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The family of Mr. I. F. Dortcb
Lave returned to tbe city from spend
ing the Summer in Raleigh.
Some few men are perpetual rene
gades they join every party which
starts and prove traitors to every
The brave boys are coming back
to the old homestead. Democracy's
roof-tree is the shelter for Southern
white mec.
We regret to announce that Mrr.
Dan. 0 Hotton ia reported to be ex:
iremely ill of typhoid feirer at their
jbome in Washington, D. 0.
We are requested to announce
that ltev. J. H.Edwards will preach
at Emmans Baptist church on Sat
urday of this week, at 11 o'clock xin
the morning.
GovERKoa Flower is not a prophet
nor the eon of a prophet, but when
he says Grover Cleveland will carry
New York State by 50,000 majority
he is not talking through his
I'oob W. P. Canaday, at one time
flavor of Wilmington, Collector of
ihftt port, aud afterwards Sergtant-t-arms
of the U. S. Senate! He com
mitted suicide in Washington on
THE county campaign, when it
opens, U going to be one steady, un
swerving march to victory for the
Democratic ticket on the 8th of
November. Mark it. Democracy is
triumphing everywhere.
Astother cottage, which will
make the fourth new one on the
row, is to be erected on George
street, just north of that of Maj. D,
W.Hurtt't", which is one of the pret
tiest and moat conveniently arran
ged in the city.
XifH is a queer thing: we are fre
quently punished for onr purest
thoughts and chastened for our
Loliest deeds, and then we are bless
ed, oftentiroe, when we are unde
serving and fortane sometimes smiles
after hope ia dead: all of which make
a thoughtful person more thonght
iul. '.The death of Mrs. P. A. Smith,
wiu?w of the late Maj. W. A. Smith,
and mother of our townsman Dr. R.
A. Smith, occurred Saturday morn
ing at her borne in Johnston county,
near Selma. fehe was a most estima
ble Christian woman, and her death
will be sincerely mourned by all who
knew her.
The alarm of fire Tuesday morn
ing about 3 o'clock startled our city.
The cause was the accidental burning
of Capt. R. P. Howell' chicken
coop, supposed to have caught from
hot ashes. It came near being a
serious conflagration, rut for the
timely arrival of a number of onr
energetic firemen, who promptly
controlled the flames.
What i Ooldsboro going to do on
the 12 th of October, the occasion
of the four hundredth anniversary of
the discovery of America by Chris
topher Columbus? Other townsare
preparing for a public celebration,
why not Goldaboro do likewise?
What say our city Fathers? Sup
pose the Board of Aldermen discuss
tbe matter at their meeting to
night. The death of Mrs. Chas. E. Bor
den, of Wilmington, occurred at
ML Airy Sunday evening last, of
typhoid fever, where she had gone
for her healtb. Her funeral was
held yesterday morning in Wilming
ton, whither her remains were borne
for interment. Her bereaved hus
band and sorrowing family have the
sincere sympathy of many friends in
this city.
The fair and festival for the
benefit of our Young Men's Chris
tian Association which opens to
night in the dining room of
th Arlington Hotel will be a very
enjoyable event Everything pos
sible is being dona to make it a
grand success, and when the object
for which it i held is (Considered, it
certainly should receive the jcordjal
and united support of us all. Don't
jforget to attend both nights.
The cam pa ign progresses beaut!,
fully The most influential Repub
lican in southern California, Mr.
Wetmore, has come out for . Cleve
land, ana cne of the Republican
nominees for tector-at-iarge in Ore
gon decline? bf (use he says he mn3t
eupport the Democratic twket .- So,
too, in our own State, we bav Hon.
W. A. Gutherie, Col. Wm. ohnston,
den. Ruf us Barrincer and a score of
other heretofore leading lighu in the
liepublipva partyr-aU popping
to the honest platform of th ; Dem
ocratic party and to the support
of the peerless man of destiny
Groyer Cleveland.
Mr. W. E, Best, of Snow Hill, one
of Greene county's best farmers aud
untemned -Democrats, was in the
8"ty Tuesday.
Thr family of Rev. C. L. Hoff
man, rector of St. Stephen's church
returned to their borne in this city
Tuesday from spending several
weeks in the western part of the
So, Gen. Weaver admits that he
said the outrageous things about the
Southern people.and especially about
the Confederate soldiers, with which
he has been charged, but excuses
himself on the ground that he was
fiffhtinsr the Democratic party. But
what is he doing down ontn
now but ngnting xne .uemocrauc
party ? Can it be justly said that the
people of the South aie intollerant
. r . i 1 T A?
when they refuse to take any stock
in weaver r
Says the Raleigh Netos Observer
of Tuesday: "We had the pleasure
of hearing Mr. Avcock, Democratic
candidate for Elector, speak here
yesterday, and were greatly pleased
with his address. Mr. Aycock is a
fine speaker and is a master of his
subject. He handsomely maintained
his reputation as one of the best of
onr campaigners and his speech gave
great sausiacuon to inose uu uraru
it. We wish every Weaverite in the
county could have heard it.
The South honors a brave man
whether he wore the gray or the
blue, whether he be Democrat,
Republican or People's partyite.
It scorns a coward like Weaver
in whatever garb he appears. The
precipitats fight of the Weaver
Lease combination from Geor-
. i r i 1
gia is tne laugnicg stock oi ine
country. It has demonstrated that
the "General" is great only in the
interest. We are glad to observe and
know that this distinguished (?)
party is receivmg cold comfort dur-
ng his unneraiuea ana preen natea
retreat in North Carolina.
It has leaked out that a corrnpt
rg&ta has been made by the Re
publican, mauagers and the leaders
of the Third party in Wayne county,
that the Republican leaders ure to
deliver to the Third party the negro
vote to insure the success cf the
Third party ticket. Jn exchange
the Third party are to reduce the
wages of the negro to $8 a month
and the price of cotton picking in
proportion, so as to enable them to
make some profit out of cotton at
the present low prices. Colored
men, are you prepared to allow your
selves to be used in consummating
this nefarious bargain.'
It is with real pleasure that The
Arqds chronicles the return to he
bnggy business in Goldsboro Mr. R.
K' Jones, the "only original the
pioneer of the bnggy trade snd man
ufacture in this city. 4-he extensive
buggy establishment of Capt. J, B.
EJgerton, at Jones' old stand, on
Walnut street, has been purchas
ed by Mr. J. F. Southerland and
Mr. R. E. Jonee has been 5 secured
00 manager or the r usmess. ne is
thoroughly posted in every style of
vehicle that rolls on wheels, ana his
reputation for reliable dealing is
ong established throughout tbe
trading territory of Goldsboro.
The Board of County Commis
sioner were in session in mis city
yesterday, with all the members of
the board in attendance. J. he ap
pointment of poll holders for the
coming election for the various voting
precincts throughout the citv and
county attracted great interest and
considerable disputation : finally the
board decided to giye the third
party a representative at every poll
ing place. This decision makes but
four polj holders still as here
tofore, one Republican, one Third
partyite and two Democrats. Why
the Board of Commissioners did
not go further and appoint
also a prohibitionist, a Green backer,
a woman fufferagist, &c, &c. &c, ad
infinitum, ws are at a loss to under
stand. Or, rather, w a?8 ftt a loss to
understand why they at . ail departr
id from the beaten track of the
law and recognized a party that is
without organization, without prin
ciple and without the semblance of
wholesome politic or eonal justice
in its platform,
Tbe well-known drug firm of
Miller & Shannon, that has grown
up with the vears in Goldsboro and
attained wide and deserving renown,
has been dissolved by mutual con
sent, Mr, II. C. Shannon retiring
from the business end Mr. Chas. B.
Miller assuming his interest in the
firm, tbe style of which will be J. F.
Miller & Son. The latter will be
in charge of the business, and has
experience and skill iu bis profes
sion, of which he is a graduate from
the Philadelphia College of Phar
macy. The new firm will enjoy the
same largo measure of public
confidence and patronage that
was so cordially extended to
tte old, and certainly do they
Btart out with the best wishes of The
Abgtjs for abundant success. This
notice wouldhot be complete, how
ever, without an expression of sin
cere regret &t the retirement of Mr.
Shannon from the business. He has
been so long associated with the
ding trade of this city and this firm
Mjt he will indeed be missed by his
numeracy friends and former cus
tomers, fie bas tbe best wishes of
The Ajiajb'S at all times. 6
"If I am to nanjtetfte typical Ameri
can, the wan who loves and believes
in his country beyond (everything else,
the manwho, determined once in what
direction his duty leads, cannot be
swerved from the path the manwho
is doggedly persistent in what he be
lievfis to be right the man who thinks
not of sefft but of his country and its
needs, I would . name Urouer Uleve-
lad,v Chauaoey M. Depew.
Faith Comes
that Love
By Hearing, and They
the Light Will Walk
One of the earliest advocates of
the Third Party in North Carolina,
and a man who was sincere in
cbampiouirg the claun3 of this new
party that he had prematurely
wedded, was Mr.W,H. Marslendcr,
formerly of Carteret, and now of
Pitt county. But like the true
man that Le is, fielding the irrefuta
ble error of bis wave, he hastens,
while there is ytt time, to rccin
secrate him;ef to the Democracy
and bring truth and reason to bear
upon hi6 fellow citizens that may
be following his third party foot
lie writes a letter to the Wash
ington, N. C. Gazette as fo'lowe:
Mr. Editor; Alter cool and
mature deliberation. I find that I
have been misled by the false re
presentations o' the Third party
leaders, eo 1 announce to my fel
low citizens and Third party
friends that I have withdrawn
from and severed my connection
with that party. I will state as
briefly as poesibie the r asous that
tl at force this change of views.
I leahzed the distressed, im
poverished and oppressed condition
of our pe pie and knew that it was
due torn just eectonal and pernic
ious class legis'ation, and in my
dilemma grarped the idea of a
People's party we that were told
would sweep the county as the cn
tireWtfet was aroused. I now see
I aci wr;Dg and was duped.
Upon investigation 1 find that
all the evi's under which we strug
gle are directly due to the Reput
lican party as that party alone is
responsible for the demonetization
of silver, the coutracMon of the
currency, the national banking
system, 1'randulent pensions, and
the h:gh protection and prohibition
tariff that robs the tanners, labor
ers and wage-eerners of this coun
tr .
1 nod that the -Republican party
lepealed the tax on Ircorr.es, Rail
road Companiee, National Banks,
articles of luxury, etc , ttc.,amonnt-
mg to over a hundred and hve
million dollars yearly. ($105,000,-
000,00 ) relieving the rich of their
share of taxation and burdening
the poor by putting a tariff tax on
on the basis of consumption thaf
the plain people need and must
I find that by a high tariff they
make trusts possible and encourage
their forniaiionrin return receiving
adequate campaign funds for their
needs and purpofcep.
I and North Carolina pas out
to the Federal government includ
ing tariff, revenues and for protect
ing Northern manulaetures over
($14,000,000.00) fourteen million
dollars annually, i. e. over ($S.)
eight dollars per capita when
North Carolina hasonly ia circula
tion about ($6. 6ix dollars per
capita. Paying out more than we
have, 1 do not wonder we grow
poorer while Rhode Island, for in
stance, a rich manufacturing State,
by sectional and class legislation,
i . V r -
pays scarcely anything (on the
basis of consumption) to the Jbeds
eral groycrnment and has a per
capita circulation of over ($361 00)
lureo iiuuurtu auu sixty-cue uoiiars
and grows richer.
In 1860 when the 1). moerats
had entire control of the govern
ment I find, according to Senator
Berry, that" the expenscp of the
government was ($2 ) two dollars
per capita, in 92 under Harrison
the grots expenses will bo ($12.00)
twelve dollars per' capita
Jn 1860 when the Democrats
were In power p$ per cent, of the
money of the country was in cir
culation, now only 70 per cent, is
in circulation and and that is held
almost entirely by tbe Northern
protected manufacturing States,
I find from 1850 to 1860 the
value of farnn in the United States
under a 20 per cent, tariff and
Democratic ruje increased 102 per
cent, or more than doubled and
the farmers owped onehalf the
wealth of tbe conntry. From 1880
to 1890 under a Republican tariff
of 47 to 60 per cent, the value of
farms decreased and the farmer
owned ne-sixth of the wealth of
the country, and that in 1892 14,
600 people owned more of the
country's Wealth than 61,000,000
others did and this to Vp directly
traceable to class legislation. I
find ntany more Republican op
pressions but your space forbids.
As toour State government I finO
that we pay about . $3,000,000,03
for Federal pepapns and only about
$80,000,00 to our own disabled
Confederate Bold-era and the wid
ows of those who died for us. I find
that under an honest Democratic,
administration the "carpet bag"
State debt has been reduced from
about $ 32,00 per capita to eorne
tbing over $4 00 per capita: while
it has steadily lowered taxes.
I will net . vnte for the , Third
party becanse! regard its princi
pies as unsound. ; President Polk
whom the Alliance has apotheosiz
ed I do not believe would have
endorsed the Omaha platform as it
now is. The course of the Third
party leaders in this State has not
merited my admiration or com
manded my respect and I repud
iate their duplicity and leave them
in disgnst and contempt. I believe
tbe Third party to be the ally " of
the Republican. The prominent
part taken by negroes and old line
Republicans in the Third party
State convention and its action
forces me to believe it was denomi
nated by a Republican spirit.
Even were this; not to, independ
ent action cn only secure Repub
lican ascendancy, as one hundred
and fiy votes of former Democrats
in each county will secure Repub
lican vietory and Harrison electors
with a.l tbe miseries and vic;s of
uegroism in its train.
I will not be a party to assist such
!cadore in their lust for gain and
scl.emca of felt-aggrandisement by
imposing upon the ignorance and
credulity of our ceople.
I WLrUldnot vote tor Weaver be
cause he voted "No." in the 4th
Congress to repeal military law in
ihe oonth when I was disfranchised.
T 1 .1 1 . . .
tie voted ana has steadily enn
deavored to burden us with $300,
000,000,00 extra pay for those who
la-d waist our fields, burned our
homes and ravished our women.
lie took monev from feeble old
white men, robbed the helpless
women and fatherless children
while governor of Pulaski, Tennes
see, lie lias been the most inalier-
nant bouth hater and persistent
enemy ot our people and in his
rabid utterances against us in com
panion would make lmfamous old
xnaaaeus tepnens appear our
His record also 6hows he
dorsed the National Banks.
I will vote the Democratic State
ticket because the platform and
candidates of that party more truly
represent re'orm an'J Alliance prin
ciples than the hoodlum gang and
visionary projects of the Third
1 will vote lor iias Carr because
(I think) he is the tirft bona fide
tanner candidate for Governor in
the history of our State and ia a'
true exponent of reform principles,
bearing alort tbe peop'e a banner
n the Democratic party.
I fought for North Carolina four
years, and now my patriotism dec
nsands that I stand by my State it
the hour of her most imminent
peril. In my old age I am unwilling
to vote to Em render my children
to negro supremacy and to bind
them more securely in the fetters I
of misrule or to crush them be
neath the oppressions of the tariff
taxation tor fraudulent pensions.
1 will not vote for Harrison be
cause I regard him as a weak, cor
rupt, partisan puppet in league
with such nnecrupulons men as
Raum, E kins, Woods, Dudley and
Wanamaker, and because he repre
sents the worst e!ement3 of pater-
nansn neroti3m, ccntrarzation
and sectionalism.
I willl vote the National Demo
cratic ticket because the period
of that party's rule i3 the history
of onr greatest prosperity, and be
canse it ha3 ever been the friend
of the TnaEses. The last Demo
cratic Congress endeavored to, give
na tree binding twine and to limit
the free importations of the rich,
thereby saying the consumers of
this country about $176,000,000.00
annually, but the Republican Sens
ate said ''No."
I will vote for Grover Cleveland
because he saved $33,000,000.00
surplus under a 47 per cent, tariff
while;Harn'8on will have $130,000,-
000,00 deficit under a 60 per cent.
tarm; because he has proven him
self to be the friend of the South;
because he gave us a clean, eco
nomical administration; because he
is the champion of the masses ; be
cause he would not allow a Repub-
ican Mouse and foenate to crush
and tubjugate our people, or to
Atncan!Z3 tho South, aid because
he is as honest as he is brave.
A united and patient Democracy
is the only hope for the South. I
see this plainly and I have the
to acknowledge I have
been wrens.
W. II Maeblendeb.
Grim sland, N. C, Sept. 12, '92.
Direct Tax Fund.
Washington, Oct, 3. The Trea
sury Department has decided that
all of the direct tax must be re
funded to individuals from whom it
was collected, without deductions
for commissions, and also that in
dividuals shall receive penalties and;
interest in cases wnere h was ori
ginally paid by them. This con
struction of the law is set out in the
following letter sent to-day to W. H.
ISggbern, Esc at Iggbernsville? Va.;
"Sjb Jn your letter just received
airthis department, you say that the
treasurer of yoar county is refunding
only the direct tax, and is deducting
fire per cent. a3 his commission, and
you ask if you are not entitled to in
terest on the tax being refunded. In
reply you are informed that direct
tax collected has been returned to
the States. Jn the States, wlere the
tax had bsen collected from indi
viduals, it should have been return
ed in full by the State authorities to
the person's from whom it was col
'ected or to their heirs or legal rep-
reaertatives.' However, since the tax
was paid to the States the Attorney-fier.e-al
has rendered an opinion to
the effect that all penalty and inter
est collected should also be returned
to those from whom it was collect
ed, in the same way. The Depart
ment is therefore preparing to refund
to. the Governors of the jgtates ; the
penalty and interest in the same
manner and under the same condi
tions that the tax was refunded. It
must be understood, howeyer, that
the interest mentioned ia that which
was collected with the tax, and not
interest accruing since. -
Hespectfully yours,
A. B. Neitleton, Ass't Sec'y.
Betwoen two powerful forces fixed
Slow moves my life from dayto day
To draw me to itself would om;
The other, loath, woos me away,
That force which draws in my desire,
It shows me nlsaxnrp.'s nirv mnvn
This which attracts is duty's power;
mat oer my nattcriDg soul ytt sways,
What good is choice? When that I
This, sti'l more powerful, drags me
From this I flee and tbat I hate
.binds me more firmly to the rack.
And am I Ireewhn neutral liara
Between the two ttill hold my course?
wuat i W111 out what 1 must,
I do. Have T no power, no force?
My colorless, dull-tinted life
Is never dved in niRiisnrn'a lln
Nor by strong duty's higher touch.
iransmuteu to some purer hue,
But harder still they bind me down.
jiy soui resigns herselt to power,
A.nd, poised resistless 'twixt the two,
SlOW mOVFS m V llfi from hirnr tr linn.
Kather Louis Gamp in Springfield Re-
Wayne County Commission's CTonrt,
Oct, 3rd, '02 ;
The Board met in regular session
all the members present.
he Treasur's report for Septem-
oer was read &.nl approved.
Petition for new road in Indian
Springs from White Hall road near
ij. w. Uacwick s and running to
Goldsboro and White Hall road near
Mark Mozmgo's, continued to Nov,
Chairman Kornegay was author
ized to sell a part of the court house
lot 13 feet wide, east of the lots of
W. R. Allen and others runnine
from Chestnut street to J. B. Ed
gerton's lot.
J. M. McCorkle was given permis
sion to move his business to John
Accounts were audited and al
lowed to amout of $1,248.83, and for
f aupers 106.50.
Pol! holders were appoiuted as
Goldsboro 1st Ward : J II Hill.
Jr., E W Cox, Ja6 II Robinson, N
2nd Ward E B Dewey, L C
Southerland, A A Smith, Alonzo
3rd Ward L. L Gradv, Jas Burn?
ham, Jno Miller, Thos Phillips.
4th Ward and Township A J
Harrell, J W Lamb, II Humphrey,
Gaston Kelly.
5 th Ward D A Johnson, J E
Earp, Jos Scott, Nathan Hinson.
Fork Township T B Parker. G
L Becton, Isaac Smith, Charles
Grantham ME Britt, J A Toler,
D G JinnetNTI Sutton.
Providence W H Jinnett, J W
Hatch, Matthew Jones, Thos L
Dudley G P C Hall, J T Car-
raway, Giles Jiornegay David Lewis.
Mt Olive F A Simmons, W G
Davis, S W Flowers, Leyi Winn.
Iadiau Springs D G Rhodes,
J A Kornegay, Nergil Walker. L J
White Hall Geo F Grimes, Wm
Price, Jos Smith, G O Griffin.
New HopeM L Adams,0 Holmes,
James Sykes, Jno J Ivey,
S ulston Jno L Parks, J W
Isler,J A Daniel.Freeman Thopmson.
Sauls X Roads W A Martin, N
H Bailey, L D Minshew, H S Reid.
Fremont J M Jinkins, J R
Short, Jno W Smith, T C Blalock.
Great Swamp D D Peele, Jno B
Hooks, N G Holland, J C Rose.
Pikeville Jesse B Thompson, K
B Scrith, J E Pike, E T Crawford.
Stony Creek J D Howell, S R
Rackley, H D Ham, Needham
The polling places and Registrars
are a3 follows :
Goldsboro 1st Ward : J M Swar
jngen, Hinson's store.
Snd Ward M L Lee, C J Riven
bark's store.
3rd Ward Geo Heffner, J J Rob
inson's store.
4th Ward and Township D J
Broadhurst, Court House.
5th Ward W D Creech, Creech's
Pork Township W F Rose,
Sasser School House.
Grantham W K Grantham,
Grautham store.
Providence Elijah Edwards
Providence Church.
Dudley Wiley Thompsrn, Bow
den's store,
Mt.01ive D M Mclntyre, Mayor's
Indian Springs C A Smith,
Indian Springs Church.
- White Hall W B Whitfield, M
W Park's store.
New Hope J M Wood, New
Hope Church.
Saulston Jos E Parks, Hood
Swamp Church.
Sauls' X Roads J F Ormond,
Sauls & Ormond's store.
Fremont J T Aycock, Aycock's
Great Swamp P L Peacock, Sas
ser's Mill-
Pikeville W L Pike, Smith,
Scott & Co.'s store.
Stony Creek Wm. G. Hooks,
Stony Creek church.
Pikeville tietter.
Dear A.rgus; M'ss Mollie
Chamberlain, a most beautiful young
lady, of Smithfiejd, was in town last
week on a visit tq friends,
r The Mount Carmel Sunday School
gave a pic-nic last Wednesday which
was greatly enjoyed by all who par
ticipated. Mr. and Mrs. Ruf us Edmundson,
of the Eureka section, who have
been spending some days with rela
tives in our town returned home
Saturday. r ...
Mr. Jasper Fredrick, of Warsaw,
who has been visiting friends here,
left for his home this morning. He
seems to be very favorably impressed
with up little town and her people.
Come again, Jasper,
We are sorry to learn that Mr.
John W, Aycook is confined to his
home in the Fremont section .by
Binkness. We hope he will soon be
out again.
Rev. C. J. Nelson, of your city,
preached here Sunday in the - Alii
ance hall. , J. F. H.
Absolutely Pure.
A. p.rppm of tartar baking powder
digLest of all in leavenme strensth
Latest U. S. Government Food Report
106 Wall Street, N. Y
Buoklen s Arnica Salve.
The Hkst Salve in the world forCuts,
Sores. Tatter. Oh rTif(l TTanHo f lhilWoino
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions' and pof.i-
uveiy cures jriies, or no pay required. It
Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
ormouev refunded. Price 2H rpnta ti.b
box. For sale bv J. H. Hill & Son.
La Grippe Again.
During the epidemic of La Grippe
iasi season ui. icing s iNew uiscovery
lor Consumption, Coughs and Colds
proved to be the best remedy. Re-port'
from the many who used it confirm this
1 X TT" . -. . .
statement, They were not only quickly
relieved, but tbe disease left no bad
after results. We ask you to give this
remedy a trial and we guarantae that
you will be satisfied with results, or the
purchase price will be refunded' It has
no equal in La Grippe, or anv Throat.
Ctest or Lurg Trouble. Trial
bottles free at . H. Hill & Son's Drue
Store. Large bottles, f 0c. and $ 1.00.
Specimen Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis., was
troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism
his Stomach was disordered, his Liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
full away, and he was terribly reduced in
flesh and strength. Three bottles oi
Electric Bitters cured him. Edward
Shepherd, Harrisburg, IU , had a running
sore on his leg of eight years' sliding.
used tnree ootues oi .Electric 5 tiers and
seven boxes of Bucklen's Arnica" !? alve,
and his leg is sound and weli John
Speaker, Catawba, Ohio, had flft arge
Fever sores on his leg, doctors said he was
incurable. One bottle Electric Bitt ers and
one box Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured him
entirely. Sold by . H. Hill & Son
amid raimmiHeSa
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greatest care and experience, and -we have
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lect from. Cashmeres, Henriettas, Serges,
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ither smooth, medium or rough effect?.
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Our 36 inch Jacquard Glace Suitings
Our 36 inch Chcveron Wool Suitings
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Gloves, Hose, and Underwear.
Our Millinery Department is the Largest in
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Vfesell the Featherbono on.iiu days trial, fully
Warranted, -
1. 1 asm 4 eo.
d & w tf . '
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rpO writo detailed
"ads." Isn't it suffi
cient to remind you
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cialty House and
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surpassed line of
not forgetting; ;
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Eiastein Clotlg Company.
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a p. by all who use it, to be
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vinced that it has no equal
ies is complete in every par-l
ticnlar, and I am better pre J
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oi tbe public than ever beH
fore. My prices are in accord!
with the hard times, and if
yon would save money give
me a can.
69 cents.
call your special
attention to a
line of
5 hooks, extra lgth
69 cents.
H. Weil & Bros.,
80, 83, 84 and 86,
Pictures Taken
Tin Types taken at the New York
-r Gem Gallery are the best
and cheapest.
We have just opened in this city on
- , West Centre St., next to the old
bank in our new tent,
Our tent being built on the house plan
r is heated in cold weather with
hot stoves.
IFrotn Tarboro ' Southerner,' Julf 11.
While viattlng Tarbom, on July 8th, I
was requested to visit Miss Mary E Btaton,
seven miles from town, ho for seven
weeks had been suffering excruciating
agony from some blood po'son, supposed
to be poison oak. J3n last Tuesday, at her
request, I went to see her. and expected to
see great suffering, but was wt prepared
for the - scene that met me. I found the
patient broken out nil ov-r with an erup
tion which had occasioned such intense
itching that during the paroxysms she was
perfectly uncontrollable, and bad scratched
and torn herself to pieces until her agony
was indescribable. During these par
oxysms she would have to bet held, and
her screams could be hen rd a lung distance.
She would pray for death to come to her
relief; her whole body was purple and
raw, exuded a yellow water which satu
rated the bed through. several th ck quilts
that day she had possessed herself of a
thick gutta-percha coarse comb, and before
she could be prevented, had raked herself
with it with such . force as tobrefd out
some of the teeth, thus adding to ber agony.
She was attended by some good physicians
as Tarboro and her neighborhot-d conld
afford, but their treatment afforded only
occasional relief by outward applications,
and no permanent benefit, as the par
oxysms continued to return with increas
ing violence. Upon viewing the condition
of the patient I called the family together
and told them to bear witness that I ntox
ised nothing. I could not tell whether
my Remedy ,ould relieve or rot, as I had
never even imagined such suffering, but it
could do no harm and might do good. I
then gave her a large dose of the Bitters
and as soon as the paroxysm ws over, I
sponged her whole body with the Wash.
While doing so she would call out, MOh,
that does feel so good" I then gave her
another dose of the Bitters, and she was
soon in a sweet sleep. I continued this
treatment, and whenever the itching would
recur I would sponge the body instantly
with the Wash, which in every instance
allayed in the irritation or itching and
warded off those violent paronyms. She
did not have an attack during tho day,
and by 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon
the disease was under perfect control. The
itching would recur, but every time was
allayed by the application of the Wash. I
left her Wednesday easy and comfortable.
with directions for the treatment to be con
tinued during the night and as long as
was necessary. I came again to see her
to-d iy, Saturday, the 12th, and found her
up and dressed and in the regular prose
cution of her household duties. She is en
tirely relieve 1, although she will.of course,
have to take the Bitters some time to com
pletely eradicate the poison from hei
blood. During Wednesday she frequently
call for the Bitters, as she craved its sooth
ing and quieting effects, and during the day
administered a whole bottle, with the
above .results, thus proving, what I have
always claimed, that my Remedy in an
infallible antidote for all blood ! urity.
a am respecuuiiy,
MRS. JOE 1 fcjtSON.
This is to certify that the foregoing
statement is perfectly correct in every par
ticular, as we were eyewitnesses of Miat
Mary's suffering and the wonderful relief
affurded by Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy.
pattie Mcdowell.
Tarboro, N. C. July 12th. Jg84.
This is to certify that Mrs. Joe Person's
statement in legard to my suffering is
true and perfectly correct in every respect
as regards my condition and the relief af
forded by her Remedy.
Tarboro, N. C., July 12th, 1884.
Tarboro, N. C. Feb. 4, H85.
Mrs. Joe Pebscn: Madam. Ship at
once 5 gross of your Remedy and 3 gross
Wash We are doing well with it in Tar
boro, and sales are rapidly increasing, and
it has given satisfaction, so far as we hav
learned, in every case.
We are respectfully,
Some may ask the question: ."Why do
you?" Because my prices are cheap for
good goods I Calicos 3 to CyC; yard wide
dress goods, 10c per pard; Ginghams, 6 to
10c per yard; Challies and Lawns, 3fc
per yd: all Summer goods very low; drees
goods worth 10 cents, at 6T; Bedford
Cords, 6c; Socks, 6c; Stockings, 5c; Bed
Ticking, 9 to'18c per yd j yard wide Home
spun, 5 c per yd.
Children's, 20c. to $1.50, Men's Congress
andBals 85 cents to $4.00; Ladies' But
ton and Lace, 75 c. to 2.25. HATS all
kinds, just received, -at any price. Call
and see them to-day.
200 styles of Glass IWare; butter dish
sugar dish, spoon holder and cream
pitcher, only 25c; Water set, 8 ' tumbelrs,
pitcher and waiter, only (59 c; castor, com
plete only $1. ,.y
: o- ; .
Cakes and candy 10c per pound, rice
5c per pound, sugar 5c starcn 5c, 20-oajace
bar soap 5c, good coffee 161 c - All kinds
lamp goods cheap. .
Give me a call.
F.B.S Edmundson.
marll-tf. .
Mono anton, N. C, June 28, 1893.
Mrs. Joe Person, Kif.rell, N. C..1
DEAR MADAM I have used
your Remedy as av 'Tonic and
Blood Purifier and unhesitatingly
pronounce it the " best that I hare
tried. I feel satisfied that it will
do all yon claim for iti
; ; ReayectrollyV ; "
II. D. LlQtTUt,
Pastor Baptist Church.
- For sale by , leading Druggists
and Dealers.

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