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News ol the Stage, Social, Politi
cal and Otherwise, Culled
Ei'Oin Our Excliauues.
The President Issues His Annual
Washington, Oct. 29 President
Roosevelt today issued his proclama
tion designating Thursday, Novem
ber 27, as a day of Thanksgiving. It
By the President of the United States
He Talks on Tariff and Trusts En
dorsed For the Next President
of the United States.
Morristown, N. Y.. Oct. 30 For
mer President Grover Cleveland
spoke here tonight. His visit to Mor
ristown was in the interest of Flan-
against Con-
Fowler in the
nagan, who is running
According to the yearly custom o ; fifth Congressional district. After
our people, it falls upon the presi- the meeting, which was held in Ly
dent at this season to appoint a day ceum hall,Mr. Cleveland had a light
Chatham, England, Oct. 30 A of festival and thanksgiving to God. luncheon and then engaged in hand
tram car overturning today killed ( Over a century and a quarter has shaking from the platform. "You're
one and seriously injured thirty per- passed since this country took its our next President," said one man
sons. 3 piace among the nations of the earth, as he clasped Cleveland's hand, and
explosion ! and during that time we have had a chorus of "you're right," rang out. .
on the whole more to be thankful Mr. Cleveland seemed somewnat
for than hns fallfin to tho lot of anv embarrassed at this and only smil-
other people. Generation after gen- ed.
eratiou has grown to manhood and ! In his speech at Lyceum hall Mr.
passed away. Each had to bear its Cleveland turned to the tariff and
peculiar burdens, each had to face its quoted long extracts from a message j
special crisis, and each has known of his advocating a reduction of tar
years of grim trial, when the coun- iff taxation. After dealing with the
trv was menaced b "malice, domes- tariff at some length he fell to a con- ;
tic or foreign levy, when the hand of sideration tf the trusts. He said:
Allen Ore and Bill Weeden, white,
men, while working on a grade for
the Eastern Railway of Alabama,
were killed by a premature explo
sion of dynamite. j
President Roosevelt and
Xarty will leave
out in0, f
dy or two in
a small
tou og an
It is probable son?e of the battlefields, the Lord wiis heavy upon it in death "It is not true thou that the en-
ir will bo visited.
or flood or pet;lence, when in bodily ccoachments of the doctrine of high
1 distress and anguish of soul it paid protection have been constantly pro
the penalty of the folly and fro ward gres.-,ive: it is not true that the heed-
Milledgeville, Ga., Oc t. 30 Peter heart. Nevertheless, decade by de- lessness of its expectant beneficiaries
Lingeld, a farmer of Scottsboro, in cade, we have struggled onward and and their disregard of the welfare of
this county, yesterday surrendered upward; we now abundantly enjoy the great mass of cousumers is more
to the sheriff, admitting that he had material well-being, and under the and more impudently exhibited,and
killed his brother, J . P. Lingeld. j favor of the Most High we are striv- ' it is not taue that to aLl other reasons
; ing earnestly to achieve moral and for a reform in our tariff laws there
spiritual uplifting. The year that has is added the birth and growth of
just closed has been one of peace and their cruel and unmerciful progeny
of over-flowing plenty. Rarely has, of trusts and combinations which
any people eujqyed greater prosper- j stand guard against all attempts to
ity than we are now enjoying. For . seek relief in the field ofcompeti
this we render heartfelt and solemn j tion."
I thanks to the giver of good; and we j
seek to praise Him not by words
only, but by deeds, by the way in
which we do our duty to ourselves
and to our fellow-man.
Now, therefore, I, Theodore
Roosevelt, President of the United
States, do hereby designate as a day
shot BY.sur.rciFF. I of general thanksgiving Thursday,
In an ..attempt to liberate his the twenty-seventh of ,the coming
friend O. B. Jones, from the county November, and do recommend that
jail at Mount Olive, Miss., Wednes- throughout the land the people cease
day night, John Millis, a white from their ordinary occupations, and
man, was shot and instantly killed in their several homes and places of
worship render thanks unto Al
mighty God for the manifold bless
ings of the past year.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
II wfmS slsiiieTfii!eeleip ffll$k r I f
!j0Zvjul B When strong, vigorous women feel Wff-Wf f jMx I
P3II4Ek the cleliSht of Planning for spring JW7 I fffl t
KSsWlA adornment and the most becoming- M (l" r
d mmM rtjiz mm r m
2 I ri. ' 4 1144
J ?" ;w1 Um If
1 MUi MMf-: 7lV
Samuel Houston Beng, the last
surviving signer of the treaty be
tween the United fr-'tates and the
Cherokee Nation, is dead at his home
in Fort Gibson, I. T., aged 70 years.
Edenton, N. C, Oct. CO Mr. John
McFhail, thirty years of age, an em
ploye of t he Edenton Cotton Mills, is
a corpse at his home on Factory ,
Hill as a result of an overdose of I
laudanum. !
by Deputy Sheriff Walker
The St. Petersburg correspondent j
He closed as follows:
"If you believe in giving the con
sumers of the land a better chance, if
you believe in removing the fetters
of trusts and combinations from the
limbs of America's freedom of indi
j vidual endeavor, and if you desire to
enforce in public life more unselesh-
ness, more fairness, more equality
and a more sensitive regard for the
people's well being, you can be well
and ably represented in all these
things by the election to congress of
the young, vigorous and intelligent
nominee of the Democracy of the
of the London Express says that Dr. ! get my hami Rnd cauged the geal of
Morsejewsky, ono of the foremost the United states to be affixed.
specialists m Russia, nas been sum- Doi3e at the cUy of Washington,
moned bv telegraph to Livadia
attend the Czar, who is
from a nervous complaint.
"Wynne, Ark., Oct. 30 Mary,
this 29 th dav of October, in the vear
suffering G our Lord, one thousand nine
'J hundred and two, and of the inde-
i pendence of the United States the
Sophie and May Gibson, aged 17, 12,
and 10 years respectively, daughters j
of Thomas Gibson, v a prosperous ne- ,
gro farrrer, were killed and one of
them was the victim of a criminal
assault at their home near here yes
Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 30 J.
"NT. Clombs and Miss Jennie House-
wright, w ho were married yester-1
one hundred and twenty-seventh.
(Signed) Theodore Roosevelt
By the president:
(Signed) , JOHN HAY,
Secretary of State.
Richmond County Welcomes the
Governor and Mr. Overman
In Grand Style.
Rockingham, N. C, Oct. 30. The
A Mother's Horrible Mistake- -The
Tragic End of a Hallowe'en
Richmond, Va., Nov. 1 Mrs. W.
S. McLaine, of Covington, Va., last
night, shot to death her son, William
i 13 years of age, whom she mistook
for a thief tryiug to get into her
house. Late in the night Mrs. Mc
Lain heard some one moving around
the outside of the house. She called
repeatedly to whoever it was, de
manding an answer, but the noises
only continued, with no word from
the person she thought a robber.
Mrs. McLaine, fearing that she
was about to be attacked by -the thief
secured a shotgun and fired into the
darkness from a window. There was
day at Tunday, went on a visit to Richmond Democracy gave a splen- the SOUndofa body falling at the
the bride's mother today, where Mr. did reception to-day to Governor , frout door- She opened the door and
Housewright met them at the door Ay cock and Hon. Lee S. Overman. J was greeted by the stare of the eyes
and quarrelled with Mr. torans ior , it was the Uovernor's nrst visit to
his sister, then
shot him j Richmond since it threw off the yoke
! of Republicanism." and he came to-
day, he said, more to meet and re
; ioice with our people and to help to
New York, October 30 A man ay foundations for the future than
who claims he is the burglar who to'help carry the county this time,
shot and killed Albert C. Latimer, for he said he expected every white
whose murder caused a sensation in ; . fl Mffllltv WOnld vote, the
Democratic ticket this year, from
last Julv. confessed the
the Gates Avenue Court, '
Ele i3 William
the enthusiastic expressions of the
this city
- crime in
jjiwij puouie
U. Johnson, oi j. r.uiyuij.. a0 After the speaking it appears that
his conscience haunted him. The po- tMg suppression will be almost liter
lice hardly believe the story, which ; Uv mas to the large crowd who
may clear wnat seemeu to u u.i- hearJ h-m The crowd present was
solvable mystery.
of her son dead.
William was in a Hallow'en dis
guise, and had just returned from a
frolic with some of his young friends.
He evidently was playing a joke on
his mother by refusing to answer
her calls.
Asheville, N. C, Oct. 29 Mrs.
Carrie Nation arrived here late this
afternoon and at 8 o'clock she ap
peared at a joint political meeting
and asked for a half hour's time.The
request was granted and at the close
of her talk she announced the object
I hundred. There were many
' in the audience.
' mi,,, n--HW .M,.!.-,! -rt..S S4-r
Fayetteville, N. C, Oct. 29.
arnkps tn n. fi lfi audi- !
i ijiQt, 4.1,.-,, procession with carriages, horseback
encee, including many ladies, this , . . K t. .
afternoon. He was gracefully intro- and afoot, and a brass band met the
duced by Mr. Isaac A. Murchison. speakers and escorted them to the
He made a complete vindication of grounds of the graded school where
his administration from the charge the speaking took place in the open
of extravagance and reviewed its air- -
, .-n . a.-r. nr,nrn. 1 The Governor spoke with force in
course on education, pension appro- .
priations, the care of the deaf, dumb defense of the State admxmstration,
and the insane. He quoted the plat- and he won the heart of every way-
form of the State Republicans,show
ing that it commended the very
t things done by the administration.
In appeals to Democracy for union,
-uomnnir and mod feelinsr he was
wrv forcible, while his tribute to friendship
Southern valor and Southern wo-j
- manhood was masterly oratory.
W. K. LfNE.
Office oyer GWdeus Jewelry Store.
BMidenee vomer ot George And Aahe St.
estimated at from twelve to fifteen 0f her lecture tour the raising of a
i fund for a home for drunkards'" wives'
in Kansas City. She offered mini
ature hatchets for sale at an open
air meeting held immediately after
her speech inside the court house
and stated thisjbo be her only means
oi ner revenge., in her talk she was
bitter against the government as an
agent of the liquor traffic.
Southern Express Co.
Unless previously called for and all
charges paid or otherwise disposed of
the Southern Express Company will
sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash all unclaimed matter
that has been on hand at offices in
the State of North Carolina for a pe
riod of six months or more. 'Sale
will take place at Banner Warehouse
in Goldsboro, N. C, commencing at
10 o'clock a. m. Saturday November
15th 1902. J. J. BO WEN,
ward Democrat who heard him. He
plead for a period of unity and edu
cation and upbuilding. He not only
enthused Democrats, but he inspired
them with a better feeling of unity
Mr. Overman made a strong
speech, discussing State and National
' issues in a pleasing and convincing
i A nice assortment. Apply to Mrs.
' J. E. Crow, 209 Spruce St. East.
When strong, vigorous women feel
the delight of planning for spring
adornment and the most becoming
headdress. Spring has delights for
most of womenkind except the run
down, worn-out woman who feels
that she has passed a miserable ex
istence through the winter by reason
of the ills that women are heir to,
and the spring finds her weakened
and debilitated. She has no ambi
tions to look pretty or pleasing
because her strength has been
drained away by periodical weak
nesses that have sapped her
strength and vigor. Her eyes
are dull, her complexion sallow,
and she feels a burden to
her husband, family and
friends. This is the time
when she most requires a
tonio adapted to her pecu-
liar needs, a prescription
scientifically compounded
of vegetable ingredients by
a physician of high stand
ing and large experience
who has made a study of
organism of women,
the treatment for the delicate
Such a tonic and corrective is found in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, supplemented when
desired by the medical counsel and advice of Dr. R. V. Pierce, whose long experience and treat
success has placed him at the head of specialists in the treatment and cure of diseases peculiarly
womanly. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a purely vegetable preparation, containing no alcohol
and being entirely free from opium, cocaine and all other narcotics. It cannot disagree with the most
delicate constitution. It cures headache, nervousness, backache, sleeplessness and other ills by curing
the womanly diseases which cause these ailments. It establishes regularity, dries unhealthy drains,
heals inflammation and ulceration and cures female weakness. It makes weak women strong and
sick women well. ,
"When I commenced the nse of your medicines I was quite run-down in strength; was weak an3 tired most of
the time," writes Mrs. S. L,. Tupper, of Sheboygan Falls, Wis. "After taking six bottles of 'Favorite Prescription
and six of Golden Medical Discovery,' I felt like a different person, and was able to do my work without knowing
what it was to feel tired. My complexion was also greatly benefited."
"I feel that I would like to give a word of praise to Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription," writes Mrs. Katie
Oakes, of Grand Junction, Colo. " Had suffered with uterine trojtble for four years and never found anything that
did me more good than the ' Favorite Prescription.' I have gained in flesh and feel better than I did when under
the doctor's care. Have the greatest faith in all of Dr. Pierce's medicines."
"I suffered for eight years with female weakness," writes Mrs. Emma Ferrell, of Unity, N. C. WI have taken
three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, which cured me. I have good health now."
w I was troubled with congestion of the uterus and female weakness for five years," writes Mrs. Robert Kerwin
of Albert, Hastings Co., Ont. "Was so weak and nervous I could hardly do any work. Had severe pain in back
also dizziness and pain in head. My heart would beat so hard and fast at times I would have to tit st ill till I pot
all right again, but after taking four bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and one of his ' Golden Medical
Discovery,' I am entirely well."
Few women understand how closely the general physical health is linked with the local womanly
health. For this reason many of those who fall off in flesh and grow sallow of skin waste time and
money in treatments intended to develop the form and improve the complexion. Women who Lave
been cured of womanly ills by the use of " Favorite Prescription " have found that when the local
womanly health is established the general health is also "restored. The body gains in flesh and the
complexion is improved. These facts prove the far reaching benefits which follow the use of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. And these benefits are not temporary but permanent, for the cures
effected by this medicine are radical and complete, and the results are as lasting as the cures themselves.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce by letter, free. All letters are held as strictly
private, and the written confidences of women are guarded by the same strict professional privacy
observed by Dr. Pierce and his staff in personal consultations with weak and sick women at the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Addresss Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, IT. Y.
" Favorite Prescription " makes weak women strong, sick women well. Accept no substitute f or
the medicine which works wonders for weak women.
p?Miti-k. & Dgt' PiGPce's Common Scssns; &S&tr3oai Atvi33rP in paper cov&ss. Ss
ir MUtSt&am m senf FREE on receipt a7 ;1V eswaoce2t st&m&s, to pay expenso of
mailing OHLYm Fop the book hound in oJcstfoj s&zssJ 31 stmstsnsm
Scranton, Pa., Oct. 30 The coal
commission started actual work this
morning by beginning an investiga
tion into the conditions at the mines
and the miners' homes. This inves
tigation will consume about a whole
The commissioners, most of whom
have never seen an anthracite mine
and-know virtually nothing of the
intelligently consider the evidence!
after the investigation. The puty I
i was accompanied by representatives
of the operator and the miners. Car- j
rol D. Wright is official spokesman
for the Board.
'THE -
ext - Attraction.
WANTED For U. . Army, able-
bodied, unmarried men, between
ages of 21 and 35, citiztna of United
States, of good character and tempe-,
rate habits, who can speak, read and j
write English. For fin her informa-;
tion, apply to It eruiting Officer,'
First National Bank building, Char- .,
lotte, N. C; Southern Loan and
Trust building, On ji.M.ro, N. C;
or 40 Patton Ave., Abbeville, N. C.
Now that the Carnival is over and the big show is come and gone, we
are going to make our store the next attraction by offering you high grade
furniture that will give you the bent f .satisfaction at remarkably low
prices. You should see our line of o
Bed Room Suits.
We have over seventy-five cneap and medium suits on our floor to se
lect from, ranging in prices from $12 to $"'), we guarantee the finish and
quality can not be excelled. Our line f o
Rugs, Mattings, Window Shades, Curtains, Curtain Poles, Iron Beds,
Chairs and Rockers, were never more coaiiLete and we deem it unwise in
you to purchase anything in our line elsi v here before getting our prices.
Royall & Borden.
P. S. Have you seen the three macd schooner ship in our show

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