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Must be Cleared from all Porta
Hereafter. Statistics on
Volume of Trade.
Tin* officers of the Alaska and
Puget Sound customs districts hare
received orders which will require
them to keep a record of all goods
ship|H!(l from and to Alaska, as to
amounts, classification and value.
Collector Jarvis, who is in Skag
way, says the orders were issued in
accordance with the act of Congress
passed April 29. providing for the
procurement of shipping statistics
concerning the non-contiguous ter
ritories of the United States. The
regulations apply to Hawaii, Porto
Rico and (loam, as well as Alaska,
and when the Philippines shall
cease to We governed hv the mili
tary, it]will Iw extended to them.
There is no other purpose for the
orders than the desire for the sta
tistical information.
Lnder the order. Alaska people
shipping to Seattle or other Ameri
can jtorts south of Alaska, or those
shipping to Alaska •jnirts from
other American ports will he re
quired to furnish the custom
house with a manifest, just as if it
were going foreign. There will In*
no charges collected hy the customs
For intanee, if a merchant, or
for that matter, any other person
desires to send goods of any de
scription to Seattle, he must get a
shipper's manifest of the custom
officer, hy stating what the ship
ment consists of and its value.
The customs officers are required
to make monthly reports of the
statistics, which it is said will In*
furnished fur publication. In other
words, for statistical purposes the
non-contiguous territory of the
United States will hereafter, ac
cording to the act. he treated the
same as if they were foreign coun
tries. Rceord nf all trade lietwcen
the countries, stating the amount
and value, will he made at the cus-.
toms offices at the ports from
which this class of traffic enters or
Deputy Collector of Customs
Coodell of this place has received
orders from headquarters in regard
to this matter, and hereafter mani
fests will have to he made out and
accompany the shipping receipt
given to the purser of the vessel.
One of the Grandest Glaciers in
Alaska. Discovered by the
Harriman Party
in 1899.
The beautiful glacier situated
in Glacier bay just outside the
Valdez Narrows, to which excur
sions w ill be run this summer from
this place, is one of the grandest
and most beautiful glaciers in Alas
ka, rivaling in grandeur the famous
Muir glacier of Southeastern Alaska.
It was discovered by the Harriman
party in June 1899 and named the
Columbia Glacier in honor of Col
umbia College of New York city.
Columbia glacier is four anil a
lialf miles wide and over 500 feet
high. The roar from the hundreds
of water falls and the constant
breaking off of immense ltodies of
ice makes a noise that can be heard
for ten miles distant.
A few miles beyond the Columbia
glacier is another beautiful glacier
also discovered by the Harriman
party and named by them the
Harriman glacier in honor of Mr.
Harriman. This latter glacier is
located on an arm of the sea that
was also discovered by the Harri
man party. This body of water
extends forty miles inland but does
not appear on any of the maps or
charts of the country.
Informatson Wanted.
The minister of the Netherlands
at Washington wishes to know the
whereabouts of one Martinus Bol.
Anyone knowing his whereabouts
is requested to communicate with
Governor Brady at Sitka.
If you have anything for sale or
trade list it with the Copper River
Mining, Trailing & Development
Beneficial and Interesting Advice
Por the Prospector
And Miner.
, • I
it is a perfectly safe proposition '
to oliserve the exact letter of the
law in making a mining location.
Certain s|>ecial contingencies may
make it projter to deviate from the
letter of the law while observing
the spirit of it. That is your view
of it. It is ours. also. But we
have always observed that it is
never the view the third man’s
lawyer takes of it. He does not
know your view or our view. He
knows the letter of the statute
though; so you had lift ter conform
to it and let the other man’s lawyer
do the wrestling with the spirit.
One certificate of annual assess
ment work will answer for the re-|
cording of the work done on a group!
of claims. The certificate should i
mention specifically the claims by
name, the amount of work done,
where it was done, the nature of it
and its relation to the development
of claims for which it was done.
The last is not a requirement of
law, but properly done it will tend
to prevent jumping disputes.
The revised statutes do not in ex-1
press terms require discovery as a i
prercquitste to location, and it has!
been livid in California and by
courts in other States in effect that
none is necessary, but under the
provisions of See. 2-119 it does not
appear bow the character of miner
al ground can Ik- determined in any
other way than by discovery.
A river bed alongside of a bar
rich in placer void is not likely to
be equally productive. The bar was
the situs of the original channel of ;
the stream, through a many times
longer period than the existing
channel represents. The latter, rel
atively, represents only a tempora
ry diversion from the old channel j
situs. Conversely, the existing bed
of a stream, if rich in gold, is evi
dence that the bars lying closely
alongside are comparatively or even
absolutely barren. High bars may
be equally as rich as the present
stream channel under such condi
tions. These statements are broad
generalizations, but observation
will confirm them, and they are safe
to use in estimating tin- commercial
value of untried placer ground
along side of rich worked ground.
Horse Trading.
In the rush on Monday there was
a great demand for horses and every
one available was purchased till
only one remained. That one still
One man hired it for tin* season
at a given price; later on another
man offered four times the price
and he was told he could have it.
A little later the last man decided
that liecould travel faster without
a horse so he did not close the bar
gain. The offer then reverted to
the first man. lie. by this time, bud
decided to go light and without a
horse,so that left the horse on the
hands of the owner. Soon a specu
lator appeared and took an option
on the animal, which he holds at
ftitX). The horse is still in town
and no one left to take it.
Moral. If you have not got the
price of a trotter dont huv him.
The Main Guy is Gone.
In the rush to the new discov
eries on Monday night Mr. j
William Ilenrv (Jrarv, one of the |
main guys of this office disa pea red.
We have always treated him with
kind consideration and have given
unto him that which was coming
to him. We can assign no reason
for his quitting other than that he
was taken wPh the gold fever and
there is no disose that will carry a
; man off as quickly- In this case
he was not carried off hut went!
off and oh how quickly, poor fel- j
low. In an hour after the fever
struck him he was gone. He had
when he started to much in, a light
blanket, fourbitsand a pair of over
1 alls. We could put up wjt h his
departure only that he took with
him Mayor Steele and Vic Mar
ion, two of our cash Budscrils'rs.
Market Price Dist.
Floor. . la so per too !
Corn M**al fJt.2.'* •• fia*
Butter :tv " lb
Kgg* .... »*e '• doz
Sugar 97.no " !•»»
Klee 11.00 to 97.Ill *• 1«M» '
Itifatw* :<»..«• •• lit I
Baron Mini llatii fl.Vim to »17 00 14 inn j
Coffee Jil t«' .TV *• 1t> l
Milk UK, to JO 44 em» |
Granulated I'of a toe* ’Jo to ’J.V 44 lb
Dried Fruit tl to IV •• lb
Syrup 91 to |1 . i 44 ga|
Bean*. *niHll w hite 9**.t« 44 In*
Bean*. l.iniM |lJ..'ii» *4 l««i
Rolled Oat* V 44 11.
Ten .«* in * • lb
Tohaeeo. Miioking Mi to "be 44 lb
Tobaeeo. ehewing VtoTV 44 lb I
E. Wh»1i. double e» nd. timothy hay .ft-' *0 ton i
Be*t Whitman OhI* jb'oton
Coal 91 Von ton
Wood |KA0 MM

Alaska’s Official Directory.
Governor John G. Bradv.
I*. S, Judge's Melville C. Brown. Di*t. No. 1. :
M*at at Juneau; Jaiio * Wleker*hain. I»i*t. No. ,
aval at Nome
C. s Atterne>* R A. Fri drieli. Di*t. No. 1:
JoM'pli K. Winh|. J. llarlan
Clerk—1 tlatrlet No. J. W 1. Ilill*, Diat. No. 3.
A R. llelHg
t*. S. Mar*hal« Janie* M Shoiip. IH*t. No. 1;
Comeliti* I.. Yaw ter. I>i*t. No. g. IVrry.
Dial. No. :t.
Coniniiaaioner* Kdward de Groff. Sitka: II
II. Fol*om. Juneau; F. I* Tu*titi. Ft. Wrangell;
!.. R. Woodward, l’uala*ka; I*. Gallagher. Ko
dink : J. J Robert*. Skagway; \\ J. Joae*. firele
City; I.. B. Slu pard. St. Mieliael; Sol Kipiiiakv,
Halite* Mi**bui: J. I*. Smith. Ketehikan; G. M
Irwin. Doiigla*; c. T. Brook*. Sunr*ie; John
l.yon*. Valdez. I’reaeott Sawyer. Eagle.
l .S. baud oflleera—Surveyor General —W. S. ,
Register - John W. Dudley.
Iteeelver A. I*. Ap|a*r*oti.
Clerk* Geo. Stowtdl. W. !’. Jeffery*.
Deputy T.S. Mar*hal* IHat. No. l.apeeial.
W i Me.Nalr, J. W. Snook. Skagway; J. I*, j
Campladl, Sitka: K. F. Kelly. Juneau: Win. 1>.
Grant. Wratigel; W. IliUg. I tong la* l*land; 1
Kdward C. Ila*ey, Valdetf; Ix*wla L. Bower*. !
Kodiak :lVler Maaoti, I'oretiplne; W.G. Thom
a*. Ketehikan; J. I*. Keyiioldaon. Kagle. J.
/ulatff. Killi*ii«M».
Alaska Views, j
Views taken to order. DE
Films, Plates, etc. Received,
Developed and Stored for any
Persons in the Interior. Send i
all orders to J. G. Snyder’s.
P. S. HUNT, Photographer
Endeavor Cono. Ciikrch—Cor.
Glacier Avenue and Hobart |
Street. Rev. D. \V. Cram, Pastor.1
Services every Sunday at 10:30 a.
m. and S p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday night. Christian En-;
deavor Society meets Sunday even- i
ing at 7 o’clock. Melvin Dempsey,
Glacier Avenue and Hobart
Street. Services on Sunday at 4
p. in. Jas. Fish, Senior Warden.
Ordeiiok Alaska Moose, Pioneer
Tent No. 1. Meet in their own
Hall on Reser
vation Avenre,
every Thursday
evening at S
oVlock. John!
tioodell, Ruling 1
Spirit; A. J. Ad- !
anis. Keeper of i
W'a Wa.(Sev) j
Aiutu* Brotherhood— '
Yalde* l’al,,P N'»- 10.
Meets at Moose
Hall every Tues
day evening.
A. M. Edwards,
Arctic Chief. J.
G. Snyder, Sec
Vai.dkz Social Cu b—F. Brown,!
Pres. Mrs. Anna Fish, See. Meet
at the Moose Hall every Saturday
Vai.dkzCiiambkk ok Commkki k
Meet on the first and third
Friday night of each month. J.
Goodell, Pres. A. \V. Roc Ilford,
Assayer and demist.
Reliable Returns,
easonble Prices.
F. W. Rosenthal,
Artist of Alaska Scenery
in Pencil ami Water Color.
Dealer in all kinds of
Indian Curios.
The only true jncture of
in existence is from his
lloTKI. Hot.MAX CoiM’KIt Ck.XTKH
A. SWAN, Proprietor
Corner Keystone Avenue and
McKinley Street.
% ? Who?
Everyone From VALEZ.
Only First Class European Hotel in
John T. Spickett Proprietor
Headquarters for VALDEZ People
120 Rooms. Rates-'>0e, $1.00 and
$1.50 jier day. First elass res
taurant in eonneetion. Free
bus. Opposite U. S. Postotliee.
\V. (i. POTTS, Manager.
1 Cor. 1st Ave. and
j University St. SEATTLE
Traoe Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly coi.ttdenfltil. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Mann & l'o. receive
tptcuil notice, without charge, iu the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any h.ientittc Journal. Terms. !<* a
year: tour monthd. fL Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN 4 Co.38,Bfos*"» New York
Branch Office. *'.23 V SU Washington. 1) C.
Cameron Golden
1999 PicneerTonsorialPailor 1999
Tin* Oldest ami Most
Reliable in Town.
Ladies’ Shampooin';
a Specialty.
Ladies’and Gents’Baths
Poreelain Tubs. Fresh
and Salt Water
Raths. Rooms Sep
arate from llie Shop.
\11 Modern Improvements
Pact Padi? ? navigation (t.
Successors n. PACIFIC STKA.M WHAl.INtJ CO.
Z. S. MOORK. M \sTKit.
F S. MOORK. Mastkk.
KXCKI.SlOR Sails from Seattle about 25th of Kucli Month for
Yakutat, KUanutr. YALDKZ. Uliamna and Cooks Inlet Points.
Sails from YALDKZ almut 12th of each month for Juneau and
NKWPORTsailsfrom Juneaunlnmt 1st of each month for Valdez and
Western Points.
Sails from YALDKZ about 25th of each month for Sitka and Juneau.
For Information and Rates Aj>i>lv at Office of
Pacific Packing & Nav. Co.
(i 1.>1 >•• liuililin^. Seattle. WupIi.
30 California Street, San Franei.»eo.
J. C. Martin, Aft.
FUli Bro- Store. Valdez.
Workman’s Road House
First roadhouse huilt on Government
Trail. Gan aeeomodate '>0 jieojde, lias large
warm ham for 20 horses and good quarters
for dogs. Good meals and everything the
IllUsher desires.
Twenty Miles From Valdez.
Roberts' Road House.
Before crossing the Summit on the way to
the interior stop for rest anti shelter at Mrs.
Robert's/ BEST ami ONLY place for feetl
and water on the road. 21 Miles From Val
Donsbon Kaadhcjse.
Outfits Cached Free of Charge. Free Horse and Dog Stable#.
Distance From Valdez, 771 Miles, via Oovernment Trail. Dost
Accomodations for Travelers.
CIIAS. C. VAC1KK, I*uoi>. 77 Milks From Valdez
When on the Way to the Interior, Stop at the
Loomis Roadhouse,
Tonsina Bridg.
Good Meals. Good Beds.
Complete Line of Merchandise and Miners Supplies at
Valdes Prices with Freight Added.
I. H. LOOMIS, Plane 77 Mii.es Fkom ValPE
Hakky C. Mi uphy Will Davis
Best roadhouse on the All American Route to the
Yukon. Fresh vegetables during season from our
own garden. Good feed for stock near by. Best of
accomodations, winter or summer.
COPPER CENTER. ALASKA. 103 Milks Fuom Valdez
Assayer and Chemist.
Gold and Silver $1 .OCT Gold Silver and Copper $2.50
UU CoU'MHiA Sr.. Sk.vtti.k. Wasa.
Dentist and Optician.
A Full Line of Spectacles on Hand. Clocks
and Watches Repaired orj
Short Notice,
cKixlky St,

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