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From Friday’s Bulletin.
U. S. vs. Torstensen will be heard
at 1:30 This is a case in which ii
is charged liquor was sold to
There will be a hearing in the
matter of the Chititu Development
Co., bankrupt, this evening at X
Herbert S. Farris, an attorney of
Seward, who has been in the office
of L. V Ray, was admitted to tin
bar yesterday.
C. D. Shaw has been confined t<
the house for several days with an
attack of grippe, but is now im
proving rapidly.
Following is a list of arrivals o»
the Northwestern: Miss R. M
Butterfield, .1 Zuj>, B Hopkins. (
MeQuarrv, W Owens, O Rot hem
burg and wife, .1 Singleton, .1 Mc
Donald, E Kern, A Larsen, \\.
Blair, li Livingston, E Sanderi'ii—
.1 Plemlerleith, A Busch, Mrs <V
land, C Sheldon. 0 Donev, A Bal
lister. M Sicklin.er, D MePhersoi
A McFarland, Hazel Sheldon, Mi
Bratton Mrs Cornell, H Warrei
Judge R A Gunnison, F Andersoi
O Ambrosiim, C E Frank, Ne.
Anderson, J Anderson, J Young, .
Heath. P Denhart, R Adams. .
Guthrie, A Wood, D Boon. Jn
Shaw, A Bartlette, F Jordan, .
Cowles/D A Tv fig and wife Mrs 1
C EHiott, A Livingston',’ *Hugb>‘
and wife, Mrs F Gordon. Mrs K .V
Elliott, II Ross, J Matlhison, .
Lester, I Johnson. Mrs Palmci
Nellie Findley. II C Elliott. C Fn
and .fjrite, Mrs P M Ross. H Volck
art, j P Fry, P Wilson. Miss Wi
son,-G Hawkins, F Brown, Mi.-.
Murray, B F MtllarujA C Kellhi
and wife, E SkePon, C M Da\,
Dora Gates, C Berry and wit.
Mrs KJ Crawford, Mrs A Kevil
J. A’ Carson, J. W. Neal, J Bit
J. McPherson', C. Anodt, S Gate:-.
O Junte, G Patten, W Patton,
Campbell, J McLean, B-Ostran.
P Nelson, W Hutton, J Marsdei ,
A BottBs M Sunel. E Lund, i
Hicks and wife, L Beauchamp, 1
R assart, A L M eDonald, /
Brownlee, II Beal. P Dietzel, I
Kirk hr, D McKay, T Grant, 1
Freeland, A Burk, F Hare, J
Tucker, D McDonald. H Derm
more, F Alexander, R Mining,
J Smith, \V Fairfield, E E Shaw,
Ed., S. Orr, F McKinnon, Mi>
J Zugg, P Bernaid, C I.even
Mrs Dawson Crawford a»>d 38 sec
ond class.
G. L. Hoyt is in from Gulkan:
roadhouse, ami will start, over th.
trail again tomorrow morning, tak
ing with him his wife and two
children, who arrived recently from
Rochester, New York, to mak
their home at Gulkana.
A. K. Crawford, of the Kotsina
Copper Co., is in from the trail to
attend to having some steeis sent
to Kotsina. Tw’o will be sent in
now, one for his outfit and one for
the Great Northern Development
Co., and two more will he taken in
ia June.
Judge Gunnison arrived on
the Northwestern, enroute to Fair
banks, where he will hold a special
term of court next month.
M iss Mary Oslund received on j
the Northwestern a large stock of
spiing millinery of the very latest
designs. Announcement ef date
of opening will be made early next1
Laie advices from Taznuna state!
that the outfit of the V. T. Co. is a i
mile and a half this side of the!
roadhouse and that Esterlv party
is breaking trail up Copper river.
A Suff, J \V Smith, 0 L Buz
zard, \\ Oliver, .1 O Buzzard and
wife, \\ m \\ eleh, L 0 Norman,
(» A Wehh were passengers on the
Northwestern for Latuuche.
J D Meenach and wife, Neva I)
Woods, C A Schroder and wife
were passengers for Kllamar.
The Bailey murder case is set
tled, the jury bringing in a verdiei
at 0 this morning, of guilty ot
murder in the second dcgre*. The
ease was given to the jury yesP'r
iay evening, hut they failed to
igree after a lew hours of delibcra
ion. Early this morning, how
ever, they reached a verdict. The
~ *oii vut <d rntm—trurk-—(-hr—verrhet
•oollv, saying that he had no "kick
o made.” The sentence which
Bailey can receive under this ver
liet varies from 1") years in prison
o a life sentence.
The three indictments returne 1
»v the grand jury were made pub
ic today. They arc against S un
uel M Graff, a lawyer of Seward,
barging Idm with embezzlement
vhiic connected with (lie business
•f the Seward Light A' Power Co.
l ima* man Mining Co. \>. Mut
•ay comes up for trial tomorrow'.
A demurrer against the indie'
nent in U. S. vs. Torstensen was
nstained this afternoon, and tie
natter refericd to the next gram!
u ry.
•V. II. Bush agent, or Copper Itivet
!)ruving Co.
Notice Of Forfeiture.
■'o T. W. Ki tticson:
Von are hereby notified that the under
igncii lias ex I'eliil i! tjrh.ni in la tor and in; prove j
,u-nts on tie? claim known a' the ‘Ihkka
de claim, situated near the load cl Trail i
reek, a tr h star; of the K■ nuiei it river, and i
eeorded i:; Hook li, Page 1 ■ >T ol the ir'-nid ■ ol
:e Valdez He -orditig liistrict. Alaska, mi order i
to hold said mining claim under the provision*
•f Se • SiU |>; , ,,e RcVl-Cd SMiillte' of lire (tilled ,
stales, being ihc airioirut required to hold s lid
nining claim for tire year Itmii And ifwiliitn
iin?ty (1?') day* from t he service of this notice,
u tie” complete pnhlir ntion thereof. you fur. or
ei'iB« toeontribufp vour proportion of saiit x j
i nditure a Co owner, your one half intetest !
tr said claim will become the property of tlf I
ndersign -d under and pursuant of said Stic. ,
:;i>i of the Revised Statutes of tire I'nit-d States ,
1 rated hi \ aide/., Aln'ka, litis 7th day of
'larch, 1907.
Chris. Tjosevig.
Hirst publication March 7, 1907
Last publication June 6, 19(0.
Miss Mary Osland
__ i
Ready Made Hats
Hats Remodeled
Hats Made to Order
Ladies f iirnishin; doods
Hobart 3t„ next McKinley Hall
The judge notified attorneys in
court this morning that lie will
leave for Juneau March 24th, and
that they must have their cases
ready for hearing if they wish
tuem acted on this term.
The case of A. C. Co. vs. Butler
"as before the court this morning
on a motion to file an amended
complaint and was held over till
From Saturday's Bulletin.
The case of A. C. Co. vs. Butler,
was Settled vesterdav afternoon,
• *
the jury rendering a verdict in
tavor of plaintiff.
Three Man Mining Co. vs.
Dickey went on trial before a jor\
ibis morning, and will probably he
finished t his afternoon.
Samuel M. draff lias furnished a
'bond m tlie sum of tf idOt) and was
released from eustodv. The j res
ent indictments are the third that
havi been returned against him at
different times for the same offense.
1 n Kllenshnig he was indicted for
embezzlement, w hile eommis~i<>m r
at Steel creek lie w as aecusi d of
misappropriating funds and at
■Reward i' is charged he got away
with fd 10.
The Northwestern unloaded a
iiuuiher ot pcssengers at Kataila,
eonniig r.|1. She leports the Sara
l )ga leaving there for Seattle Tues
lav evening, after unloading ail
her freight.
An epidemic of grippe closed th*
public schools al Douglas recent
II. Curtis Elliott and wife, II. P.
Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. I). A. Tyre^
Abram Livingston and C. P,
Francis and wife arrived on th*
Northwestern. Thev will reinam
until court adjourns and then visit
Knights island.
A. J, Meals baa gone in with th*
steamboat outfit of the Copper
River tfc Northwestern road.
The mail from Fairhunks ar
riving late last night bad letter*
mailed at Nome Feb. 0. This mafl
will no to Seattle on the North
western. making the entire tim*
from Nome to Seattle, 2700 miles,
in fifty ilavs.
A little quinine may save you a
spell of sickness out there where
volt can’t get a doctor. To be had
m pilDor capsules in convenient
packages at tin* OWL DUl'Ct
SiOWK. Dependable Druggists.
For Sale—Horses, Sleds and
Harness, Cheap. Inquire fieo. P.
Meals. tf
For Sale.
A double emler, on style o*
whale boat, rigged with eight hurst
|>ow* r ga.-oilne engine and in good
etu i d i t to j i, Apply J. D. Met’o mac,
t ’ordova.
- * ni l in i —r »■! ■ m —i i — — i—i
!'■ •! M.;(!<•. A\< it>i U t «* (i tia ra Jltrr
m i: I: t‘\ » ry pair. Your njonrv
kwk it i: * * t ,*»at i^taoton.
*.!<• I.y A. L. IvEVY & CO
Cabin* Ami House* For Bent Collections A Specialty
See Us Tor Prices On Real Estate.
Now Is The Time To Invest.
Not irv l'uluie and Menograjdier in oflieo.
‘ Incorporated.)
Kingdom Building \ AKDKZ.
Kntranee to \\ h. ri ALASKA
Key stout* Avt*. near McKinley Sf.
Private Rooms for Patients Graduate Nurses
For rates and furtlier particulars Apply
Phone 83 to K. (?. Daltom, M. I).
’98 Pioneer '98
Shaving and Bath Parlors.
Best equipped shop in the city. All modern
improvements. Work guaranteed the best
Try Our Shami u and Face Massage
Baths Fc lies or Gentlemen.
Commercial Photographer
Developing and Printing a Specialty. Views
Taken to Order. Camera Supplies.
Bromide Enlargements, Copying, Etc.

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