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The electric light and steam heat
ing outfits for the Goldsboro Cotton
Mills have arrived, and are now be
ing placed in position in the build
ing. Noav that the Christmas-tide is
almost here, it is well to remember
that he who gives most good cheer
here will be asiured of the best seat
in the hereafter.
Look out foe safe blower?; they
are ajjaiirin this State and may "take
in" Goldsboro on their round?, as
they haye done before. The police
cannot be too alert at this time.
The arrival home last night of
Mr. Tom Washington, of the U. S.
Navy, after an extended tour of for
eign countries, gives great pleasure
to his many friends here, who will
be glad indeed to see him again.
The popular millinery establish
ment of Mrs. S. I. Griffin, under the
Messenger Opera House, has put on
a Christmas attire and is an attrac
tive resoit with its galaxy of pres
ents for the holiday trade.
The trains from the South for
the past week have been pretty well
crowded with colored turpentine
hands from Georgia, who are com
ing home to spend Christmas and
what money they have saved up.
They help trade considerably in the
Our young friend Mr. Walter
Litchfield, a nephew of Mr. Hiram
J. Ilam, was severely kicked by a
playful horsa in the stables of
Messrs. Ham & Hunter yesterday
afternoon. lie received prompt
medical attention, and while he is
dangerously wounded, the doctor
hopes that he may come round all
Mr, W, L, Kennedy, of Falling
Creek, a successful farmer and
noted fine fctock fancier, was in the
city yesterday to meet here several
blooded horses that he had engaged
Mr. Mordecai Witherington to
purchase for him on the latter's
recent tri to the West. Mr,
Wither iiiton has just returned
with i larg3 lot of fine horses and
The chnrchattenilir.ee in this
City on Sunday morning, afternoon
and evening, at ali the churches,
was notably larre, stnd eloquent
and impressive sermons were
preati!icd by tho appointed minis-,
tors for the day attending the
Conference, that will linger for
god in the livea f their hearers,
let us hope fur ai
The following aro the t-lcctid
and anointed effioets of Wayne
Ldge, No 112, A. F. & A. M.,
fur the ensuing Mafon'c year ; W.
T. Ye'vert. n, W. M ; Rev. O, L.
II. ffmaisn.S, W.; Dr.Juo. H. Hill,
J. W ; W. A J. Peacock, Treas.;
Jno. W. Powwl', A. J. Uar-
rel!, S. D.; Chas, F. Herring, J.
D ; I. Fuchtler, Meyer Straus
Stewart ; Crias. Dewey, Chaplain.
A VERT enjoyable d&nce in the
dining room ot the Arlington Hotel,
with a supper afterwards at "The
Keiinon at both of which the
Italian Band furnished enrapturing
muoic, was given Tuesday evening
by a number of the young gentlemen
of our city, complimentary to Miss
Sophia Jones, of Newbern, who left
for her home yesterday afternoon,
much to the regret of her many
friends here.
The Republican press is gleting
over its pretended discovery that
there are signs of discord and strife
in the Democratic camp. We are not
able to discover any such signs. It
seems to us that the party is better
organized and more harmnuious than
it has been in a long time. Its re
cent grand victory was won on a dis
tinct dtclaration of principles n hich
all true De:noc;ats endorse. The
country knew just what it was do
ing when i; overthrew a Republican
administration and called a Demo
cratic administration to succeed it.
Theke has been a great rush of
both cotton and rice on this market
during the week, where a ready eale
is always found at the highest
market price for all larni products.
Our market streets any day
furnish an object lesson of ab
solute conviction bow depend
ent the country is upon the
town and the town upon the country
for mutual susteuance. Let us, then,
all resolve "to pull together" in good
spirit ana mutual . benefit, and we
will go forward to greater things
during the coming New Year than
we have ever accomplished in the
past. Let s try it.
Mb. Smith F. Turner, the ad
vance agent of the "Fast Mail" com
pany, is in the city for the purpose
of billing the town for his show,
which has the Boards of the Mes
Eenger Opera House next Tuesday
night, Lec. 27th. The first thing
Mr. Turner did on arriving yes-erday
waa to measure the proportions of
the stage, and he says that it is of
splendid dimensions and that he
can produce the play, with all
its grand and thrilling scenic
. effect, just as it is presented in all the
great centres. Everybody ha3 heard
of the "Fast Mail" it is standard
and no one in Goldsboro should miss
seeing it. If the people of Goldsboro
desire good shows to visit the Mes
senger Opera House henceforth, they
must show their appreciation bv a
liberal patronage. The "Fast Mail"
is standard and the new management
of the House is determined to play
only standaid' companies or nothing.
Some ''Hitches"' That Should be Re
medied, It is strange that there fhould bs
still eome irregularities in the
casting cf the electoral votes of the
The Constitution provides that
congerss may determine the day
on which presidential electors
shall give their votes, "which day
shall be the same throughout the
United States." By the act of
1792 the first Wednesday in Dec
ember, was set as the day. This
statute stood until it was supplant
ed by tho act of February 3, 1887,
which changed the day to the
6econd Monday in Jnnary follow
ing the choice of electors, and that
is the law.
The day for the election of the
Preeident and "Vice-President will
therefore fall on the 9th of Jans
uary, 1893. Two States have fails
ed to conform their statutes to this
federal lav, which is, of course
supreme. They are Kentucky and
Michigan. The electors in the
formerState meet on the 7th of this
month as the "Kentnckv statue still
conforms to the federal law of
When Michigan changed rea
cently her method of choosing
electors, strange to fay the new
aet was made to tit the federal act
of 1792 instead of that -of 1887. la
both these States the electors will
meet again on the 9 of January, so
a3 to act in accordance with bo'h
the state and federal laws.
The legislatures of Kentucky
and Michigan will probably catcb
np with the times by enacting na
tional election laws which do not
conflict with the federal statue,
This is Christmas week the
world over, and next Sunday is
Christmas. Everywhere hearts
are gladdening and softening to
the spirit of the gracious time, and
"Christmas Trees" are assuming
the bewildering bounty that makes
the hearts ot the young joyons and
those of the elders neditative.
Wheuce come the Christmas
trees and greens? The answer to
that qnestlon depends largely on
thft perpon to wi om the inquiry is
jut. Ask a student of peoples and
( i,ti. nl r-DRtooiB and he will tell
yon tuat th' C irist mas greeaery of
every torm is a part of our heritage
from Rome, the one-time mistress
of the world. The Roman Satur
nalia, the yearly time of freedom
and gaiety, which degenerated nn
der tbs empiro into the yearly ea
son or' license and debuncbery, had
the decorating -with greens and
with boughs and email trees as one
of its distinguishing ieatuie.
The fact that the Christmas tree
custom cornea to ns throusrh the
Germana is bnt reminder of the
victorious cb mpa'giis of the Roman
Genrral DrnBiia among what were
then the barbaric horde of the
noitb, the German tribe. The con
quer'ng Roman legions took everv
when- with them, not only the
military pyetem, the engineering
ability and the language of the
mistress of the world, but her cus
toms. The Satuanalian tree took root
in the north and waited until the
advent of Christianity, when a new
meaning was given to it, and the
" Christmas tree," with . itsinconi
grnous fruit, waa grafted, upon the
original heathen stock.
Ask a ch'lJ whence coino the
Christmas greens and trees, and,
with a beautiful faith in things be
ing what they seem, he will prob
ably inform yon that Santa Clans
is respoasiblo fcr their planting in
the homes every year.
Late Foreign XTews.
London, Doc 19, Burglars have
made a rich haul of jewels from
Leigh Court, near Bristol, the peat
of Sir Cecil Miles. Baronet. Lady
Miles left tho jewels, to the valne
of 35,000, in a eale in her bed
room, unlocked. "While the family
were dinin g yesterday, robbers en
tered the mansion and ransacked
the safe.
Dr. Francis Charles Scott-Dan
dere, formerly manager of the
Lyric Club, was to-day sentenced
to six years' penal servitude for
London, Dec. 19. Cornelius
Herz, who is implicated in the Pa
nama seanda's, is sick abed since
Friday, Buffering from nervous pro
Pakis, Dec. 19. La Presse says
that the Marquies de Monee, wh
has been missing from his nsual
haunts recently, is confined to bed
in a hotel at Brussels, suffering
from a Bevere wound in the riget
arm, received in a duel with a j ro
minent Parisian. A discission on
antieSemitism led to the duel,
which, occurred several days ago,
but has been kept a profound sec
ret. ' ' -:
TheSenate adjourned foon after
meeting, fipon a motion of Senator
Gorman, as a mark of respect to
the memory of Senator Gibson.
The desk end chair recently oc
cupfed bv Mr. Gibson was draped
in black, and the death of that
Senato-, as well as the alarming
illness of Mr. Blaine, waa feelingiv
referred to in the Chaplain!!
The House passed a bill increas
ing the peisions-of peus-ioners of
th , Mexican war.
The Senate attendance in the
Houe tOfday was an indication
that no bili rt ponular interest
would be called up or parsed dur
ing suspension day.
On the bill incn anng the pen
eion ot veterans t the Mexican
wnr who are now receiving $8 a
month, to the euro of 12 a month,
the yeas ahd nays were ordered.
and an exact quorum 166 ?ut
ed. Then without objection, a.
biil limiting jurisdiction ot Courts
of the United States, was pasted.
Its advocate (Culberson, Demos
crat. of Texas.) is a general favor
ite on both 6ides of the House,
and when he says that a legal bill
is a proper one his ipse dixit car
ries great strength,
Washington, Dec. 20. Mr.
Bate, of Tennessee, spoke in favor
of repeal of laws authorizing the
employment of Federal supervisors
and special deputies at elections.
Those laws, Mr. Bate said, had
been in operation over twenty
years, and had not reconciled the
people to their harsh interference
with affairs belonging excclusively
to the States. It was not surpris
ing that the late political resolu
tions of 1890 and 1892 bad Bwept
from power the party which enforc
ed the machinery for interfering
with elections of the States. The
Force bill had been a potent factor
in the late overwhelming defeat ot"
the Republican party. The laws
which he (Bate) proposed .to have
repealed was the germ or protop
lasm of the Force bill. It was
that bacillous whic:h had poisoned
elections and inoculated them with
fraud. From the supervisor of
electione and the armed deputy
marshal, the step to the army at
the polls was but a short one, The
day had come to bring the Federal
Government back to those duties,
for which it bad been provided
The late elections bad brought in
to power a party pledged to reform
not only liie fiocai but the elective;
not only the tariff, but all the Fed
eral machinery that interfered,
with State affairs, and to wipe out
the absolute power which had no
rightful place in the American
Federal system. That By stem was
a failure, if the States could not
keep pure the very elections which
maintained its organization. The
power of Congress over elections
having been conferred only (in the
language of Alexander Hamiltion)
"to instruct the Union with the
c&re of its own existence," and
there being i.o apprehension for
the permanency of the Union,those
election laws had no constitutional
warrant. They are useless for any
purpose. They did much harm,
ar.d their remaining on the statute
boots was in direct disregard ot
the spirit and purposes of the late
elections, and cf the peace and
quiet of the country,
Washington News.
"Washington, Dec, 19, Tin's
was suspension day in tbe House
and the first motion was to suspend
the rules and pass tho bill f yr the
relief of "William L. Winans, ot
Baltimore, the inventor cf the
epindle-shaped ship. Much oppo
sition was manifested, J.he fight,
indeed, waa between the Winans
and the inventors of the "While-
back" vessels. The latter was suc
cessful. The bill requi d a two
thirds vote t secure passage and
the motion to pass the bill was
A meeting ot the Bub-connmittee
of Ways and Means, charged with
inquiring in:o the condition of the
Treasury, was held oaday for the
purpose of organization. It was
decided to call upon the Secretary,
of the Treasury for information
upon which to base the in vea liga
tion, ana tJnairman Springer was
instructed to draft a letter to the
Secretary telling bioi just what in
formation is desired.
There is little reason to doubf
that the President will soon issue
an order extending the civil sers
vice law and rules eo as to include
all letterscarriera and clerks in free
delivery poitofficee,
In order to overcome the recent
decision of Judge Gresham, de
claring unconstitutional that part
of the Inter-Stato Commerce law
which gives the Commission au
thority,to compel witnesses to ana
swei questions, Mr. Wise, of Vir
ginia; chairman of the Committee
ol Interstate and Foreign Coma
merce, today introduced a bill
defining the authority of the Com
mittee in the matter. The bill,
generally is similar to that intro
duced laatweek by Seoator Cullom
"Mr. Blaine maintains this ev
ening the hold he secured this
morning, when his condition show
ed a slight improvement," said
Dr, Johnston, Mr. Blaine'ts physi
cian, tonight.
Dr. Loom is, who arrived here
this morning t sea Mr. Blaine, ren
turned to New York on the nooa
Washington, Dec. 20.
Blaine ho'ds the improvement
noted in his condition yesterday.
He rested well during the night,
and entered the morning refreshed
and consequently better prepared,
to a very slight degree, to resist
the ravages of his dieease. The
maladv is organic, however, and
in the nature of things
grow woise with time.
he. must
The 75,000 paid by. Chili in set
tlement f claims arising out of
thj Baltimore ffair at Valpa-rait-o
was covered into the 6ub
Treasury at New Yoik yesterday.
Arrangements will soon be made
tori's equitable distribution to
tho people tor whom it was intend"
Information war. received at the
Treasury today to the effect that
the financial flurry in New Yoik
was practically over for the pres
ent, and there was no longer any
prospect of a panic. Money is re
i crted ei-sy and ench inge hai fal
len below the shipping point,"o that
heavy exportations of gold are not
likely to continue. Secretary Fos
ter said this morning that $3,000,
000 in gold had been taken out of
the Treasury this week, and that
about SI. 5000.000 more would
probably be lost before the week
Gen. Sc'uofield stated this morn
ing that there weie fix hundred
United States troops in the field
in hot pursuit of the Garza band on
the borders.
Washington, Dec. 20. Justice
Lamar has greatly improved In
health, Tonight he goes South to
remain untill his health is recuper
ated. Justice Jneld was
confined to his house to-day
by a severe bronchial attack, ag
gravated by his exposure yeeterday
to the weather oitdoors in order
to make up a quorum of the
General Bosecrans will leave
to-.morrow for Los Angeles, in hope
ot recovering his health. His daugh
ter will accompany him
It is generally understood that
opposition to the confirmation of
Judge McComas, ot Maryland, re
cently appointed to the Supreme
bench ot the District, is being con
ducted by Republicans. A few
days ago charges were filed with
the committee against Mr, Mc
Comas relating, it ie said, to his
conduct during his campaign for
the nomination for Congress, when
he was opposed by Mr. Welling
ton, a Republican, who also sought
the nomination, Is is understood
Mr. McComas is charged with
fraudulent practices in the manner
for which he secured the nomina
Dr. Johnson visited Mr, Blaine
this afternoon, aud remained with
him nearly three quarters of an
hour. It is understood there
had been no marked change in the
ex"Secretary's condition, and he
anticipated no seiiouf set back fo
the time being. The indications
were that he would pa38 a comfort
able mgnt.
Liberality in Politics.
The repeated testimonials given
to William F. Harrit', Chairman
of the Democratic National Com
mittee, by the people of this city
without distinction of party, date a
new era by liberalizing onr pout
cal intercourse. On the night o
the grand Democratic demonstra
tiou in celebration of Cleveland
election, toe Union .League was
illuminated and received the
hearty cheers of the almost end
lcs proceesionB. At the popular
reception given to Mr. Harnty in
the Academy of Music, the lead
ing active Republicans of the city
were prominent in their cordia
expressions of respect to a success-
inl Philadelphia citizen; and the
dinntr given to Mr, Harrity at the
Art Club on Saturday evening,was
notable for the number of Repub
licans who joined in the gsnera
tribute to individual worth and
Robert T Lincoln, the only sur
viving child of Abraham Lincoln
will be given a reception by th
union league Fiiday between 3 and
5 p. m. He has been Minister of
War and now is Minister to Eog
land, and in every public trust he
has brought no shade of dishonor
upon the lustrous name he bears
and of which he is now the only
living representative. Gratefn
memories of his immortal father
and generous respect for himself
are confined to no party in this city
or country; and why does not the
Union League extend its invitation
beyond its own membership to
give all opportunity to pay their
respects to its distinguished guest?
There would be a generous and
hearty response to Bnch an invita
tion, and in thia era of liberalized
partisanship why does not the
League advance to the front of
liberalityl It would not weaken,
but rather strengthen it, as a Re
publican power, and there would
be eminent fitness in giving the
people of Philadelphia, without
distinction of party, the opportun
ity to ' exhibit the respect they
cherish for Robert T. Lincoln
Phila Times.
Lanrinburg Exchange; Tony
Rogers was tried last Thi rsday for
the murder of bis wife; was con
victed and sentenced to be hanged
on the 28 of January.
Fayetteville Observer: Capt, J.
W McNeill informs ua that the
committee appointed to secure
water works for this city have
closed tbe contract with Messrs.
Ferris and Richards of Jersey City
N, J. Thia firm, than which we
understand there is ao better in tho
country, have filed the necessary
bond and will
comtneuee work
J very shortly.
Dear Argus : A very . large j
amount of cotton has been brought
to town the past few days.
We were startled at the unexpect
ed death of one of our -citizens on
ast Wednesday: Mr. W. L. Flowers,
who had been in bad health for
some time, expired almost suddenly
at his home in this place. The de
ceased leaves a wife and two chil
dren to mourn the irreparable loss
of a husband and father.
Oa last Monday evening we had
tbe pleasure of attending the crystal
wedding of our esteemed friends
Dr. and Mrs. A. u. Person, at their
residence on Main street. " Nothing
to compare with the brilliancy of the
occasion nas ever occurrea in tne
history of Fremont. The spacious
pwlors ou the right aud left of the
entrance were filled with youth
and beauty oe the town and coun
try, intermingled with some or ma
turer age, adding grace and dignity
to the scene all jubilant and hap-
y. There were a large number of
presents, some valuable on account
of utility and many for their beauty
and artistic design. On entering the
dining room we found a long table
in the form of the Roman cros?
beautifully decorated with evergreens
and flowers, and literally covered
with everything to satisfy the most
ravenous .Epicurean, rtev. w. v.
Rose, pastor of the Methodist
Church, with his most excellent
wife, occupied the head of the table,
and after imploring the blessings of
God upon the sumptuous repast, the
guests, and especially upon the host
and hostess, contiuned by hoping
that they might live to enjoy many
happy anmversanes, reach
diamond wedding with eves un-
di named and their natural strength
unabated, and finally bo present to
celebrate the grandest and most
sublime of all occasions, the mar
riage supper of the Lamb.
With many hearty congratulations
and wishes for continued happiness,
we quitted this pleasant home very
much delighted with the pleasures of
the evening. F.
Pikeville Letter.
Pikeville, N. C. Dee. 12. '97.
Dear Argus: Our genial friend
Mr. W. S. Smith returned home
Friday from Richmond, where he
has been spending some weeks on
There will be a Christmas tree
at Pleasant Grove church next
Saturda night, given under the
anppices of the Sunday echool.
Messrs. Charles Allbritton and
Rjbert Lissiter.of Greene county,
are in town on a visit to relatives.
Misses Effie and Delia Edgerton
two of Pinkney's most beautiful
and highly accomplished ladies
were in town Friday on a brief
visit to friends.
There will be a Christmas tree
in the Alliance hall next Saturday
night, given by the citizens of
We wish the Editor of the The
A kg us and all ita readers a happy
Resolutions of Respect.
At a regular meeting of Salem
sub-Alliance, No. 513, Wayne county
Novemb?r 5, 1892, the following
preamble aud resolutions were
Whereas. It has become our
painful duty to record the death of
our highly esteemed brother John
H. Sasser, of Salem Alliance, who
departed this life at his tome in this
county July 17, 1892; and, Whereas,
we feel that our Alliance has lost a
faithful member in his death; and,
Whereas it has pleased the Almighty
God to remove our beloved brother;
and. Whereas he was a faithful
Christian, a dutiful neighbor, an ac
tire member of the Alliance, a man
who possessed all good qualities both
of head and heart, which combined
form the noblest work of God, thera
fore, be it
Resolved,!, That while we sympa
thize with his bereaved and discon
solatc widow and children in their
sad affliction, we commend them to
the grace and protection of Him
from whence all blessings flow.
2, That by the death of our es
teemed brother Salem Alliance has
lost one of its best and brightest
members, and the county of Wayne
one of its best citizens.
3, That these proceedings be en
tered upon the records ot our Lodge,
and that a copy of them be sent by
our Alliance to the family of , our
deceased brother as a mark of our
sincere sympathy, and, also, be pub
lished in'the Goldsboro Argus
James W. Thompaop,
Wm. H. Andrews,
Erastus Ham,
Adlat in Alabama.
Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 20.
General Adlai E. Stevenson and
party reached here at 10 o'clock
ibis morning, travelling in the car
Haz'emore." General Stevenson
and party were met at the depot
here by Governor Thomas G Jones
and the following committee from
Anniston: James Noble, Mayor, J
T Koight and Mallory Reynolds,
They entered the private car which,
in a few minutes, was attached to
a special engine and left for An
niston, which was reached at noon.
There was no demonstration here',
except that a large crowd was
present at the depot to see the vice
president elect, who held an im
promptu reception, shaking hands
with all who could reach him.
The visiting party consists of Yice
President elect Stevenson, wif
and three daughters, J C Stevene
eon, wife, James Ewing and wife,
J T Lillard and wife, George I
Burnett a id daughter, of St. Louis,
Mrs M T Scott and two daughters,
of St. Louis.
Aman's skull is his lilelODg jail,
Behind its prison bars,
From its eye windows dees the soul
Peep at the earth and stars;
But unlike jails of wood or stone
Its prisoned ever dwells alone.
Though through its front doors perfumed
Are blown from gladness,
And through its back doors music strains
Roll in in waves of madness,
And thonirh ho hear and heed each tone.
The prisoner still must dwelt alone.
Though pat th windows of the jail
Sweep scenes f solemn splendor,
And through the doors float hymns of joy
Or dirges de?p and tender,
The prisoner hears the mirth and moan
But ;n his jail he dwells alone.
ITo lover ever knows the soul
He loves in all its sweetness;
The fullest love, however strong,
Is marred by incompleteness;
STo heart is ever fully known,
The prisoner ever dwells alone.
Sam Walter Fossin Yankee Blade.
He, bTight young newspaper
man, an d she, lovelj as an summer
dav, were out driving,
Do yon know, she said, I should
ike to be a newspaper man.
You can tie the next thing to it
What is th at?
His wife.
And iust t hen shadow fell
Thfi Rim wan h oldin i a cloud in
front ot his face 'bile he snickered
Washington Stir.
Have you heard a bout por Mrs
Slinknotl asked a Chicago Jdy
addressing a friend.
No. What's the matter? Didtt'
Bhe get her divorce?
She did, but no alimony, and the
man ehe wanted to marry is as poor
as a church mouse, New -York
I was getting measured for a
suit cf clothes this mawning, eaid
young Mr. Sissy to his pretty
cousin, and just for a joke, y' know,
I awsked Snipem if it really took
nine tailors to make a man. He
said it would take more than nine
tailors to make a man of some peo
pie. I thought it was quite clevah.
Mrs. Mater. Do you like chil
dren Mr. Baldie?
Mr. Baldie. I just love them, at
the theatre.
The theatre?
Yes, indeed. I love to have the
dear little things on the seats in
front of me. N. Y. Weekly.
Mr. Swelset. Let me see, Christ
mas is almost hete. It comes on
the 25th, doesn't it?
Mrs. SwelEet. I believe that is
the date observed by the people
generally, but it has become so
common, don't you know, that this
year and hereafter I shall observe
it a week earlier. Detroit Free
My hired man was kicked in
the stomach by a horse, stung by a
swarai of hornets and run over by
a mowing machine one day and
died the next.
My! W hat was the cause of his
Nervons prostration. Cleveland
Town Topic?.
Jennie, said the sick husband, if
I should die what would yon do
without me?
Don't fret youreelf about th&tj
John. It won't take me long to get
another husband. Just think how
quickly I caught you.
Wilson Advance: Glascow
Venis (colored) aged 111 years
died near Falkland, Pitt county,
a short time sgo, A short time
previous to his death he was able
to do considerable work. A year
before his death he could grub,
split rails, etc:, doing fully as much
work as a good man. He left a
wife about twentyfive years bis
junior ana a numerous progency
extending to the tilth, genera
tion. Henderson Gold Leaf ; Sunday
last about 12:30 o'clock, a peculiar
noise, resembling that of distant
thunder or the roaring of a cannon
waa heard away to the northward
by many persons here. We unders
stand that in the neighborhood of
Williamsboro something was seen
at a considerable altitude, thought
to have been an serolite flyiDg
through the heavens, which appar
ently exploded, leaving a long
trail of smoke in its wake.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. High
est of all in leavening strength. Latest
United States Government Food Report
Royal Baking Powder Co., 106, Wall St.,
New York.
Buoklen s Arnica Salve.
The 3est Salve in the world forCuts,
Bruises. Sores. Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores.Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
C?rns, and all Skin Eruptions, and pof.i-
tivp.lv ctres l-nles. or no r&v reauirea. n
Is guaranteed to give perioci sausiacuou
or money retunded. Price 25 cents pel
box. For sile bv J. H. mil as on.
A Million Friends.
A friend in need is a fiiend indeed
and not lees than one million people
have found iust such a friend in Ur
King's New Discovery lor Consumption
Coughp, and Colds. If you have never
used this Great CJoucn Medicine, one
trial will convince you that it has won
derful curative powers in in an diseases
of Throat. Chest and Lungs. Hjacn Dot
tle la euaranteed to do all tnat is claim
ed or monev will be refunded. Trial
bottles free at J H. Hill tS5 ton 8 urua
store. Large bottles 50c. and $1,00.
Deserving Praise.
We lfisire to sav to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica
ssa. ve ana Kieeirie uiiters, uuu uavc
never handled remedies that sell a9 well
or that have given such universal sat
isfaction. We do not hesitate to guar
antee them everv time, and we stand
readv to refund the purchase price ii
satisfactory results do not follow their
use. These remedies have won their
trreat noDularitv purely on their merits
J. H. Hill & Son, Drugstore,
Picture PaT
Our Display!
Is the life of trade, and we
Guarantee price as well as quality
Of goods.
We keep the best the market
Affords and would call
Especial attention to the
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Ought to and be convinced
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Try our new brand of Coffee
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And everything kept in a
W e invite you to come to cse us.
Bizzell Bros. & Co.
Wholesale and Retail" Fancy Grocers.
April 27-92.
Our Kangaroo Shoes for cents. JU.fin
per pair, worth $5.50 elsewhere, at
. CklislK Hi.
ffl. E, Castex & Co.
We haveopened our
full stock of Christ
mas Holiday Goods, -consisting
of toyp, '
games, fancy wares,
baskets, silverware,
silk scarfs, plush
goods, jewelry, etc.
Look at our table 5.,
scarfs, head rests, ,.
lace aud chenille
curtains, capes, furs
and muffs. .
gloves, hosiery and
handkerchiefs. We
have a pretty assort
ment of handker
chiefs put up in
fancy boxes, especi
ally fciiitable for
holiday gifts. In.
dress good?, ladies'
coats, cepes, jackets
and wrap?, we are
offerings? me special
inducements. Come
or seud your orders to
We pay fall value in caEh for
Cotton Seed delivered at our works
in Goldsboro, or on boird cirs at
your depot in car load lote; or we
will exchange for cotton saed the
standard Fertilizer,
on dperai terms, cotton oeea
Meal Exchanged for Cotton Seed
on satisfactory term?.
All communications promptly
answered. Address
and Treasurer,
By virtue of a judgment rendereu 1:1
the prosecuiion entitled, J. E. Crow
admr vs. E, B. Hood and others, in the
court house of Wayne countv, the un
dersigned having been appointed com
missioner for that purpose, will sell for
cash, at public auction, at the court
house door in Goldsboro, on Monday,
the23rd day of January, 1893. a lot nf
land, situate at the Northeastern inter
sectional corner of John and Vine
streets, fronting 107 feet on John and
uo icei uu vine street, Leing lot No
109 in the plan of Goldsboro, and known
ao me xisnriecta WOCCl lot.
1 I c '
une-iiau acre, more or less.
E. CROW, Com.
Two Milk cows. One can be seen at
my farm and the other at my residence
on William st, N. W MUSGRAVE
Dec. 22, 1892,
Last call. H you will pay your taxes
on or by Saturday. December, 31st,
1892, I will not charge you costs. After
that date my l ooks will be placed in the
deputies and full costs charged on every
tax then unpaid- This notice applies
to all who have asked c time and
those who have not. I neea the money
to make my final settlement with' the
County Commissioners and must have it.
Tax Collector of Wayne Count f,
uoiasDoro, jn. u. Dec. 12. 'U2.
Water Notice.
The semi-annual water rent will be
due January 1,1893, at the cfliceofthe
company, where bills must be pa'd, n
iiispecuon oi an services will to made
after the 20Lh instant, and should water
takers wish any changes " in their ser
vice they will please call at the office
before the 20th, so that corrections can
be made, as bills will be made out and
no corrections will be made afterward.
extract from Regulations Water
takers cannot allow water to run to
preyent freezing, and they must not
allow neighbors to take ofl water from
their premises. H, P, DoflTcn, Supt; ,
Notice of Sale.
Under and by virtue of a uower of sale
contained in a mortgage executed by C.
B. Hicks and wife, Mary E., to the under,
signed and duly proved and rocorded in
the office of the Register of Deeds of Wayye
county, N. 0 in Book No. 62. rmse 207.
the notice therein required having been
given, I shall, onJVlonday, Jan. 23,1893,
v viuva, ui , uii i ne cuun iiouse uoor
in Goldshoro, sell for cash, by public auc
tion, the following described lands, situ
ate in said county : 1st tract adjoining the
lands ot W. R. Hollowell and others and
lying on Juniper Branch and Neuse River.
2nd tract, adjoining that above mentioned,
lying cnthe Goldsboro and Fayetteville
road, together containing 153 acres, more
or less, and fully described in said mort
gage, to which reference is here made for
purpose ot description.
J. Newton Green. Mortsrasre.
Aycock & Daniels, Attorneys. "
uec. ku, laaa.
M. I. Castex & Co

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