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1892. 1
Mrs. S. !. Griffin,
U.ider the Messenger Opera House,
Is now displaying attractive novelties
Spring Millinery,
Notions, Flowers and Fancy Goods,
All the latest patterns in Ribbons, and the
Latest Novelties in styles 01 xiau
and trimmings and a com
plete line of Notions.
The Ladies are invited and a
Cordial Welcome and prompt
Attention is assured rthemt
April t-t.f.
P. R. KlUG & SON
Matorj & U&ckiHfy Supplies
Repairing A Specialty.
. o
PHns, estimates and prices
Furnished on Application.
We guarantee satisfaction
in every
Merchant Tailor!
ITorreoted Daily by B.
Wholesale Provision
M. Privett
and Uraisi
Phou'.ders .
7 fe7X
11 12
9 0 10
8 0 9
8 0 10
Foddsr 90 0 1 00
Corn 60 85
Mel 60 0 65
Poas t0108
Peanuts - 65 070
Oars 46 a 80
Kfwa 10 a 11
rhiciens 15 a 80
tees Wax .... 30 0 28
Hiden ... 5 a 6
S. h, H AWES & CO.,
May 17, lm, d.
Fine Livery in single or doule teams.
Gentlemen and Ladies' saddle horses.
Prompt serviceand satisfaction assured.
Pine Hand-made Harness
A Specialty.
Dealer in Buseries, Wagons, Win Har
ness, Saddles, Etc
Jo in Street, nn
Maro" ' "r- . NT.
rioC i
Having qualified as administrator of the
estite of 11. w. Urawlora, deceased, ai
persons holding claims against sid estate
are notified to present them for payment
bv the ISth day of April, 1893, or this no
tice will be pleaded in bar of their recov
ery. April 15th, lSTO.
for Infants
"Osstorla Is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me." H. A.jtRCHEB, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford SET, Brooklyn. N. Y.
" The use of 'Castoria ' is so universal and
Its merits so .pell known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep Castoria
within easy reach."
Carlos MarttM, D.D..
New York City.
Late Pastor Bloomingdate Beformed Church.
Thk Ckktaur
OUR display of all kinda of FURNITURE ia th-grandest eyer shown
in Eastern Carolina. We bnv
When vou bny of ns you can rest
Come to see us. We will convince
baying of US. Very Respectfully,
Branch house in Favetteville.
We call especial attention to onr line of f.hoes ;
tor tl we will give jou a good shoe for ladiee, in ace or button, and warrant every pair
lldren'a shoes from 26 cents a pair up. Old ladies shoes from ;$1 to $1.23, regular prices
from tl.25 to $1.50. Call and examine our ladies'
want solid comfort
Shoes for ladies aro hard to beat. Crossette3
from $3 to $6 per pair. If you want a good stylish shoe cheap buy Crossettes and you will
haye no others. We would b8 glad to have you
As we are constantly receiving goods in that
inducements and will bo very glad to have
retail. By the retail 6ix spools for 25 cents,
you to bear In mind that I can and will save
S500 Reward.
WE will pay the above reward for any
case Liver complaint, uyspepsia, ick
Headache, In digestion, Constipation or
Oostiveness we cannot cure with W est s
Vegetable Liver Pills.when the directions
are strictly complied witn. iney are
purely vegetable, and never lail to give
satisfaction. Sugar Coated Large boxes,
containing 30 Pills, 25 cents. Beware oi
counterfeits and imitations. I ne genuine
manufactured only by the john c. "west
Soluby LI. E. Kobinsoa & Bro.
boro. N. C
Is the BEST WHEEL ON THE MARKET this year.
W w fi a IftC? tho combination or
KrfAllkt the celebrated G. ft J.
J L ll L BJ LJ L Pneumatic Tire and
Spring Frame makes riding on it a luxury.
Send for Illustrated
M'F'6 C0
Washington, D. C.
The Tray is arranged
to roll back, leaving the
boftom of the Trunk
easy of access.
Nothing to break or get out of order. The
Tray can be lifted out if desired, and to buy
this style is a guarantee that you will get the
strongest Trunk made. -
If your Dealer cannot furnish you, notify the
H. W.' ROUNTREE & BRO., Richmond, Va.
and Children.
Castoria cures Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promo?
Without injurious medication.
" For several years I have recommended
your ' Castoria, and shall always continue to
do so as it baa invariably produced beneficial
Edwin F. Pardsb. M. D.,
h The Winthrop," 125th Street and 7th Ave.,
New York City.
Company, 77 Morrat Stkekt, Nbw Yobs.
i3"Lxz?e .
in car load lots and sell at the
assured that the same could nobet
you that you can save money by
Goldsboro, El. C.
spring heel shoes, sizes from 2 to 8. If you
shoes for gents from $2.50 to $5, goods worts
examine our stock of
line. IX DH Y GOODS .we always offer special
you call. Clarks Spool Cotton at wholesale or
rcjru'ar discount to the trade. Again wo ask you
you money on shoes.
Ward's Tonsorial Palace
Nothing- succeedslike sucess : this na& been
the experience of A. U. Waid. the Barbei
since he opened business in Goldsboro, cntil
he is now able to anuounce to the public tliat
he has grot the best equipped and most satis
factory Tonsorial Palace in the State.
All the popular Barbers of tho oity are u-"w
m ployed in his establixhment, proc - and
oourtnous. as follows :
Centinulng-to thank tho public jaer
ous patronage they ha ve extended i a since
I moved with my family Goldsboro and pur
chased a home here, and assuring: them that I
shall continue to exercise my best efforts for
their continuedoemfortand satisfaction in my
line I remain- Ver respectfully.
At Fordhatn's old stand, East Centre Street
Goldsboro N. C.
KINSTON, N. C, SEP. 29, 1891
Mrs. Joe Person, Kittrell, N. C:
Dear Madam As I have been cured oi
a maligtant case of ulceration of the nose
produced bjf catarrh, 'by the use of twelve
bottles of Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy, I
take pleasure in recommending it to the
public. Respectfully,
Mrs. J. M. WHITE.
K1..DAIKBX is.
JULY 11 'S!2.
O. Maiden, with a yellow rr3o
TJpon year bosom pinned,
And soft brown tresses fluttering
Within the summer wind.
We inet but once, :iml wordU rs patscd
'Twas in a country lane,
And who you wese, with earr quest,
I sought to find hi v sin.
And yet, wLeucYr I Lear tl e word.,
"The good," "the pure,"' "the true,"
Why is it. iincc I know yv.i v.ot.
I always think of you,
And see you in that country li-i.-,
Your 'brown hair in the wind, v
A maiden with a y.llow r"3
Upon her bosom piiuic"'?
Marian Doug'as in llu j:tV Bazar.
Mr. Clove 1
il Object fj to II '.3
Being Tj0ca in tJcn
a Woman' ti Demo-
Wif s ITamc
neotion With
cratic plub.
Buzzard's Bay
The fallowing
explaiiis iiseif :
Mass , nly
New Yokk, June 2b", 1SC2.
Mis. ir rover Cleveland :
Dkvk Madam It aivesos great
pleasures as representatives ;f that
great body of -.roiii; n of Demo
cratic sym path ica to inform you
that a Francis Cleveland Influ
ence Club bus boon formed by
mothers, wives', sisters and daugh
ters of New Y :-i k Democrats. We
haye taken the liberty of using your
name for the firet of many Influ
ence Clubs which we trust will
spring up throughout tho country,
and which after November 8 will
confirm the j.u'.cnt of that Ilo
pnblicm loader regarding 1S90,
that "The wcraon did it." We
feel that this campaign :s to lift
the burden of tax ition from the
homca of the land, ind we, as home
defender?, deserve a part in the
Yours reepcctfuliy,
Maky Fk:'ST Obv.sby, J?rest
Francis Cleveland Influence Club.
Gkay Gables,
Buzzard's Bay. Ma?s., July 1.
Mrs. Mary Frost Orvisby,
My Dear Madam: Mrs. Cleve
land has reftrrcd to mo your letter
informing her of the oriran'zation
of a "Francis Cieveian J Influence
Ciub." It is by no mean pleasant
to dissent from "'rm-.theda which
sincere friends adopt, w hen their
efforta not onlv demonstrate their
friendliness, but when they alto
seek to subserve public good, and
are therefore engaged in patriotic
service. It is, however, impossible
for us to approve of the use of Aire.
Cleveland's name in debignation of
clubs designed to do political work.
We trust you will not under value
our objection, becc use it rests upon
the sentiment that th3 name jow
sacred in the home circle as wife
and mother, may well be spared in
the organization and operation of
clubs created to exert political in
fluence. "
Yours very truly,
G rover Cleveland,
Letter From Mr. Cleveland.
Winston, IS-C, July 0. Col.
Thomas Sutton, president of the
Salem Cleveland club, received a
letter tc- day Irom the lion. Grover
Cleveland, in response to one sent
him by the Salem club. Tho letter,
in Air. Cleveland's own hrndwrit-
ting, is as follows :
Gray Gables,
Buzzard bay, Mass , J uly C.
My Dear Sir: I am glad o
bear. that there has been organized
at Salem a Democratic cUih. and
since I am always pleased to be
related in any wfy in a movement
to advance the Democratic princi
ples, I desire to thank the new oro
ganizalion tor adopting my name.
I believa fully in the usefulness of
such clubs and it sr ems t me that
juet at this time a "Uieveiund
club can be or great service ro
the Democratic cause in its local
ity. The Democratic cause in the
present emergency ie so tally iden
tified with the "weHarc R:id proso
perity of North Carolina, that the
work of your organization, if effect
ually performed, cannot bo. other
wise than 9. patriotic poiv;co. This
gives to its m'sro i . the greatest
importance. Kething w i 1 make me
believe that our Southcn people
will alow, tlw.-msvlvea to abandon
the shelter find protection which
they know so well is. a (TV led by
up-building the principles of true
Wishing fr yur c'ob the
gretest prosperity and n ?efullnes,
Yours very truly,
Grover Cleveland.
CoTiKt-essnian Aleanderi
' From a recent letter from this
gentleman to Air. W. P. Oldham,
the following extract is taken :
"When I stated in that letter I
supported the State and National
ticket it did not occur to me that
anyone would doubt that I endorsed
the State and National platforms
any more than one would doubt a
Presbyterian endorsing the "Confea
sion of "Faith", But that you may
not misunderstand me, I state that
I endorse the Democratic State plat
torcn made by the State Democratic
Convention held in the city of Ra
leigh, N. C, in Alay last, and the
National Democrat platform made
by the National Democratic Conven
tion held iu the city of Chicago, 111.,
in June hist. I have been in every
campaign since the war sometimes
i-s a private, sometimes as an officer,
and have done my duty to the Dem
ocratic party as best I could. If
there be some who want to fight me
for the nomination or even scratch
me at an ejection they have a right
to do it. The Democratic party has
always contended for the greatest
liberty to the citizen. And while I
would appreciate a r&nomiaation I
would not have anyone vote for me
who is conscientiously opposed to
We do not know how Air. Alex
ander could give to the Democratic
platform, State and National, a more
unqualified endorsement than he has
in tbe above extract. There are two
ex-Presideuts, and one President of
the North Carolina Farmers' Alli
unce, now living, and all endorse,
without the slightest reservation, as
they have always done, the platforms
of the Democratic party. There is
nothing iu the Alliance to prevent
any member of it from being a good
Democrat, nor is there any ground
to suspect the fealty of true Alli-
kneemen to the Democratic princi
pies. We should not forget that the
splendid victory achieved two years
t;go was due, in great part, to the pa
ti iotie co-operation of Alliancemen
with nou-AUiance Democrats, and
tbe united support thus given the
Democratic nominees. These two
elements of the Democratic party are
one anu the same this year, and an-
other decided victory will be won in
November. Within the next sixty
days we believe that the white peo
ple of the whole South will b
aroused, as never before, to the im
portance of standing together in
solid array acrainst the enemy of
their home3 and liberty. If Air
Alexander wants to return to Con
gress he should be re-elected. He
has made a faithful representa
five. Raleigh Chronicle.
C. B. AycocK
The State Democratic Conyention
showed tbe ripest wisdom and sound
est discretion when it named for
State Elector the above distinguish
ed patriot statesman and gentleman
There cannot be found in the State
a more thoroughly qualified or
better equipped man tor this posi
tion than this able and adroit and
sagacious and keen sighted and level
headed and brawny brained and in
tensely magnetic gentleman. A fine
and forceful and eloquent speaker:
a sound, thoroughly posted and nn
compromising Democrat; a gentle
man with a record without blot or
stain and perfectly unassailable, he
will prove a tower of strength, and
will make his power felt from the
seaboard to the mountains. There
is not a purer patriot, a finer gen
tleman or a more thrilling and cap
tivating speaker in the entire State,
for he is a man ot magnetism ana
power and eloquence and stirring
oratory. As a debater he ia strong
and powerful
the very best
and convincing, and
and most admirably
equipped speakers always diead to
meet him in the arena or debate, tor
thev know the resistless power of
the avalanehian sweeps of his logic.
and all dread the blistering current
of his burning invective and wither
in,T sarcasm. And be is one of the
most impressive and effective speak
ers v e ever heard, for his speeches
not onlv contain tire soundest
lore and the richest argosies
of thought, but ever an anon
thev eleam and glisten and burn
with the thrilling flashes of that
soul moving oratory which soars
awav into the highest heaven of
dramatic impressiveness, and kindles
tiie fires of heartiest and warmest
enthusiasm' iu the most plegmatic
bosoms,and makes the feelings quiver
and tremble like withered leaves be
fore the rushing sweep of a wither
iuir conflagration. At times his fer
vid and passionate outbuists of burn
i ii or thoughts approximate in their
intensity the sublimest fires of
dramatic splendor, and rival in their
fflorv the glittering confiscations oi
the grandest histrionic stars that ever
slimmered in the sky of human
effort Wilson Mirror.
The Argus endorses every word
oi the above with cordial pleasure,
and 'thanks brother Blount heartily
for his generous words. Ed.
New lot Neckwear received to-day
at New York Bargain Store. Large
Shield Bows, white and blaek.
To Succeed Mr. E. C. Smith as Chair
man of the State Executive Com
mittee. The State Democratic Executive
Committee assembled here yester
day according to call to elect a
btate chairman and to transact
other business necessary for the
coming campaign. There were
thirtyeight present and an after
noon and evening session were held.
lhe election ot a chairman com
ing up Gen. W. r. ICoberts norms
nated Mr. Jld. Chambers Smith to
succeed himself.
In nominating Mr. Smith, Gen.
Roberts, paid him a graceful and
deserved tribute, lie said that Mr.
Smith was called to the chairmans
ship at a time when there were
great political complications in the
btate ; that he immediately as -
snmed the responsible duties of
the trust, comprehended tho situa
tion, and discharged his do tics
creditably to himself and to the
success of the party. Under lm
administration as chairman the
party won a greater victory two
years ago than eyer be
fore in the history ot the State and
since the last election the compli
cations had increased, but Mr.
Smith neverhad at any time lost his
balance and that thc'.atc State Con
vention had been one of the larg
est in the history of the party and
one of the nioBt harmonious. lie
said this much as simple iusticc
to Mr. Smith who had held the
helm of the Democratic party
firmly but wisely.
Mr. Smith was unanimously reo
elected, and upon being notified of
the tact, appeared before the com"
mittee and expressed his apprecia
tion of the honor and his inability
to accept the position again. He
thanked the committee warmlv.
and assured them that his best en
deavors shouldbe given to advance
the interests ot the party and the
cause of Democratic success .
The following resolution was
then passed :
Resolved. That this committee
extend to E. C. Smith, Esq., its
thanks for the valuable services he
has rendered the Democratic party
in the conduct of its affairs.
Hon. F. M. Simmons, of New
Berne, was then unanimously elect
ed chairman, and the election of a
secretary was referred to the Cen
tral Committee with power to
In the third district Air. Frank
Thompson was elected to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation
of Dr. Cyrus Thompson as a mem
ber of the committee, and Mr. A.
D. McGill to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of II.
A. Mcbwain, also ot the third dis
trict. In the fourth district lion.
C. M. Cooke was elected in placo
of J. C. Neal, resigned, and J. II.
iron to succeed J. J. Young, Mr.
Young being elected a member
of the Central Committee.
The best of teeling prevailed and
the outlook lor the Democratic
party was regarded as most en
couraging, lhere is every indica
tion of a determination to elect
Cleveland and Carr in North Car
olina by a large majority. The
committee adjourned at 11 "o'clock,
p. m. Jxaleigh Chronicle.
Notice of Incorporation.
State of North Carolina, )
Wayne County, s
To all Whom it May Concern, Greeting:
Take notice that articles of agreement
were filed in this office between William
H. Boseley, Charles II. Tilghman, A. H.
Taylor, Geo, L. Barton and S. S. Ilardi
son, on the 13th day of June, 1892, where
in said parties proposed to be incorporated
under name of "The North State Lumber
Company," for the purpose, emong other
things, oi Duying ana selling all Kinds oi
timber, both standing and reversed, erect
ing all kinds of machinery for cutting,
converting and transporting and selling
said timber and lumber; for mining, for
all kinds of minerals and. working iip the
same; for building all needed roads and
ways for transporting the property of the
company and everything as a necessary
incident thereto, including buying and
owning all needed real estate, all of
which is fully set out ia said articles on
file in this office..
The principal place of business to be
Sunsbury, N . C, with branch offices, one
of which is to be Baltimore, Md.
The names of the incorporators are
William H. Boseley, Charles IL Tilghman,
A. H. Taylor. Geo. L. Barton and S. S.
The amount of capital stock to be for
the present, Two Hudnred Thousand Dol
lars, with privilege of increasing the same
to an amount not exceeding Five Hun
dred Thousand Dollars. The time for
which they aTe incorporated i3 Thirty
Whereupon letters of incorporation
were issued.
At office in Wayne county, N. C.
Clerk of Superior Court of Wayne Co.
June 15, 1892.
Having qualified as administrator of
James Tabron, all persons holding claims
against said estate are notified to present
the same to the undersigned without delay,
and all persons indebted tp said estate
must make immediate payment.
This April 2, 1892.
s Q. T. IVASSOM, Admr.
tiw,6w. Administrator.

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