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The Alaska Prospector.
Published at Valdes. Alaska,
every Thursday morning by the
Prorpmctm Pvbi.ishi.no Co.
H.H. HILDRETH, Quill Pusher.
W. II. CRARY. Ink Sixnokr.
JOS. A. ROl'RKK. Walking Del*
One Year.I.IJIO
Six Months.. .2.00
Throe Month* .. .1.00
Single Copy.10
Single column. $1.00 per inch
per month.
Larger ads in proportion.
Professional cards $2.00 per
Local ads lOr per line for first
insertion and nr per line for each
fub*c«|ucnt insertion.
Entered at the Valdea postotiice
as seeotul class matter.
City CSoveknmknt.
Mayor. J. L. Steele
council men.
James McIIik. D. S. Osuoon.
A. P. Olson. Ed. Wood.
C. X. Chary.
H. H. Hildreth. Clerk.
J. (J. Snyder, Treasurer.
Hon. J. W. Leedy, City Attorney.
Dk. A. YonOunthek.
Health Officer.
Adam Swan, Pres. School Board.
John Lyons. U. S. Commissioner.
E.C. Hasey, Deputy C.S. Marshal.
John Uoodkll,
Deputy Collector Customs.
C. X. Chary, Postmaster.
VALDEZ. APRIL 24. 1902.
' !
A »t ranger rum
A ing into Valdez
Bright Eitihe at the present
kok time w o u 1 d
Valdez. think that it
was certainly a
dead town, as they would see hut
few people and a comparatively
small amount of business being
done. But this is no criterion for
an Alaska town, especially one
that is located a long distance from
the mines, as Valdez is.
The facts are that the merchants
of town have dune a larger business
this spring than ever before. They
have sold more goods, outfitted
more prospectors, employed more;
help, received more money, and
having more confidence in the
country, have grubstaked more men
than in any previous season.
Those who have gone to the in-1
terior have purchased from a three
to a six months outfit, and instead
of the merchants doing a daily or
weekly business, they have in real
ity done a six months business in
as many weeks. There are more
people prospecting and mining in
the interior, there are larger outfits,
more mining machinery, and more
work is L-ing done than ever la-fore.
In 1898 there were probably
more people in this town, hut they
did not go as far into the country
as has L-en done since, and those
who did go in were iiicx)icrieiiced
in mining and prospecting. In
fact very few knew anything at all
aLiut hard work, or how to go at
prospecting and developing a new
country. Now this is all changed,
there are hundreds of prospectors
and miners here who thoroughly
understaiul their business and
know the country. Many of them
have valuable properties that they
are working, and we believe a mil
lion dollars will la- brought to towu
this fall. Many are prospecting
recently discovered property, and
there is no douL that this summer
many new and valuable mines w ill
be discovered.
If thebe men were all in Valdez
now, spending their money, this
would have more the appearance
of a thriving town, but it would
not last. As it is they are opening
up a great rich storehouse of min
erals, upon which we can draw for
many year* to route.
A practical argument for the es
tablishment of a railroad is now
being made by the opening op of
great ledge* of copper and gold
quartz that must lie brought to
tide water to he of real value. This
t what moneyed men want to sec.
IV ore itself. Tlicv have heal'd
enough about it. We must show
tbvm now, ami by showing that
the facts are as have lieen repre
sented, will cause the railroad toj
1h> built.
We certainly have every cause
to l>elieve that we will have a
bright and prosperous future. No
place in Alaska lias a more prom
ising outlook than Valdez at
the present time.

* •
Tiic bill of Congressman Sulzcr
to encourage the salmon industry
in Alaska, is one that affects not
only the cunucryman but the en
tire world, and bad this industry
received one quarter the attention
that the seal industry has. it would
have bciictilted humanity the
world over.
There is a wide difference he
tween these two industries. The
seal fisheries have been protected
for years by our government so
that the foreign sealers could take
the seals, ship them bv Canadian
railroads and Knglish steamers to
London, where, by Knglish work
men they eould receive the stamp
of Knglish trademark to l>e re
turned for the benefit of the classes.!
Hut with the salmon it is different.'
for this is the product for the
masses, the pauper’s brain food
and the working man’s dish.
Unless Congress takes heed of
Oregon’s and Washington’s efforts
to save their salmon fisheries, then
Alaska too will cease to send to
the world her pau|H-r food and
they must seek elsewhere for their
food fish.
We have every reason to believe
that our cannery men favor the Sul
zer bill and we hope that Congress
will remember the salmon indus-1
try and take active steps, not by
experiment and fish commissions.:
but by good legislation, honestly i
carried out. and save the salmon
industry.—Daily Alaska Dispatch.!
* *
Tiik Indians of southeastern Al
aska should be thankful if the dele* j
gate bill is passed, for it gives them
the right, as citizens, to walk up to
a bar, and get their "hooch” in
style instead of bribing some white
man to buy it for them, as they do
at present.

« *
Thk principle governing the!
rights of conflicting mining claims
on the public domain, is, that other i
things being etjual, he who is first
in time is first in right.
« *
Why this sudden cessation of
territorial government talk? Some
one must have got a “hunch.”
Prospectors in the interior should !
watch for molybdenum, it is not
generally known among those who
spend their time in the search for;
precious metals, that molylxlenum
stands well up in that class. But
it docs. At the present time it is ;
quoted at Illd.HO per pound. Mo
I vlxlcnum oeeurs in ledges, most;
commonly in the form of a sulphide'
which resembles graphite very
closely. They are of the same de
gree of hardness, hut the specific
gravity of graphite is lower than i
that of molybdenum, ami it is not
affected hv heat, while molybdenum
sulphide when heated before a
blowpipe gives a greenish-blue
flame, and leaves a yellowish
white sublimate on the charcoal.
Float containing the mineral has
l»ceu found in several places in the
Copper river country, but lias never
been traced to its source.
If a locator when posting his no-!
tice, in addition to giving the gen
eral course of his vein, places mon- \
uments at the center of each end
line, this giving definite notice to'
subsequent locators as to the mean-;
ing of his notice, he is bound by ‘
the same, and can not afterward,
during the time prescribed by law
for perfecting location, change its
course to the prejudice of interven
ing rights.
Hammond will carry a full line
of groceries at his Slate Creek Store.
Parties going in light can depend
on getting plenty.
Heinz Bulk Mince Meat 50c a
quart »i Fob P»r>>
Ore in Place is Real Estate.
An assay er in Colorado was ar
rested for buying ore stolen from a i
mine, and bis trial lias brought to
the surface an old statute that may
have some application in the mine
taxing question. The statute
makes ore real estate, and tin- de
fendant made the plea that larceny
of real estate could not exist. The
man was acquitted.
The law provided that ore in its
natural place was real estate and
when separated from place 1k
camc personal property, provided
only that a sensible interval of
time elapsed lK'twe*-n the act of
breaking down the ore and carry-,
ing it off. If breaking it down and
carrying it off were continuous.,
then the ore still remained real es-j
tate. Ore in place in patented
land would thus become taxable as
real estate.
There is an old Russian at Ta- j
titlek. who is over ltlO years of age..
He was born in Silieria and eame
to Fidalgo hav with a Russian ex
pedition about 1 s-J.'i. He deserted
his ship at that place and has lived
with the natives ever since. He
is unable to get out to tish and
hunt, so is kept in clothing and
provisions by the Indians. He I
says that the expedition with
which became to this coast was;
making a visit to a rich gold mine
which was well known to the Rus
sians of that period. Being badly
used on the vessel, he made his es
cape before the mine was reached,
so does not know its exact location
although he thinks it is around the
head of Fidalgo bay.
It is about time for the Ameri
can people to awake to the fact
that the greatest fortunes of the
present and future will lie made in
mining enterprises. A great min
ing boom is slowly but surely
getting under way in the West and
Northwest. Improvements Imrder
ing ou the wonderful have liecn
made in the construction and oper
ation of mining machinery. Mines
that resulted in loss twenty years
ago, are today worked at great
profit, and properties that were
practically in the heart of a wilder
ness five years ago. are now well
within the boundaries of civiliza
Bllx can supply miners with
tools and mercury at Copper Cen
ter. at reasonable prices.
Recertified Government Script
for sale by C. N. Crary.
Sauer Kraut at Fish Bros.
For Copper River Valley, Prince
William Sound and Valdez
With four new anil complete
maps, thirty half tones showing
all characteristics and conditions'
and full information about resour
ces and possibilities of the country.:
sent by mail to all parts for 50 j
cents. Address Copper River Min
ing. Trading Jt Development Co..;
Valdez, Alaska.
Store your trunks at the Miners
hotel for safe keeping.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Valdes, Alaska, March 6th, 1902.
To R. BLIX: . ;
You »re hereby nntitieb that I have expended ;
|j0 in labor and improvement* on your one
twcnty-seo.nd interest in the |>awson Cornpatty
rlaim. located above the canyon, on riiisna
river, iu Cbisiia Mining District, Alaska, in
order to bold said claim under the provisions
of section £124. Revised Statute* oi the I ni led
States, being the nuiount required to bold said
claim for the year ending Dee. 31, 4901. If at !
th*-cud of ninety days fr«*m date you refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expendi
ture, as co-owner, your interest in said prop
erty will become the properly of the subscriber ;
under said section 2824.
Miners Hotel.
. ■ . .
Furnished Rooms with
BoardifDesired. Com
fortable Quarters, Light!
Airy Rooms.
L. K. RILEY, m. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office anil Residence ALASKA
215 Keystone Avenue.
Physician and Surgeon
City Health Officeh.
419 Sherman St. VALDEZ.
Mining ami Land Laws.
Specialties. 12 Years Ex
perience in Mining ami
Land Laws.
Attorneys and Counselors.
Keystone Ave. Valdez.
Civil Engineer arid Surveyor.
Next dcor to Merchants Cafe.
H. H. Hildreth,
Notary Public and
Prospector Office.
Hininq * Broker.
B. F. MILLARD will Ex
amine, Take Options on
and Purchase Mining
vAiots mm iin to.
Complete abstracts of title
to all mineral and other
claims in the Valdez Min
ing district, including the
Prince William Sound,
Copper River. Chistuchi
na and the Chisna dis
Abstracts Furnished to Valdez
Town Lots.
Valdez, Alaska
Thos J. Coles
Carriage Making,
General Jobbing
Hall Adjoining. Music.
Cor. McKinley St. and Keystone Ave.
The Steamship Santa Ana
Sitka, Y akutat, Ellamar,
riie Santa Ana is under Contract with the government
to make regular monthly trips by a schedule not exceeding
Seven Days la-tween Seattle and \ alder, thus affording Quick,
Safe anil Comfortable service.
Leave Seattle on the loth of each month northbound.
Leave Valdes on the 2nd of each month southbound.
FISH BROS, Agents.
Hiwhovjo'jIOTHC SIT uKl luN CSPSP ji
««ith s^ccf.*£ af blcst j
Just AOv£«a.s; *n tnt pftosp*:cT«w'
Blacksmith Shop.
All Kinds of Iron or Steel Work
Done in the Best Manner.
mcmillan fur t& wool co.
200-212 First Ive. North, Minneapolis, Mihh.
I tor Our Circular aad too the Prices We Pay.T]
The Montana
Alex Singletery,

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