, and shall require such
treasurer to keep a detailed state
ment of all amounts collected and
expended, which statement shall at
all times be subject to the inspection
of any subscriber; and shall require
such secretary to keep and preserve
a list of all subscribers to said fund
and a permanent record of the met
ings of said trustees, which record
any subscriber shall have the rig: t
lO esauuuB Kb HUT UIIU r
7. That the term of omce of e;-id
treasurer shall be one year, and ?; e
term of office of said secretary shall
be one year.
8. That the term of omce of ti
tees, except those herein nam
shall be three years, and on the ' -
Friday night of May of each
the subscribers to said fund e
meet in the Court House in G -'
boro to elect trustees in the plaft-
those whose terms of office wil! r
pire on the 1st day of June succ
ing such election, provided at s-
elecuon each subscriber shall be m
titled to one vote, and provided f t r
ther, a majority - of those prete fc
shall be sufficient to elect.
Summaiy of Statistics for
Total number of white chil
dren enrolled in school.
Total number of colored chil
dren enrolled in school.
Total number of both races
enrolled in schools.
Average daily attendance
of white children. i
Average daily attendance of
colored children.
Average daily attendance of"
both races.
Average number of white
children belonging daily.
Average number ot colored
children belonging daily.
Average number of both
races belonging daily.
Census enumeration ot
white children from 6 to
21 years of ape.
Cersua enumeration of col ¬
ored childrea from 6 to 21
years of age. ' "
Census enumeration ot both
races from 6 to 21 years
of age.
Per cent, of attendance of pupilB
White pupils. 93 J
Colored pupils 78 410
1 600
Total, 87
Per cent ot enrollment on enumo
White children 65J
Colored children. t
The finance committee will
published in a day or two, when i
work of soliciting funds will be.
in earnest. : ' -
For the Sake of Accuracy.
Mr. Juaitor : The statement in
The ABGtrs of Sunday in regard to
the West Point Cadetship is not .-c
curate, and I wish my connection
with the examination to be unCc
stood. Before seeing me, the ex
aminers, Messrs. G, L. Kirby", J. D.
t t , - . ti rrr i . .
roaanursc boua. u. nara, de
termined that the contest for the
appointment " was between Mess -s.
Grady and Uliyer, and as one of t lie
examiners was related to Mr, Grad?,
x was requested to sit wiin tne iou.ra
of Examiners in passing upon f'eir
. The papers were not referred to
me for a report, but I sat with the
examiners, and all agreed to the
grading adopted
.:- ' Allen.
Total " I 65
Estimated per cent, of children
between the ages of 6 and 16 years
enrolled in school:
White children. f 95 J
Estimated per cent, children be
tween these ages in daily attend
White children.
Number of days, taught.
Number of school rooms.
Number of teachers.
Numbers of teachers' meetings
held during session.
Cost of tuiticn for the year (esti
mate based on average daily atten
dance and including cost of fuel,
janitor, buildings &c.)
Tuition per pupil per year. $9 31
Tuition per pupil per month 1 Od
Tuition per pupil per day. - 05
The above statistical r-port
shows the largest enrollment, the
largest average daily attendance,
and, so tar as 1 can ascertain lrom
the recoids, the largest average
per cent, of attendance in the his-
torv of the lioldsboro bchools.
The report shows an increase of
sixty-seven in the enrollment, and
an - increase ot twenty-one in tne
averaee dail y attendance ot the
white schools, and an increase o
sixty-eight In the enrollment of the
colored schoois.
Sixtyfive per cent- of the entire
school population, white and color
ed have been enrolled in the
Ninetyfive per cent, of the
white children between the ages
of six and sixteen years have been
enrolled in the white schools dur
in sr the year, and more than eev
entyfour per cent, of these chil
dren have been in daily attendance
The teachers have discharged
their duties faithfully and well
After a careful examination of the
children's work and a comparison
of it with that of previous years
we feel justified in reporting evi
dences of progress in all the depart
ments of 6chooI-work
The school library is increasing
annually. About two hundred
vo'umes of valuable books have
been added this year.
Messrs. Albert Rosenthal and
Leslie Weil donated to the library
"The Library ot American Litera
tnre bound in eleven Jar ere hand'
some volumes.
Miss Edna H. Weil, donated an
elegant set of Oliver Wende
Holmes's "Works in' foureeen vol
In the name ot the' present and
the future generations of school
children, I thank the&e young
people for their commendable
generosity. ; ' : -
May many other former pupils
of our sehoo-s and many older
people follow their example.
Kespectfully submitted.
J. y. JoVNER.
quite goo4 for this ttine of the year.
Apples anil rluuid are now ripe: the
quality is good, but the crop is short.
Ululuren s day will be observed at
Woodland Church the third Sab
bath ia July.
The girls are home from Guilford
College one of them a Professor.
The life meeting is still the talk.
Many of our people took it in, and
all are well pleased, several having
starred a new life. Occasionally we
find a man that says the Evangelist
gets too much money, but we dou't
ask him how much he gave, for fear
we might get him where the colored
woman was when asked if she had
to give up tobacco or Handy, which
would she do, aud answered, "Now
you've got me in u close place." Sure
ly the x. M. C A. of Goldsboro did
a noble work wheu they got the
ngelist and his co-laborer to
come to Goldsboro. We haven t
heard an oath uttered m town siuce
the meeting closed, nor around home
And now who will say the meet
ings did no good. And now, as mai.y
of the readers of 1 he Argus have
started on a new life, we would like
to jrive them a receipt which may
3erve as a preveutive, if not a curr.
Take a handful of weed called
Ruuabout, the same quantity of root
called Nimble-tongue, a sprig of
herb called Backbite, a teaspoonful
of Don't-you-te 1-it, six drachms of
Malice, and a few drops of Envy,
which can be purchased! in sny
quantity at the shops of MissTabitha
leatable and Miss Nan 3y Gadabout,
Stir them well together and simmer
i them for half an hour oyer the fire
discontent, kindled by a little
Jealousv, then strain it through the
rag of Misconstruction, and cork in
the bottle of Malevolence, and hang
it on a skein of Street-yam, shake it
occasionally for a few days and it
will be fat for use. JUt a few drops
be taken before valking out, and
the subiect will b,; able to speak all
manner of eul.
WiJson and Nash counties.
Our young friends. Messrs. J. F.
Hosea and Silas Smith, of Pikevillt,
gave us a call last Sunday. Ask
" SHo " if ,a !,., ;t u :
the railroad vet. -----
Misses Mary Pearson and Luda
Edgerton have returned home, from
Guilford College.
There will be a Demorest contest
at Salem , Chui ch - next h Saturdav
night, the 18th. All are invited.
A. E. E.
Fremont, N. (X, June 13, 1892.
Absolutely Pure
A ! m of tartar baking i powder
Highest of all in leavening strength
Latest U. S. Government Food Report
106 Wall Street, N. Y
Bucklon b Arnica Salve.
Thk Hjcrt Salve in the world forCnta.
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands. Chilblains,
uorns, ana an Sixm .Eruptions, and rxi
tively ctj-es Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give peneci satisiacuon
or money remnaca. race as centa psi
dox. r or eie i?y j. tt. am as Eton. -
"The Best Selling Vermifuge In the
; Market." .
Recipe furnished to any regular physician
when reqested. " ! 1
Read the fo-lowin from one of the most
prominent end beBt known oljysicians and
farmers in Sont'i Carolina. He writes
that a negro eiil ien vr:-.is old near him .
took three doses o the Worm Killer and
passed 366 worms."
Dated, Ridgeway, 8. C, May 26, 1884.
Mr. H. M. McDonald, of LaGranee. N.
says: "Dr. Boykin's Worm KUler
brought evev 100 worm'' from one child in
this neighbciuoo ; and it gives universal
satisfaction." He sells more-of it than all
other worm medicires.
LaGrange, N. C, July, s87
Mr. J. P. Jovner! I Tva t.iv nhild onn
dose of Boykin's Woim KiCer, purchased
of y. n. It brought 66 woims. I consider
it the best woim medicine made. .
Kesdectfully, J. W. Thomas.
Any M. D.can prescribe it and many do. -BOYKIN,
The obiect of this memoir, Ilich-
ard Ravnor, died rt the residence of
F. Cox, iu Wayne county, on the
30th day of May in the 80th year of
his age and was buried the following
dav in the family graveyard at his
home. ,
The many citizens and friends
who attended the obsequies, and the
tender expressions of sympathy and
the tears that were dropped on his
grave, was sufficient evidence that a
good citizen, kind and. devoted lamer
was dead aud his mortal remains
wtre beinc laid to rost. He wa3 the
father of ten children seven
daughters and three sons,- of which
three preceded him to another and
better world. In February 1890, his
devoted companion was taken away
Since that time, he has expressed a
willingness and a desire to die: said
only a few days before the end that
he wanted to die aud go home where
he cou.d be with his wife and chii
dren that were waitins for him at
the pearly gate. '
He professed religion and joined
the Methodist Church at Falling
Creek several years ago. Since that
time he has lived a quiet, Christian
life. By his indomitable energy and
perseverance he amassed considera
ble fortune of this world's goods up
to the close of the late war, when a
greater portion of it was swept away.
Not one of the kind to be discour
aged or succumb to adversity, he
went to work again and made a suc
cess in gathering up more of this
world's goods; he took great pleasure
and pride in helping poor men take
a start in life, and now has the credit
of being the benefactor of several
persons who are now in good cir
cumstance?. But his greatest ambi
tion and greatest desire was to lavish
upon his family the luxuries of this
life, which he was very successful in
He leaves Ove daughters and two
sons and a -host of relatives and
friends to mourn their loss. :
Thus hath passed away a useful,
respected beloved and honored citi
zen; Bweet be his rest and a glorious
awakening. . J. b. O
June 16, 1892.
This is what you ought to have, in fact
you muBt have it, to tally enjoy lire.
Thousands are searching for it daily, and
mourning because they find it not Thou
sands uuon thousands of dollars are spent
annual!yry our people in the hope that
they may attain this boon. And yet It
may be baa by all. "W e guarantee that
Electric Bitters, if nsed according to direc
tions and the use persisted in, will bring
you Good Digestion and oust the demon
Dyspepsia and install instead Eupepsy.
We recommend Electric Bitters for Dys
pepsia and all diseases of Liver. Stomach
and Kidneys, sold at ooc. and f 1.00 per
bottle dy . H. Hill & Son Druggist.
The New Discovery.
You have hf ard your friends and neigh
bors talking about it. Yon may yourseli
be one of the many who know from per
sojihI experience just how good a thing
it is. If you have ever tried it, you are
one of its staunch friends, because the
wonderful thing about it i", that wheu
once piven a trial, Dr. King's Now Dis-
ocyery ever after holds a place in the
Louse. If you have never used it and
any Throat, Lung or Chest tr6nble, secure
a bottle at once and give it a fair trial. It
is guaranteed every time, or money refun
ded. Trial bottles free at J. H. Hill &
S m's drug store. " -
A trial will prove the superiority
of our goods, and you have un
doubtedly found out that we are '
Rock Bottom in Price?; always
looking carefuUy to the wnts and
interest of our prirons. We icceive
regularly, weekly shipments of
Flag Marsh Rocky Mount Cutter,
rnd have an increasing demand
for our Vermont Creamery, fresh
from the churn. As 'tis applicable
just here, would call your atten
tion to the
. A brand of Flour we have control
of for this city, and those wanting
the Best on Earth can be supplied
by us. Flour with us being a
specialty, buying in large quan
tities lor casn, we are prepared to
give you benefit in that product.
Our line of Tea, Coffee nd Spices
is complete and we would call
especial attention to and ask a trial
of our Blended Coffee (Java, Mar
acaibo and Mocha). Breakfast
Cocoa and Bakers Chocolate. We
conclude by asking a share of
your patronage for anything you
may wish to eat We endeavor to
keep a full supply of .
Ham tongueEnglishBrawn bone
less Pig Feet, Chip Beef,- French
and American Sardines. Listen
to our delivery wajon-man's call
and kindly give bim an order for
anything you wish, remembering
we guarantee all goods as repre
Dear Arqus: We are having old-
fashion summer time, hot aud sultry,
but it is just what we need for crops.
There is a good breeze and .flying
clouds which make3 it pleasant for
the farmer. "Everything seems to
be growing fast and soon we hope to
be ready for the chicken pie.
There are fewer acres in cotton in
this section than usual. Our folks
are getting tired of spending two
Natranta Items.
Dear Argus'. The first Demorest
Gold Medal Contest in Wayne county
was held at Nabunta church last
Saturday night. The house was
crowded to its utmost capacity. The
class was composed of four girls and
two boys. The; ludges were Messrs.
John iL Miller, of High Point, Jno.
Ledbetter, of Princeton and Pharr oh
Perkins, of Pikeville. The judges
decided that Miss ttattie .Jiidgerton
was the successful contestant. The
music, led by Ev. Gilbreath and
played by the accomplished organist,
Miss Minnie .Edgerton, was most ex
Iliss Dora Hollowell, of Lowell.
wa3 visiting in our section last Sun
Miss Fannie Parker, of the South
Gall and Examine My Stock.
Calico 3 to 6 cts, Bibbon 5 to 20 cts.
Dress goods 37 inches wide,
wool flnisn 12i cents per yard.
. Cheviots 8 cents.
Heavy Homespun 5 and 6 cents.
Unbleached domestics 4 and o cents
Heavy Drilling 7i per yard.
Bleaching 4f to 9 best.
- White and red flannel 20 and 25 cts.
Pants goods from 8 to 35 cts; all wooi
Bed ticking from 75 to 18 cts.
tiiifghams b to 9 els, ,
Sateen 6i cents.
Checked muslin 5 to 9 cts. -
Suspenders 10 cts, wire buckles 20c,
x ard wide Cress goods 9 cts.
Lace and Hamburgs cheap.
A fine unlaundered shirt for 40 cts.
Laundered shirts for 50 cts.
Socks and stockings 5 cents.
k Oil Cloth 25 per yard.
Umbrellas from 45 cents to 1.00.
Belts 10 to 25 cents.
Corsets 22 to 50 cents.
andy, cakes and confectioneries
Flannelette shirts 25 cents. ' ;
patent medicines Cheap. ' -
Reliable parched coffee 25c per pound.
Tobacco, 3 kinds'for 25 cents. r
A big job in tobacco at 20 to 50 cts lb.
Bed Eye" 50 eta, .
Citrars 1 to 5 cts, Snnff 30 to 40 cts.
Crockery goods and willow ware.
Lamps ironi ao to 75 cents. - -Cups
and saucers 25 cts and up.
Plates and dishes cheap.
Sugar Ec. and coffee 16 cts. "
fepper ana spices 10 cents per lb.
Soap 2 for 5. soda 5 and starch 5.
All kinds of snuff cheap.
Men's hats 40a to $1.25.
Children's hats from 15 to 50 cts.
. JVler s solid leataer suoes f l.OO.
Fine shoes 1.25.
Children's shoes from 85. to Q5 cents.
Woman's so"d leather shoes 95c to .
Sole leather CO cts per pound.
I admit the above are cut prices, but 1 buy
ior casn. oausiacuon guaranteed
or money refunded.
The Hustler, -
Opposite Hill's drug store,, Walnut
Goldsboro, N. p. '
Bizzell Bros. & Co.
Wholesale and Retail Fancy Grocers.
April 27-92.
In order to maki more convenient and
economical use of the vessels n w employed
in tne xoonn carotins service, ana sous to
Belt r Serve the Interests of Shippers,
the Clyde Line and Old Dominion Steamship
company nave oonciuiea to merge tneir re
spective a s bettr n Newborn, N. C, and
Norfolk," into ono Une, i"us giving paa
sengjrs pad I rack Pb'p e. fou.' trips each
week between NeVoeru and Norfolk direct.
On and after Monday. May 16. 1893. until
further notice, the
Steamer tie ta,Capt.Sonfete
- , AND
Sr Eno!a, Capt. Eoytf,
Will B8.U from Not-rolk. Va- for Newhern
direct, every Monday, Tuesday, ThmttdHj- and
Friday, n. m making: connection with tbe At
lantic and No Ch Cifo Ina Hullrpsid. and: the
Wa.rr inea on Neuse apd Trjint rivers.
Returning, frill sail from Newborn for Nor
folk Va.. Tursdays, Wedrpsdays and idajrs
at 3 p. m- ard on 8atu -ay at t p. m., making
ponneotKn ftt Worlolk wl a itieu'a Bay upe.
for Baltimore, TbeQlyde Line, for Plii'adel-S
Shia, The 0d Dominioc gtuunshlp CJo., tor
:ewYork, The Merchants' ai4 Mtners' L'na
for Providence and Boston, apd The Water
Lines lor Washington, D. C, and Biehmond.
Va., thus giving an aU water route f ,r Truck
to all NOvthern and Bastern points.
Also connec .ton made wivh the C. & O. B.
Band N.tW.KB for tbe West.
Tie Steamer Steat, CapL Slort
Will sail from Norfolk, Va., evory Thursday
a. m. for Boanoke Island, Washington ana
Passengers will find a good tab'e, comfort
able rooms, and every court sy and attention
win bo paid them by the officers.
Order r.ll goods, 'ear of N. N. W. Direct
Line, Norfolk, Va.
8. H.OBAT. As-ent,
The undersigned having been Appointed
receivers of the Pioneer Lumber Company
all persona will pay the same to us, and all
persons holding claims against said com
pany are notified to file same with us, duly
4 tt Slay 4. Goldsboro, JT,
ance with the fabled Leap Year cus
dollars to make one.
Side, " took iu " the Contest, on her
Children Cry for Pitcher's G;:tr&
tom, we are unable to report,
Goldsboro, N. Cr, June 20th, '92.
The health ot the community is
way home from yisiting friends m

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