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At Cblstuchina. Several Deaths
During Past Winter. No
The Indians at dustuehina have
l»een having a hard time of it this
winter. In the early iwTt of the
season, “Ptarmigan” and her child
starved to death. Their bodies
were left in the cabin while the
other Indians went after help to
bury them. When they came back
the wolverines had entered the
house, and all there was left of the
bodies was one hand. The animals
had carried tin*rest away. Shortly
afterward Clustuchina Nocolai died
several miles below here. His
Indy was sledded to tlie mail sta
tion and put on stilts wliere it still
remains. Jolinic and Jessie tin*
sole surviving members thetriln*,
aTe waiting for the frost to leave
the ground before burying the Indy.
Jolinic and Jessie are not over
loaded with provisions. Fish Pros,
have given them quite a bit of work
and but for that they would have
While the rabbits have been very
plentiful around Copper Center
and on the Klutena, there have been
none around the Clustuchina, and
this fact in addition to the small
catch of salmon last summer has
left them very short of (irovisions.
Weather Record.
• * t
. ■, | Remark*.
April j J
8 19 i 29 I f.
9 22 I 88 I f*
10 21 i 38 ! •
11 20 ! 30 ! f
12 18 | 31 ;
IS 12 42 •
14 24 47 ! *
15 24 47 j •
M 38 4fi • I f
47 38 fiO : • >4111 rain
18 33 i *» f fog
19 38 I 49
20 ■ 28 54 * light ruin
21 38 j 48_• _
| Windy, f Light Wiitd. * (’Joudy.
Above lero except wliere otherwise staled.
Observed and reported bv I»r. L. & Caiuicia.
A new line of chairs at Fish’s.
liras ol M Moore
His Footprints Seen on Nelsena.
Remington and Mason Return
From Interior.
On Monday tirant Remington
who has Wen on the interior al
most continually since 18!)S. re
turned to town hy the glacier trail,
he was accompanied by a Mr. Ma
son. They were a week making
from their camp at foot of Klutenu
lake to Valdez. It was necessary
to Weak trail nearly all the way.
In places the snow was very soft,
so much so that one could not wear
snowshocs. At other times they
would strike bare moraines, where
for some distance they would lie
obliged to sled over ris ks, and as
they each had about 200 pounds,
the triji was a hard one. It took
all one day to make from the Demp
sey relief station to the foot of the
third liench.
.Mr. Kcmington was one of the
pioneers of this section, participa
ting in the rush of ’its. During the
period of low prices in the fall of
’i»8 and spring of ’!«>. he purchased
a large outfit of provisions, and in
company with a man named Up
dike. settlet 1 down at Klutcna lake
to trap and hunt. Last spring
they came to town with a load of
furs. Mr. Updike took these to
the States, and Remington only re
mained here long enough to secure
an outfit, after which he returned
to his camp on the interior.
Last August he was stricken with
an attack of inflammatory rheum
atism.and was tillable to get around
until some time in XovemU r. He
is still suffering somewhat from
this disease.
Mr. Mason came into tin* coun
try last spring and went to the in
terior with Kcmington, hut did not
remain at Klutcna. In company
with Mr. Oliver, who is now in town,
and two others, lie crossed the St.
Anne divide and sjK'nt the season
prospecting on the headwaters of
the Tnzlina.
While on tlie Xelseua, a tribu
tary of the Tazlina, which enters
the lakealiout three miles from the
nmuth of tlu‘ Memlelten river, his
party saw fresh tracks of a white
man. which they believe were made
by -Clark .Moore. This was in the
latter part of August, and nothing
can Ik- learned of any other white
man being in that section at the
time. The tracks were leading up
the stream in tlie direction of a pass
to the headwaters of Matunusky
river, and judging from the length
of the steps taken, they considered
| tliat be was traveling without a
pack and making good time, if
these tracks were made by Clark
Moore, and there are good reasons
for thinking they were, then tliere
is a chance of his not having per
is lied as was believed.
Signs of him were seen two weeks
prior to this on the Shushctna, a
long distance from the Xelseua,
and the fact that lie was traveling
so fast would go to show that he
was not weak. It was only a day’s
travel from where the footprints
were seen to an Indian village.,
where he could secure provisions
■ enough to last him to the Inlet,
which seems to have liecn his des
itination. It is |K»ssible that lie
lias stop]nil all winter at some vil
lage or trading jmst on Knik or
Sushetna rivers.
Messers. Remington and Mason
brought out a few furs with them. I
They Imvc a tine silver gray fox.1
and the largest wolverene ever'
brought to town. In uddition to
cross fox. marten and other small
furs, they have the hide of a large
black wolf, the fur and tail of
which closely resemble that of a
Mr. Remington is uncertain as
to whether he will go to Seattle, or
remain here. He likes the country
so well that he will not go to the
States unless absolutely obliged
Sympathize with Gallagher
Some of the Inhabitants of Xo
diak Object to the Recent
Expose of Judge.
The following communication
was handed to us recently.
Kodiak. Apr. it, I'.HfJ.
I’pon the loth of March in the
Phospkctok of Valdez, under the
cloak of ‘special to the Phosckctoh’
appeared an article which we the
undersigned citizens of Kodiak
wish to deny and to laliel as ‘rot’
and absolutely false.
The objectionable part of Lite ar
ticle begins "It is thought.” and
the Kodiak i>enple have placed no
suspicion on the jieople whom the
I’uosi’Kctou norms jinn dent susjii
Second: Tliat Judge <lalhigher
has never to any of our knowledge
lived in adultery with any person
in Kodiak or out of it- On the
contrary there have always In-ini
one to four prospectors staying with
him. Scandal monger* dwell in
every low’ll hut business men are
the ones whose opinions should lie
published on such questions.
To Judge Gallagher we are in
debted for more law, decency and
; order tlian ever lief ore. In proli
j ably no village along the eoast
; are the natives so resjiectiul of our
; country’s law.
! Signed by twenty-five men.
The PiuismToa is very careful
; as to what it juiblishes, esjecially
| when the article reflects on the
i character or integrity of an v jierson
or corporation, and in tins case
the article referred to allow would
not have been published if good
evidence as to its truthfulness had
not been presented.
The fact that Judge Gallagher
coinjicls "law, order and respect
for our country’s laws,” among
the natives, has no l>cnring«n the
matter under discussion, and lias
not lieon questioned by us.
We would like to ask the signers
of the uUive communication if they
would he willing in court to testify
; to tiic statement made in the sec
j <vnd clause.
inducements for Railroad.
The Chaunlw of Commerce held
a special meeting at tlto otlicc of
(■oodell A Edwards on last AIois
jday evening for the purj>ose of
lakiiig some action in regard to
offering inducements to the railroad
company that will huild a road to
the interior, in tike way of termi
nals, right of way through the town
and land for stations and round
' hoiuses.
A committee consisting of C. (L
j Dehncy, A. L. Levy and A. J. Ad
! a ms was appointed to interview
! any railroad men who may arrive
here., and endeavur toimjircss-upuu
; tlwm the advisability of starting
, the road from this place.
If you are in the market to buy
real estate, mines or business of
any kind call on A. Holman.
letter received frok
With the [Tail Pui .
News of the Trail. Involuntary
Bath. Hard Traveling for
Dog Men.
Chistuelihia Mail Station,
Ai«ril Itt, 11HML
To Tin- I’rosjas-tor;
The following iiarties are camped
here at present: Finii.al anil De
iantler. I .arson Bros.. Skiiumr ami
party, Coles and jiartv. Itate and
McLaren, (irogg-mid Johnsmi. Mr.
and Mrs. Spronl. X. K. Ohlsson
and party, Draee lift*.. Arnold
Bros.. Kraii and Koseuthiil. Baker
and Simpson. Hola-rts and Tansy,
Kraetner and la-uvell, Brehme ami
partner. Merril and Ymmglove,
Sandla-rg party and several other*.
Schraeder’s outfit is near the
Slana. Fish’s jiartv will eamp liere
tonight. Ed. Young with ('apt.
Burnell’s out tit left this morning
for Tunana. Hatlett .and Meale
will eumji here tonawirow. Doc.
Bradley and jiartv jail led in today,
also Me(See and sons, .lark Meals,
Mr. Aeton and several men of the
Cliisna Mining Coiiijiany have gone
ahead of the main party to get the
sawmill in ojieration. The laiczer
wire is in ojM-nation from Eagle to
lauuna and from Copper l,'enter to
this point. Tiie stretch from Imre
to Tatiana will pnolmhly Ik- done
in 20 days. ILairry Fane came
down from Cldstta with tla- mail
yesterday. He ne|M>rted Stinger’s
outfit pulling iaito Cliismi.
The trail has Ik-cii very had far
dogs, hut the lairscs went along
tine. Short-legged Jimmy Sim|tsoa
had tiie misforttme to drown ]kii1
of his outfit. He was going along
a narrow ledge of iee. a ml it gave
way with him, letting loth of hie
sleds into tl»e swift current. For
tunately Krau and Rosenthal were
helping him by, and la-ld tin- sled
against the ice until lie unhitched
his dogs. With the .assistance aI
several who were passing, tin-slede
were hauled out. He lost a sack
of liaeon, sack of groceries and some
clothing. The worst part of the
accident was when Simpson got
some water on his feet w hile saving
the sleds. Tlu- slim-k almost killed
lia/.lett & Meals lost a tine horae
tiie same ilaj. Henry Watkine
was driving past an overflow, whea
the ice gave way. letting the horse
ail id lead sled down. They were
swept under tiie iee, leaving the
trailer pinched in such a position
| that it could Ik- anchored. The
sled and its contents were saved.
TIk- horse was lauded onto the iue
and used for dog loud.
Bet ween >an ton I narrows and
Point Desolation fclaire is a patch of
| heavy snow, which has been I nully
i cut up In- Jtorse outfits. On a
smooth stretch near liv, I saw aa
I inscription written. It was ‘‘Oh
| Hell, cursed lie the - - —
| of a horse man that euts up tha
j dog trail.” The next day when I
! went hack sonicuuc had written
underneath it,‘‘Read your Bible^
hold your temjier, and buy lairses."
Rob l/ett’s grave at Point Deto
j latino has entirely disapiieared.
The jioiiit has nearly all been cut
away by the river. Quite a num
ber of people were camjK'd at tha
isiint day lief ore yesterday, aud tha
dogs made a raid on the riirhaa
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